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Jaipur Saphir   

81 Reviews

Created in 1999, Jaipur Saphir is a sharp, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent contains a rare blend of fruits, flowers with tones of sandalwood and vanilla. Jaipur Saphir is recommended for daytime use.

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 3.4 oz Body Lotion
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Created in 1999, Jaipur Saphir is a sharp, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent contains a rare blend of fruits, flowers with tones of sandalwood and vanilla. Jaipur Saphir is recommended for daytime use.

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  • EVISINA01/11/2013

    This is the first parfume ever had, my husband bought it for me at 2002. I still have this parfume, and I really really want to buy it again.

  • HANNAH12/15/2012

    Please please reintroduce this perfume. It lasts and the smell is heavenly

  • PATRICIA11/26/2012

    it was the best parfum, i've ever had, please bring it back!!!!

  • JUDY05/07/2012

    It would be so fantastic if this cologne would be put back on the market. It was the most alluring smell. Please bring it back!!

  • LARISSA04/28/2012

    superb & magic

  • SKK02/10/2012

    I have loved this fragrance from the beginning. I layer it with Boucheron original and get so many compliments it is unbelievable. I surely wish you would bring it back. I understand the reasons behind discontinuing fragrances when they are not a big seller, but I have read many hundreds of emails wanting it back. Is there a chance you could change your mind? Please reconsider. Sincerely

  • DEBORAH BEAM02/03/2012

    This has been my signiture daytime scent for years and I have been searching for a replacement while waiting to find it back in stores again!



  • PENNYANNIE12/09/2011

    I had a friend that passed away 5 yrs. ago;this was one of her favorite scents, and that is where I first was initiated to Saphir. The journey back, has been long and unfulfilling. There is nothing quite like this lovely fragrance, and when you can find it, it's criminal the prices that are being charged for it!! PLEASE Boucheron.. hear our call.. Bring it baaaacckkk!!!!

  • SANDRA PEGLER11/30/2011

    I am also so disappointed that this wonderful scent has disappeared. I have been on an eternal search for something that is similar and there is NOTHING LIKE IT !!! Please please boucheron bring this back !!!


    Fellow lovers of this fabulous scent: email along with to request the return of our favorite! Gwenola Gindre is the one I was referred to by Boucheron, but she copied them (Boucheron) on the reply. It can't hurt, right? They keep saying that "it is discontinued" but I keep saying that those who have it are selling it at gigantic mark-ups...and those who are desperate enough to pay it ARE. Keep those emails going out to them!

  • THERESA10/01/2011

    To the actual company that makes this perfum, let me be one of many to say i am shocked and very sad to think the scent of have worn for over 10 years and received dozens of compliments on is forever gone, Unless i go to ebay and pay $300.00, not gonna happen.

  • RENITA GOVENDER07/28/2011

    Please bring this back to the market, specially at the stores in South Africa.

  • DEBBIE ANTONIO04/20/2011

    How can they discontinue something SO popular?? It is the only scent I have worn for years and nothing else compares. Not even anything else by boucheron!! I hope they will reconsider soon.

  • SHIRLEY03/14/2011

    I also cannot believe that they have discontined this product!!!! I have been wearing this perfume since it came out around 2000. I am so upset that I cannot find it. The only thing I have found is on EBay or Yahoo and 1.7 oz. is around $300!!!!!! Crazy!

  • BONNIE12/15/2010

    I am just so upset that they have discontinued my favorite perfume. I just finished my last bottle and now I don't know what to do it's all I ever wear, I have bought others but always go back to this one now what do I do? :( I hope the powers that be will read this and BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!

  • TONI 12/09/2010

    I can't understand why something that gets high reviews can be removed from the marketplace.This is the only perfume that I can wear and HAVE ALWAYS received positive compliments. I wish it would come back and I would stock up on my supply.

  • J SMITH10/19/2010

    This too is my all-time Favorite Parfume; however I was told by someone at the Boucheron hq is NY that it will not be returning after the company was sold to a new buyer about two years ago. Very sad. We should start a campaign to bring it back!!

  • VERONICA BOLAN12/01/2009

    This is by far my favourite fragrance. It is much admired by others, and I am constantly being asked the name. The EDT is surprisingly fragrant and long lasting - up to 12 hours. It is no longer shown on the Bourcheron website, so hopefully it has not been discontinued.

  • MARIELENA05/24/2009

    Jaipur Saphir is one of my all time favorites. I'm so disappointed it has become so difficult to find. Hopefully, I will continue to find it on Perfume Emporium. I don't understand why it is being discontinued. If anyone knows, please post.

  • DEBORAH FINN09/05/2008

    This is the most wonderful scent ever. I have had hundreds of compliments from people everywhere on this fragrance. It makes you feel sexy, but elegant. It's all I wear.

  • KAREN12/27/2007

    I initially started out several years ago with boucheron after a trip to New York. Then I came across Jaipur Saphir....fell in love with very difficult to find...most stores are discontinuing this particular one. It is my absolute favorite and hope this site will continue to carry it.

  • MADELINE07/24/2007


  • DEBBIE TONDELLI06/29/2007

    in the seven years that I have been wearing this, I have had at least 150 compliments and at least 50 wanted me to write it down and tell them where they could get it. One man at the gas station wantd to buy it immediately for his girlfriend because he hated her perfume. He said it was the best fragrance he ever smelled. I hope they make it forever.

  • JUDI W*04/05/2007

    I tested this in a high end retailers store and it was nice, but too powdery & sweet for my liking. I don't like what most women like, which is strange. I know we're all unique in our tastes, but most women like sweeter, fruitier, and flowery type scents, and I can't stand them. Nowadays, it takes something very unique and interesting, to get my attention.

  • LUSI03/02/2007

    classy, classic, elegant, sophisticatred and still fun. This is my favorite boucheron . I also like trouble.

  • MARY ALICE02/27/2007

    I love Boucheron EDP. How does the Jaipur Saphir compare in terms of the overall presentation and especially lasting power? Thanks.

  • KATHY CLARKE01/13/2007

    I love this fragrance. I receive complements everytime I have it on. One woman followed me around the supermarket to ask me where she could get it

  • BETTYE WILLIAMS11/29/2006

    i purchased the body lotion in freeport bahama islands about two years ago but i can't find the lotion in the states. do you know how i can get it or body cream. i love this fragrance and it agrees with me bettye williams e-mail

  • TARA08/23/2006

    This is very soft on me. Well balanced...Feminine...Lovely! It lasts a long time also. Actually it lasts super long.

  • ALCHIMIE07/20/2006

    This fragrance is as oriental as it can be BUT not too heavy, and now, I can tell that I love oriental, rich, woody, vanilla fragrances - tho I understand some people find it too strong. To me the richer - the better, that's a real perfume. Jaipur Saphir is oriental-vanilla but much more subtle and delicate than for example Lolita Lempicka (I LOVE LOLITA BY THE WAY). So if You like orientals just not too strong - this is what's best for You!

  • ESSENCE03/07/2006

    Love the fragance. Smells very good and smells expensive. It lasts all day and even after you shower it still sticks with you. I love it, I love it, I love it!

  • VIVIAN P03/06/2006

    Absolutely one of my favorites. Not sure how anyone could even suggest it smells manly. A totally soft, sweet, feminine scent...wonderful!

  • RHONDA01/23/2006

    Did anyone notice a change in the bottle? My new bottle is solid blue, does not have a clear center like my old one. i love this fragrance, hope they did not change it!!!!


    This is one fragrance every woman should have. Try it with the dry oil spray as well. It's never overpowering to the nose. Please try it and know that your a special jewel just like Jaipur Sahpir!


    One of my co-workers gave me a really nice compliment today on this fragrance I'm wearing. Please try using the dry oil and then spray the perfume, after that over it. Let it settle and enjoy the fresh aroma. I love Jaipur Saphir, what a wonderful combination....

  • PIA05/28/2005

    When I wear this fragrance it instantly uplifts me. It is what I would call a "pretty, everyday but also sophisticated and feminine" fragrance. Sexy too!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    I love this scent! And the bottle is beautiful! This fragrance is quite complex. I can't describe it, but it is very different. I seem to like a lot of the Boucheron scents. My only negative is that it doesn't last very long, even in the EDP.

  • PERFUMELOVER04/07/2005

    This is one of the best perfumes I've ever tried. It grows so nicely on you. But you need to have patience.The middle and final tones are excellent- ultra feminine and sexy.

  • PERFUMELOVER04/07/2005

    This is one of the best perfumes I've ever tried. It grows so nicely on you. But you need to have patience.The middle and final tones are excellent- ultra feminine and sexy.


    I just purchased the perfume and the dry oil mist. What a wonderful combination. This is a beautiful fresh, powdery fragrance that I adore wearing. Does anyone know if the Eau De Parfum strength is any better than the toilette strength? Just curious!

  • DEB02/04/2005

    Really like Jaipur Saphir. It is soft and well balanced and very feminine. Develops beautifully. Just what I have been looking for in a fragrance. Divine!


    One of the qualities of a woman is being pure in heart. When I wear this fragrance, I feel like a princess. It really smells the way I feel. I was first introduced to this scent about (3) years ago and I still love it. I use the EDP strength. This is one fragrance that should be worn in the evening. You can also wear it in the daytime, if applied correctly. Be careful though, a little goes a long way.

  • ANDREA 101/05/2005

    It seems that I'm not fascinated with Boucheron's fragrances. Jaipur Saphir is too fruity for my liking, pretty artificial and gives me a headache.

  • KATZIE12/27/2004

    I received a sample of this and really liked it. It is a classic, sweet, and addictive scent. I love those perfumes where you can't stop smelling your wrist. A must try!

  • SHARRIE12/13/2004

    a gem in the light of the night, magnificant, sparkling, wear it fir eternity

  • M11/27/2004

    Great staying power, oriental but not so sweet, I can image herbs/ grass in it. A scent that is nice for every occasion, a "base scent" in a fragrance wardrobe just like the original Boucheron.

  • OPELIKA11/20/2004

    this smell like brut . that old cologne. this stuff should not be for a woman. this stuff is for a wine-o man.


    My very favorite! Great staying power. Every time I wear it, someone will ask me what fragrance I have on. Even my husband who never remarks on my perfume notices when I wear it.

  • LYNNBEE10/15/2004

    I don't know why, but I was surprised at how wearable this was - really nice & sophisticated

  • MARINA08/21/2004

    The perfume itself is beautiful, but instead of the lotion I recomend the dry oil, which is very nice.

  • MONROE08/09/2004

    It smells like bad men's cologne don't buy it you would regret it. Really Really Awful!

  • EVELYN07/23/2004

    Jaipur Saphir is a typical floral-oriental fragrance. I said typical, not boring. It has a good structure and enough sparkle to keep the theme interesting. It smells beautiful without being heavy or fleeting. If you like florientals give it a try.

  • NEL04/25/2004

    I am a big fan of Boucheron fragrances,the first one i bought was the original Boucheron then i fell in love with all the others,they are all very luxurious fragrances. Highly recommented.

  • HAMPWIFE04/22/2004

    this fragrance smells funny it has a cheap but sort of masculine smell that i just can't get with.

  • VICKY04/20/2004

    Possibly the best fragrance that I've seen yet.. Amazing.. Amazing.. But I like it more than Jaipure

  • JANET04/15/2004

    I just received a shipment with several minis. This one was a terrible disappointment - old, nasty smelling. Based on the posts here, I think I rec'd a bad bottle.

  • RYAN02/22/2004

    This fragrance is unlike anything I've ever smelled, I just recently purchased this scent for my wife for our 9th Aniv.(Mar 18) and even though I haven't given her this gift yet I still carry with me the perfume scented card that the sale person gave me when I was testing all the other fragrances. I'm counting down the day's until this scent touches my wifes butter soft skin:)

  • RENEE664502/14/2004

    Slightly powdery and extremely light and very feminine. A stranger stopped me and wrote down the name of this wonderful perfume. The lotion is awful though - bears no resemblance to the fragrance at all.

  • ABIGAIL11/26/2003

    however the dry-down was too powdery for my tastes. Staying power was excellent, though. I lightly sampled it at a store at 7 pm and could smell it when I awoke this morning.

  • JENNIFER11/26/2003

    This is the best fragrance I own! I hope they never stop making it. I've been wearing this everyday for the past year or so and everyone compliments me on it so much.

  • DEEDEE11/24/2003

    I purchased this because of the rave reviews it got, and I have to admit I got it very cheap. When I first put it on, I did not like it at all. After about 20 minutes I find the scent intoxicating. This fragrance is like a fine wine, let it dry down to it's full bodied scent, it is well worth it. I've received may complements on this fragrance. I think its sexy enough for romantic use, but nice enough for office wear. It is a very unique scent that I'm very happy with. Just a word of advice let this scent dry down it is well worth the wait.

  • SARA10/27/2003

    After reading the coments on this purfume I decided to try it. When I smelled it in the bottle, I thought that I made a bad choice. But I put it on, still hated it, but about 30 minutes later it changed. I love it , its a very warm, soft, sexy perfume. I'll difinatly buy this one again!!!!

  • CHORT10/27/2003

    I love this scent. It smelled fresh and crisp on me. I will be purchasing it for my mom as she coudn't get enough of it when she was around me.

  • LESLIE10/11/2003

    Prettiest scent ever created. Wore it for the first time last night and evrybody I came in contact with commented on how great I smelled. It's powdery, vanilla and slightly fruity. It smells like a softened version of Chanel #5.

  • BMARIE09/12/2003

    When I first put it on, I didn't like it. About 10 minutes later it smelled great!

  • AURELIE05/23/2003

    IMO the best Boucheron ever created.

  • SZARADA04/09/2003

    This is so gorgeus, so warm and charming, not too strong like their Initial scent. I decided to buy it when I'm in Amsterdam this year because they don't have EDP in Poland, just EDT.

  • SIMONA03/17/2003

    I falled inlove with this perfume. But the dry oil is much nicer... does anybody knows why ?

  • CYNTHIA03/09/2003

    Dries down to a soft, feminine scent. Husband loves this one.

  • ELONA02/20/2003

    Try thr EDP it has much better staying power, had the same problem as you with the EDT. By the way I love it, its a gorgeous scent.

  • RITA01/24/2003

    I can't get enough of this scent! I keep smelling my arms all day. What a warm, sensuous scent with just a hint of spice.

  • VIOLET12/30/2002

    Powdery,Flowery and Pretty!

  • ERUANNE12/28/2002

    I finally tried Jaipur Saphir last week and I've been wearing it almost all christmas... It's simply amazing! Soft, warm and still fresh... Just one of those "good enough to eat" type fragrances...

  • RAIN12/13/2002

    I hurry up and got this because of the glowing reviews, but the actually fragrance is too airy. Not strong enough, and the drydown was like I didn't even put it on. Though I would consider it again for the summer.

  • MERRY10/01/2002

    This is my favorite. For years I could not find a fragrance I really cared about. In the edp, this is soft, lush- almost buttery. I hope to find it in pure parfum. Maybe in the Boucheron shop in San Francisco-

  • BETHANY09/27/2002

    This fragrance has everything going for it: It drys down to an absolutely lovely smell of flowers, traces of vanilla and wood-lovely powdery dry down. Good staying power. Soft, sensual finish. Yum!

  • PATTY08/16/2002

    This is an absolutely gorgeous, soft scent. Would like to be able to get the eau de parfum, rather than the eau de toilette, though...wear this and you will get loads of compliments!

  • A.07/19/2002

    Cool, vanilla, woods, but not strong ones. I expected better, but it's not BAD or anything.

  • ELISHA04/27/2002

    I love Boucheron scents they are high quality, and are very elegant. My favorite of the ones i have smalled is Jaipur Saphir.I hav not smelled Jaipur yet. It is absolutely wonderful. One of the ingrediants in it is cinnamon wood and it comes through on my skin it adds a little warmth but not at all overpowering.LOVE IT!

  • NICOLE04/16/2002

    I finally found my scent. It's what I was looking for. Soft, flowery and powdery, elegant. I tried so many perfumes and I couldn't finish the bottles. That one is mine...

  • RITA01/08/2002

    Jaipur and Jaipur Saphir are different. Jaipur is sweeter and fruitier than Saphir. I prefer Saphir but wear them both. I like my fragrances strong, so I buy Boucheron fragrances in EDP or pure perfume. You may have to search for Saphir EDP but it exists.

  • AISHA12/12/2001

    can someone tell me what exactly is the difference between jaipur and jaipur saphir.. how is jaipur and can someone tell me what it is similiar to.. is it long lasting..

  • ZEKIYE12/09/2001

    I often get bored with using only one perfume but this one gets so many compliments, I think I might make an exception. It is wonderfully powdery without being over the top.

  • SUZY11/26/2001

    This is the most soft sexy beautiful scent i have ever had next to my skin .. Suzy

  • CAROLW10/06/2001

    Very different, more exotic notes, reminds me a bit of a softer Bvlgari Black.

  • BECKY J.08/29/2001

    Of the Boucheron family, this is my favorite. It smells totally different from the other ones, wonderfully soft and inviting. Fine to wear day or evening. Could be ones signature fragrance..

  • CATARINA08/23/2001

    It starts clean then it becomes powdery. Not at all sweet. Sophisticated and grown-up, without being boring. Not my type of fragrance, but I think it's very nice. A little pricey, but well worth it for those who are into it.

  • MICHELLE07/06/2001

    All of their fragrances are luxurious and I have been well pleased. I love a beautiful and elegant fragrance that has staying power. Jaipur Saphir is a keeper.

  • SUE03/28/2001


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