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Ocean Dream   

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Floral, Fruity, Marine. Created by Giorgio Beverly Hills in 1996, Ocean Dream is a refreshing, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: lemon, orange blossom and bergamot. The middle notes are: jasmine, rose and freesia and the base of the fragrance is: vetiver, cedar and moss. Ocean Dream is recommended for daytime more

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Floral, Fruity, Marine. Created by Giorgio Beverly Hills in 1996, Ocean Dream is a refreshing, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: lemon, orange blossom and bergamot. The middle notes are: jasmine, rose and freesia and the base of the fragrance is: vetiver, cedar and moss. Ocean Dream is recommended for daytime use.

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  • JULES08/13/2017

    Best fragrance ever! And it drives men wild, I swear...

  • MEGAN07/09/2012

    This is a fantastic spring/summer fragrance. My only issue with it is it fades a little too quickly. My husband just loves this scent. He always comments how good I smell and he never comments on fragrance. I am still a little confused about what the actual notes are in here because on another website it lists them as orange blossom, sandalwood, musk, water lily and water heliotrope. No mention of cedar or moss. So, I am confused about that. Still whatever is in here it's pretty good.

  • TIM B.03/12/2011

    When I discovered this perfume described as "fruity, marine" I just knew that it was for just the thing for me and the other guys. I believe it will go well with Pontiac Punch. Those of us who are, in fact, fruity Marines, we salute you. Semper Fi!

  • DYANNE12/23/2010

    my love gave me these perfume on valentines day 1996 i'm still inlove with both mynow husband n ocean dream

  • JUDY02/10/2008

    I love the fresh clean fragrance, and each time I wear it, someone...either male or female commets about how wonderful I, and my hair smells. The OD shower gel is great to sometimes use as the final shampoo...lather up and use the rest on your hair to scent your body. The bottles are also collector items....FYI P.S. wish I could find the PINK bottles...they are rare.


    This would make a good home fragrance spray- has a clean linen smell. I wouldn't personally spray this on myself. Something about certain Giorgio scents have a "Downy" type scent to them.

  • CJ08/30/2007

    I started wearing this fragrance when it was first introduced and I'm still using it. I LOVE IT!

  • JO ANNE08/01/2007

    I love this scent! It's fresh, summery, and clean. It's softer than Cool Water, more "powdery". Lovely. A good scent for warm weather (and cooler too). Reminds me of long days at the beach, or just resting in the backyard while reading a good book. I always get compliments when I wear this sophisticated and beautiful scent. Perfect for a casual outing or the office, not too overpowering or artificial smelling. Too bad it's hard to find.

  • BONNIE06/10/2007

    This is such a great scent, fresh, soft, warm and sexy. A fragrance doesn't have to be a heavy complicated oriental to be sexy, in fact I think most men prefer softer and sweeter ones. So for those of you out there (you know who you are) that thumbs your noses at these type of fragrances, think again, women in my category that love soft floral/citrusy/warm scents quite often get the male attention. As far as the remark a couple of you made about this fragrance being discontinued because it wasn't "good enough", PLEASE!!! The fragrance companies, and retailers make stupid decisions every day with absolutely no logic behind them. They remove wonderful fragrances like Doulton and replace it with something made by Paris Hilton, even when a scent is selling like crazy, you walk in one day to find it replaced with something awful that doesn't sell well, then is replaced once again. This is RETAIL, not logic. Thank goodness for the internet that allows all of us to obtain our tried and true loves and some new ones at a good price point allowing many of us to experiment more, which is so fun. I love perfumes and since they have been selling on the internet, I've been able to stock up on my favorites, not knowing when the day will come that I won't be able to get them anymore. Speaking of this, does anyone know how long a bottle will last, kept upopened in a dark cool area away from sunlight? Does it help or hurt to keep it in the refrigerator? If anyone knows, could you drop a note on the messege board. Thank you. And to finish, I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE!!!, My husband thinks it's very sexy, get compliments all the time, and he usually likes very sweeter scents. And for anyone reading this, I just received Oscar Bamboo, OMG!!!, I think this is the sexiest scent made, I know it's a limited scent, so I immediately got back on line and ordered another 4 bottles, I LOVE IT!!!!

  • JESSICA06/14/2006

    its a very light good smelling perfume i love it a lot i bought a long time ago and couldnt find it until know i found it in a wholesale perfume store i was happy

  • NICHELLE01/11/2006

    I bought this for my mom over 5 years ago when I was still in High School. She still wears it all the time. We both LOVE it! Anyone who doesn't like it needs to get their noses checked.

  • JANE03/18/2005

    I received Ocean Dream for Valentines Day a few years ago which was my first one with my special guy. The bottle was so very pretty & suited Valentines Day perfectly - the fragrance will always remind me of this special day.

  • TONY T01/31/2005

    bought it for my girl 6 months ago and i love it it makes my lil man stand up everytime

  • RENEE12/30/2004

    My husband who has no opinion on any scents actually commented that it smelled good, I had to try it. i loved it very soft clean and warm scented. got lots of compliments. sad it is not carried everywhere! I won't wear anything else. Lots of compliments from others

  • SHAKIRA11/30/2004

    This is my FAVORITE perfume! Definitely made for me!

  • ALLISON07/13/2004

    When I wear Ocean Dream I get a TON of compliments! The best coming from a co-worker who tells me I smell "YUMMY"!! It is fast becoming my signature fragrance!

  • BEEBER05/07/2004

    I feel exactly the same as the person that wrote the last posting. I actually had to buy another fragrance because I could not find Ocean Dreams anywhere, and than someone said check the web. I'm so excited that I finally found where to purchase more. Ocean Dream forever!!!!!!

  • LYNN02/11/2004

    This is my absolute favorite. My boyfriend is addicted to it and I can't wear anything else. This is me up and down!

  • DOESN'T MATTER10/07/2003

    Ocean dream is very nice.

  • JULIE10/01/2003

    although this perfume has great staying power, it is TOO MUCH. It makes me sick.

  • MAKENNA08/14/2003

    The first thing I smell when i spray it on is the alchohol. Don't like that. It's not a bad smell, but something is missing in it. Maybe replace the alchohol with a little bit of floral.

  • DD04/29/2003

    oh! It smells so good!!!!!!

  • STEPHANIE04/24/2003

    It is my absolute favorite perfume, in my opinion nothing tops it. I wear it all the time.

  • LALA04/12/2003

    not so much of a ocean dream the scent isnt thrilling its actually a lame scent after wearin it the scent just isnt a winner-

  • JAMIE04/08/2003

    I have to agree with Sidney this fragrance is not fresh and clean, it's too strong and it tickled and burned my nose when I first smelled it, it's very citrusy and pungent. I do not associate this to be a marine or oceanic fragrance like let's say Aqua de Gio, this fragrance is too spicy for that description. My husband told me send it back since he though it was offensive. I wont judge a perfume any more by their glorious reviews, I will have to sample before buying.

  • DREA03/09/2003

    It has been my favorite perfume for years, I refuse to wear anything else.

  • TINAB02/26/2003

    I find this to be lovely, soft, fresh--on me it lasts and lasts!!! Very delightful fragrance

  • SIDNEY02/14/2003

    I purchased this after reading all the great reviews that were posted. In my opinion this fragrance si too pungent and it reminds me of CK "Escape" and Burberry "Touch". My nose literally burns when I take a whif of this horrid fragrance, the cedar is too prominent and so is the citrus. It's described as fresh and clean, but theres nothing fresh about this, I see why it's been discontinued. If one is looking for a fresh oceanic fragrance try Aqua di Gio, or Cool Water.

  • SIERRA02/12/2003

    I just LOVE this perfume! The scent actually lasts pretty long time on me. I like the design of the bottle, too.

  • ~*RACHEL*~12/12/2002

    This is my absolute favorite perfume.After noticing it on a friend, I have searched high and low for it for a few years and finally found it on this site. I have already bought two bottles for fear I will run out of it too fast!! Best scent I have ever smelled....I can't get enough!!

  • JESSICA11/26/2002

    I don't normally comment on people who wear nice fragrances but I just had to ask this girl I was standing in line with! I liked it so much I bought a bottle of it. Very light, not overpowering and smells so great!!

  • KAE-LEENE11/25/2002

    love it, just hard to source in Aust.


    I went out and baught a bottle due to the high reccommendations here. I like the scent very much but it doesn't seem to last. Also it is very light, I can hardly smell it. I like to be able to smell the perfume I am wearing. With three sprays I still can't. A bit disappointing.

  • MEOW09/03/2002

    My boyfriend thinks it's wild and sexy which I have to agree

  • TAPDANCER7808/21/2002

    I'm usually into more "floral" scents, but Ocean Dream is great. It's young and playful.

  • JO ANNE08/08/2002

    I just got this clean, refreshing scent in the mail. Smells great! I applied after showering and applying unscented lotion...2 hours later it still smells good!

  • ANU07/29/2002

    The best perfume ever. Very sad if it's discontinued but I just bought it from Czech Republic so there are places in Europe you can buy it.

  • RENELLE07/09/2002

    this is the best feminine,clean and sexy perfume any woman can ask you. Hey gals you have to purchase ocean dream now...its discontinued.You wont regret it.

  • STEPHANIE06/27/2002

    Ocean Dream is one of the only few fragrances that I absolutely LOVE. It it smells like the perfect perfume, in my opinion. One of the other perfumes that I LOVE is Red 2 by Giorgio Beverly Hills. Giorgio Beverly Hills makes some superior perfumes.

  • SUSAN05/01/2002


  • KARINA04/05/2002

    Hi! You might want to try Acqua di Gio by Armani or White Linen Breeze (not the original White Linen) by Estee Lauder if you're looking for something to replace Ocean Dream. They both have a strong "marine" accord to them, as Ocean Dream does. Dune by Dior also has this element to it,although it's warmer and more floral. Good luck!

  • NEWGIRL04/04/2002

    Although I can still get this fragrance at outlets, eventually I'll have to find something else. I'm looking for another perfume with close to the same fragrance. Any suggestions?

  • LIZ03/01/2002

    This is a lovely fresh-smelling fragrance. Giorgio makes some awesome scents.

  • STEPHANIE01/25/2002

    This scent is very appealing, and very refreshing. It includes the scents of waterflowers, sandalwood and orange blossom. In my mind I picture relaxing on a hammock on a Carribean beach somewhere, dreaming...

  • JAMIE01/18/2002

    I always wanted a perfume to use I would not get sick of after 2 weeks, I had always been changing my perfume almost every month. That was until I came across Ocean Dream. What A Scent!!! Smells fresh and light never overpowering. I haven't changed my perfume in over a year and hopefully don't plan to.

  • MARCIA01/03/2002

    I got married in Puerto Rico and this was the scent I wore on my wedding day. Everytime I wear it it reminds me of the ocean in the carribean. Beautiful!! This is the best scent you will ever wear and you will get nothing but complements.

  • TIFFANY11/22/2001

    Ocean Dream is the most beautiful fragrance I have ever come across but unfortunately they have discontinued it in Canada. Why? I don't know! Luckily I know someone who visits the U.S quite often so I manage to get it. I agree with Silvia, it is a beatiful fragrance and I get compliments all the time. I highly recommend this perfume!

  • JASON10/29/2001

    i just bought 2 bottles and i am a guy who love this scent!!!

  • TRAV10/19/2001

    Absolutely beautiful. My personal fav. along with Realities.

  • SILVIA09/22/2001

    I have been wearing Ocean Dream for about 3 years. Everywhere I go, I always get a compliment-- they say, "you smell sooooo wonderful, what is it?" And I love the attention because no one else has this perfume.....since it is now discontinued. So buy it now, while you wont regret it! I have a good supply on hand to last a few years!

  • JANET03/25/2001

    If one of your favorite places is by the ocean, then you'll enjoy this fragrance. I love it in spring and summer, bringing my thoughts to a quiet sandy beach where I can watch the breaking waves. Great daytime fragrance.


    i would just like to say the ocean dreams and wings are your best fragrances ever and i cannot find them in the stores anymore i have heard that they have been discontinued but i hope that isnt true im no longer able to wear the original scent cuz many people around me are allergic to it but i still love it and would like to get a sample since i can only wear it when out alone then have to wash my clothes as soon as returning home. would you please add me back to your mailing list thru u.s. mail. sincerely celeste

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