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Givenchy Pour Homme Givenchy Image


Givenchy Pour Homme   

65 Reviews

Givenchy Pour Homme was developed to be a citrusy, fresh scent with a sexy spin. Positioned for gentlemen twenty five years and older, the scent begins on a top note of grapefruit, tangerine, coriander and dedion. The middle note of essence of davana and vetiver dries down to a base of cedar and olibanum. The scent is recommended for everyday wear.

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Givenchy Pour Homme was developed to be a citrusy, fresh scent with a sexy spin. Positioned for gentlemen twenty five years and older, the scent begins on a top note of grapefruit, tangerine, coriander and dedion. The middle note of essence of davana and vetiver dries down to a base of cedar and olibanum. The scent is recommended for everyday wear.

  • TONYGIO05/26/2007

    Smooth, refined, and masculine. Also very subtly spicy fresh, and much better than blue imo. To the guys here who don't like it or think it's too weak, I would suggest you take a look at all the ladies' reviews for this one. They really seem to love it don't they? A point to ponder....

  • RYAN T05/31/2006

    I would agree with you on this fragrance. I will state that this smells candyish during its initial spray, but come time for a drydown, it smells like a hamster cage. I have smelled worse, but this doesn't make my grade.

  • EXPERT05/01/2006

    There was this fad in the early 00's of every cologne company making these "sharp lavender" type of fragrances. I blame it on Tommy Hilfiger. They started this mess. Then there was Lanvin, Zirh, Higher and then this. This one is the worst of them all. Overly sharp and extremely boring.

  • JOEY02/23/2006

    This was the first cologne I ever purchased. Still my favorite right next to Armani Code.

  • AMY S11/22/2005

    Guys, go and buy this one! you will have the ladies all over you. it smells wondeful. i love it!!

  • JESSIE11/07/2005

    the first time around I wore this It smelled great and had this long lasting musky woodsy scent it was very long lasting and got me many compliments. In my opinion it smells like what an Older Gentleman in his 40's would wear. OK a Rich Older Gentleman. I just bought a New bottle online to replace my old one and for some odd reason it doesn't smell the same as the first one I purchased at a Department store. I don't know if they reformulated it or if I just got a bad batch But this one doesn't smell quite like what I used to have. It smells like a cheap knock off of the original with staying power of about 10 minutes. Has anyone had this problem with this scent not smelling the same???

  • AMY 11/06/2005

    i bought this one for my boyfriend and i love the way it smells on him! very masculine and sexy but not too overwhelmiing. He loves it as well. i totally recommend this one for men. I think this one smells way better than echo by davidoff or chrome!

  • ALV08/02/2005

    This fragrance is really kewl.The smell of fresh orage but it's a luxurious orange not an ordinary orange.I love this very much.

  • RACHAEL07/27/2005

    This fragrance is the opitomy of masculinity! A little strong at first, but the dry down is so sexy and rich. One of my absolute faves for a guy.

  • NARISSA12/26/2004

    My man wears this scent, and it drives me absolutely crazy. I buy him a bottle every year because I can't stand for him to run out. Excellent scent, clean, masculine, and definitely gets the ladies.

  • MARIUS07/15/2004

    The new Blue Label(same bottle but blue) is much much better!

  • STU05/24/2004

    The fragrance could use some definite work. Nothing stand out or special at all.

  • R.J.04/30/2004


  • SKIPPY04/24/2004

    As much as I liked this one, I smelled the new one...same bottle style..only in blue...the new scent is even better. Didn't catch the name of it but smelled it as a sample.

  • MR. KRABS03/21/2004

    I like it more each time I use it, really grows on you. Has a lot going on, yet is not heavy.

  • SASO JOSESKI03/16/2004

    With one word BRILLIANT!

  • PAUL02/28/2004

    seems too much was spent on the bottle and then little on the fragrance inside the bottle. After the shocking Pi it seems that Givenchy took the way too safe route with this fragrance. A very plan citrus woody scent that is extreme light and close to the skin. A big disappointment for me from Givenchy that created such classics as Xeryus, Rouge, Insense, Pi. Like I said nice bottle thats all....too bad : (

  • SKIPPY02/21/2004

    I'm suprised that a French Cologne maker is opting for the anti-perspirant over the deodorant. In the beginning they had a deodorant and then pulled it. Something is sloppy with the marketing on this one. Overall, it's a very good scent, but I feel they will discontinue it because of their marketing blunder, change it ever so slightly and (next time) effectively market it under a different name.

  • RANDY01/29/2004

    i just hit on this in the store walking by and bamn....its a keeper!!! one of the best..really true quality that last and had a very unique scent meaning sexy,fresh,and says mmmm all over it...dont need much but does the job.. and thats a good thing


    I love this cologne. In the same scent realm as Chanel's Allure. Both are soft and feminine. Both are long lasting. Allure turns more heads but Givenchy is only one step behind it. A really good cologne for those who want one that isn't on every guy in the street.

  • BOBBY12/22/2003

    Smells really fresh, which is a good thing. Personally an issey miyakke fan but this is definately a class product!!

  • SUNNY12/11/2003

    The best from Givenchy

  • W.B.12/09/2003


  • DAVIE11/16/2003

    This fragrance is the furthest thing from Hugo, it is far better. No Hugo Boss fragrance can ever compare to Givenchy, maybe Boss #6 is the closest it can get.

  • A. NONY. MOUSE10/07/2003

    Or does this smell exactly like Hugo? If you already have Hugo I guess you don't really need this since they both smell alike.

  • STEVE09/13/2003

    When 1st sprayed on it's nice. 20 minutes later all I'm hearing is "what smells so bad?"

  • GENE S.08/04/2003

    Another overly sharp lavender colonge by good ol mediocore Givenchy. Save your time and don't bother with this Raid spray.

  • NATALIE07/20/2003

    I absolutely love this cologne. My boyfriend wears it and it just makes him smell so sexy. I spray it all the time on myself too haha because it is so addicting. And it doesn't give me a headache like others do, and it's just great. I want to buy me some for myself. And I don't care if I'm a girl wearing it!

  • ANNA07/11/2003

    This cologne is one of the sexiest scents I have ever smelled for [on a] man. It is subtle, earthy, sensual and arrousing. Stick with the Polo boys, this one is obviously too much for you.

  • DANNY07/05/2003

    long lasting and amazing

  • RICH06/29/2003

    Love this cologne. Has a wonderful, woodsy smell. Only trouble is, it's very weak and doesn't last.

  • KEV06/26/2003

    Some people need to stop being so dam picky cause this smells just fine to me

  • CHRISTINE06/08/2003

    very sexy. only real men will wear this.

  • JASON05/29/2003

    I love the smell of this cologne, but it seems like 30 minutes after I put it on, the smell goes away. I don't understand that. I'm not going to use a bottle of cologne for a sitting. Go with Aqua Quorum by Antonio Puig.

  • FERNANDO05/25/2003

    I tried this fragrance once and didn't feel like buying it at all. There is nothing special about it. It has a sort of different smell, but nothing exciting or conforting or even classy. Maybe it's just my taste, but I think there are better fragrances to be bought out there. From Givenchy, I certainly prefer PI.

  • Very good. It starts with a citrus woody scent and goes slowly to a fruity one. Remembers Romance for Men, but less sweet. Don´t trust only in the first smell, you gotta wait it dry to discover.

  • SAEED05/24/2003

    This perfume is tHEE perfume for any gentlemen out there. No...this is not a marketing gimmick. It's true. It has this rich blend of cinnamon, floral scent, and wood. My GOD, who wouldn"t want that. If you are looking for sophistication, and elegance at the same time, this is it. It won't give you that feeling you get from an over exposed perfume such as Swiss Army, or Acqua Di Gio. This is subtle, and very sexy. I've bought this perfume recently, and i love it. Best thing about it....i have absolutely no regrets about it.

  • CHRIS G04/30/2003

    If you love fresh/fruity scents you can wear all day... you'll love this one. Plus girls love the smell of this. But most importantly it's an all day perfume(not an evening one) hence why it's light and fresh and not heavy and super sharp.

  • FRANCISCO 04/25/2003

    One word for this................boring

  • RAIN04/13/2003

    Could be my skin.. But it was too bitter and dry for my liking.

  • ROB03/27/2003

    I received a sample insert of this cologne and liked it, so I went out to purchase it. It seems to be a mix of citrus, spicy, clean; very masculine. I received compliments, this one became my favorite.

  • LAURI02/22/2003

    I have tested dozens of colognes at the stores and eventually found the one, which has the best scent for me - Givenchy pour homme.

  • CHARLES02/11/2003

    If I see the name Chaz anywhere on this site to just go out and smell it on my own. I couldn't see anyone really taking his advise to heart or seriously.

  • CHAZ01/28/2003

    This colonge sucks people. Another Tommy, Higher Dior Lanvin scent. Boring and stale as burnt fried eggs. The drydown on it stinks even worse. Don't get this stuff unless your some 20 year old gen x loser.

  • E01/23/2003

    Addictive & Delicious

  • DAVE01/23/2003

    is within the name "Givenchy Pour Homme". This fragrance has become my new favorite, I collect many colognes, and this is by far the best for the past year. It smells good from start to finish. It also combines freshness, spicey, woody, floral, fruity, sweet and masculine traits all together, it is simply everything you need. Not many people have recognized this cologne, so i guess it's a good thing, that's what makes us who are using this stand out. As for comments from the ladies, let's just say you wont end up in her bed, but at least you will have a good conversation.

  • EMER01/01/2003

    this kind of givenchy is excellent

  • IRUSSIAN12/20/2002

    The negative reviews on this forum promted me to check out this perfume. I first got a sample from a store, then ended up buying a real bottle. To put it simply it is maple syrup mixed with sandalwood. Sometimes it smells more like the former, sometimes like the latter, depending on I do not know what. The play of those components makes it an interesting combination. It is also fairly ozonic, and airy, very subtle, but distinct. I'll take it over Pi Fraiche at any time (Pi Fraiche is too oriental to my taste,and IMO very casual, not bad just limited use in my life). GPO is suitable for all day wear. The fragrance stays the same for hours on me - no change on drydown. No, I can never say it is a failure.

  • SUSAN12/19/2002

    I first smelt it in one of those magazine inserts, and loved it! I immediately took my bf down to the mall to see if he liked the scent too, and tried it on him. I don't usually have opinions on cologne, provided that it's not on too strong, but this stuff I love! Kinda turns me on. :)

  • BRIAN12/17/2002

    Wow what a suprise, another medicore Givenchy cologne.Dosen't suck like Xeryus cause nothing could be that bad. Not as elegant as Pi. They attempted to make a daywear cologne and miserbly failed at it. Givenchy is a failure at making colognes and I have no clue why they are in buisness. This scent of this is sharp which isn't bad and the drydown isn't bad either. Yet it is stale and so medicore it is one of those colognes you would end up buying and find something better out there.

  • KEITH12/11/2002

    A nice choice for any occasion; it's almost a subtle version of Pi since it has the lighter vanilla note. No, it's not in your face, and i guess that's why it's somewhat overlooked, but it's a good alternative to the usual scents that float around the offices and stores these days.

  • GERT HOLLAND11/25/2002

    I like this woody spicey scent a lot. First it's very fresh, but the scent smells sweeter and warmer after some time. It lasts very long also.

  • CUONG11/23/2002

    very fresh,cool and elegance

  • PHIL10/30/2002

    not very original,and is the newest fad for teens in the mall. How can someone make such a classic like rouge,yet thereafter,make countless bottles of eau de piss

  • CHARLES10/19/2002

    I purchased and gave it away. It fell far short of what I expected and won't be doing it again. I'll purchase it as a gift if someone asks for it but that's about it.

  • MAURICIO10/09/2002


  • SCHLOOPY10/07/2002

    I originally but Truth by Calvin Klein, feeling that it was quite different and more "grown up" than others that I tested at the store. One that stayed with me that I just had to get shortly afterward was Pour Homme. The smell comes off very light and citrusy/spicy at first, finishing with a nice powdery fresh scent. Truly distinctive, it's one of a kind.

  • MARIUS10/02/2002

    Givenchy pour homme= Aqua di Gio+Theorema uomo(Fendi)

  • ERIC09/19/2002

    do it for me. I have a bottle but I'll probably give it away. It is sorta blase.

  • ERIC S.09/17/2002

    This cologne finely blends aqua notes, woody notes, and floral notes with a small touch of vanilla. If you like Pi, but want something a little cooler, try Pour Homme. A good "wear whenever" scent. Five stars from me.

  • ANDREW09/10/2002

    It's great perfume with a clean fresh fragrance and a cool bottle which I also find very important.

  • MAURICIO08/27/2002

    It smells like Rocha's Aquaman, and i preffer the second one

  • TUM08/11/2002

    Very fresh,clean smell

  • GLENN07/30/2002

    This is deffinitely a keeper for any collector of fine colonges. I have several colonges and i have different ones for different ocassions. I wear this fragrance when im going on a movie date or im just a\chilling at home with my special somone. Its clean and we both like that

  • KHALID 07/06/2002


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