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Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller   

22 Reviews

Ambery, Citrus, Leathery. Designed in 1994, Nicole Miller cologne for men is a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: apple, honeydew and bourbon. The middle notes are: leather, oakmoss and vanilla and the base of the fragrance is: amber, musk and sandalwood. Nicole Miller cologne is recommended more

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Ambery, Citrus, Leathery. Designed in 1994, Nicole Miller cologne for men is a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: apple, honeydew and bourbon. The middle notes are: leather, oakmoss and vanilla and the base of the fragrance is: amber, musk and sandalwood. Nicole Miller cologne is recommended for casual use.

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  • KEN01/03/2012

    Great scent but I'm always looking for an alternative due to its high cost.

  • MIKEM05/15/2011

    I had me some of this ..gave it away a little to old school for me...maybe just not cool enough...

  • ROB H.03/09/2011

    Hey fellow cologne fanatic! Great to see you're still remaining the eccentric one out of the crowd and still popping up here and there. Haven't really been around on the site for around 3-4 yrs being I posted so many comments and would never see my own or any of the other masters' up for months so I said screw it. This was a pretty good scent a few years back and it's a shame they have to make a negative change as opposed to what Chanel did with Pour Monsieur. Anyways keep at it and let me know if anyone else (W.B./R.J., Tony T, Barbara W, etc) are still showing up if you get this msg. Peace.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI08/22/2010

    Why? Because they're making it with cheaper ingredients. This new one which is bottled and packaged just like the original, smells like the original--for about 5 minutes. Then it becomes watered down, synthetic and boring. Vanishes in about an hour, tops. Well, there are worse tragedies. Look what they've done to the classics for the ladies: Opium was decadent and sexy on the babes. Now, after God knows how many reformulations, your grandmother could wear it to church, and it wouldn't be out of place. RIP, Nicole Miller

  • BRIAN07/14/2010

    Lot of excellent reviews here and other sites on Nicole Miller - but they are all older reviews. I noticed most of the newer reviews are not so good. So I'm wondering if they changed the scent. I would be lying if I said this cologne was even average, but I've had worse, so I gave it 2 stars.

  • THE DUDE02/22/2010

    I can smell some nice fragrance in the bottle I purchased, but I can also smell the definite smell of Band-Aids. Not a good mix.

  • BRUCE12/24/2009

    I found this fragrance @ a bargin store and I was pleasantly suprised. This is a classic scent & not over powering. The level of sophicationis very high, but good for everyday use. The price is excellent for the budget conscience.

  • TONY T02/02/2009

    sharp and in an hour , nothing but a faint citric the price i will give it an ok.

  • AMY IN SAN DIEGO10/14/2008

    Hi, Jude. thanks for your input. i had to take a break from my perfume addiction for over a year. spent a small fortune!! now, i'm back for more and will put Santos on my list. only problem is list keeps growing bigger and bigger! my boyfriend who is now fiance also complains he has too many!!

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI02/28/2008

    So, it only took 5 months for a man to get back to you. I really should check these boards more often. NM is a bittersweet heartbreaking Oriental. What would be a woman's equivalent? What would make our manly hearts melt? Um, my first inclination is to say 'show up naked and bring pizza' but we're goinng for Romance here---Well, for me I'm a sucker for tuberose on women. Give a whiff to Fracas ( I know, it's more upbeat/sexy than romantic ) Issey Miyake (underrated because it's so popular) Narcisso Rodriguez for Her and, the discarded wicked classic (now found in drugstores) Opium. Miranda, there are also allegedly male frags which are much, much better suited for women. the prime example is Musc Ravageur by Frederick Malle. Unfortunately not sold here, but it might get the response you want. Let us know!

  • MIRANDA10/25/2007

    ooooo la la...great, simply great! This is heavenly from a woman's perspective! Any ideas for a women's perfume that invokes the same positive feelings? I am looking for something that the majority of men would love... I keep surprising my man with the wrong type of scent and need some advice. You guys have any suggestions for women's perfume you like?

  • BARBARA W07/22/2007

    Hi Mark - yes, women do find this attractive (at least this woman, anyway!). Amber, musk, and sandalwood are three of my favorite notes, and this is blended really well. It is sweet, but if you like Individuel and Basi homme, you will probably like this. It lasted about four hours on my skin and would be good for everyday wear if you applied it sparingly, but it's probably best reserved for evening. Others to try in the same style are Jean Paul Gaultier 2, Arpege pour homme, and the new Burberry London (LOVE this one). For a daytime crisp scent, I like Bvlgari Extreme and Issey Miyake L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraiche (the latter available at the Sephora website). Those two would be great choice for the office. Take care.

  • MARK KERRY05/31/2007

    Is this good for casual, everyday wear? Does it last? Do women find it attractive? I am a professional male in my 30s. I have Mont Blanc's Indivduel and Armand Basi's Basi Homme. Thanks.

  • JUDE C04/23/2007

    Amy - without question, the Cartier fragrance that is best, is Santos. All are high quality, but santos ranks supreme.

  • AMY IN SAN DIEGO03/19/2007

    You guys convinced me. i will buy himalaya next. will let you know if he likes it or not.

  • AMY IN SAN DIEGO03/19/2007

    thanks for responding. i have bought my boyfriend over 20 bottles of colognes and i love to hear what you, rob h, tony t, and others have to say about men's cologne. i have bought just about everything out there and my next one will be a Creed scent although not sure which one since they all rate very high. the funny thing is my boyfriend likes D&G masculine which is my least favorite the best. also what cartier scents do you recommend if any?

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI01/23/2007

    A very belated Merry Christmas! Hope your BF worships the ground you walk on, as well he should. To answer your Creed question: Yes, Himalaya! It's like tap dancing in heaven. Cheers

  • VERONICA COOKE08/01/2006

    I have used the original cologne and would love to have more. I think it is discontinued. Please let me know if there is any available.

  • KD04/30/2006

    This fragrance is definitely one of the best out there. Classy, subtle yet passionate. The citrus note is not as offensive as others' s. The woody note lasts quite well. Get this one if you can. You can't go wrong with this. :)

  • ROB H.12/18/2005

    Hello again! Funny you mentioned coming there because being a navy brat, my father has some old shipmates that have been stationed and retired there and my mom is a Filipina so she has a lot of Filipina friends there also including her older sister and family. My mom's sister's husband is a retired marine formerly stationed at Camp Pendleton just north of your location. Anyways thanks for replying back and my favorite Creed fragrance I'd recommend would be Himalaya which has this sporty, wintery, and a bit saltiness to it. Just my opinion, though other cologne fanatics will disagree. Anyways take care and Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year to you and your boyfriend if I don't hear from you.

  • AMY IN SAN DIEGO12/14/2005

    Hi Rob! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving as well. Apppreciate you writing back. I know this is busy time for everyone. My boyfriend liked almost all of the colognes except Dolce Gabana for men. Too Floral!!Which of the Creed scents do you like best? Next one on my list. P.S. if you ever visit San Diego, look me up and i'll be happy to show you around the city. Merry Christmas Rob and everyone!!

  • ROB H.12/09/2005

    Sorry for not responding back in a timely manner but I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I highly agree about Vera Wang (it's been my #1 since I first purchased it over a year and half ago). Best of luck trying to find a regular sized bottle of Nicole M as opposed to the mini and happy holidays to you and your boyfriend.

  • AMY IN SAN DIEGO11/29/2005

    Hi guys, i have enjoyed your reviews on all the different colognes for men and i always try to read what the masters have to say before i buy any for my boyfriend who by the way is very happy with Vera Wang! among many! i plan to buy Nicole Miller next at next. Happy holidays!!

  • CRIS11/19/2005

    thank you for your feedback mat male you mentioned I was trying perry ellis m but not quite the same thankyou for your knowledge I hope nicole miller for men makes a come back


    The only one that i can think of that is even remotely similar to NM is probably Mat Male, but where NM is orange MM is watermelon and where NM is leather MM is suede, but to my nose they somewhat share a bit of similarity, NM is definitely the winner though.

  • CRIS10/26/2005

    I hate that this has been discontinued it is the best and nothing will ever beat it not jpg not rochas man none of those I wonder if someone knows of fragrance that smells similiar to it Iwould appreciate it

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI09/16/2005

    Now it's discontinued and costs a fortune, like Havana by Aramis. Both of which are available here only in miniature. Ok, so it's casual but yes, women love it and I can see--make that smell--why. It's a warm oiental that doesn't overpower with the base notes of amber, musk or sandlwood. In fact by the time we get there the apple, bourbon and honeydew has ensnared! Babe magnet redux, yet quietly subtle. It's what M7 tries to be but can't manage. The leather note works great here, unlike most fragrances that attempt its use. Damnation! We should have bought Microsoft stock when it first came out, too.

  • W.B.08/09/2005


  • ROB H.07/25/2005

    Hey there, fellow cologne maestro! The size of the bottle I had received was a 2.5 oz. from my mom's rich cousin from the Philippines who went on a tour of Europe in France, U.K., Switzerland, Italy, etc. Not sure what country she picked it up in, but I know it wasn't purchased in this country.

  • W.B.03/16/2005


  • MICHELLE02/01/2005

    This cologne never fails to make us late for our dinner plans!

  • ROB H.11/28/2004

    Great woody scent that's not commonly worn like some of it's more popular woody competitors (Burberry's, Celine, Eternity). Women really like it but strictly casual.

  • COLLEEN BELL12/19/2003

    This Cologne is the best cologne i have ever smelled on a man... I used to buy it for my husband but now i can't find a place that sells it in my area here in canada:(

  • MANDY01/04/2003

    this stuff drives women crazy everyone should have it on

  • KENT10/25/2002

    I found this several years ago and it has become my favorite gragrance, but I am having a difficult time finding it in stores nowadays.

  • WILLIAM E. AMOUR12/17/2001

    I love this products. I probably have 30 diffrent kinds but this one is about the best. I hate it that it is not in stores

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