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Christian Dior

Dior Addict   

251 Reviews

Dior Addict indulges the senses with sumptuous silk tree flower, voluptuous night queen flower, and luscious bourbon vanilla combined with sandalwood and tonka bean to evoke a feeling of passion in the woman who wears it. Sensual. Soft. Feminine. Notes include Silk Tree Flower, Mandarin Leaf, Orange Blossom, Night Queen Flower, Bulgarian Rose, more

3.4 oz EDP Spray
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Dior Addict indulges the senses with sumptuous silk tree flower, voluptuous night queen flower, and luscious bourbon vanilla combined with sandalwood and tonka bean to evoke a feeling of passion in the woman who wears it. Sensual. Soft. Feminine. Notes include Silk Tree Flower, Mandarin Leaf, Orange Blossom, Night Queen Flower, Bulgarian Rose, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Mysore Sandalwood, Tonka Bean.

  • AMANDA12/21/2013

    ...gorgeous, it is a heady smell, and finally a perfume that lasts I don't need to keep 'topping up' it smells just as good in the evening as it does in the morning when first applied.

  • TATA10/26/2013

    I dare say, the reformulation is faithful, (minus the woody-creaminess, and subtle spiciness of the earlier composition) yet, this is almost identical to its predecessor and I am very much happy to own one.

  • J STRAWBRIDGE11/21/2012

    Not as nice as Addict 2, too over powering.

  • SIROS09/11/2012

    Genuine, Quick, and Cheap, - All you need

  • NATALLIA01/05/2012

    Divinely beautiful. Gorgeous. I admire.

  • DANI11/11/2011

    Absolutely fabulous! The only scent I wear!

  • ANNABEL09/02/2011

    absolutely sweet, warm, rich, and gorgeous.

  • ESK08/30/2011

    I bought Addict back in fall of 2004 and have been out of it for quite some time. I just thought of this scent the other day and am absolutely obsessed with buying another bottle! For me, it is the epitome of a fall scent...warm, cozy, and it just smells sooo good when you're cuddled up in a sweater next to a fire. I love when the newly chilled autumn air wafts the scent towards my olfactory bulbs, as well! I am such a nerd, but this scent is simply enchanting. I saw a previous poster mention that her daughter's pillow still smelled of it the next morning, and I totally miss that about this perfume!! I am now anxiously awaiting the fall cool down and my next paycheck so I can run out and buy a bottle of this delicious elixir!

  • ROSIE TEA06/12/2011

    ... this is not my fave but it has a definite allure... my husband loves it. defintely for evening. its heavy but soft, sexy, seductive. proceed with caution!!

  • ELLA02/21/2011

    I like this fragrance but agree that one spray is sufficient. Where is the sui board?

  • JESSICA01/14/2011

    I used to wear a roll on perfume oil by Urban Decay called Sin, it was my absolute favorite thing to wear and I got constant compliments with it. Unfortunately it was discontinued and I couldn't find it anywhere online and it’s been years since I’ve worn it. Recently, a coworker walked by me and I smelled the perfume I missed so much. I asked her about it and turns out it was Addict. I splurged on the giant bottle and I am so glad I did. Very sensual and feminine, it is a little strong but I enjoy that. It wears down to a smoky vanilla that is wonderful. I get many compliments and it lasts all day. I spray it on my scarves and jackets and can smell it on them for days. Men love this fragrance; my picky boyfriend goes crazy for it. Even my father over Christmas mentioned how good I smelled. Would definitely recommend it.

  • BARBARA W07/04/2009

    My previous review only gave this four stars, but the more I wear it, the more I realize how magical this fragrance really is. In my top 5 favorites.

  • GAYLA05/14/2009

    WOW! I was at Scarborough Faire/Waxahachie, TX this past Sunday and 4 people asked me what cologne I was wearing and it was Addict. It never fails...I always get complimented. To think I was in an outdoor area late into the afternoon and people could still smell it. It is not a very well known fragrance, so it can become your Signature scent. I have two bottles on hand and hope to never run out! It's smouldering, sexy, mysterious, dark with a touch of vanilla. Just buy it, you will not be sorry.

  • BRENDA12/17/2008

    whenever i wear it almost every guy i come across tells me i smell really good and they wanna know what perfume it is! i love it!

  • JESSIE06/09/2008

    this parfume might smell a lil controversial, it's either u love it or hate it. this is no average scent. and I ADORE IT. it is though an special occasion scent, due to its very strong & long lasting effect. it is also definitely a winter scent, u can never wear that in summer. glad it's expensive cuz it smells as one too. i can never get bored of it

  • FIONA05/05/2008

    This scent is one of the best ever,for me that is. It's everything it says it is.

  • LEEYA05/02/2008

    I love oriental-amber & oriental- vanilla perfumes, so this one's really up my alley. Definitely a mainstay in my collection for years to come. When I wear Addict, I just can't stop smelling my wrists... Mmm... simply scrumptious! Absolutely one of the best oriental-vanilla scents out there. Two thumbs up!!!

  • ANNABELLE04/30/2008

    I always enjoy reading reviews at this site and find it interesting how one fragrance can be so different on people. I have a hard time finding ones that work on me so when I do, I'm thrilled. What can I say about Addict? Mmmm...this stuff is so good! I sampled it for the first time last night, after spotting a tester at the store. I wasn't sure at first because it seemed too green or floraly but within minutes, I realized I was on to something. As it warmed and mellowed, it became incredible. It wafted around me in a soft, mesmerizing cloud all evening. When I got home, my 8 yr. old daughter asked what I was wearing and said she loved it. This morning, she said her pillow smelled like Addict from where I'd laid my arm during our bedtime chat. I checked and sure enough, it was still there! My husband liked it although it didn't blow him away. That's ok, I love it and it's now on my wish list!

  • DEEDEE03/27/2008

    I wrote a review back in 03. I have since gone through 3 bottles of this. The scent definitely grew on me. I get tons of compliments when I wear it. I still recommend this only for very cold weather or nights. Not something that belongs in the office. Very seductive and sexy scent.

  • NYGIRL03/09/2008

    I at first did not like this scent. It blends very well with my chemistry and settles into this very nice warm, inviting scent that I receive many compliments on. Scents are very personal and depend on your body chemistry. This one works well on me.

  • BARBARA W02/13/2008

    Bet Addict smells great on you! I agree that it could be unisex. I like Midnight Poison a LOT, but I can't wear it! It's the only perfume I've worn that actually makes it difficult for me to breathe. I'm so disappointed. I adore the patchouli/rose combination in it...very sexy. And, it's another one that a guy could easily pull off. Talk soon!

  • DARRSHAN01/07/2008

    the perfume is just excellent for evening wear, but u have to give atleast some time for it to develop the vanilla which is beautiful in it, again i bought only 50ml edp as it costed me 80 dollars. very expensive.

  • DARRSHAN01/04/2008

    after seeing so many positive comments this dior addict is carrying , i have decided to buy it soon.

  • DESDEKID12/29/2007

    after years of searching for the perfect night perfume whitch won't make me choke or faint i found this. all my perfumes are very ladylike and wearable and i really really wanted a sex me up perfume, but i found them all too sweet to cloying, too patchouli. dior addict makes me feel like a sex godess and i can wear it without getting sick or a headache :)

  • ROBIN11/06/2007

    Hello! Sent you a note several months ago. Have a scroll down; there are some potential must-haves you might want to know about!!!

  • LAUREN11/06/2007

    I get numerous compliments when I wear this scent. It does get better as the day progresses,the vanilla note mellows to maturity. My chemistry doesn't enhance the citrus note which is great as I detest smelling like Mr. Clean. A little goes a long way so buying smaller may be better.

  • RYAN11/03/2007

    Hey, long time no talk. What's new? Just got done reading reviews of Addict, including about 5 from men who wear it, and went and bought myself a bottle. Definitely don't find it all that feminine smelling. I get an initial blast of green notes (must be the mandarin leaf and orange blossom) then the spice starts to kick in as the vanilla starts to develop and dries down to an earthy, smokey vanilla/sandalwood/tonka. I am planning on wearing it out to the bars tonight . . . BTW, I also am developing a huge love for Tom Ford Black Orchid and planning on buying that soon too! It's just so dang expensive. Recently smelled Dior Midnight Poison . . . thought it smelled pretty good too. What do other people think?

  • BARBARA W10/29/2007

    Tom Ford's Black Orchid's drydown smells very similar to Addict! They are totally different fragrances in the top and mid notes, but the vanilla base is almost identical (Orchid has more incense and sandalwood, though). So delicious!

  • ANNIEIOWA10/16/2007

    At first I wasn't sure, you do have to let it settle on you. Once it di I am addicted to these message boards! They helped me pick this perfume out without ever smelling it before, and I love it. A little intimidating at first, you just have to let it settle on you for a bit. Warm, with depth to it.

  • GREEKGIRL10/05/2007

    Judy you might also like to try Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille which is a smoky vanilla with a little anise, just got this one and it is addictive, also ive been told that L'Artisans Vanilia has a incense note but i havnt tried this one, if you can find them give them a try, see ya.

  • LAURA09/20/2007

    My signature scent........It's sweet and sexy yet not overpowering and men seem to be drawn to it....

  • GREEKGIRL09/11/2007

    Hi Judy, have you tried Must De Cartier? ive yet to try it but its been described to me as a smoky vanilla so give it a try and see if its what youre looking for, see ya Helen.

  • CARINA09/10/2007

    At first this perfume seems a bit heady but the dry down is divine. On my body chemistry the citrus notes last several hours and the perfume dries down to a semi sweet smoky vanilla. This perfume has excellent staying power. I can smell it the next day. I suggest you spray into the air and walk into it.

  • CARINA09/10/2007

    I own about 20 perfumes. How do I preserve my fragrances so they wont go bad? What is the shelf life of EDP?

  • BARBARA W08/30/2007

    Hi Olga - sometimes, if a fragrance is exposed to too much light, the color and scent will change. I had the same experience with my perfumes, too. Then I read an article that said fragrance experts recommend storing your perfume in its box in a cool location to prevent it from spoiling. The oils are very sensitive to light/heat. Hope this helps.

  • BARBARA W08/30/2007

    I just tried Baldessarini Ambré for men and found it to be very interesting. Less sweet than most ambers with a smoky finish that you might like. I'm finding many fragrances I like in the men's section - as some of their scents become more feminine/unisex, I'm not limiting myself to the women's department anymore! :)

  • ROBIN08/29/2007

    Great to hear from you. It's amazing how similar our tastes in fragrance are!!!! I've got/love all you've mentioned, except for Pleasures Delight, which I will go straight to the store to try on my lunch hour today!! L by Lolita Lempicka is FABULOUS, and I know you'd love it. I reach for it a LOT -- very cinnamon-sweet but not cloying, lots of rich citrus, distinctive but extremely wearable. Yes, isn't With Love a surprisingly sophisticated release?? I've worn a lot of Sur le Nil this summer, and if you want to extend that summery feeling into fall, get ahold of Azuree Soleil, a suntanlotion-y scent Tom Ford created for Estee Lauder. It's like a sniff of Saint Tropez!! Right now, I love, love, love SJP's new Covet, Cacharel's Liberte, Addict Eau Fraiche, Serge Lutens Santal Blanc, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Shanghai. . .and I'm looking forward to the whole slew of new scents I've been reading about: Kelly Caleche, Midnight Poison. . .So good to hear from you, and I hope anyone else who reads this and has the same leanings writes and lets me know of other lovely scents I might try. . .

  • OLGA08/22/2007

    My first impression was quite negative: I thought Addict was too overpowering. However, after I smelled it on my friend, I completely changed my mind and got myself a bottle. Addict is truly amazing, I love its grassy top notes and the vanilla base notes that are not too sweet. The top notes remind me of Sensations by Jill Sander (which I highly recommend, too). My husband, who is quite picky about my perfumes, always notices when I wear Addict and he loves it. One thing that disappointed me is that by the time I almost finished my 1.7 oz bottle, the color of the perfume turned brownish/maroonish. I also saw the same thing with one of the testers in the mall. I am not sure that the smell is affected by this change but it totally ruins the experience for me. Has anyone else experienced this? How can this be prevented?

  • BARBARA W08/05/2007

    Hi, Judi - have you tried Trouble by Boucheron yet? It might have that smoky/vanilla edge you're looking for. Also, the Basic Instinct by Victoria's Secret might work for you, too. Let me know if you find anything!

  • BARBARA W08/05/2007

    Great to hear from you, and thanks for some new suggestions! I like Mediterranean, too. It reminds me of Pure Turquoise which is another great summer scent. Right now in this humid heat I'm alternating between Bvlgari au the Rouge and Le Jardin sur les Nil by Hermes. Ange ou Demon is one I've been dying to try - thanks for reminding me! A couple of recent discoveries of mine are Basic Instinct by Victoria's Secret (usually don't like VS scents, but this was a lovely deep, rich wine/spice/patchouli scent), With Love by Hilary Duff was good (BIG surprise there!), the new Pleasures Delight, and Hypnose by Lancome. And yes, I have tried Magical Moon by Hanae Mori and love it. I'm also curious about "L" by Lolita Lempicka. Have you tried it? Now I'm on my way to the Sui board to see what others you've suggested. Thanks again, take care!

  • JUDI W*08/02/2007

    I agree with the post below, it has something in it that ruins it for me. I like a smoky vanilla, but this has something that is unpleasant to my nose. I'm still searching for that "just right" vanilla. Not too many vanilla scents are done right, either too sweet & smells like a bakery. I like a sexy smoky scent. At least it's not offensive like some scents are these days. Still like Hypnotic better than most, but even that isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but close. Like a little incense with my vanilla, any suggestions ladies?

  • LISAANDTHEWORD06/25/2007

    Very sensual & smoky, but something smells synthetic to me.. maybe that's the night queen flower? (a cactus bloom) So it fits, but it's not my color, or something like that!

  • ROBIN06/18/2007

    Good to hear from you, BW; I've just sent you a note on the Anna Sui Sui Love board with some new names I think you might love. Oh, and I just bought Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean, which is a rich, summery scent that's very wearable! I know you're a huge fan of Hanae Mori, so I hope you've tried the latest -- much the same stylistically. My guilty pleasure this summer: Danielle. !!! I know, I know, it's crazy, but she's really come out with something very pretty and I get compliments galore, so there you go. I hope you're enjoying life and please send me some names of fragrances you've discovered lately and love. Oh, which reminds me: it's not exactly new now, but I'm loving my bottle of Guerlain's Ange ou Demon. Sexy!!! Tried Insoulance, but the violets are just too much for me. . .very popular, though. . .Take care -- Robin

  • CHARRISE05/23/2007

    When I wear this perfume Men follow me around at work.....I get stopped everywere I go and asked what is it!!! I've made it my signature fragrance. It is not for lady-like girls that want to smell sweet, this one is for full blown Divas only!

  • BARBARA W05/19/2007

    Hey Robin - I was really glad to hear you're taking a walk on the wild side and trying these types of scents! There's obviously an inner diva in you that wants to come out and play! Have fun... ;-)

  • HI MARY ALICE04/07/2007

    You are 100% correct. The original Maya has not posted here in years. The copycat is rather lame.

  • STACEY03/30/2007

    When I first sprayed this, it smelled like smoke! not cigarette smoke but sort of like smoke from an incense stick! oh my god I loved that! But the smoky smell faded very quickly and turned into a dull and average smelling oriental. I don't want to offend anyone who loves this, its just not for me.

  • ROBIN03/22/2007

    Well, girls, I'd thought I was too quiet, shy and bookish to pull off this sexy scent myself, but one cold, drizzly afternoon I decided to go wild and buy a bottle. Grrrowwwlll!!! I'm in lust. It brings out the woman in me, and I'm so glad; now I find I'm suddenly open to the whole, new (to me) beautiful world of bold, sultry scents. Cinema, Trouble, Nu, Coco, By, Prada, Hypnotic Poison, Madness -- fragrances I usued to shy away from are suddenly wearable. Who would have thought a girl with all the fruity/gourmand scents -- Euphoria, Midnight Fantasy, Hanae Mori, Burberry, Live Luxe, etcetera, etcetra -- would start to love rich, heavy, spicy, brazen juices? Just wanted to mention it, because I'd been so dismissive of this scent before. I just didn't "get" it!!! Now I do, and I want to encourage anyone out there who is perhaps teetering on the edge of discovery to give the deeper, darker side of fragrances a whirl!!! (Caution: this could get. . .addictive!!) Have fun.

  • BARBARA W03/19/2007

    I tried this and Must de Cartier today, and Addict wins hands down. It's a smoky-sweet, sexy scent best for nights and cool weather. Will probably buy a bottle soon.

  • MARY ALICE02/14/2007

    I love this fragrance as evidenced by my earlier post. In reading the earlier reviews of Addict, I was struck by the 2 very different Maya opinions on 12/16/02 and 12/2/05, and by the explanation from Maya II that she was not the 2002 poster. Yet if you look at Coco on 7/26/02 and at Trouble on 9/22/06, you will see the same review nearly word for word. There is mystery fiction afoot and that belongs on Amazon! As for Addict, I like it more and more. It is both exciting and comforting and the drydown stays true for hours on my skin. This is my initiation into the vanillics, and I will be trying others.

  • MARY ALICE02/13/2007

    My first impression of the EDP was very negative: there is a note in it that reminds me of the (cigarette) smokiness of Knowing on my body chemistry. But Addict dried down quickly and became a soothing, sophisticated floral vanilla that lasted forever. I'm so glad I resisted that initial scrubbing impulse. I'm a misplaced Georgia girl in Maine and on this 12 degree F. day, this scent was perfect.

  • BLUEDEVILRN02/09/2007

    I'm not even sure Addict has cloves in it! If it does, I can't smell it!

  • BLUEDEVILRN02/09/2007

    Sounds like Addict and you don't jive at all...I wear this all year long in South Florida and have never gotten a complaint yet!

  • BLUEDEVILRN02/09/2007

    I absolutely love this perfume but, it is getting increasingly difficult to find--A high end retailer is the only one in my area that sells it!! I ALWAYS get compliments from men when I wear this, my signature fragrance.

  • DENISE01/01/2007

    It never fails that when I wear this, I am always told how good I smell, from my 7th and 8th graders to adults.

  • ANNIE12/16/2006

    I get wonderful comments every time I wear it! We must have a great chemistry!

  • BRANDY12/06/2006

    I've heard women say this is their "signature scent", but to imagine someone wearing this other than the moths of fall and winter SCARES me! :o Very warm, heady, floral notes w/ a musk, woodsy center. Closing w/ a drop of potent vanilla. Yeah. That sounds like something I would smother in when summer time rolls around. And the dry down can get very "granny" in a heart beat.

  • DAWN11/26/2006

    Whenever I walk into a room, I get compliments from both men and women. Beautiful scent for beautiful people!!!

  • MUSE11/15/2006

    Give Addict 2 a try if you haven't done so yet. It is fresh, feminine, floral and wonderful.

  • TIA10/22/2006

    Addict has a sexy, sensual smell but does not last long at all. Especially for the high price. Over all not worth all the $$$

  • DIMPLES FROM FLA10/22/2006

    Excellent smell. but not worth the amount of $$$. the smell does not last long at all.

  • HARLEY-MAMA10/13/2006

    Yes, I have Hanae Mori "Butterfly" and I am currently wearing Black Cashmere! LOVE them both. Black Cashmere reminds me of a sweet burning campfire if that makes sense? It's very incensy. Butterfly is very vanilla/sweet. I prefer butterfly best. Some of my personal favorites are: Addict, Must De Cartier, Butterfly, Opium and Trouble. I tend to lean towards the spicy/oriental frangrances. Enjoy!

  • LAURA10/03/2006

    I am learning to love the stronger ones because I am tired of fleeting fragrances. But I have to learn to use a little. I like Crystal Noir but it is so strong. Maybe I should try it again. I have worn Prada Tendre but not the original. I just received an Addict decant and have the lotion and am liking this more and more!

  • LU09/16/2006

    Well, I have to say... "I'm addicted!". This is a great evening scent, strong in a very sexy way.

  • GAYLA09/09/2006


  • TINA09/05/2006

    Smells like Must de Cartier on me.Can't tell the difference which is good because I love Must. Anyone finds similarity?

  • FULLA09/05/2006

    This is an impressive fragrance, I recomend it only for intense scent lovers. After a long time using samples I finally got my own Addict !!!

  • LUSI09/03/2006

    Too much night queen flower and the vanilla in the fragrance. Try Trouble by Boucheron if you like the style !

  • ADDICTER08/24/2006

    I am very grateful that I found this site. I would to thank everyone who has provided good review on it. I bought it because of the individual opinion and not due to the overall rating. I love love it so much. It evokes sensuality in a way that Samsara does, which is the sort perfume that I am looking for.Thanks again gals and you are all great.

  • LISA 08/18/2006

    My very favorite perfume. I get compliments all the time, it blends well with my chemistry. Has a smell of Obsession with a hint of vanilla.

  • MICHAELA08/10/2006

    Want to understand this one - maybe I need to wear it and wait for the drydown - but the only thing I smell is cloves... Can't smell the vanilla... Maybe I'm just weird! Anyway, this is not for me

  • FRAGRANTONE07/23/2006

    The first time I tried this, I found it oppressively sweet and headache inducing. But, I kept thinking about the scent, and gave it another try. LOVE! I wear it often.

  • SMITTEN07/05/2006

    Been wearing it for several years and it is one of my all time favorites. My boyfriend delights in it because it reminds him of our first summer together. It is sweet so use caution if you are not drawn to sweet scents. One spray will satisfy even the hungriest of perfumeaholics. Hi Billye T, Robin and Greek Girl.. always like what you have to offer.

  • BABYDOLL06/09/2006

    A very interesting fragrance but a bit too "modern" for my taste.Great staying power ,though!

  • REBECCA05/15/2006

    May I remind you Barbs that nobody is attacking somebody PERSONALLY when describing a scent. However unclassy writers choice of words may seem to some it is afterall, just a scent!! However,what I do find rude and immature is the PERSONAL attacks on peoples reviews and, to use Amy's words "trying to condesend to anothers opinion in an effort to display wit." It is a put down of the writer, not the perfume.This is my point but you fail to understand this. Posters please do not take oposing opinions personally and keep it friendly as you have suggested Barbs.

  • *BARBARA W*05/14/2006

    I don't think Maya is trying to be the perfume police. I agree that it is rude and immature to use disgusting metaphors when describing a perfume, especially when others love it. Yes, we should be able to voice our opinions here, even strong opinions, but doing so with taste and class would be appreciated. Let's strive to keep this site friendly!

  • REBECCA05/08/2006

    Ditto Amy, I'm sick of the perfume police too! I've read far worse descriptions on these message boards (dead cat??big deal) Do we REEEAALLYY take people literally here? If Raina decides to use the "dead cat" as a metaphor, then so be it. Personally I'm not offended at all, and I think cats are cute too. I've smelt perfume that stank like a rotting corspe (metophorically speaking of course) oh and I really love people too!! People - there are better things to do with your spare time than bash fellow posters with condesending and judgemental attacks. REALLY!!! Get a life!

  • LAURA04/27/2006

    I just got a sample of this today and went back to buy the biggest bottle they had! My signature scent right now is Coco Mlle., but this will be my other one! (I like to have 2 b/c I get so familiar with a scent that I can't smell it anymore, so I alternate). This perfume just smells so exotic! My best friend received a bottle of some perfume back a long time ago that her grandmother brought her from somewhere in the far east, and this smells just like it! I agree with the person who said that this is what a Greek Goddess would wear!

  • AMY04/04/2006

    Maya, your reviews can be helpful when you discuss the scents, but you take opposing colloquial reviews way too seriously. It is an opinion board... nothing personal. If someone is reminded of a dead cat by a scent, so be it. Stop policing messages in effort to display your wit. I've read two attacks of yours trying to condescend to another's opinion. You come off just as judgmental and rude as those you're offended by. With your passion for perfume, I suggest you look for a job writing professional reviews.

  • SUZETTE03/30/2006

    I've been looking for a scent just like this one for what to me seems like forever. Now that I've found it I'll never let go :) Addict is so sexy, and seductive. I feel like some exotic princes when I wear this, some sultry creature of the night or something. It just makes me feel extra sexy and super confident. I love it. I love the way people approach to ask what I'm wearing when I have it on, and love the looks men throw my way when they catch a whiff of Addict. It truly is addictive.

  • SAMINA03/29/2006

    Some ppl really hate this but I really love it. It's always funny how this particular fragrance makes ppl have such strong feelings and opinions about the smell of it. I was wearing it a few days ago, I wear it at least once a week, and this lady came up to me in a grocery store. She was obviously embarrassed about approaching me but she was determined to find out what perfume I was wearing. She was completely head-over-heels about it. So I told her it was Addict, and you guys should have seen her face! Which Addict? Dior Addict? That's not possible! But, that was what I was wearing so I pulled the bottle out of my purse and showed her. She was in shock, said thank you and politely walked away. So maybe she tried it and it didn't work for her, or maybe someone she knows wears it and it smells not so good on them, but this time I made her notice it in a good way. That's my story about Dior Addict!

  • TAYA03/23/2006

    this is a disgrace for christian dior...I should also add that it is not fair for the same individuals to rate one fragrance over and over again.

  • BILLYE T03/01/2006

    After the reading the posts here it's apparent you either love it or hate it. It works well with my chemistry and I love it! Deep, rich but not loud and least not on me. Reminds me of Boucheron Trouble which is always a class act. Always, always try on your skin and let it go through to the dry down. Perfumes that smelled great in the beginning on me didn't end that way and vice versa. Dior Eau Fraiche is a lighter version that reminds me of Santa Claus...gone in a twinkling of an eye.

  • CHRISTA02/24/2006

    Sorry...I meant it smells like "Spark" by Liz Claiborne NOT "Spark Seduction!" Sorry for the Confusion.

  • CHRISTA02/24/2006

    I think this smells ALOT like Liz Claiborne's "Spark Seduction!" which is half the price! Although I do like Addict...try Spark Seduction and see for yourself.

  • MORGAN02/11/2006

    This is an unbelievably sexy scent! I love it! Less is definately more or you will be one of "those people" that stink up the place. I've had men and women tell me how sexy and sophisticated it is. It is a bit heavy and musky, so it isn't for everyone.

  • KALAI02/02/2006

    Addict is a very dramatic scent. Ok so like you can see from all the posts you will either fall in love with it and yourself wearing it or you will just hate the scent and would wish you never sprayed it on yourself. So maybe it's chemistry and maybe it's just your personal taste, who knows. All I know is that I love it, I've smelled it on others and have always loved it and now that I wear it I love it on me, plus now people are asking me with exhilaration in their voices and excitement on their faces what I am wearing. I judge that to be a positive reference to my scent. Most of the time I will wear Addict but I like to mix it up a little bit and wear my other fragrances as well.

  • GREEKGIRL01/31/2006

    this perfume can be very alluring when used with a light hand, one spritz will do ya, and youll be ADDICTED.

  • ROBIN 01/31/2006

    Hey, I just had this not-so-original brainstorm!! All you Addict addicts, let me guess: you are, every one of you, one of those gorgeous girls with exotic skin and hair colouring that I would absolutely DIE for -- dark hair, warm brown eyes, golden skin, or maybe a striking blonde with eyes the colour of the Mediterranean and a peaches and cream complexion, or a redhead with jewel-green eyes and porcelain skin! And Addict works for you, I bet, because you can pull off all those smokey, sultry, sexy, assertive notes!! Pity poor little me: pasty skin, mousey hair, boring hazel eyes, as nondescript as a woman can be. (Actually, don't pity me. This is a fact, and I've grown to accept that I'll never turn heads with my dazzling looks. At least I'm happy and healthy.) But see: No wonder Addict doesn't work for me!!!! It just clashes with my kind of low-key, down-to-earth looks and chemistry. So consider yourself exceedingly lucky if you're one of the many that Addict smells great on! (Maybe in the next life I'll get the great colouring and then I'll buy the biggest bottle of Addict they make!!!)

  • HADRIAN01/30/2006

    Ladies, as a guy on here I have to tell you that this is one of the sexiest scents you can wear. I love the way it calls to me. No matter where you are or what your age or who you are this is one fragrance that in my opinion will get your noticed by men for sure. But then who cares if guys like it or not, you wear it for you, and if you wear this I reap the benefits when I am near you ;)

  • MAYA01/29/2006

    The comment you posted bellow is both bewildering and disturbing. One the one hand I love this scent so I cannot relate to your comment regarding your dislike of it, but on the other hand I worry for animals around the likes of you. What do you know about the smell of a dead cat anyway? And please don't say you work for a humane society or some such thing, because that would frighten me even more. And furthermore, how can you post such a stupid thing. You know, there are people out there who lose their pets and to read things like that is just sad and disturbing to say the least. In the future, please refrain form using such ridiculous references and if you have nothing better to say then just say that you ‘do not like it’… believe me that would suffice.

  • RAINA01/27/2006

    Smells like dead cat,,, Worst scent i had ever tried, and I can simply say: RUNAWAY FROM IT....

  • MIRELLA01/25/2006

    I agree with all the positive comments, but would like to add that Addict really lasts a long time and is really awesome. My man is crazy about it, but more importantly I am addicted to it from the first time I smelled it. I am on my fourth bottle now and plan on continuing to wear only this. Another miracle from the house of Dior

  • RAJUL01/22/2006


  • MAYA01/18/2006

    Hello and thank you! Your suggestion is wonderful.. I will have to try it as soon as possible especially, since having researched it, I see that it has marigold in it... Over the time I've found out that I really tend to love richness and playfulness of that scent and adore the fragrances that have it... like Lou Lou, Armani Femme, Romance... so thank you again :)

  • SCENT-SATIONAL01/11/2006

    Hello there! What other fragrances do i like? Hmm, might be easier to list what I DON'T like! hehe I'm a serious perfume lover, a habit i obtained from my mom. No dime store scents for us. Sadly an expensive habit, but oh well, Imelda Marcus had her shoe collection, for me its perfume. My tastes vary, depending on my mood entirely. Amongst my collection are: Michael Kors, Island (also by Kors) Opium, Bijan, Ghost Deep Night, Pure Poison, Prada (altho i wear this only rarely -- way too strong i find), Vera Wang, Baby Doll, Gucci, Panthere by Cartier, Intuition, Curious, Miami Glow & Live (good beach scents), Organza, Blush, Beyond Paradise, Touch of Pink, Dolce & Gabbana, Realities, J'Adore, Swiss Army, 273 by Fred Hayman, Very Irresistable, Jaipur Saphir, Le Baiser Du Dragon, Red Door Revealed, Beautiful, Wonderful by Michael Germaine (altho this is EXTREMELY difficult to find now)and this is all i can remember without going upstairs to my room to see! (I'm definitely planning on adding to my growing collection the new one by Ralph Lauren called Turquoise, as well as Poeme, Narciso Rodriguez, Amor Amor , Cinema, Burberry Brit, Echo and the new one by Valentino - when finances permit!)

  • FALBALA01/10/2006

    First time I bought this perfume, I´ve been using it 1 month and I had to give it away to my cousin, coz I just got totally sick of it! But then when she kept on using it I loved what she smelled like so I had to buy it again :-))) now I am again ADDICTed! (and it´s 3 months until now) :-)

  • GWENDOLYN01/07/2006

    Hi Maya, I just read your last post and was wondering if you have ever tried Prescriptives Calyx. The top notes are juicy and fresh and the drydown is pure genius. It is a super fragrance for the summer, although I do wear it year-round. Also, everyone and their sister don't douse themselves with it and I get many, many compliments from both sexes! Cheers! Gewndolyn

  • MAYA01/03/2006

    Hello there, and Happy New Year to you too, and thank you for your kind words:) I do agree with you in that Addict really lasts... and believe me, I so need that this time of the year. A nice cozy, comforting scent to warm me up. I am actually considering getting the a bottle of the Eau Fraiche for the spring and summer. It still smells like Addict, (a scent I adore), but will not be too heavy in the warm and humid weather we get here. Also, it will probably last longer too when it warms up outside... If you don't mind me asking, what other fragrances do you like? I am always on the lookout for new ones to try ;) Maya

  • ELIZABETH01/02/2006

    Just thought I'd post a message re: Addict 2. It's a light (really light) and airy fresh floral, but lacks that "wow" factor. It's pleasant enough but more flat than I expected. I was hoping for some zing from the fruity notes but I can't detect any.

  • SCENT-SATIONAL12/22/2005

    Hi Chelle, I just purchased a bottle of the Eau Fraiche. I will tell u that it is very close in scent to Addict, only a bit lighter. Its wonderful, but, as i was telling Maya, because it is an EDT instead of an EDP, it just does not seem to have the lasting power, altho everyone is different, so do give it a try. The price comparision here in Canada for a large bottle of the Eau Fraiche going for $76 while the large bottle of Addict is $105!

  • SCENT-SATIONAL12/22/2005

    Hi there, and thanks for your wonderful post :) I always look for your postings because they are so informative and helpful! Although, I didnt realize there were two Maya's! hehe I bought a bottle of the Eau Fraiche the other day after testing that and Addict. I am still smelling the Addict on my jacket where i sprayed near by my wrist and it IS a lovely comforting scent. I too am in Canada and with the weather we've been having, we need all the comfort we can get! I love the Eau Fraiche, but sadly, being that it is an Eau De Toilette, it just doesnt have the lasting power that Addict has. I guess at some point in the future Addict will be ADDed to my collection :) Take care Maya, Happy New Year!

  • TAVIA12/21/2005

    Dior's Addict is silky, soft, sweet, sensual, and all-around yummy. It's like Gio and Angel combined. Bourbon vanilla. Sandalwood. Rose. Nightflower. Silk. Neroli. Jasmine. I mean, come on; this is the be-all end-all of seductive, romantic-night fragrances. It's not strong at all. It's light and sweet and will not cause sneezing. The smell didn't change with my body chemistry--in fact, it took on a slightly chocolate-honey tinge that would make Thierry Mugler jealous. It's perfect to wear anywhere, anytime. Ohh, my goodness, please try this. It may not be for everyone, but it is...oh, I can't even describe it.

  • CHELLE12/20/2005

    I know that Dior has come out w/ Addict 2, which I've smelt, but much prefer the orginal Addict. Addict 2 isn't HORRIBLE, but it's without the warm/yummy note that I enjoy in the original. It's more of a floral scent - not really my type of fragrance. But, ANYWAYS.. I know there is also an Addict Eau Fraiche. I haven't had the chance to smell it, but if you know what it smells like, I was hoping you could share your thoughts on it - compare it to the original, etc. Thanks!

  • MAYA12/20/2005

    Hi there... Well, actually no that was not even me who wrote that post... That was just another woman with the same name. I just started posting on this board recently; but I'm sure when you read the posts you'll notice the difference in the tastes. Hers are perhaps a lot more 'refined' than mine ;) But I know what you mean about the Addict Fraiche, I tested them both at the same time along with MISS DIOR CHERIE and loved all three very much!!! I think that at that time I preferred Addict Fraiche to Addict... but that was late summer in Portugal and the temperature was pretty high, so perhaps that may have something to do with it... Then, just now in December, I tested them all again and decided on Addict... I like its warmth and creaminess... May have a lot to do with the fact that we are in the midst of a really cold winter here in Canada and this is perhaps what I need.... But, really I love all three. And unlike the other Maya I do not find that Addict is a problem on my skin; as a matter of fact I get a lot of complements on how wonderful and sexy it smells...

  • SCENT SATIONAL12/19/2005

    Maya, i see your opinion has changed dramatically from your posting on: 12/16/02 to the one you've just recently posted!! Your original posting reflected a thorough bashing of the Addict scent and the Dior house overall. Quite the reciprocal change with your newest posting which just loves this scent. Is your recent post perhaps reflective of a review on Addict Fraiche which i myself tend to prefer over Addict itself.

  • VITTORINA12/14/2005

    There really is no other word to describe it other than 'SEXY'. Addict is a mysterious, alluring, captivating and sultry scent. But is also still a little sweet with its deep aromas of Bourbon Vanilla, Night Queen Flower, Mysore Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose. It's a scent that when worn at night, will waft through the air, and entrance the hearts and minds of others and make the wearer of the perfume feel incredibly...desirable!

  • PINKI12/09/2005

    I am wearing this scent now, as it is snowing outside, and Addict makes me feel warm and cozy. This is really a wonderful fragrance, and one that I will always have in my collection! I have only tried the EDP and the body creme. The body creme is HEAVEN!!! Worth every penny and the scent is as complex as the perfume :o) But warning, you may get nibbled on if you use the creme all over ;o) Good luck!

  • JULIE12/08/2005

    I'm thinking about purchasing other items in the Addict line; body lotion, etc. If anyone has tried them, I'd love to hear about it. In the past, I've tried to layer scent by using other products in perfume lines and generally been disappointed to find that the fragrance did not translate well in the other items.

  • MAYA12/02/2005

    Well ladies on me Addict is positively addicting... oh OK enough with the same old, same old everyone has said that one already - but really! how could I resist saying it LOL ;) On me Addict is very smoky, incensy, warm and deep with a very distinct sandalwood depth and an intoxicating mixture of rose and vanilla which on me creates a very seductive, "come-hither," aura... However, I can totally relate to what Robin wrote about Addict, this is a very smoky scent but luckily it's also very warm and creamy (on me)! If it was more on the dry side, I would have had to agree with her completely and I think that at that rate it would not have worked on me either... but in this case with my chemistry, Addict is sultry, alluring and positively intoxicating!!! She mentioned that Addict is similar to Black Cashmere, this I agree with in some aspects. I too love Black Cashmere, but find it slightly more difficult to wear. On my skin Black Cashmere is as loud as the church bells in Portugal at high-noon. For that reason I cannot wear it whenever I want to. But both Addict and Black Cashmere are just perfect for our Canadian weather we're having right now. Also, this is just my opinion Addict is slightly reminiscent of Nu by YSL... Although Nu is far more intense... smoky incense and deep, deep sandalwood there!!! But it also reminds me of Samsara... which is one of my all time favorites but much lighter on vanilla in my opinion. So ladies, if you like Addict there are a few others you might want to try out and experiment with... Enjoy and have fun :) Maya

  • ALLISON R.11/28/2005

    I really enjoy this scent. I can smell each one of the notes listed to describe this one. The vanilla and the bulgarian rose are the stand outs on me. This would be something I'd wear during cold weather, or an evening out. It's worth a try for anyone who likes vanilla scents.

  • ERZICKA11/15/2005

    Think of something sultry, sensual and coated in vanilla and you will come close to imagining the brillance of this frangrance. Spray generously and everyone you pass will become aquainted with this sheer indulgence. Certainly not sweet, it screams sexuality, sophistication and fun. Definately not for the light-hearted, I would consider this an evening fragrance, and will last you all night.

  • MILADYDOYLE11/13/2005

    To me this is one of the most Heavenly scents there is on the market today. For some it maybe too stong, I would suggest trying it first at the perfume counter. Then buy the smallest amount in the lotion, That way if you do not like it, it will not seem like such a waste of your money..Then again I will take it off your hands! hehehehe

  • THERESA11/01/2005

    This is one of my favorite fragrances. It smells a bit harsh when first sprayed but the drydown is.... well... addictive! It is not an overly sweet or foody vanilla more of a soft spicy vanilla. It is perfect!

  • PINKI10/25/2005

    You might want to try Carolina Herrera's 212Sexy, it has some similar spicy notes to Addict, but is much fresher and more 'wearable'. It is my personal favourite/signature scent, and trust me, I have tried pretty much every scent out there! Let me know if you like it! I love Addict, but only for very cool weather, or when I am really dressed up. Sexy is my everyday scent, but is also elegant enough for dressing up!

  • JOLIE10/20/2005


  • ROBIN 09/24/2005

    ...but think it's a bit strong, you might really love the new Matthew Williamson. It's got a little of Addict's smokiness, but it's much fresher. Quite lovely, actually!! Not sure how easy it is to find, though. . .

  • ROBIN 09/19/2005

    Got it for a present. OMG. Smelled like I slept all night in the same clothes that I wore dancing to a smoke-filled nightclub. Stale, dirty. Yuck. Not for me, anyway. But here's a hint: if you like this style of fragrance -- and believe me, I like woody, wood-smoky, spicy scents as much as the next sophisticated woman -- give Black Cashmere a try. It's a zillion times better, IMHO. And it's only an opinion, so please don't take it personally if you love Addict. I'm sure our body chemistries/tastes in fragrances are just very different, and more power to all of us!!!

  • EARTH MUSIC09/12/2005

    This is a vey unusual and complex fragrance. It is not my favorite by any means, but I have received more compliments on this perfume than I have for any other (and I have hundreds), and that can certainly offset just about anything I might not like about it.

  • PINKI09/09/2005

    Sweetie, please do NOT wear anything containing such a strong vanilla note in it in the summer: for the love of yourself and the people around you! Your skin tends to be a bit oilier in the summer, and can totally change the scent you're wearing, plus sweeter scents, like vanilla-based, are usually way over the top for hot weather. If you can't leave the vanilla alone, try D&G Feminine (thick glass bottle w/silver cap), it is light enough for hot weather, but has a creamy vanilla dry down. I love Addict, but only in cooler weather. My summer scents are: D&G, Cool Water (when it's scorching out), Acqua di Giò, and Escada Island kiss. Maybe you would prefer one of those for the warmer months? Good luck!

  • ADDICT09/04/2005

    i love the perfume and i'm 19 it makes me very happy...and i think it has sex appeal it is something in it that makes you wanna think at.....beautiful things.....:)

  • BEVERLY08/18/2005

    I was just introduced to Dior's Addict perfume, and we became instant friends. I agree that just "a little dab will do you!" I, like most women, am very selective about scents. My all-time favorite is "Azzaro" by Loris Azzaro, which is no longer available, and that has been over 10 years ago. So I fancy too many fragrances on the market today, but "Addict" grabbed me by the seat of my pants, and I like it a lot!

  • KIT08/17/2005

    I got Addict as a gift from an Ex-boyfriend, and it was the best thing I got out of that relationship. I recieve more compliments on this sent than on any other that I use to wear (Chanel No.5, Dior poision, givenchy, etc..) I guess I'm one of those lucky people where it reacts really well with me, because I can't even smell it on myself. I work in a busy bar, and even after a couple of hours of serving beer, customers still compliment me on it!

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/07/2005

    I hear you, girl. If you're going to continue posting here, you'd better grow a thick hide. I found a lot of comments that go way beyond rude. And unless you like bland, teenage-oriented, pc scents, be prepared to be called anything from 'tasteless' to 'smelly old lady' (the 'old lady' theme seems to be a favorite). On the other hand, there are a lot of very nice ladies with a great capacity for description that give you a good idea of what the scent is like. Just bear in mind that perfume is very personal and it depends a lot on personal chemistry ... which is why I cannot wear Dior Addict, more's the pity. :( I like Dior. I love J'Adore, for example.

  • ALLYSA08/03/2005

    This fragrance is very mysterious.The scent is very antique and full with mystique things

  • CLAUDIA T.07/26/2005

    I change my previous opinion that I love this scent. After several months of trying it, I find that I hardly can stand its wild smell--à without depth, flat, and fat. The vanilla is outrageously overpowering and the night blooming cereus makes me feel nauseous. The worst thing is they seem to never wear thin or mix into something that I can appreciate. I did find this scent smell nicer in rainy night but the smell still makes me feel unbearable eventually. It is just like an untamed cat never adapts me. Not a talented work~

  • ELSIE07/22/2005

    i bought this in fall and loved it, then started wearing another scent i bought for xmas. i just tried on addict again recently and i smelled a note in it that absolutely repulsed me. i'm just wondering if it's because it's summer and too warm for this scent? does anyone here wear this scent in warmer months? just curious. i hope it smells better in the fall again!

  • JELENA07/22/2005

    Everything is said when you see rates below. This perfume someone realy love or doesn't. I love it! It is my number one. Only bad, I wear it only in summer. In my opinion, it doesn't fits on all women wether they love it or not. For example, between 20 women, it is made just for one. Bad for the rest 19 who also like it. Maybe I'm egocentric but it is really true when we talk about this perfume. What I wanna say. I'm that one girl in twenty others which could be an icon for this perfume. Sorry again for my bad behaving ego. You all know that we all are made for s/t (s/o) and that s/t (s/o) is made for all of us. Now I'm philosopher too :)

  • LEE ANN07/16/2005

    This perfume smells great on me. When I wear it I get a lot of compliments on it. It does not smell that strong or sweet on me. I like sweet smelling perfumes most of time anyway!

  • ADDICT GODDESS07/04/2005

    Obviously some people cannot handle Addict. If this is the case please go back to your frou-frou Estee Lauders or Vera Wangs. Christian Dior was made for seductive temptresses such as myself, and Addict is the perfume made for a Goddess. Don't bad mouth it just because you can't pull it off.

  • GRACE06/30/2005

    I agree with the others who said it's cloying. It gives me a headache after a while. TOO SWEET & TOO SMOKEY. Very strong and does not fade away easily... guess that's a good thing for those who like this stuff. This is definitely a mature scent.

  • ELLE06/15/2005

    I'm trying to like it, but it smells like vanilla flavoured cigar or cigarette when I wear it. It's not really my type of scent. Makes me smell like a smoke addict.

  • LUCIANA 06/05/2005

    This is a heavy, but sexy fragrance, it last more than one day. It really can give you headaches, but if you spray it on the air and then pass through it, you have it on the right way.

  • PETUNIA05/24/2005

    my boyfriend likes this but after about a year of off-and-on, i'm giving up...i like the syrupy/vanilla notes, but the harsh, Pine Sol note always makes me recoil. love the strange, blue bottle,wish that resin-y note weren't there to spoil the experience. i keep going back to old standards with more balanced oriental blends, like nocturnes de caron, which is smooth and rich, but understated somehow.

  • BEC05/17/2005

    I bought Addict in Germany shopping with a (male) friend, who picked it out. The first time I sprayed it, it was awful - I thought I made a huge mistake. But this is one that you need to let mellow before you pass judgement. The "top" notes are harsh, but the vanilla is a bonafide favorite for men - why do you think so many perfumes use it?! I got 3 compliments in one day from men in my office when I wore it again, and now I've changed my mind. A note to the ladies: I read recently men's sense of smell is not as good as women's, so wearing a stronger scent, or more of a lighter one, will get any perfume noticed more... if you can only smell it a few inches away, they likely won't smell it at all. Maybe that's why they like this one?

  • PRISCILA05/16/2005

    This is absolutely alluring. A little bit strong at first when it dries down its just a sweet lovely smell that stays with you the whole day.

  • M05/12/2005

    In addition to my previous postings: My general experiance is that one shouldn´t write a posting of a perfume too soon after one starts to wears it. The first impression often doesen´t lasts and than one have to post again.....

  • M05/12/2005

    Wrote about this over a year ago and than just rated it avarege after testing it from a mini. Now I have bought it and tried it a little more and I must say it is definitly a Five. It´s better then Trouble, see also my comment on this one too.

  • JILLIAN04/23/2005

    It is too strong and has little depth to it. The vanilla scent is overpowering, so much so that it smells as though I just inhaled a bottle of cooking vanilla. The ad that they launched Addict under gave me the creeps, too. I could picture that woman passed out on the sidewalk.

  • LOISPOL04/20/2005

    I couldn't wear this lovely scent. It smells great on other people but when I ordered it and wore it, I became ill from it. Luckily my friend is addicted to addict and she bought mine.

  • CRISTINA04/09/2005

    I find Addict extraordinary.For me is power,feminine,sensual,erotic,long lasting(all day)and energizing.I love it!Wonderful!I cant get enough of Diors fragrances because Dior has the most wonderful lotions out for other brands but Dior is definitely a winner!

  • PAZZO03/18/2005

    I love love love addict.Smelled trouble .Found it similar to addict.But prefer addict due to it's long lasting qualities.Just wondering how two very similar smelling fragrances get different ratings from the customers.Anyway for me addict is and always will be a winner.Love almost all of dior's fragrances tho,but addict is the most long lasting of the lot.May be for people liking something lighter than addict trouble would be a good bet.Would be nice to hear some opinions tho.

  • MARIA03/06/2005

    I got a bottle of addict as a birthday present from a friend. The smell of it is like low class perfume. The smell makes me sick. Too bad it is a present and cannot return to the store. I definitely would not recommend it to anyone. It smells like cheap purfume.

  • COURTNEY02/23/2005

    I bought Addict two years ago because I was IN LOVE with it, and having always been a Dune-wearer, and a Gucci Rush-wearer, I wanted something just a little bit lighter and sweeter. This was IT!...Or so I thought. But on many days that I wear it, it gives me either a headache or nausea or both. A fragrance salesperson suggested that it might be the night-blooming jasmine, commenting that she has had a lot of customers mention its nausea-inducing qualities. So although I LOVE the smell, my bottle is still almost full. I would say you need to obtain a sample of this and wear it every day for a week to know for sure if it's right for you.

  • KIM C.02/22/2005

    My sister has been wearing this for about a year. I find the fragrance heavy, cloying, and so strong that it is hard to breath. I also think the vanilla is so prevalent in the fragrance that the other ingredients are lost. There is no depth to this fragrance at all.

  • SHARRIE02/22/2005

    i am addicted to its siliness. once is not enough. makes a seductress out of me. sexy. the lotion is loveliness. very nice.

  • KELLY02/14/2005

    I think this stuff is great. I don't think it's too old lady-ish. I like it and I'm only 29.

  • ELS02/10/2005

    i bought addict a few months ago and haven't worn it for awhile. i was at the mall last week, and smelled xoxo's perfume "heartbeat." i thought it smelled SUPER good, yet familiar, and later i realized it smells EXACTLY like addict. i looked online and xoxo has mostly the exact same notes as addict, and it's only $48 for 3.4 oz.

  • KRISTIN M.01/26/2005

    I love love love this perfume. It is wonderful and I can smell it all day. Very long lasting.

  • BONITA01/08/2005

    I was exposed to this perfume when my daughter's husband purchased this for her. When I spelled this fragrance and sprayed it on me it made me feel very voluptuous. I researched this and now I am going to purchase the whole set. I would recommend this to anyone shopping for a new fragrance. If your sweetheart hasn't been paying attention I guarantee he will with this new smell. Just make sure he is able to smell.

  • FUME01/07/2005

    I sprayed some of this on my wrists at the mall. I still cringe at its lasting power on the gloves I was wearing. After time it just smells like powder and strong musk. Its name is so not it.

  • SARAH01/03/2005

    This perfume is so yummy! I bought the smallest bottle, as you really only need one or two squirts of this to smell gorgeous all day. Men at work drool on me when I wear this, and my husband just says 'you smell divine, like Christmas'. Definitely a cooler-weather scent, althought the Eau Fraiche is georgeous for warmer temps. Delicious!

  • DARLENE ANN 12/31/2004


  • ALAN G.12/24/2004

    this smells really soft and sweet and i think men should wear this at times... just dont be stealing your girls bottle! lol

  • SHARON WILLIAMS12/23/2004

    I love this perfume. I have gotten numerous of compliments from men. They love this fragrance.

  • HEIDE12/20/2004

    Addict has great staying power and the vanilla ingredient in it makes it so yummy!!

  • JACK 12/13/2004

    This scent does not smell like a woman. Smells like men's fragrance to me! J' Adore is much better! Coco Mlle from Chanel is also sexy on women.

  • LORI LYNN12/13/2004

    I was really excitied about this because it smelled really good in the magazine. However, for some odd reason the smell makes me feel sick to my stomach and also gives me a headache every time I wear it. I tried to like it, but it just didn't work for me. Too woody and incense smelling. Sorry :-( Only thing I like about it is the bottle.

  • ROSIE TEA12/08/2004

    This is incredible stuff, my Mum was given a bottle as a gift. Its staying power is unsurpassed! I sprayed, no kidding, just one spray on my decolletage after my shower one night and I could still smell it the next morning!! That never happens to me! It is not overpowering either. Addict is warm, inviting, mysterious, just plain lovely. I love it. Addicted.

  • CLAUDIA T.11/10/2004

    I have just got my bottle today and I have to say I really love it. Remember the first time I tried it in the department store, I was instantly intrigued by its voluptuous, rich yet mysterious scent. Just a small drop can make you feel that you are really being well pampered. Absolutely a wonderful self-indulgence experience. Also a good thing about it is that it lasts on the skin for a long time. I remember that I can still smell it a few days after testing the scent. But I do agree that this one suits winter best --- a cozy yet splendid dream in the winter evening.

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/12/2004

    The first time I smelt this, it was on one of my friends and the more and more I smell it, the more and more I don't like it. It smells smokey and rather stale, it's definately not to my taste. I am sure it suits some women but I prefer a fragrance to be more fresh. This one is best reserved for the evening.

  • SYLVIA B. ANDERSON10/11/2004

    I bought this parfum with a few other choices. I have fragrances for warm weather & this one is in my opinion for cool weather. This sends a positive message to my physic & is quite inspirational. Fragrances for me are a spiritual experience. This one is definitely an acheivement.

  • KRIS10/09/2004

    Well, what can I say... I like it now. I bought it last year and soon put it in the very back of my shelf. I was even tempted to throw it out! I decided to give it one more try and now I think it is gorgeous. Tonight I am going out for a special evening and this is what I will be wearing. I even did a review for Trouble and I stated that Trouble was I am not so sure.

  • VIOLET10/09/2004

    This is a wonderful heavy, vanilla based scent. If you don't like these types of scents, don't wear it. Remember that just because it's not your style, its not a horrible scent, just not your scent. No whining allowed.

  • ERICA S10/08/2004

    i finally bought this perfume, and i love it even more than i thought i would!!!! it is so warm and spicy. and ultra sexy. ;)

  • ERICA S10/05/2004

    i don't think they're similar at all, maybe just the vanilla. i actually thought trouble smelled a little sharp on me, i didn't like it as much as i was expecting. i tried it on in warm weather though, and i'd like to try it again now that it's cooler out. anyway, trouble is more candy-smelling, i think. my mom smelled both trouble and addict on me and said she thought trouble smelled too "ordinary" or too much like other perfumes. i actually don't think it smells like anything else, but...who knows. it's an opinion.

  • ERICA S09/24/2004

    after i read the comments about this perfume smelling like vanilla fields, i actually went to the store and tracked down vanilla fields just to remember what it smelled like. fortunately, i am pleased to announce i do NOT think addict smells at all like vanilla fields! addict i think smells sweeter and...just more lovely. p.s. i've been trying this one on for the past few days and i really think it is addicting. the more i smell it, the more i love it.

  • THERESA09/22/2004

    Best fragrance I tryed in a long time. Always get a compliment which is how I decide which is best for me. Kind of sultry and mysterious!!!

  • BELLE09/21/2004

    I've tried Addict. I'm getting ready to try Trouble. I'll soon decide for myself who's the winner in my opinion, but I'd appreciate comments from those of you who have already tried both of these. I like Addict, but after some time, I've decided that on me, it's a little sharp. Does anyone think Trouble is better? For my sake, I'm hoping it is on me. Addict's good though, just very strong.

  • ERICA S09/18/2004

    i can't decide if i like this one or not..i tried trouble by boucheron on one wrist and addict on the other. i didn't like trouble as much as i thought i was going to, it just didn't seem sweet enough. i liked addict, but there was some sort of smell that seemed musty or something. my boyfriend said he liked addict better than trouble, but...i don't know. i think i'm gonna try just wearing addict alone to see how i like it. i did like the staying power, however.

  • BRONISLAVA09/16/2004

    I absolutely love it, since it is woodsy and heavy, not everyone wears it and let me tell you men notice you when you do, because they smell something different!!!DON'T TRY IT IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF INDIVIDUALITY!!!

  • SONDRA09/16/2004

    I knew instantly that this one was for me .... I have a lot of people (men too) ask me what i have on or comment on how great i smell , plus I love to smell it on my clothes , especially sweaters hanging in my closet .... I love this one !!

  • MIZZE09/08/2004

    HINT to the ladies: Most of the men that i've met love the smell of vanilla. This is a perfect perfume for those that like exotic scents and who would like a romp in the sheets. Great evening perfume or save it for the fall/winter season.

  • JENNIFER09/02/2004

    I have to agree with those who said that addict equals an instant headache. Addict reminds me a little of Organza Indecence. That can give me a headache too, but not if I'm careful. Plus Indecence smells miles better than Addict.

  • STEPHANIE08/31/2004

    Yuck! This smells like they took Hypnotic Poison (which I like) and put something rancid in it. It's always the ones you hate that won't wash off!

  • BELLE07/29/2004

    Thought this was worth a try even though some people were saying it smells like some other perfumes I don't like. So, I did go ahead and tried it, and fortunately... they were wrong. Addict does not smell like Shalimar or Indecence. I'm glad I tried it myself, because I really like Addict. It's warm vanilla and is very soothing to smell to me. I do not like Hypnotic Poison. It smells like Vic's Vapor Rub on me! Addict's great though!!

  • MARY K07/22/2004

    Thanks for your response Marie...I didn't mean to offend anyone at all. I don't have anything against clerks or even drugstore perfumes (I actually really love some of them), but I absolutely hate Vanilla Fields because it smells awful (on me anyway) and it smells CHEAP!!! Also, I almost cried because this girl was telling me that Addict, which I had spent an arm and a leg for, smelled like CHEAP in price and CHEAP-smelling Vanilla Fields! I am sure there are people who love Vanilla Fields, but personally I hate it! Thanks for the feedback. To Belle....I am with you on the Shalimar point of view, can't stand it! I love Addict and really can't see that it has anything remotely similar to Shalimar. Also, my bottle of Addict is glass. Hope this helps.

  • CHRISSY07/22/2004

    This one was way too much for me. And I really dont like the bottle either. I would have to pass.

  • MARIE07/21/2004

    After wearing it all day and smelling my clothes, the lasting impression of Addict was that is was JUST vanilla, not very exciting indeed. Dissapointing after all the delicious initial notes.

  • MARIE07/20/2004

    First of all, maybe Vanilla fields isn't all that bad, and then again, what kind of finess of taste would someone working as a clerk have!

  • MARIE07/20/2004

    I'm very picky about perfumes and i love Addict. not sickening like so many out there.

  • BELLE07/20/2004

    Could someone please tell me if this fragrance smells anything remotely similar to "Shalimar" ? Some people on this review board are saying it does. If it does, I'm not even going to bother trying it because I detest the smell of it. On me it smells like a little old granny perfume. I hope this comparison is not an accurate one! I also wonder why it's in a plastic bottle instead of glass? RSVP! :)

  • MARTY07/15/2004

    Cant really find words to describe it.....totally addicted to Addict.....come on now totally truthful is wonderful!!!!!

  • MARY K. 07/15/2004

    I just had to leave a little followup message after I had a very odd remark made to me about this perfume. I was checking out at the local Target store and the cashier asked me what perfume I had on (it was Addict) and then said that it smelled like ultra cheap drugstore perfume, Vanilla Fields!!!!!! OMG, please tell me you ladies don't feel the same way!

  • KRISTIANA06/27/2004

    When this first came out and was in all the magazines, I was repulsed by it. I tore every one of them out!Later, It grew on me,and although I haven't bought the full size bottle,I feel good with my spray sample. Since I only use it in cold weather. It's full and richly warm. Sexy,and not too heavy. And I'm satisfied,glad that I came to like it.

  • INGRID06/21/2004

    I just tried this for the first time. I'm really liking it. It is just as described, luscious & sultry. It is powdery and womaly. I would compare it to Burberry london without the tart top notes. I would recommend this for evening or all day for the mature confident Woman with a capital W.

  • JASMIN06/14/2004

    i didnt like vanilla until now. but this is perfect, reminds me of ANGEL.

  • ELIZABETH ADAMS05/28/2004

    I love Dior Addict. It has a very sultry, sensual element to it. It is a perfect evening perfume, but can be worn at any time. It has notes of bourbon vanilla which give it its beautiful fragrance. I rate it very highly and would encourage anyone to try it.

  • LKHAMAA SHIPP05/23/2004

    ohh I love this perfume . Because it smells very delicious and heady but in good way . Also I love the bottle . Now DIOR ADDICT is one of the favorite scents in my perfume world. I highly reccommend this fragrance. If you like elegant perfumes like this I also recommend LALIQUE BY LaLIQUE, Miracle by Lancome , Coco by Chanel . Mmmmmmmm good staff.

  • LUCKY1304/13/2004

    This attracts men like honey attracts bees. I suppose it's the vanilla that reminds them om "safe times" with mom + cookise. Mmmm...

  • YAMAHA04/04/2004

    absolutely horrible

  • MICHELLE04/02/2004

    rich, heady, sweet, but not too sweet. on my skin it starts with rich, creamy florals over vanilla, then hours later, a golden caramel note emerges. men love this and want to know what it is. has wonderful sillage yet never overwhelms. and is complex enough to hold my interest. lasts all day.

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    it smells to strong, I got headache when I smell it

  • NARISSA03/13/2004

    If you like this one may I suggest you try Shalimar. I think you'll like it even better, as it would suit a man more with its woody and citrusy notes. I knew a guy who wore it.

  • PROMETHEUS03/03/2004

    Marvellous scent. Gentle and captivating. Even for a man!

  • PETULA02/25/2004

    It does smell like Shalimar, but lacks the wonderful powdery tartness that makes it so classic smelling. They just don't make fragrances like they used to. I believe they use cheap synthetic ingredients in the modern compositions but still use the superior natural materials in their classic fragrances such as amber from endangered whales. Also, the vanilla note has been around since the 1920s without any modifications whatsoever.

  • PAZZO02/24/2004

    LOVE this one.One of the best there is in the market.

  • FREDRIK02/13/2004

    I'm a guy and i love this fragrance! Great for both women and men! It's a really mysterious fragrance, very sexy! I get compliments from both men (who asks who makes that cool scent) aswell as from women who recognize it and love it!

  • MISS BLISS02/05/2004

    I am addicted to Addict. I have been longing for the mysterious perfume scents of the 80's to come back. And I shall wait no more. I still wish for my LouLou, but....

  • M01/27/2004

    ..of Shalimar, but Shalimar has a better dry down.

  • LINDA01/20/2004

    I received a sample in the mail. Loved it!

  • DEBRA01/09/2004

    I was looking for a replacement for Opium, which I wore 15 yrs ago, and this is it. This is a spicy, sexy fragrance that is not too heavy, and even has a hint of a powdery smell. I use the lotion, which is more subtle than the perfume. The scent lasts all day.

  • MYSTIQUE AVALON01/07/2004

    But I do. Just yesterday I tried on a sample. It's a woody, spicy, incensy vanilla that keeps getting deeper and darker, but it never smashed itself on my head with a big synthetic sugar thump, which is what I had expected. I'm the shy, quiet type with sensible shoes and proper hemlines, so this is quite a shock, for me! But I love it, and so does my very surprised husband.

  • DEE DEE12/30/2003

    I still have not decided if I like this one yet. I received a bottle as a gift, because I'm a perfume nut. The first time I sprayed it I couldn't get it off fast enough. I decided to give it another try and the dry down was very pretty. I think it has an unusual scent I have to be in the mood to wear this. I wouldn't not recomment this for office wear. On me this perfume has a very strong vanilla bourbon note that overpowers the other notes. I did wear this on a date and the man I was with loved it. Not my fav but not the worst.

  • BLUEMOON12/24/2003

    A warm vanilla fragrance is a nice choice for winter and cold weather. But this one falls "flat" after a while, and is somehow plain scent. The salesperson tried to convince me that Addict bath and body products are great to layer the scent and make it more complex and sophisticated but I don't know... Obviously not for me... It is not very strong and heavy on me like some of you mentioned, but it is not something special, just a very plain vanilla fragrance in a nice Dior packaging. I so wanted to like this because I need a nice warm hugging winter fragrance.

  • JULIA12/22/2003

    Gives me a headache every time I wear it, won't come off, pretty shallow scent.

  • JULIA17812/19/2003

    Addict is totally overpowering and lacks complexity and charm. Plus gave me a headache every time I wore it.

  • SARA12/12/2003

    WAY too strong and overpowering

  • THERESA12/03/2003

    MEN LOVE IT!!!

  • MAGDA12/03/2003

    incredibly sexy, very strong and empowering - but in a good way. you either hate it or love it: nothing in-between. Note: men DO respond to it!

  • GOOGLYCROC11/11/2003

    I love took a while..but now I too,am addicted!

  • PERFUME GIRL11/07/2003

    my daughter and a friend smelled this on me and told me it was like men's after-shave. it was very thick, strong and clingy. i didn't mind the smell about 2 hours later when the top and middle notes wore off, it then kind of smelled like a baked good of some sort .

  • SUZANNE11/05/2003

    My boyfriend-soon-to-be-husband bought Addict for me while we were vacationing in Paris last summer. We went to the perfume store and sniffed a lot of perfumes and chose the Addict. Very delicious soft citrusy-vanilla scent with pleasant woody dry-down. I wore it all summer (including on my wedding day!) and it reminds me of Paris, City of Eternal Love!

  • ELE11/03/2003


  • ELE10/30/2003

    I have to admit, when I tried this I kept wanting to smell myself. The scent is so yummy, like a fresh baked old fashioned oatmeal cookie. Athough it smells so nice, I don't feel it is a good choice for me.

  • TAMMY10/29/2003

    I sprayed "Addict" on a tester card. I could smell it a week later and couldn't get it off my mind. It was a definite must have for me. All it takes is a small amount.

  • DD10/23/2003

    ...this perfume rules. It is definitely not for little girls who like the ever too common floral fragrances that are running rampant these days. This perfume makes a statement about a woman. It is intoxicating, sexy, warm, and just plain beautiful. You have to have the right chemistry to wear this great fragrance. I've just ordered the body cream and shower gel to complete my collection. I just love it! If your chemistry doesn't work with this fantastic stuff, then my heart goes out to you. Like Liz said, leave it to the more exotic chicks!

  • SARAH10/21/2003

    One of the most pungent, indescribably bad fragrences. Very strong, would not come off.

  • GLENDA10/15/2003

    I actually like this product but my favourite remains Dune. I get fabulous comments about Dune from almost everyone but only one person LOVED the Addict. My only wish is that I had purchased here instead of at the Macy's Christian Dior counter for the horrible retail pricing.

  • MARY K. 10/04/2003

    I should never have tried this perfume because now I am truly addicted to this expensive stuff!!! I can't get enough of it!! The only negative thing I have to say about it is that it does not last very long on me. I have to reapply it several times a day.

  • JASMINE09/23/2003

    Addict is very sexy and femine fragance, i love it..and I can`t get enougth.. Love from Jasmine Denmark

  • JANNINE09/14/2003

    The only similarity between Addict and Obsession is the spicy-cinnamony note. Obsession actually has a greener, grassier heart, which smells good but I prefer Addict's narcotic vanilla base.

  • MARCIA09/12/2003

    For those of you that have tried and not liked this fragrance, I noticed that it smells completely different depending on the soap you use. If you use a sweet smelling soap, it will come out much more vanilla, but a more natural scented soap will inspire the green notes to give the smell a greater depth. I notice a big difference with the interations with the soap and lotion fragrances you use... I think it is a great perfume!

  • MARCIA09/09/2003

    I tried this scent on a card with several new fragrances and the one that continually captured my nose was this one. I can't get enough of it. It makes you feel so passionate and beautiful and warm. Every time I even walk by the little card with the scent on it, it makes me feel so great. WARNING: the initial scent you get on our skin when trying it will seem a little strange, but it really twists into this beautiful soft in depth scent that has a vanilla smell, but is so much deeper and not at all like a cheep fragrance as some have said. Really, it has a lot of depth! This is what makes it so great. This depth becomes part of your skin and makes you irresistable and makes YOU FEEL irresistable!

  • JAZZ08/04/2003

    I can hardly agree that this product is a flop, just because it doesn't make people around you gag (like some other Dior scents). I tried a spray in the store, and that day I recieved MANY compliments, mostly from men. One guy told me he could stand next to me all day, I smelled so good.

  • SHARON07/27/2003

    I am an avid lover of Dior's fragrances but I have to say this one has been a total disappointment...beautiful bottle, unique name, but....smells like a cake baking in the oven:(

  • VANILLALION07/24/2003

    This is not a perfume like all the rest-very distinct and original. Long lasting and rich. My choice for a cool stormy day.

  • CHRYSTELLICA07/18/2003

    The best perfume. It is just deep enough to draw attention but synthetic enough to be fit for the era. Sexual, powerful, unforgettable.

  • SANDY07/14/2003

    I sprayed some of this on in the store and knew I had to buy it. I think it smells very different than other scents. Warm and lasting.

  • REDGOOSE307/07/2003

    Love this stuff! sexy and exotic. I have the perfume and lotion but need the perfume shower gel. I hope you are working on this.

  • KIM07/01/2003

    The Dior company should have just stopped while they were ahead as far as perfume goes. This one is really strong and the dry down is not very interesting to me, just smells like vanilla. Thats ok if its what someone prefers but Im not spending my hard earned money to smell like this. The free samples I got at the perfume counter I didnt mind wearing though.

  • SCHMIDT06/28/2003

    Went to Filene's to get Hypnotic Poison lotion. My 8 y.o. daughter sniffed the Addict tester and said "this smells like play dough!"

  • NAKEDCITY06/26/2003

    On me it smelled like fresh boiled rice. The second time, the same. I gave up on this one...

  • MAUI GAL06/26/2003

    We have all got to realize that perfume like movies is a personal choice and chemistry is another reaction to perfumes. This one did great on me; I loved it and got me a bottle!

  • ALEX06/24/2003

    Almost vomited in the store when I tried it in the store...very strange and strong smell...

  • SCHMIDT06/18/2003

    This is the most disgusting fragrance I've ever smelled. On me it smelled like the worst smelling bug spray (no kidding). I had to wash it off and then take a shower to get it off. Finally, it smelled like the strong, tacky, cheap heavy vanilla-y stuff that Coty makes. Yuck!

  • MARTIE06/13/2003

    When I first got this perfume and sprayed it on, the top notes were horrible (too overwhelming and harsh) and then it dried down to a nice fresh orange scent that was wonderful. But!! That was only the "first" time I sprayed it on. Everytime I've sprayed it on after that, only the horrible top notes have stuck with me. I've never been able to recapture that fresh orangy smell again. Maybe it's just my chemistry or something :(

  • NYAH06/04/2003

    the moment i got into the page review of dior addict, i immediately scanned for posts that will confirm my opinion, that dior addict smells almost exactly like organza indecence... 2010woman appeased my curiosity... :)

  • HOPE06/01/2003

    Beautiful fragrance, scent lasts a long time. This has become my favourite perfume!

  • PB05/30/2003

    It is a good sexy scent not for the day time really-or only when feeling sexy

  • JOY05/26/2003

    This is not a scent for most women; it's not feminine either. It smells heavy and artificial and is true to its name; sex addicts might like it, I don't know. No offense to those that like it; just my humble opinion.

  • AMY05/23/2003

    If Mike Tyson punched you in the head as hard as he could the experience would be the same as wearing this. Its revolting and smells like a garbage dump. Im dead serious. If you are prone to headaches avoid like the plauge

  • AURELIE05/23/2003

    Sorry, but I hate everything about this fragrance. Except, maybe, the bottle. The scent is flat, cloying, one dimensional and contrived. The message it sends is " I don't care enough to do any better, or I don't know any better". The name is plain stupid and the ad campaign is pitiful. The scent starts out nasty and gets worse by the minute. Blecchht!

  • LEMONVIXEN04/30/2003

    Really cute bottle and a good name, but it smells like a man could get away with it. If you are confident enough to wear it and be sexy, then it's unusally alluring. But, if you wear scents to complete you're ensamble .... you're outta luck.

  • KATIE04/27/2003

    love this stuff - I have always been attracted to Dior perfumes but this is my fave. I feel super sexy wearing it and love the compliments.

  • MEGAN MARSTON04/25/2003

    Initially I loved the smell of Addict. Then I completely changed my mind about it several months ago. I was walking through Nordstrom yesterday and decided to give it a third try. It smells good and sweet but I prefer it as an air freshener rather than a perfume. I think it smells a lot like Obsession actually! It smells like one of the 1980s perfumes that make a statement about a woman. Regardless of whether I use it as air freshener for my car or someone is wearing it at a club, it's a pleasant, sweet smelling fragrance. People should spray Addict lightly however. Addict is very strong and a little goes a long way.

  • KORI04/12/2003

    It lacks complexity, too plain...I can only smell a very strong note of vanilla, Dior should do it better. Overpowering, with no more thing: my hubby and my son hate it!

  • MELISSA04/09/2003

    I know why they call this addict, its addictive for sure. My current favorite fragrance.

  • SIRENFOX04/09/2003

    This is my new favorite, eclipsing both Gio and Angel. It's the first perfume that actually made me shudder when I smelled it. The vanilla-sandalwood combined with warm fruit-floral is irresistable to both me and my guy. And it's very delicate in scent--didn't overpower me at all. I wound up buying an alcohol-free imitation that smells exactly like the real thing for a third of the price and I'm extremely happy.

  • CHADWICK04/05/2003

    This perfume is for more than just women. I looked at it as a gift for a girlfriend at first, and even tried it out on my arm. For the rest of the day I had women coming up to me, smelling me, talking to me, and I even got a few numbers. *Guys* women who like it on them, will LOVE it on you!!!! As for headache chic, your not supposed to shove it up your nose!

  • LIZ03/28/2003

    Next to Posion this is my favorite. I like dark arid scents and this is one. It's not for everyone. If your a teeny girl or some middle class boring lady stick with your pretty flowerly crap perfumes like Beautiful and White Diamonds and leave this treasure to the more exotics chicks like me.

  • YO-YO03/24/2003

    I was in a perfumery-shop while some women tried that and I almost drop dead. My husband was with me and he said Addict was horrible, too. Sorry, I know that many of you like warm fragrances (me too) because we connect them with "sexy" scents, but I don't need THIS kind of almost vulgar "warmness".

  • JANNINE03/22/2003

    I fell in love at first whiff, and I had to have it right then and there. I love spice and sweetness in a fragrance. However, although one guy on the message board said it was for older women, he obviously doesn't know much about perfumes. Old ladies wear aldehydic perfumes. If you dont know what aldehydes are, just think of the Drano-like scent most grannies wear. Young people like myself (I am 20 years old) dont always have to wear flimsy, fresh, little-girl florals like Romance or Pleasures. This perfume I actually recommend for either the young, reckless, fast-lane-living youths (you guessed it, that's me!) or for intense, glamorous thirty-somes. It's too voluptuous, spicy and daring for grannies and wallflower-types.

  • NINA03/16/2003

    Too sweet to wear in summer but OK in winter coz it's hot!!

  • CARAMELX03/09/2003

    I've had this since last Oct and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it and my man can't get enough of me when I have it on either! I have to get the body cream now to complete my collection. This is now my fave perfume

  • JOYCE03/05/2003

    I love this scent!!!

  • KAY02/28/2003

    Along with Boucheron by Boucheron(sophisticated), Boucheron Jaipur Saphir (sexy) and Sublime (rich bitch) this is a favourite of mine in the uber sexy, alluring, mysterious department. From its woodsy, warm, almost smoky top notes to its creamy, bourbon vanilla dry down its good enough to eat. My man loves it!

  • KAY02/27/2003

    Love it - smokey, woody, amber, vanilla, bourbon. I would eat it if I could. Definitely addicting

  • CARLOS S.02/20/2003

    I was browsing through the issue of the latest glamour magazine trying to find a fragrance to get my girlfriend for her birthday, i see this one and right off the top of my head I think "classy" because it was C. Dior, So I open it up and think the scent would match the girl getting hit with rain in a sensual setting, but YUCK!! once i smelt this i backed away and I got a headache, this stuff is SSOOOO strong, I could barely keep my eyes open after that, This scent would probably be recommended to older woman who work in a high class office. Woman: if you like strong perfumes go with something good like Romance or Glamorous, or even better a light Happy or Cool Water!! Ditch the Class!!

  • BETHANY02/16/2003

    Clearing out the sinuses. At least on me. I think I understand the attraction to this perfume-spicy, sophisticated, and sensual in a very earthy body chemistry and Addict definitely do not like each other. I tried this twice, both times it just sort of stayed on my skin without really mixing/turning into anything good. I just sort of felt like a human spice rack. On a more positive note:For those whose chemistry this perfume mixes well with-It Lasts Forever. Well almost :) One last comment-The bottle is a beautiful shade of blue, but it should be glass, not plastic. I know-picky, picky :) Plastic would be a great idea if you needed to tote this around to reapply this, but trust me, you will Not need to reapply this. Not unless you feel like knocking people out ;), it is a stong perfume that can hold it's own. With all the buzz about this perfume a beautiful GLASS bottle would have been a nice touch. This perfume is expensive and undoubtly will smell beautiful on some women; they deserve a beautiful, classy Glass bottle. Are you listening Dior? Yeah, right..... Just my 2 cents worth ;)

  • ANNETTE02/12/2003


  • IRIS02/08/2003

    I tried Addict for Christmas and fell immediately in love with it. I am picky when it comes to fragrances but with Addict I am completely happy. It smells so sexy that I can not help touching my skin. My male friends love the smell of Addict too. I only wish this fragrance would stick around for a long time.

  • XX02/06/2003

    Anyone noticed similarity in Addict's and new Armani's fragrance Sensi drydown? Yes, almost the same in the drydown. A new trend. Now we'll have hundreds of similar fragrances! I'm not sure it is something worth of attention.

  • AMK02/01/2003

    hmmmmmm..."i'll pass" just about sums it up. Definitely not a perfume to rave about.

  • PAMELA01/31/2003

    Found this perfume at Marshall-Fields, bought it here. I love it, so does my husband. Sexy scent.

  • PEB01/30/2003

    the bottle is unique but just dont drop it.(cheap plastic). I did and now I use it as a splash .

  • RICK01/30/2003

    This perfume is so exquisite and so sexy. I've worn it myself, and believe me, it's the ultimate experience. Intoxicating!

  • JENNY01/24/2003

    Comments are unnecessary....This is the best scent in years!My boyfriend is acting like a tomcat in the spring when he smell this on my skin :). GREAT!!! I wear it day an' night...

  • MELINDA01/21/2003

    It's such a mysterious scent. it's like you leave a message upon exiting a room soft and subtle.(classy)

  • NONA01/20/2003

    I've hunted and searched for a scent that I can wear day or night and this seems to be it. Spicy at first, it calms down to a slightly vanilla like semi-sweet scent that everyone I've encountered has complimented me on. Lasts and lasts, too. Thanks, Dior, for making this one.

  • REBECCA01/17/2003

    I thought the name was catchy. Sprayed some on in mall. Thought I would gag. Wish there had been a restroom handy to wash it off. Very overpowering, even tho I like strong fragances.

  • CK01/17/2003

    While rating perferm is totaly personal everyone wears it differently - I found this one just doesn't last! I am not fond of the fragrance - very sweet! Good luck! It wasn't for MY chemistry!

  • OURPUTER01/16/2003

    I absolutely adore Addict! It smells so lovely on my skin, and seems to stay for a couple of days, even after bathing. My husband went nuts over the smell, and I have to be careful how close I get to him! There are very few perfumes I like, but this is definitely one of them.

  • SUE-RITCHEY01/12/2003

    I loved ADDICT... People with class would wear this perfume. Thanks!

  • JANE01/11/2003

    I bought this and must say it is perfect for going out at night. Very powerful and commanding. This is far different from anything I've ever smelled and really love it

  • ZALE01/04/2003

    I spritzed while at Nordstrom today. First it smelled like bug spray, then the next 10 minutes TAR...then 30 minutes or so later my hand smelled like a man's bathroom. 2 Hours later it developed into an acceptable smell, slightly vanilla. I got home 4 hours later washed my hand and you can still smell it. Not horrible in the end but the first FOUR hours can be deadly!

  • CARLOTTA01/02/2003

    ..I am getting the 3 confused.

  • MAYA12/31/2002

    Er... I'm the guilty party who wrote the post about the recent failings of perfume houses,not my sister...but you're right about chemistry,though, what a strange thing that is...Still, all the new scents that YSL,Chanel and Dior have come up with don't even come close,in quality,to the fragrances they used to create. Their classics are called that for a reason.Those new brews won't make it as classics,I'd bet anything on that.

  • JANET12/31/2002

    I am very, very picky on fragrances. I wear only a few. In fact, until last year, I only wore Chanel Coco, and that I had worn since 1984! Before that, my favourite was Dioressence. That said, I wear Coco (also vanilla, which I don't smell at all), Glamourous, and Romance. I got Addict as a tester from the Dior rep and didn't like it at first. But it really grew on me when I later tried it in winter. It's ambery, bourbon vanilla is wonderful, and I love the top notes of floral, pepper, and sandalwood. That's what I smell. I am an oriental fragrance fan, and I like this one because it's interesting without being overpowering. Someone suggested I try Hypnotic Poison before buying Addict, because they are supposed to be similar. But I found HP to smell like rootbeer initially, then like playdough in the drydown. HP was revolting and not at all like Addict, which is neat.

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    Truly Addicting and very beautiful. Christian Dior making more great perfume.


    But don't throw the baby out with the bathwater (and it sounds like Miss P. needed one -- a bath that is). We all know the type, and they especially seem to hover and swoop at perfume counters. AND we all know that fragrance preference is very, very personal ... But I'm sorry that Miss Piggy ruined Addict for you ... it's all that "association" thing. Your memories "bind" with a particular scent and it's nearly impossible to detach from the memory. Give Addict another shot!! :) I still can't wear Shalimar without remembering a particularly traumatic love relationship from 25 years ago!

  • EURY (AGAIN)12/27/2002

    I've been wearing this for a week and absolutely love it! I thought I'd better update my rating and give some more thoughts on it. Addict has this wonderful peppery top note, but dries down to a sultry amber. It really smells good on my underwear when I put it on the next AM ... very female, sort of an "old Paris" smell, the way a perfume's supposed to smell ... not like girl-version of aftershave or an airfreshener. Dior and Guerlain get my votes for all time consistency and wearability and plain old olfactory beauty.

  • CARLOTTA12/27/2002

    I was stopped in the hallway by a group of men who said I smelled divine. Wow-wee! Hubba-hubba! I don't think the house is to blame so much as your chemistry. Chemistry is soooo weird.

  • LENUS12/26/2002

    I didn't try this one , I am not a big fun of Dior fragrances.I am a Guerlain addict.

  • EURY12/23/2002

    Just reading the posts, and it seems we're all of two minds on this. I LOVE the peppery-spicey top notes and the drydown is good too. I don't think it smells like everything else out there. Fragrance is so subjective. I like it. Also Dior's names are risque, puckish -- Poison, Addict, etc. Next is Pissoir or Heroin, no doubt!!!

  • LAUREL12/23/2002

    ...and I'm pretty sensitive to sweet and sickening too. I have the EDP and I don't smell nauseating cheap, artificial, vanilla here, I'm getting more like sensuous deep, smokey, sandalwood. The only proviso is that I noticed this fragrance is pretty much a ringer for a Body Shop perfume oil - Woody Sandalwood - that you can pick up for about ten bucks - which is stronger and lasts longer as well. So you might save your money if you like this kind of scent (and maybe choose another French perfume to invest more $$$ in).

  • LUCIA12/17/2002

    Megan, you are absolutely right. A week ago, I received a bottle of Addict from an old friend as a gift. I've received numerous negative comments from friends and family members. I cannot carry this fragrance. It smells like a cheap men's cologne on my skin. I gave it to my vanilla-loving sister-in-law, but she wasn't pleased either. I am going to give two stars this time because of its staying power.

  • MAYA12/16/2002

    I agree with you. I finally decided to really test-drive addict,and as nice as it is in the bottle,it really turns ugly with human chemistry! I think Dior commited the same faux pas that so many others,do,out there,with new fragrances: In order to cut cost,they don't test their new scents to reflect the breakdown of the "juice" on human skin.I think they only perform the absolutely necessary allergy tests (lawsuit protection,I guess!),but could give a damn about the finishing touch of their product,so long as there is a profit to be made. It's sad that a great house like this one, which produced masterpieces like Miss Dior,Diorissimo,Dioressence and such is now reduced to putting together such olfactory insults. It certainly seems that Addict was more designed as a room freshner than a ladies perfume...Michael Kors pulled the same stunt,even Chanel! (although the last 2 of Chanel,I think,don't even smell good in the bottle...)At least,with brands like C.Klein and R.Lauren,we expect crap,and we get crap,no deception there,but the classic design houses that built their name on quality sure have become a disappointment of late...

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/14/2002

    I was on the escalator at the mall behind this blabbery, obnoxious, tacky woman with fried blond hair (I can't even say it was bleached--because her hair was frizzy as hell) who sort of physically resembled Miss Piggy. She was talking to her loud-mouthed friend and the perfume Miss Piggy was wearing was overpowering. It smelled like some cheap 1980s fragrance purchased at K-Mart or Pic N' Save. I thought to myself in disgust, "where have I smelled this before?", and then it hit me. It was ADDICT!!! I'm afraid I have to retract anything good I ever said about this fragrance. The Miss Piggy Lady didn't even look like she could afford to spend $60 on the perfume so she must have ran into Nordstrom's and bathed herself with the free tester. I'm very disappointed. It smells good in the bottle but repulsive on people. What a boring perfume!

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/14/2002

    I totally agree with you about the price of Addict. $60 is an exhorbitant amount to pay for this perfume. It smells great but I'm not going to pay that much for it. There are two many other great perfumes out there that are actually worth spending $60 on.

  • LUCIA12/09/2002

    This fragrance reminds me of Mahora, by Guerlain. I felt green notes mingled with creamy, luscious flowers and a vanilla drydown. I thought it was nice, but not good enough to spend $60 on it.

  • KATIA12/07/2002

    This is a kind of a new "Rush"... I expected a lot and now I'm very dissapointed. It is completely artificial, synthetic, very cheap vanilla base and cloying after 10-15 minutes.

  • E.J.12/04/2002

    So good it willknock your socks off. Can't compare to J'adore though!

  • ROSEMARY12/02/2002

    arousind..a complete turn on,sexy.

  • JAN12/01/2002

    I tried Addict yesterday in the store and it first smelled good, but then after it settled on me, It smelled to loud. More like for an "older" women. The scent got kind of annoying.

  • SUZ11/29/2002

    I really like the fragrance of Addict. The men also seem to like it very well

  • TINEC11/28/2002

    verrry sexy

  • ADDICT11/28/2002

    this is very sexy and sensual and soft.

  • TATIANA11/26/2002

    Candy-like and cloying.

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/26/2002

    I received a sample of Addict at Nordstrom's yesterday. The vanilla base makes this perfume smell so good! I imagine this is what Goddeses from Greek mythology smelled like. Its a very sweet smell. I think it is very feminine. One of my newest favorites!

  • BOB C.11/25/2002

    This one is quite different but is so great for night use on my wife. It would not be a good day scent , I like Jadore on her for that. However this is strong stuff and like this dark power it contains. Very oriental

  • DIDDI11/25/2002

    Nothing addictive to me...I was very dissapointed after trying it. So plain and too heavy vanilla scent, cheap and trendy. I envy all of you who said that Addict was so nice on your skin, because I'd like to find a nice, warm, soft, sensual and sexy scent - especially now for winter.

  • MOLLY 11/25/2002

    There has been so much good buzz about Dior Addict that I had to check it out. Straight from the bottle, I thought it smelled to earthy for me but sprayed some on to see how it dried down. After a few minutes, the earthiness mellowed out, but a strange buttery note that reminded me of popcorn (yes, popcorn) started to emerge on my skin. Odd. That faded too after a couple of hours, but what remained reminded me of a blend of Opium and Obsession and smelled very "granny." :( That said, Dior Addict is a very distinctive fragrance, and I admire anyone who can pull off wearing it. Personally, I prefer Hypnotic Poison for an unusual vanilla-based fragrance -- just as much mystery, a little less aggressive of a scent.

  • AMY11/25/2002

    I just cannot undertand this me a headache,this is the only fragrance I cannot wear by Christian Dior...

  • LOLA11/24/2002

    Thanks for your message.I think I will wait to try Addict until the thrill of novelty tones down a bit,because right now,that's all I smell everywhere I go!It would be hard to really isolate the personal scent and not get swayed by everybody else's.I was a ballerina,but had to stop at the height of my professional carreer when a nasty accident left me in the coma for 2 weeks with broken feet and totally crushed knees.I did recover (Took me over a year),and now I work in choreography,theater and I teach a lot of dance classes.Believe it or not,experimenting with perfumes helped me focus away from the pain and depression,(physical therapy may be necessary,but it is one tough bitch to wrestle with each day!!)So now my students can tell what mood I'm in and what kind of a work out they can expect,based on my choice of fragrance! Be well, I 'll see you on other perfume boards no doubt...(Loved your in depth piece on the use of musk and far eastern fragrances,on Mitsouko).

  • DANA11/23/2002

    Absolutely amazing!! Spicey and sweet with a certain mystery to it. Lovely! One more point for Dior!

  • 2010WOMAN11/21/2002

    If you haven't actually worn Addict, it might really smell good on your skin. The other day I was in the elevator with a woman who was definately wearing Chance, which I don't like very much, but it smelled so good on her, very subtle and soft, if you can imagine. On me it smells so harsh. Also I think the climate definately affects a fragrance too because I notice I can wear Opium in the summer and it smells so good on me. But if I wore it now that it's cooler it would smell very harsh on my skin. I have read several of your posts including the one on Paris. I just want you to know that I'm so jealous of you. You have wonderful taste in perfumes and you're a ballerina too. That's not fair. I wish I was a dancer. I guess I can always dream.

  • LOLA11/17/2002

    I haven't actually worn Addict,I only sampled it in a store,so I have no idea what the drydown would be like,for me,BUT-I agree with everything else you said in your message,about the trend going back to spicy scents,it's about time!

  • LDLR11/16/2002

    Absolutely disgusting!

  • PERFUMEADDICT11/15/2002

    Excellent!!!! I bought my car in to the body shop and the guy behind the desk asked me what perfume I was wearing and that it smelled great!!! Very sexy and sensual!!!!

  • 2010WOMAN11/14/2002

    I adorded this when I first sprayed it on. It smelled so spicy I thought I was in heaven. But alas the drydown, at least on my skin, is just plain old vanilla. There's nothing very addictive about this one on me. Also, I think this is Dior's answer to YSL's Nu. But the good thing with this one is the fact that the pendulum in women's fragrance is swinging back to the more spicy and oriental scents. I don't think the "knock them over the head with flowers" scents like Michael lasted very long. If you ladies like Addict I would like to suggest you try Givenchy's Organza Indecence. I think you will find it similar to Addict as the top notes are very spicy and there is alot of vanilla in the drydown.

  • SARAH11/14/2002

    a girl i work with wears this, and i LOVE it on her. it smells awesome, sexy yet not overpowering: she says she only uses one spritz and it lasts all day. yummy, but i can't get it cause it is totally 'her' smell. wow.

  • TRACY11/11/2002

    I smelled this today at a dept store and I think it is very strong and bad. I didn't want to try it on my skin and maybe it would smell better if I did, but I doubt it!


    this is the best fragrance ever.i think that it's sexy,warm,sensual,exciting!!!you should try this it's the best deal you could do!

  • NINNA11/11/2002

    This is something like Gucci-Rush or Hugo Boss-Deep Red or Versace-Woman...or hundreds of other sweet, cloying, vanilla scents so popular for the last couple of years. I'm not impressed at all.

  • LIT11/09/2002

    This perfume gave me a headache!

  • JASMINE11/08/2002

    That's how I'd describe this feminine fragrance. Reminds me of many fragrances like Must de Cartier, Dune and Allure. The sandalwood note is like in Samsara. I liked it from top to bottom notes. Sexy and sophosticated smelling. If you like any of the above-mentioned fragrances try this.

  • LOLA11/08/2002

    I can't believe you guys at P.E,you were really fast in acquirring a relatively new scent,HOLY F------ JUMPING JESUS this is so cooool!!! As I've said before,I will wait before I decide to wear it,but to all those of you out there who have more balls than I do when it comes to trying a new fragrance,(scent is so personal,it takes me a while to get my feet wet),I did sample it in a store,and My first impression was a positive one.The scent is like a fruity-floral at first,then develops into a spicy-woody angle,and finnishes as a soft,powdery veil with a hint of sweetness.The whole composition does have a clear oriental edge but it's well balanced throughout.Enjoy!

  • ANNETTE11/08/2002

    When I first tried Addict, I bought it right away! What a captivating mixture of liveliness and warmth, containing smells like mandarin and vanilla. It´s very strong, so one spritz is enough. Simply beautiful.

  • LACY11/07/2002

    I am ssoooo addicted to this fragrance. The name fits purfect. It is a bit bad the first 5 minutes but once the fragrance settles it is amazing. I will wear it for years.

  • DEE11/07/2002

    I tried this on at a dept. store and wasn't very impressed when I first tried it. It was kind of peppery and cottony at the same time. But after a few minutes, it became soft and powdery. Kind of sexy...I'd try it.

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