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Alexandra de Markoff


33 Reviews

Alexandra by Alexandra de Markoff is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Alexandra was launched in 1979. Top notes are south african sage and italian iris. Middle notes are french narcissus, jasmine and moroccan rose. Base notes are singapore patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver.

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Alexandra by Alexandra de Markoff is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Alexandra was launched in 1979. Top notes are south african sage and italian iris. Middle notes are french narcissus, jasmine and moroccan rose. Base notes are singapore patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver.

  • SHERI12/06/2015

    Awesome wonderful cologne.

  • SHERI07/14/2012

    Love Love Love this fragrance... for 38 years now...

  • FRANKIE TERRY05/12/2012

    Love this fragrance but have a terrible time getting it. Been wearing it about 30 yrs.

  • CAROLYN SCOTT04/11/2012

    I too have used this fragance since the 70's. The fragrance changed around 2003. I called New York and was told they were unable to purchase the oils from the same countries and each place is infulanced by climate,dirt etc. So sad because the fragrance is nothing like the original.

  • TJ06/19/2011

    I love Alexanderia and can not seem to find the one that says Alexanderia, instead of Alexander. The smell is not as nice as the Alexanderia. Please let me know if they still make it.

  • SANDRA04/21/2009

    I like Alexandra, but Enigma is my classic perfume that I wore for over 20 years. I really miss and and I, too, can not find a replacement that I like as well as Enigma. I have looked every where I go to shop and on every web site I can find

  • KATIE12/17/2008

    I have been wearing Alexandra for over 20yrs. What I was sent didn't smell anything like Alexandra. The bottle looked as if it had been used, and had a label that said "tester not for resale". Alexandra has a green tint to it, what I was sent was orange. I would suggest anyone who loves ALEXANDRA not purchase from this site.nnYou will be wasting your money. They charge you to return a defective product. They call it a 15% restocking fee.

  • GRETCH12/10/2008

    I have worn this perfume for 35 years and have tried others brands but nothing beats this soft frangrance from France.

  • FELISSA10/24/2008

    yes i love this perfume oil we have been looking for this for ten years but could not find the ten yearse old one so please bring back the old oil that you use to have ten years ago it had gardenia in it please post a message an let us know if this product will be back

  • GALE04/25/2008

    Have been wearing it for over 20 years and while I rarely smell it on myself, it never fails to elicit positive remarks. I too, try not to divulge its name so as not to be copied. Before the Internet, it was often difficult to find but not anymore.

  • NJ09/10/2007

    it was me! it blended perfectly with my body chemistry! now it has diasppeared and nothing i can now purchase ( even those to claim being the same product ) do not come close to what i knew it to be...what happened? i know that the de morkaff brothers split up in the late sixities but knowthat it was still being produced in England and that a shop called the LaPerfumery in Naple, Fl could purchase and sell it....that shop no longer exists...surely in the USA there must be some distributor and seller of the original fragerence... the purfurme oil that had no alchohol in it... will someone reading this please tell me where i can find this original alexandra perfume oil? please e-mail me at [email protected]

  • GINNI08/30/2007

    This is for Zawartha. I can almost bet you are asking about de markoff's fragrance, Enigma. Try is unbelievable...I have been wearing it for over 25 years and no fragrance compares ! Good luck !

  • TATIANA05/09/2007

    It is unfortunate but true that most classic perfumes changed for the worse over the last 6-8 years. Hopefully, if enough women complain long enough, perfume makers will return to the original scents.

  • JUDI W*03/27/2007

    that this once beautiful & unique scent has definitely been changed. Like I said, I once wore this & her other scent, Enigma, for quite a while in the 70's. I smelled this lately, and although it is similar, it just doesn't have the quality & beautiful aroma, that it once had. I really resent these darn perfume companies, changing the formulas, and trying to pass it off as the same scent. How disgusting!

  • TAMI KING02/07/2007

    The old Alexzandra was wonderful I got so many complements on how great it smelled. Now noone say's that to me when I wear it. I really miss the old one please give it back to us.... Life time user

  • TAMI KING02/07/2007

    The old Alexzandra was wonderful I got so many complements on how great it smelled. Now noone say's that to me when I wear it. I really miss the old one please give it back to us.... Life time user

  • SYLVIE12/16/2006

    I wondered what had happened! I've worn Alexandra for 20 years and the last bottle I received as a gift I knew immediately by the scent that this WAS NOT my favorite cologne. Who are they trying to fool with this cheap immitation?

  • JUDI W*04/10/2006

    I wore this & Enigma (her other fragrance) in my twenties (many moons ago) then it smelled sexy & different. I smelled it lately, and it smells similiar, but I don't know if it's me, or it's been "tweaked". Nice though...

  • CHANNI04/03/2006

    First smelled this on my sister in the late 1980's; bought a bottle online in 2005. It smells a lot like Clinque's Aromatic Elixir, which cost much less than Alexandra.

  • VIV01/25/2006

    Would anyone know how I can find the ORIGINAL Alexandra deMarkoff perfume? Revelon bought out deMarkoff and kept the name Alexandra, but changed the fragrance.

  • JORDAN01/25/2006

    I have one bottle left of the original Alexandra. After Revelon purchased deMarkoff... the new fragrance is not as good.

  • ILANAH01/06/2006

    Bought this based on the amazing reviews. I thought I would love it. However, if, like me, you have a tendancy to "turn" perfumes sweet, avoid this (fragrance?) like the plague. I found it to be sickly sweet, powdery and in my boyfriend's words "very old lady". Very, very disappointing.

  • SYLVIE12/18/2005

    Hi ladies, I have no idea how this fragrance smells, but I found this description via the internet: Alexandra by Alexandra de Markoff for Women. Year Introduced: 1979. Scent Type: Semi - Oriental. Top Notes: Italian iris, South African marigold. Heart Notes: French jasmine, Moroccan rose, French jonquil. Base Notes: Indian sandalwood, Singapore patchouli, Reunion Island vetiver. "A feminine semi-Oriental fragrance from Alexandra de Markoff, Alexandra is composed of rare essences from around the world. An opening blend of iris and marigold introduces a feminine heart of jasmine, rose, and jonquil, while sandalwood, patchouli, and vetiver add a dash of class that lingers with eloquence. A classic scent, surprisingly well-priced. "©

  • ZAWARTHA12/13/2005

    My mentor teacher wore this and I have wanted it forever. I have not found it in 10 years. Please help me find it. I found Alexandra De Markoff but it is nothing like the original Alexandra.

  • GINA12/08/2005

    I am always on the hunt for classic, timeless fragrance yet with a great edge. I like Chanel Coco Mad, and different fragrances like Kenzo Le Monde Est Beau, but I am only 26 & don't want to smell too out of my age range, yet I hate most fragrances targeted at my generation. This isn't available in any of the dept stores around me so I am wondering if I order if I will like it. Any advice would help!

  • REBECCA11/11/2005

    My absolute favorite. I've worn it for 25 years minus a few recent years when I couldn't find it. I love it

  • HONEYBEAR11/09/2005

    This is relatively easy to find in upscale stores on the West Coast. I also just found it on line. I don't like telling people what fragrance I'm wearing (I'm asked a lot), because I don't want to be copied by all of my coworkers (remember what happened with Beautiful)?

  • MARGARET10/25/2005

    Alexandra smells VERY like Arpege - warm, flowery scent.

  • FPE10/18/2005

    In my opinion, Alexandra is similar to Clinique's Aromatics Elixir especially when it dries down. It's very strong at first but give it some time and depending on your body chemistry, it will be a pleasant scent that lasts.

  • FLO10/09/2005

    Since my skin cannot have direct contact with any perfume, I spray this one on my hair[and clothes] and it lasts the whole day....even at bed time, my husband said that I still have that pleasant smell! With my body chemistry, the dry down smells similar to Clinique's Aromatic Elixir...that's just my opinion so no offense to anyone who doesn't like Aromatic Elixir!

  • HILARY09/09/2005

    could someone please explain how this smell. I would love to purchase but no one stocks this scent where I live in Australia, so there are no testers to try. I love unusual fragrances. Please advise.

  • CONNIE METTILLE08/26/2005

    I have worn alexandra since I was given it in 1970 and this is my favorite. I buy 5 bottles at the time when I order. Men just love the smell, I always get comments on it as well as women ask what I am wearing and where do they buy it.

  • CT08/08/2005

    A timeless fragrance soft in florals such as jasmine, rose, iris and marigold softened with sandalwood, patrchouli musk and vetiver.

  • DEBORAH05/04/2005

    This is an old fragrance, the original, that is very difficult to find. I have traveled as far as Beverly Hills, CA to find this and I live in Kentucky! It is the BEST, long lasting, classy and seductively clean scent you'll find.

  • SUZANNE04/25/2005

    Have worn this since 1979, and I get positive comments on it everyday. Men LOVE it!!

  • SANDY03/11/2005

    There is no description of what this smells like, and none of the posts so far have mentioned how it smells. I am very curious about this one.

  • JB01/20/2005

    I have worn this since 1979. Fabulous fragrance. I too hope they don't stop making it. Hard to locate product.

  • CK11/23/2004

    An employee had this on and the rest is history. Had to get it! Sultry floral-oriental fragrance. Just in a class by itself. Not your ho-hum type.

  • BARBARA LEACH11/21/2004

    My all time favorite perfume (and I have used many, many others). A very classy fabulous fragrance that always gets compliments. It is hard to find but it's absolutely worth the hunt.

  • SHERRY FRUGE08/10/2004

    this perfume is my favorite. people stop me and ask what am I wearing and where can they purchase it.

  • CRYSTAL03/05/2004

    this is impossible to find, most have not even heard of.

  • K CRAWFORD02/03/2004

    This is hard to find. A distinct scent. Have used since I was in high school. I hope they don't stop making it.

  • Y.CRAFT11/12/2003

    Have used this for 20 years. Nothing comes close to being as good. Will never change!!!!!Don"t ever stop making it.

  • DEANN08/12/2003

    Anyone have any ideas where to find this perfume? Have they stopped making it? It is my absolute favorite.

  • T.R.03/13/2003

    wont wear any other cologne

  • RD09/11/2002

    light and refreshing

  • R.D.09/11/2002

    Light, can be worn all year very refreshing and beautiful

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