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25 Reviews

Yatagan by Caron was created in 1976. Yatagan cologne has top notes of Lavender, Wormwood, Petitgrain, and Artemisia. It has middle notes of Geranium, Pine Needles, Vetiver, and Patchouli. Yatagan cologne has base notes of Leather, Castoreum, and Styrax.

1.7 oz EDT Spray
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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4.2 oz EDT Spray (New Packaging)
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Yatagan by Caron was created in 1976. Yatagan cologne has top notes of Lavender, Wormwood, Petitgrain, and Artemisia. It has middle notes of Geranium, Pine Needles, Vetiver, and Patchouli. Yatagan cologne has base notes of Leather, Castoreum, and Styrax.

  • ROBERT11/29/2012

    i wore Yatagan as a young man and loved it until it became unavailable, now that it is back i feel great having that scent around me again.

  • BRUNO01/01/2011

    very vintage Fragrance excellent

  • MONTGOMERY09/22/2010

    Not for every man, as the other comments here illustrate, but I love this for it's woodsy-pine quality, depth, and staying power. A great man's scent and not typical of what you find today, which, to me. seems much lighter.

  • DONNIE12/10/2009


  • THERUMBAKING11/11/2009

    The reviews had me curious. Sounded like something so totally different. And that it was. Different! So different in fact I can't beleive others think this stuff smells good. I guess its like any other form of Art, beauty is in the nose of the beholder.

  • BARBARA W05/17/2008

    I love this! All the previous reviewers who said this is masculine are right - in spades! One of the best "real man" scents out there, it's an amazing sleeper that deserves more attention. When you get tired of your safe aquatics, get this. Women will notice.

  • CZECHMAN08/31/2007

    This is the scent that will burn into her memory... expect a knock at your door at 3 a.m.

  • MATTHEW07/23/2007

    I must say that the name Yatagan is a perfect description of this cologne. Sharp and bold indeed! It does have a slight celery smell, but that is leathery scent. Celery does have a slight leather scent about it, but Yatagan has a more distinct scent of wormwood. I could swear I could smell frankensence, burnt wax, woody, frankincense aroma that lingers after a Catholic mass or some type of secret ritual. Mysterious and exotic, and not for the faint of heart. Guys this stuff will knock your [email protected] in the dirt! If you have a pair go for it and buy it from Perfume Emporium. If your one of those CK1, Curve and Joop types forget it!

  • LOUISE09/11/2006

    Yes, and I mean superb on a man. Or a woman. As a woman, I enjoy wearing Yatagan. I love the dark complexity and "troubling" atmosphere of this juice. I get no celery seed. Instead, it opens with a rush of crystallized ginger. Then it segues into dark woods and spicy patchouli with traces of warm leather and musk. It's fabulous. I once tested Yatagan on one arm and Eau de Reglisse de Caron on the other. Reglisse was so sweet, it made my teeth hurt. Yatagan was the big winner, hands down. It really is like a huge Ottoman scabre, cutting through all the muck and baloney which passes for fragrance today, and Yatagan emerges as the victor. Yatagan is uncompromising, dark, complex. I hope Caron never discontinues it.

  • JUDE C01/30/2006

    This is the most unique scent ever. But I want to revise what I wrote earlier. It is a required taste, very risky scent. I can see how it might offend some people, like joop. But I love them both. Nothing I have come across is like this, I love it. But I can see why some may not it is quite unique. Go with Ungaro III if you want an unreal cologne that everyone around you will love. But if you want to take a chance and roll the dice - yatagan is just as good. But I wil tell you some might not like it. It is the most interesting scent of all time - but more would like Ungaro III - nobody would dislike that.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI11/28/2005

    This is a 5 or a one star cologne; depending on your point of view. Celery seed? Make that burnt celery seed mixed with gunpowder. Is it masculine or a caricature of masculinity? Decide for yourselves, gentlemen. But do NOT buy blind. As for me, I already have Jacomo de Jacomo for whenever I'm underwhelmed with all the trendy, acquatic/ fresh, or vanilla-sweet youth scents of this unisex decade; I'll pass.

  • DENNIS 10/27/2005

    This is a cologne that John Travolta undoubtedly would have worn in "Saturday Night Fever." It screams "70's", an all-out masculinity and evokes memories of the bar at "The Roxy" in 1978.

  • JUDE C08/28/2005

    I am telling anyone that sees this message, buy this stuff. This is without question, along with antaeus and ungaro III, the best colognes I have ever experienced. This scent is so deep and mysterious it is almost scary. Absolutely so rich. I love this stuff. Some say it smells like Celery seed, no I think not. I promise you, you will love this stuff. Nobody in the world wears this stuff, so it is unique. I do my research on colognes and I decided to buy this based on the reviews, a great choice. It is somewhat of an acquired taste at first, but in the end you will fall to your knees when you wear it- there is absolutely nothing like it, nothing.And believe me I have tried enough colognes - Yatagan is the most unique - so masculine colonge I have ever tried bar none.

  • MIKE SKU05/26/2005

    I like Yatagan, but at times it smells like celery seed. A very unique fragrance.

  • EMIL04/13/2005

    Oh,man!The words just can't say the truth!There are good,and there are excellent scents!That one is an unforgettable!Buy and check...and believe me!She will die for you,when you wear it!

  • CHRISTIAN04/05/2005

    A spicy Quorum (Antonio Puig 1982). Where that one is arid (leather, tobacco and greens), Yatagan is rich (leather, pine and spices). Masculine. Adult. If you’ve got a man in your life that says he doesn’t like cologne because it all smells like perfume to him – get him this. He’ll love it.

  • WAYLEE10/18/2003

    I must have Yatagan. It is the best!!

  • MATT09/10/2003

    The best their is I always get good comments when I wear it.

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