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The Baron   

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The Baron was created by LTL Fragrances in 1964 and is recommended for evening wear. The Baron is a refined, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, lemon and coriander. The middle notes are: vetiver, citrus and basil and the base of the fragrance is: fougere, sandalwood and cedar.

1.7 oz COL Spray
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$43.00 $41.99
2.7 oz Aftershave Balm
SKU 18006
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4.5 oz Aftershave Splash
SKU 5031
$48.00 $46.99
4.5 oz COL Splash (w/ Atomizer)
SKU 5238
$63.00 $53.99
4.5 oz COL Spray
SKU 3406
$61.00 $59.99

The Baron was created by LTL Fragrances in 1964 and is recommended for evening wear. The Baron is a refined, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, lemon and coriander. The middle notes are: vetiver, citrus and basil and the base of the fragrance is: fougere, sandalwood and cedar.

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    awsome smelling, classy, timeless fragrance for men of all ages

  • CESAR ULLOA11/07/2011


  • MELISSA04/16/2011

    this scent is great..... FOR OLD MEN! My husband whome is very young seems to think this scent is wonderful....meanwhile the scent for me reminds me of an old man. He was introduced to this in the 80's by his mom and dad.... this must be why!!

  • ROSE12/17/2010


  • BUNNY07/24/2010

    I bought this for my first love in the 80's. Have never forgotten it or him.... forward many years ahead found him and found the Baron... still love them both as much as I did back then <3

  • DEBORAH04/15/2008

    My husband only wears this for ME I told him I can smell this fragrance from any direction love it can't be beat by any mens cologne by far!!!

  • TONY T07/18/2007

    ultra feminine, downright unisex. that is even reaching for it. this m7 and paco's ultraviolet are the 3 most feminine colognes out right now.

  • DILLON04/12/2007

    Have men been neutered or something!??!. This disaster deserves to be on the ladies perfume counter along with other girly frags like: JHL, Joop, Antaeus, Devin, Eau D'Issey, Nino Cerruti ph, Reaction, Allure ph, Curve, M7, Obsession ph, etc., etc., etc..

  • DOODLE02/23/2007

    Oh my gosh I can't believe I found this. My first love wore this cologne and I think that's one reason why I still think about him. I am getting it for my...husband? Or maybe it's just for me.

  • BRIAN02/22/2007

    Smells suspiciously like the woman's perfume made by the same company, called "White Shoulders".


    Nothing "perfumey" about it.....Please..... Blends perfectly with ones skin. I get so many inquiries about this one, wouldn't now where to begin. Perfumey my a**..........

  • GILLY "OCEAN"02/02/2007

    This is by far the greatest smelling cologne of all time. The good thing about it is alot of people don't know about it but it's been around for a while. So when people smell it on you they are like "what is that you wearing?"

  • MY 2 CENTS09/27/2006

    While technically a well made scent, it desperately lacks masculinity. Even during the dry down, it never loses that women's perfume quality. It has a very heavy, sweet, female body soap aroma, similar to Caress or Olay.

  • MR.BUBBLZ04/22/2006

    My uncle used to come out of the bathroom smelling like the baron. He was a true ladies man and they all followed him. I wanted to be the same way and of course turned out to be. The cologne didn't do it but it sure didn't hurt. This cologne drives my girlfriend crazy. It's unique scent seperates me from her past. Too many people wear all these designers and ex girlfriends attach bad memories to good scents. This scent only brings goo memories and make my girlfriend want to eat me up when I wear it. These were her words, "You smell so good I want to eat you up!" Got to admit it is a bit overbearing if you spray too much on though. Half a spray should last all day!

  • A. BOREALIS03/25/2006

    Very attractive classic spicy citrusy-floral fragrance is a timeless masterpiece and still going after more than 40 years.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE01/28/2006

    This is one amazing fragrance, don't think I have ever smelled anything like it. The lavender base give it such a refined richness. This is definately a scent to be picked up by the hard to find collector. Give it a try.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE12/16/2005

    A good ol' fashioned cologne that's been around for more than 4 decades contains some common notes found in many other popular mens' colognes but this aroma is very unique and pleasing to the nasal for as old as the formula is. A great all-around and casual fragrance for any aged male out there.

  • SPACE PILGRIM12/06/2005

    Even for as old as it is, in this day and age the women are still in love with this sweet/ambery potion.

  • STEVE YOUNG11/04/2005

    For as old as it is, it's still a sweet and romantic cologne to wear for just about any male regardless of age.

  • PAPI10/03/2005


  • SYNERGY10/02/2005

    All I have to say about this cologne is that wearing it today is a sweet memorabilia.

  • ERIC08/17/2005

    Smells nice enough but smells too much like the women's White Shoulders and is pretty effiminate smelling.

  • TROY06/10/2005

    After a search for Baron lasting almost 30 years, I found it at the Perfume Emporium by accident in NYC in 2001. My all time favorite fragrance.!

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI05/22/2005

    Reviewers have commented that they find it elegant, subtle , sexy and classic. True enough. It also has a refreshing scent which is ambery without being sweet/cloying. It's very, very upbeat.

  • ROB H.04/18/2005

    My girlfriend is 20 years old and I'm surprised that she commented that it was okay and not "MMMMM, I like that." Also, a couple of her female friends of the same age group happened to be passing by and gave me average comments and said that it would probably please women 10 years older or higher. Oh well, still a wonderful aroma to me.

  • ROB H.04/02/2005

    Came across a fragrance store at a mall where an old friend of mine happened to work at and had to finally sample this due to the fact that it's going head to head in the ratings against Ignition and Minotaure. This is a classic and genuine fragrance that 30ish and older women really like and probably won't suit too many young guys to wear under that age range.

  • JEFF03/03/2005

    The Baron Cologne is my only fragrance..why would one want to change from Greatness of scent which lasts all day long deep into the something less! LTL did it correctly in a BIG way continuuing the original essence of this masterpiece ; which i have used for the past 40 years (orginally manufactured by Evyan Perfumes, New York, N.Y)

  • KAT01/02/2005

    All I can say is I LOVE THIS COLOGNE! I work for a fragance company, and work around scents all day, this is the sexy, long lasting scent...........never ever discontinue.I tell alot of people about it and get it on line.

  • CHRIS12/27/2004

    I have worn this product since 1973 I was sad when evyan wentout of business. glad ltr bought the line an now I am in heven its just always sold out in the stores! so glad that you cary it!

  • ALANA12/10/2004

    This is the sexiest men's cologne ever. I've only known two men who wear it... and either of them can sweep me off my feet anytime they want!

  • JOHN C10/15/2004

    I was lucky enough to get a spray bottle of "the Baron" Eau De Toilette I am told that it is in storage in New york. Please release it so the perfume shops can sell it agasin.

  • TOMMY09/11/2004

    My favorite after shave for many years, then one day it was gone. I'm glad I searched the internet.

  • TONY07/01/2004

    The Baron has been a part of my life since 1970. First as a youngster, I remembered my brother's "coolest" friends wearing it, and then as a teenager, finally getting my own bottle. It has always been unique and was always a hit with the ladies. Thanks for bringing it back. I say keep it the best kept secret in men's fragrance. We don't want every guy hip to it, but please bring down the price.

  • HUGO06/05/2004

    I have used several different colognes in my country, Colombia South America, most of the people like to smell good and I discovered this awesome cologne one time when a friend of mine was using it that was back in the 80's. He told me the name of the cologne then in one of my travels to USA I got ir in a cologne store .... now on days I purshase my cologne on line (girls love it). Thanks

  • DEBBIE05/13/2004

    My Lover wears this cologne, and he smells so sexy. I love it and I want to buy some for myself so I can put some on my pillow. Hey, I might even wear it myself : )

  • JO04/08/2004

    My nephew's Godmother bought the cologne for him when he was a baby...this was in the 1970's. I loved it!!! I wanted to buy it for my husband years later and couldn't find it in the stores. I remember doing a search on the internet years ago but didn't get any hits. Something told me to try again and boy, I'm glad I did. This fragrance is one of the most sexiest and sensual aromas.

  • ERIC03/18/2004

    I was wondering what it was about this that smelled familiar. It is definitely similar to White Shoulders for women. My mother used to wear White Shoulders and I had no clue they were made by the same company. It's a nice enough fragrance.

  • ANNE02/25/2004

    Awesome fragrance

  • JULIA02/14/2004

    My husband and I truly enjoy this fragrance for him. Why is it so hard to find and purchase?. Note the same co. made White Shoulders for women and it is found in every dept. store. Please make it easier for those of us who really want the product.

  • DARLENE K01/28/2004

    the scent of the baron on my husband is what made him my husband!!!!!!!!

  • PAUL A. CUGINI01/12/2004

    I am 43 years old. In the sixties my father and all my uncle's wore The Baron. I as a kid recognized greatness. I continued to wear The Baron into adulthood only to find one day no Baron on the shelf. I was told they no longer make it. It's been almost 20 years since that day. I got this hunch to type in The Baron on the pc and WA-LA!!! Man I am in my glory, sincerely, Paul A. Cugini.

  • BRAD COLTER11/15/2003

    I cannot believe the reaction I get from women when I wear this stuff. My trick is I never tell them it is the Baron, because it is uncommon and I want to keep it that way. It will linger for days on jackets and clothing. One very important thing to consider, the baron cologne is great in winter cold weather. In warm summer it is completely different and takes on an obnoxiously sweet smell that is nausiating.

  • KATHLEEN10/01/2003

    It is a wonderful men's cologne. I would follow any man wearing this straight into the bedroom!

  • MASTERMACKER09/24/2003

    I have discovered some great buys in cologne by following the ratings on this site. The Baron was an unpleasant suprise. It wears strong and sachrin sweet. The only sexual appeal it would have is to a twelve year old lolita who has an affinity for candy apple Barbie body splash. Notice there are no women's comments listed.

  • JUDE C08/27/2003

    this is an all time classic-it is such an old classic. the most powerful cologne on the market. Lasts as long and is as powerful for as any. It is expensive, but I am really glad I bought it. Find a way to buy this, it smells so sweet and is very potent, lasts all day easily, when most do not last that long, this stuff is great believe me. Unreal!!!!!

  • ERIC03/27/2003

    For me it is about as close to perfection as it gets. It has a subtle refreshing scent, not one of those choking in your face fragrences. I only wish it wasn’t so expensive.


    The Baron is an exceptionally unique fragrance. Tantalizing smells refreshingly good. It has a freshness to the aroma that is non cologne like. I am a NYPD Detective who works in the Intelligence Division Dignitary Protection Unit. So looking and smelling good is always a requirement. The Baron always come through for me! Plus it's synonomous with my name. Thanks for the Baron,

  • JOYCE01/04/2002

    I finally found this wonderful scent for my husband. It has been discontinued for years,why is it so expensive now,when it was much much cheaper in the 80's? I've found other discontinued products with much cheaper price tags. Now that I've vented maybe I'll buy some more (smile)

  • FRED DE FUSCO11/02/2001

    Wanted to buy The Baron Cologne

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