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Jennifer Lopez


295 Reviews

Glow, the new fragrance by Jennifer Lopez is Fresh, Sexy and Clean. The result is a skin-scent - real, intimate, exciting. A scent as immaculate and creamy as a lush white rose. And as sexy as Jennifer Lopez. Top Notes of Orange flower, Grapefruit, and Tones of bright citrus. Middle Notes of Rose, Sandalwood, and Soft Amber. Bottom Notes of more

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Glow, the new fragrance by Jennifer Lopez is Fresh, Sexy and Clean. The result is a skin-scent - real, intimate, exciting. A scent as immaculate and creamy as a lush white rose. And as sexy as Jennifer Lopez. Top Notes of Orange flower, Grapefruit, and Tones of bright citrus. Middle Notes of Rose, Sandalwood, and Soft Amber. Bottom Notes of Transparent jasmine, Vanilla, Musk, and Orris. Beg for you to get closer.

  • MK05/17/2011

    i have 5 different jlo perfumes and they are all fruity, fresh. i have had compliments from several people.

  • MICHELLE05/05/2011

    If you like this and get get ahold of a perfume called MorningDew by Annie Oakley it's just as good if not better ...... just wihed they carried it on this site its so hard to find.

  • LISY05/21/2010

    She really turned me off with this scent. I can't even think about even trying any of her other i'm forever traumatized!

  • DMARIE10/02/2008

    on Glow all this time! I sampled it way back when it first came out at JC penney's and obviously wasn't impressed.But years later (recently =) I bought a Glow after dark gift set and the double sided rollerball that came with it had Glow on one side and Glow after dark on the other side well I rolled some glow on first and WOW! I was like why haven't I been buying this? Glow is so long lasting and the lotion is like whoa! Really all you need is the lotion it is so strong long lasting and smells sooooo good! I love the soapy rose scent! Glow after dark is okay too just a little strong and unusual!

  • GALA04/11/2008

    I received this as a gift for Christmas and was reluctant to wear it for some reason, but when I tried this scent I fell in love with it. I don't know much about Jennifer Lopez but I love this perfume!

  • KRISTIN12/13/2007

    My girlfriend started wearing this stuff about a month ago and I LOVE it!. It smells so great on her. I know there are a lot of people complaining that this stuff just smells like soap, but it's like every other perfume out there: only smells good on certain people. I love smelling it on my girl. It has a clean citrus scent with just a hint of jasmin & musk. A perfect combo in my book!

  • STINA11/09/2007

    I love this perfume and wear it spring and summer I love the scent. My best friend loved the way it smelled on me so she bought some for self. When she wore it though it didn't smell the same on her as it did on me and she didn't like the way it smelled on herself so I got her bottle. I guess it just mixes with my body chemistry well! May not work well for everyone but I would try it on and wear it for a day then decide whether you like it or not. It smells different on you then in the bottle. Good Luck! I LOVE this scent!

  • JANELLE11/03/2007

    This is not one I wear every single day but it is very light, easy to wear and I like it. I'm on my second bottle and will probably get another when I run out. I actually had a man catch up to me while walking into work one morning. He told me that he liked my perfume and asked me what it was so that he could tell his wife and daughter. He commented that the perfumes they wore were rather sharp and heavy and he really liked the softness and freshness of the scent I had on. I also wore this exclusively when I traveled to Madrid, Spain and when I wear it, I am flooded with wonderful warm memories of my trip. Try it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Everyone I have ever detected this scent on smells wonderful, clean and fresh.

  • FS FATT11/01/2007

    got it as a gift but never like it bcoz it smells weird,soapy and more like a feeling headache when im wearing it.the bottle is nice but not the smell.a total no-no for this.

  • JUDY T.10/17/2007

    This the greatest scent ive ever used .I get more commits then any cologne ive ever used.I can"t use many scents due to allergies but have no reaction to JLO GLOW

  • PK09/19/2007

    Hi - I am a bit of a perfume junkie - I own abt 15 ranging from Samsara (mmm) to La Perla to Byzance - so a wide range. Glow is the one I reach for when I feel low or have a headache. Its very soothing and very warm but withour being heavy or overpowering. In fact its very light and very fresh but withour being sporty(which I hate!). I am surprised abt the no of negative reviews but then smell is very personal. All I can say is that in my humble opinion this is one of the nicest scents I have come by.

  • HRBETTY07/11/2007

    I remember smelling Glow when it first came out and not liking it. Only when I recently tried Glow after Dark and read some reviews on the original did I think it might be worth it to try it on my skin. Now it's on my list of fragrances to get. I liked that it smelled clean and wasn't all fruity sweet, and the musk on my skin is nice and does take a kind of sexy clean element. Honestly if I hadn't liked Glow after Dark so much I wouldn't have tried this fragrance again but now I'm so glad I did.

  • BARBARA W05/22/2007

    Waaaay too much synthetic jasmine, provoked instant sneezing. It's loud and pungent and never gets any softer. Reminds me of the smell of Zest soap - not very pretty. "Still" is much better.

  • BARBARA W05/20/2007

    Don't like this one - there's a sour note to it that smells bad on my skin. I do like Still, however.

  • DAWN04/06/2007

    I can't believe how many disgusted comments I've read about this perfume! My husband bought it for me when it first came out and at first I didn't like but it grew on me. I'm a total perfume junkie and what I love about this one is it's uniqueness....It doesn't smell like bug spray at all! its very soft and not too sweet like so many perfumes these days....I think it's a very clean sexy doesn't smell cheap to me at all either even though it is! the other Glows that she's came out with however do smell very cheap...oh well I just had to put my two cents in.

  • SARAH01/06/2007

    I love it, it's modern, it's fresh, perfect for the summer when you do not want to over do it. The only thing is, I already got myself 3 bottles of this perfume, so you figure. But J-Lo got an A+ for creativity here, no doubt about it, it's a unique scent and very lovely.

  • KATHY05/24/2006

    But after not wearing this for about a month I put it on yesterday and it smelled like it had soured or something. It made me feel a little queasy and gave me a metallic taste in my mouth for 2 days. Smells just like bug spray. I packed this one up to give away.

  • GINETTE05/21/2006

    I used 3 bottles of glow and it's a very nice perfume you can wear anytime, I got lots of compliments on this one and from alot of women also.

  • JACQUIE05/08/2006

    whenever my daughter left for work an odor lingered behind that I could only relate to bug spray - after a week or so I asked why she was spraying RAID so much - she LOL'd and commented that it must be GLOW by JLO-- pungent w/a hint of polutant;

  • MLD04/26/2006


  • LYNN04/20/2006

    Glow has a nice scent but of course it does not suit every1. I have both Glow n Still but i still prefer glow...i have actually finish my glow nice is it....

  • KATHY03/31/2006

    I didn't expect much from this perfume, infact, thought I would be returning this like I do sooo many others. I actually liked this one. I can smell the rose, but as descrbed before as being "soapy" also. I love soapy smell, it is very clean. I don't mind smelling like soap at all! It doesn't do anything weird on my skin like many others have.

  • ASHDOLL03/31/2006

    At first I found Glow a bit rank to the nose. But after a while, I kinda liked it. It reminds me of "sampaguita", the Philippines' national flower.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE02/06/2006

    Try the imposter Sensuale, by Parfums de Coeur. It is FAR better than Glow, is very inexpensive, and lasts well. Glow to me smells like insecticide. Sensuale is gorgeous. How that can be I don't know, since it's supposed to be a copy. But trust me, it's beautiful!

  • SARASVATI01/25/2006

    I'm not very sensitive to perfumes at all, but something smells so artificial in this that I can't wear it AT ALL without a splitting headache, which is a shame because I got a whole gift set of it for Christmas!

  • JENNAH01/11/2006

    Just like ... guess who. A family member received this as a gift so I tried it out. REPULSIVE. I can't believe people wear this garbage.

  • MLD01/06/2006


  • ALLISON01/03/2006

    I can not believe the all the negative comments written about glow. Forget who makes it, sure she's not for everyone, but the scent is so beautiful. It's light, and floral. All the scents made to put this one together are perfect. Orange, white roses, skin musk. I want to always smell this way. Truely a skin-scent. Give it a try, and experience something truely femmine and romantic.

  • CLARISSA12/22/2005

    I think this one truly stink like cheap soap, which is, in my opinion, not in any connection to my definition about sexy. It just smells shallow and hollow.

  • MLD12/21/2005


  • AMY12/18/2005

    i agree with perfume-aholic's message. this one does stink like cheap soap. it also reminds me of another one i can't stand, philosophy's grace. both have that "clean soapy scent". yeah right!!

  • LADYBUG12/18/2005

    It actually smelled kind of nice and fresh at first, so I sprayed some on with the tester. The smell got stronger and stronger and nastier and nastier. I feel sorry for all the other customers at the store that had to smell me. Oh yeah, and it gave me a really bad headache!

  • CARRIE12/10/2005

    I'm surprised by the negative comments. This perfume gets me tons of compliments! But I'm not too happy she raised the price of it a year or so ago. It got out of my price range.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/10/2005

    then buy this. I will say that it is a clean smelling fragrance that is not heavy nor cloying. But most women when applying perfume want to come across as pretty, femimine and possibly seductive. The only thing this could 'seduce' would be perhaps that bar of soap on your shower rack. I've smelled body washes with more 'seduction potential' than this stuff. Further, there's no way i would ever believe JLO herself would wear this.

  • LADY_MZ_LEE12/07/2005

    This has got to be the most gawd-awful perfume on the market. It smells like cheap dishwashing liquid!

  • MLD11/28/2005


  • TINA10/20/2005

    I love Glow because it smells so gentle and yet it's got that sexy feel to it. J-Lo isn't the greatest singer, but she's excellent with perfume.

  • JESSICA10/20/2005

    I love jennifer lopez but this stuff to me stinks. i don't think she even wears it lol. i had a bottle of it when i was like twelve now im fifteen but i lost it and the other day i smelled some at the gocery store (yeah they sell it there) and didnt like it. But jennifer lopez's other perfume-she has like 4- live smells awsome so does her miami glow one.

  • TINA10/17/2005

    I've bought this perfume recently and it smells so good. It's like you've come out of an invigorating experience in the it!

  • MARISSA09/30/2005

    This stuff really stinks. it rteminds me of my boyfriend's sweaty feet after going all day without socks on a 98 degree day

  • KATIE08/26/2005

    A friend and I carpool to college a couple of days a week. Yesterday as soon as she got in my car she said "Mmmm...your car smells so good!" I didn't bother to tell her it was ME, not my car, that smelled good. Then we got to school, where she also happens to have the same first class as me. After we had been sitting in class a few minutes, she said "Mmmm...something smells good in here!" Again, I didn't bother to tell her it was me. I'm going to wait and see how long it takes her to figure it out. I mean, I don't want her rushing out to buy it and stealing all my compliments :)

  • GARDENIANGEL08/20/2005

    Glow by JLO is just ok. It reminds me a little bit of Clean by Baby Girl which is absolutlely HORRIBLE! But, this does smell better than that. lol. It just doesn't do it for me. Miami Glow and Still are better.

  • STACEY07/30/2005

    I have dozens of fragrances and this is the one I wear most often. I also receive tons of compliments every time I spritz some on.

  • ASHLEY07/10/2005

    the new j.lo miami glow was even better then the 1st one. it last a long time and is sweet and good smelling

  • NESSA06/29/2005


  • MARRIBELLE06/27/2005

    You must have more money than brains. Why on god's green earth would you put this on a kitty cat? Whoa wait a minute I got it now. Nevermind.

  • MICHELLE06/12/2005

    Nicer than the first Glow. Uncomplicated, sweet, happy kind of fragrance. Lasting power is not great, but the fragrance itself is nice.


    I like putting this fragrance on my kitty cat. She smells so pretty it chases all the fleas away! The dogs just sneeze and leave pretty kitty alone!

  • CHRISTI06/09/2005

    Smells really nice. Soft and pretty. I love it.

  • CARRY06/06/2005

    smells like watter from a jar full of dead roses not even 1

  • JOY05/30/2005

    It's wonderful, you really feel fresh-sexy-clean. One of my favorites.

  • RACHEL05/28/2005

    This is the perfume i use it's excellent strong smell and it keeps the smell strong also started her own clothing line.

  • GLENDA05/19/2005

    A coworker was wearing it and I loved it!!! As soon as I got off work I went shopping to buy it. I just LOVE the clean fresh smell

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Wanted to love it, but I don't. It smells like bug spray on me. Funny thing though, Walmart sells an imposter called Sensuale which is a copy of Glow, and I LOVE it!! Can't figure that out.

  • J04/27/2005

    If you like Musk oils then this may be your thing..Oils dont smell the same on everyone..I personally felt like I smelled like a hot sweaty fart. I totally hated it.

  • LELY04/22/2005

    It is not horrible but...I think Glow was made with Soap!

  • MANDY04/17/2005

    This is one of the most yummy perfumes! I really so good! When I put it on, I feel fresh-sexy-clean!!!!!! Woooow, go and GLOW!!!!

  • RISA04/04/2005

    I bought it for mom. It was a sexy smell but I want to walk away when I smell it. It's just too strong for me.

  • PHATGERL04/01/2005

    I can't decide if I want to buy the larger bottle or not. I have a small bottle, because I am always buying perfume, anywhere, any place. I'm nuts about perfume. I like the soapy scent it has on MY skin. on MY skin, it does indeed smell soapy & clean. It isn't floral or fruity or even like traditional perfume scents. I'm undecided. I did get a "mmm, you smell nice" comment, and the person was also undecided if I was just showered fresh or if that could really be a perfume. It's, soapy and clean, and that can be handy too.

  • ANA03/31/2005

    first I though would be yammy , just because jlo its gorgeous , but when i tried on my wrist , after a few minutes i felt like having headache , very bad smelling , sorry jennifer u beautifull , but ur perfume its awfull :( yeca

  • SUZANNE03/16/2005

    A male co-worker came up behind me and smelled my neck, and said damn, woman you smell goooooood!

  • NINAR03/12/2005

    Seriously one of the worst perfumes I've ever smelled. In the bottle or on the skin. It's just bad. It smells like a little kid who put on all of mommies perfumes at the same time.

  • NICOLE03/08/2005

    this repulses me to no end! gives me a headache, and makes me want to literally get away from it. I love perfume and can be around them all day. But this seems to repell me, it's just awful. And it's got nothing to do with liking or hating jlo, I could care less about her. The perfume is bad!

  • PERFUMELOVER03/06/2005

    I know this is partially in reference to another perfume but I wanted to note I was surprised by the Jennifer Lopez glo perfumes..... I'm not particularly a fan of celebrity perfumes preferring instead to choose perfumes artisitically inspired by parfumeurs..... simple ones OR complicated ones (I.E. I love Demeter and some French perfume houses)...... however I was delightfully surprised by the glos...... the "Glo" is nice but the miami glos is awesome! I don't think you have it or they have it listed on this site yet..... hard to describe but smells exactly like a sweaty sexy night club in a tropical place with lots of sexy people...... whether they look sexy or not they'd look a little sexier with this perfume...... warm and hard to pin down...... something tropical...... nice...... It comes in a bottle that looks like a suntan and that's very appropriate!!!! I'll add an average or good rating for "Glo" because it was nice but glo miami gets my excellent rating!!!!! Go out and find it if you like sexy fragrances...... this would also be a great one to get before summer breaks out! You'd love it this summer!

  • SCOUT10003/01/2005

    Now, I don't like the original fragrance at all, but if you get the chance, try Miami Glow. It's really good-surprised the heck out of me! Reminds me a bit of Angel.

  • T02/25/2005

    I love this perfuem. I received it as a Christmas gift and I absolutely love the scent. It stays with you all day and it's not a strong, knock you down scent. I would love to try the Miami Glow, but I can never find it.

  • BEKAH02/20/2005

    While this is not the worst perfume I have ever smelled it is definitely not the best. My mother loves it; however, I have found most men do not. Both my husband and my sister's husband do not like this. I believe it is too overpowering and the notes are just to pungent.

  • EMERALDGIRL02/09/2005

    I love florals, but none that are too, well "sweet". I like florals with a little kick in them, like a great mix of florals or strong florals. I like musk, but nothing too strong. This perfume is the perfect mix of floral and musk. Romantic, but not too flowery, musky, but not too strong.

  • KEISHA01/12/2005

    This scent is great. When I put the lotion on and hold hands w/ my boyfriend, he cant stop smelling his hand!! He is in love w/ it, it drives him crazy! Its perfect for going to the club, guaranteed this scent will get you noticed!!! Love it!

  • LOS12/31/2004

    Extremely sexy and a pure clean smell which I love on a woman. (Yes I'm a male!)

  • LEELEE12/26/2004

    it smelled good in the magazine ad but when i bought it, i was disappointed. it really stinks.

  • LAURA12/07/2004

    I really didn't want to believe that this perfume could be worth the money, but I actually accidentally tried it and without knowing what perfume it was liked it!

  • JAN11/26/2004

    the smell is soapy fresh and its nice for the 10 minutes you have it on but then it just smells cheap.

  • TANYA11/19/2004


  • KORINNE11/18/2004

    I have to disagree with Theresa. I love Glow!! It smells light and fresh. Like you just got out of the shower! My fiance loves it right along with her newest fragrance, Still. I think she's doing and awesome job producing new perfume. You glow Girl!!

  • TLD11/14/2004

    I really love this and was disappointed to learn that so many people on here hate it! I think it's wonderfully clean and fresh and so original - it doesn't try to copy other parfumes out there. It's a new type of scent for women who like fresh and modern perfumes!

  • JASMINE11/04/2004

    One of my friends has the perfume so I decided to try a spray. I find the scent is a bit cheap smelling. I really didn't like the way it smelled on me or how it smelled in the bottle. I tried to wash it off my wrist, but I was stuck with the scent for a couple of hours. I have a feeling that most women buy it because it has Jennifer Lopez's name on it. Some people's explanations of how it smells like B.O or other nasty things are just exagerating their dislike to still smells like perfume...just not a very nice one.

  • TAZ10/31/2004

    This is my favourite perfume. It's so clean and fresh. It smells like just stepping out of a clean shower. I wore it on holiday to Spain and it reminds me of my holiday every time I wear it. I love it!

  • KAREN10/20/2004

    i love this scent. It's refreshing and smells great. My friends are always asking what that scent is and i say it's J.Lo. My friends have to agree that it smells great. I love it. Thanx J.Lo!!!!

  • TERESA10/13/2004

    this perfume smells really nice(i have to admit)

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/12/2004

    This smells like expensive shower gel and soap. It smells fresh and clean but is the wrong kind of smell for perfume. I don't agree with some of the things that people have written on this page about it though, like it smells like a roast dinner or sweaty bodies... I don't think it's quite that bad!

  • GINA10/02/2004

    I don't really care if JLo had the scent created or if she copied it from a fragrance called Rain. It smells wonderful regardless. I get tons of compliments. Remember ladies fragrance is a pref. what smells good to me and reacts with my body chemistry may not smell good to you or work chemically for you.

  • SUSAN09/29/2004

    I bought this on a whim, I usually stay away from celebrity perfumes like this, but wow was i pleasantly surprised! Its got a sweet, musky, yet very fresh scent, kinda a soapy dry down. I hate old lady pepper perfumes, this is definately not one of them. Its soft and fresh, I love it

  • INDERIKA09/15/2004

    Glow is a wonderful fragrance. EVERY time I wear it I get multiple compliments and inquiries. I think people who don't care for Jennifer Lopez, the celebrity, are negatively biased against this scent. That's just plain silly.

  • TEIGEN09/09/2004

    I really like this fragrance, it's sparkling-clean and unique, like a fresh shower.

  • ROSARIO09/08/2004

    Glow is one of the sexiest fragrances that my nostrils have ever had the pleasure of smelling. It is simply intoxicating.

  • MARY09/03/2004

    It has a nice, clean, fresh scent. But whenever I wear it, I can't help feeling like a teenager. I don't wear it anymore.

  • JODIE 09/02/2004

    I am still bewildered that someone as stylish and cosmo as J-Lo would actually create, proudly promote, and sell such a horrendous smelling bottle of hot trash. It smells a little like garbage burning or body odor after a long run in the sweltering heat.

  • STACE07/25/2004

    not a fan of jennifer, but glow is my fave. smells clean, classy, youthful. not old lady stuff.

  • SILEY07/05/2004

    IMO it's an old lady, overly soapy scent which isn't sexy at all and 4 women without personality.

  • BMARIE06/24/2004

    I've heard that she based this fragrance on an old favorite from years ago called "China White"

  • TALULA06/21/2004

    I'm sorry, but, I wouldn't describe J LO as "Fresh", more like, she has been "around" the block! As for the scent... With all its BLING, it ain't got that THING!!!

  • AG06/05/2004

    It's so bad I can't imagine how It could win a Fifi Award. I thik it's for those, who like J.Lo and not perfumes...

  • IRIS05/21/2004

    Wow, I never smell a perfume like this! It's really sexy, my boyfriend loves me more if I wear it! Haha! he say's: now jou glow just as Jennifer Lo.

  • MANDY05/21/2004

    And this is my favourite frangrance. It's fresh, sexy, clean!! as jennifer herself! It's nice after the shower...and other moments when jou're feeling fresh, and sexy! Thank you, jennifer, THANK YOU! I loooove this fragrance most! and... there is a shower gel, a body-lotion, a cream with glitters, AND even a glow-kit [I have it already! YES!] with a lipgloss-duo, a blush, a eyeshadow-duo, and the glow-fragrance in it!!!! So you can be as beautiful like jennifer NOW! And I say it again: Thank you, Jennie from the block!

  • STEPHANIE C.05/19/2004

    I thought that the perfume was sexy and sweet smelling... I mean yeh she is probably making way to much money and she is probably turning to a(I think I am the hottest chic on the planet type b***h) but can we blame her!

  • NIKKI05/18/2004

    I can't believe anyone would wear this fragrance. It smells horrible. I wonder if Jennifer Lopez smelled it before she agreed to sell it.

  • JAYDEE05/12/2004

    Glow smells very fresh and clean. I suppose it does have a certain soap-y aspect to it, but that is what makes it a clean smelling scent. I don't particularly like Jennifer Lopez, but this scent is really nice.

  • BETH04/30/2004

    My daughter wears this ( high school) The only thing I can say good about the scent is that no boy would want to go near her.

  • SONYA04/15/2004

    Glow is very unique and sexy. I get compliments whenever I wear it. It's one of my all time favorites!

  • PULURETTA04/09/2004

    I thought this smelled like bath soap. Not great, not terrible- just soap.

  • MARLENA04/09/2004

    I tried this on at the perfume counter and although smelled "sweet" on first try--the afterscent upon wearing it for a while made me want to run straight for the shower!

  • STELLA04/09/2004

    Glow smells like a cooked dinner. Meat and potatoes kind...which of course smells good when you're hungry, but not so great on the gal sitting next to you. Certainly not for me...

  • ELIZABETH03/26/2004

    I really love this scent. You always feel shower fresh when you wear this scent. I used to wear Body Shop White Musk which is similar to GLOW, but I like GLOW better. For girly girls, this scent is for you....for more masculine type girls........wear CK one.

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    I can´t understand why so many like it. Me and my friend we received samples of glow and we both thought it would smell like toilette spray. In my opinion it smells awfull and is not worth the price.

  • DOROTHY LEEANNA02/19/2004

    smells good after you wear for a while

  • KATARINA02/13/2004

    i love the smell i got it right when it got out and i'm not sorry for spending that much money i love that smell i think its the best

  • LIBERTY02/12/2004

    Oh, I can't even begin to say how horrible this stuff is. I'm convinced that alot of women buy this just because Jennifer Lopez's name is attached to it. It smells like that cheap Jean Nate garbage. Avoid it.

  • MELH02/12/2004

    When I first saw the bottle I wanted to try it, but I felt quite disappointed. It’s not soooo bad, but it’s cheap! It seems a cheap perfume from local market or powder soap to wash clothes.

  • JEAN02/11/2004

    i really like it.. it smell really good

  • MAXX02/07/2004

    This is a really lovley fragrance. It's young and fresh and just ....lovley and fresh and clean smelling. I highly recemmend this.

  • GINA02/06/2004

    It's a very nice fresh scent it nice and soft. I will buy abottle again

  • MARIMO01/29/2004

    Smells very pretty, but doesn't last on me. I'll try Casual by Paul Sebastian, and see if that will last longer.

  • VONNIE01/26/2004

    This is one of my favorite perfumes. For the record, it does not smell like Egyptian Musk. Both fragrances smell heavenly, but not alike.

  • SIOUXSIE01/24/2004

    This perfume smells like ACETONE!! Ewww :(

  • LEAH01/21/2004

    UGH - smells awful, like rotten bathroom freshener that's been tainted with the odor of dead things

  • BRITNEY01/11/2004

    This is absolutely one of the best fragrances for the new Year. It is really soft, sexy, clean. Just like JLO claimed. Worth every penny. If anyone doesn't like it and have purchased it, please send it to me or anyone else who likes this scent!

  • M.D.01/09/2004

    First of all your name is retarded. And obviously your taste in perfume is adolescent, and you need to fuck off

  • HAMPWIFE01/09/2004

    this perfume smells pretty!!!!!!!!!

  • JSTAGRL01/06/2004

    It's a nice freshy scent, very feminine....I ran out a month ago but probably won't buy another bottle...I will buy a bottle of her Still though, which is gorgeous!

  • ERIN12/31/2003

    Light, powdery, musky fragrance that stays on throughout the day. Worth the money. Cool bottle too. Gift set comes with shower gel and lotion, which is nice.

  • THURST12/30/2003

    This is the best fragrance on the market!! I wear it everyday and love the clean scent. Its not heavy like most perfumes!! I hope they make this for a long time!!!

  • LISA12/29/2003

    Let me just say I'm not a big Jennifer Lopez fan- she's just okay IMO- but this scent is great. When you want a clean, stepped out of the shower, not going to bug anyone scent that still allures and actually lasts- this is the one. I am not too crazy about the bottle because it reminds me of her clothes line- but that isn't that important to me. Give it a try on your skin. It's really quite nice. I had my friend smell it on me when she didn't know what it was and she said "wow"..then I said it was Glow by J.Lo and took a different tone. Maybe it's just the persona people can't get over. Don't overlook the scent because of it.

  • JESSICA12/27/2003

    anyone who is familiar with perfume oils will know that glow is a blatent rip- off of egyptian musk-only j.lo's version smells like hairspray! i used a sample and got a nasty headache,yes it smells clean,but do i want to smell like cleaning detergent? NO!!!

  • SKYPOD12/21/2003

    I only wish it was less expensive.

  • ALEX12/19/2003

    Awfully cheap scent. Although some think it's sexy, being a man I find it offensive and close to a bathroom air freshener. Poor women who wear this. And poor men who have to smell their women wearing this.

  • ROSA12/11/2003

    I actually bought this perfume from a didn't smell too good on her, but it smells wonderful on me. I love all depends on your body chemisty.

  • TRISHA M.12/08/2003


  • PELIN12/06/2003

    I am a j.lo fan but i hate this perfume it smells bad only the bottle looks nice

  • SHERRY12/03/2003

    I found this scent to be superb. It smells good on me. Makes me feel feminine.

  • SUSIE11/30/2003

    I love the smell, and my husband goes crazy over it. That makes it a winner for me!

  • JANET 11/29/2003

    I think it excellent

  • MILENA11/29/2003

    Glow is cheap and soapy scent. It smells excellent for the first time, but when you compare it with some other light scent you see that it is not special at all. When you spray it on your skin it becomes really strong and soapy. After few minutes it becomes nice, but it fades away. Glow is like "unfinished job". Like it has only the base of light scent and some soapy note that does not match that light note. It does not smell that horrible, but I thought that perfume by J.Lo. would be more unique. Bottle is very nice.

  • CELINE11/28/2003

    My mother smelled it in a department shop and amazed by the ways in which it genuinely stinks. I personally think the most appropriate word of description is 'fishy'

  • CHRISSY11/25/2003

    Glow is a pretty..powdery almost soapy type of scent. I cant say that I didnt like it. Its pretty. But I do have to say it really is not complex and doesnt last. When I tested it you can bearly smell it after about 10 minutes. I suppose that chemistry can play a part. But I really just find it an okay scent. Maybe a nice choice if you like something simple and light..or for someone just starting out with fragrance. Probably a nice scent for very young girls. Not over the top.Try it for yourself and see how it wears on you. For me I like a little more bang for my buck in a scent.

  • AMAN PERSPECTIVE11/14/2003


  • MANDY11/06/2003

    I do not like this perfume. My friend has it, it smells funny... everytime I smell someone wearing it, I get a headache. I realllly don't like it, but that's personal opinion!

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    Smells fishy I think...

  • ISABELLE10/28/2003

    All I want to say is Jenny your the best we grew up together and your dream came true being a star you are more then a star don't care what other people have to say there is to many jelousy and go ahead keep your wedding a secret keep in touch ---- jersey Glow + sTILL THE BEST GRAT SMELL

  • ISABEL10/22/2003

    I grew up in the bronx went to school with J.LO we are both p.ricans and we are proud and I just want to say that i want top give my best wishes to her and tell her never to forget me especially ben will see both of you for easter lova ya go ahead girl keep your a wedding a secret to many jelous people... And both colognes are the best

  • TRISH 10/20/2003


  • RENEE BISHOP10/08/2003

    I think it's Awesome. Soft and Sexy. I have a great Ideal for a gift set item if I'm contacted.

  • LENA DE RUITER10/04/2003


  • ALYSSA09/28/2003

    As controversial as this fragrance is, I would say it is one of the best fragrances on the market. It is soft and soapy clean. I've almost finished my first bottle, and that is rare because I often get tired of a fragrance and end up giving it away to my friends. This is a wonderful scent. Sort of smells like Body Shop White Musk, but I like it a whole lot better. It is different from all the other fragrances out in the market right now.......bravo!!

  • ALYSSA09/28/2003

    As controversial as this fragrance is, I would say it is one of the best fragrances on the market. It is soft and soapy clean. I've almost finished my first bottle, and that is rare because I often get tired of a fragrance and end up giving it away to my friends. This is a wonderful scent. Sort of smells like Body Shop White Musk, but I like it a whole lot better. It is different from all the other fragrances out in the market right now.......bravo!!

  • ALYSSA09/28/2003

    As controversial as this fragrance is, I would say it is one of the best fragrances on the market. It is soft and soapy clean. I've almost finished my first bottle, and that is rare because I often get tired of a fragrance and end up giving it away to my friends. This is a wonderful scent. Sort of smells like Body Shop White Musk, but I like it a whole lot better. It is different from all the other fragrances out in the market right now.......bravo!!

  • ALYSSA09/28/2003

    As controversial as this fragrance is, I would say it is one of the best fragrances on the market. It is soft and soapy clean. I've almost finished my first bottle, and that is rare because I often get tired of a fragrance and end up giving it away to my friends. This is a wonderful scent. Sort of smells like Body Shop White Musk, but I like it a whole lot better. It is different from all the other fragrances out in the market right now.......bravo!!

  • ALYSSA09/28/2003

    As controversial as this fragrance is, I would say it is one of the best fragrances on the market. It is soft and soapy clean. I've almost finished my first bottle, and that is rare because I often get tired of a fragrance and end up giving it away to my friends. This is a wonderful scent. Sort of smells like Body Shop White Musk, but I like it a whole lot better. It is different from all the other fragrances out in the market right now.......bravo!!

  • MANDY09/26/2003

    glow has been the best perfume of the year i love it because i feel like i just took a shower, i feel very clean, fresh, sexy the aroma is soft i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  • TRISH09/25/2003


  • IVELISSE09/24/2003

    J-Lo you did great. I like it I get compliments everywhere I go when I wear it. As a matter of fact I'm on my 2nd bottle.

  • SHAY09/23/2003

    Fresh, clean, and flirty scent. Shouts femininity.

  • LRL09/21/2003

    I have to say that I have been reading some of these mess. Do people not realize that when you were perfume. It doesn't smell the same on everyone. There is alot of perfumes that you smell from the bottle or when you first put it on it does not smell good. You have to try it first. Don't judge a book by it's cover. For me this stuff smells good on me. Everyone askes me al the time what are you wearing it smells good. So just cause your body rejects this scent. Don't hate on it.

  • MOLLIE09/15/2003

    I can't believe how AWFUL this smells - hah!! My 1st impression: cheap, old, scary perfume. I wouldn't bother posting this unless it was REEELIE BADD, and it IS!

  • ROHANNA DAHN09/12/2003

    hey, i love j-lo and i love her glow perfume.soon as it came to the market my lover man jay it for me i will forever be a true fan of hers..xoxoxo lisa

  • LL09/03/2003

    I am 25 years old and wear this all of the time.....I can't imagine an old woman smelling like this (as someone described before). All of my young friends wear this and it is perfect, young and trendy!

  • AMY L09/03/2003

    I LOVE this scent! I wear it ALOT more than my other scents in the summer and everytime I wear it, I am always told how good I smell or get asked "What are you wearing? You smell so good!" For all of you "Glow Haters", feel free to send your bottle to me! I will gladly continue to wear it and LOVE it!

  • KELL08/31/2003

    It smells like a musky trashy scent. Not flattering or suitable for a black woman like me.

  • GLOW LOVER08/23/2003

    I LOVE this scent, it is so clean fresh, and you feel all pink and feminine all over. I've used many scents over the years, this is the first one I've been hooked on for over 2 weeks, and I have'nt worn anything else. The scent is clean and simple, I gets compliments from men and woment...........they say it sort of smells like white musk...but even nicer.

  • H.08/19/2003

    Are we talking about the fragrance or J Lo?!?! ... and did "GLOW" beat out "Angel" for the most comments? ... anyway ... it is close to China Rain ... but China Rain's awesome ... and so what ... a lot of fragrances smell like others ... I smelled it on a woman at the store and it smelled "GOOD" ... clean, fresh ... pretty ... the drydown, in my opinion, is "NICE" ... if it doesn't smell good on you ... I guess don't wear it ...

  • J08/17/2003

    One of my favorites, not a strong scent but very clean and attractive.

  • ELIZABETH08/17/2003

    I think I finally found it. It is wonderful. It is so feminine, and pink. Like a white rose begging for you to get closer and smell it. I'm not crazy about JLO, but truth be told this is an excellent fragrance. It is different from all the fruity, white lily, transparent fragrances out there. It makes you feel like a girly girl, and I'm 37 years old. I got a great deal a kit with a denim shoulder bag, body lotion which is to die for and the 50 ml EDT. I can't wait to use it!

  • GRACE08/14/2003

    It doesn't smell bad but it reminds me of my grandma or a way a mother should smell. Very soft. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone under 30. but for those over 30 its a good scent.

  • READ ME08/10/2003

    Buy Glow it smells fresh and sexy. And for all you people who say this is cheap stuff. Jlo spent millions of dollars to bring this to you. If you dont like it then dont post a negative message and dont buy this perfume it leaves more for considerate people. Ha.

  • CMW.08/10/2003

    J.Lo what have you done?!? This perfume REALLY stinks!!! *blehhh*!!! It smells like I just immersed myself in cheap soapy water or something!!! I tried it on the back of my hand at the mall today and for the whole night I couldn't stop wishing to wash it off!!! just bad!!! :(

  • MARGIE07/30/2003

    I just ordered a vial size from another site. If you girls want to try a great fragrance try Elizabeth Taylors Black Pearls or Passion. They are both best sellers

  • DANIELLE07/12/2003

    It smells like cheap deodorant soap. It is a very flat and boring fragrance. My husband hated it. He said it smelled like cheap perfume. I wouldn't recommend this one.

  • DENISE07/12/2003

    I don't like the way it smells. Yuck.

  • ANNIE07/08/2003

    Hi! so you are saying that this scent glow is a copy of a scent made by body times ? iam just curious .

  • ANNIE07/08/2003

    Glow does smell good but not worthy the money .I mean it smells like bodylotion or a bodycream .

  • DARLA07/05/2003

    All I can stay is that Glow smells like cheap. When I first put it on, I thought I just sprayed some type of cleanser on myself. Not at all attractive. Never again will I wear this!

  • CINDY07/05/2003

    The first time I put on this scent I thought it smelled horrible! Everyone, please save your money and spend it on perfume of quality and don't waste your money on crap like Glow by J.Lo.

  • JOHN07/03/2003

    This scent is really unique. It has a sweet floral smell to it, and it is fresh and clean. I love thisscent on women.

  • CRISSY07/02/2003

    Thanks Jennifer.

  • CRISSY07/02/2003

    So, I hear it smells like "soapy dish water", "cheap drugstore-farmacy brand stuff", "big'ol green soaps", "Lisol & Pinesol"? amongst other cleaning detergents, "air spray", "funneral homes"? oh, and also "bug sprays and insecticides", not to mention "laundry detergent" and "old ladies", by the way not one of my 3 great aunts smell like this and neither does my gramma nor do my two old lady neighbors down the street. LOL! Some say it resembles other parfumes like "Jessica Mcclintock", "China Rain", Sweet Honesty". Where have i been? I am now on a mission to smell "China Rain" & "Sweet Honesty", but in my opinion Jessica Mcclintock stinks something awfull, so; "Jessica, I'm very dissapointed in you and you could've done a better and more sophisticated fragrance 'cuz I didn't like it." ............ No parfume smells the same on everyone, and sometimes a parfume smells different in summer than it does in winter, it also makes a difference if you live in a tropical climate. Your nose and hummor have a lot to do with it too. Some time ago my sister had told me she had tried "Glow" and hated it. I hadn't smelled it yet, and at the time I had my eye on "Arden Beauty" and with it's purchase i got two free samples of "Glow". Next day i ran back to the store for a big bottle. Later that week my sister asked me "You smell great, what is that?" So i whiped out "Glow" and she sprayed some on herself. No wonder she hated it. she was right. It DID stink on her after an hour or so. But everyone agreed it smelled great on me! So maybe it's not for everyone, like everything else in life. After all, i love the smell of diesel, gassoline and the smoke from blown out matches. I LOVE GLOW! P.S. Would all you "Glow" haters out there kindly send your bottles to me?

  • SUSAN06/18/2003

    Yes, I'm a hater. I tried the perfume with an open mind, and, to me, it smelled like Lemon Pledge. My perfume saleswoman at Filene's said that women 16-24 y.o. flocked to buy Glow, handing over their $50 without even trying it on. Then, I heard J. Lo COPIED Body Time's China Rain (renaming it "Glow"), which she used to order by the pound! I'm surprised Body Time isn't suing her, too. Oh well, she'll get hers. Tee hee!

  • ASHLEY06/14/2003

    i love this perfume you should definetly buy it!!!!

  • JANIE06/06/2003

    I really like this fragrance. It's not too overpowering. It makes you feel all pink and pretty.

  • LLOZ06/05/2003

    this just smells like suntan oil, The original Coppertone to be exact. It just has a superstar name and a pretty bottle.

  • DEVIN06/04/2003

    I'm not a J. Lo fan, so I'm not defending her. I was very surprised when I smelled this - it's very nice. I didn't think it smelled cheap at all. It was light, clean, complex, floral, & mysterious. I thought I detected gardenia, I'm not sure. What struck me, i.e. what made the strongest impression was that this was intensely feminine. I figured maybe the women would want more male perspective, or maybe not. Either way, this guy likes Glow very much.

  • TINA06/02/2003

    Hey J-Lo I watch everything about you and I just adore you especially your new video and maid in manhanttan. But when I smelled your new cologne it surprised me, the fragrance smelled almost like a bug repellent with not even a sweet smell or a diva scent. The person that created that scent for you did a horrible, horrible job. I know it was not you and that you wer busy. But if I were you I would come out with another frangrance and let the people who does Thierry Mugler put together a scent for you. usually want everything you touch, but this scent I will not touch and it's not because of you, but it smells like a insecticide. Get your money back J-lo they got over on you! I'm a big supporter. I'm suprised that your sister's didn't tell you. Do not wear that for Ben, he will leave you girl.

  • KELL06/01/2003

    This smells cheap and it stinks something awful. It smells like a fragrance from K-Mart or Wallmart.

  • YOULONDA05/27/2003

    my rating is just on the perfume. Ratings should have nothing to do with if you like J. Lo or not. I enjoyed this perfume very much. If you enjoy florals you should buy this perfume. One downfall is that it does not last as long as you would like for it to.

  • GENER05/27/2003

    J. Lo's glow can't compete with the real original. Glow was really introduced by Terri Williamson and then J. Lo and Hillfiger's brother stole the name.

  • ALEXANDRA05/26/2003

    It is a sweet flat fragrance with no middle or base notes. Smells similar to many cheap fragrances.

  • VANILLALION05/25/2003

    I had to be open minded since I'm not a "J Lo" fan by any means but I love the soapy-clean fresh scent which is light and not overpowering.

  • MOI05/20/2003

    take it easy, i don't think anybody is commenting J.Lo personally, this is a parfueme site and i comment her parfueme as well as i'd comment a christian dior perfueme. don't really have an opinion on her as a person, i tried the parfueme and didn't like it...

  • RENAE JONES05/20/2003

    needs a more oil base so it can stay on longer and stronger, I love it

  • PIA05/19/2003

    So what! So her fragrance is not ppppperfect! At least she has the money do do whatever she wants. I was given a small sample vial at Macy's with a purchase and I thought "this would be a good fragrance for young women, not for me though, this is an innocent and youthful fragrance. Give Ms. Lopez some respect at least she has made a name for herself in the world right? That is why she is a star and we are just posting comments on her perfume on this site. Don't like her fragrance take it back!

  • MOI05/19/2003

    it smelles like those old time soaps, you know big green ones. the worst fragnance ever. nice bottle though.

  • SANDY05/16/2003

    I love the scent but it fades far too quickly.

  • SILVY05/04/2003

    super-cheap smelling

  • KARINA05/01/2003

    if this is how a diva smells like i'm staying plain jane! Smells like funeral parlor flowers that fades to soapy dish water!

  • MARY04/30/2003

    I LOVE this fragrance!!! I'd give it 10 stars if I could!! I think that the reason why most people say that they don't like it, it's just because of its creator, that's all! Just because a lot of people don't like J.Lo, then they criticize her perfume as well. I have never been a fan of J.Lo's, although I do like a couple of her songs, but that's it..I don't even own any of her cds, but yet when I first smelled Glow I was in heaven! I could not believe how much I liked it!! I had to have a bottle of it and fast! So that's why I just bought myself the biggest bottle of Glow that I could find! I think it's a very good fragrance, and if only people would give it a try with a more open mind, then they'd realize what a great perfume Glow really is!! It smells so pretty, so very clean!! It reminds me of violets....I'm very happy I read the comments on Glow here on this website...yeah...because I did exactly the opposite!! heheh lol..thank you girls for helping me finding one of the best scents I've ever owned!!!

  • HMM04/25/2003

    The first time I smelled it, the first thought that came to my mind was "mosquito repellent", perhaps b/c I had a bug repellent that smelled similar to this (smells are so closely linked to memory that one can't help certain images from popping into one's mind). So I thought I'd give it another try later. Tried it on a tester and thought it smelled soapy. But still couldn't get the image of bug repellent out of my head. Conclusion - has the potential to smell pleasant on some people, but it's not spectacular, and not for me.

  • KSRF04/24/2003

    I was a bit skeptical about her fragrance, but I must admit is clean and fresh smelling. Perfect for Spring and Summer!

  • KID ZENITH04/23/2003

    This scent smells like j-lo's career, synthetic, a media creation. Ladies please buy something befitting your status, don't take after j-lo. By the way doesn't her figure resemble a bowling pin, that caboose. Used to have a little now j'lo's got alot...

  • JUDY04/22/2003

    you are 100% right!soapy water the worst thing ever people buy it because they thing they'll get a butt like her's???not pretty either

  • I WILL NOT RATE IT04/20/2003

    It is cheap soap water, that don't deserves to be rated. I wonder what will she sell next just to get more money-some people simply don't have taste.

  • ELLIE04/20/2003

    I'm definetly no Jennifer Lopez-fan, but I do like this scent. I don't think its "cheap" and I think its a little silly that some of you actually belives that the lady herself has employed cheap labour to put out this scent. The scent is developed and selled by Lancaster and they uses her name and picture (with her good approval and by paying for it). She hasn't boiled the brew herself, okey? So, the matter of if its a good scent or not should be discussed without the fact that it has her name on it and that its her face in the ads. THe secnt is ok and I'll wear it. The lady is not my favourite but that's not important when it comes to perfume. I'd like it even if it was Glow by Saddam.

  • LYNNE04/18/2003

    I have to say I am a little dissappointed in the fragrance. I put it on in the store and thought it was great. It was at the top of my Christmas list. However, after i got it and wore regularly, it took on this sweet/sicky smell. I must agree with some others and say it smells like a drugstore brand of cologne. Sorry!

  • ROCIO ACOSTA04/17/2003

    Glow well i really love this one my, father gave it to me for christmas, jlo good job you are so pretty so pretty dont let no one get you down, good luck in everything you do god bless you girl, your fan rocio a .

  • CHRYSTINA04/17/2003

    I thought i was the only one who thought the bottle resembled jennifers odd figure. The bottle shape is so funky and strange. I also think this whole J-Lo *hype* thing is warping peoples' judgment. --Glow smells cheap and not at all sheer and clean. it's all hollywood bull. any sophisticated adult can see that. ---leave Glow to the faithful fans.

  • P-DUDDLY DOOFIS04/14/2003

    The shape of the bottle is like j-low, slim up top and wide on tha bottom. Fast forward 10 years and the shape would be if modeled after j to the l to the low (that is in diamonds by the way) and look like an old wine flask. yea lookin tooooo good ain't ya...

  • MENA04/13/2003

    I like JLo´s fragance. I have a wide variety of perfumes and I have to say that it smells good on me though it doesnt smell good on my sister since she has different pigments on her skin. I think that why so many of you dont like it, the pigmentation of your skin doesnt blend with the scent. =)

  • JULIE RAMOS .04/12/2003


  • BE694204/10/2003

    wish it could have been a little fades too soon but she has done very good if you look for fresh clean and sweet all that J Lo is.. she is so innocent and sweet what else could we expect now she needs a real deep fragrance for her sexy side :) we know she 's got one come J Lo lets dig deep!

  • ELLIZA04/08/2003

    this disappears on me. i can barely smell it on sample cards, even. what i DO smell is a sort of soapy, gentle floral. if tons of people are wearing it (and given sales figures and J LO prominence, i suspect they are) at least it doesn't have the elevator-killer stink power of Giorgio, Fendi, Magic Noire, or Jontue, those 70's/80's fragrances. i've never noticed it in an elevator yet, or if i have, it was just pleasant background.

  • LYNN04/07/2003

    I really love this it smells fresh , clean and sexy just like the ad says.I was so prepared not to like it but, when I sniff the magazine strip I just loved it and became obessed with it until I finally bought a large bottle of it.It is my favorite perfume.

  • MARY04/05/2003

    I've been reading negative comments about how j.lo has bad taste and all. She release a fragrance and if u like or not it's ur choice. People have different reactions to different things. There are more products that uses copies scents u can find in walgreens that are 50 to 70 dallors at macys. So just give her a break would ya.

  • MICHELE03/27/2003

    My rating has gone up since I smelled this on someone else and took the plunge and bought it! This fragrance engulfs you and those near to you. Its magnetic! And, its UPLIFTING!!

  • ROSA 03/21/2003

    I don't think it smells all that good. I think she could of done way better than that. But I like the bottle.

  • DOESN'T MATTER03/21/2003

    So what if it has her name? It's really B A D! Next time soap-free perfume please, and J.Lo. don't put yourself where you don't belong. I agree, "nothing" perfume with a "celebrity" name. It is not a perfume, it is cheap soap-probably fom her block. Next time, while experts are designing a perfume stay there (in block).

  • SICK OF IT! 03/19/2003

    "It is probably in perfume. That's why it smeels so "clean", just like body after shower. I was going to make a perfume, my job was almost finished, I went to wash up my hands, so my soap felt into a perfume. Sorry. It won't happen again. Sincerely yours J.Lo." Milena

  • CRISTI03/17/2003

    This smells like drugstore junk.

  • M03/11/2003

    Very, very nice perfume, remind me on a childhood, I love it.

  • MIKYFREAKY03/08/2003


  • PEB03/07/2003

    ive sniffed a lot of fragrance and i think it smells like jessica mcclintock.

  • MELISSA03/04/2003

    I thought is was great and soft smelling. Not an overpowering perfume. I like it a lot!!

  • M.J.03/01/2003

    I tried this scent and I loved it. When I first sprayed it, it seemed kind of harsh and medicinal, but once it dried down,it was fabulous.It's very fresh and clean smelling,in my opinion, and I received lots of compliments on it. It smells on my skin exactly how J.Lo described it,like fresh, clean skin warmed by the heat of your body.At least it does on me.

  • CINDY03/01/2003

    Got this for Christmas and it's disappointing. Accidently sprayed this on a sweater and my sweater took on a sweet sickly smell until it was washed out. I'd pass on this one.

  • CHRISTINA03/01/2003

    No good.

  • ASHLEY03/01/2003

    I like j.lo but her perfume is not it's money's worth and it only last for like 2 hours.Thought it was going to be good so i bought this product and take from me this is not worth buying.Dont buy it for it's name because it dosent even smell that great and it dosent last.I hope i can take my bottle back to the store!

  • ANA02/28/2003

    This smells like soap and it dosen't last.

  • HATERADE02/28/2003

    Glow at first smells good but the real test comes in with it smelling good on the skin. For me it just doesnt work. It is not refinned enough for my taste. I am very picky abiout my perfume. And I agree with Michelle, I am sick of Jennifer Lopez also.

  • TEE02/27/2003

    smells like old ladies talcom powder!! (yuck)

  • BRITTNEE 02/26/2003

    Citrusy like the carpet cleaner I have that removes cat pee. Or even this oven cleaner. Like the "orange" hand cleaner for mechanics. Eww..... J Lo really made a bad first impression for her fragrance line.

  • ARIZONAGIRL02/25/2003

    This fragrance has a intoxicating floral scent, then as an "undertone", as they call in the perfume world, a luxurious vanilla/citrus combo. I love it! Can't get enough of it!! Smells sooo feminine.

  • MICHELE02/24/2003

    I can't stand the stuff. Smells like a catbox. If Glow were decent, wouldn't this perfume have a higher rating? I don't see negative comments about Naomi Campbell or her fragrances. I can't blame anyone in here for disliking J. Low or whatever her name is. She has a different nickname every other month. People may want to consider the quality they're going to receive when they buy something from a jack of all trades. Who gives a damn where her name is? Most people are sick of her name (whatever it is). J. Low is completely overexposed, much like her body was at her most recent public appearance. She is obviously about quantity and not quality, i.e.- more trash than class.

  • DRINK HATERADE02/21/2003

    For those who probably don't even own a piece of paper that has your name on it, you sure have a lot to say about a person who owns a bottle of smell good perfume with her name on it. All this time you spend hating, you could be owning your own restaurant, having your own clothing line, having your own fragrance, acting in movies, and performing your songs at concerts. Leave her alone, and try to get where she's at.

  • KITTYGRAY02/20/2003

    Very unique smell. Smells like no other, but still can be classified as one of the best fragrances. Every women should have a bottle, its the perfect gift!

  • HOLYHAY02/20/2003

    i received Glow as a gift from my husband and I just love it. I get many compliments, and my husband likes it, that's why he bought it , nothing to do with anybody's name. but , we both say "you go J Lo". and to anybody else that can take their life and make a success of it as she has!!!

  • MARIA02/16/2003

    Its just ok, but nothing special about this scent. At first when I heard about this "glow" I was expecting a unique and really good mild smell. But its the opposite. It smell ordinary. My husband said that it smells like an old lady.

  • KATHY G.02/15/2003

    I work in the cosmetics dept. of a major department store. I was talking to the gals who work the fragrance department, and they all said that if Glow didn't have JLo's name on it, they probably wouldn't be able to give it away. It's a totally unremarkable fragrance. It will more than likely go the way of all the other "celebrity" perfumes once her star isn't so high and her fifteen minutes of fame are up. Her fragrance doesn't have the makings of a classic on its own. ( BTW, I am *not* "jealous of JLo! I am a grown woman, and I couldn't care less about her one way or the other. I think she's one lucky person who made it big on mediocre talent, but I don't hold it against her when judging her perfume. If it was any good, I would have bought it, regardless of whose name was on the bottle.) My advice: if you like Glow, stock up on it, because in a few years it will disappear. Or it will be in the bargain bins at Walmart.

  • LLOZ02/15/2003

    Thats it. Smells like suntan oil. Not bad not good, simply like you left the beach. The bottle is beautiful and if it didnt carry jlo's name, nobody would make a fuss over this. Save yourself some money, use suntan oil after your bath and rub a lemon over your neck.

  • PRMAGICEYES02/06/2003

    Every where I go I get commented on my scent. They ask me what fragrance are you wearing and with no shame at all I say Glow from JLO. There remark is dam that smells good. So all you haters get real you know it smells dam good.

  • LINDY02/05/2003

    WOW this is one of the worst "perfumes" i have smelt in a while. I think she is running a competition against Lysol,Pinesol and Mr. Cleen discinfectants. Honestly this "perfume" smells like a room deodorizer or bathroom cleaner. I cant really describe it. Too many notes or one particailar over powering one. I think for a "classy gal" such a Jennifer Lopez she could have done better.She wears some French Parfum that cost $350 an ounce and i bet it does not smell any thing like GLOW. So if you desire a room deodorizer or air freshner that comes in sexy bottle and may cost about 5 times the amount than the usual buy GLOW. The scent may not last as long as Lysol,Glade or Wizard but its worth a try. :))

  • 2010WOMAN02/05/2003

    I wasn't really impressed with this because it's just so-so. And I certainly wouldn't wear a so-so fragrance because I'm definately more sexy than that. I understand how everybody feels about J-Lo. She is just way too over-exposed. Where can we go to escape her?

  • KATIE FOX02/05/2003

    Glow is excellent! Jennifer great job! People who don't like this product are just jealous cause she call do it all! Everyone wants to be JLo whether they admit it or not! Glow is 5 stars!

  • KEMBREA02/05/2003


  • TETRA02/04/2003

    I don't think we should project our personal feelings toward Jlo when judging her perfume. I found this perfume nothing out of ordinary, though.

  • JENNA01/26/2003

    This stuff reminds me of "Casual" by Paul Sebastian. It's not bad, just not fantastic.

  • ROZ01/22/2003

    Smells like bathroom spray... and I thought she could do much better than that.

  • JOEL01/22/2003

    And we're free to love or hate. Sorry, I just HATE it when touchy-feely, bleedin' heart types tell people that they can't have an opinion and how they "should" be. Damn communists. Anyway, this isn't bad by Ms. Lopez. I kinda feel bad for her taking all this heat, but like I said. Cheers.

  • MAYA01/22/2003

    GO FOR IT,GIRLFRIEND!! Say it like it is...You're right.

  • A MOM01/22/2003

    I can't tell the difference between the two and I'm not blowing all that money on glow for my 11 y.o. daughter

  • DEE DEE01/21/2003

    This scent is an either love it or hate it kinda thing.

  • SHERRY01/21/2003

    Jeez, J. Lo this, J.Lo that, enough. I think there's a J. Lo channel now. Maybe two. My name's Sherry Nikkonen, I'm gonna start calling myself S.Ni. No, Sherry from da block, yo. Thass fo' shawt, no? This is CHEAP. Please, don't make her bank accounts any larger gals, you know by this scent she is a profiteer of CHEAP labor. I do have respect for the woman herself, though I do not like her. She has made a great life for herself, true. But don't buy this anyway. I'm sure I'll be hearing Finnish epithets and all sorts of imprecations on my mother, etc. for saying this but hey, I'm honest. Ta ta.

  • SIDNEY01/20/2003

    I put some on at at dept. store last weekend and I was not impressed at all. I would of expected a wonderful scent from such a not elegant but stylish lady like J lo! The scent just smelled insignificant sort of like baby powder mixed with vanilla extract and flowers and also the staying power is about 20 minutes.

  • SASCHA01/20/2003

    I think Glow smells horrible! Fortunately, I received this perfume as a gift and didn't have to waste money on this tastless smelling perfume.

  • ITS JUST ME 01/14/2003

    Jlo is a great actress and singer I luv her songs and I really like her new movie........ I think that her sent that she has made is great for the young kids and should not be set acide like something that means nothing......many ppl have worked hard to get this sent to be what it is and i like it for its soft smell......If you dont like it then keep the rude nasty remarks to your self you are talking about a person.. not someone that is made up or just said to be what she is... she is a person with real feelings and i think that every one deserves a chance and should be given mader how much money they make or anything that should not madder to any one... cuz it is all in side the person not what the person looks like it has nothing to do with what she does or is.....You ppl that hate her... Hate her cause she has been doing something with her life and has not been afraid to do something.

  • CODEBLUE01/12/2003

    It's low class, tasteless, common and gaudy, just like JLo. The name fits the perfume in the same context that trailer fits trash.

  • SID01/11/2003

    This smells like any other average fragrance out in the market today, it citrusy with some floral very been there done it sort of scent!

  • GIOVANNA01/07/2003

    Stop hating on J-Lo because she is good like that! I have not talked to one person that has had something bad to say about "Glow", although I haven't smelled it yet, I hear it's the BOMB! J-Lo...You keep doing your thing girl, love ya!

  • SCOUT10001/06/2003

    That's who I think would like it. I found it most foul and overpowering.

  • RANDOM01/05/2003

    ewwww, i was really excited about this one, being a big jlo fan i thought i'd love it,unfortunately jlo appears to have lost her sense of smell, i detest this one, give me coco mad, or angel any day!

  • NANNA01/03/2003

    I really think J.lo. i s cool, but this cheap-smelling, flowery and "wears off in a second" perfume is just not good enough.

  • KATHY G.01/02/2003

    I tested Glow in the store where I work. I was disappointed in it because I expected more after all the hype. To me, it didn't really smell like much of anything. Neither here nor there. The best thing I can say about it is that it isn't offensive. Just so you know where I'm coming from, my current faves are Hanae Mori, Angel ( original and Innocent), Lolita Lempicka, and Marc Jacobs. I wouldn't buy Glow because it just doesn't have enough "personality" for me. I like my fragrances to have a little edginess , and I don't think that Glow does. Just my opinion. ( It's probably great for young girls, however. )

  • LUCILE01/01/2003

    I think this frangrance is great, ok smells a bit of soap but I don't understand why ppl don't like the smell of soap: it's a fresh and clean scent!it's fresh clean sweet, makes you feel good. peaple who don't like J Lo shouldn't judge her frangrance and should hurry and try it on

  • JASMINE12/30/2002

    Before smelling it I pictured it to be a sheer light scent which isn't how I'd describe it. It smells rosey in a way like Joy does. The next day it smelled very lily of the valley.

  • LILA12/27/2002

    im not really into strong fragrances but i think that it is alright. it really doesn;t smell all that good until after awhile when the fragrance gets soft.

  • MALEAH12/27/2002

    Glow is the most awful, horrible smelling fragrance I've come across in a very long time. What a disappointment! Definitely don't recommend wasting money on this one.

  • MIIST12/27/2002

    I wanted to like this scent, but there was something mother used to sell Avon in the early 80's and they had a scent called Sweet Honesty, I think they still carry it. It's the strong note of honeysuckle that makes them smell the same. J-Lo specifically asked the makers to make something soaplike - mission accomplished.

  • MICHELE12/26/2002

    I was really envious of Jennifer Lopez and "hated" her until I tried this scent. At first, it smelled like Sweet Honesty(Avon) I compared the two on fragrance swatches(and my wrists)Like Glo better. I am no longer opposed to wearing her fragrance. She's still a young woman feeling her oats, in a mecca for stardom and beauty. I was a bit wild in my early 30's-what were y'all like?? Its soft,powdery and feminine-enjoy it!!

  • MIRNA12/22/2002

    Glow by Jlo is the Best. All you people that say it smells like soap, at least after you put it on you will smell like soap. Since some of you don't put on soap in the shower. And it don't smell like soap. So please QUIT saying that.

  • STEPHANIE12/17/2002

    My feelings towards JLo are neutral, but I do like this fragrance. Reminds me of a fruity-smelling White Shoulders; dry down is like Boudoir on me. That's just my chemistry...either way, it works well on me, and is surprisingly longlasting for this type of fragrance. Glad I tried it.

  • MIBSY12/17/2002

    This smells like a laundry soap bar!

  • LAURA12/16/2002

    I tried it the other day and I have to agree it does smell a bit soapy, but it has nice undertones. It has that hint of citrus in it too that I love. I could wear it occasionally. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my best friend and she's in love with it.

  • LILIAROSE12/15/2002

    For all the "extremely, super fresh & clean" scent freaks: what other fragrance leaves an aura of freshness/cleanliness better than the scent of soap?!

  • DENISE12/14/2002

    I got to admit, this smells like Zest soap. My boyfriend even hated it. Can't say I'm "glowing" for this one.

  • ANNE12/13/2002

    Pretty...Soft and Smells like Powder...

  • LUCIA12/13/2002

    I like Jennifer Lopez because she has worked hard for everything she has. As for being "fake" ... which celebrity isn't? This industry is all about selling dreams, and I don't see what makes J-Lo so different from Gwyneth Paltrow, for instance. These people take advantage of hairstylists, make-up, lights and digital enhancements to sell what they have: talent. All of them, from Connecticut to the Bronx. As for the fragrance, I think it's pretty bad.

  • LOLA12/13/2002

    O.K...For growing up in the bronx managing to get where she is,10000 points,no doubt... +,it's true,she does look like the kind of woman who would turn a straight woman into a ladies lovin'gal in a heartbeat. But her movies are lame,her music is only fit for aerobic studios (in small doses),and her buziness ethics suck. I'll still give her a hug and a pat on the tush (yes,I'm straight),because in my opinion,patting J.Lo's tush is probably like rubbing Buddha's belly: You've gotta try it once for good luck.

  • UPTOWN GIRL12/11/2002

    I first was intoduced to this scent in a magazine. I thought ok cool bottle, let's see what J.Lo has in store for us. I almost got sick from the stuff. It is gross, and that is all I can say. I never pictured that she would have put her name to this common fragrance.

  • NIKKI12/11/2002

    Okay, maybe that's harsh, but this is what this scent smells like. Very cheap, very soapy, very strong, just disgusting in all respects! J. Lo darling, please try again and this time, use some of your cash and call in professionals instead of mixing it up yourself!

  • LISA12/07/2002

    I like j-Lo, I think she is very talented and has worked a looooong time to get to where she is. I can also see why many people would think she is so fake. Flawless caramel skin, healthier-than-healthy hair, pretty makeup, gorgeous and goddesslike all over. No one really looks like that, not even Jenny herself...But, yas gotta give props to the Bronx babygirl for doing her thang. No matter who you are, you're gonna have SOMEONE hatin' on you. Who doesn't? I have a great relationship with my boyfriend, some people hate on us...and I'm a nobody! lol The fragrance is beautiful. I like it.

  • JESSICA12/05/2002

    O.K. here it goes, I was so excited when I finally got this stuff in the mail. Very disappointed after I smelled this stuff. It smells like you dumped a bunch of powder on yourself! Don't get me wrong, I only wear light fragrances but this I did not like and I really don't think J.Lo probably wears this stuff. It does kinda smell cheap like something you could probably buy at RiteAid or something. I personally would recommend "Ocean Dreams, Georgio Aire, or Body by Victoria" if your looking for a light scent!

  • E.J.12/04/2002

    I would totally like this if it wasn't by garbage like J. Lo

  • DANIELLE12/02/2002

    I like Jennifer Lopez - that's why I bought this perfume. After I wore it a few times it smelled so familiar. I went through all my perfume to find out if it smelled like something I already owned. CASUAL!!! I couldn't believe it. I picked up the bottle of Casual and it smells identical!!!! I bought Casual for $20 at a discounted store. I won't be buying Glow again. For the record, Casual stays put longer than Glow.

  • MAYA11/27/2002

    Personally,I think it reeks,I hate it. And I would like to add to Deidra's post#2,that yes,of course,there is a ton of facts that us little people do not know and yet...If Ms Lopes felt that the public was so misinformed about her,no doubt she would have a spokeperson say something on the matter...It is also entirely possible that she doesn't give a rat's ass about what we all think...After all,she has probably milked as much cash as she could from the Glow cash cow,so why bother?Besides,she has her mind on other things,right now,like preparing for her next wedding,so I say... POWER TO BEN!!!

  • JENNA11/27/2002

    i dont like this perfume at all..its a freaking rip first it starts smelling good then it turns into like a laundry smell kinda thing it makes you dizzy too.....def two thumbs down!

  • SUSANNA11/26/2002

    It is a unique, clean, light, pretty scent. I don´t like heavy perfumes so this fragrance is definitely something for me!!!

  • LOLA11/24/2002

    I do see your point...There probably is volumes that I don't know about, and it is very possible that I might feel differently if I did... BUT,MEA CULPA and forgive me,I just can't help it:Although I do think J.Lo looks delectable,delicious,mouthwatering and absolutely squeezable,I do have an issue,not so much with her carreer in general,(She wouldn't be the first or last entertainer to use her sex appeal,and there have been much worse and offensive),but really with the cheap brew she scooped out of a toilet bowl and is marketing somewhat expensively to teens and young adults.(Most do not have trust funds and most do have very painful issues connected to self esteem and body image). You must have had really cool parents,to be so well adjusted, (either that or a phenomenal I.Q or both),as a parent myself I strive each day to empower my kids with a healthy and realistic view of themselves and their potential,but you've got to admit:Too many kids out there are being baby sat,if not raised by the media,advertising,etc. It does do a fair amount of damage. My opinion on Glow is just that,my opinion,but I think that If someone as hugely popular as J.Lo is going to be on the forefront of kids daily visual intake,considering that she gets her income from them,she should at least speak up on the subject.

  • KERRY ANNE11/18/2002

    Clean and soapy...smells like I just got out of my shower...

  • KIMBERLY11/18/2002

    The good news: the scent is not too heavy and it's very fresh and clean. Kind of like you just took a shower. The bad news: it fades pretty quickly.

  • DEIDRA11/17/2002

    As I said..Life is too short. If you don't like the perfume, then I think we can all respect that opinion. I see that you have your reasons for not liking her as a person and i respect those reasons as well, even if I see things in a different light. I always try to take the positive from what people do. So her pic is airbrushed, so she flaunts her body a little... I've always been taught to be proud of who I am and for what I am and realize that I'm not meant to look like girls in magazines. I realize that most teens have these esteem issues, but it is the parent's job to see to their children's emotional health. Entertainers can't be responsible for what teens want to look like or want to wear. I'm proud of her body. She got up off her duff and worked on it. I can't be mad at her for that. And, what do you really know about J.Lo's ethics? You're on the outside looking in just like all the rest of us. You can make your own assumptions based on what you see in the media.You can hate everything you may think she stands for, but all entertainers put on a face. And still, not one of us will know the half. If you think the perfume stinks, just let it stink. If you think she's trashy, let her be trash. There may be people out here that she's had a positive influence on, like inner city kids, or people who have been taught to believe that its not sexy to have a well endowed backside at all, or hispanics and blacks who want to break into the entertainment business. There's always another viewpoint. Try to see it

  • LELE11/17/2002

    This fragrance is very nice, it has a light smell, not too heavy or strong. It smells creamy to me, and the smell doesn't fade.

  • FELICIA11/17/2002

    I like the soapy-clean aspect and I really love the play of vanilla with rose. It smells vanilla/rose/musky on me and my husband and son (the true acid test!) really like it too. Seems like the majority don't like it though and I would be a little worried about making other people gag!

  • JO ANNE11/16/2002

    I'm not a big J Lo fan, however, I do like this perfume. It's long lasting, clean, sexy, and distinctive. Maybe it's my body chemistry, but it smells yummy on me!

  • ME*11/11/2002

    Not to hate on J. Lo... but this perfume stinks. It is WAY to strong for someone who isnt rich and famous. Maybe on J. Lo it smells good but not on me!

  • LOLA11/08/2002

    ...Of course,some of us are truly appalled by the brew itself,and some of us also can't help but feel dismayed ,if not disgusted,by the fact that someone of J.Lo's affluence did not hesitate to take as low quality a product as this one,then market it to young women by using a tartish,pitiful,digitally retouched (wouldn't let the world see her as she really is),photo of her .Deirdre,you want to discuss the fact that she's made it in a " man's world " and we should all applaud? How about mentioning the fact that, thanks to J.Lo's advertising style, (and,admittedly,others like her), teenagers and young adults out there are being clobbered with images of impossible standards to uphold ,with ridiculous physical images to look up to and emotionally dangerous ,sexually exploitive messages to live by? Her so called " contribution " is trying to knock us back to an age when females were seen as nothing more than eye candy without a brain or a feeling to care about.You want an example of a woman who's really made it in the cosmetic world without demeaning her peers?Check out Isabella Rossellini,Paloma Picasso, Gabrielle Chanel,Jeanne Lanvin... Those are women who knew how to use real class and sophistication to portrait women in there true power. J.Lo may look delicious in a thong, but her ethics are as disgraceful as her " fragrance " is mediocre.

  • DEIDRA11/07/2002

    Wow...I have never heard such shameless hating before in my life. This is really upsetting and classless to say the least. What is this the 6th grade? The fragrance isn't bad, but not the best either. Some of us should learn not to hate so much. Say what you will about J.Lo, but she didn't get where she is by sitting on her "overly exaggerated" bottom! Then she has to deal with people who are never pleased and always have something bad to say about people who don't even know her. Please...spare us all the negativity and be proud of the women out here who are proving that its not just a man's world out here. I have several magazines where her hair and make up products are shown to us. If you dislike her, then fine..But don't make up reasons why she's this and she's that when you don't even know the half. Lighten up. Life is too short!

  • INGE11/06/2002

    Ik like very much

  • GABRIELLE11/03/2002

    I hate this. It smells like laundry detergent and flowers mixed together. I don't know why anyone would want to smell like this. I don't believe Jennifer Lopez actually wears this. This stuff stinks. She wouldn't wear this. She'd wear something good. This is no good. It made me nauseous.

  • LAURA11/03/2002

    P.U. This stuff stinks. It smells like bathroom cleanser. Don't let the beginning fool you. After it stays on you for a while it turns into this awful soapy smell. Then it goes away fast. Thank God. I thought this was my body reacting to it, but I have talked to other women who have tried it. They all had the same experience. Please avoid this obnoxious perfume. The only good I can see in this perfume is to give it to someone you really don't like much for the Holidays. Of course, then you will have to smell it on them.....nix that idea ;)

  • LAURA11/02/2002

    I think this perfume is really nice. I tested it 2 weeks ago, and the smell is still on my coat so I don't know why people are saying it fades cuz it didn't! It has a nice smell too...I'm probably going to buy this one...the only reason why I haven't is because it's Jennifer Lopez's...not that I don't like her. It smells really really good and I like it!

  • KATE EE11/02/2002

    i love glows scent

  • MAYA10/30/2002

    ...A rip off that stinks,has no class, in brief,J.Lo is no better than Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren:Cook up a nasty brew,as cheaply as possible, market it to target as many naive teenagers as possible,and voila: Cat piss in a bottle and millions in the bank!Gross.

  • GAIL10/29/2002

    If Jennifer Lopez actually wears this stuff, I feel sorry for Ben!!!

  • GAIL10/29/2002

    This one just absolutely gags me. It smells like a funeral home. Way too much rose in it.Ugh!

  • BETHANY10/26/2002

    One Star. Definitely try this one first, even if you are a major J-Lo fan. It might work on you, but I couldn't honestly recommend it.

  • AMYSUE10/23/2002

    This is not for me. At first it reminded me of Aquanet Hairspray. I prefer Sublime, Fiorucci, Aromantic by Decleor is beautiful, especially the dry oil...Sunny, citrus, herbal , spice. I wish Perfume Emporium would carry it though.

  • LYNN10/22/2002

    Love the soapy clean smell!!!!

  • MOI10/22/2002

    i got jlo glow and its sooo nice, a few ppl have sed they dont like it tho, and that put me off...

  • LISA10/20/2002

    Glow smells exactly like Casual, which has been out for years. J.Lo needs to get more creative with her scents and stop copying others out there already.

  • APHRAEL10/16/2002

    To all those who don't like it: SMILE!!Because after 20 minutes, it's gone and totally undetectable. Of course,if you have the bad luck of running into a Glow maniac who unfortunately sprayed on the whole bottle,I suggest a gas mask. Considering how some politicians are freaking out over Iraq's so called weapons of mass destruction,they really should pay attention to the mass gassing potential of this stuff. With this,hem,"fragrance",(yeah, right),we have the capability of doing some real damage!

  • KATHLEEN10/13/2002

    Clean and Soapy...Pretty...

  • JLO-BUT-NOT-GLOW10/13/2002

    While I love Jennifer Lopez as an actress (her music is not for me, though), I absolutely hate her perfume. It smells like flies would drop dead from midflight when you use it. Horrible. The bottle is quite hip, a likeness to JLos own apperance, but it is by far the best about this stuff.

  • OJ10/12/2002

    I love this product, the way it looks, it smells and it actually has a long staying power!! Im always getting people stopping and asking what i'm wearing coz it smells soo good. My boyfriend absolutely loves it.

  • ROLA10/12/2002


  • ONE WHO CARES10/11/2002

    I personally think that Glow by JLo is a soothing and unique fragrance. This fragrances smells so heavenly and relaxing. Don't mistreat someone who has succeeded in so much. Not only does she make perfume, but she is also an excellent actress and music artist. If you want a fragrance of perfection, then get "Glow by JLO"

  • GINA10/11/2002

    This parfum is clean and fresh ... like a toilet spray. A lot of my my male friend were shocked about the obtrusive flower scent.

  • *RUTHIE*10/10/2002

    i think it smells amazing, i put it on like 3 hours ago and i still smell delicious!

  • WENDY10/10/2002

    I didnt think i d like it then i tried it on and it was better than i thought ..not too fruity or strong ..just right.

  • ELLEN10/10/2002

    Wow, seems like a lot of people reviewing this are really down on the product. I find it a great light and fresh scent for summer. Good for daytime. Really liked it. Guess it is not for everyone, but what perfume is...

  • JANNA10/10/2002

    I love this new perfume! It brought to mind something very homey and warm and a feeling of comfort and sensuality. It seemed to last a long time and wasn't as pungent as a lot of other perfumes I tend to like. (Read: My allergic husband could tolerate it and even liked it!).

  • KATHLEEN10/08/2002

    Clean and Soapy...Alittle Powdery...Perfect for days when you just a Quiet Scent.

  • JOAN10/08/2002

    I'm also not a Jlo fan, but I think people are posting bad comments about her perfume, just because they dont like her.. I wasnt interested in the perfume because I figures it was for young teens, but I went to Macy's and thought I'd give it a smell.. I really liked it, and bought it.. I'm wearing it today and my husband loves it

  • SPONGEBOB10/07/2002

    I expect this to be available soon at check cashing centers all over NYC. Cheap perfume in an expensive bottle doesn't fool anyone. I bet J Lo is wearing Creed or something expensive like that.

  • KATHLEEN10/07/2002

    Clean and Soapy...alittle Powdery...Pretty!

  • AMY10/06/2002

    I really like this scent. I find myself wearing it ALOT. I love how clean it smells. On me it smells more like a soapy, fresh out of the shower smell. I like the fact that it smells different than all of the "floral" scents out there. This one is unique. It expresses my uniqueness! For those of you who have it and hate it, send it to me!!!

  • BETHANY10/06/2002

    Okay, here's what happened.....Perfume went on nice enough, clean and flowery, I though hey, this isn't bad, why are so many people knocking this perfume?....soon after, I found out-perfume changed into super soapy smell on me, really bad....then it turned one more time into a so/so floral type scent, not great, but not offensive-faded really fast. Glow...NO It might be my body chemistry but....PASS

  • J-LO FAN10/05/2002

    I don't have a problem with J-Lo like most of the other people who posted a message. In fact, I kind of like her. But I have to agree with someone's comment that it was too powdery. It smells very plain and "grandmother" type. It's not as sexy and glamourous as I thought it would smell. Not worth the money at all.

  • ABBY10/04/2002

    This stuff is ok... But it doesnt stand out by any means.

  • GIZELLE10/03/2002

    This perfume smells sweet and like Jennifer Lopez does.

  • STEPHANIE10/03/2002

    Everything you said, dead on. lol This stuff is bad. I opened a scent strip that was in a magazine today I swear it didn't smell like anything at all, just a weird faint odor. Like a weird blend of faint smells, doesn't seem like it would be an actual perfume and I can't believe that people are actually wasting their money on this! What for? It can't be for the perfume itself, it is weird and not worth the money. So it if it is just to be like J.Lo, give me a break! She does not have a natural glow of any kind. All her "glow" is artifical and she is so stuck up that in magazines when they tell what makeup products were used on celebs, it never says which were actually used on her. I guess she is afraid that people will know her secrets and steal her "glow". So she creates this crappy perfume to try to market on all the teenagers and adults that want to be like her, to "glow" like she does, and they figure if they have the perfume, then they just might. Honestly, just take some cosmetology classes or something, it would be money better spent than buying her perfume. Ever seen in old pics of her before she had makeup artists at her beck and call? She was not pretty at all. And she says she is not a "dark lipstick person", well that used to be the only type of lipstick she wore in photos, like awful blackberry looking stuff. She is so fake. She is not a that good an actress, singer and her "glow" sure as heck isn't natural! And I never knew that was the slogan for her perfume, but OMG, she is full of herself! As you can tell, I can not stand her and I think this perfume is fitting to be her namesake. Dull and without substance.

  • LOLA10/01/2002

    This one will not last.It's a trendy, badly marketed mediocre scent that fades quickly.My husband told me that for him,the whole ad campaign screams"cheap slut with no brains and even less taste."Then he smelled it on a card,and said:"I wonder how long it will take for this stuff to be sold exclusively in drugstores?" So personally I don't know what this product is going to do for her bank account,but I have a pretty good idea about what it is sure to do to her image...Even if that's already so low it can't plumet much further!Someone with her financial means really could have gone to top perfumers and invested into a product of genuine quality and class.To actually bottle this and try to fool teens into spending their cash on it to make her even wealthier is insulting.

  • RR10/01/2002

    This smells exactly like a perfume oil called "China Rain" that you can buy from one of those kiosks in the mall for like 5 bucks. In Maryland they have one in every mall. Disappointing.

  • GENNY09/29/2002

    I am not a fan of Jennifer Lopez either, but I like this fragrance. Its a pretty flowery scent and I am tired of the grapefruity, pina colada and other fruity scents. I love this and I think my boyfriend is gonna love it too!

  • NOT A JLO FAN09/14/2002

    I'm not a big J. Lo fan. I hate to say this, but I actually like this fragrance. I won't wear it everyday, but I will wear it. I found that it faded, not faster than my other faves (Le Feu D'Issey, Aveda, Burberry, Kenzo). It has a lighter scent and feel than I am used to wearing, but it doesn't feel like I'm wearing my grandmother's perfume. Give it a shot. I know it smells different on everyone and maybe you'll like it!

  • LIKESTODANCE09/10/2002

    I agree and thank goodness it does fade quickly. It's not too bad, but a bit like a drgustore perfume an old nanny would wear on Sundays.

  • J-LO HATER09/05/2002

    It stinks. I am glad she is being sued by Glow Industries for the name. At least the bottle is an accurate depiction of J-Lo herself (flat on top, exaggerated on the bottom) Ugh...I am so sick of seeing her everywhere, but more nauseating is the ad line for this scent--"fresh and beautiful, it captures the essence of J-lo herself". I cannot wait until she tops out. My two cents.

  • DANA09/05/2002

    Too powdery for me, it doesn't smell like a luxurious fragrance to me, and it fades quickly.

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