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Obsession Sheer Calvin Klein Image

Calvin Klein

Obsession Sheer   

36 Reviews

A lighter rendition of the original Obsession signature fragrance, Sheer Obsession still maintains the irresistible, exotic nuances of the original blend of florals and spices. Perfect for day or evening wear, Sheer Obsession also can be layered over Obsession bath and body products. Contains notes of Mandarin, Bergamot, Vanilla, Coriander, more

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1.7 oz EDP Spray
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3.4 oz EDP Spray
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A lighter rendition of the original Obsession signature fragrance, Sheer Obsession still maintains the irresistible, exotic nuances of the original blend of florals and spices. Perfect for day or evening wear, Sheer Obsession also can be layered over Obsession bath and body products. Contains notes of Mandarin, Bergamot, Vanilla, Coriander, Tagette, Amber, incense, Musk.

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  • DOROTHY03/13/2013

    Love love love this. It is so light and airy not overpowering. A very sexy fragrance.

  • BARBARA NAGEOTTE11/29/2010

    I have been unable to find Sheer Obsession anywhere...I am now on a wait list and will be notified when you re-stock...Are you really out or has Sheer Obsession been taken off the market for some reason...Please let me know. Thank you

  • GÜLAY04/16/2010

    Hi all, I like OBSESSIÒN Sheer very much, however can't find it anymore - even not on the Internet. Any ideas? thanks and bye,

  • TANYA10/29/2008

    I find this version of Obsession to be better than the original (women's) version. It's light and yet sensual... Perfect for daily wear. (The original woman's version is just a bit too much over-the-top for my taste....) - Also recommend OBSESSION NIGHT (w).

  • SUSAN04/26/2008

    Did this wonderful fragrance get discontinued? This is such a great fragrance, but the stay power is not 8 hrs like the original. Does any body else have the problem? Is this ever going to come back? Please any one?

  • BARBARA C02/07/2008

    My favorite for years, especially after having used regular Obsession (also, for years). This is a great daytime fragrance for me. I'm having difficulty finding the larger size, though!

  • ROCKI08/11/2007

    I read alot of women say, "it's too strong," I understand when a scent can be very intense, but some days you need that kick. I can't stand a scent that is too light or powdery. This scent is pretty, but I found it as "intense" in a different way, than the original. If I'm going to make a statement, then I want to go for the gusto, not beat around the bush. On days that I don't feel so good, or want to just blend into the scenery, then I wouldn't wear the original. What's funny is, that alot of women like very intense florals, or green (herbal) scents, but Obsession is too strong? Interesting.

  • NEL06/19/2007

    Obssesion sheer to sweet and cloying. And as far as the original Obssesion, buy Must the Cartier,gorgeous they say it smells like the original Obssesion, no there is no similarity, Must the Cartier has class.

  • JUDI W*01/18/2007

    I bought this the other day, and to tell ya the truth...not so great. I used to use the original Obsession , and like it better than this. This smells sweeter to me, and has less body to it. Not bad...not good. Wouldn't buy it again, and it ain't cheap for not being crazy for it. Oh well...Another one bites the dust.

  • *BARBARA W05/29/2006

    I just cannot describe how much I love this!! I adore the original, but it is too much in the summer or daytime, and Sheer is the perfect solution! It smells wonderfully soft from the first spritz, and doesn't need any time to "cool off" like the original does. I'm so glad that they didn't totally change the fragrance as so many "new" versions of fragrances do. You can still identify this as Obsession, but there is a soft loveliness to this's like the sweet younger sister of the original, but it's still exotic and mysterious. I'll always love the first Obsession, but this version is so much more versatile and is now one of my all time favorites! 10 stars!

  • KARANN04/28/2006

    I bought this a couple of years ago and I HAD to have it. I'm not always in the mood for it but then I never wear the same fragrance everyday. I wish I had more to wear today but my bottle is empty. I need to get more. It's a lighter and more (lemony?) version of Obsession and it takes a whole different turn on me. The original Obsession can turn a little BO like on me but I love it on other people. Sheer Obsession is one I CAN wear and love it!

  • LINDA03/14/2006

    Great job CK!!! Love this scent. It is so sensual and sexy. I am hooked. Thanks again!!

  • RENEE01/05/2006

    never been a fan of calvin klein frags but this time i've fallen for this one - sheer obsession that's how it got me - but really this is such a soft, lingering scent haunting in a really mysterious sexy way a real deal i tell ya

  • COCOA12/06/2005

    I really like this CK fragrance; in fact this one is just about the only one I really like. Euphoria is not bad, just not original enough for me. Sheer Obsession is soft in a really provocative way and carries a healthy dose of originality. I often get asked about this one when I wear it and men especially love it. Something creamy and soft, powdery and lingering.

  • MARI9812/04/2005

    Yup, I wasn't impressed either. I had to check it after all the great reviews, but not for me...It smelt like something burnt, not very appealing anyway, sorry :-(

  • PEACHES12/02/2005

    I tried it after checking your comments but it wasn't that much of a wow to me. I didn't like the lingering smell after a few hours.

  • AM09/27/2005

    This is the one I always come back to and get the most compliments on...softly intoxicating and sexy. Good for any occasion, any time of the year. It's just... beautiful.

  • *MAYA*09/23/2005

    Personally I cannot compare this to the original - I have never worn it... But I can say, that this fragrance can very well stand on its own! In my opinion it is not a light fragrance as I've seen it described. I see it as both soft yet powerful; sexy and passionate! There is something quite inviting about it :) I love the way it opens up and caresses your skin with its soft feathered wings - reminds me of a dove in flight :) And then it sharpens up just ever so slightly and it starts to uncoil and unfurl in a most wonderful transformation of musk, and amber.... The incense mentioned is not a headache inducing type of experience either, it just mellowly comes for the ride on the doves wings and carries with it wonderful adventures :)

  • LORI09/03/2005

    i like the original obsession, but it is very very strong. i may try this!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Wow, this one is a new favorite! I can wear it year-round, versus the original Obsession which is too heavy for warmer weather. Fantastic!

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    missing the just of the true obsession, still wearable less satisfied like something grand is missing


    I love the orginal and I love this. Everyone I know who doesn't like regular Obession, has practically tried to steal my Sheer version. My boyfriend, who is a cologne addict, like I am a perfume addict, wants me to wear this everyday. He tells me it makes him think of me at school and has him racing home. It has become my signature scent...Be Delious by DKNY is next.

  • KATH11/28/2004

    I discovered 'Sheer' earlier this year and nothing has come close. This fragrance is just right for me unlike alot which after an hour or so have completely changed the original aroma and generally tend to make me feel nausious, at the end of the day 'Sheer' smells as fresh as when first applied. A big improvement on the classic 'Obsession' but unfortunately alot harder to come by.

  • JT11/04/2004

    This one smelled like a light almond soap. Not bad, just not good either. I had sprayed Burberry Brit on my other hand at the store, and both reminded me of almond, but neither one was good enough for me to buy. If you like Sheer Obsession, try Burberry Brit... along the same lines, but I think the Brit smells better quality. I love Calvin Klein lingerie, but not crazy about his fragrances.

  • KATHY06/24/2004

    I just purchased Obsession Sheer last night. The saleslady talked me into it and I am glad she did. I tried Obsession many years ago but found it too strong for me; this version is just right! I agree with other reviewers who wrote that the scent is somehow "soft," it it works very well layered over Obsession bath products. A great fragrance for summer.

  • ALLY04/21/2004

    I wore regular Obsession for years always was complimented on the scent even by those who had allergies, they would tell me that was one perfume that did not bother them. I tried Obsession Sheer when I saw it out, it is an absolutely WONDERFUL fragrance, lighter than the original and I even get more compliments then with the original of how good I smell, even by those who wear regular Obsession!! Problem is, it's very hard to locate.

  • KEAHI01/22/2004

    I've read that this is a limited edition. Does anyone know if that's true or not? (I don't believe everything I read off of the internet) I love this scent. It is everything I like about the original, but much easier to wear. I could only wear the original under special circumstances--this is a great scent for everyday use. Please don't be a limited edition!!!!!!!! this one's a keeper in my opinion and I hope it sticks around for awhile.

  • KATHY1112/26/2003

    I wore the original Obsession for years and now am sick of it. I put off trying the Sheer version for that very reason. I finally broke down and tried it and found it to be wonderful! It's changed just enough for me to repurchase. I think it's sexy!

  • KATHY1112/21/2003

    Am I the only one who can't tell this from the original? I was so excited to see a lighter version of my former (high school/college) favorite but it smells the same to me. It's still great but I was hoping for something more updated.

  • DEEDEE12/14/2003

    I love this so much better then the original obsession. I wore obsession when I was in HS, it is a very 80s fragrance. NIce smelling but needed an update. I think obsession sheer is like the original without the heavy in your face scent. Sheer obsession has a nice citris note to it as well. Perfect for office wear, I wear it to work and everyone just comments on how wonderful it smells. It is distinctive like the orignal but softer. I love this fragrance.

  • CHRISSY11/22/2003

    This is the one case where updating a classic like Obsession really worked. It is not exactly like the original but it has the same warm and inviting qualities without what sometimes seems the 80's heaviness of Obsession. I loved the original and I am sure that it is still very wearable for some ladies. But this is a great updated change.

  • ELIZABETH10/30/2003

    I fall love those Obession Sheer soo smell light scents . I can smell myself wear it allday.. it is my signature of Obession Sheer.. The another Obessions not really smell good.. I love is OBESSION SHEERS are more Beautiful Warm alike Vanilla warm .. I love it .. you should get it one yourself . Everybody asked me, what im wear it i told them it Obessions Sheer.. they say soo smell so pretty. it make my day!!! I'm getting more Obession Sheers ... I love it ! Its My Favorite to get that Obession Sheers!!!!!! Its soo Wonderful Smell it !!!!!!!! It make you feel soo Sexy! :o)

  • CAMILLA10/01/2003

    Did some sheering up shopping in a autum cold Sweden and found this new perfume.Wearing it really feels like a warm hug.

  • KATHY G.09/24/2003

    I tried on Sheer Obsession today, and I love it! It's lighter and less heady than original Obsession, which I used to like, but which now smells dated to me, like Giorgio. I love the citrus/vanilla accord. Sheer Obsession has a very unique fragrance. It reminds me of Clinique's Wrappings in spirit; effervescent, fresh, and lively. I plan to buy a bottle soon. This is a good scent to perk up your spirits.

  • PERFUMEADDICT09/14/2003

    I love this. The original Obsession is too heavy. This new one is lighter, softer. Has a musky linger that is enticing.

  • ANDREA06/19/2003

    I loved the original, but it is too strong. I am glad I tested this before I bought it because I was definitely disappointed. They didn't just lighten it, they changed it.

  • SIENNA04/08/2003

    I love this scent because it has a vanilla base with a hint of lemon citrus. It's a perfect combo, and seems to agree with everyone who has smelled it. WAY better than the overpowering original Obsession.

  • TIGRUSHKA10/22/2002

    I love the original as well, but this one is softer and more subtle, somehow soothing, warming and comforting. Good choice when I'm feeling under the weather.

  • LISA D10/16/2002

    I absolutely love this fragrance. It is very similar to obsession, but lighter. I have had many compliments on this fragrance.

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