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Launched in 1979, Nahema is a lovely floral aldehydic fragrance warmed by oriental spices. Nahema means "daughter of fire," this fragrance is intense, yet feminine floral.

1.0 oz Deluxe Parfum
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1.7 oz EDT Spray Refill
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1.7 oz EDP Spray
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1.7 oz EDP Spray Refill
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Launched in 1979, Nahema is a lovely floral aldehydic fragrance warmed by oriental spices. Nahema means "daughter of fire," this fragrance is intense, yet feminine floral.

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    I have a beautiful climbing rose in my garden. Double pink, highly fragrant - Nahema. So I was delighted when I fund the Galaxy Nahema fragrance. Now I can take the beautiful rose fragrance wherever I go.

  • LORI06/01/2012

    I agree with Joanne, Men go weak when they smell it truley!!!!

  • JOANN09/28/2009

    I've worn it for thirty years. There is nothing that comes close and yes men do love it!!!!!

  • JAN12/12/2006

    I have used Nahema for over 20 years it is wonderful. Very difficult to get hold of though not many stores in England sell it.

  • SYLVIE12/03/2006

    Hi Helen, you are very welcome. Thanks for your nice message :). I have both versions, perfume and eau de perfume. Both smell great and magnificent!!! I find them completely similar. How wonderful that you can buy this rare and hard-to-find Guerlain gem in Australia!!! Enjoy this delightful and fabulous fragrance. It's one of the very best!!! Happy sniffing, Sylvie.

  • GREEKGIRL11/07/2006

    Hello again Sylvie, i must tell you i just tried Nahema (because of your post) and i absolutely agree with everything you said IT IS DYNAMITE! this is one the best frags i have ever tried, and i agree its very similar to Yvresse which is another one of my favourites, the only difference is the rose and passionfruit, thank you so much for making me want to try it, this is gonna be my next purchase for sure! here in Australia they only sell it in parfum form, do you have it in parfum or Edp? is there a difference in the strengths? hope to hear from you soon, and thanks again for help, Helen. NAHEMA ROCKS!

  • CLAUDIA T.08/20/2006

    Dear Courtney, I wish you good luck on your journey and perfume finding. As I am testing Guerlain's latest work, Insolence, these few days, I think that you may consider it in your test list as well because it is also a sweet fruity-floral scent. This lovely composition features icy violet, foggy iris, delicate rose, and luscious raspberry, a younger interpretation of exquisitely beautiful Apres Londee & Meteorites smells just delightful. You may find it appealing as well. Best Wishes. Claudia:)

  • COURTNEY08/16/2006

    Greetings from Chicago! Thank you so much for both of your delicious descriptions. I can wear Chanel #5 and Lanvin. I don't mind aldehydes, as far as I know. I am going to Las Vegas in a couple of months, and I know there is a Guerlain boutique there. Perhaps I can find Nahema and give it a sniff! I am very excited about it, as it was created in the year of my birth, and the meaning of Nahema, "daughter of fire," is similar to the meanings of my mother's first name and my middle name. I love when things coincide neatly! Thanks again, Courtney

  • SYLVIE08/16/2006

    Dear Claudia, nice to meet you here at PE. I'm happy that you agree with me, that Yresse and Nahema share some beautiful, bright and fruity ingredients. Both fragrances smell divine!!!! Taste is so different, but when only two "noses" smell the same it's pure happiness. Best wishes, Sylvie.

  • CLAUDIA T.08/13/2006

    Dear Sylvie, I can't agree you better. Yes! Yvresse/Champagne does share the rich asset of fruity-floral aroma with Guerlain Nahema: the flamboyant rose & juicy peach (Nectarine in Champagne);they both smell audaciously bold & strikingly beautiful~:)

  • SYLVIE08/08/2006

    ... Sylvie again...Dear Courtney, I forgot to mention that Nahema is not discontinued, only very hard to find!! At the official Guerlain webside you can read a description for Nahema. I know and love many fine fragrances, but breathtaking Nahema is my very special scent!!! I love Shalimar too (since over 30 years!!!) and I am a huge Guerlain fan!!! Best wishes and happy sniffing, Sylvie.

  • TO COURTNEY08/08/2006

    Dear Courtney, Claudia T.'s brilliant description for Nahema says it all!!! I couldn't do it better in my German-English and I totally agree with Claudia. I can't smell aldehydes in Nahema. I'm not a fan of aldehydic fragrances. In Nahema I smell only delicious peach, passion fruit, roses, vanilla and sandalwood. The whole fragrances is very complex, bold and fruity and a love or hate scent. If you like Yvresse/Champagne (bright-fruity-peach-nectarine!!) you will probably love Nahema too! It's a hard-to-find Guerlain-fragrance and the scent is absolutely unique!!!

  • CLAUDIA T.07/24/2006

    I do not know if I can answer for Sylvie but Nahema in my opinion is very much unlike any perfume mentioned in your list. (except Love In White by Creed which I have not got a chance to sample yet. But, I guess it is a more transparent, crispy, ozonic floral according to the reviews I read, isn't it?) Even in Guerlain's range, you cannot really find a fragrance with a character similar to Nahema. If you really have to have an example, Chamade may make a good comparison because they both starts with fresh hyacinth and strong aldehyde and shares many common notes. But, then again, they are very different in heart notes (Chamade: Jasmine & blackcurrant buds, Nahema: Rose & Peach). For me, Nahema is a very fruity-floral scent brimmed with glistens of joy and happiness. The rose scent gives her a fiery character while peach adds a delicate atmosphere of innocence; very classic but deliciously & glamorously desirable. It is that kind of fragrance to make you feel finely dressed-up for a formal presence. I have found it is described as a hard-to-wear fragrance in some reviews but I think it is actually much more wearable than Chamade because it has a much softer character, which may be caused by the less strong aldehyde note. If you can wear famous aldehyde perfumes such as Chanel No.5, Hermes Calèche, Lanvin Arpège, etc., there should not be any problem for you to wear this. It is seductive as Shalimar, youthful as Champs-Élysées, luminous as I'instant, and sumptuous as Samsara. Give it a try. You may love it.:)

  • COURTNEY07/16/2006

    Sylvie, if you're reading, I have a few questions about Nahema. I was wondering if there is anything that it reminds you of. I was also wondering where to find it; even Neiman Marcus doesn't sell it. Is it off the market currently? I usually like Guerlain fragrances. Things I own and love are: Shalimar, Shalimar Light, Mitsouko, Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune, L'Instant, and With Love. From other lines, I like Love in White by Creed, Flower by Kenzo, and Valentino V. Knowing this, do you think I would like Nahema?

  • TBUZZ05/17/2006

    It smells just like cheap aerosol hairspray to me!!! Do you think I got a bad bottle??

  • TBUZZ05/17/2006

    I found this fragrance to be anything but wonderful, actually I found it AWFUL!!! Very dissapointing

  • NAÏMA04/08/2006

    Nahema or Naïma means Garden of Paradise and also as an adjectif Delicious and Sweet. And they launch this fragrance the year of my birth what a coîncidence!!!!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE04/05/2006

    I don't normally go for florals, but the reviews here and the meaning behind the name caught my attention, and I had to try it. Well, Nahema has certainly caught me off guard. Never, have I smelled a floral so intoxicating, so exotic, so intriguing, or so long-lasting as Nahema. It's spectacular! The spices and/or aldehydes notes move this scent out of the strictly floral category, and into a much more complex arena. It smells very expensive, and I feel very classy when I wear it. Nahema rules.

  • SUE C03/15/2006

    Nahema is an evening fragrance with predominant notes of rose and passionfruit. It also contains jasmine, peach, ylang-ylang & benzoin and the trademark vanillin. It is different to Chamade, but if you like it you will probably like both. Pricey and hard-to-get but a special occasion secret weapon. Chamade contains lilac blossom, hyacinth, ylang-ylang, blackcurrant buds, amber & vanilla, galbanum, and aldehydes. Also very sexy and alluring and very unique.

  • SYLVIE02/10/2006

    Hello Natalia, Nahema and Chamade are not similar - please forget the notes or the aldehyde-family! Guerlain fragrances are very special, bold and outstanding. Category: Love or hate :-). I can highly recommend NAHEMA. I adore it!!!!!!!! This is the queen-mother of all fruity-orientals. Breathtaking!!! Magnificent!!! If you like red roses, passion fruit(!), hyacinth, sandalwood, and vanilla, Nahema will rock you like the Rolling Stones! Believe me, it's a heaven-sent-scent.THE VERY BEST!!! Nothing comes close to this delicious, sumptuous fragrance. It's a fragrance for a wonderful, erotic, charismatic, famous beauty/diva/movie star!!! Here a subscription:" Nahema by Guerlain for Women. Year Introduced: 1979. Scent Type: Floral - Aldehyde. Top Notes: Peach, bergamot, greens, aldehydes. Heart Notes: Rose, hyacinth, Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lilac, lily of the valley. Base Notes: Passion fruit, Peru balsam, benzoin, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood. "Nahéma is a charming floral aldehyde with Oriental highlights. The Guerlain fragrance unfolds with the smooth freshness of fruit followed by a rich rose floral bouquet based on aromatic woods. An original, exotic blend, Nahéma is a fragrance for making grand entrances. As with most Guerlain fragrances, Nahéma began with a story. A character in Scheherazade's Thousand and One Nights inspired the name. Nahéma means "daughter of fire," bold and untamed. Nahéma is presented in a graceful, curvaceous bottle, a circular interplay of perfection. It is adorned with a single crystal drop--an elegant simplicity. "© Chamade is very hard to describe. It's more a typical floral/aldehyde type of fragrance, like Calèche and Chanel No. 5, but more lovely and special. I can smell a similarity to Hermes Rouge. All fragrances are not similar to Madame Rochas. Happy sniffing and greetings from Germany, Sylvie.

  • NATALIA01/19/2006

    Dear ladies! Please could you describe any differences betwee this two? Notes are very similar: Nahema:rose, hyacynth, passion fruit.. Chamade rose,hyacinht, jasmin, ilang-ilang.Are they both floral-aldehYdes? is anyone of it similar to Madam Rochas? it is floral-aldehyde with hyacinth notes too. I sniffed Madam and did not like it kind of sour, harsh and did not like the hyacinth much. Now thinking of trying Guerlain after reading all exciting descriptions her and there, do not have a chance to sniff,please help with descriptions! I appreciate it!!!

  • MARY11/21/2005

    I first fell in love while wearing it in 1980. I have been searching forever since it was discontinued in 1982 CA. Now my love has returned..let the romance begin.

  • SYLVIE09/28/2005

    Oh how I love wonderful Nahema. It was love from the first sniff. Magnificent fragrance. A masterpiece!!! My heart beats when I smell it. The very unique composition includes roses, hyacinth and passion fruit!!! Hmmmm so DELICIOUS!!! Yummy and ultra-feminine. EXCELLENT.

  • LILA09/17/2002

    This is a must have fragrance for every woman- I have worn it for 12 years. I wear it as a special occasion fragrance and men love it!

  • MELHELLY09/15/2002

    I love this smell in winter, but I don't usually wear it because it's not so matching with my easygoing style! Any way, a great perfume!

  • CAROL01/30/2002

    Have just tried this for the first time and LOVE, mysterious, complex..I don't find it "flowery" at all..have been won over..and...not heavy, but lingering...

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Single flower stands out; warm; sweet; sexy; dry; chalky. Boyfriend's comments: sweet, berry, lemonade and flowers. And that turned me off of it, because that's not how I want to smell.

  • VIKI10/10/2001

    Nahema was dedicated to french actress Catharine Daneuve. That's all I know about the scent - it's hard to find it.

  • ELISHA05/09/2001

    i LOVE this scent, it has roses vanilla and woods. It is a very unique scent

  • SERENALEAH04/08/2001

    Nahema is a rare treasure. this fragrance is now very difficult to find, but definitely worth the hunt. Nahema is engaging, hynoptic, mesmerizing, and engulfing. This is a profoundly romantic essence that unravels my man.

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