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Kenneth Cole   

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Kenneth Cole's first fragrance for women goes urban oriental, with exotic top notes of zesty mandarin, spicy white cardamom and cinnamon bark. Hints of red mahogany, jasmine and leather add to the scent's interplay of wood and floral.

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Kenneth Cole's first fragrance for women goes urban oriental, with exotic top notes of zesty mandarin, spicy white cardamom and cinnamon bark. Hints of red mahogany, jasmine and leather add to the scent's interplay of wood and floral.

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  • KIMBERLY01/26/2012

    If you're looking for an understated perfume without citrus or heavy floral notes, this is a wonderful option. I have gotten many compliments on it, and it has been my daily, signature scent since it first hit the counters. I don't like fruity or floral frangrances, and I am sensitive to significant musk content (musk triggers bad headaches for me). Kenneth Cole's Original women's fragrance is true to its description: spicy, woodsy, with a just hint of floral. It "feels" more autumn/winter than spring/summer, but I wear it year-round with lighter application in warmer months. Customers who love bright or crisp citrus and floral notes may be disappointed by this one. If you are looking for something subtle and warm, but still light enough to control the strength through application layers, this may be a nice choice.

  • LINDAW11/05/2010

    I really like it I think it is the leather note. I love any perfume with leather in it.

  • SANDRA02/04/2008

    Got it as a gift. I wanted to like it, but it does not go with me. Now I use it on the mop to clean the house.

  • BLACKAMBERMOON04/11/2007

    When I'm in the mood for this sort of fragrance, this is perfect. Similar in style to other leathery/woody frags like Fendi, the original Burberry, and Theorema. Barbara and M describe it very well.

  • RUTH09/22/2006

    Ladies, this is a definete keeper. EVERYTIME I wear it I get compliments. I think it should be worn more for cooler weather although if the day/night fits...spray it!!

  • BRANDY07/19/2006

    Not stand out special. Very demure though. Subtle sexy. Just like his clothes.

  • M07/12/2006

    I agree completely that this is not exactly gorgeous at first, but it does become "smooth." Just a touch of spice over a warm, leathery, woodsy fragrance. Makes me think of antique leather chairs, smokey cigars, and fine whiskey. If that sounds a little masculine, it's true - this is not ultra-feminine floral sweet. I don't think this is ordinary at all, it's actually quite unique. I find myself often overlooking it,but when I do wear it, I love it. It is very sophisticated-feeling, and not too overwhelming. The only thing I disagree about is that I think this is great for casual wear.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE06/04/2006

    At first, I received a sample of this and thought it was just ordinary. Nice enough, but not one I felt I had to have. Someone at work commented that they loved it on me, and still, I was neutral. Another sample of it came along about a month later, and I thought, okay I'll use it because it's free or whatever. Well gee, upon the third try here I 'm loving it! Why I was so neutral at first is beyond me. And to top it off, it really lasts well on me. Something that I do not find too often! So, third time was the charm here. I will be buying this one very soon. It is captivating. Reminds me a bit of Boss Woman, which I was also neutral about at first. The description is very accurate; it's a lovely combination of essences that are somewhat soft, but still potent. Some soft scents disappear in a short while; not this one! It is a very feminine scent, in spite of the woods and leather notes. Could be used year-round, day or night. I must say though, I hate these bottles that don't have a lock down on the sprayer. Clumsy as I am, this always presents an issue for me. Oh well, at least the round shape has a flat bottom so it will sit upright in my perfume stash. Hurray!

  • CHICBOHOGAL06/03/2006

    I think this is a very elegant, sophisticated, alluring, understated scent. It's versatile and would be just perfect for most any occasion. I've read the reviews here about women complaining it's too "woody". Welllll, it has lots of wood notes, so no surprise there! If you're looking for a more "fresh" scent, try his new one, Black. I personally don't care for that one, though - just another marine clone that defined the 90s. I'm soooo tired of those frags. Let's move away from smelling like candy, fruit, over powering flowers, and the ocean...why not step into the next millenium and try something new - like this?!

  • *BARBARA W*06/03/2006

    The last time I tried this I judged it too hastily (I've done this before - you'd think I would have learned by now! LOL). I think my nose was fatigued from smelling too many samples...anyway, this time, I gave it a chance to develop, and totally changed my mind! The initial spritz is still not appealing, in my opinion, but after a few minutes the drydown is elegant and refined. It's smooth and earthy with just a quiet dash of spice and a fresh undercurrent, too. Hmm..I will say "smooth" again, because that's the word that comes to mind to describe this...not too sweet or sharp, just right. I can see a chic, successful business woman wearing this well, yet it's sexy enough to be very appealing for a night of romance, too. I wouldn't wear it for very casual occasions, though - it's too elegant. I will be purchasing this one! My apologies to Mr. Cole for my previous review. ;-)

  • CYNTHIA04/06/2006

    I love the fragrance. I feel sexy when I wear it. I love the men's version also. I love hugging my husband when he wears it.

  • KATE02/06/2006

    Personally I love all Kenneth Cole products: shoes, handbags, coats, jackets, belts, clothes and fragrances. But this is just about one of my top favorite of the whole Kenneth Cole line. The base is so woodsy in such a sexy romantic and alluring way; it always draws attention and compliments!!! What can I say I love my Kenneth Cole New York.

  • *BARBARA W*11/11/2005

    Too masculine. Must be the leather, because Fendi has the same note, and I dislike that one, too.

  • JOYCE FERGUSON09/03/2005

    Someone passed by me and backed back to ask, what are you wearing, but of course, Kenneth Cole

  • VICTORIA08/04/2005

    I got a sample of it and after spraying it on my wrist, I couldn't smell it unless i pressed my nose right in it. Scent itself is just ok, nothing special, slightly spicy with oriental overtones but since noone(and I MEAN, NOONE) could smell it on me what would be the point.

  • MAYA08/02/2005

    The moment I sprayed this one on both my boyfriend and I loved it... It's a fabulous, very feminine fragrance! It has an inviting warmth to it that makes it a very nice evening scent, or if you are adventurous just wear it anywhere, anytime at all ;) I love wearing this one!

  • ATTENTION GETTER04/26/2005

    I have had more compliments from men & women wearing this perfume. I love it.

  • NICOLE02/26/2005

    its the only one i wear and the only one i will wear. it drives my husband wild so im going to keep wearing it

  • TUESDAYS MOM02/25/2005

    Should be marketed as a men's calogne. Theres nothing feminine about it.

  • LAURA09/02/2004

    I have been wearing it for over 2 years and still enjoy it. It is light and fresh and gives you a presence! Glad I found it here because it has been phased out in the stores replaced by KC Black!

  • PULURETTA04/14/2004

    Not bad, not great.

  • SHERRY11/23/2003

    I love it, it's sexy!

  • LISA09/20/2003

    I liked it as a tester spray...when it wore down and I tried it the next day I loved it! It's fresh but yet sexy and modern. Not a copy of everything else out there

  • BRIAN04/27/2003

    From a guy's point of view this is pretty bad. It smells like suntan lotion. I told my gf this and don't buy it.

  • KIM03/15/2003

    I took a chance and bought this for my sister for her b-day....she loves it and receives compliments on it all the time. Not for me but it really suits her!

  • KBN02/27/2003

    I agree that it is an ordinary fragrance. and it must not be selling well in the stores; I've already seen the men's and women's at discount stores such as Marshall's.

  • SIDNEY02/24/2003

    I don't think this is a horrible fragrance, but after sampling it I just felt that it smelled like any other common citrus fragrance out on the market today. I think Keneth Cole should only stick to designing shoes.

  • ALICIA02/02/2003

    tangy, nice, just right

  • PERFUME JUNKIE02/01/2003

    It's not that it's a bad perfume. But as others have said, it's boring. I must have smelled it a thousand times under other names. It's one of those new age, "clean and fresh" scents, which merely means tedious, unimaginative, politically correct. Forget it.

  • GAIL01/06/2003

    This perfume stings my nose. It has a sharp note in it. Not for me!

  • ANNA12/29/2002

    Got this one for Christmas, and I love it. It isn't overpowering or annoying like so many of those other perfumes out there.

  • GRACE12/23/2002

    I just got some for an early christmas present, and breaking away from my normal "Romance", i really enjoy it. It has a nice crisp sent to it, and it is very versitial. Grandited it is nothing so special, but what is these days. It is just a nice sent, that makes me feel good!

  • MOLLY12/19/2002

    Jeez, what else do you ladies want in a perfume? I'll admit it's a little nondescript -- which you really can't say about many recent fragrances. It's definitely not a whack-you-over-the-head-with-flowers type like Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors. Nor is it a smother-you-in-sweetness scent like, say Angel (which isn't new, but the first of its kind), or the new Roberto Cavalli. And it's definitely not a return-to-old-school, smell-like-your-grandma scent like Dior Addict or the new Gucci. It just smells good. Light and clean, but with a little edge of citrus and spice. It doesn't make you seem to scream "I'M WEARING PERFUME!!" like so many newer fragrances do, and I like that. Also, it works with jeans or a little black dress. Oh well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I know I just ripped on a bunch of your favorite scents too. Good thing we can't smell each other in cyberspace. :)

  • JO12/12/2002

    This is hot, hot, hot.....nothing but compliments.....

  • NIKKI12/11/2002

    For a fashion designer who is so well-known and well-respected to come up with this dull, dead scent just astonishes me. This perfume has nothing to it, except being overly woody and heavy.

  • MELISSA11/30/2002

    great winter fragrance. I love the subtle spice..not too strong. Lasts long and the notes don't change. Energizes me when I wear it. My husband wears the mens version..soo clean and sexy

  • LINDA11/30/2002

    I wear this to work and get complimented a lot. It's a light and clean fragrance. I would definitely recommend it.

  • DEE JOH11/08/2002

    This perfume was a disappointment. It lacked originality. It was harsh and too perfumey. It doesn't compete with the exciting new lines of fragrances we've seen in 2002

  • LOLA11/07/2002

    ...I'm afraid there is absolutely nothing remotely original,creative,or memorable about this one."Easily Forgettable" just about sums it up.

  • RR10/02/2002

    Smells very similar to all the other designer fragrances out right now. Nothing special.

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