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Yves Saint Laurent


31 Reviews

Discovered by Yves Saint Laurent in 1964, Y for women is a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. This feminine scent contains a light fragrant of flowers, with touches of oaskmoss. Y is recommended for daytime wear.

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Discovered by Yves Saint Laurent in 1964, Y for women is a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. This feminine scent contains a light fragrant of flowers, with touches of oaskmoss. Y is recommended for daytime wear.

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  • SHARON04/20/2011

    I love this perfume there's nothing like it - I can't believe that shops took it off their shelves - now I can get hold of it whenever I need it - thank you Galaxy for prompt and efficient service.

  • CHRISTINA02/28/2009

    In 1964, two years after opening his own salon, Saint Laurent launched this, his first and most enduringly lovely perfume. Of all his perfumes, Y most reflects the underlying classicism and the astonishing originality of his clothes. It doesn´t have the recklessness of Rive Gauche or the exotic orientalism of Opium, the hedonism of Paris or the dazzling lightness of Yvresse. Y is more the perfumed summation of his style and richly inventive genius. Not only is it daring and beautiful, it is downright amazing! Saint Laurent insisted on sheer perfection in every detail of this perfume. It must have immediate and unique appeal, it must be tenacious enough to remain popular, and it must be capable of becoming a classic. After all these years, all this has come to pass, even though a few years ago it took a virtual relaunch to put it firmly back in the public eye. Having "rediscovered" it for myself recently, I found I had not forgotten its overt charm, its elegant allure. Its initial sophistication comes from Bulgarian rose and Grasse jasmine with the soft, moist crush of oakmoss. Oakmoss is a most unusual choice for such a dominant top note, but one which firmly sets Y on a very different avenue, strewn with a fetching bouquet of field flowers - narcissus, hyacinth and honeysuckle. This is given the luscious glow of peach, a breath of ylang ylang, the sharp tang of vetyver and a rush of green leaves. Warm, golden amber completes the brilliance. Everything ends, or rather dissolves, in a twilit, smoky smoulder...hauntingly beautiful and timeless. In the same way that nothing can be added or subtracted from a piece of Saint Laurent couture, so Y fuses with and complements the style of its wearer. It doesn´t really matter if you don´t possess a real Saint Laurent frock; it´s the feeling that this perfume gives you as an individual that makes you feel so deliciously self - assured and elegantly poised. Wear it with red, black, white, grey and gold, either day or evening. Y transcends all seasons and temperatures.

  • CYN01/21/2009

    Y is a classy, sublte scent that lasts all day on my skin (which is dry, and normally doesn't hold eau de toilettes), but in this case it does. It must be due to the quality ingredients. There is nothing sweet or flowery about Y. It is not a date night scent like Opium or a summer scent like Paris, but a classy, tailored suit fragrance that goes with any season and never offends those around you. I simply love it.

  • MERRY09/03/2008

    I agree w/Thorney. I've worn ONLY Y for almost 30 yrs. Won't use anything else. It is wonderul for all the time, not just a daytime perfume. The eau de parfum and perfume is available on strawberrynet, although VERY EXPENSIVE.(but, worth it)!

  • MERRY09/03/2008

    I totally agree w/Thorny! I've ONLY worn this fragrance for 29yrs. carries both the eau de parfum and perfume-very expensive though.

  • DIMMA GREECE02/28/2006

    Another great classic here, a beautiful,well balanced chypre,with soft fruity top notes and woody base.It`s easy to wear and yet is feminine and classy. I think that the vintage is more rich,i`ve tried the one that is now available at the stores and seems a little weak compared with the old bottle i have.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    used this many years ago when it was first introduced. it had a neutral effect on me...... i have never repeated this fragrance but also dont remember disliking it or hating it.......

  • THORNEY06/16/2005

    I have worn this perfume since I discovered it at 17 - it has gone with me on holiday, on dates to marriages, the birth of my children I wear it all the time - I never get bored but where oh were is the Eau de parfum and the parfum?

  • D.D.03/29/2005

    An elegant, chic, classy fragrance. A fragrance with "intrigue" like someone said here.

  • DIANE03/15/2005

    Can anybody tell me where I can find either shower gel or soap in this scent? It's wonderful!

  • M12/25/2004

    .. it was introduced the same year as I was born. But no, it does´nt fit my body chemistry and has no caractere my husband says it smells just like a perfume store.

  • NICOLE11/18/2004

    I love it. I was looking for a scent representative of the 60's. First, the bottle is so elegant. It smells sharps at first but settles down to a nice green floral scent, lightly sweet and mossy. All well balanced. One spray is enough for the whole day as it is tenacious but not overwhelming. It reminds me of Charlie from Revlon but much more classy. I fell in love with Y. I have to add it's very difficult to get. I luckily found out that "Holt Renfrew" in my downtown area holds it regularly and exclusively.


    I used to wear this in the '70s; it is by far my fav YSL scent. Rive Guache was being heavily promoted then, and while that's pleasant, it was "Y" that captured me at the cosmetics counter. Opium and Paris didn't win over my pocket book. Fast forward to 2003: I bought some after probably not wearing it since the late '70s or something. Oh! It is devine! Does anyone know if I can get the bath gel somewhere?

  • KATHLEEN 207/24/2004

    Years ago when I first started getting into this whole fragrance thing, i wore "Y" A male friend/admirer liked the scent and asked me what was I wearing? I said "Y". He said because I want to know. Cute. Beautiful refreshing fragrance, and stays with you all day. I agree with a previous post...Yves first and best, although "Paris" is close behind.

  • CK06/24/2004

    This is a good strong dominant type fragrance. Yes and don't put too much on! It can be light if applied with a lite hand. Mossy, mossy and a little fruity!


    Although not particularly floral or fruity, I find Y very feminine in a subtle and confident way.For me, this is a scent that I wear, rather than a scent that wears me. Reminds me a lot of Miss Dior.

  • RITA01/23/2004

    With "Y" & Rive Gauche, Yves St. Laurent could not have possibly topped himself. Opium & Champagne were bestsellers and unique, but "Y" epitomizes the 60's and Rive Gauche was a prelude to the 70's. As a designer & a perfumer, Yves was way ahead of his time.

  • LISA12/23/2003

    I wore a sample one day- smells a lot like Givenchy III but not as strong. I don't care for this type of fragrance. It's very sharp and not feminine to me.

  • BRUT CLASSIC!10/16/2003

    everything a perfume should be !!!! seductive mysterious suprisingly light given some of the House (other) fragrances

  • NORA09/14/2003

    Oh, my God, Dennis said that so nice ! I can't wear Y because I don't like chypres ( I used to liked them 15 yrs. ago but my taste has changed), but Y is all he said so beautifully in his description... Chic, original, young, special, classy (for a right lady of course). It was so nice to read your words, Dennis!!!

  • DENNIS08/18/2003

    I was 17 then. All the girls in my class were wearing Arpege, which was alittle overwhelming, quite frankly. But there was one girl, Charlotte, who was wearing "Y." I took her to the prom. Every time I smell this on someone, it really takes me back. It's a very chic, light scent, reminiscent of youth, lightheartedness, first love. I would buy it for my daughter if I had one.

  • JOY06/10/2003

    This scent is not for me; too strong and harsh.....just my humble opinion. If you like Addict, you may like this one.

  • STEPHANIE05/10/2003

    This is a good fragrance! I love chypres, and this is sort of a lighter version of some other beautiful chypres like Eau du Soir, Apercu, etc. Worth a try!

  • V.V12/15/2002

    Oh, my God - from it's strong chypre smell you must imediately know it is from sixties...But if anything is really chic - this is! Very elegant, daring, makes you special, a bit on a distance from others...

  • ANNIE09/13/2002

    It has a beautiful, classy quality - fresh, green, floral, but with an underlying woodiness and intrigue. My mother was (still is) a very elegant, beautiful woman, and this scent always reminds me of her.

  • MARGARETA09/12/2002

    This lovely, elegant, refined scent suit my skin so well, I get compliments from men and women all the time. For me it´s a daytime scent. I love it! The only scent that beats this one is Judith Mullers Bat-Sheba which they do not seem to produce anymore...

  • VONNI06/17/2002

    Just bought this one and love it! It's like a slightly sweeter version of Chanel #19. It's green/mossy and a little powdery at the same time. Not overwhelming, so it's fine for daywear, but elegant enough for evening as well.

  • ANN04/23/2002

    Is this the original mixture? I smelled some at a store this past weekend and it smells like they changed the formula. Has anyone ordered it from this site and is it the original formula?

  • SUSAN04/08/2002

    I have been using this for at least 20 years and constantly get comments from men and women. I love it but it's hard to find in the US even on the internet.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    warm sweet flowery but with some chypre. Could be beutiful on the right woman

  • EILEEN03/01/2002


  • SUSAN - AGAIN01/18/2002

    You say this is "strong"????? I have to disagree, anything is too strong if you put too much on.... I must say I do not like the spray top on the bottle, hard to spray with long nails....

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Powdery; animalic musk; warm; spicy; bubble bath; soft woods.

  • NONI09/07/2001

    smells darn good and darn strong i repeat darn strong only for women who know what they are know who you are, everybody else stay outdoors.

  • MGARIS08/30/2001

    My favorite scent, from YSL. His first, and his best. Luxurious, exquisite, slightly reminiscent of Givenchy III. Fabulous in the evening, particularly in perfume strength, but lovely any time, anyplace. Go for it!

  • SUSAN08/27/2001

    I first started using this frangrance about 20 years ago. It is divine. There was a time that stopped making it and I could only get in Bloomingdales in NYC, but it has had a resurgence. It is very sophisticated and beautiful, and you won't smell yourself "coming and going". Amust try, lots of compliments.

  • DIANETTA FRAZIER05/31/2001

    This is the signature cologne of YSL; the fragrance is full and elegant.

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