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IL Bacio Marcella Borghese Image

Marcella Borghese

IL Bacio   

41 Reviews

Citrus, Floral. Created by Princess Marcella Borghese in 1993, IL Bacio is an elegant, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: honeysuckle, rose and freesia. The middle notes are: melon, pear and iris and the base of the fragrance is: amber, sandalwood and violet. IL Bacio is recommended as a daytime and evening more

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Citrus, Floral. Created by Princess Marcella Borghese in 1993, IL Bacio is an elegant, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: honeysuckle, rose and freesia. The middle notes are: melon, pear and iris and the base of the fragrance is: amber, sandalwood and violet. IL Bacio is recommended as a daytime and evening fragrance.

  • Y MORRISON12/13/2014

    Timeless fragrance which has become my signature scent...

  • PERFUME FREAK03/15/2014


  • KANDICE MCQUARY01/12/2013

    I have wore this perfume since it's launch almost 20 years ago and I will NEVER wear another fragrance as long as I can purchase Il Bacio!! I've had guys ages ranging from 20's to 60's stop me in public to ask me what fragrance I was wearing, lots of women too! NOTHING on the market, even today, even comes close to it!

  • TRACY07/28/2011

    I have worn Il Bacio since it first came out in the 90's. I loved it then and still love it now. When I try other perfumes for something different I always go back to Il Bacio. Men love the smell of it....I have always had a lot of complements.

  • ANDEAS 1401/17/2011


  • KTHLEEN JARRETT01/09/2011

    I absolutely adore this cologne. I wore it for a long time and couldn't find it anywhere. It showed up very recently on-line and I have bought it twice. I really love this frangrance.

  • SOULI CHRISTOU07/15/2010

    i love it ! i love it ! i love it ! i love it !

  • ANNASAS01/10/2008

    I went to the local perfume shop today and tried Il Bacio. I wanted to like it so because I lived in Italy and love the idea of wearing anything made there! As the day wore on, I discovered that the scent was sweet, pretty, perhaps a tad syrupy. All in all, I like it and plan to buy some now. BWY ladies, I am so glad that I sampled before I bought. I did this at the shop with several fragrances and saved myself a whole lotta money, finding one I liked and NOT buying some that don't go with my chemistry.

  • ANNASAS01/07/2008

    Ok ladies, I'm in a quandry as to which late 80s/early 90s scent is prettier: Bacio or Joop. Any opinions?

  • PAM 04/26/2007

    Absolutely adore this fragrance!! The only other fragrance I loved as much was Andiamo back in the late 60's - early 70's!!!

  • JACKIE01/27/2007

    It never fails that a man tells me something wonderful about me when i wear this fragrance. I used to work in a place where when I walked in the door, people's faces would light up and they would say, "Jackie's here". i love it and have been wearing it for years. I won't stop.

  • GEORGIA12/25/2006

    Another wonderful gift from my motherinlaw. Of course she thought it was for MEN so she gave it to my husband. It smells so bad we are trying to air out the house.

  • SERAFEENA11/01/2006

    Yuck! Sounds lovely by the ingredients description, but very weird smelling. I bid for it on an auction, could I have gotten a rancid bottle of it maybe?

  • GINNI10/13/2006

    Has anyone ever seen this fragrance listed anywhere ? It was my favorite in the early '80's...please, please, please help. Thanks.

  • AMY12/21/2005

    one of the worse i've ever sniffed. i might be brazen for saying this but it stinks like cheap old lady perfume.

  • SUSAN11/24/2005

    I had asked someone what she was wearing when I 1st smelled Il Bacio now I am asked. What a truly beautiful fragarance.

  • STEPHANIE A.09/05/2005

    the violets are very dominant, husband loved it, but it's a little heavy for me. Smells softer after about an hour. very chypre floral.

  • ARG04/29/2005

    I think that this is avery nice fragrance there is something very unusual and different about it to me.

  • BELLE01/07/2005

    this fragrance is average. I'm not wowed. citusy, floral. Ho, hum.

  • KELLY12/30/2004

    This doesn't work for me at all. It's piercing, overwhelming, sharp. I love Borghese's spa product and its smell, but this Borghese EDP just won't work with my chemistry. Luckily I only bought 1 oz of it.

  • DAWN10/04/2004

    I, too, loved that perfume they used to make in the circular, flat, swirling glass bottle that came in the black and silver box, and just went by the name 'Borghese'. I don't think they make it anymore because I've searched every perfume dealer written in English on the internet and no one has it. And certainly no local department store or perfume shop still carries it. Perhaps it is now only available in France? I don't know. It's a shame because it was so much lovelier than most of the new perfumes that are on the market nowadays. As for Il Bacio, my sister used to wear it and I found it to be very nice.

  • STEPHANIE09/08/2004

    I bought a small amount of this based on the ratings here, and when I first put it on I was a little disappointed because it was pretty but seemed typical. But the dry down is so incredibly lovely and not at all typical that I am no longer disappointed! Thanks girls for the advice!

  • DEBORAH SCOTT03/10/2004

    Eveywhere I go I get compliments on how wonderful I smell. People are forever saying you smell so pretty what is that fragrance, I always tell them of Ilbacio. Even when I take bathroom break and someone comes in there and I leave my stall, I hear I knew it was you , You have th eentire bathroom smelling just like you. Thanks for keeping me smelling so good.

  • MAGGIE03/05/2004

    Wow..what a wonderful scent this is...Just got mine today, and it's new fragrance for me..but I know it will be "mine" forever now..I just love how "perfectly" all the florals blend so well with each other--not one of them overpowers the other..

  • MAGGIE03/03/2004

    Wow! Thanks to a sample I was sent in a recent order, I might never have "discovered" this lovely new-to-me fragrance. As soon as I smelled my favorite of all florals--freesia--and how wonderfully extotic it smelled on my skin, I knew just had to have some. I am a little confused as to what the correct pronounciation should be..Could someone please help me out here--is it Il Bacio(bas-io or bachcio)??

  • LONDA01/02/2004

    I absolutely love this sent!!! I've been wearing it since 1998 and people love it.

  • EILEEN11/23/2003

    borghese has made 2 fragrances in the last 20 years that i can wear. all the other fragrances give me a migrain.i love borghese.

  • EILEEN11/23/2003

    I have that same product. it was i believe just called borghese. i found it in tahoe at an outlet . it was my favorite before il baccio came out.

  • MARILYN11/21/2003

    I also would like to know if the original Princess de Borghese scent is available. It was my all time favorite.

  • SUSANNA09/02/2003

    Love it!!! It is so warm and sexy - there is something about it that reminds me of autumn. I feel like wearing it when it is a beautiful, clear, crisp fall day. I can't wait for the season to change so I can break out my sweaters and delicious warmer fall scents like Il Bacio :-)

  • STARFISH07/31/2003

    I have been wearing this perfume since 1994 almost a decade now, and I still can't get enough of it!

  • KARINA05/04/2003

    has all my favorite scents. i detect orange blossoms and neroli. If I could only have one scent for the rest of my life this would be it!

  • STEVIEDUDE12/15/2002

    Il Bacio on my wife turns me on! My wife loves it for that reason too! Now her sister wants it for Christmas this year. A nice fragrance clerk at the flagship Neiman-Marcus store in downtown Dallas turned us on to it. My wife wears all the accessories too. Now we're having trouble finding the body powder. Any ideas, please e-mail: [email protected]

  • MADELINE09/05/2002

    I have found my signature scent. Il bacio works perfectly with my chemistry and is a beautiful balance between floral and warm notes...and a beautiful balance between sexy and elegant. I will still wear Tropical Punch ( a completely different fragrance) when I am dressed casually, wearing flip-flops or a sun dress in very hot weather. Il bacio will be my romantic, evening, office, Fall, Winter and Spring fragrance...just not on super hot Summer days.

  • JAKQUA08/17/2002

    I received, as a gift-people know I love smellies-a three piece set of soap by Borghese. I asked the lady where she purchased it and she said she ordered it from a book and that was the only item by Borghese listed. Does anyone know if there is a Borghese fragrance that matches the soap? It is in a black and silver cardboard cannister with a lid and the soaps are white and shaped like flowers. The fragrance is wonderful!!! Please let me know what you find out. Thank You.

  • LUILU07/08/2002

    This doesn't smell good on me at all...I couldn't stand myself! Had to take a shower...body chemistry is weird, huh...what smells great on one person rerally pongs up the place on heart still belongs to my beloved OPIUM.

  • SASHA06/27/2002

    I've been wearing "The Kiss" for about four years and I always get complimants. The scent lasts all day and that just gives "The Kiss" all stars....

  • RONDA06/05/2002

    There is no better fragrance

  • AMY04/11/2002

    I have received many, many positive comments about Il Bacio over the past 6 years that I have worn it. Even several dry cleaners have asked me and my husband what it is.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    nice name, bottle and pretty scent. fresh-fruity

  • STEPHANIE03/05/2002

    I have Il Bacio (the kiss!) and enjoy it very much. I find it quite similar to another pretty scent called America, by Perry Ellis. Not sure what it is that they have in common, lilac perhaps?

  • BETTE01/25/2002

    The "yuck, yuck, yuck" comment by Peggy just "shows to go ya'" that there's no accounting for taste- or put another way, "One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!" My opinion is that Il Bacchio is a unique & wonderful scent, that is "classy and clean!' I believe that my all time favorite is Giardini di Montecatini, which unfortunately Borghese discontinued a few years ago!Practically all of my favorite scents are Borghese. They seem to have a uniqueness & elegance not found in most other perfumes. Thank You!

  • KRISTI01/18/2002

    This is my absolute favorite perfume. I think it is wonderful

  • SUSAN12/06/2001

    I have been wearing Il Bacio for around 8 years and will never use anything else, I get lots of compliments from both men and women.

  • STEPHANI11/28/2001

    has become signature scent,more men than women ask what i'm wearing!

  • TERRI10/30/2001

    This is my favorite perfume ever. It is so different from all the others. It does smell strong, so if you like your perfume subtle, this is not the one for you.

  • CATARINA09/27/2001

    I am unable to tell the notes used in this fragrance, but I like it. It's pleasantly sweet, clean and flowery at the same time. It's only flaw - too weak, like a body spray.

  • MARCY07/19/2001

    I love Il Bacio for the same reason as Stephanie, it is different than the other scents out there. I have several other fragrances, and this one is different than any of them, although it is not my absolute favorite, I do like it alot however.

  • STEPHANIE06/18/2001

    Though it's not my favorite, I do like this scent. It doesn't smell like a carbon copy of a lot of the others that are out there. What I like even more than the scent is the bottle design, it's gorgeous!

  • JOANNE06/11/2001

    I used to wear the original Princess Marcella di Borghese scent and loved it. Is it still available?

  • Is this your original version. My sister is looking for your old fragrance of Borghese

  • PEGGY05/15/2001

    This is the worst smelling perfume I'v ever gotten. It was a gift for my birthday and I almost gagged when I opened the box...imagine my reaction when I actually sprayed it!!!!

  • SHARON BRUNSON11/30/2000


  • i need to know the ingredients in this perfume because a co worker keeps getting allergic reactions from this. She states she is allergic to musk what is in this particular cologne.

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