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Paul Sebastian

Paul Sebastian   

58 Reviews

Ambery, Spicy, Woody. Created in 1992, Paul Sebastian cologne for men is a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of lavender, sage and jasmine. Blended with notes of rose, amber and oakmoss, Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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Ambery, Spicy, Woody. Created in 1992, Paul Sebastian cologne for men is a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of lavender, sage and jasmine. Blended with notes of rose, amber and oakmoss, Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian is recommended as an evening fragrance.

  • LARRY FRUM12/17/2017

    Product is great. Used this fragrance now for about 7 years.

  • CHRISTINA02/09/2015

    This is the most alluring scent a man could wear, in my long as that man is my husband. Sometimes it is dangerous - when he wears it other wives try to bury their face into his neck! Back off! He's mine!! :)

  • VAL ORFORD11/16/2013

    never will my husband be without this fabulous smelling cologne

  • ARMAND10/26/2012

    This scent has been my most favorite for over 20 years, since I first discovered it. The service I received in ordering from Perfume has always been excellent from first order to receipt of the product.

  • DONALD F PETERS02/18/2012

    I've used this product for many years with total satisfaction

  • DEE01/15/2012

    the best-always sexy-but refined

  • PAUL PREVITI09/01/2011

    do you know of or can you find out if paul sebastian, will ever bring back that mens fragrance. i still have the origonal bottle of silver,i hope you do someday,that is the finest mens fragrance that i know of(thats my opinion) thankyou

  • JVARIEUR02/09/2011

    looking for the gel usd to be able to get , is it just on back order .... i like all p/s products

  • DIMITRIOS07/07/2008

    Disregard the one star troopers dissing this one .. PS is a gem !! 9/10 .

  • KOOKIEMAN01/27/2008

    If I wanted something that smells exactly like old spice- well I'd go buy some old spice. I don't know how this is even classified as perfume, it's like cheap run of the mill after shave.

  • SHARON05/30/2007

    My distant lover wears PS. I just smelled it for the first time, yesterday after he told me what cologne he wore. I don't know if the cologne will make the man or the man will make the cologne. But if he wears it, then it's definitely a masculine scent. I can't wait to have them both together...ummmmm, whoa! damn! What a combination they will be.

  • RICHARD 02/11/2007

    This smell like some one spilled Old Spice in the medicine chest...

  • SUZI01/26/2007

    My husband has used the aftershave balm for years. Why don't any of the stores have it. Is is discongtinued-hope not!!!

  • SERIEL12/13/2006

    I have been putting this stuff on for 20 years. I have always gotten compliments with it. It's funny because I like to rotate with others and the PS is always the one to get all the compliments. It's easy to find, it's cheap, and it lasts for most of the day. I have come to love others, but PS seems to work the best for me. The women love it.

  • DON CORLEONE09/14/2006

    the bottle and box appear a bit cheesy at first, and it's only about 30$ for a big 4oz., but that all changes when you try it on. Absolutely no alcohol smell indicative of cheaper colognes, just pure smoothness that freakin' lasts forever. I mean, the stuff lasts as long as Joop!, maybe longer, and stays smooth and sweet all the way. I was lucky to find a 2oz. on closeout for only 10$ recently. The box is pretty plain, but it does say "Fine Cologne", and they ain't lying!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD07/22/2006

    an oriental fragrance, amongst others. Just my opinion.I guess when you have smelled super sweet fragrances like A*men this just doesnt register as sweet.Some fragrances seem to be border line, but not this one.Anyway, just my opinion, I still think it smells like White Diamonds and I like it.Will smell again.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD05/12/2006

    White Diamonds.Thats what came to mind.They actually contain some of the same notes.This one really surprised me.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU10/25/2005

    I agree with M.R. about this cologne's competition he listed. Great sophistication and refinement that won't drain your bank account.

  • M.R.08/07/2005

    Very elegant and sharp-oriental fragrance that's a winner among the GQ category of scents like Boucheron & Jaipur, Jivago's 7 Elements and YSL's Opium.

  • VANDERGRIFF05/05/2005

    I keep a bottle on hand. I wear it when I don't have anything important to do. Like going to get a hair cut or to the store. For those who havent smelled it, I will try and describe it as best I can. It is sort of like Stetson, but more refined. It smells real good on clothes. Shirts and what not. There is a cologne by Avon, that smells very much like Paul Sebastian called Black Suade. Paul Sebastian is very sweet and strong. So you don't have to use much. A good bottle will last a heavy user, atleast a good two to three months. This is something I wont wear on dates, nor in my opinion is it an everyday cologne. The smell is not unique enough for that. But, it's a good cologne for hanging with people you know. If you are going out to meet girls. Wear something else. One thing about it though, Paul Sebastian is an anytime fragrance. Casual, night, day, romantic moments. It's never bad.

  • LISA03/05/2005

    Paul Sebastian has such a warm scent (almost sweet), but still very masculine. Smells great on my husband!

  • CHRIS COLOGNE02/20/2005

    Been a while since ive posted here. I just got out my old bottle of P.S. and took a few spritzes. still great stuff. Its a very spicy oriental quite similar to Yves saint lauraints Opium. Though they are both oriental scents, my opinion is that they smell better in warmer weather than in the cold. great for formal occasions or as a babe magnet. ; )

  • LOUIS02/09/2005

    I've been buying this stuff since 1981. I've never met a person yet that did not like it. Maybe the best male fragrance of all time.

  • KAREN11/30/2004

    I about smells to frickin' yummy! I actually wear it myself and get compliments. Absolutely my #1 favorite mans colonge! Delish!

  • POEBLK10/18/2004

    nice like it when it came out like it now

  • CHERYE STALLINGS09/13/2004

    What ever made you stop selling VSOP? It is the ultimate cologne. Nothing will ever measure up. Please help>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • TOM08/29/2004

    Bring it back!!! I'm currently dating my girlfriend from 13 years ago. It drove her absolutely crazy. I use it on very special occasions(it still works) and I'm almost out. HELP!!! There really is no scent like it. Please :(

  • ISADORA06/28/2004

    I bought this cologne for my much-younger boyfriend. I love to smell it on him - there's not a sharp note in it. Paul Sebastian is warm, sexy, intimate and leads to...

  • REBECCA06/14/2004

    I hate letting my husband out of the house with Paul Sebastian on! It is like viagra for women!

  • DEBRA LINEHAN06/09/2004

    I'm heartbroken! VSOP discontinued. WHY??? It is the most amazing (and masculine) men's cologne I've ever found. I absolutely loved it! Bring it back.

  • TFC CREW05/04/2004

    I hate to date myself, but I've used Paul Sebastian cologne since I was 16 years old and that was unfortunately, 24 years ago.

  • ED C04/22/2004

    This is a great floral spice fragrance that is light enough for warm weather wear. It is "soft and elegant" to quote an earlier review.

  • BRAD MEDLING04/06/2004

    Smell like Lalique Pour Homme.

  • JGF03/02/2004

    Why did you discontinue the VSOP?! Since I first purchased "PS", My love life skyrocketed...LOLOL...But, when VSOP stepped on the scene. I had become a double threat. I was floored by that amazing scent. So my question again to you is. Why was it (VSOP) discontinued and even more so, why is it so hard to find?

  • ER01/17/2004

    I had to laugh after my first smell. It smelled like Old Spice. After wearing it though I realized it's a very nice warm, sophisticated cologne. I doubt the younger crowd would enjoy it though.

  • W.B.01/02/2004


  • ALLEN11/28/2003

    This is a classy soft spicey scent. It really lasts a long time. Besides a soft spice, I smell other notes - perhaps a little floral. I have rebought PS several times, even though I over 40 scents in my collection.

  • MARCIE11/16/2003

    Paul sabatian is the only scent my husband will wear!!! To me it is so sexy!!! The best and only mens scent that I love!!!!

  • BILLY10/20/2003

    About 12 years ago I bought this stuff sprayed it on my neck and wrist and went to school (college) The female teachers and all the females were sniffing me to death asking me what it was I was wearing they were really turned on by it. Another thing it last and you will smell it tomorrow after having it on today. Be prepared women will ask what it is your wearing.

  • BRANDI09/22/2003

    This is one of my favorite smells on men. I LOVE IT.

  • MICHAEL THOMAS 08/26/2003

    What a beautiful scent this is. From the top down, it doesn't change much. . . it stays a wonderful spicy fragrance. . . smooth, rich and deep. . . not too sweet at all, and not that harsh either. I use the sample mini and put several drops (two or three) on the back of my neck. . . where the warmth will radiate the scent so that I'll pick up a whiff now and then. Also, there's a similarity, I think, to YSL's Opium. . . both have that exotic, East Asian mystical aura, but Opium is sweeter and maybe slightly sharper. Maybe I'll try mixing the two to see what develops!

  • CHRIS COLOGNE08/05/2003

    this is a bold in your face kind of fragrance. If worn lightly it can be used for office use but its really a date kind of cologne. I even love smelling the cap on it. I overloooked this fragrance for a long time thinking it was another cheap generic clothing maker cologne but this stuff is HIIIIIIIGH quality. The best thing about this one is its longevity and the fact that it can be used by just about any age group from 13-75. Its not too sweet, not too musky, but definateyl sharp. This should be in any fine fragrance collectors top 10.

  • LISA RAE06/10/2003

    This fragrance is different and for the mature man. Joop, Cool Water, Nautica, etc. all smell the same for young boyz, but real men wear P.S.

  • DAVE06/07/2003

    But still hate this one. I liked the fact that it is not overly strong... But that is about the only good thing I can say about this one. It just smells very bad in my opinion.

  • JULIA FULIA04/16/2003


  • ARNOLD R.04/01/2003

    Okay, so wow... THAT stinks! Unbelievable to me that people actually want to smell like this. Guess I'm not a big fan of the "Oriental" category. Jade East, Herrera, Bvlgari, Angel Men, Opium. Disgusting, one and all. The only ones I've come across that I like are Lagerfeld and Jovan Sex Appeal. So, take this review with a grain of salt. If you personally like Oriental fragrances, safely ignore me. I won't mind. If you're a bit on the fence, or maybe you don't like most Oriental fragrances, like me -- AVOID this putrid bilge. You. Will. Not. Like. It. Trust me.

  • NINA ELENA03/08/2003

    Twelve years ago, I was a student living in Paris when I first came across this scent. A fellow student from the US was wearing it. I fell so in love with this fragrance, that I would sometimes borrow it (it had nothing to do with the other student). Currently, I am a sommelier in restaurants. To this day, I can immediately tell when a guest in my presence is wearing it, and it drives me absolutely crazy! I just want to nuzzle the necks of these strange men! I also really love the Kenzo for men in that kookie dark, tall bottle.

  • CHARLES B02/28/2003

    I smelled PS on the cuff of my jacket as I was driving this afternoon. What a wonderful, open, clean, good smell! I love this stuff!

  • MICHAEL12/28/2002

    I wear PS and like it. It's similar to Jade East of many years ago. I would love to meet some of these lovely ladies who love PS

  • MICHAEL12/28/2002

    I hated it when Jade East was no longer available. PS is similar but much better. I wear it all the time. I would love to meet some of those ladies who love the fragrance!

  • CHARLES12/09/2002

    This fragrance was not for me. It is for an older gentlemen.

  • GAIL OWENS12/05/2002

    Talk about SEX-eeeeeee Ilove Paul Sebastian scents on any man.Its my favorite of all scents. I sure hope they never stop making it........ITS GREAT.

  • PS HATER11/28/2002

    This stuff is terrible.It smells like OLD SPICE!

  • JENNIFER X10/16/2002

    Any guy wears this into my office will get chased around my desk after I lower the blinds .....clear enough....????

  • TESSIE08/22/2002

    I have to confess this perfume had a lot to do with my boyfriend becoming my boyfriend. I love it!!!! If we are going to make love he better have it on!

  • MERLYN BAXTER12/03/2001

    My husband is out of aftershave can I buy it with out buying a set? he has 2 sets now but mostly uses the aftershave.

  • ANGELHAIR10/26/2001

    This colonge is one of the most sexiest smells on a man I ever smelled! When I smell it I go AHHHHHHHHHHH. I dated a man that wore this and every time I smell it I go into fantasy land.... great spicy eroctic smell.!!!!!!


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