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Guy Laroche

Jai Ose   

26 Reviews

Green, Oriental, Sweet. Created by Guy Laroche in 1977, Jai Ose is a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of jasmine, bergamot and vanilla. Blended with notes of vetiver, musk and sandalwood, Jai Ose is a evening type of fragrance.

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Green, Oriental, Sweet. Created by Guy Laroche in 1977, Jai Ose is a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of jasmine, bergamot and vanilla. Blended with notes of vetiver, musk and sandalwood, Jai Ose is a evening type of fragrance.

  • JOE12/09/2014

    a wonderful perfume,,,, my girlfriend loves it,,,,,,,alot

  • LIZ02/01/2013

    I was delighted when I saw that I was able to purchase a bottle of my old favourite perfume. I wore this all the time in the 80's as it was a soft very feminine fragrance, I also had the body cream. I was really disappointed when I used this as it's now very strong and musky and not at all light and airy as it used to be. I agree with the other comments as tends to be more of a leather toned fragrance and wish they could retrieve the original formula.

  • JESSICA12/17/2011

    One of the best perfumes ever created, it is such a shame that this perfume is not available in Australia anymore. My message to you all The Perfume Suppliers, Wholesalers Sellers, Perfume Buyers, Manufacturers etc bring this perfume back to us.

  • JR11/27/2007

    I never tried the original Jai Ose, but it seems that someone bought the rights from Guy Larouche and made their own formulation. This is in the same scent family as Cinnabar and Opium but is softer than the former and less sweet and voluptuous than the latter. (It also resembles George Sand by MPG.) Its spicy sweetness is mitigated by faintly powdery green notes that remind me a little of Chanel No. 19. Dries down to a slightly smoky finish. I like this a lot. Lovely for evening but also for cool weather day wear.

  • CK04/09/2007

    Never posted anything about this one because I didn't quite get the notes. Very dry and manly. I have had this for sometime now, and it's only a little bottle, 30ml. I wonder from other post, what this use to smell like back-in-the-day? Purchased this in the mall, where they sell perfume in the glass counters in the center of the mall. I tested it. It does have a green note deep inside somewhere! I like green-noted fragrances, but this is strong and concentrated. This does have strong leathery overtones, maybe it could be tame with a lighter scent?

  • MIRIAMA04/02/2007

    Do anybody knows if the old recepture is still available? I ordered 7ml perfume but after reading the reactions I assume I will not get the old jai Ose from Guy Laroche :-(

  • KAREN01/27/2006

    While shopping on Newbury St in Boston in the early 80's, I discovered this heavenly perfume at the exclusive Guy Laroche boutique. I was thrilled when I found it again. But I am somwhat disappointed. This formula isn't the same. Has a more leather--darker aroma.

  • MARITA09/08/2005

    I live in Europe, and believe me the real J'ai osé was discontinued in the 80's. The French perfumier Guy Laroche no longer make it, I have been told many times,so whatever it is you're buying, it's an imitation. I agree it's a great shame this perfume is discontinued, I too loved it!!!

  • MARY11/10/2004

    I first found this perfune in 1968 in Paris. I wore it for many years, but it became unavailable in the state. I found on your web sit and was so happy to find it back. To my surprise it was just not the same. Is the original perfume still availiabe somewhere?

  • MELBA08/13/2003

    This takes me back to the good old days as a young working mother. A very subtle,yet classy scent even my husband loved it back then. Now,years later, I find out it is still around & I was thrilled.

  • SUE03/08/2003

    When I received this perfume it wasn't as I remembered it. It smells old. Could we locate the orginal one by chance.

  • MAYA12/16/2002

    Yuck,yuck,yuck!!! This is revolting. Reminiscent of fabric softener,with some sweet,floral,chemical stuff and something else,that was,I think, intended to be spicy...Puke!

  • OLGA 12/06/2002

    Hi my name is Olga, I live in Australia, Sydney. I would like to Buy this product. Please contact me with the detalies to my This very importent as it going to be Present for my Mum. Thank you Olga

  • DEBBIE08/26/2002

    I recieved my order and compared it to the old that I have had for years and I can't tell any difference. The bottle I got didn't say anyting about CA , Nor Guy Laroache. Other than that, the package was the same. Just as good as I remember! Life is good!

  • DEBBIE08/16/2002

    I used to wear this all the time until you couldn't find it in the dept. stores. I have read all of the posts on the message board and I am going to order this and hope that I am not dissapointed. The old parfum was WONDERFUL. I didn't wear anything else. A very clean fragrance. Not loud, flowery,sweet and offense as I find most parfums are today. It seems the louder some are the better! I will take Jai Ose any day!!! Just wonder what happened that they took it out of dept. stores??

  • APHRAEL07/16/2002

    Years ago,the original formula was already pretty bad. Today,as hard as it is to believe,it is even worse. It's incredible,to me,that some marketing wiz out there has managed to put bad taste in a bottle and actually cash in on it. Wow.

  • DIMA06/18/2002

    I wore J'ai Osé for MANY years...till it quit being available in the states...and the 'new' J'ai Osé is definitely different..not as many cedar notes. I also noted that the bottle makes NO mention of Guy Laroche...says it is made by "J'ai Osé California"..somebody bought the name and is making something very similar??? Still like the NEW better than any OTHER fragrance available today.

  • JOSIE04/27/2002

    I was so glad to finally find Jai Ose again, but I do agree that it doesn't smell as I remember it years ago. Of course, one difference might be that years ago I purchased it as a parfum. This version is EDT. But this is one of the VERY few fragrances I can wear without getting sick.

  • LOLA04/14/2002

    has a plastic,chemical,after-smell that is garantied to induce a first rate migraine.

  • TALENA03/01/2002

    Jai Ose used to be my signature fragrance also. I must agree that it does not quite smell the same as it used to-- something is definitely different.

  • SHARON01/07/2002

    I also love jai ose. However, I ordered it but it does not smell the same as I remember it many years ago. What doyou think?

  • MARY12/06/2001

    I haven't seen this fragrance is o long, at least 10-15 years. It used to be my signature fragrance. Can't wait to receive my order.

  • SAMMIE09/07/2001

    I could not find Jai Ose for years, it seems that the department store stop stocking this wonderful smell. Once you try it you love it also

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