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Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Individuelle   

20 Reviews

After the first two fragrances for women, Mont Blanc launched Femme Individuelle. This is a very feminine, oriental perfume with fruity and woody notes. Sharp pink pepper and sour black currant are in the top. The heart is made of lotus blossom, hawthorn and rose. Oriental essence of patchouli, amber, musk and vanilla is in the base. The perfume more

Gift Set - 2.5 oz EDT Spray + 3.3 oz Body Lotion + 3.3 oz Shower Gel
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1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 11031
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2.5 EDT Spray (Tester)
SKU 52286
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2.5 oz EDT Spray
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After the first two fragrances for women, Mont Blanc launched Femme Individuelle. This is a very feminine, oriental perfume with fruity and woody notes. Sharp pink pepper and sour black currant are in the top. The heart is made of lotus blossom, hawthorn and rose. Oriental essence of patchouli, amber, musk and vanilla is in the base. The perfume was created by Michel Almairac of the perfume house of Robertet in 2004.

  • URSULA05/01/2015

    it's my favourite fragrance for many years.

  • LARISSA06/24/2008

    I remember the first time I try this perfume and how much I liked it. After that I keep buying it because is a excellent perfume that stays with you all day long and I just can't stop using it. I love it!! Thank you for this great perfume.

  • LARISSA06/24/2008

    Excellent Perfume, Nice Aroma that really stay all day on your skin, The best of the best...I love it!...Aroma agradable, encantador, buen fijador, excelente.

  • BARBARA W04/12/2007

    If you like floral scents, try this. It's elegant and a quality fragrance, just not my style.

  • JULIE12/11/2006

    I tried this while in Grand Cayman two years ago and couldn't get it out of my head! I finally bought it and I LOVE it... although, it doesn't last as long as it could...

  • KALINA11/14/2006

    i bought this one because of all the reviews and im glad i did.. at first i didnt care fir it but it sprayed it again min later and was took by surprise.. good deal

  • KALINA10/22/2006

    after reading all the great comment I bought the gift set eith the 1.7oz and lotion and body wash and aslo boguth a 2.5oz. im wating for them to come in so lets see what all the hype is about.

  • SUZIE10/05/2006

    Ungaro´s Apparition to me! and I like it, so I like this one, too :)

  • RICO10/02/2006

    Hey girls, i just bought this perfume, its sooo good, the lady type.It actually reminded me of Eternity but i love it. I also adore lolita lampicka

  • GREEKGIRL07/04/2006

    Hi Gina, well i tried desire and they are similar but not exactly alike, femme has a redcurrant note which Desire does not, it has more of a caramel drydown, but you should try it, you might like it, also if you like redcurrant notes you might like Live by Jennifer Lopez, bye for now, Helen.

  • GINA D06/29/2006

    I am not Greek, but would absolutely love to take a trip to Greece! What a wonderful trip that would be! :) Now you have sparked my interest in smelling Desire. Take care.

  • GREEKGIRL06/28/2006

    Hi Gina, you are right it was not Hot Couture as i tried them again, actually i think it might be Dunhill Desire or Live by Jennifer Lopez I will have to try them again and let you know but my bet is on Desire. See ya, by the way are you Greek? i only ask as Gina is a Greek name. Bye for now, Helen.

  • GINA D06/28/2006

    Ya know, it reminds me of something I have smelled before too. I wear Hot Couture all the time though and it doesn't really remind me of that. If it comes to you let me know!

  • GREEKGIRL06/27/2006

    I came across this one by accident, but am so glad i did, it is absolutely beautiful, reminds me of another fragrance which i cant think of yet, Hot Couture maybe., will update everyone, when it comes to me.

  • GINA D05/23/2006

    I am afraid I did not give Individuelle enough praise when I rated it. The more I wear this the more I fall in love with it. It is so unique. It makes a woman feel gorgeous, unique, and very classy. Plus I like the fact that you can't buy this in every department store, so not many people wear it or have even heard of it. I feel like it is my own special find. It last a really long time too. Definetly one of my top 3. The other in my top 3 incase anyone wants to know are Lolita Lempicka, and Givenchy Hot Couture. All 3 are so wonderful with my chemistry and all 3 are really unique, a bit mysterious and wonderful!

  • GINA D05/19/2006

    I just purchased this and I must say I really like it! It is very unique and last sooooo long!

  • CASSIE02/02/2006

    Well I purchased it anyway and I have to say it is absolutely luscious. My only complaint is it doesn't last as long. Is there an edp?Guess I'll just have to spray it on my clothes. Beautiful fragrance.

  • CASSIE12/18/2005

    After reading reviews here I was at dept store today,sprayed individuelle on one wrist and omnia the other.What a lucious smell. Only downside was it didn't last very long although I only had one spray. Shame they don't make it in a edp. I enjoyed both but omnia definitely stayed with me longer as it was a edp.I'm ordering individuelle and omnia anyway as I can't get this lovely fragrance out of my mind and not really sure what delicious scent is haunting me today. Individuelle or Omnia?? Will let you know.

  • JILLAINE10/27/2005

    That's funny. You want to know what I like ~ and here I've been watching the Individuelle postings hoping to see what You think of this one when you get to try it :) I like checking your fragrance picks out cuz it seems like I can count on them not being in the 'girlie-whirlie' category. Womanly, clean, complex & straightforward with a definite dash of unexpected delight. I'm also in a very cool climate so I do tend towards warmer scents. Right now, my #1 favorite (x6:) would be; Ungaro's Desnuda, Boucheron's Initial, Boucheron's Jaipur Saphir, Niki de Saint Phalle, Dolce Gabanna's Sicily, & once in awhile DK's Black Cashmere. CK's 2005 edition Eternity Summer was nice for those warmer playful 'days of rays'. Good luck on your Individuelle quest!

  • MAYA10/07/2005

    Thanks all for your comments and having taken the time to write. I greatly appreciate it :) Are there any other fragrances you ladies like? I would love to hear from you! Greetings from Canada! Maya

  • KISSYSTAR09/26/2005

    I sampled both of the fragrances and found them to be quite similar. MONT BLANC INDIVIDUELLE is more intense and stronger than the MONT BLANC PRESENCE, but both are just divine. Still, I would probably buy only one at a time since there is no point in having two pretty much identical fragrances. Either way you go - you will not regret it :) Try this one it really is sexy and sophisticated.

  • JILL09/18/2005

    Just found a listing of what the notes of this fragrance are. Top: Pink Pepper, Red Currant. Middle: Rose, Lotus Flower, Hawthorn. Base: Musk, Vanilla, Patchoulli, Amber. The creator describes it as "a very feminine fragrance in which affection, spicy notes and voluptuousness meet" Hope this helps!

  • CINDY09/08/2005

    I have worn both perfumes, I like Presence but absolutely love Individuelle although it is not easy to locate in stores yet.

  • KINGJON08/26/2005

    I bought this for a friend of mine and wow, she loved it so much and her friend, my friend too, wants to buy a bottle of her own. I love how it smells on my friend, makes them smell as sexy as they look. I have the male version and it was unique, unlike any other cologne I smelled. So I bought this for her to have a unique scent too. I love it..

  • MAYA08/17/2005

    How does "Individuelle" compare to "Presence"? Has anyone smelled them both? Are they similar? I just love "Presence" and would love to find out what "Individuelle" actually smells like... Happy to see that all you ladies who posted give it 2 thumbs up! I might just have to try it... Looking forward to some help :)

  • LAURA08/06/2005

    I give this fragrance two thumbs up.....way up,high up,as long as it's up!!! They could've come up with a better bottle design but what the hell,this is one ultra crazysexycool scent!!!

  • LAURA07/29/2005

    I give this scent two thumbs up.....way up,high up,as long as it's up!! And damn it, my bottle's finished so I got to get another one fast.

  • SHUTIA06/26/2005

    I agree with everything the first person said!!! I just got back off a cruise yesterday, and I bought quite a bit of valuable things. BUT this by far, is my favorite gift ever I bought for myself!!! I am already searching for where I can get it in the states!!! If you see this fragrance you have to get it!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

  • MELANIE06/13/2005

    Yup,you heard my reaction!! This is the most gorgeous,sexy smelling scent I have ever encountered. The bottle looks kind of boring though,but anyway,since I'm first in line here,I'd recommend this one to any perfume loving gal who wants to catch that special guy by his nose and take him home.

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