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Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka   

295 Reviews

Fresh, Sweet Oriental, Vanilla. Created in 1997, Lolita Lempicka is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. A fragrance of contrasts; baroque and contemporary, curvaceous and strong, enclosed in an apple shaped bottle. With a liquorice accord comprising of aniseed, violet, vanilla and praline with a floral oriental harmony of ivy, iris, amarena, more

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Fresh, Sweet Oriental, Vanilla. Created in 1997, Lolita Lempicka is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. A fragrance of contrasts; baroque and contemporary, curvaceous and strong, enclosed in an apple shaped bottle. With a liquorice accord comprising of aniseed, violet, vanilla and praline with a floral oriental harmony of ivy, iris, amarena, tonka bean, vetiver, and musk. Lolita Lempicka is elegant and voluptuous.

  • ROBYN 07/12/2014

    Love this perfume, soft and delicate perfume - not overpowering. Never get tired of the this perfume.

  • ALEXANDRA12/21/2013

    ...worn Midnight and Minuit on evenings when a scent that is elegant and voluptous was desirable. Lately a softer and more floral version called Forbidden Flower called my name and I wear it constantly. Everytime I have any of these fragrances on my skin, people stop and ask me what am I wearing, They just love it! ...

  • A.RUSSEL08/29/2013

    powdery sweet

  • SUE KASPROWICZ11/17/2012

    always one of my favourites, seems to suit a wide range of women

  • GINA10/17/2012

    OMG!!! this scent is to die for. subtle yet sensual! lasts all day on me..cannot recommend this product enough

  • MARGARET05/14/2012

    This reminds of another scent that I used to wear .... It has a very Unique but captivating effect on people . If you smell it only 1 x you will always recognize it

  • SHARON05/04/2012

    Spicy top notes mellows out to a spicy floral. Love it, totally different to anything I have smelt before. I usually go for strong orientals and this fits the bill. I can't smell it on myself after a while but other people remark on how nice it is. Oh and the bottle is beautiful although it took me a few minutes to work out the scent comes out of the stem.

  • ALLISON04/30/2012

    I can always tell when someone is wearing Lolita Lempicka. I used to wear this fragrance years ago and the scent brings back memories. It's warm, sweet, spicy, and alluring. I find that it has the tendency to be a little overpowering on some people I think a little goes a long way with this fragrance.

  • SEENY LOVE04/12/2012

    no problems, love the perfume

  • CECI02/18/2012

    LOLITA kind of to strong

  • DENETTE02/01/2012

    Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka is a wonderfully unique fragrance! It is warm and spicy, which makes it perfect for those cold weather months. On my skin, I get some of the same notes that are in Forbidden Flower (probably use the same base), but then it gets sort of dirty spicy with licorice and anise. I get tons of compliments on it, especially in the fall. I really love the apple bottle design too, however, my sprayer doesn’t work very well, so I have to decant into something with a decent sprayer. I don’t mind though, since it smell so good!

  • JUANITA11/28/2011

    I loved this scent from the very first spray. It lasts all day on me and is never overbearing.

  • MING02/27/2011

    Beautiful scent and bottle. I especially love the mini bottle as a collectible. Lola and Aphrael- is there anything you like? I've read the both of you all over the perfume emporium site and you are two of the biggest knowitall critiques here. You bash 90% of the fragrances on perfume emporium. Here's what I think-you're one person posting under both identities. Maybe you to get a job to keep you occupied or maybe you need Prozac?

  • MARY12/25/2010

    This is one of my favorites. Also on my favorites list are: Jean Paul Gaultier, Angel, All About Eve and Cinema.

  • JODI11/01/2010

    the one I bought I love but am finding out there are more then one fragrance. don't know the name of the one I like

  • JEN08/19/2010

    Keeping in mind that based on body chemistries, perfumes are not going to smell the same on each person. It's much more helpful if you just go to a department store (or buy a mini here on the site) and physically try the scent on yourself first. You may find that something you hadn't thought you with you. Conversely, the perfume "everyone" is wearing just might not suit you. I've been wearing this scent for years and nearly always have someone commenting on how pretty it is. Find your own signature scent - good luck!

  • LISY05/20/2010

    This is a very sweet woody smell. I really liked it the minute I smelled it. If your into sweet juicy smells you will like this stuff. But L de lolita lempicka the mermaid looking bottle is better it's much softer but sweeter.

  • SEXY KITTEN07/19/2009

    I don't think this has a single natural ingredient in it! Smells like sweet chemical juice. Even the color is suspect...Instant nausea and headache inducer. No wonder we're all getting cancer.

  • RYAN12/19/2008

    First off, I would like to set a few things straight about this and Angel. Lolita Lempicka smells nothing like Angel. Angel is heavy on berries, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and patchouli. Lolita is ivy, licorice/anise, amarena (cherry), vanilla, musk and vetiver. The only similarity between the two is the fact that they belong to the same fragrance category; oriental gourmand. Also, I would never ever describe this as an old lady scent. I bought it for my 24 year old sister and she loves more than about anything else she's ever had, and she's a young hip city girl, yet still mature. Also, in describing the scent as others have said before, it is sweet, spicy, slightly musky and powdery, yet very original as well. It's lasting power is wonderful and very well worth the price of the bottle (which btw, is almost half the price of Angel: $82 for a large Lolita 3.3oz vs. $157 for a large Angel 3.4oz) All in all, highly recommended award winning fragrance. BTW, I own the men's Lolita and it's about the most original sexy men's cologne I've ever had.

  • JENNY10/19/2008

    This is my favorite perfume!I always gets lots of positive comments when i wear this.My man just love it :)This scent will do best in wintertime because its a bit oriental,sweet and spicy.Lolita Lempicka, thank you for this one!

  • EMMA10/03/2008

    I bought a bottle of this stuff based on the good reviews and the appeareance of the bottle. and I made a big mistake. I don`t exagerate, it really provokes me vomit... this stuff can easily kill flies.

  • MARY09/24/2008

    The word "charming" best describes this scent. I can't describe it, and I've found nothing like it. Men and women love it, and I recieve compliments from both when I wear it. It smells the best on chilly and cold nights. Summer southern days are almost off limits to this scent... it can get a bit heavy in humid air.

  • EMMA09/16/2008

    I bought this perfume without trying it, just based on these great reviews. It sucks! it gave me a headache and fortunately, it doesn`t last long on my skin. it`s not feminine at all, I don`t understant how could a woman be sexy by wearing this. I also have Hypnotic Poison, which is great!but Lolita Lempicka is so yucky! it almost makes me vomit! I hope L from Lolita is better.

  • AMANDA09/12/2008

    So I am a fragrance freak lol so a few days ago I ordered some on-line well one of them was Lolita Lempicka, I spent hours reading reviews etc and chose this one because it had so many wonderful reviews and some associations with fragrances that I truly love so I get it open it and am horrified the smell really is HORRIBLE to me anyway. All I kept thinking back to was the reviews that described the smell as similar to a cough syrup, motor oil etc. and you know what it does. I truly hope I can return this because I can't stand the scent it is just so odd but not in a good way. BEWARE! find someway to smell it before you buy it even though it is a rare hard to find scent!!!

  • MARTA BIELICKI08/26/2008

    this is my signature perfume. Very sexy and sensual. Day or night I always get compliments!

  • MANDY08/12/2008

    I had a sample of this scent that i was wearing last year. I though i could pull it off... Mainly the name attracted me, so i tried to sport the scent. Then my husband informed me that it was a nasty smell, "pew what is she wearing!?" as another woman wearing it passed by us. So i didnt wear it again after that. Oh well. I didnt like it much to begin with. Kind of sickening sweet. Maybe good for a formal occaision though.

  • HOLLY RAE06/11/2008

    I love this scent but it is a bit on the mild side and I do love licorice, BTW. You have to really get a good up close whiff to appreciate it. But I love strong scents like Ysatis and Georgio.

  • MS GREY04/19/2008

    My s.o and his best friend loved it on me and got a wild hair and tried it..they got hit on so hard at all three places we went! try it fellas!


    Very sweet and strong long lasting. Not an everyday perfume, more of a hot summer night on the beach. In my top 20

  • GAYLA12/05/2007


  • JENNIFER09/12/2007

    When this perfume first came out, I was still in my teens. I had a copy of Vogue and I saw (and smelled) a scented advertisement for "the new fragrance by Lolita Lempicka". Now in my 30s, I still love that scent and get many compliments on it when I wear it. Naturally, different body chemistries will produce different results, so your mileage may vary, but it's what I call a "warm" smell and very memorable.

  • LOUISE07/05/2007

    I bought the 30ml simply for the bottle straight off the net, in England women seem to wear the same scents and are afraid to 'experiement'. Not me i go through perfume like hot dinners! I love Lolita Lempicka from the minute you sparay it to 12 hours later when you can STILL smell its soft sweetness, i get so many compliments. For me its the liquorice and a soft hint of vanilla and anise i LOVE it! A bit crazy but it reminds me of sambucca maybe thats just me but its a gorgeous scent!

  • CHALI06/03/2007

    Nice scent if you don't put on too much. I like the fruit topnotes; I think it is grape. I don't detect licorice or anise in it at all, which is good.

  • BARBARA W06/03/2007

    If you like Lolita, try "Cast a Spell" by Lulu Guinness. I just bought a bottle at Sephora and love it. It's like a lighter version of Lolita with less of an emphasis on the licorice, and more wearable in the warm weather.

  • LOLITA05/15/2007

    Being that my name is Lolita....I had to at least try it. I first bought it in the Bahamas and it made my head hurt instantly. I refused to wear it for a while but when I tried it again (very small amount) it was not as bad and then I began to really like it. Now I love it when someone asks "what perfume are you wearing" and I get to say "Lolita". I wear it alot now, of course. Lolita

  • CYNCYN05/01/2007

    I really, really wanted to love this stuff. It sounded bewitching and sexy with a little fruiti-toot-toot to boot. But it mixed with my skin it gave me a whooping headache. I had high hopes for this stuff, hope it works better for you all.

  • AMY03/25/2007

    i bought a bottle based on all the reviews and realized i made a mistake. i should've known since i hate licorice. cant get past the scent of anise. no big loss

  • ANGELA01/13/2007

    Being a huge fan of Anise and black licorice, I've been intrigued with Lolita since I read the description. I finally got my hands on a miniture to try it out, and I am so glad I did. This is a gorgeous scent. I thought it would be fairly heavy, but it was much softer than I expected. The licorice note isn't in your face, but just noticable enough to keep me happy, and balanced with warm vanilla and soft florals. I don't get the "elderly" association some have mentioned. To me it smelled sexy and completely edible. It's definately not a scent for those who like florals, or fresh aquatics, but if you're a fan of gormound scents Lolita Lempicka is a winnner. And that bottle is just gorgeous (and super cute in the 5ml size!),

  • CRISTIANE01/04/2007

    LL is absolutely sexy, one of my favorite fragrances. I wear it everyday and don't ever get sick of it. Lovely, sensual.

  • FRIDAY12/14/2006

    I am now using this LL as an evening perfume, very clever as it develops and always changes until the dry down - perfect cocktail of scents for me. I stick to using this for evenings for its allure and remain loyal to my Nina Ricci Deci Dela for that delightful and uplifting daytime feeling - 5 stars for LL, and I will also be testing their other variation, LL Midnight, very soon.

  • FRIDAY FC11/20/2006

    Ok, i had reservations and rather than buy the full 100mls, i got my hands on an 8ml sample. Best thing I did. Firstly, on first application, I was surprised at its originality, woodiness and thought to myself, this is a serious statement for night wear only. After 15min, it changed and started cloying on me....the opinions of 'old woman' rang true in my mind, however, its not so much old woman as it is classic style, not for the overly young, innocent girly-girls. that dry-down scent lasted on my skin all day and i may have made myself sick of it by constantly sniffing my wrist to convince myself its better than I thought. I like it, im 38yo, but unsure if it will be a favourite, will definitely use sparingly at night only, but no compliments yet - wait and see - its early days - I really want to like this fragrance and expell the 'old lady' idea.....will report back after I've sussed more on it or formed a more definite opinion. Like I said, glad I only got the 8ml sample first.

  • KATE11/01/2006

    i recieved a sample of lolita yesterday from my auntie.. as soon as i smelt it i was looking on the internet for it.. its absolutely gorgeous!! i love it !! also this website sells it alot cheaper than others!! i recommend this perfume to everyone except from people who dont like sweet smelling perfume! :D

  • VICKY10/30/2006

    Im a perfume fan Im always buying perfumes I like all types...but Lolita is my favorite of all...I have bought it 6 years ago for the 1st time in my country was not avilable yet so one friend bought ir for me in the US...I have received compliments just once but I just dont care i love it!

  • MAYA10/06/2006

    Lancome has come out with Miracle forever... very nicely done. Anise, but done with berries and almond - reminiscent of Flowerbomb in some ways -- see my notes there for my experience of that fragrance!!

  • DESDEKID10/03/2006

    I have just tried the new "L" and I was pretty dissapointed. It smells EXACTLY like Amorito from The Body Shop = CHOCOLATE + VANILLA. It has nothing to do with the "sea breeze" smell or mermaids or summer, as advertised. it's chocolate all the way, foody, winter smell. You should try Amorito, it's exactly like it, it a lot cheaper and has great lasting power.

  • CLARE10/03/2006

    Its a great smell and lasts all day.Everyone will comment on it how lovely it is

  • JESSIE09/15/2006

    Would love to hear opinions, what other perfumes does this smell like?

  • NARDINE09/13/2006

    I think this perfume has a very special smell . It is not smilar or even close to any other perfume

  • PAZZO09/12/2006

    Anyone smelled princess by v. wang?I applied some at the mall and the dry down was very very similar to lolita's dry down.Very deliciously yummy.Was wondering if anyone else spotted the same thing.

  • JESSIE08/25/2006

    I've not smelt it yet but it sounds just perfect. I really want a perfume that lasts, my favourite scent is hypnose, but due to this not lasting i need a new perfume, do you think i will like this if i love... hypnose sensi angel lily at first initial spray before it goes stale brit Thankyou so much for opinions... x

  • FRAGRANTONE07/24/2006

    I loved Lolita Lempicka for a couple of years, it was so sweet and unique; violets and ivy and licorice. But more and more often when I applied, I began to reek of DIRT after drydown. Actual damp soil. There is a vetiver note or something in LL that sometimes takes over on my skin. I can't give it a bad rating since I once loved it, but I recommend testing several times before spending your money on it.

  • ALCHIMIE07/20/2006

    A very unique fragrance. woody-oriental. By the way I noticed one thing most people don't realise. ALWAYS pay attention to one thing in descriptions, whther it's written oriental-woody or woody-oiental, or green-floral or floral-green. I'd never even pay attention to it until now, and let me tell You, Lolita Lempicka is first of all WOODY then oriental. Sweet but You smell the bitter note of Iris root or aniseed. Creamy vanilla with a strong base of woods. Very interesting, extremelly long lasting. It is one of a kind and You won'[t show me anything else that lasts longer than this! I absolutelly LOVE IT.

  • MARI8806/11/2006

    I tried the new one, and also scored a sample (yay!) It's nothing like original one. But it's just as beautiful, lasts forever, and like nothing you've tried before (there's some comparison with FM Musk Ravageur) Top notes are orangy, lemony and fresh, but eventually in ends up woody, vanilic and cinammony. Modern oriental, maybe not very well suited for hot summery days, but I can see myself wearing this in fall or winter.

  • RHONDA05/29/2006

    Has anyone smelled the new L? I love vanilla scents..wondered if I would like L? Is it long lasting like her original?

  • *BARBARA W*04/30/2006

    Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant is a totally different experience than Lolita (more spice), but if you love the licorice note in Lolita, you may just love Jungle...take a walk on the wild side!

  • JT03/24/2006

    I always go places and catch a whif of someone wearing a strong cloud of this scent which can be smelled a half mile away... I do own this, and use a SMALL amount and only rarely, and for special occasion. I generally like light non-offensive types of scents, so while I like this one, it is "too much" for me for casual day use. When I smell a strong whif of it in public, I think to myself, "ooh, I hope I don't smell like that when I use it!!"

  • PAZZO03/17/2006

    The fragrance is described as ‘a perfume that gives more, a salty kiss of immortal flower’. The opening of Seville (bitter) orange spiced with cinnamon announces a gentle Oriental floral. An ode to immortal flower, over a base of precious wood and musks. Created by perfumer Maurice Roucel. Top note : Bitter Orange, Cinnamon Middle note : Immortal, Vanilla Base note : Precious Woods, Solar Notes, Musks .Bottle is a cross between a pebble polished by the waves and a heart, in an aquamarine hue. It is adorned with a crystal cap threaded with gold. A drop of water, a star and a pearl-encrusted initial hang from it like treasures from the sea. A dreamlike creation, true to the creator’s fairy-tale like world.

  • DESDEKID03/15/2006

    first of all: stop comparing it with Angel and Wish. It has NOTHING in common with them (read the ingredients) except maybe the fame. This is a very unique scent, it's sweet but not heavy (a little goes a long way though), and it gives you a fairy, fantasstic aura. And if a young girl is wearing it, it will never seem like a grany smell. Plus the bottle is a collector's must have.

  • GINA D03/08/2006

    I can't find any info on L???? I love lolita lempicka and would love to know more about this new one.

  • VANILLA03/04/2006

    L, the second perfume from designer Lolita Lempicka L is a new olfactory myth, with the sea for a background and a Mermaid for a mistress. Its name is an initial, a wave. The woman who wears it is untamed and precious, free and elusive. L is a treasure up from the deep, in an aquamarine, heart-like jewel of a bottle ‘caught in a golden net’. It unveils a solar trail, like a salty caress of immortal flower. But its creator describes it best: ‘True to my memory of skin touched by the sun and waves, it leaves an almost salty taste on your lips. It is exactly what I was dreaming of.’. The fragrance is described as ‘a perfume that gives more, a salty kiss of immortal flower’. The opening of Seville (bitter) orange spiced with cinnamon announces a gentle Oriental floral. An ode to immortal flower, over a base of precious wood and musks. Created by perfumer Maurice Roucel. Top note : Bitter Orange, Cinnamon Middle note : Immortal, Vanilla Base note : Precious Woods, Solar Notes, Musks

  • COURTNEY02/24/2006

    Oh, yes, and try: Anisia Bella by Guerlain (avail. here), which is very light.

  • COURTNEY02/24/2006

    Maya's suggestions were good. For more licorice-based scents, you may also want to try: Very Irresistible by Givenchy, Black by Bvlgari (a unisex scent), Pomegranate Anise by Fresh (avail. at Sephora), or Jicky by Guerlain (no real anise/licorice, but the smell is similar), which is avail. at Neiman Marcus or at this website.

  • GINA D02/23/2006

    After searching I have arrived at the fact that Lolita Lempicka is my signature fragrance! I have worn it off and on for 2 years now. I just purchased another bottle and this is the one! I still like a few other fragrances for vareity but this one is definetly my favorite. My husband loves it and if it were up to him this would be the only one I would wear. He wears the men's version which is divine! It is different than any other men's cologne out there. Lolita for women makes me feel young, exotic, and cozy at the same time.

  • JAYBEE02/22/2006

    Has anyone tried the new lolita? something like "L de Lolita Lempicka", orange box, aqua stone-like bottle..i don't know what to think of it, doesn't have the licorice of the original..

  • QUESTION02/20/2006

    is aniseed and anise the same thing?Can anyone suggest any perfumes with aniseed notes.

  • SHERRI 02/20/2006

    Perfect for Spring, and everything else that happens next... so if anyone has problems with their fragrance contact me.

  • PAZZO02/12/2006

    U have given me a lot of perfume's names and hopefully it will keep me busy trying them on,some of them i didn't even think to try ,but now i will.Thanx so much for u'r input.

  • PSATURN02/07/2006

    Licorice Notes can be found in the Costume National fragrance SCENT and Helmut Lang's fragrance.

  • MAYA02/07/2006

    Hello again :) Here are few suggestions for fragrances with licorice... you may like some (I HOPE)... One of my favorites of this list is Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant, in fact I can totally see you liking this one quite a bit!... the licorice notes is in the heart notes so you really do notice it I think! Of course I will also mention that Pink Sugar has licorice blossom in it's heart notes as well... this one you might like but unlike Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant this one has no spiciness to it and is very much like cotton-candy :) Also there is Desire by Dunhill for ladies and that one too has licorice in it... very lovely... creamy and yummy! And I almost forgot there is the new Lolita - Star Dust Midnight Fragrance as well, that one too has licorice in it "Licorice Flower Nectar" :) But here are also two that you may like... and I'm not sure if they actually do have licorice in them... Deep Red by Hugo Boss and Magnetism by Escada... Hope you enjoy :)

  • MAYA02/07/2006

    Hello and thank you for your response! Actually I did find it the other day and wasn't sure what to think of it right off the bat. I have to be honest about it... I like my scents to be a bit darker, more mysterious smelling and a bit more richer... However after my very first impression I found that I really started to like it as is blended with my skin... It started to lose that brightness and became a bit darker and richer smelling. MMmmmmm just what I like. So thank you once again for your recommendation :)

  • GREEKGIRL02/05/2006

    hello again Maya sorry for taking so long to get back to you, Hypnose came out here in Australia before xmas (dont know when youll get it there, and i thought we were the last to get perfumes!)it was my xmas present from hubby and kids, to me it smells of licorice in the beginning but on drydown is sort of woody vanilla plus passionflower i think , it really is a beautiful perfume fast becoming my favourite(i never thought id have a favourite cos i like so many)you really must try it I think youll like it as to Pazzos post about it not being like lolita what i meant was that it is similar because i can smell licorice in both (even though Hypnose does not actually have licorice in it) hope this helps bye from Helen.

  • PAZZO02/04/2006

    Is there any other perfume with the licorice accord or note in it.I absolutely love what the licorice notes in lolita.I have tested hypnose and found no similarities with lolita , but it is very similar to pure poison without the jarring note with make pure poison a dud.It is sweet smelling but i cldn't detect licorice in it.

  • MAYA02/01/2006

    Hi there, I read about Hypnose and knew I would love it :) Where were you able to find it? I have been looking everywhere mind you I live in Canada and if you are in Europe well that would explain it :) By the way I've left you a post of Pink Sugar vs. Fantasy on Pink Sugar review board... Hope I can get a bottle of Hypnose soon though :) Many thanks Maya

  • GREEKGIRL01/29/2006

    try the new one from lancome called hypnose when i first sprayed it i thought i sprayed on ouzo.(by the way that a greek licorice liqueur. Love them both.

  • AMY01/27/2006

    i love this perfume. it reminds me of another one i like. apparition by ungaro. both are excellent!!

  • SUZY01/27/2006

    I looooooove this one! I dont really care for original one, because it is just too sweet, but midnight version is GEORGEOUS! very feminine, sexy, warm, yummy!

  • VIVIAN P01/19/2006

    Very similar to Angel only better. Gorgeous sweet scent that lasts for hours...beautiful bottle...any wonder that I reach for it so often? It only remains on my dresser on date nights...those are reserved for Michael by Michael Kors.

  • LISA01/05/2006

    I tried this in the department store. Sniffed, sniffed, sniffed my wrists, then I bought a bottle. I put some on that same evening...too much and I was so sick from the perfume. BUT...I love this perfume. I tried again the next day, a walk though. I still felt dizzy from the perfume. But, I refused to give up...I love this perfume. I have a roll-on decant and I put some in there last night. Today I rolled some just on my wrists and I did not smell my wrists directly (which was extremely hard not to do.) The first part was a bit heady but I did not give in to the urge to inhale deeply when I caught a whiff. Then the dry-down (on the EDP) comes hours later and is a warm vanilla licorice type of combo. Again, no deep inhales, but just amazing flashes of it here and there. To be truly appreciated, you must let it appear to you when it is ready and be warned, you will be overwhelmed if you try to chase it down directly.

  • JT12/30/2005

    I love it now! For those who hate it, keep in mind it smells better with some people's chemistry than others. I LOVE the nutty caramel type top good they're intoxicating! I have to say though... use sparingly unless you are the type who likes obnoxiously strong perfume. It is so powerful that just a little spritz especially with the lotion goes a very long way. I'm not big on strong perfumes, but if I'm careful about not applying too much, this one's definitely a winner.

  • LAURIN12/08/2005

    Oh my gosh! The first time I smelled this, from a test strip, I thought it was awful. But on my just keeps giving the most delightful notes. I LOVE it! My very favorite!!!

  • SMELLIE KAT12/03/2005

    Lolita Lempicka is one moody fragrance. This perfume's first spritz makes me smile with its flirty, licorice wake-up. As it settles, it becomes warmer and musky, never quite losing its delicious, tonka bean sweetness. Then, when you think you have it all figured out, Lolita tosses out a hint of tobacco just to keep you guessing. Best of all - possibly because it keeps changing - I can smell it on myself all day. Lolita is not for everyone. There are many more predictable, "safe" fragrances out there. But if you enjoy the unexpected and you think "attitude" is a good thing, Lolita may just be for you, too.

  • LEONOR12/02/2005

    Since it was lauched in 1997 it has been my perfume. I've tried to change but it has been impossible. I fell in love with it as soon as I smell it for the first time, and when I've tried it... it was magical: licorice and vanilla combined with light greens, florals and musk - oh the scent was so me... and everyone still agrees, wich is great! So it is the BEST!

  • JOLIE11/21/2005


  • PERFUME PERSON11/16/2005

    I've been trying to like this one for a long time - maybe 2 yrs. It turns sour on me, even the body cream. I wish, but it does not work.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    Fresh, sweet oriental, vanilla, Lolita Lempicka is a refreshing, sweet fragrance. With a liquorice accord comprising of aniseed, violet, vanilla and praline with a floral oriental harmony of ivy, iris, amarena, tonka bean, vetiver, and musk. Lolita Lempicka is feminine and sexy.

  • LILIA11/03/2005

    ...because the bottle is so pretty. But oh! this scent is unwearable! And it lasts forever and a day. I love perfumes, I purchase two or three every month and nothing had ever made me sick. Lolita finally achieved it: I got literally sick. It's a shame because the bottle is amazing.

  • JAYBEE11/02/2005

    ok this is the absolute most delicious...fragrance..ever..does anyone find it addictive?

  • MAYA11/01/2005

    Lolita is of course an interesting name for it. And so like the name this fragrance too, explores the femininity of the "young"/"youth". Having said this I don't necessarily think that this is either a "young" or "youthful" scent, it is rather reminiscent of the sweet exploration into ones sexuality/femininity/maturing into a woman... something reminiscent of 'awakening desire' in a young woman. Lolita is of course inviting and deliciously playful... Lolita is in my opinion slightly similar to Chopard's Wish but I do like Wish a bit better... However, where the true winnings with this scent lye as far as I'm concerned is in the bottle itself. The bottle too is reminiscent of the 'sinfulness' of Eve - hence the apple... but this apple of course is far more fairy-like and more innocent and dreamy looking! Who could ever resist?

  • FIONA10/22/2005

    I loved the scent. I still do. I used to wear it. When i would first put it on it would drive my boyfriend crazy. By the end of the day he said it smelled like his baby-powder obsessed Grandmother. I stopped wearing it but i miss it. Its feminine, whimsical but it did ware off into something completely different.

  • GABI10/18/2005

    I'm a big fan of Lolita Lempicka EDP and I have just purchased the Midnight version. Loved it! Try also Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy. At least on me, it smells like a lighter version of LL.

  • DEE10/03/2005

    Rarely do I find a perfume that coincides perfectly with my body's chemistry. This one does a good job of exuding the most sensual smells. Yes, a bit strong when first applying, but as time passes, it's fragrance lightens and creates a lovely aura. I'm glad I purchased this one.

  • STEVE09/05/2005

    I wore this to work one day (yes, in know its for women) and when i first walked in the door my boss said "you smell like cigars". I think this is better suited for men, NOT women. Why would a woman want to smell like cigars?

  • CHRISTA08/20/2005

    I just purchased Lolita Lempicka in the EDT and think it smells EXACTLY like CK's Eternity!! Does the EDP smell different? I've read where they do. Help!

  • MINDY 08/18/2005

    I Love It i can not be with out it . I most wear it everyday . Spicy & Sweet , Oriental . To me the One & Only Loltia Lempicka . You will also Love Lolita Lempicka Midnight try it

  • JAMES 08/13/2005

    Smells so clean and sexy on a woman. I am a guy and pretty sure most other guys dig this scent. It is a very soothing relaxing scent, though it prolly has a few doppelgangers going for itself since alot of girls smell somewhat like it, but not quite enough girls. Yet, this one is very very good. Unlike the soapy fragrances, alot of girls, they tend to bath themselves in ultra heavy flowery fragrances and hence can be noticed from a 12 mile range, let alone point blanc....GROSS This stuff however is not intruisive in any way, it will only make you more attractive to guys, this scent to me is what davidoff coolwater for men is to alot of girls out there. And therefor I say, its perfectly suited for females within the 16-30 year range. It's not a scent for the more mature females in my opinion. Just my opinion on the matter. I merely wonder what I think smells akin, but is not lolita... Maybe some of you can provide me with somewhat similar scents, so I can surprise my gf with it. Cheers

  • SAMMIE08/06/2005

    Smells like a day at the carnival with cotton candy and carmel covered apples.

  • TRACY S.08/03/2005

    This is the most amazing smelling perfume and I always get compliments on it when I wear it. It lasts a long time (contrary to what I've read on here) and I'm on my third bottle. Amazing amazing AMAZING!

  • RED RIDING HOOD07/19/2005

    Hmmmm .... at first, this smells like something in my granny's cupboard - like a mixture of mothballs and humbugs, but it becomes addictive, and everyone else seems to like it ... so what the heck !!!

  • LIZZIE07/17/2005

    Elle: I've sniffed Angel, and the patchouli, to me, smells like dirt. It's a horrid, harsh, sharp smell that is neither flowery nor musky. Some people like patchouli, but I can't stand it. Dirt is the most common illustration for those who hate patchouli. Lolita Lempicka is MUCH BETTER than's a very delicious scent without really being food-like (you know, like the Jessica Simpson Dessert line...). It's delicious in a sophisticated way, and yet not old-ladyish. I actually like it a lot. Since my last review, I ended up buying it anyway, and found that I love it. It doesn't always suit my mood, but when it does, it's PERFECT. Go for Lolita Lempicka. It's less costly, and smells much better.

  • D.J.07/16/2005

    my favorite perfume was discontinued and couldnt find one that would even compare but then i read all the ratings on it and tried it and i absolutely love it. its perfect for any age and any occasion.

  • DEBRA07/01/2005

    I finally rec'd my sweet bottle of Lolita on Tuesday. I had not sampled it before purchasing. I was only going on what you all had said about Lolita and what was in the fragrance. I love Lolita. It is very unusual with the aniseed and tonka bean. I do not have another fragrance with this in it. On me the vanilla in the dry down really comes out which I am very fond of. I really love the combination of all the scents in Lolita.

  • ELLE07/01/2005

    I read in several comments that there is a difference btwn the edp and edt... some prefer one over the other. I'm wondering for those who noticed the difference, what notes comes out stronger in which?

  • ELLE07/01/2005

    I keep seeing people comparing this scent with Angel, and saying this one is better b/c it doesn't have a patchouli note. Can someone please help me out, what is patchouli suppose to smell like? I haven't smelled Angel before.

  • CICI06/21/2005

    After spending last year in Europe, I absolutely love this scent! I had to buy a bottle once I got back home to the U.S. The europeans love it, it is a mature scent & I suppose that is why they love it there!

  • JERRICA06/10/2005

    I have fallen in love with Lolita. I've never been loyal to one fragrance untill trying this product. It defiantly makes a statement....from the bottle to the name....right on through to the smell!

  • ROBIN 06/10/2005

    The sweet licorice-y thing is very distinctive and I like it very much, but if you'd like a fragrance just a little toned down from this one with the same rich, incense complexity, try Wish by Chopard (not easy to track down, I think, but worth it). Good luck!

  • MON06/07/2005

    Angel smelt like men's cologne on me, lolita however has a very sweet and clean smell, almost like baby powder. I love lolita...

  • LIZZIE05/20/2005

    The bottle is so enchanting that I keep coming back to it, hoping to fall in love with the scent. Well, I can't seem to. The scent is very rich and very dark...chocolatey, licorice, mysterious, voluptuous is a perfect word for it. It's a very sophisticated scent (which is a good distinction from old-lady and old-fashioned), but it doesn't have the typical, sharp amber notes of an evening fragrance. For that reason, I admire it for the would smell great on some people, but it doesn't suit me. I'm not the dark, mysterious type. :-)

  • BARBARA W04/22/2005

    I adore Lolita, but if you don't like the smell of licorice you will NOT like this perfume (though the dry down has noticeably less licorice). I think it's one of the most voluptuous scents I've ever smelled. If you like it, try Jungle L'elephant by Kenzo...another winner!

  • TRACY03/27/2005

    I think I fell in love with the bottle more than the scent. It smelled really nice the first few times I wore it, but eventually it ended up with a dry-down that smells like fragrant, sweet dish soap. Not for me, but I could see how it could be nice with the right chemistry.

  • ASHLEY03/14/2005

    This perfume is awesome and i always have people telling me i smell great when i wear it, guys and girls alike!

  • ARIADNE02/28/2005

    This is really lovely, very original, the sweet licorice scent is to die for and the bottle is gorgeous. My only problem with it is I think it is a little too sweet for the office.

  • MELANIE02/27/2005

    I researched perfumes looking for my signature scent before ordering Lolita. I absolutely love the sweet delicious licorice scent! Can't stop sniffing my wrists. Sadly, however, I don't dare to wear it to the office with my perfume-hating coworkers. Probably this fragrance is best saved for romantic settings. I can see how it would be too sweet and cloying for some people's taste.

  • TUESDAYS MOM02/25/2005

    By far the most unique scent I've ever smelled. Love it! I'd say that those who like this scent march to their own drummer. Delicious

  • PERFUME NUT02/16/2005

    I bought this a year ago and have been trying to wear it off and on. I think it turns musty or sour on me on the dry down. I just bought the shower gel and body cream. The products don't have the musty/sour dry down and they have sillage. They wear as long as the edp. I wish I could wear Prada or Angel, but they are too stong or have too much patchouli in them. This is a good winter fragrance for me.

  • PAZZO02/15/2005

    A very different kind of smell,sweet but at the same time a little woodsy.Don't think it's like angel at all.Also long lasting.I couldn't smell it on myself , but others could.My new favourite.

  • LOUISE02/14/2005

    I like the opening notes of Lolita Lempicka. They make me hopeful that the fragrance will go in a particular direction. But it doesn't. At least, not on me. And while I enjoy the top notes, the drydown is very disappointing and smells like the men's after shave Hai Karate. Does anyone else remember that? Maybe it's more like Old Spice, but the drydown definitely reminds me of a men's aftershave my dad used to wear. Look, I like being a woman and I don't want to smell like a man. There are too many lovely women's fragrances available to waste time smelling like old aftershave. I'd enjoy this fragrance and give it high marks if the base notes were formulated differently.

  • DEB02/12/2005

    Yummy Yummy Yummy!!! When I wear this I love how I smell. Fantastic perfume! And it makes me smell great all day long. The best!

  • NORIKO02/11/2005

    after i spray it on my wrist, it reminded me of myself inside a carnival and eating cotton candy. It brings so much memories.

  • SANDY02/09/2005

    I also find the bottle beautiful but the spray top is too delicate. It is not sturdy enough. I also have the EDP and it is definately strong stuff which needs some time to settle down. I love Lolita, and the next bottle I purchase will be EDT. I like the EDT better than EDP.

  • JT02/03/2005

    Even though it is an attractive apple bottle, I HATE THAT STEM SPRAYER!! Bad design. Good for looks but not function. It feels like it could break easily and it's awkward. Just had to say that.

  • JT02/03/2005

    The more I get used to this scent, the more I love it, and the more I have to say about it (as you can tell)! I have the EDP. As I am getting more familiar with how LL smells on me, I am noticing different interesting things. My favorite part is the top notes about 20 seconds after spraying when the caramely nutty part comes out the most mmm... toward the middle notes it gets more floral with a hint of anise but nutty notes are still going strong. Then it really changes - the final drydown base notes start to smell really different... I still like it at this stage, but not quite as much because I get disappointed that my favorite caramel nutty smell is gone and it goes more woody and floral aromatic (having trouble describing) ...kind of like an older men's aftershave or cologne. It's hard to describe, but still pleasant. This perfume is heavy and exotic. Good for evenings out. I'd say definitely not office wear (in my opinion)...too strong and unusual smelling to wear to work.

  • JT01/30/2005

    I don't know what happened since my last postings on this fragrance, but I actually think it smells really good on me now. Maybe it was different before because everytime I smelled LL I had also smelled other perfumes and my nose maybe wasn't as sharp, or the weather was different in the summer which could have made a difference. I don't know, but anyway, since I like it now, I bought a bottle of EDP. One thing I must say though is WOW - it is REALLY strong. I guess I am just used to scents which are ighter than this, so I noticed you only need a little and it goes a long way. The part I like the best is the nutty caramel praline type scent in it!

  • LISA H.01/30/2005

    I just bought this perfume and I love it! I found it in a fashion magazine and it smells exactly like the sample. It is so pretty and light. The fragrance is sweet, but not too sweet like some can be. It's a very feminine scent .

  • SHANNON NZ01/21/2005

    Rich, clean but not too strong on me - I love this! Its so unusual I also wear and recommend Poeme for the same effect - sort of edible and very mysterious yum!

  • MARY01/16/2005

    When I originally tried Lolita EDT (Toilette) my hubby said he really liked it. Then, when I bought the EDP (Perfume) and asked he if he liked my perfume he said "No, it smells like bug spray". Now I am disappointed for sure! There is definately a noticable difference between the EDT and EDP. I much prefer the EDT and so does my hubby.

  • MARY01/14/2005

    Okay, I posted something a short while ago about the EDP smelling different than the EDT. Well, I had to give the EDP much longer to settle, but now it smells virtually the same, but not 100% identical. It just takes much longer to reach the heart notes (think that is what they are called).

  • MARY01/14/2005

    The sample which I tried Lolita with was EDT. I really loved it, so I went and bought Lolita, but I purchased the Perfume EDP. When I got home and tried it, it smelled different. I am a bit disappointed, but I will give it some more time to see how it develops. (I just got home 20 minutes ago). So, my question is: has anyone else noticed a difference between the Perfume EDP and the Toilette EDT???? I bought the perfume because I thought it would identical but would last longer. Appreciate any comments. Thanks!

  • SHARRIE01/07/2005

    the only way to start my day. golden. whispers class. speacial edition. so tender with me tonight. wonderful.

  • VANILLALKION12/29/2004

    I really do get the "lolita" label. The powdery smell of infants and innocense combined with that strong sexy undertone of anise. True to the name.

  • MARY12/25/2004

    Excellent. When I wear it I constantly smell my wrists. It smells clean to me.

  • SHELLFISH12/23/2004

    This is one of the fragrance that I had a sniff from the bottle and unsure at first, but once I applied it on my skin... it's absolutely divine. My boyfriend loves it, and I can't stop smelling my wrist everytime I wear this. Definitely 10 out of 10.

  • SHARRIE12/21/2004

    very beautoiful and unique. golden. one of my fav the glass bottle is exquisite. divine. wonderful. a masterpiece.

  • SONO12/14/2004

    the "stem" feels like its going to break off every time i spritz. otherwise, love love love it.

  • APHRODITE12/10/2004

    I love this one after so many days it still smells good on my clothes

  • HOTCHICK12/07/2004

    Without a doubt this fragrance is the best ever created. I've bought several bottles and still love this incredible perfume. I was in love with angel before but now I can honestly say that I wont buy anymore angel cause it cant compare to LL. Being extremely picky with perfumes and not be able to find anything I like, I am happy that I found LL. Any younger girls that say that this perfume is for older women should just stick to britney spears curious and not bash on this perfume. I am 22 btw.

  • KATHY12/06/2004

    I found this perfume while I was on vacation in St. Marteen. Bought one bottle along with the hand lotion. I use this perfume every day. I spray it on at 4:00 a.m. and it lasts until way past 5:00p.m. Every man I work with, along with men who I come in contact with, have asked me what perfume I'm wearing. I've tried Angel and Flower by Kenzo but nothing compares to someone saying, "we knew you were not at work yesterday because we did not smell your perfume" It's become my signature perfume and I won't switch. I love the reactions (from men and women) I get when I wear this.

  • BAILEY12/06/2004

    I first bought this fragrance-wore it and then gave to friend because i thought it was too strong on me. I then smelled it on someone else and recognized it right away-it smelled great on her. Anyway the friend i gave it to, said it was her favorite, she used to wear coco and paloma picasso, both strong scents.

  • TURNPIKE11/18/2004

    On me this perfume smells like gardenia with a woody scent underneath. I love it

  • TURNPIKE11/18/2004

    I love this perfume, men love this perfume, it lasts forever, in fact I have to be careful how much I spray. I think this one either works for you or it doesn't. It's not the scent's fault.

  • JT10/30/2004

    At first I thought this scent was borderline - (deciding do I like it or not)? So I decided to go back to the store and give this one another sniff... Some of the salespeople thought it was good on me and some didn't... I was torn at first, but have come to the conclusion that my chemistry is good with it about 90%, but there is that 10% of "what the hell is that" sort of smell going on? I still do smell the yummy vanilla nutty food notes, but upon closer sniffing a second time, I decided it is just not a great one for me. Not usually my type anyway, even though I do enjoy a wide variety of different scents. Oh well, I tried.

  • JT10/30/2004

    Please!! NO, although it seems to be in the same category as Angel, it does NOT have that dirty patchouli smell... thank God.

  • JT10/30/2004

    It is a really different sort of smell. At first I didn't like it since I usually like fresh types of scents, but upon smelling it again a different day, I found that I DO like it! It surprized me that it has some of the same notes as the original Emporio Armani but stronger. The same note in the Armani that I can smell on me is sort of like a peanut butter cookie, or nutty. I admit that I can see how some people think it smells old ladyish, but I think it is the woody notes that make people think that. It is much more contemporary than a true "old lady" scent though. Besides, old lady scents don't smell like yummy food smells (pralines,cake, vanilla, etc) like this one does! It is, however, such an unusual scent that I hope it does not repel potential dates, haha!! It does look like many males like it though.

  • MARI9810/27/2004

    The most romantic fragrance...First,I can smell violets, vanilla candies and finally musky drydown. Simply delicious!

  • NATALIE10/20/2004

    Firstly, Lolita is NOT sharp, it is warm and sweet and subtle at the same time. For those who worry about its staying power, I wasted a whole 3.4 bottle thinking it was not lasting and i might as well use it out. When I almost finished the bottle, i visited my sister inlaw one afternoon around 3pm (after putting it on at 5am). She asked me what perfume I have on smelling so sweet and sweetening up her office. I was amazed, here i was, not smelling the thing and other people were smelling it all along. and it never fails, everytime i go into her office she can identify the fragrance. After a while, other people will ask or comment or compliment about it. So, for those of you who are halted between two opinions, try it again and ask for opinions from others. it is great.

  • Q10/17/2004

    This fragrance is much hyped,what with women like Nicole Kidman recommending it. However, when I tried it on, it immediately reminded my of burnt sugar and licorice. Disappointing.

  • ANNIE10/16/2004

    this is a wonderful feminine fragrance. I get lots of compliments every time I wear it

  • MARIA10/14/2004

    This perfume smells so horrible!! As soon as I smelled it I got a terrible headache and just felt sick to my stomach! Yuck!! Love the bottle and the image that it was advertized in when it first came out - It was an image of a purple fairy, hum...maybe that's why I bought it? Something my grandma would wear, definately not for younger people.

  • NATALIE10/10/2004

    Excellent design of the bottle, but it smells like some kind of medicine instead of fragrance.

  • TARA09/28/2004

    Have tried this one a few times but really disappointed. Smells like burnt toffee.

  • SANDEE09/26/2004

    This is a great autumn fragrance, but it is gone within an hour. It is as if I'm wearing nothing. Bummer!

  • KELLI09/17/2004

    How do you pronounce Lempicka? LEM-pic-ka or lem-PIC-ka? I LOVE it by the way! Just got a compliment on it this morning.

  • MARY09/13/2004

    ok im not so sure that it smells good anymore. its a really weird smell, not horrible, but not nice, it doesnt smell cheap like other perfumes but there is something about it that..bothers me. i just like the bottle but i dont spray it anymore

  • SARAH09/13/2004

    When I first saw the Lolita Lempicka bottle I fell in love. It's a truly unique and oh-so-pretty design. The scent is equally pretty and a bit intoxicating. The bad thing is that it dries down fast (on me anyhow) to a very musky scent. I wish the vanilla/licorice would linger a bit longer. I would try this one first to see if it lasts and what it smells like after an hour or so.

  • SSDNC09/10/2004

    I tried this fragrance on and immediately got a headache. To say it was overpowering was an understatement. Disappointing to say the least.

  • INDERIKA09/10/2004

    I find myself taking deep breaths to take it in when I'm wearing it. It's so luscious! I get copliments everytime I wear it. It drives my boyfriend crazy too!

  • AL09/10/2004

    Don't ever wear this on an empty stomach!That's what I did a few days ago, and boy, was my stomach growling with hunger pangs just by smelling it!!!All the same, my kids love it becos it smells so delicious, good enough to eat, they say & I like it becos it reminds me of childhood days, cotton candy, caramel chewies and toffee apples.

  • MARY08/25/2004

    i smelled this on my cousin 3 years ago and i fell in love with it, but i havent had the chance to buy it until now. i just received it but was a little dissapointed, didnt smell as good as it did last time. my mom hates it, she thinks i have bad taste in perfumes, she says the perfumes i like smell like bug sprays. i think its because i lean more towards the liquorice and anise smell, i like deep smells and if thats not your type you wont like it. but i still think it smells really good once it dries down

  • KATIE08/09/2004

    This is a very unusual smelling perfume. I wear it only occasionally because it reminds me of a carmel & nut topping on an ice cream sunday. Nice once in a while, but too food-like to wear on a regular basis.

  • CARLA08/05/2004

    I went to the store to get another bottle of angel, so the girl told me that if I like angel, I would love lolita. So she sprayed on my hand and I just loved, but I wanted to make sure that the fragrance would stay for long time. So I bought my angel and left the store. As soon as I was walking down to the other store I heard someone saying that I was smelling so good. And that girl sprayed just a little bit on my hand. I felt so sorry that I did not buy the perfume.It is very nice and stay for long time on the skin. This is for sure on my list for my next purchase.

  • SYLVIE08/02/2004

    Bottle looks very cute and wonderful, but I don't like the fragrance. I like *Lolita Lempicka au masculine* for men! Great + unique scent. Irresistible =:oD

  • HELENA08/01/2004

    I absolutely agree about Angel and Lolita (never tried Nirmala), I use to hate them both years ago, but now I'm addicted and have them both. Every day I'm sniffing the bottles LOL, it's like a magnet or a drug. It's summer and very hot, so I'm not daring to use Angel, but I'm using Lolita to the bed and it's driving my hubby wild. I NEVER liked strong or sweet scents before. Now can't live without these two. Mystery, ha?

  • MARTIE07/28/2004

    Okay, something about Lolita, Nirmala and the Angel type smells have some addictive ingredient in them. Does everyone agree? They are not my very favorite scents, but for some reason I cannot stay away from them. Lolita in particular is a delectible scent but some days it will do better on me than others (don't know why). I like it, but there is one itchy, woody element it could do without.

  • HELENA07/19/2004

    Discovered only recently this wonderful, voluptuous perfume. It has to be the sexiest scent and it's totally addictive (something about Lolita and Angel, although they are very different IMHO, both should be taken in small doses, 'cause it can be quite deadly lol).


    This is a wonderful smelling fragrance. I don't know if I can layer it because it is strong. Only put on a little at a time. It's a very unique smell and a beautiful bottle. Please try the Eau De Parfum!

  • KELLY06/28/2004

    I would have loved for this scent to work for me but when it dried down it had a musty smell on my skin. Although it didn't work well with my body chemistry, I find it smells enchanting on others.

  • MARSHA06/18/2004

    I first experienced this fragrance two years ago, as a trial vial, when I ordered Escada Sexy Graffiti. I tried it one morning after my shower, and I've been in love with the blue apple ever since! I love the anise and vetiver notes, as well as the ivy and vanilla. I like fruit-inspired fragrances, and Lolita Lempicka is simply delish! I think guys like it, because it smells so edible. Beautiful bottle, too! Yum!!

  • MARY B06/14/2004

    Some people have a signature scent and this is mine. It's a secret b/c most people have never heard of it. I have never had more compliments about any other fragrance! NEVER! I love it!

  • ROBERTO06/14/2004

    This scent is just so sweet like candy and i love it, it's a bit strawberry like too. One of the best scents a girl can wear.

  • EMESE06/12/2004

    Hi,aren't you from Hungary???Just because of your name!Anyway, I like this stuff and especially its bottle!Pretty!

  • DARKMUFFET05/28/2004

    This was the first fragrance I could wear that did not turn into a horrible smell after an hour or two. On me I can initially smell the anise and the violet. I am not sure what note(s) I smell once it has dried down but it is still a pleasant scent on me. I love the bottle.

  • CANDY05/21/2004

    i'm under 20, so does this fragrance recommended for my age? is it overpowering? how does this smells like?

  • C.J.05/21/2004

    I bought this whole set a few years ago, since then its been my springtime/summer perfume. I is not elderly (smell White Linen to see what elderly smells like). And not everyone has the skin chemistry to wear it. But I enjoy it and have received many compliments when I layer it with the body product, which are very good quality.

  • VIRÁG05/18/2004

    lolita is a very sexy fragrance, it dries down to almost a clear vanilla scent. my bf likes it so much.......and, i think it's very different from angel.

  • DIZBAT05/05/2004

    I love this scent. It reminds me of the softness of babies, and the flirtyness that often makes them. My older sister, whom doesn't usally like sweet, soft scents, likes this perfume on me. The dry down leaves the me feeling smug. Yep, smug that is the word. It is a very long lasting perfume. I applied some this am and twelve hours later I can still get little wafts of Lolita.

  • CHRISTOPHER04/16/2004

    When I first smelled Lolita at a perfume shop some 5 years ago, not too many people heard of it, and it quickly became my favorite female perfume. I love the scent and can't help but be attracted to its soft sweet aroma. It may not something older women would wear, but it sure is something attracts most men, especially those of us with good taste (in women and perfume)! : )

  • SUSANNA04/16/2004

    I purchased the EDP after trying various scents including Herve Leger one day. I was attracted to LL because of it's distinctive sweetness. I am reminded of candy and softness. I'm also reminded of spring and it really reminds me of the pink that's so prevalent in clothing this spring. I usually like very "formal" scents like Must de Cartier. LL is girly and unsophisticated to me. That's why I like it.

  • CODEBLUE04/10/2004

    This is like a day in the candy shop, kids! The anise, licorice and sugar in this one almost makes my teeth hurt but it all works! Playful, erotic, sexy, sweet and mischievous. This one grins at you and winks.

  • PULURETTA04/09/2004

    One of my favorites!!! I only wish that it wasn't becoming so popular.

  • FOOF04/07/2004

    The description of this perfume sounds delish, but for some reason, once on, I didn't like it.

  • REDCAT04/03/2004

    l.l. is very nice when i wake up and can't find myself nice. i just put it on....and the whole day long i feel comfortable and sweet girlielike.

  • MILLIE04/03/2004

    Today, was the very first time I tried it. I was so hypnotized, that I had to return to the store and buy it! It's scrumptious. I feel sexy and wonderful wearing it!!

  • MARTIE03/30/2004

    I bought this about 5 years ago because I loved the smell when I sprayed it from the bottle. After a couple of hours it changed on me and took on too much of the woody/spice note. I wish it had kept more of the fresh cotton candy note. It is true that it is similar to Wish and Angel. But if it's not my imagination, I believe it was a little lighter than Angel. I am going to try it again and this time I'm going to buy the body cream too. Sometimes when you combine the body cream and the perfume, some of the other notes come out and it smells better with your chemistry. I hope it works! :D The bottle and the box are just adorable too.

  • SONYA03/17/2004

    I'm absolutely obsessed with fragrance. After all the rave reviews of "Lolita" I decided to go to the department store to try it. At first it was positively intoxicating. I couldn't stop smelling my wrists. The frangrace seemed to linger gently in the air around me. I was sure that I was going to go online and buy it right away. It drove me crazy because it seemed oddly familiar. After about four hours it finally hit me. The dry down smells shockingly similar to this obnoxious cheap fragrance called exclamation (only more subtle and refined). Now I'm not so sure I'll by "Lolita" after all. Maybe the eau de toilette would be a more safe choice. Is there anyone who posts here that is familiar with exclamation? Are they really that similar or am I just loosing my mind?

  • LAUREN03/08/2004

    I bought this about a week ago and I love it!!! It's not like everything else...can't wait to get the hand and body cream. It also drives my husband crazy!!

  • MAXX03/02/2004

    could i just add that the edp it nicer than the edt....

  • JESME02/19/2004

    it worked for me.. it smells wonderful!!! to those who say it's for old women; what old women are you smelling??? "not my grandmother" she wears what you might wear... If you were to sense an older woman wearing Lolita Lempicka, she must be HIP.. sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • STEPHANIE02/18/2004

    I love it...even my Mom loves it. It's the best!

  • MAGGIE02/12/2004

    Try using the matching body lotions/creams that are usually available along with the fragrance. Lolita's is especially nice, because the lotion is like "silk" on your skin(I also use matching body "cream"). I think that most of you out there will find this "layering affect" will do your fragrance a huge "justice" when it comes to lasting longer.

  • PELIN02/08/2004

    It's very sweet and it doesnt stay on my skin for more than 2 hours.. but the bottle is nice

  • MAX02/07/2004

    I bought a sample of this from ebay and i am so glad i did. it is a perfume that is something i have been looking for for a long time. you don't need to spay too heavily either. It is just heavenly and now i crave the scent.

  • KAT02/06/2004

    Everyone I know says this fragrance smells wonderful on me. I get nothing but compliements! Maybe because you work at a fragrance counter you are overexposed to too many scents.

  • MINNIE MOUSE02/01/2004

    Jeni- Have you tried layering the lotion with the perfume? That's a great way to keep the fragrance. Also, if it's cold where you're from, that'll affect the smell as well. A lot of people prefer this fragrance in the spring/summer/autumn because it lasts longer and brings out richer notes. Cold weather can sometimes dilute a fragrance. Hope this helps!

  • CODEBLUE01/30/2004

    This one is full of mischief. I love the scent of it around me and it lasts all day. Apparently, Lolita affects people dramatically, some love it, some hate it. I can't get enough of it. Dynamite!

  • JSTAGRL01/30/2004

    I just purchased 2 little purse sprays of this to try out because after reading all the rave reviews on this one, I just had to try it.....boy was I disappointed! This does not smell pleasant to me and definitely not "sexy"!!! It's I think, a scent for a more mature woman (honestly, I invisioned my grandmother wearing this). Not to offend anyone but this to me smells cheap and migraine inducing.

  • KORNELIA01/27/2004

    The first time I smelled this perfume was on my 18 year old friend, mind you I am 23. I fell in love when she got in my car (not with her but the perfume). A month before that I had bought J'Adore by Dior and after testing Lolita on me I returned Dior. I wear it all day everyday, I am addicted, as is my boyfriend to me. I love it so much that I even wear it to bed so me and my boyfriend have sweet dreams. I even take a small bottle with me everywhere I go. Love Love Love Love Love!

  • DONNA01/21/2004

    lolita is wonderful. it has staying power and i get many compliments throughout the day. it smells great on me. i am a diabetic and have very dry skin so most fragrances fade quickly. lolita stays put and is wonderful.

  • KERRIE01/20/2004

    When I first smelled this it reminded me of Angel because of the sweet cotton candy scent. However, it has a nice musky undertone while Angel has stronger patchouli undertones. The sensual and unusual praline note is what I like most about LL.

  • JENI01/14/2004

    Love, love, love the scent--but it won't stay on my skin for longer than a 1/2 hour. Makes me very sad.

  • ALI01/14/2004

    Please get the parfume instead of the toilette...After a few hours toilette is a royal flush...

  • THALIA01/06/2004

    What a beautiful fragrance for a very sensuous women. A women who is not afraid of her sexuality.

  • SUZANNE12/31/2003

    I first smelled Lolita Lempicka in the early spring and that it partly why it simply MEANS spring to me - I can't wear it any other time of year and won't wear anything else in the months of Feb-May. (Oregon Spring!) The scent in absolutely haunting. The ghost of violet, the whisper of anise, the whiff of vanilla, the earthy, sweet, pipe tobaco smell that someone else noticed and the overall PURPLENESS of this perfume makes it one of the most special scents ever! I, too, am glad that it smells nice on me!!

  • NEL12/23/2003

    i just bought this fragrance and iam so addicted to it i would not want live with out it.

  • STEPH12/21/2003

    I love this perfume. My husband actually picked this out for me. Works very well with my chemistry. All the notes of the perfume make me think of ivy and flowers and springtime. And I love the whole garden-of-Eden-enchanted-apple connotations. I wanted the little gold Cinderella coach they did for one of their promotions! Wish I could find shower gel & body lotion in this.

  • TAN12/16/2003

    I love it. To all the women who can wear this fragrance yipeee for us.

  • TAN12/16/2003

    This is the best perfume i have ever had so far. It is perfect. So i agree to all the women who are able to wear it and not smell like the elderly MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm,we are lucky

  • MS ANDREA BURNS12/10/2003

    you feel so good when you have it on.

  • BARBARA12/09/2003

    Lolita is one of my faves! Works for either day or evening. If you like it, try Casmir by's incredible, too, but reserve it for nighttime! :)

  • JENNY12/04/2003

    while I love this scent after the dry-down, for the first hour or so all I smell is pipe tobacco, not the initial sweetness that others have described. I'm not crazy about smelling like pipe tobacco, but it becomes a heavenly scent after a while, which is why I'll stick with it.

  • MARY11/28/2003

    I absolutely love this perfume! I am very picky and try to find things that are unique and Lolita is just that! Everyone always asks me what I have on and now I wish that I had kept it a secret!

  • CHRISSY11/22/2003

    I have to say that with the great rating this one has..I thought I would have to try it. Granted the bottle is just divine..wish more perfumes came in great unique bottles. But I'm sorry girls the fragrance is just horrid. It smells a bit medicinal to me anyway. No offense to those who love it..maybe it smells great on you. But my experience left me a bit disappointed.

  • LISA11/10/2003

    I just got this one after having a sample strip sit in my purse for a week and loving it. I think of it as a fall/winter/holiday fragrance but it's not too heavy- quite fun! It has a sexy side too. I wouldn't wear it in the heat though- the licorice and praline notes would be too sweet.

  • MINNIE MOUSE11/09/2003

    This is pretty. It's kind of a baby powder/licorice smell (On me anyways). It's not what I personally consider sexy but it's kind of a soft, romantic scent. And it's quite unique so I recommend this.

  • STAR10/28/2003

    now this is a good smelling light powdery sweet alluring fragrance, when i wear this i can tast goods around my lips all day, good for any age easy going,funny, etc...

  • MICHELLE10/23/2003

    I bought this fragrance because of the ad in a magazine - and I love it! The smell is "new" and fun. Everyone always asks me what I have on and where I got it.

  • LUCINDA10/22/2003

    I like this fragrance but for some reason every time I wear it someone asks if I have on baby lotion?? It must smell like that on me.

  • JUSSARA ,NJ10/07/2003

    this is the best perfume ever , i used to love angel but now , lolita is #1 , too bad its getting to popular

  • WORKING GIRL10/03/2003

    My husband rarely comments on fragrances that I wear. However, after wearing Lolita, he said that I smelled very SEXY! It has great lasting power on me--Very Nice!

  • BIBBIANA09/28/2003

    This is too sweet and too plain, I don't know how can anyone wear that for serious.

  • KATHY G.09/11/2003

    As I previously posted, I bought LL last winter, but no one ever commented on it when I wore it. I also couldn't smell any notes in it except for the licorice. So I put it aside for a while and just wore my other scents during the long, cold winter. When the weather finally warmed up, I tried the LL again. What a difference! I started getting compliments ( even from strangers! :) ) , and I could at last smell the sweet, flowery, spicy and fruity complex notes in the perfume! What a gorgeous fragrance! I wish it was a year round one for me, however. It's weird that even I can't smell its complexity on myself in the colder months. It took the heat to bring out the true lusciousness of this fabulous perfume. But now that I've been able to perceive its complex scent, maybe I can also enjoy it this winter. I'm going to continue to wear it through the cold weather and see what happens. ( And yes, I do layer with body lotion, perfume, and eau de parfum, so it isn't that I didn't wear enough before.) I'm going to rate this fragrance a full five stars, even though I probably won't be able to wear and enjoy it year round.

  • AMY L09/03/2003

    I feel sooo sexy when I wear this scent and it is the only scent that makes me feel like that. It drives men crazy! I can't get enough of it. I consider this more of a fall/winter scent because it is heavy and I can hardly wait 'til fall to start wearing it again! I have my D&G Light Blue to get me through though! I strongly urge you to try will thank me later!! Some people compare it to Angel, but there is NO comparison. I tried Angel and HATED it! I thought I would throw up and never get rid of the headache it caused. Lolita is AWESOME!!

  • MARY K.08/04/2003

    This is a very nice fragrance that I do not find heavy at all. I do smell a lot of vanilla in it, so if you like vanilla, you should like Lolita. I like it very much. It reminds me a bit of Anna Sui, which I also use and like very much.

  • GIRL07/11/2003

    I love it!!

  • WENDY07/10/2003

    I have waited forever for a perfect scent, and now I have found it. sweet soft vanilla sensual!!

  • WENDY07/10/2003

    it smells so yummy and smells so good on me, very soft and sensual, sexy. i love it!!!

  • WENDY07/07/2003

    It smells so good and mixes well with my chemistry. Very powdery, vanilla musky soft, hard to describe, but it smells wonderful. It took me a long time to find the right perfume and here it is!!

  • LORI 07/06/2003

    Every time I wear it I get comments. Men actually ask to smell my neck, they like it so well. It definitely attracts the attention of the opposite sex!

  • SUSAN07/02/2003

    I literally just bought this like half an hour ago and I cannot stop sniffing my wrists! It has this really innocently sexy virginal quality to it. It isn't too heavy which is perfect! I tried it on at the tsore and let it react with my body for a bit, and it does significantly change, so I strongly recommend you test it out first. Luckily for me I loved it at first and it just kept getting better! If I were a man or a lesbian I would not want to stop touching a woman wearing this!! This scent is sooo undeniably feminine with no strong/masculine tones. It really is the epitome of the female scent, and has no reeky perfumey smell! It is sweet and sooo sexy in such am innocent way. I really think we should keep this one our little secret so it doesn't become too popular and everyone smells this good!

  • MANDY06/17/2003

    I don't agree with Didi. I hate Wish and Angel, but Lolita is my new Favorite. Three girls at work bought it after smelling it on me-it's great!!

  • MARCUS06/09/2003

    ladies trust me men love this smell its so exotic and sweet blows nasty angel out the water. and krizia spazio, ladies belive me try this one the men will love it they smell really identical to each other so dont buy them both when u try krizia spazio let me know what u think post a message here

  • INGRID05/16/2003

    Amazing; complex, fruity, vanilla, licorice, delectable, multi-layered scent.

  • OPHELIA04/22/2003

    First time i smelt this i thought of sweet cherries and fresh vanilla, with a bit of candy too. No mint, not a lot of licorice either. Just enough to make it deliciously edible. I can't imagine any guy being able to keep his hands off me when i am wearing this. It should land him, hook line and sinker. And that apple-shaped bottle! Round and voluptuous like myself, i enjoy looking at it. This is what i imagine Eve smelt like in the Garden of Eden... and luckily for me, it smells like candy heaven in a bottle on me :)

  • ELIF03/23/2003

    i was using Angel until Lolita was given to me on my birthday.I am very pleasured to have Lolita.It smells better than Angel and Wish.It is both fantastic and sexy.

  • LUCIA03/21/2003

    I think Lolita smells fresh and edible. I think of minty chamomile whenever I sniff it. It doensn't strike me as a sensuous type of fragrance. There's something innocent about it.

  • MAYFAIRIE03/09/2003

    The first 1/2 hour or so that I wore this I really didn't like it as I thought it had that "granny smell". However, after letting it dry down and mix with my body chemistry I found it to be a perfect match for me. It's sweet, but not too sweet as to make me smell like little girl since the sweetness comes from licorice, violet, tonka bean and vanilla. The musky undertone makes it extremely sexy, so much so that my (much younger) 23-year-old husband wants to eat me up every time he smells it on me. I can understand where some reviewers are coming from on the "elderly" scent of this but I honestly think it's just not working with their chemistry. It works with mine and I'm making it my new signature scent. YUMMY!!!

  • PEB03/07/2003

    I own this one but I only wore it a few time and got sick of it. I will try it again and see if I like it or not. Maybe I didn't give it a chance.

  • BRITTNEE02/27/2003

    I discovered this perfume in my college Statistics class one day as I sat next to a girl wearing Lolita. I could smell her as she walked by and thought she had the most absolutely amazing scent I had every encountered. She ended up sitting right next to me and throughout the entire class I was sniffing the air next to her trying to solve the perplexing mystery of what exactly I was smelling. I am a very avid perfume wearer, and I can usually pick apart the basic composition of a perfume or at least compare it to something similar I have experienced. Well not Lolita! After class I felt so embarrased because I didn't want to look like a weird stalker but I couldn't resist and had to stop her in the hall to ask what she had on. This was 3 days ago. I just ordered the largest bottle of Lolita Lempicka EDP available. I'm psyched about the price. It was only $31 for a 3.4 oz EDP on ebay. Shh don't tell the world though, ok girls? It'll be our little secret. I'm in love!

  • STEFANIE H02/24/2003

    Only women who posess their own sense of style can get away with wearing this delicate floral scent. I get compliments each time I wear it...@@@@@

  • TEY02/07/2003


  • DIDDI02/07/2003

    OK - I'm obviously not a type for this kind of fragrance because I hate Angel, and this one has a lot similarity to that (a type of fragrance "you want to eat" - as some of you said). It is too sweet, too heavy, too...everything for me, and for those of you who don't like Angel, Chopard's Wish and this kind of fragrances - you won't like LL either.

  • CARELIA02/04/2003


  • AMK02/01/2003

    I love this fragrance! Not to mention the scent is truly unique. I can't say it smells simlar to any other perfume.

  • LEAH01/30/2003

    I really enjoy LL's EDT. I wasn't impressed by the description but by the bottle...absolutely beautiful. I have since grown to adore the scent of the EDT. It is romantic and light and very feminine. My coworkers comment on the scent. My Mom, the perfume queen went out and purchased her own. It isn't an every day scent. I wear it when I am in the mood to dress up at work: suits and heels. My hubby also finds the scent very appealing and sexy.

  • KATHY G.01/27/2003

    Okay, after posting about LL last night, I decided to give it another try today. I used the body lotion and the EDP, and I used it lavishly. I wore it around as I did all my shopping errands. I walked by my mother on my way out, and she will comment on my fragrances, good or bad. Not a word from her. No comments from anyone else all day, either. When I smell my wrist or arm, all I can smell is licorice. I know other posters have mentioned vanilla, cherries, and other sweet notes in LL, but I can't smell *any* of them on me. Just the d*** licorice! Another poster said that the EDT is more like licorice than the EDP, but that's not the case with me at all. The EDT is lighter and doesn't have that strident anise note like the EDP has ( on me, anyway). You don't know how badly I want to love this fragrance because I have the EDP, the EDT, the lotion, and the shower cream is on its way! I was so infatuated with it at first, but now.... not so much. I also wear Organza Indecence, Burberry's London, Magic by Celine, Wish by Chopard, Angel, Nirmala, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Herve Leger, and I like all of them much more on me than the LL. I really will have to set the LL aside until warmer weather, because no one notices it on me in this cold weather. I was wearing Burberry's London yesterday, and when I was standing at a jewelry counter at the mall, a woman said that someone was smelling really good. Since it was myself and my boyfriend there, and he doesn't wear any scent, I knew she meant me. :) This is typical of what happens when I'm wearing something that melds with my chemistry. So far, the LL is just not getting the job done. Sigh.

  • KATHY G.01/26/2003

    I was really intrigued by this fragrance at first, and I thought I really liked it, but now I have mixed feelings about it. I think I was drawn to it at first because it smelled so different, but now I'm not too sure that it actually smells good on me. To the posters who say it's a winter fragrance, I have to disagree. With my chemistry, the LL isn't strong enough for these cold winter days. When I've worn it, I haven't gotten any comments, so I don't think anyone can detect it on me. And I certainly use enough, so that's not the problem. My mom will tell me if she likes or doesn't like a perfume on me, and she didn't say anything about the LL, so I don't think she even smelled it on me. I may have to save this one for warmer weather. As to it's smelling like Angel, I'm not seeing that, either. LL smells *nothing* like Angel to me. I know lots of people think they're similar, so I must be missing something, I guess. My boyfriend doesn't like the LL, but I have to shove my wrist under his nose before he even smells it on me. He and I don't always agree on fragrances anyway, so him not liking it doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't work on me. ( His favorite perfume on me is Issey Miyake, which I don't like at all. Go figure. ) Anyway, I'm going to see what happens when I wear it this spring and summer. But for now, I am on the fence about LL. I don't even know how to rate it yet. So for now, just color me undecided.

  • SARAH01/22/2003

    This is my favorite, favorite smell in the world! I have been wearing it since it first came out, I think it was four years ago. It is nice and light, and very unique. It is also my boyfriends favorite; he calls it the candy fluff smell! The anise and vanilla make the scent an aphrodisiac, so it's perfect for when you're feeling seductive, but light enough not to overpower you. I like the EDP for the day, and I like the EDT for spraying on my bed at night before I go to sleep, it just smells heavenly. Wonderful scent to feel unique and glamorous. And the bottle looks fabulous on a dressing table!! I can't say enough good things about this scent, only that it is amazing.

  • JAN01/13/2003

    I've had this scent for a year now and love it! I disagree with the negative posts. Cherry menthol? Medicine cabinet? Elderly? Strong? If this was true I would hate it!!! I have it on now, and could eat my wrist it smells so good! It also does not smell like black licorice, this is from the FLOWER of the anise plant! I don't care if it smells like Angel either. People have different chemical make ups which affects the scent on the skin, I for one do not smell it on me all day like some. I have received compliments from people who want to buy it, and the men like it too. If you don't like it, why not post what you do wear, so other's can understand where you're coming from, and get a better idea.

  • T. YOUNG12/30/2002


  • APRIL12/30/2002

    I first got a whiff of Lolita in Glamour magazine and absolutely fell in love. I was lucky enough to receive some from my mother for Christmas and I think it is the most wonderful smelling fragrance. Too strong??? No way-its light and airy-reminds me of springtime. I have to ask anyone who doesn't like this fragrance, what on earth DO you like???

  • LIA12/30/2002

    I was fascinated by the wildly different reactions to this perfume and had to try it!:-) I've tried it now in EDT and EDP, and on me at any rate, they are almost like two different fragrances. The EDT is subtle and the anise note predominates, with a lingering woody drydown. The EDP is strong, spicy and very similar to Angel -- the anise is almost undetectable. Both are nice -- I prefer the EDT. And what's with the "old lady" comments? Both versions are sexy, according to my husband at least, and I don't know too many guys who associate old ladies with sensuality!

  • TATIANA12/27/2002

    Lolita Lempicka INDEED works with your body chemistry. Four monthes ago I could smell mostly violets in it, thus wasn't too mad about it - good but nothing so special. Now I got pregnant and the perfume envelopes me in sweet vanilla and iris cloud. It's SO soothing and comforting and relaxing. My husband noted also that it smells much more edible on me now. Thanks, Lolita! Can't wait for you to create more fragrances!

  • INGENUE12/19/2002

    Major fruity note in this one (cherry? apple?) combined with unique spices (aniseed, similar to fennel or licorice). Normally I don't like strong sweet fruity spicy fragrances but I adore this one. Men like it too.

  • MARY12/12/2002

    In spite of the many negative comments that I found here about this perfume, I decided to go ahead and give it a try and then buy it. Well, I bought it and I'll tell you...there's just something about it that makes me want to go back and sniff a little more!(I think it's that amarena heart!! Oh my...if you've ever eaten amarene, you'll know what I mean!-by the way, for those who don't know, amarena is a very special type of cherry) Usually I don't like perfumes that tend to be too sweet (I had quite a hard time at first, liking Sui Dreams by Anna Sui, because of its extremely sweet notes) but with Lolita I can say it was love at first sniff!! I disagree with those people that think this is a fragrance for older might make you think this way just because it's a complex fragrance! It contains essences that are rarely used and I guess it's one of those love or hate things. Also, we should not forget the fact that perfumes have different reactions according to who's wearing them: something might smell heavenly on a friend and the same perfume might smell awfully on us! So, it always depends....that's why you can't ever be too drastic in giving your opinion to others, when it comes to perfumes. For example one perfume that I TOTALLY hate is Amarige by Givenchy! I hate it, hate it and hate it! It makes me want to throw up but I know a lot of people that rave about it, so as you can see there aren't good or bad perfumes, there only are those that we like and those that we don't. :-) But a good suggestion that has been given on this boards very often is: try it before you buy's a wise thing to do and it can save you a lot of money and bitter disappointments! Mary

  • MAYA11/27/2002

    2 or 3 years ago,I,too,was unable to resist the adorable little bottle and I bought it on the spot...That was really dumb,because,of course,I hated it!I don't know what came over me,to just buy fragrance without trying it first,but I did...And returned it the next day.Oh well, that leaves more for those who dig it...

  • IDALIA11/25/2002

    I'm on my second bottle of this perfume now. It smells so good, even my 16 and 18 y/o boys love it when I wear it. It doesn't smell like an elderly scent on me, everyone always compliment me and ask me what am I wearing. Definitely a keeper for me, and I have lots of other perfumes which I like, but this one has been my preferred since I bought it. The bottle is soooo cute too.

  • APHRAEL11/24/2002

    To me this smells like the wrapper of a licorice candy bar...Something a 10 year old might be allowed to play with if it wasn't sooooo strong! It could just be me,my chemistry, the usual stuff,but I've never been able to tolerate it.My brother-in- law thinks it smells of a nursing home room where all the heart medicine would be kept!And yet the bottle is charmingly whimsical,but the juice more like a joke someone would play on Alice in wonderland!

  • STEF11/17/2002

    If I could give this zero stars I would. One of the most horrible fragrances ever! Sorry to those who love it. Smells like minty floral licorice. Trust me not a good combination. Gives me a headache and it nauseates me.

  • MELANIE11/15/2002

    I have worn Alfred Sung - Forever, forever and I have a very hard time finding a perfume that doesn't give me a headache. A friend of mine told me that I should try this perfume and WOW! it is unbelievable and my fiancé loves it. It's bottle is nice and the scent is like no ther.

  • JESSICA11/13/2002

    My boyfriend smelled this on me and went wild!! He almost attacked me in the car, but waited until we got to my place ;)

  • JILLIAN11/10/2002

    Awsome. I first discovered this scent in Italy, when i got sick of Angel. This is the most luscius perfume i have ever worn. Indeed i am allergic to most scents as they smell so cheap. Lolita is sexy, sensual and delectable. I always get compliments on it from men and women. On me it smells like heaven and it seems to last the whole day even after i can no longer detect it.

  • ANDRESSA11/09/2002

    It's very nice!!! The smells good!!! Buy!!! You will very happy!!!

  • LINDA 11/07/2002

    ~I would have bought it just for the bottle. I don't know if it will become MY fragrance but it is growing on me. Very sweet. Does fade somewhat with time.

  • ANATOLIA11/01/2002

    I was "fortunate" enough to receive a case of generously sized lolita lempicka samples during a research project so distributed them to my coworkers. The most common remark was that it was sickening to wear, although quite pleasant in the bottle. I wore it to visit my parents and they asked if I'd started smoking! Really, don't buy this; it smells cheap and tacky.

  • DIANA10/15/2002

    just how is an elderly woman supposed to smell?

  • KARA10/15/2002

    The first time I smelled this scent was on a gorgeous woman whom I was introduced to - she was known as "the good-smelling girl"! The fragrance was so catchy on her that I had to ask what it was she wore, so I ended up getting Lolita instantly to find out that it smells lovely throughout the day - anytime/anywhere.

  • ESTHER10/14/2002

    Looking for a new, winter perfume, and this is just YUMMY! The top notes are sharp, but when it fades a bit (10-15 minutes) it is really sexy. My husband loves it, and he's never liked any perfume on me other than SUNG.

  • LAUREL10/10/2002

    ...on your neckand wrists, and your man will follow you anywhere. Rich, tempting and voluptuous - like green apple and chocolate. Caution: Do not use this one unless you have a free evening! They looove it ladies.

  • JENNIFER09/22/2002

    Hi, this can be a little overpowering when you first put it on, and you will smell like a combination of chocolate and vanilla. I think it smells the best, like, an hour after you put it gotta let it settle and "breathe". Sweet, and sexy...for a more subtle alternative, try Jil Sander's Sensations. Smells incredible up close!!

  • AILEEN (SCOTLAND)09/18/2002

    I absolutely adore this fragrance. Men always tell me I smell really great and people always say that they know when I've been in the corridor (I am a lecturer in Make-Up Artistry), as they can smell my Lolita wherever I've been! As for being for "elderly" people - I'm in my early thirties (FYI girls - 30's are the new 20's etc) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this.

  • JACKIEWILL09/17/2002

    I work at a fragrance counter and smell customers and other employees wearing this daily. I think it smells horrible. There is not a single person I think smells good wearing this fragrance!

  • JEDIEMPRESSMEL08/21/2002

    This one *is* a stronger one. At first it smells like cotton candy on me, but after a little bit, the scent wears down and changes into the vanilla. It smells nice on me..but definitely try it on if you can, cuz your body chemistry will change it some.

  • SUZANNE08/16/2002

    I think I've found my signature perfume.I love it sooooooo much.

  • MARIA08/07/2002

    I wrote that there is new tender version of Lolita now - without vanilla, with green notes. Has somebody tried it? As for original parfum - for me it is exellant and VERY original, but I can not use it for a long time. After week or two I need a rest. And the bottle is also perfect!!!!

  • AGIRL08/05/2002

    Definitely try this on before buying. I think it has a cherry menthol smell. I don't like it - yuck.

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    I love, love, love this. The bottle is so cool.

  • JUSTINE07/26/2002

    One of the moste over-rated, over hyped scents out there. Skip it.

  • MEME07/08/2002

    This is a great scent if you're into the whole gourmand family of fragrances. Lolita smells like cupcakes and licorice, and whenever I wear it, I can't stop reaching down to sniff my wrist. However, if you don't like food smells in your perfume, then you won't like it. If you do like it, then other similar, yummy scents to check out are Christian Dior's Hypnotic Poison and Chopard's Wish. Thierry Mugler's Angel is the scent everyone thinks of when they think gourmand perfumes, but I can't stand the ugly, spicy patchouli in that one. Lolita and the others I just mentioned are all sweet, no sharp spices.

  • SIENNA06/25/2002

    I loved this perfume when I first smelled it- sweet violets and licorice notes, very nice and VERY different. But it is strong and does not soften on the skin. Smelled it all day long and DID NOT like it.

  • BETHANY06/23/2002

    After reading all the pros and cons on this board about this fragrance I just had to try it;-) All I can honestly say,just my opinion, is that I did not see anything great or terrible about this fragrance. It didn't seem "elderly" as some people have posted, it also didn't seem all that great. On me it went on very sweet, like cotton candy. It dried down into a so-so smell of licorice mixed with vanilla. The nicest thing about it was the bottle,(which IS really adorable)- but I'm not about to buy a perfume just for the bottle. Didn't smell like anything all that special-Just my opinion.

  • ANITA06/22/2002

    There have been quite a few posts that describe this scent as elderly. However, I would be interested in what that means and how old the people who describe the scent that way actually are. If by "elderly," you mean it's not some typical citrusy or flowery scent that a teenager would wear, then yes, it's elderly. But I think anyone as young as their 20's or 30's can wear this scent if they're looking for something sexy and sophisticated. I've had nothing but compliments from men when I wear this scent (and I'm only 26), but when I asked my 21 year-old brother whether or not he liked it, he didn't seem too crazy about it. So I wouldn't necessarily reccommend this fragrance to younger people, and by that I mean anyone under 20-21, but it's a good scent for women, even young women. It's just not the kind of perfume that's going to appeal to little girls or teenagers. It's too sophisticated, too adult.

  • CHLOE 06/14/2002

    I heard that fragrance smells DIFFERENT on people's skins, so I didn't put this on, I got a sample vial, and asked boys' opinions about it directly from the vial. I also dripped 1 drop on a piece of paper, and 1 drop on my wrist. 3 of my boy friends said, "hmm.. smells okay... kind of strong and woodsy like a forest... yes.. sweet..." and when I asked, "does it smell like an "old" fragrance or something older women would wear?" and then they suddenly said, "Yea!!! that's it! It DOES smell like grannies!" WhenI asked them to smell the vial, card, or my wrist, they couldn't tell the difference. I guess Lolita's not for me... or some other people because it might give a somewhat elderly impression. Hope that helps!

  • MARIA06/11/2002


  • RALPH06/08/2002

    Very sexy, all womn shud smell like this!

  • LOLA06/07/2002

    i bought it on impulse.bad idea!i find it cheap smelling and husband thinks it reeks!to him it is reminiscent of an old,dusty crone who takes way too much heart,i am not making this up.

  • ANIKA05/14/2002

    I agree with Sue: I thought the image would be a little young for me as well (I'm 36, guess to an 18 year old I'm ancient though!) In spite of packaging I tried it because the notes seemed so unusual and interesting. It's wonderful: rich, fruity, floral and licorice/spicy. The dry down smells like nothing I've ever tried before- powdery, warm, anise. Very unusual indeed. I do get compliments from both men and women and every time I wear it my husband always cuddles up to my neck, kisses me there and says, "Mmmm! You smell sooo good! What are you wearing??" I think it's a keeper and although I rarely get worked up over packaging, the bottle is quite pretty and evocative. Also, as an aside, on me this smells nothing like Angel. Angel I just can not wear as it develops a very strange, synthetic scent reminiscent of motor-oil. Lolita however is wonderful and in a class by itself.

  • SUE05/13/2002

    This is hysterical! When I first smelled it I loved it but was unsure of buying it because I thought it smelled to young! LOL! (I am 39) It smelled candy apple-ish at first, followed by what was previously described here as cotton candy. (Good enough to eat!)I relented and bought it and wear it almost every day. Since I bought it in warm Vegas - it is not just for winter! It is not heavy. And this is NO way grannies perfume - I do not smell roses LOL! This scent has everything, and I am getting lots of compliments. I will buy it until I get tired of it if ever - and the bottle rocks! NO granny would wear Lolita, don't listen to these scent-impaired people ladies!

  • JENNA05/12/2002

    I bought this when it first came out and just love it. I don't get any heavy floral notes on myself..just yummy vanilla and anise. Men eat it up!!

  • CHINA05/08/2002

    I tried this perfume in a department store and absolutely could not stand it! Sharp and horrible. I don't know why, but it makes me sick!

  • KRISTEN04/29/2002

    I absolutely love this perfum. When it first came to the U.S. I can remeber going to Filene's and having the saleswoman try to coax me into trying all sorts of perfums, which I usually hate as I'm sure do many of you. But when she let me sample Lolita, I instantly loved it. I wear it often and I always get compliments on it [male and female]. I am 23 and I do not think this is an "elderly" fragrance by far. Maybe some people are just jealous because they like the way it smells in the bottle, but they cant wear it because on them it smells like an old woman. But for the rest of us.... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    I had a tiny sample vial of this perfume, and wore it recently. I usually wear Mambo by claiborne (although i'm russian and this product was intented for Latinas), but I received many comments from my friends after I asked them what they thought of it. My fiance said, "smells sweet, but not something i want to smell every day." My two other guy friends said it smelled like any other perfume that OLDER women wear- maybe because I'm only 28. MAYBE I'll try to get ANOTHER SAMPLE VIAL just so I can wear it on special occassions (if I want to) but this is NOT worth buying a 1.7 size for because it is NOT something to wear every day, or even weekly.

  • SUSAN04/23/2002

    I could not picture an elderly woman wearing this, much too heavy. This is a cotton candy smelling perfume, however, it is more cold weather, or evening type of fragrance....I have Angel whic i also consider and evening, winter fragrance

  • JENNIFER04/17/2002

    This scent smells very sweet, like candy and ice cream. I would put it anywhere you want to be kissed! There have been several comments on this board about how this fragrance seems more suitable for older women. However, I don't think that is necessarily true. It is a very sophisticated, unique scent, and it's definitely not for typical, frou-frou teenyboppers or anything. You definitely need to be a strong woman with a unique personality to wear this. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be older. You just have to be woman enough!

  • GISELLE WONG04/03/2002

    Whatever it is about this fragrance, Lolita does smell feminine. It CAN be overpowering, and it CAN be worn in the right amount. HOWEVER, the aura that this fragrance projects IS INDEED very... elderly. I wore it from the department store, and I asked male friends what they thought of it, because I personally that it was an OKAY fragrance. They all said, "yes, it smells pretty good, like any other perfume, but it doesn't smell like a young perfume. i could imagine it on my mother or my grandmother." Keep that in mind before you buy it. maybe you want to just SMELL it, not wear it, because it does project an elderly image.

  • JM04/01/2002

    Lolita used to be my signature scent..It wasn't how it smelled to others- I loved the smell. But, now, I have gotten tired of it..a little too sweet and jasminey???

  • DAPHNA03/26/2002

    It's everything you could possibly want in a fragrance, it's feminine,with a little mystery and very sexy....ooh-la-la! It lasts...and I love it!!!!!

  • NONI03/24/2002

    i had a feeling if i scrolled through all the messages someone would have reached the same conclusion. angel clone if there ever was one.

  • SHANNA03/15/2002

    This is nothing like Angel Innocent. It's really different than anything else. This has sweet licorice notes with a musky vanilla base. Innocent has fruity notes with a woody base. I like Lolita and do not like Innocent. I hope this helps.

  • AMBER03/01/2002

    When I first tried this one I swore I would never buy another scent. But when I had used it a couple of times I got bored with it. It's a scent that smells "old" very soon, and if you spray it on your clothes, the scent will not always come out by washing them. After my bottle was "finally" finished I smelled it on a friend of mine. Her smell irritated me all night long. Sorry, but I will never ever buy this one again!

  • GINA02/28/2002

    Is this fragrance similar at all to the Angel Innocent? Thanks!

  • LIZ02/27/2002

    This fragrance is unique..never smelled anything like it...absolutely beautiful!

  • AMY02/21/2002

    This is the greatest scent ever....I get numerous compliments on it every time that I wear it. It stays with you (in a light way, not overpowering) and in my opinion it smells better as it settles on your skin. If you want to try a new perfume that will quickly become one of your favorites......Lolita is tho ONE!!

  • JENNA02/15/2002

    This is fantastic. If you haven't tried the light version (I think it's calles Legere) you must get it for summer. I have the alcohol free one with shimmer in it so I can use it in my hair too!! It's lovely. I got it at Nordstrom but I think Sephora carries it too.

  • SHANNON02/13/2002

    This scent is really something special. Let's keep it that way by not spreading the word. I like to feel like this scent is uniquely mine. So lets keep it a secret between us, k?

  • PL02/13/2002

    I own many, many fragrances, but Lolita is my #1 choice if I want to be noticed or approached by my man, and I've had many compliments from other men (and women) This is an attention-getter and is extremely long-lasting and sexy. Just fantastic.

  • IAMTHEEXMISS02/01/2002

    this perfume is my love's not your everyday for wear though!!!

  • RHONDA01/04/2002

    Hot, sexy, beautiful... you will not go unnoticed with this scent!

  • L.K.01/04/2002

    ...get it for my sister as an pressent...she loves it!my opinion;very girlie smell,sweet,but not too sweet....nice one...

  • RITA12/30/2001

    This is definitely a fragrance for a real woman, not a frou-frou little girl. It's sophisticated, but sweet. It's almost edible--men want to eat you up when they smell this one on you!

  • MIRELLE12/30/2001

    This one strikes me much like Angel, which I also loathe. Maybe it does wonderful things with certain people's body chemistry, but on me (and a few other people I've smelled it on) it's a real stinker! Definitely test this one before you buy it.

  • LL12/29/2001

    It's not a teenager scent either. Maybe your 22 year old brother likes those citrus-based, sporty (teen) fragrances like Happy or Tommy Girl. But I think most *mature* men would prefer something more sensual on a woman like Lolita. It's sexy, and men love it!

  • SUSAN12/26/2001

    This scent turns heads! I have yet to encounter a man that didn't love and appreciate it.

  • DOROTA12/26/2001

    If you love ANGEL by Terry Mugler, but the price throws you on the opposite wall, take Lolita! It is ANGEL with much nicer price sticker.

  • JISELLE12/19/2001

    yes, you would be able to say that this perfume smells "nice" however what Lonneke said was right. it may smell "nice" but the smell should be reserved for elderly ladies. It does give the the image of elderly ladies. When I brought a sample home, I asked my 22 year old brother to smell it, and he said ,"It smells like it's for older women." So I guess I would like to smell the perfume in my leisure time, but not necessarily wear it. It kind of is cloying, and a bit "elderly"

  • CYNTHIA12/09/2001

    It's like summer sweetness in a bottle. Wonderful scent!

  • BARBIE11/30/2001


  • MARY11/30/2001

    One of the most unique scents yet! Smells so sweet, yet so seductive that it draws attention(in a good way) No one knows about it and that is a plus as well.

  • MARGO 11/25/2001

    I have another message on here. I forgot to say that we should keep this one a secret. It's unique and lovely and we should keep it that way. I hate when everyone wears the same perfume!

  • MARGO 11/25/2001

    This is my new favorite! I love this sweet, sexy scent. People say they are buying after they smell it on me.

  • LEE DUFFY11/22/2001

    I love Lolita!!!!!!Every time I wear it people comment. Especially the men!!!!It does wonders for the EGO.

  • JAN11/09/2001

    This is a wonderful soft & sexy scent. I've been wearing this over a year and love it. The shower gel & lotion is excellent too.

  • JOLENE11/03/2001

    Lolita Lempicka smells just like cake. It's very sweet, but not cloying at all (at least not on me). Very good for winter months.

  • LONNEKE10/24/2001

    I must first assert, this fragrance is indeed sweet, but you have to take into account all perfumes in this world have destinations. This in particular smells nice, but it instantly floods my mind with images of elderly woman, or knittin grannies. Now why would a perfume with the name Lolita project such elderly images? It smells good, but would be great on my grandmother.

  • MARIA10/08/2001

    It is a parfum from fairytail! I love it!

  • ELISHA BACON10/04/2001

    This is the best fragrance!! It smells like vanilla and baby powder. Very Femanine.

  • EVONE09/29/2001

    I never knew black licorice could be so good! I've read that black licorice is a scent that attracts men. My hubby always knows when I have this one on!

  • SHAUNE09/08/2001

    Not that we should just wear fragrance for the opposite sex, but this one seems to draw them in. My boyfriend and I wear his and hers and we get equal amounts of compliments. My girlfriends always want to know what makes my boyfriend smell so delicious. And as for me, well let me say that just about every man that comes near wants to know who smells so edible. Works for me!!!

  • ANNA09/07/2001

    My girlfriend turned me onto this perfume about a year ago, she said whenever she wears it at least one man stops to ask her about it. So I figured why not. Ladies, try it! It is one of the best scents out there. A must have.

  • MICHELLE08/23/2001

    I ALWAYS receive compliments when I wear Lolita Lempicka - it is such a unique scent that is very sexy.

  • AMY08/05/2001

    This has become one of my favorite scents. It stays with you all day. I sprayed it on @ 7:00am and when I went to my beautician @ 5:00pm, she asked what I was wearing because it smelled sooo good. My husband says I smell like baby powder when wearing this. I get alot of compliments when wearing it. This is a must have!!

  • BLACK BUTTERFLY07/21/2001

    This perfume smells like white frosted cake. I like this fragrance but I can only where it every so often.

  • V07/12/2001

    Lolita Lempicka is the prettiest fragrance that I've ever encountered. YUMMMMMMMMM; it is so delicious smelling

  • MELISSA07/01/2001

    Whenever I wear this scent I get complimented! This scent leaves an impression that men don't soon forget! Example, I was visiting another college, where they gave us beds to stay in. Later after I left, the guy who's bed I had been given had been raving about the scent that had lingered in the bed! He actually called to get ahold of me! You feel gourgous, and special wearing this intoxicating scent.

  • DIANE06/29/2001

    My husband loves it when I were lolita..... He sais I smell sooooo yummy.

  • MICHELLE04/30/2001

    I love this fragrance. It smells a lot like Angel only better. It is not as strong as Angel thank God. Once this fragrance settles in, it is such a beautiful fragrance. This one is a must buy.

  • REBEKAH04/30/2001

    Initially, you might HATE this perfume. It is very strong when you put it on but give it awhile. It mellows and becomes a beautiful scent. Just don't forget to put it on well before you leave the house!

  • ARLENE04/30/2001

    I've had women stop and ask me what fragrance I am just smells so great.

  • MARCY04/19/2001

    I love this smell. If you are looking for something different, then this is it! You can really smell the anise seed in it. You don't smell this in a perfume ever.

  • EILEEN03/30/2001

    This one smells a lot like Angel. I'm sure it's good on the right person, but on some of us, well, phew! Don't buy this one without trying it first.

  • DODGE12/29/2000

    It's sweeet and i love it.

  • EMILY10/27/2000

    I love this perfume. It is prettiness and sexiness...all woman. It is THE BEST...but don't tell anyone, because it is still unique at this point...

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