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Calvin Klein


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Truth Calvin Klein Men is a scent drawn from nature and winner of the 2002 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award. This aromatic, sensual, woody fragrance is centered around a clean, watery, green freshness that is accented by aromatic basil and fresh cardamom. Sexy. Masculine. Its canopy greens are accented by basil and cardamom and blend to a sunstruck note more

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Truth Calvin Klein Men is a scent drawn from nature and winner of the 2002 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award. This aromatic, sensual, woody fragrance is centered around a clean, watery, green freshness that is accented by aromatic basil and fresh cardamom. Sexy. Masculine. Its canopy greens are accented by basil and cardamom and blend to a sunstruck note of white patchouli, red cedar and wacapou to enhance the sensual woods. Truth cologne by Calvin Klein is recommended for evening wear.

  • TIM03/19/2011


  • MONDRE09/13/2008

    it isn't manly. it is literally grass and little plants in here. You get a plenty of floral supports too.

  • DARRSHANJVORAA01/05/2008

    by far this is a fragrance like issey miyake homme which has a great lasting power, u r been noticed and ask for what r u wearing, other scents with good lasting power is 212 men, shalimar by guerlain, cinema ysl, bluejeans versace, joop jump, chanel allure sensuelle, prada edp.

  • J.RIV09/22/2007

    As a woody fragrance.. this is very average. I can think of so many better one. This smells like wet wood basil..with a hint of tea. If you want a real manly woody fragrance try Christian Diors Fahrenheit. Thats a strong cedar colonge. Another really good cedar cologne I'd recommend is Boss No.6.(Boss Bottled). It has an absolutely wonderful mix of Cedar and Cinnamon. Basi Homme is great and also Allure by Chanel is also really spicy and smooth woody fragrance. Leave this CK stuff behind..

  • DARRSHAN05/31/2007

    one of the most authentic perfume by calvin klein, very true to what has been made, always received compliments whenever wore a very spiritual type of perfume, carry on.

  • GREENTEA05/20/2007

    Personally, I never cared for CK colognes. Very synthetic smelling and generally most of them are weak. This one is no exception but I like the effort here. If it was alot stronger this would be one of the best out there. I personally love the outdoors type of scents.

  • OFM04/09/2007

    I just re-ordered Truth since I am out. I really like the "wet green botanicals" notes with a hint of jasmine. This one lasts a bit longer on me than Eternity, my other fav CK scent. Really good for warm days. It's fresh without relying on citrus.

  • BERTHA JONES12/08/2006

    please donot stop selling this item.people love it I speak for a lot of people;men and women

  • HOANGGIA09/11/2006

    i ve tried this stuff and can say a word :it doesnt last at all,too weak,too fast.looking into others ,man.

  • CARTER05/17/2006

    for you fellas who are saying you can not smell it, that is a good thing. to pick a fragrance you should taste it. if you cant taste it or smell it after a few mins, it works with your biochemestry. i love truth... just wish it was easier to find in canada.

  • MR DON LUCAS MCMAHN01/17/2006

    This cologne is unique smells watery citrusy with a touch of wood. Very good for sunny sporty days Recommend it!!!

  • WOOD07/05/2005

    not bad smell, but nothing impressive.... theres a lot of better fragances.. keep your money and look for other stuff ! this is just a green and fresh fragance...

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE06/22/2005

    No I can't. Not that the scent itself is awful but this stuff doesn't last and is too soft and weak and is most suitable for women in the spring and summer months.

  • PEPE LEPEW03/12/2005

    Although I don;t particularly care for CK colognes. Truth and Contradiction are pretty decent colognes. Truth actaully has a very pleasant smell and the common CK cologne base isn;t as overwhelming as in Eternity and Escape. Those colognes can actually brings tears to your eyes upon drydown. Truth is mild and as mentioned a pleasant sort of oriental smell. I would recommend this and Contradiction.

  • PEPE LE PEW12/24/2004

    Why do all Calvin Klein colognes start off smelling great and then after it dries or within 2 hours or so the base comes through and you smell like sewer water. IMO Truth was the best CK cologne made because of it's oriental scents which I thought were fabulous. Then after 2 hours or so when the base appeared I thought I was wearing Eternity or Escape again. IMO the base is pretty putrid and stank smelling and it seems that CK uses the same base for all of his colognes.

  • BRIAN12/21/2004

    I think that Truth is too weak and doesn't really smell of anything. I tends to fade too quickly.

  • BEKKI11/28/2004

    i love this on men!! this has a sexy and relaxed aroma to it. yet it smells clean and suave. very nice.. wow. this is definitely a turn on. it is not overpowering but it is certainly masculine. one of ck's best.

  • BRS09/19/2004

    This could be as neat as Escape except it's alot weaker and doesn't last. It's very grassy smelling. This is good though cause it's different. It's more like a nature scent. I just wish CK would amp up the oils on this to make it stronger. Otherwise it would be fantastic.

  • TOMMY A05/09/2004

    Another great scent from Calvin Klein

  • JAMES05/07/2004

    I just bought this perfume today, and 4 simple words can describe this perfume. Light, Fresh, Clean, Nature. This perfume is not strong as some other CK perfume. It's light so defintly no headaches. Also, it has this bit sweet, fresh nature like grassy scent that I can't give any score except five out of five. Personally I think it's one of FEW light-fresh-nature "MEN's" perfume

  • MIKEE04/14/2004

    it's a very particular and specific scent. it doesn't go with any situation i've found and reminds me of old people. i'm not a huge fan.

  • SHAMY02/08/2004

    this is a very fresh and grassy scent,it drives my girlfriend crazy.. it lasts for a long time, it is different from other scents out there, you have to try it

  • SHAMY01/09/2004

    this is refressing smell, it has a discrete scent that distinguishes it from others, It has a "Grassy" spring-like smell, you have to try this one, you'll get alot of attension, it reminds me of Gear by Ness Gear

  • TUM12/18/2003

    Fresh,unique scent.

  • INES11/09/2003

    Great, great, great! Clean, fresh, modern, complex and a very plaeasant scent without syntehetic, artificial notes. The best!

  • LESTAT10/22/2003

    I liked it alot.. Smells like freshly cut grass.. different then the old boring colognes that smell for some reason it lasts for a long time on my skin

  • FERNANDO09/17/2003

    I liked Truth because it is a very clean and low-profile scent. And I didn't like Crave, Contradiction or Escape. I like CK Be but everybody else here seems to hate it. So I think that if you like CK Be, maybe you will like this. It is a very green scent, but not as strong or spicy as XS by Paco Rabanne( I don't like it either! ). The thing is that I think "Cologne" by Mugler is a better version of this "Thuth" by CK, since it also has a clean, bamboo-like scent plus something special. "Truth" is okay for everyday use and is very low-profile and non-agressive, but I think it is not too special either. If you are interested in this, I think you should check "Cologne" too, because maybe you will like it.

  • MARK07/16/2003

    The scent ( that is barley there ) is fantastic. Too bad it is so watered down you can't smell it. Like all other overated Calvin Klein colognes, this doensn't last and you get ripped off. Way too expensive for what this is. I've always said Obession is the only cologne Calvin Klein ever made that is worth a damn and still stand by that.

  • RAIN06/27/2003

    Hey Thomas... Did you know that "Truth" and "Bijan with a Twist" are made by the same perfumers, Givaudan? Hehe...

  • RAIN06/26/2003

    A beautiful, soft, clean, green and soapy fragrance. Miles ahead of it's brother, Crave. For a change CK does something right...

  • ETHAN05/17/2003


  • THOMAS04/30/2003

    Smells like a lot of other fragrances, try better 'Bijan With A Twist' which is really a beautiful and different scent.

  • VALERIA04/05/2003

    I agree with a previous message: a nice break from usual, very boring men's scents (all are the same!). I like Truth a lot, I think it is especially nice for young men. Refreshing, modern, special, very nice...

  • AZIMUTH FUSC03/31/2003

    I just tried this fragrance and love it. It is so fresh and inviting, and it has excellent staying power on my skin. Truth is a refreshing break from the 'usual' male, macho fragrances. My nose was absolutely delighted!

  • NOIRWEST03/29/2003

    How many times have I smelled this exact same thing before? How many times will this house play on it's name and avante garde ad agency to move product? Borrrrrrrrring with a capital B.

  • ANNA03/27/2003

    Very nice, not an artificial smell. Very natural and refreshing scent. I was surprised because I don't like women's Truth.

  • DAVID03/16/2003

    It is just that. So different then most colognes. Yes it is grassy - nature smelling and that is a good thing. So it isn't super strong. Just srpay more of it and it lasts a long time. I wish it was a little stronger but man this stuff is good. The scent enchances with sunlight. I have gotten compliments when I had this last year. Got to get another one.

  • RONALD03/08/2003

    Great for daywear or casual. Resfreshing and very different. It makes me feel like I'm hiking in a National Park cause it smells like nature. Green and watery it is. Get it and you'll like it.

  • ELMO12/24/2002

    Sensual & Arousal.

  • JOHNKARSEN11/17/2002

    This smell is very refreshing. It makes me feel like I am at the beach on an overcasted raining day.

  • MAURICIO10/23/2002

    I´m not a calvin Klein fan, but if you gonna buy a C. Klein perfume you better take Contradiction

  • MAURICIO10/23/2002

    I´m not a calvin Klein fan, but if you gonna buy a C. Klein perfume you better take Contradiction

  • TRUTH10/16/2002

    i like smells waaaay better than crave...crave smells bad! but truth...very light...juss wished it lasted a lil longer

  • I AND I09/14/2002

    you've heard of the "king's clothes", this is the king's cologne. it lasts only a few minutes

  • TOM08/19/2002

    I don't like it. What am I giving it time for? To do what - smell better?

  • BRENDAN08/15/2002

    Excellent scent, but it doesn't last long at all

  • WISEONE08/10/2002

    It's an excellent fresh scent. Give it time.

  • MIB07/31/2002

    I brough the latest one, a 3.4oz and it seen strong and last are long time even with are tiny spit.. the best in the market I reckon (it smells like nature, wow)

  • EDWARD07/30/2002

    I was hoping this more mature CK product would be a nice change, but the product scent is much too light! Could it be colored water?

  • DENIZ07/29/2002

    The first notes not harmonious, later the scent appears. But i think its very weak.not expect such weak fragranca from CK.

  • CHUCK07/24/2002

    A nice addition to the C K line.

  • STAN07/20/2002

    excellent fragrance....very light & summery.

  • ERIC07/17/2002

    Not much to say about this. It doesn't do the job.

  • RONALD07/16/2002

    I didn't care for this at all. I got this as a gift. It smells like the greens of the outdoors - trees and grass. You really think this is appealing? I still have it but I only but a tad on cause I don't want to smell it. My wife doesn't like it either.

  • ACE07/10/2002

    This is really a very good CK product, very light, fresh and a good choice for summer.

  • BRIAN07/08/2002

    I got a free bottle of this, a tester at a department store for buying another cologne. I This scent is strange. I thought I liked the freshness of it but I really think if Calvin Klein would actully take thier time in making a cologne this could have been better. It smells like grass, wet lawn grass with a hint of rose bushes and ferns. It smells like a plant alright. Refreshing, but the drydown is gross. The Truth sucks.

  • THE BIG R07/02/2002

    I tried this for the first time over the weekend...the thing i really like is that it's not could "overdo" it when putting this stuff on and it wouldn't be offensive. I was getting a little tired of calvin klein for everyday wear, but this one definitely changes my mind. Try it, you'll really like it.

  • MARIUSS06/22/2002

    A very good different fragrance. The bambus notes are intriguing. Lasts a lot even if it's fresh and light. A fragrance from the nature.

  • COLOGNEGUY06/15/2002

    This is a fairly good scent. Not as nice as some but it is another Calvin winner. Smells nice when first put it on but sort of a plain smell. Not bad...

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