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Alfred Sung


97 Reviews

Citrus, Floral, Green Created in 1986, Sung for women is a refreshing, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of lemon, ylang-ylang and iris. Blended with notes of vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver, Alfred Sung is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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Citrus, Floral, Green Created in 1986, Sung for women is a refreshing, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of lemon, ylang-ylang and iris. Blended with notes of vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver, Alfred Sung is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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  • BRENDA MCCONNELL11/29/2014

    Beautiful aroma

  • BARBARA BARKER11/04/2014

    I love the scent of Sung...used it for 20 years....always come back to it as my signature scent.

  • LIZ09/22/2014

    I have been wearing the this scent for years. Always get a compliment when I wear it. Now it's the only perfume I wear. Very soft, not real sweet, not overpowering. Luv it!

  • FAIRY NOIR08/22/2012

    My favorite. Get compliments all the time. Just beautiful.

  • CORAL06/25/2012

    Love this!! I have been wearing it for years.

  • JAN FUNK04/05/2012


  • MISS M07/11/2011

    This is the best perfume! It blends perfectly with my body chemistry and is subtle if used sparingly. I love it!!

  • PAMELA10/01/2010

    I've used Sung for over 10 years it's the only fragrance I wear and as always when I walk pass anyone it get positive responses every time

  • PAULA06/09/2010

    There is not that goes by, that someone doesn't ask me what I'm wearing. Men and woman alike. People say hello, give me a hug and ALWAYS make a comment about how great I smell. It is MY scent. I've been wearing it for 10 years and I still love it. I have the perfume, body lotion, powder, shower gel. I would never wear anything else.

  • C.C.11/05/2009

    THIS fragrance is absolutly the most seducitve scent on the skin!! Stays with you for hours....but NOT over powering in any way. Good with the body chemistry.

  • DENISE09/25/2009

    Everyone compliments me on this fragrance. Everyone!

  • SILKYPOET12/09/2008

    Sung is sensual. My lover doesn't want to wash his sheets after I've been over because of the SUNG that has been pressed into them. I have worn this fragrance since 1998, there has not been one day that a man hasn't asked me what scent I am wearing. I always spritz it on the back of my neck under my hair, the smell is enchanting.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/10/2008

    Do other women ever stop and wonder if all the men who ask them what perfume they are wearing may be inquiring so as they might NOT ever purchase it for their own women? My sister in law received this as a Christmas gift one year and we all just thought it smelled very shrill and synthetic. I do not detect any warmth in this scent.

  • DMARIE06/21/2008

    Just got this gift set today and it reminds me of Mackie perfume but prettier. Very strong in the beginning but after it mellows out WOW! It is actually very pretty and classy! Like this one alot!

  • ANNAMARIA02/20/2008

    I loved this perfume for a long time then went to a travel agency and the lady there had far too much on. For the longest time, I have felt ill whenever I have smelt it since. However! Today I tried the EDT. It is much lighter but just as distinct. Might I suggest it to those who find the EDP too strong?

  • JAN01/07/2008

    The opening is nice and green with some flowers, but the drydown to me is too synthetic and generic smelling.

  • MISSY12/21/2007


  • SYLVIE09/29/2007

    A beautiful, well-balanced white and green floral fragrance!!! Posh and refined. Floral-fresh, yet warm and feminine and very inviting!!! For my taste not too strong. No synthetic/marine/ozonic/Cool Water/Escape-L'Eau d'Issey-ingredients here(which I hate). Classic, clean (not soapy!!) and voluptuous. Smells very expensive and elegant. This vintage scent has complexity and I found a jewel:-). Very, very nice! Here a description: Year Introduced: 1986. Scent Type: Floral - Green. Top Notes: Orange, ylang-ylang, mandarin, bergamot, galbanum, lemon, hyacinth. Heart Notes: Osmanthus, genet, jasmine, iris, lily of the valley. Base Notes: Vanilla, orange blossom, sandalwood, ambrette, vetiver. "The signature green floral fragrance features sparkling fresh citrus blended with green notes and white flowers, set against a refined backdrop of woods and spices. Fresh and light, Sung is a classic fragrance that can be worn with equal ease on the shores of Palm Beach or sunny spring ski slopes. The feminine, sophisticated floral is encased in a classic Pierre Dinand bottle of clean, uncomplicated, symmetrical lines. Pure Sung. "© - Scent Profile by Jan Moran author Fabulous Fragrances II © 2006 -

  • CC09/11/2007

    When I received this I tried a little bit on my arm, just to see if I really liked it. Found that it really bothered me because it was very strong and I couldn't seem to make the scent weaker. If you like the way it smells on you this might be a very positive thing since you'd only have to use a little to have it really stay with you all day.

  • TONY T06/11/2007

    attractive and sweet to wear this. created 21 years ago my friend wore this to work and omg. not exactly sexy but a winner indeed. i prefer stella to this.

  • HOLLY03/20/2007

    I'm one of those that has a hard time with scents. If it smells good in the bottle it doesn't on me, especially sweet perfumes. Today I tried a sample of Flowerbomb and it made me sick. I decided to try a sample of Sung which I had no intentions of trying- I tried it and LOVE it. So classic and clean and guess what the more it mixed with my chemistry the better it got. It reminds me a bit of ysatis and Estee combined. I love to stumble across classic surprises.

  • LAURA12/15/2006

    This is such an elegant fragrance. You have to spray it in the air and walk through it, though. It will be way to strong if you just spray it on.

  • BRANDY11/10/2006

    I loved Shi. Still wearing Paradise. Was in ectasy w/BAI! Fell head over heels for Mai. Wanted to posess Jewel. But NEVER paid attention to the original until last week! It is soooooooo sexy! Reminiscent of Honae Mori. Get this one and get ready to get stopped a lot......

  • BEAN11/05/2006

    You mentioned that some of the Sung fragrance products are difficult to find. I was told that the company was sold and the decision was made to discontinue the Sung fragrance. I hope this is not true, but I am also having trouble finding Sung perfume.

  • ANNA10/27/2006

    The signature fragrance of Alfred Sung is the very best fragrance EVER. As some previous writers claimed, I too, get asked what fragrance I am wearing. Almost daily. I have only one complaint it is getting harder to purchase some of the items. i.e. Body cream and the shower gel.

  • ROSALIND NEWTON10/04/2006

    My "Excellence" award for Sung. The most elegant fragrance of any designer fragrance I have ever used. Yet your body chemistry really has to work with it. If it does.. lucky you. People, men and women will stop to tell you how beautiful the scent is to them...and It delights the wearer also.

  • JB07/24/2006

    I like this scent a lot, but I prefer Sung Spa a little better than the original, its lighter and fresher. Sung Spa was introduced in the early 90s as a limited edition and has been brought back a few times afterwards, I think it may have been discontinued again (hopefully will brought back again) but if you can find it buy it, its great!

  • CYNTHIA05/30/2006

    This is not my kind of scent. I typically love fragrances that have a lot of citrus, but this one is unusually heavy and rich in the florals. I'm sure I could appreciate it on someone else, but for me (on me) there's a note that seems like honeysuckle...loads of it.

  • SMELLIE KAT03/08/2006

    Sung was my signature fragrance for over 10 years when it first came out. Recently, I picked it up again and rediscovered our love affair. Sung is a distinctive scent that is quite sharp when first applied. It definitely makes a statement and can be too "lemon" if the body chemistry isn't right. But when it's right, every element blends perfectly in a warm, woody, rich floral with a light dusting of vanilla and the perfect touch of musk. The iris notes are exquisite. As my sister says, "it smells like money." So glad we found each other again.

  • LIZ03/01/2006

    a general note: your body chemistry will interfere with a fragrance if you wear it on your wrist, or the crook of your arm, or on your clothing. I have found, I can wear just about any fragrance and it will stay true if I wear it only on my shoulders, (perhaps because there are less sweat glands there) before dressing. I don't care what anyone says, I hate it when people wear fragrance on their clothes, it turns sour.


    This has been my signature scent for many years. The toilette strength is all you need for good staying power. The body creme is excellent too. Be careful though, a little goes a long way.

  • ANGELA12/23/2005

    One thing I forgot to say in my previous post is that this perfume smells different on each person. I used to work with a woman who loved the way I smelled. Her husband bought her some and when she wore it she smelled aweful! It turned rank and strong wiht her body chemstry. On me it's soft and very floral.

  • ANGELA12/03/2005

    Sung is the perfect scent! I have worn it daily for about 8 years and I have people all the time stop and ask what I'm wearing. My husband breaths in deeply each time he hugs me or kisses me and tells me I smell heavenly!

  • LIZ10/06/2005

    to answer your question about this classic -- yes it is worth the money, you can find it at reasonable prices on the internet -- and no it is not a nice everyday scent for work. Sung is for getting dressed up for an elegant evening out and preferably in cool weather. It is intense and could be overpowering to co-workers, and that would kill the magic for you. Sung is exquisitely beautiful and complex, but only for special occasions. Some nice florals for everyday would be Lancome's Miracle, Lanvin's Oxygene or Mariella Burani -- they are beautiful too, just softer.

  • GWEN09/19/2005

    I like the fresh smell of Sung very much. I do wish it came in a lighter version of the original scent. It can be a bit strong if you use too much.

  • BARBARA09/05/2005

    This is probably my favorite perfume. It smells so fresh and spring-like yet sofisticated at the same time.

  • CAROLE08/26/2005

    This is a very special fragrance, unfortunately I can't find it in Europe any longer, try it is really special

  • VANCOUVER USA GAL05/31/2005

    I like the way it smells but I don't wear it often because it's hard to get a small enough amount on. I can only wear it below the waist!

  • CHRISTI05/22/2005

    I LOVE to smell good, and I think I have tried every perfume ever made. I always, always have Sung on hand...for at least the past 6 + yrs. It is my ALL TIME favorite scent, and I get tons of compliments each and everytime I wear it~ from men and women both!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Can't say enough about Sung. It is so unique, refreshing, totally classy. I feel like a Beverly Hills chick when I wear it! It's a breath of fresh air, and stands out in the perfume world. Excellent!

  • GYPS04/24/2005

    Mohagani: I wear Sung all the time and strangers stop me to ask what I'm wearing.

  • VANESSA03/08/2005

    Alfred Sung is a classic scent. It is a sophisticated, fresh and warm smelling fragrance. You will feel elevated and rejunvenated wearing this perfume. Men and women always respond favorably.

  • MAHOGANI01/28/2005

    hello all i read the comments and boy does it make me want this perfume, i've tried so... many searching for a signature scent and this site really helps i think im gonna go for it, would someone be able to tell me is it a nice everyday scent that is worth the money?

  • NIKITA 12/06/2004

    this perfume smells like a business woman or city girl. Somebody with a purse. All around pretty. The best perfume I ever smelled on a woman.

  • PERFUMEGIRL11/03/2004

    Sung is my mother's signature evening scent. It reminds me of her about to leave for dinner and the theater with my father, wearing her favorite red lipstick, hair just so, and happiness all around. Sung (pronounced "Sue-ng") is a sophistated evening fragrance -- think the opera, not a nightclub. It is romantic, floral but not cloying or overly sweet, with good staying power. cheers!

  • SWISS10/25/2004

    This has been my favorite for years. Perfection would be to be able to buy it in europe, more precisely in switzerland

  • GLORIA09/24/2004

    Great staying power! I receive lots of compliments. People always ask where they can buy it. I highly recommend this product.

  • LYNNBEE09/15/2004

    This smells good on everyone - nice perfume to wear to work - most people over 30 seem to like it


    This is my favorite fragrance that has a floral scent to it. I wear the toilette and it lasts all day long. I've worn this fragrance for several years and I'm totally convinced that this is my signature fragrance. I long to keep this on my shelf for life. You cannot put a price on this fragrance. Please try it and know that your exploring something worth while.

  • HISAKO06/17/2004

    It smells mix of classic zen from shiseido and Nocturnes by caron and may be little like Byblos.

  • INGRID06/03/2004

    A very sophistcated floral that you could definitely wear day or evening. I don't get an lemon notes. Not your typical 'floral' scent at all - much more sophisticated and distinct. I think you will like this if you like Giorgio. A great Canadian claim to fame!

  • ALICIA05/23/2004

    Very distinct scent. Will get many compliments but for a sophisticated lady only.

  • MARIANN02/15/2004


  • JENI01/14/2004

    There was no amount I could use that made this less offensively strong. Instant migraine.

  • NICOLE01/13/2004

    This is typical 1980's perfume... smell you from a mile away.

  • HOT KOFFEE12/30/2003

    My honey bought me this perfume. Being I live in London he always surprises me with perfumes from across the pond i.e. US, where he lives. This is my favourite perfume. It is longlasting, uplifting and sensuous. Guys, buy this for the lady in your life!

  • SHERRY12/03/2003

    This is my favourite perfume of all time. I love it. Nothing compares to it

  • CHRISTINE10/23/2003

    I have been wearing this frangrance for over two years now.Usually I buy a frangrance once and never again.Not this one.Also women as well as men ask me what I am wearing.I will always have a bottle in my collections.

  • CLAUSIANE10/12/2003

    I was looking for a perfume that I could call this is ME. I tested so many and I still could not say its me. Finally I encounter this miracle that when you just spray on does not call your attention but after a few minutes its like heaven. I don't think I can ever live without it.

  • APRIL08/31/2003

    I first got introduced to this back in 1990 when my cousin wore this she always kept a bottle in her car and would spray it on her before work. I loved it then and I still love it It is the only fragance I wear. My husband loves the way it smell. I get so many compliment on it my Boss always gives me a compliment when I wear it!

  • MELBA08/23/2003

    I think Sung is a nice fragrance for all occasions,not just one. It's light and lovely,just the way a perfume should be,and a tiny spritz is all you need,because it lasts long too.

  • PINKY08/17/2003

    This fragrance is for those of us who love being girls. Soft, haunting, memorable, utterly feminine. This one has its own special place in my perfume collection.

  • DEBBI07/21/2003

    i've read the other messages & find that i'm nodding my head in agreement.sung is my favorite.i never regret putting it on.i've had many compliments.i hope that it gets the attention it deserves.

  • MARY06/15/2003

    I guess alot of people really like this, but I am not one of them! If you want people to smell you from 3 blocks away, the wear this...way too strong!

  • WEST TEXAS05/19/2003

    I have worn Sung since 1989. It is the closest thing to a signature fragrance for me that I've ever had. I try other scents, but as my husband said (who rarely takes note of ANY fragrance I wear) when he picked up the bottle, "this stuff rules!" I couldn't agree more.

  • STEPHANIE04/20/2003

    I have tried Sung a couple of times now and am very pleased with the scent. It ends up smelling slightly spicy on me, but in more of a floral sort of way than an actual aromatic spice. The trouble is, it isn't nearly as distinct as most of my favorites that I wear, so I'm tempted to apply more of it than I would with others. It's not a scent that will shout out its presence, but if you want a fragrance that will whisper, this may be the one for you.

  • ANN04/12/2003

    I absolutely love Sung! I first smelled this fragrance in 1992, when I friend of mine with a big bottle sprayed it on before leaving for work. It was so distinctive, and I remember thinking that it had an oriental smell to it, long before I knew the different categories of perfume. Incidentally, I have read that Sung is an oriental and a floral in different sources. It is a distinctly different scent. No other perfume smells like it. The iris note is strong and lovely. I love to use it with the body lotion, as it envelops me in the aura of Sung. It is clearly my favorite perfume.

  • COLLEEN04/11/2003

    my favorite

  • NATHALIE03/29/2003

    That's it! After so many years, tons of perfumes (and $$$) Ijust found the perfect fragrance for me and my stubborn body chemistry. This one smells oh so good on me I just can't stop smelling myself! Now I want to lotion too...

  • JOANNA03/21/2003

    This fragrance drives my man totallywild! It has several different layers of amazing scents that will lighten up a wintery day, or cool you off on a smouldering summer's day.

  • DIVYA03/07/2003

    i was at a bar when one of the waitresses there was wearing it... i asked her what it was..and she brought out the bottle and i tried some on...and ever since then its just been perfect!!

  • STACEY02/23/2003

    I think that if the perfume were so disgusting that no stars would have been given. This perfume I found in 1991 and have worn it ever since. It is very strong when you first spray it but it does lighten as all perfumes do when you first spray them. I love the scent of Sung.

  • MARYMAGS02/11/2003

    but this is a knockout. very pretty.

  • MONICA 01/19/2003

    I have been wearing this exclusively since 1991 when I first smelled it on a woman in my office. You would not believe how many times in the last 12 years men have stopped me and comment on how great it is or ask what it is so they can get it for their wives or girlfriends. Not sure what makes this perfume so special but it is VERY appealing to men. I will probably never wear another perfume.

  • REBECCA01/17/2003

    I have worn this as my signature since 1986. I have never had so many men comment on how good I smelled before I used Sung. Many have told me it was the best perfume they ever smelled. Last year, Delta broke a bottle during flight in my leather gym bag and everyone at the gym started asking what smelled so good. Sung can be hard to find, and is not often discounted, so losing that much really hurt. But I always know I will smell great at the Gym!!

  • AAD12/21/2002

    I got hooked on this when a good friend wore it. I tried it and now several years later it is still my favorite. I feel very sensual and sexy when I wear it. Men seem to like it and females too. I have heard alot of comments when I wear it such as what is your perfume? I love your perfume! You smell great! or Mmmmm! That's good enough for me.

  • BB12/18/2002

    i love this stuff, and i know its great because my mother who hates all perfumes except chanel n5 didnt start sneezing or giving me dirty looks when i got it in the mail. she actually liked it. i love it love it love it

  • GWEN12/04/2002

    this is just my opinion, but i think it is too strong. and the scent is similar to some other perfume scent that i can't recall. but alot of people seem to like it so i guess i'm in the minority...

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/26/2002

    A girl I knew wore this frangrance throughout Junior High. It is way too strong and smells like cleaner. It can be overpowering.

  • SHEILA11/24/2002

    I was in a restaurant and encountered the most wonderful fragrance that I had to ask the woman what it was----Sung--- been wearing it ever since--also wear Mackie! Both are Excellent!

  • MICHELLE11/14/2002

    I have been wearing Sung, and only Sung, for the last 5 years. It's the only one I will buy. I have never had so many compliments on a fragrance. I hope they never stop making it or I will have a BIG problem! Thanks for a great product, Mr. Sung!

  • SARAH10/10/2002

    this is such a lovely scent. one of those 'smells nice on anyone' florals. i usually don't like florally perfumes, but this one is so beautiful, it makes me smile when i sniff my wrist. fyi it is one of the few canadian perfumes on the market! canadian and proud of it! plus men like it, as it is so romantically sweet and smells quite innocent. bravo mr sung!

  • NISSA07/29/2002

    This fragrance smelled cheap as soon as I sprayed it on. But then after some time went by the fragrance had changed to a wonderful, nice floral scent. I was pleased with the end results. I didn't get a headache either. It is a frangrance that will try to mix with your body chemistry.

  • KIMBERLY07/08/2002

    Fell upon this fragrance,thinking I had already worn this back in High School. Tried it again and realized No I had'nt. WOW! What a fragrance that will take you somewhere. It is so pretty and has such beauty to it. I don't know how I missed this one but I did and now I am wearing it and loving it. Would love to have only one and this could possibly be it. You must just try it once.

  • STEPHANIE07/05/2002

    I love Sung, it's really nice smelling. But I like Sung Light even better. :)

  • SUSAN KIRTON05/18/2002

    I am forever getting comments on how I smell when I wear this. I have never gotten as many compliments than when wearing Sung. It is my signature fragrance! Light, sensuous,always appropriate!

  • LOLA05/12/2002

    a light,herbal,slightly flowery and tad musky scent.can't go wrong with this one.and the body cream is out of this world.

  • JACQUE03/26/2002

    I have used Sung for almost 15 years. It is harder to find in department stores but worth the search. I told my daughter I was going to have to change to another perfume and she had a fit and said I wouldn't smell like Mom anymore. My friends are always asking what fragrance I use. They say I it is always a wonderful fresh and clean smell.

  • DONNA TABOR03/19/2002

    When I wear Sung, I get more compliments from men then I ever received wearing any other perfume, I love it!!!!!!

  • KANDIA03/14/2002

    This is definitely a keeper. After wearing 5th Avenue for a while I was looking for something that could compare and this is definitely in the same category in my opinion. It can be kind of strong when you first spray it on but it definitely stays with you. It's one of those scents that makes you feel confident when you're wearing it. I recommenend it to anyone for day or evening.

  • LAURIE02/06/2002

    Sung has such a soft smell to it that its not harsh on any one I have been using Sung for 5 years and always recieve compliments on it...and wanting to know what it is and where can they get it...


    I love this one, and my husband does too. He is Hawaiin, and he say's it reminds him of a Hawaiian evening breeze. How can you go wrong with that??

  • GRANDMA01/09/2002

    Yes, I really am a Grandma. Sung has been my only fragrance for quite a few years. I use to travel frequently and was always being asked "What are you wearing?" Usually by men but also fashionable women. At Christmas time I enjoy giving the bath get. I have tried other Sung scents but they cannot begin to compare with the original Sung. Please don't ever discontinue.

  • BROOK01/08/2002

    In my opion sung is the most beautifull fragrence! It has a bit of the orient,some floral,and definatly a little bit of something that seems to make everyone want to know who makes it and where i bought it from. I highly recommend it!!!

  • BROOK01/08/2002

    In my opion sung is the most beautifull fragrence! It has a bit of the orient,some floral,and definatly a little bit of something that the men seem to love. I highly recomend it!!!!

  • ROSE12/27/2001

    Careful with application, as it is a strong scent. Nonetheless, it is quite intoxicating and lingers long into the evening...

  • SHEILA 11/08/2001

    As most of us know thru trial and error, none of our bodies react the same way to fragrances...due to different body chemistries. Scents I have loved on others smell like 4 day old garbage on me! I loved and wore Estee' Lauder's 'Celadon' for years until it was taken off the market...and luckily for me, was introduced to "Sung" which is my "Signature" scent! Am alway complimented on it, particularly when I 'layer' it ...using the bath gel, the talc and finally, a gentle 'misting' at the pulse points of the"Eau de Toilette" to complete the bath ritual. I also use the Parfum, but only on 'Special' occasions, as it is quite a bit stronger, and could be used in such a manner as to be overwhelming, especially in small enclosed rooms ! I just want to enhance my aura..not attack peoples' sensory areas! (Some people think that if a "little" is good, "more" is better...not true..Be aware of others' sensitivities, and be gentle, not overpowering.)A hint, by the way: Anytime you find you have a fragrance on hand that is not quite your "cup of tea" (given to you as a gift, etc.), spray it into your dryer drum before putting your bed linens into "dry"...also spray a wee mist into linen body chemistry here to offend ...just a sensuous, delicate 'pampering'

  • ANGELRAFTER10/29/2001

    everytime I wear this a man comments on how much he likes it. It is my all time favorite!

  • CLAIRE10/12/2001

    Sorry but I just hate this perfume. It reminds of antiseptic...

  • CAMILLE09/22/2001

    I have been wearing this since 1993. Always get compliments, from men and women. When I have stopped wearing it, and smell it on someone else, I am once again mesmerized. Like the Eau de Parfum, and perfume the best, and use it year round.

  • EILEEN CZARNY09/17/2001

    I always get complements on it. I,ll never wear anything else.

  • MAGGIE09/03/2001

    I might as well rub water on me. Same effect.:(

  • NURSE PEBBLES08/04/2001

    I received this as a sample and have fallen in love with it..a perfect summer fragrance

  • BRENDA06/20/2001

    I live in "hot" Texas. It is so light and airy. I never feel it is overpowering. My very favorite.

  • A WOMAN OF SONG06/13/2001


  • JEANNINE03/15/2001

    what ever happened to the perfume sung that was the Best perfume's ever. It lasted all day

  • PATTIE12/23/2000

    I, who have NEVER worn florals have come to adore this perfume. Very rich and smooth, it has become my summertime favorite.

  • HOLLY LEMBKE09/27/2000

    This is the most beautiful perfume I have ever used. I have several, however, Sung still remains to be my favourite.

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