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Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori   

64 Reviews

Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori was created in 1998, Hanae Mori for men is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine aroma contains a blend of wood, exotic blends of citrus, flowers with lower notes of vanilla, cedar and amber. Hanae Mori is recommended as a casual type fragrance.

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Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori was created in 1998, Hanae Mori for men is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine aroma contains a blend of wood, exotic blends of citrus, flowers with lower notes of vanilla, cedar and amber. Hanae Mori is recommended as a casual type fragrance.

  • ANTHONY AGBEZIN09/07/2012

    the bottle looks attractive enough to convince any body of the product.the fagrance does not last. i do love strong smell of perfume.

  • JEEPSRT803/19/2011

    Sampled on paper & skin at a frag. shop at the local mall and was very impressed. Works well with my chemistry from start to drydown, seems to last pretty good and was complimented very highly by the ladies. Gonna grab a big bottle of the EDP soon.

  • HAWKINS5203/02/2011

    When I say that every female I have encountered loves it is an understatement!!! I was recently in a computer lab and a random female who was seated next to me said, "damn what the hell do you have on"...that says it all!!! Buy the EDP version!!!

  • GONZO11/16/2009

    I actually like the scent. I'm not a scent guru, but I purchase alot of different ones, and I actually like this one. Someone mentioned a "body odor" type smell, at first, when I merely sniffed the bottle, it DID smell like nasty body odor, but after spraying it on, and allowing it to dry, it smells really nice.

  • TOMMY05/13/2009

    The people giving this bad reviews, it may just not work with your body chemistry. However, when I wear this out women love it to the point they really wanna know what it is. I keep it a secret, and the ladies know what smells right on a man. So let them be the judge. Don't hate, just try something different while the happy ones rack up the compliments.

  • SAC10/18/2007

    I could not agree less with other posts here with low ratings... this cologne 1. Smells like women's cologne 2. I thought i sprayed orange juice on myselft the first time i sprayed... 3. Toooo sweet and citrusy.. considering a men s cologne.. 5. Nothing special about the scent 4. NOT A GOOD BUY... I keep trying/buying differnt colognes.. i would recommend Terre De Hermes, Bvlgari, John Varvatos, Vera Wang, Dunhill, Desire, Hugo even Dolce & Gabbana compared to this perfume.

  • KMF10/13/2007

    To me this smells like the wealthier, more sophisticated older brother of Iceberg Twice. This isn't quite as "in your face", and doesn't last as long as Twice. On its own it lasts plenty long and it doesn't have that potent floral note at the end of the dry down that ruined Twice for me... If florals are your thing, you might be better off with Twice, otherwise this is the place to be... PS: Just to clarify, I tried the edt version. I know they also have an edp...

  • TONY T07/30/2007

    and of course not the manliest or the most feminine cologne on the market. very vibrant and not as sweet on my skin as others have claimed. for one on one encounters and nights fo sho.

  • LOS06/03/2007

    One of the few colognes that literally stinks on my skin! Dried down to a "body order" smell. But totally different on paper and fresh out the bottle. Will not give a bad rating simply because of the chemistry!

  • BARBARA W05/15/2007

    I love the women's version, but the men's version isn't so great to me. Not masculine enough, and it's missing some magic....still nice, though, and I wouldn't mind smelling it on someone.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD05/11/2007

    ...I kept getting this one confused with Vera Wang. I had smelled both at the same location. It wasnt until several weeks later that my Uncle gave me two samples of Vera Wang, that I knew it wasnt the one. My first impression of Hanae Mori was definitely oriental and powerful. It smelled of coffee in my opinion. Coffee is not listed as a note in its pyramid, but nevertheless, its got something going for it. I will give it a good for now, until further testing. There is nothing special about Vera Wang. It doesnt even last...just fades into nothing.

  • LESTAT05/05/2007

    Itg smelled better on the paper in the mall than on my skin. Dry Down gave me a headache.

  • RYAN03/06/2007

    I love Hanae Mori, but I completely agree with you in the fact that the EDP smells so much better than the EDT. The EDT is a lot more citrus with a heavy dose of lemon, initially. The EDP significantly reduces the citrus/lemon and smells richer, woodier and more chocolate oriented. Definitely go for the EDP unless you love lemon/citrus as the EDT takes a while to dry down to the more pleasant scent.

  • PSE02/25/2007

    The cashier at Macy's said Hanae Mori was the best in their store. Its a cologne that you don't want to tell anyone what it is.. Keep it a secret! It lasts a lot longer than most colognes. Nice soft/sweet smell.

  • CHRISTOPHER10/03/2006

    i was kind of split on this one myself until girls and women everywhere i wore this stuff continually ask what it is. Def not a fav of mine, but it will get you attention everytime.

  • CLAUDE EVANS09/15/2006

    Smooth, classy, clean, sexy... Hanae Mori "I LOVE MY ONLY SCENT..."


    The EDP version of Hanae Mori is much much better, a lot richer and woodier, and lasts incredibly long. This is probably my favorite gourmand fragrance, it's so classy, unique and ultra seductive, what more do you want, if it were food i'd eat it everyday.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC06/13/2006

    Very very sweet-woodsy aroma this unique scent is. You'll definitely stick out in the crowd with this one and it's much better than A*Men which also has that unusual chocolate scent.

  • NYC05/26/2006

    It is a very soft sent that is complex, dark, but not floral or bitter in anyway. It is true that is doesn't last long, but it does linger nicely...doesn't turn rancid.

  • WES CLEMENS04/21/2006

    Unusually sweet and very woody aroma seems to work well with my chemistry being that I was complimented quite well from some beautiful women out there after sampling it a little more than I should've at the store.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON01/21/2006

    Even though the notes state it has vanilla in it. It's a nice and sweet/woodsy fragrance that's not all that commonly worn but overall I guess just for good ol' casual use.

  • SENSE01/04/2006

    As a foodie, I love this. Of all my colognes, this is the most mouth-watering. I think of the most sinful candy and sweet fruits like strawberries and raspberries, yet it goes beyond that. I've already had a couple ladies tell me they'd like to, well, you know what people like to do with food.

  • GLORIA RUIZ12/13/2005

    I absolutely love the smell. It drives me absolutely crazy. If you are looking for a cologne to drive women crazy I think this is the one.

  • SACHER C12/06/2005

    OK! So the very lovely woman at the dept. store sold me on this one. I wish I had gotten her name cuz gents, this one gets noticed. It's my first day wearing it and I have already had three women ask me what I was wearing. It's a Monday! They love it. I love it! I can't wait to see what my girlfriends reaction is. It is a wee bit soft which is why I didn't go with a 5 star. Women could get away with wearing this one. If you're a strong bullish personality it isn't you. Sofisticated...yes it is.


    It is soft and a bit on the sweet side and thank God it does not give you a headache or make you dizzy while wearing it all day, it smells nothing like women's perfumes which are usually florals!!!

  • FARAZ11/21/2005

    could easily pass as a woman's fragrance. It smells like candy or something. I don't think its a manyly scent at all. But if you do like a sweet smelling cologne, try Lacoste. Its got a sweet smell but doesn't make u feel like a woman.

  • STEVE YOUNG11/04/2005

    Uniquely sweet fragrance has lingers of A*Men but maybe a bit better. It's like wearing pralines & cream or something like that.

  • MR. MARK09/19/2005

    I 've been wearing cologne for quite sometime now and have tried them all . By far, Hanae Mori is my favorite hands down and the ladies love it !!

  • AMY08/12/2005

    I wear the women's Hanae Mori (pink butterfly) and it smells really good so I decided to buy the men's version for my hubby. This stuff smells amazing. It honestly smells good enough to eat. Very sexy scent. If you want to try something different than all the other fresh, clean smelling Polo's and Tommy's that every guy wears then you have to try this! You will not be disappointed!!!

  • M.R.08/04/2005

    A decent chocolate-like sweet fragrance that's pretty much a sleeper for the women that smell it on me.

  • EXPERT06/18/2005

    Take my advise on cologne shopping: If you are searching for a new cologne and you think you like it but your not sure at the store, more then likley your not going to like it in the long run. Hanae Mori has much potential at first, but even then the overbearing of the citrus takes over everything like spraying a household cleaner on you. Once the drydown occurs, it has a light, subtle clean scent. Unfortunatly nothing more develops with the settlement and turns almost rotten and uninteresting. I bought this, will use it and won't buy it again.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/15/2005

    A man: No the postings aren't false. while both colognes contain similar 'edibles' , unlike you, I find HM vastly superior To Angel Amen However, to each his own. RJ: Thanks for suggesting it, along with Pi and the others. Getting there . . . Pepe: I agree with you 100%. Good, but nothing to write home about. Buy her the chocolates! Nikita: I finally smelled PI and like it better than HM! However I can see how you could get bored by it. My suggestion: If you like these types of musky orientals get Minotaure by Paloma Picasso--think of a super PI without the deodarant note. Otherwise try a whiff of Bvlgari Black, which is completely different though still in the same olfactory grouping. Ditto with M7, Opium for Men, Very Valentino, etc. Wide room for choice. Peace to all.

  • A MAN05/20/2005

    This does not smell good at all, at least to me. I read here that it is similar to Angel. I think that it has nothing to do with it. Apart from that it is not strong at all, contrarily to what people suggest here. It does not smell like vanilla, it is rather bitter. The only thing that is true in these postings, not in my opinion but as people told me is that it smells like womens perfume. I suppose it just doesnt do it for me... I am really dissapointed. (How could anyone think this is similar to Angel???)

  • PATRICK04/26/2005

    I like the smell but it is a bit strong. I am and will always be a fan of Jean Paul Gauthier, my true favorite. I also receive comments from both men and women asking about my Jean Paul. With Hanae I have been told it is a bit strong and I will have to adjust the amount I put on in the morning



  • NIKITA 03/24/2005

    After reading these reviews, I am desperate to get some Hanae Mori. I am 22 and am currently own a bottle of Pi which I am tired of. It smells like vanilla orange with just a pinch of chocolate. I guess it is the men's deodorant smell that's thrown in there that bores me. So I think Hanae would be a good replacement.

  • PEPE LEPEW03/10/2005

    I have to say this is unique. On me it smelt like hot chocolate. Now I wouldn;t say this is a killer scent cuz it's not. It's unique and sweet and it does tintilize the senses. In addition to smelling like hot chocoalte I felt like a candy bar so that could be the subtle attraction to it. I wouldn't say my senses were exhilarated by it but it does make women feel warm towards me. I guess is true what they said about women's attraction towards sweet chocolaty or cinnimony scents. Chocolate is an aphrodesiac.

  • CAIUS01/23/2005

    I like the way this scent changes notes when I wear it. It is sweet,woody, and sort of similar to Rochas Man. It is in one of my top ten fragrances. Remember, Hanae Mori for Men is also available in Eau De Parfum version which is uncommon in men's fragrances. So if you want staying power, buy the EDP but be prepared to pay high price.

  • FERNANDO CAMPOS01/03/2005

    I just bought this for myself about two weeks ago and by far, this is truly the best cologne I've ever purchased. The compliments continue to arrive. Everyone that can smell it, will ask "Damn, who smells so damn good?"

  • TORRAINE10/19/2004

    I was introduced to HM by a guy at Sephora in Lenox Mall Atlanta about 2 years ago, and I refuse to wear anything else. It's definitely a nightlife scent, although it could be good for business if you have a shirt with the scent on it. I love the way the fragrance notes change after extended wear.

  • RUDY09/11/2004

    Last week I went into the leasing consultant office to rent an apartment and got a very nice compliment by this young lady who assisted me in the office. So the next time that I stopped at the office she sat next to me because she really liked me. Was it the cologne? Was it because she wanted to close the apartment deal? Or was it because of my looks? You decide, hahahahahahaha…

  • MARUKKA09/06/2004

    I went to the mall with my wife and was at the Nordstrom men's cologne counter (my favorite place in the mall really). I generally just smell colognes I haven't tried before. I smelled this and immediately needed to go to get some See's Candy. The person working the cologne department made me a sample to take home. Wearing it now and it smells "delish" but it's definitely a "fem" smell. Smells like a chocolate/vanilla swirl candy bar. Smells great but it's not masculine what-so-ever. I might buy it for me (or my wife). Thank goodness I'm not homophobic because this smell is on the opposite side of the heterosexual spectrum :)

  • R.J.06/29/2004


  • ANDREW03/25/2004

    one word: AMAZING

  • MEAN MR MUSTARD02/16/2004

    I dont think I have elicited any fruitcake comments after wearing this. The key is do not dump a whole lot on you as most guys usually do. If you're sick of smelling like a pine tree because youve been using typical mens colognes all your life, get a mini of HM. The ladies will thank you.

  • MARIUS01/23/2004

    This is THE BEST fragrance ever. Long lasting, sweet but masculine. Perfect for all seasons.

  • W.B.12/02/2003


  • JANICE10/03/2003

    My brother got it as a gift and it was to girlie so he gave it to me...i love it and the guys find it very interesting and sexy, on me...when i tell them its a guys scent they say they would never wear it...

  • DAVE09/23/2003

    You'll gag it's so sweet .... if your looking for masculine, better look past this one.

  • PRICE08/11/2003

    HM has a very warm, sweet smell that is perfect for romantic wear. However, the scent is not as sickeningly sweet as Ralph Lauren Romance. The chocolate and vanilla base notes are pronounced, but not as overly strong as the vanilla in Pi by Givenchy. Accordingly, I give it 5 stars, and consider this scent better than either Romance or Pi due to its moderation.

  • NOIRWEST03/28/2003

    At last, someone finally bottled the scent of chocolate for evening wear! Just wish it lasted a little longer than it does on me.

  • PIERRE02/18/2003


  • STEVE02/14/2003

    It smells great, although girls think I am gay when I wear it. Sometimes I rub it on my nipples and light a match. It's my new favorite stink.

  • DEREK11/22/2002

    I got a sample of this and it smelled fine until I put it on. After a little while i got sick of the smell. I guess it doesn't agree with me.

  • MARIUS11/20/2002

    This is the best fragance ever! It's both fresh and sweet! It works like aromatherapy for me!

  • BILL10/18/2002

    This is to osweet and too soft. A bit too much floral as well. ACK!

  • SIMONLEO09/03/2002

    A masterpiece in the world of fragrances.HM is a star. Higly recommended!

  • VAGABUNDUS08/22/2002

    Today I bought for the first time "Eau de Parfum" and all my troubles seem so far away.

  • DUNCZO08/22/2002

    From the fuity top tones, through the floral bowers and down to mossy ambered vanilla and sandalwood. Truly a treat for the senses.

  • EVONE01/22/2002

    I love this cologne on my husband. He smells delicious when he wears it.

  • MARIO LEONARD12/04/2001

    A truly yummy fragrance. Light but with plenty of staying power, original and mysterious, it can be worn daytime or evening and is liked by all. It starts fresh and fruity, that goes woody and clean, and finishes choclately and smolderingly sexy. If you can find it, jump on it. Worth every penny.

  • KRISTIN10/05/2001

    My significant other wears Hanae Mori and it is truly wonderful. Original and sensuous, it smells wonderfully like chocolate which is extremely sexy.

  • PAUL07/14/2001

    I really like this scent a very light diffrent spin on Angel for men. The scent is light yet rich with choc and vanilla it really attracts comments from woman.

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