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Bvlgari Petit Et Mamans Bvlgari Image


Bvlgari Petit Et Mamans   

24 Reviews

This gorgeously soft oriental fragrance was launched by Bvlgari in 1998 as an exquisite scent for kids. How cute is that? Being Bvlgari, it's also fragrant enough for Mom to wear too.

1.33 oz EDT Spray
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This gorgeously soft oriental fragrance was launched by Bvlgari in 1998 as an exquisite scent for kids. How cute is that? Being Bvlgari, it's also fragrant enough for Mom to wear too.

  • NINA12/28/2013

    It is a perfume that you wear when you don't feel like wearing anything heavy. It is very pleasant, and yes, it smells like baby powder. What is wrong with that? Although associated with babies, baby powder is a scent that everyone can relate to. No one will ever think your perfume is "too strong" or "gives them headaches" I love it, and feel confident wearing it.

  • CATHY04/04/2008

    I ordered this over the internet without having smelt it before because it was a bargain, I like subtle scents and I figured it couldn't be bad because it's by Bulgari! When I smelled it for the first time it wasn't what I was expecting as it smelt a bit spicier and more powdery than I had anticipated and I was a bit disappointed. However, once on it smells lovely and has become one of my favourite perfumes. It's soft and quite sexy considering it's supposed to be a baby perfume, but then I think the idea of perfumes for babies is a bit ludicrous anyway! It's just a lovely soft, sexy scent, very unique and well worth the money. I highly recommend it!

  • CATHY03/27/2008

    I bought this perfume over the internet without having smelt it at all because I trusted that if it was a Bulgari perfume it wouldn't, presumably, smell revolting, and also the price was startlingly reasonable! When it arrived though, initially I was disappointed because it didn't smell how I anticipated it would and I wasn't sure I liked it at all. However, I decided to try it on and see if it smelt better on than in the bottle. Luckily, it did and I started to really love the smell on me. It smells slightly powdery, which is something I don't usually like in a perfume, but subtle and fresh, and is unlike any other perfume I have ever smelt, which I like because a lot of perfumes smell very samey to me. I am very fussy about perfumes and like subtle, clean smelling ones, and this fits the bill perfectly. I can apply a small amount first thing in the morning and it lasts on me all day long without having to reapply at all. I have had lots of compliments when I am wearing it, and men seem to love it! I don't really know why it is classed as a child's perfume because I think it is really for women and I wouldn't apply it to a child! Petit et Mamans has now become one of my favourite perfumes and I can highly recommend it to anyone who likes subtle, clean, fresh smelling scents.

  • VICKY06/28/2007

    I finally got my Petits et Mamanns! I wanted to buy it but it was not available in my country...without even smell it I ask my Moms friend to buy it for me in Spain...and lucklly I love it! For me this could be wear by babies but with the free alchool version not EDT. Its a softer and more soapy version of Bvlgari EDT for women that is my moms signature fragrance... Its a pitty that I cant smell it when Im wearing and doesnt last long in me so I have to spray it a lot so I cant use it everyday because when I get ran out of it I wont find it Im going to ask for it again!

  • JULIE05/16/2007

    I find it strange, that grown women would want to smell like a child. Honestly, to each her own, but grow up ladies! Yes, it's nice to sniff a baby or young child, they usually smell so innocent & clean, but I don't think a grown woman can pull that same smell off, believe me, you don't. Enjoy...

  • MELINDA03/12/2007

    I used this for the first time back in 1998 for my son. Everyone loved it. Everyone asked about it. It's not too much for a boy. It's perfect no matter what the gender is.

  • JULIA01/09/2007

    I am interested in this perfume, but after reading the reviews am curious if anyone would recommend this scent for a little boy?

  • VICKY12/28/2006

    In a perfume store I was given a sample of angle innocent i loved it for the 1st time..I have just bought it by internet and Im a little bitt dissaponted...I think it smells different I dont know why I trayed it again before buying it to be sure that I like it...but its different from what I have trayed ...I dont know...may be from the papper to my skin it changes a lot :(

  • MARYL05/05/2006

    You should try the version with alcohol. It lasts. The alcohol-free splash really doesn't.

  • S.04/02/2006

    hi girls! i love this perfume but i think it's not noticed by others, it's a way too subtle, it's a beautiful fragrance but so gentle...

  • SUE C12/26/2005

    You can buy this one alcohol-free for the children, but if buying for yourself get the one with alcohol as it is longer lasting. I can't resist spraying this on every time I see it in a shop. My kids love it too.

  • ELLE07/06/2005

    It smelled so, so good at the mall when I tried it on... smelled like a freshly bathed powdery baby, times 10. When I tried it on at home on the kids it smelled really strong. Just one spray goes a long way. Use sparingly and it will smell fresh. Use too much and it becomes too floral.

  • LANI05/31/2005

    I use this for a few years and there are many men attracted to me because of the scent. Honest ! They said they know that I'm in the office just from smelling the scent in the air.

  • KELLY03/10/2005

    Citrusy, , light vanilla, sandalwood, dry down to a powdery fragile scent. More long lasting than actual baby powder, lighter than normal adult parfume (shalimar).

  • TINA11/24/2004


  • MARYL06/07/2004

    I LUUUUV this scent. People always ask me what it is whenever I wear it. I've been told that it smells "delicious". Yes, it has a baby powder smell, mixed with a citrus tang, but there is also a touch of amber in there. It is lovely - but I always buy the Eau de Toilette with alcohol because the non-alcohol variety doesn't last very long.

  • JAYDEE04/18/2004

    This smells just like baby powder. A bit much to spend to smell like baby powder.

  • SUE C02/18/2004

    A saleslady gave my 3-yr-old son a sample vial of this. It's delightfully soft, clean, powdery with a touch of citrus. Exactly like a beautiful baby or small child smells. It's good enough for mums too, both of you can spray it on after a bath, before bedtime, if you think you are sweet and innocent enjoy it!! I wouldn't wear it to the office though! It doesn't contain alcohol and it's good if you are sensitive to perfumes.

  • MICHELLE02/08/2004

    I believe reading somewhere it has notes of chamomile and honeysuckle. Otherwise, to me, it smells just like a bottle of baby powder - very gentle, comforting, and sweet.

  • LORAINNA12/08/2003

    smells fresh and sweet, and like a baby. i love this scent and would definitely recommend to others.

  • ZUANIA11/26/2003


  • LOUISE11/17/2003

    Gidi -- I found that this smells like you probably think it would smell; it smells just like I thought it would given the bottle and the description (for moms and kids alike): like baby powder, baby lotion, really light floral. It's not unpleasant, but it's not a very grown-up smell. It's nice and clean. I'd put in on my kid if I had one, but I don't think I'd wear it myself -- it's a little too little-girlie.

  • GIDI11/10/2003

    Glad you are so pleased, but could someone please answer the question: What does it SMELL like? If you buy a lot of fragrance, you know about notes and levels. Help us out a little.

  • GIANNA 10/23/2003

    I've been using this on my daughter since she was born, we all love a sweet smelling baby don't we?

  • IVONNE07/25/2003

    This perfume is soooooo awesome, sweet, soft and tender like a gentle kiss... I love it- it's my favorite right now!

  • MITJHI03/09/2003

    a beautiful gift to your girlfriend

  • ZUANIA02/23/2003

    It's a baby powder smell combined with a very delicate floral fragrance, I love it, it's hard to describe.

  • MCHL02/11/2003

    I am very curious..can someone describe this scent ? I am VERY curious!!!

  • ZUANIA12/25/2002

    the best, when I found this scent recently, I knew it was the one I had been searching for, the perfect scent.

  • ZUANIA12/21/2002

    I have finally found the scent I was looking for, it's Perfect.

  • MIMI09/19/2002

    Oh, what a sweet thing!!

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