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J. Del Pozo


20 Reviews

Aromatic, Fougere, Marine. Created by J. Del Pozo in 1994, Quasar cologne is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of bergamot, lavender, sage and is accented with juniper, cedar and musk making Quasar cologne perfect for casual wear.

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Aromatic, Fougere, Marine. Created by J. Del Pozo in 1994, Quasar cologne is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of bergamot, lavender, sage and is accented with juniper, cedar and musk making Quasar cologne perfect for casual wear.

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  • SALLY12/26/2012

    always a favourite - love it!

  • WES CLEMENS06/25/2006

    Banana peel, newsprint notes, etc..........Is this an aquatic or; I don't know what friggin' category this stench falls under but it isn't good at all!

  • SPACE PILGRIM02/28/2006

    Highly unusual but in due time, unique for whatever category it may fall under. It might as well become a "cult" classic among mens' fragrances.

  • JEAN CLAUDE C02/03/2006

    It's fresh, spicy, exotic, not sweet, i'd say energizing. It's perfect for summer use, after the shower :). I give it 3 stars just becouse it's not my type...

  • RN12/20/2005

    Disregard what I said about this before. After wearing it multiple times, it tends to get really nauseating, boring and I really cannot stand the ink/paper or something like that, note in it. It's probably one of the cheapest smelling, strangest fragrances I've ever tried.

  • M.R.09/12/2005

    This oriental, woody and aquatic scent is very different than most of the fragrances for men in general that I've smelled. But I guess that's a good thing considering it's been out for over ten years and still seems to be a mystery for the women who apparently really like this when I wear it.

  • ROMANTICDEVIL09/08/2005

    bought this one based on reviews,seems pretty good,smells a little like coconut on me , very lite but seems to last, decent stuff, it will stay in my collection

  • RN08/25/2005

    This one really reminds me of Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil, except that it's a lot stronger and lasts more. Otherwise it's not as balanced like Subtil, it has some chaotic notes. Better than the average cologne.

  • TONY T08/08/2005

    not really an oriental, more on the fresh side if you ask me.. longevity is great.. p.s. i don't really smell bananas, maybe a hint but this is a different aquatic/marine scent.

  • COLOGNE PIMP07/20/2005

    This is a very versatile fragrance that works well both night and day. Formal and informal settings. I add a squirt of DKNY Be Delicious to two squirts of Quasar and head to the club and my lady friends stay close and comment on the nice smell all the way home!

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/28/2005

    OK , it's good but mostly as an attention getter. After the banana and newsprint tones subside you're left with lavender and moss, which is not an ' acqua ' as some reviewers impied--you'd have a better chanceof smelling of 'marine notes' if you ate fish and chips--Still, it is an unusual scent. Suggestion: Try it in a mini, if available.

  • PEPE LEPEW01/06/2005

    Really refreshing and great smelling. The bananas really add a unique fresh note. You wont smell like a walking banana but you will smell very fresh and exotic. The smell is very captivating. If you like the smell of coast and Irish spring soap. Add a little twist of bananna and you will get Quasar. I highly recommend.

  • MIKE D.11/10/2004

    I love this liquid! I love the bottle too! It reminds me of New England where I am from, the marine/aquatic aroma.. not aquatic like the more 'popular' brands, however this one has a very aquarium salty mist spray scent/feel to it! Very oceanic & seaborne.. Wonderful really. It's very unique and I highly recommend it!

  • ROB H.08/02/2004

    The drydown is the best thing about this strange scent. The banana peel does give it a unique twist but overall it's average on my skin.

  • DUKE07/31/2004

    Quasar The dry down was very quick but lasted for a long time on my pecan-light brown oily skin

  • SURESH07/23/2004

    My all time favorite cologne-very clean and unique.Draws praise from all around.

  • ROB H.06/30/2004

    I haven't quite decided on a rating for this very different fragrance. It does live up to it's name being that it is out of this world and at the same time it's odd, ponderous, but yet quite an intriguing scent. I'll come back to this, soon.

  • QUASARED04/23/2004

    I bought this fragrance on recommendation, and I love it. It doesn't last a REALLY long time on me, but it lasts a bit of a while, and the smell is fantastic. When first applied it's a rather curious yet refreshing scent....I can really smell that "unusual newspaper" tone, which is actually kinda cool. The uniqueness without being weird alone makes it refreshing. But it mellows out after the drydown, and it is then a very attractive smell. I've only had it for a couple days and while I've recieved no verbal 'compliments', I have noticed a few girls making excuses to get close to me. I'm sure it will catch attention. And the best part? Practically NO ONE else has this stuff, and when asked what cologne I'm wearing, replying with "...why, that would be Quasar" is so much cooler than "uhhh.....Candies", or Romance, or some brand name that absolutely everyone is wearing. A unique, refreshing scent with a cool name that gives it that great exclusivity factor. Cool looking bottle, too.

  • MARITZA12/14/2003

    Is fresh but sensual, simply exquisite

  • QUASAR10/23/2002

    Quasar is much better made than 360 and Cool Water, is fresh but is different to the others "cheap colognes " that all people knows. An advice: try it and you will know what i mean

  • JASON GILCHRIST03/22/2002

    The cool bottle caught my attention first, but the smell blew me away. Why this isn't a classic like Cool Water leaves me wondering because it's one great smelling cologne!

  • JOHN02/04/2002

    Very similar to 360 for men. I like both and this is a tad sweeter, so I grabbed up a bottle. It's a HIT.

  • HEATHER07/29/2001

    Quasar smells incredible. We found it on our honeymoon in the Bahamas. My husband usually wears Polo Sport. I find Quasar to have a less sweeter smell than the Polo Sport. Everytime he wears Quasar, people ask im what he's wearing and comment on how good it smells.

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