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Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso   

133 Reviews

Animalic, Chypre, Floral. Created in 1984, Paloma Picasso signature fragrance pulses with passion and the legendary lady herself. A strong, rich blend of oaskmoss, woods, citrus and bergamot, the scent is as passionate as its namesake. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, neroli and jasmine. The middle more

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Animalic, Chypre, Floral. Created in 1984, Paloma Picasso signature fragrance pulses with passion and the legendary lady herself. A strong, rich blend of oaskmoss, woods, citrus and bergamot, the scent is as passionate as its namesake. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, neroli and jasmine. The middle notes are: rose, ylang-ylang and coriander and the base of the fragrance is: patchouli, vetiver and amber. Paloma Picasso is recommended for evening use.

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  • VIRGINIA MCBRIDE05/21/2017

    I have been wearing this fragrance for a number of years. Since it is a little heavier than most perfumes, I tend to wear it in the fall and winter. The fragrance lasts a long time and is unique but not over-powering...

  • JUDITH07/01/2016

    This is the only perfume I have used for ever. I love it and will continue to use it. Lovely product

  • MARY P12/03/2015

    Picasso's daughter, Paloma, created this scent, which is as beautiful and exotic as she is. I ordered this for my friend, who will wear nothing else. It is admired by everyone who gives my friend a hug, every time.

  • STEPH02/02/2013

    Brilliant, just as I demanded

  • JULIE WHITTA01/06/2013

    Beautiful perfume and a fantastic price.

  • AMANDA12/31/2012

    This is a clasic perfume which attracts many an enquiry as to it's origin I have found this as my soul mate scent and adore the fragrance.


    Absolutely love it.

  • TATYANA05/17/2012

    this is THE PARFUM with capital letters,a woman couldnt smell better than using this one....

  • AMANDA05/05/2012

    Just a beautiful scent and always gets a responce of what is that you are wearing

  • AMANDA05/05/2012

    Have used this and is known as my signature scent love it

  • CAROL04/19/2012

    Looking for Paloma Picasso Shower Gel. Been using it since 80's and now can't find it. Please let me know if you come across one.

  • CAROLYN04/14/2012

    I have been desperately trying to find the body creme for years. is it still being manufactured? does anyone know where I can find it?

  • MARIE03/15/2012

    Can anyone tell me where I can get the body lotion and shower cream, I have even had colleagues searching in the US, all to no avail. I have been using PP since 1986 and have tried other perfumes but nothing compares.

  • CHERYL COPELAND02/05/2012

    I like this purfume because it has a lingering effect it lasts all day long into the night!!! Its exciting invirgorating that makes you feel aroused and sexy!!!


    I purchased this perfume for my wife and she loves it. So do I!

  • RIA07/26/2011

    Does anyone know where I can find the body cream? I'm not talking about the lotion. I used to dip my hand in the body cream jar after my shower and it smoothed even my feet. But I can't find it anywhere. Does Paloma Picasso not produce it anymore? Does anyone know anything about this? I ran out and I miss it soo much.

  • ZOENDA04/02/2011

    Any know where I can get the shower gel. After 30 years I can't find my favorite.

  • GLITTER10/24/2010

    I have been looking for this perfume and can't seem to find it, does anyone know where I can. Is it still being produced, anyone, help!

  • JAKQUA04/29/2010

    I used the same context as Paloma herself uses when referring to her classic creation. I also consider Paloma Picasso as "mon" or my perfume. I am celebrating my 10th anniversary of having at least one product of this fragrance (my favorite is the eau de parfum) on my dresser consistantly. I am also announcing the fact that I have finally learned how to wear this classy, elegant, feminine fragrance. I apply a thin, very thin layer of the lotion to my forearms, chest and calves, then finish with two to three "walk through" mists of the parfum spray after which I am ready for a day full of confidence and compliments...without offending those who claim to be allergic and are also jealous of the class and elegance this scent brings to an environment. I have decided once and for all that Paloma Picasso is the one and only fragrance for me :-)

  • ANN01/09/2010

    I've used this perfume for years and will use no other, as long as they keep making it! Every time I go someplace, someone asks what fragrance I'm wearing. Love it.

  • ANN12/31/2009

    I've used this for years and unless the company stops making it, I'll never use another brand. It's definitely for a woman who is confident and knows exactly what she wants and knows how to get it!!!!!!!!!

  • DIANNA12/05/2009

    you can were it daytime also just not as heavy as night time use

  • DIANNA12/05/2009

    i have been wering this parfume for yrs i love it & so does my husband of 20 yrs.its fantastic!!!!!!! never let it go!!!!!!

  • DIANNA10/21/2009

    i've been wear paloma for 25 yrs day and night my husband loves it so do i

  • DIANNA10/16/2009

    i have using it for 20 yrs. i got my husband of 20 yrs wear this scent he still can get enough of the scent

  • LESA12/10/2008

    My godson was in Iraq and a woman walked by and he said< "I smell LEsa" and then phoned me. It's different on everyone, but it is definitely my signature scent.

  • ME10/09/2008

    I have worn this one on and off for years. I like it in the fall and winter. I don't believe it is being pulled since I saw a scented strip in the Redbook magazine for Nov. 2008. The add pictured Paloma herself. This one is very special since not many wear it and it works with my chemistry.

  • DARRSHAN 09/29/2008

    one of the most different fragrance, classic, rich and very deep and mysterious.

  • DEBS08/28/2007

    What an exquisite scent. Earthy, floral, animalic, gently green with a chypre accord. I fell in love with this immediately! Very unique and can be appreciated by those who enjoy an enticing carnal fragrance, and it is not offensive. 'Paloma' defines femininity in a witchy way. For good witches and bad witches!

  • BARBARA W07/04/2007

    This perfume represents a wide range of female emotion (except timidity!). It's bold, spicy, dry, voluptuous, seductive without being sweet. It takes some time to develop fully, and I don't love every phase of the drydown, but the basenotes are fantastic. I've become more interested in chypres as I'm getting tired of the overly sweet/vanilla fragrances so popular today. Paloma is a great choice for the older (35+), confident woman. In my opinion, the pure parfum is the best choice. Didn't care much for the EDT, but have yet to try the EDP, so that might be good, too. Definitely one to try if you enjoy spicy chypres.

  • LAURA CECERE04/01/2007

    This scent is intoxicating..can be worn everyday,but made for days of dress up,as one post said...when you wear it you feel like dressing up in silk,leather,satin something sensuous..My husband loves it...and when I feel like a makes him feel like more of a man...If you know what I mean And for a man's scent that has the effect of this try Paco Robanne It will make you go wild for your man!

  • JAKQUA02/12/2007


  • HELPFUL ONE01/29/2007

    if you have been using paloma in the perfume strength i do believe you might find the eau de toilette not quite as beautiful...... i have used the eau de toilette as well as eau de parfum and prefer parfum over toilette. yet.... try on a tester spray and decide which you prefer.

  • ROCKYJ01/21/2007

    Hands down parfume is my choice!!!!I'n proud to say that it IS my signature fragrance since the day it premired and my husband bought me the entire collection in it's glass containers He said I could never afford to keep up this luxurary. I have and will.

  • JAKQUA01/09/2007

    I just wanted to hear specific comments from anyone that wears Paloma Picasso in only the toilette or only the parfum. Again, I have worn this perfume for over 8 yrs, but I have only worn it in the parfum strength. I want to change to the toilette for the spring/summer but I am afraid that the scent might not smell the same in the toilette strength or it won't last as long. Please help me out fellow Paloma lovers.

  • SAM12/15/2006

    I purchased this perfume strictly on the reviews and the write up of the notes composition. That's something I have never done..ever..Like most people I make sure I've smelt the perfume. This is a very sexy perfume- it's not for everyone as it is powerful in the impact it makes after the dry down and the actual notes itself. I believe a confident woman who knows what she wants and how to get it will wear Paloma. I am 32 yrs old and realise this might be a mature scent- but that says it all- it's for a real woman- pleased with the risk I took on this perfume. Age has nothing to do with your choice of perfume and despise the comment" old lady scent" Buy this only if you like scents like Samsara, Pure Poison, Rouge by Hermes,

  • LIZ12/01/2006

    One fo the department stores where I purchased this fragrance discontinued it. I panicked!!! My friend told me about perfume emporium and saved the day for me.On two separate, unrelated occasions, two guys told me I smelled DELICIOUS!!! I have tried some of the most expensive fragrances on the market and always return to MY FAVORITE FRAGRANCE !!! Thanks perfume emporium !!!

  • JANE11/26/2006

    I worry that this superb fragrance will disappear one day too! However, Brenda although not identical, (obviously?!).....having worked in the perfumery industry I can tell you that there is a very similar smelling, award winning, fragrance called Agent Provocateur out there. So us Paloma fans will hopefully never be totally left out in the cold, should one dark day the dreaded happen and this fabulous fragrance be withdrawn. Please, Please, NEVER!!!

  • TRACY11/07/2006

    Wore it and it was a Male Magnet. I love this fragrance and men are so intrigued by it.

  • SERAFEENA11/01/2006

    I tried this in the eighties. I think my body chemistry was not strong enough for it. A real smoky, spicy smell. I always recognize it on others. Avoid if you like sweet, clean "bright" perfumes.

  • JACQUELYN10/22/2006

    This is the best Parfum ever. I've been wearing it for 14 years and still get plenty of compliments

  • BRENDA10/12/2006

    Is anybody else getting worrieds that this scent may be discontinued? Every time I go to the store I see less and less of it. It has been my staple item since the late 80's...I have tried so many other scents but I always go back to is unique and sexy and I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear it. Please please dont ever take it away!!!

  • RHODA09/26/2006

    I tried this perfume more than 20 years ago in a shop and have never found one I prefer. I wear it every day and have often been asked for its name by people who like it. I always stock up in case it every becomes unavailable, because I dont know what I would do without it.

  • NANCY09/01/2006

    I have been wearing this for 20 years. If they stop making it I will never wear another perfume. The soap and gel are getting hard to find.

  • C04/17/2006

    I too have been wearing this fragrance for maybe 15+ years. I buy the new fragrance now an then to keep up the latest trend, but always find my way back to Picasso! This is the only fragrance that I recieved compliments on time and again of the the many years I have been using this product. I have found nothing to date that I would rather wear!

  • SEXY PALOMA04/09/2006

    This is the sexiest chypre to ever hit the shelves IMO but go easy on it, just one spritz otherwise people with be running away from you.

  • TARA03/16/2006

    it smells like my DAD's cologne seriously you do not want this enless your a guy its so terrible that when my mom walked past me I sneezed 70,000 times then we tried to see how much it smelt like my dads cologne and we couldn't tell the diffference. because of you people that gave it good ratings my mom bought it and we ended up throwing it away this would be a wonderful gift for somone you really hate.

  • SOCORRO03/03/2006

    I been looking for the Powder and Perfume ( Pure) Have not found it yet would greatly appreciate it. I have been using Paloma for Years since 1989 I love it I do buy others but I keep coming back to Paloma If I could Purchase the Powder email me at

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    this was another perfume that was a rage at almost the same time as opium !!!! wow..... the sexy bottle and the fantastic creation inside !!!this was out when i was much younger and it seemed like the kind of perfume sophisticated worldly wise and classy women would wear.....not one for teenagers.Yet it evoked such an aura........more like the woman of substance who knows her mind and charms as well as commands her way thru life but succumbs to nobody !! it is definately among my collection of perfumes and i make sure i have a 100ml eau de parfum constantly replenished.

  • KATHY12/19/2005

    I was anticipating this one and found it yesterday and sprayed. I was very disappointed with this one! I had expected something creamy and feminime, instead I got a masculine scent from this. I guess the corander or the pactchouli make it that way?? Not the worst that I have ever smelled, but certainly the the best either.

  • EMMA11/13/2005

    I wore Paloma Picasso for years then switched to try several different fragances, thinking I could find another one similar. Never got a compliment on one of them ! It lingers on all my clothes, and when I open my closet it is just there. Men love it. Woman ask all the time, what is your perfume. Please -please make an oil spray.

  • RICHARD11/09/2005

    Fabulous reminder of the 80s in scent. This is decadent and opulent, like a fabulous jewel. Much like the namesake, the scent will not be easliy forgotten!

  • ALLISON R.10/09/2005

    My sister wore this scent while she was in college. I personally love it. It's strong in a pleasant way. A true oriental with rich florals and bold spicies. I wish there was a newer version. I'd like to see a different take on this one.

  • ASHLEY06/27/2005

    I love this fragrance it smells so good!! My aunt has this and everytime I smell it on someone else I always think of her. Its just beautiful, classical scent. I love it.

  • JAKQUA05/27/2005

    Yes, it's me again, talking about my "old faithful" Paloma. I have a question this time...... This is the first year I have worn Paloma during the warmer months, usually during the spring/summer, I switch to Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. But, like I said, I decided to try Paloma during the warmer weather. Now that the weather is warmer, on me,the fragrance seems to have a fruity smell, kind of like watermelons or honeydew, especially when it is first applied and within the first hours after application. Has anyone else noticed or experienced the same effect or is it just my body chemistry?

  • SUE05/25/2005

    I bought this years ago after smelling it on a friend of mine. It's funny how one scent can smell totally different on another person. I definitely did not like it on me. It was too strong and it didn't smell like it did on my friend. It smelled terrible on me. Too bad becuz I really liked it on her!

  • LOREEN04/20/2005


  • JAKQUA04/12/2005


  • JACQUA04/08/2005


  • DEB03/23/2005

    Tried this yesterday, and can not figure out what everyone is praising. For me there was just a mediocore impression. Must not be my style. I think it falls into the same category as Opium from YSL. I bought that one, but never use it. It just does not fit to me. I like yummy, sweet vanilla scents like Cavalli Her, Lolita Lempicka, Casmir. I cant get into chypre scents yet. But, maybe it is an aquired taste.

  • CAROL03/18/2005

    Can anyone help me in finding Paloma Perfume? Not EDP EDT, etc. I can't find it anywhere. Would much appreciate any info. Thanks.

  • SUSAN B.02/27/2005

    I ditto Nancy. My husband first gave Paloma Picasso to me, and we both love it. Could it be because because patchouli is aphrodisiac (esp. in India). I wish it hadn't gotten so expensive, though.

  • HAMPWIFE02/18/2005

    i use to wear this back in my clubbin days and it was a sure winner then. it still smell great!!!

  • SHARRIE12/30/2004

    romance under the stars. unbelievable. exquisite. a dreamy sense of romance. wonderful. i had to buy more.

  • NANCY12/24/2004

    I have been wearing this parfum for the last 20 years. I tried other parfums, but none of them came close to being good as Paloma (not even Channel 5 :). I wear it during day, during night, in any situation. I feel sooo good and sexy. i also get a lot of compliments from guys and my girlfriends. The only worry that I have is that they will stop making this parfum - what will I do then???

  • SHARRIE12/24/2004

    the best of the picasso family art. dreamy. great. a nights shadoe reflecting. wonderful.

  • KATE12/08/2004

    I always get comments when I wear Picasso. From women and men both. The body lotion is great for day wear, has an unbelievable refreshing scent. I can see where it would not be for everyone, but I have been wearing it for 15 years, and have no reason to switch. I really love it!

  • TERRI12/08/2004

    I have worn Paloma Picasso exclusively for a number of years. I might "test" other products on the counter, but have yet to find anything comparable. Almost always, someone asks, "what cologne are you wearing?" I love how the fragrance lingers on clothing!!

  • AMY HAWK12/07/2004

    I've been wearing Paloma since 1984..I rarely miss a day without it! I won't wear anything else.SEXY!!

  • JT10/31/2004

    What is funny, is that when I was in my very early 20's, I used to love this perfume!! My boyfriend back then absolutely hated it. Well, some years have passed, I am in my late 30's now, and I can't believe that I actually liked this stinky ambery patchouli old lady scent back then... now that I am older, I tend to prefer the more light and fresh scents. I think I went backwards in my scent tastes! haha

  • ABIGAIL06/16/2004

    I've been trying for some time to figure out what scent a v. prominent and charismatic woman I know wears...too intimidated to ask. I just found out it's Paloma Picasso. Fabulous scent, which some women can carry off for day wear if applied lightly.

  • ALICIA05/23/2004

    Deep, strong, spicy scent. Not recommended for all. For those who want to flaunt their womanliness....this is the one to wear.

  • DIZBAT05/05/2004

    Wow was I shocked when I purchased this perfume, I had read all the rave reviews and had to try it. I bought a mini and was glad I did. This scent is way to strong for my sences. My kids used most of it in a perfume fight. PEW! With what was left of the bottle (great design) I tried to suprise my sister with an "old lady" perfume. Of coarse she loved it and I have purchased her a very large bottle of edp! So there is someone for every scent on the market. Paloma is just to heavy, earthy, and cloying to me, I'm more of a lily of the valley sort of gal. lol

  • ANDIE04/19/2004

    i've been wearing it for years. it smells great on me. i get nothing but compliments. men love it!!!!

  • NEL04/05/2004


  • RAINFAERIE02/07/2004

    Yes, I can see how PP reminds you of Panthere. You're right about them being the same 'type' of fragrance. However, when it comes down to the finer points of the fragrance, the two smell totally different on me, so I would never have thought to make that comparison. When I wear it, PP comes across as much bolder, and Panthere as more elegant.

  • TAMTEZZ01/28/2004

    My husband smelled it on a woman at a store, and asked her what it was. He went out that same day and bought it for me!!!

  • KERRIE01/11/2004

    haven't tried panthere but to me it smells like Eau du Soir by Sisley. Try it out. Also similar to Scherrer.

  • GLORIA12/02/2003

    Do you think that Paloma Picasso is a bit similar to Panthere de Cartier? Both are animalic-chypre-floral fragrances: I'm more familiar with Paloma EDP and I have to try again Panthere PDT and EDT because I can't remember very well this scent. But as far as I remember it reminded me of Paloma.

  • RAINFAERIE11/16/2003

    I splurged on a huge flacon of Paloma Picasso as a young woman in 1988. It was my first major job promotion, and I treated myself to this assertive, confident, and boldly sexy fragrance to celebrate that I'd finally arrived. As I recall, I received a limited edition P.P. lipstick as a gift with that purchase - befittingly, RED.

  • AQUIRUSBABE11/09/2003

    moths cannot help but to come to this flame ! thankyou paloma,

  • OPINION OF A WOMAN10/19/2003

    It is nice that you have your favorite woman's fragrance, but I've never found L'Air du Temps sexy...neither my husband or any other man I know. Paloma Picasso is very refined and special fragrance - I like it.

  • GISELLE09/16/2003

    My mom smelled PP on her sister, went nuts for it and brought it back from Germany. I smelled it on her and fell head over heels in love with it! I wear this when the weather is cooler and when I want to be elegant, sensual and dramatic. My husband loves it! Definately not a little girl perfume. When I have Paloma Picasso on, I always have the urge to dress up. Leather, silk, velvet, gold jewelry... you get the idea. A classic that's here to stay!

  • GIPSY QUEEN09/03/2003

    Deeply erotic. Past the spicy opening is a mossy-floral-woody heart and a musky leathery base. The whole package is enigmatic, troubling and enthralling. Responds strongly to changes in personal chemistry, temperamental, capricious and hard to predict. But when it works, it's unmatched.

  • TLOC08/18/2003

    One of my all time favorite fragrances which I have been wearing for many years. Very sexy, yet warm and inviting. As well, the body cream is sensational. During the hot summer months I just wear the body cream and no fragrance. During the winter months I layer the fragrance over the body cream. Smells delicious!

  • ANGALA08/13/2003

    This perfume is my favorite of all time. I always keep coming back to it and love it.

  • CJ08/08/2003

    Just tried for the first time; have been searching for new perfume...seems like everything I wore doesn't stay.. Recently,I've been through L'air du temps, Giorgio, Fath de Fath, Chloe Narcisse...but PP is a winner! And, it actually lingers most of the day..unusual, different than other out there..I normally wear pheromone but am getting a little tired of it. This is wonderful! I also discovered Must from Cartier and although the first notes are harsh, it mellows to a nice sexy aroma...any other suggestions in the same arena as these two would be most welcome .

  • MARLENE07/16/2003

    I've worn this fragrance forever! I'm addicted to it! Any suggestions on another fragrance that a PP addict might try???

  • MYLAAN07/10/2003

    Hi! You're talking about his post on Organza Indecence, right? Saw that... I'm wearing P.P today, and I've gotten compliments women AND men just today. I think he should start titling his messages "opinions-of-an-insecure-toad-who's-hopelessly-stuck-on-this-one-fragrance-because-the-ex-he- never-got-over-wore-it"...

  • NAKEDCITY06/27/2003

    I seem to stumble upon all your posts recently, always beginning with "opinion of a man" and going on about how wonderful L'air du Temps is. Granted, nice floral, but I think you have to realize that some women may like to wear sth. stronger than LdT, not just to please men but to please themselves. Btw, PP rules!

  • KRL06/26/2003

    I've been using this scent for years. To me, it's clean and fresh like just stepping out of the shower and exudes confidence.

  • MYLAAN06/04/2003

    I'm sorry, but L'Air du Temps might be a nice fragrance (to some), it just doesn't have the grind that Paloma Picasso does. P.P is not a quiet, submissive door mat scent. Some guys just can't handle that.

  • MARYMAGS06/02/2003

    I finally recieved a very generous sample from a very sweet lady and this perfume ROCKS. I feel like kicking ass and taking names.It starts out strong, drydown turns masculine, then hour by hour it changes into something musky, sweet, subtle and it smells like it was made for my skin. What a bi-polar fragrance. I love it. When I started collecting I thought oakmoss? eww. Now every perfume I fall for turns out to be a chypre. Go figure.


    Very ellegant, nice scent, always a good choice, despite it´s not sexy, in my opinion. I think if you wanna be well dressed for a fancy dinner or party, OK; to impress a guy, forget it, you would better wear L´Air du Temps, by Nina Ricci.

  • HOPE06/01/2003

    This one smells revolting on me, but I've smelt it on others and it's great (I'm envious of those that can wear it). We're all different when it comes to perfumes.

  • HISAKO05/18/2003

    This was my favorite scent. My taste was not the same as before, but I still believe that this is THE MOST sexy scent ever ! I would still wear it if my throat does not react to one of its ingredients.

  • AURELIE04/28/2003

    IMHO, this fragrance was never meant to be formulated as an edp. The edp spray is harsh. The perfume, however, is incredible. It's almost as if the 2 have nothing in common.

  • CAROLINE04/08/2003

    My husband says this smells like old cologne for men

  • M03/14/2003

    Too strong, smells like some old perfumes, just as designer atented to create a great perfume, but he didn't realise his idea.

  • LLOZ02/14/2003

    My mother wears this and loves it. However, me and my sister want to puke everytime she has it on. The problem is you only need one drop, two at the most. AT NO TIME SHOULD IT BE SPRAYED ON. It is intense, loud and overwhelming. My girlfriend had a drop or two on and it was like a total different fragrance. I guess the application is crucial. I have even hidden this perfume from mom as well as purchased others she likes in hopes of never having to smell this odor again.

  • JEANIE12/20/2002

    This is for the elegant women. If you don't have the features of being elegant, then don't wear it . It is for the very sexy, sweet, beautiful and ladies, If you don't fit in this catagory just forget it. Picasso is so elite. Just wonderful smell for hours and compliments for me all the time. Is has been my signature for at least 15 years or more. Great product.

  • SWEET SMELLING SUE12/17/2002

    Wow.. the smell drives men wild, I have been a fan for many years having been given my first bottle as a Christmas gift. I was so interested to read the comments on how the smell can differ day to day I too have noticed this subtle change according to the weather

  • APHRAEL12/17/2002

    Thank you so much for your message!I'm really glad my description could help. Although Paloma Picasso has proven itself to be a scent that demands to be taken on its own terms! It is moody and temperamental,to say the least! For example,if you're a bit under the weather,or if you eat an unusual food that you normally don't,even if you feel an emotion that is new and different to you,this one scent will pick up the change in your chemistry and act on it...When it behaves,it is absolutely out of this world,but when it doesn't...This is why,if it doesn't fit you right the first time,you shouldn't get discouraged.Put it away,and wait. You will probably need to try it a few times,but it's much like getting to know someone: it takes time! When this blend decides to make friends with my chemistry,I get an incredible amount of compliments,everywhere I go! Also- I prefer the parfum,I find the E.D.P way too harsh. Happy sniffing!

  • MARY12/12/2002

    Hi! I've been curious about this perfume for the longest time least I can say is that I'm speechless...your review was one of the most powerful that I've ever seen on these boards or anywhere else!! You made this fragrance come alive!! Thank you!! I want to give it a try now....your post greatly inspires me in doing so. Once again, thank you so much and keep posting!! Mary

  • APHRAEL12/04/2002

    I just had to get Paloma on a good day,and today is THE day.Cold,dry, blustery,the conditions are perfect. I used the shower gel,body cream and parfum,and ooooooooooohhhh, what a trip!! The blend starts out spicy,woody and quite strong.In the heart,I found a delectable bouquet of heady flowers accented, oh,surprise,with a very subtle hint of mellow fruit.But for me what really took the cake was the drydown:Intense and animalic, loaded with fragrant mosses,woods, it is almost salty,yet it keeps echoing with the aromatic scents of the higher notes.A beautiful creation that is best suited for a strong, independant woman with a profound softer side and an emotionally charged sexuality.Definitely not for a wimpy people-pleaser,this scent is totally unsuited for the wall flower whose only aim in life would be,say, to please her in-laws regardless of the cost to her personal happiness. This is for the one who speaks best with her eyes,but loves to laugh out loud,sigh in the embrace of her lover and scream in anger. She can shed tears of devastating pain,sorrow and sadness,as well as floods of joyous,unbearably happy sobs,yet if she gets really pissed off,the Paloma Picasso woman can freeze the world in her stare and make it tremble and cower when pay back time has come...This is not a perfume that I would pick for a "proper" lady.This is for the tough broad who oozes class ,wealth and attitude,whose weapon of choice is her brain,and who,at times,becomes tenderness personnified.Use a light hand,and enjoy it to the fullest!

  • HANA12/02/2002

    When you completely go mad and get tired of nowdays trendy fragrances of very low quality, you can always return to this fragrance. Paloma Picasso is very feminine, ladylike and classy. I don't use it very often, but when I use it - it is always a nice surprise for me and for those around me. It seams that it is even better than I think about it. Chypre-floral (rose)-mossy fragrance, not overpowering but everybody will notice it.

  • DEBORAH 11/28/2002

    tooooo lllllllooouuuddd.

  • JEANNIE FROST11/27/2002

    I've been wearing Picasso for 15 years. I've tried other scents but keep coming back to this one. I receive more compliments - especially from the men - about what a sexy fragrance it is. I'm hooked! My only wish is that I could find a purse size bottle - Picasso is difficult to find in stores in my area so I'm grateful for this site!

  • MAXINE11/24/2002

    Beautiful, original, exceptional perfume. A must try if you are sick of the trendy perfumes. I always end up coming back to this one.

  • APHRAEL10/31/2002

    O.K...I'm going to have to take a break.(ALREADY!?!?)This fragrance seems to smell differently to me, (even when I am the wearer) than it does to other people.Everyone around me has had nothing but positive comments about the scent, but they all described it in a way that has nothing to do with what I could smell.This makes no sense. I will try it again,because damn it,I want to understand it.

  • APHRAEL10/28/2002

    This week,I've decided to experiment:I have found,in the past,that Paloma Picasso can be quite moody.It's a fragrance that can change,for no apparent reason, on the same person.At times,it can be harsh,bitter,and way to spicy. But other times,it is a bewitching scent,so complex and enticing it's hard to describe.At its best,P.P can be earthy,animalic,full and round, with a touch of mouthwatering fruit and an endless,powdery musk and sandalwood background.So,since these days the weather changes more often than a premenstrual woman changes her mind,I have decided to try it non stop for a whole week.(I normally switch perfume almost everyday,because truth be told,I am moodier than than this fragrance,P.M.S or not!!) This morning,so far,it is earthy and round,I put it on bare skin just an hour ago.I have to go for a run,I wonder how the scent will behave. I'll keep you guys posted.

  • THERESA10/22/2002

    Two years ago I recieved a candle by picasso and loved it. I can not find another one anywhere. Does anyone know where to purchase another?

  • BETHANY09/27/2002

    Smelled this recently and loved it. This isn't the kind of scent that I normally gravitate to -Is this a Chypre? Well, whatever it is technically classified as, I think it is excellent. Very hard to describe. Kind of woodsy and mossy -has "nature" type of notes in it, but manages to blend into something very sensual. Very different and very fine fragrance.

  • DEANNA09/18/2002

    I discovered this fragrance about 16 years ago when I was sprayed with it in a department store. I kept smelling it on me while I was shopping and by the time I left the store I had purchased the spray, lotion and powder and have been wearing it ever since. I do feel however that this fragrance is heavy and more for nightime wear, I don't think it is an every day fragrance.

  • CHRISSY08/11/2002

    A perfume nut, I have several bottles but this is one of my top three. The other two (Rodier and Boucheron) are sweeter, muskier. This fragrance is more versatile...I can wear it with an evening gown and feel like a million bucks, or with a casual short set and feel clean and sofisticated.

  • KIMBERLY08/04/2002

    This is one of those that will take you somewhere. It's a very rich pretty fragrance. Will make you feel like a million bucks. One of my old faithfuls along with Opium. You must try at least once and enjoy where it will take you.

  • APHRAEL07/10/2002

    Wow,Lola,that's quite a description you gave us!And I do agree with you.But I will add one more thing: Someone else described it as "moody"---So true!I don't quite understand,sometimes,it smells just as what Lola says,and sometimes,it behaves like a menopausal mood- swing.Go figure...Oh,but when it's right,it is phenomenal.

  • LOLA06/17/2002

    this one is a hell of a has an earthy,mossy quality to it that quickly mingles with deeply hidden sandalwood notes.another layer uncovers a concoction of dry spices,mellow fruit and herbs and yet another aura shrouds the whole composition with musky God-knows-what something that is simply magical when mixed with the right's a scent that is so personal,so intimate that to detect it on someone is almost an act of unimaginable rudeness...almost.where Opium is more aromatic,Paloma is private.that's what it smells like,to me.

  • ELLEN T06/08/2002

    I generally wear only Paloma Picasso or Opium and trade off between the two. I've been wearing Paloma Picasso since it first was introduced (mid-80's I think; Opium was in the 70's. I wonder if these fragrances date you, but I always have received and continue to receive compliments on the scents ("You always smell so good.")

  • MO03/25/2002

    This is the best womens fagrance by far!

  • ROSIE03/23/2002

    Wow It's divine The first time i smelled this wonderful perfume a woman in a shoping mall was wearing it It took all my courage to asked what is it you are wearing I had to ask since then I have been aked the same question many times.

  • MARGARETTE03/21/2002

    Paloma Picasso has been a favorite of mine for almost twenty-years. I get many compliments when I wear it. All my dress clothes smell fantastic hanging in the closet.

  • MERRY03/19/2002


  • JAKQUA03/10/2002

    Paloma has been my standby for almost 3 years. But, I have noticed it is a very moody fragrance. You have to wear it just right or it won't smell as good. I can spray it on some days and get no compliments, other days, I get compliments galore, if it's a rainy day, it doesn't smell as good, if it's cold and dry, it smells really good love it!!!! I can put a bit of the lotion on my hands and my male friend goes crazy!!!! This is a classic scent that can become a part of you, the best way to wear it is a thin layer of lotion all over and one spray of the eau de parfum on your chest..

  • CYNTHIA02/18/2002

    Paloma smells great -- about 12 hours after light application. It's as heavy as Lauder's Youth Dew, but fortunately better smelling.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    I loved the body powder in the bottle.

  • ANDREA G.01/27/2002

    Well, maybe 4 out of 5. It is good, but not one of my top favorites!

  • ANDREA G.01/27/2002

    VERY CHYPRE!!! In the same fragrance familly with i.e. Miss Dior, Givenchy III, Mitsouko... So, if you like chypre fragrances, it's for you.

  • BARBARA 01/17/2002

    I think this is a great smell.I always buy the lotion.The perfume smells funny on me.I feel it can be used for work.I work in a small office and everyone loves it.!

  • SIMMI MURTAZA01/17/2002

    Here is my address so please send me if sale goes on for this fragrance my address ATTN: Simmi Murtaza Preferred Mortgage Service 3137 Castro Valley Blvd Suite #212 Castro Valley, CA 94546

  • JESS01/15/2002

    This smells horrible and the bottle is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

  • LISA01/15/2002

    I have been wearing Paloma Picasso for so many years, I can't even remember how long. It is absolutely the best cologne/perfume I have ever experienced. I can no longer smell it on myself, but I get compliments and asked what I am wearing ALL THE TIME. My husband loves it and buys it for me every time I run out. Thank you for this wonderful scent!

  • STEPHANIE01/13/2002

    I was quite interested when I came across Paloma Picasso for the first time, since I'd heard of it but never tried it until very recently. For a while I had been mourning the loss of one of my "top five" favorites, Maroc. I saw on another internet site that Paloma Picasso is a matching fragrance to Maroc. So I went to find out for myself, and I was delighted to find that yes, it smelled almost identical to Maroc, only it was even better! Wow, I cannot sing enough praises for this fragrance. It is spicy, warm and sexy, and yes, as someone else here has posted, it is unique. It is very strong right away, but the drydown is heavenly; even my husband, who detests "strong" perfume, thought it was very nice a few hours after application. And this stuff lasts, too, which is a plus for me. Even after I got home and showered that evening after trying it, I could still smell it very lightly on my wrists. Very nice indeed. This is one of the only fragrances I would rate as excellent. It just seems like a very high-quality fragrance that the right woman would treasure very much.

  • CHELSEA12/28/2001

    I must agree with dancer! I have worn this fragrance for years....and as she said.....even when I am not wearing make-up! I am still stopped and asked what I am wearing. It is wonderful!

  • DANCER12/27/2001

    this is what i'd call a signature fragrance. when strangers stop you on the street to say you smell delicious, you know you have a hit. it's the only fragrance i wear and i wear it even when i don't wear makeup.

  • LT12/17/2001

    I don't think it's good for men too, as Ariana said. It is typical feminine, chypre fragrance, discreet rose undertones... Nice, elegant and sophisticated. It is not very popular now, but it is a classic.

  • TOURAY12/08/2001

    Although distinct, I don't see it as distinctly feminine or masculine, which I love. A women I worked with wore this and I heard her telling another co-worker about it. I can't stand smelling like anyone else, and refuse to buy a fragrance of another womens that I am around often...but this, I don't think I can stop myself. I must say that for the first time, I felt a bit of 'fragrance envy'. I would describe it as a full-bodied, spicy-sweet(but not too sweet)chypre.

  • AL11/29/2001

    I find it difficult finishing a bottle as I only wear this on special occasions in the evenings and it is definitely too strong for office or daywear.

  • HISAKO11/26/2001

    This is beautifull scent. I like it a lot. First I thought it was strong but later it toned down, leaving flower scent with touch of orient. Sexy scent!

  • ARIANA11/20/2001

    I know who wears Paloma Picasso regularly and I must say that it does smell very enticing on a man. One of the few women's scents that can go either way.

  • JOLENE11/18/2001

    I love Paloma Picasso! It's such a gorgeous spicy fragrance. Very distinctive. It's dramatic too - for women who are bold and a little daring! I got the EDT and dusting powder as a gift about 10 years ago. I used it up fast. It made me feel so luxurious!

  • VIKI10/05/2001

    A classy and a very elegant scent. And it's really for every occasion.

  • ALICIA08/21/2001

    The perfume has a subtle power behind it - if you don't like distinct fragrances don't buy this one. I love this perfume and have been wearing it in the fall and winter for 10 years. I like to think of it as my signature scent.

  • GINNY08/07/2001

    Or for wannabe women. It's for the Real Woman - sexy, provocative, distinctive and sophisticated. Not for prom night or choir practice or for "sweet" girls and women. This is for the naughties, the lady who knows what she wants and has the confidence to get out there and get it. My winter fragrance. Enjoy!

  • JEAN BOUDREAUX07/17/2001

    I have used P,Picasso as my one and only fragrancefor many many years and get compliments everywhere I go. The only problem is I have never found a special on it. It is the very best, bar none.

  • TAMMY DYER07/08/2001

    Let me know when you have a better discount price on Paloma Picasso. I would be interested in the large size, cologne, not the perfume -- although I would the actual perfume! Thank you.

  • STACEY12/08/2000

    There is nothing "frilly" about this is elegant and sophisticated. The wonderful thing about it is its can be worn in the daytime or evening.

  • ROSE11/30/2000

    Do you make a splash in Paloma Picasso?

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