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L'eau Cheap & Chic   

20 Reviews

Experience the fun and exilarating fragrance of L'eau Cheap n Chic by Moschino. A fresh and fruity blend of feminine florals with soft musk base notes. Contains: Musk Water, Gooseberry, Star Anise Seed, Orange, Musk Flower, White Callas, May Rose, Freesia, Heliotrope, Amber, Vetiver.

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 5.0 oz Body Lotion
SKU 11809
$65.00 $39.99
Gift Set - 0.80 oz EDT Spray + 1.7 oz Body Lotion + 1.7 oz Shower Gel
SKU 17926
$50.00 $42.99
Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 1.7 oz Body Lotion + 1.7 oz Shower Gel
SKU 4441
$60.00 $47.99
Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 3.4 oz Body Lotion + 0.80 oz Soap
SKU 17925
$65.00 $53.99
0.16 oz EDT Mini
SKU 9252
$20.00 $13.99
0.8 oz EDT Spray
SKU 4675
$35.00 $28.99
1.7 oz EDT Spray (Tester w/ Cap)
SKU 14466
$50.00 $36.99
1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 4162
$50.00 $40.99
6.7 oz Body Lotion
SKU 10812
$50.00 $22.99
6.7 oz Fizzy Shower Gel
SKU 18128
$25.00 $22.99

Experience the fun and exilarating fragrance of L'eau Cheap n Chic by Moschino. A fresh and fruity blend of feminine florals with soft musk base notes. Contains: Musk Water, Gooseberry, Star Anise Seed, Orange, Musk Flower, White Callas, May Rose, Freesia, Heliotrope, Amber, Vetiver.

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  • DYE11/23/2012

    OMG please do not discontinue this perfume its so sexy and fresh and smells wonderful please please get some in as i miss the nice smell

  • YVETTE10/03/2011

    Help!! I need my fix my bottle only has a drop and I cant get it anywhere!! the nicest perfume ever! Please lets re stock soon ive been waiting since January!!

  • LINDA07/23/2011

    Ive been wearing this perfum for years. I cant get enough of it. So blooming mad you cant buy it in the shops.People always comment how lovely it smells.I hope they will bring it back I need a creatful of the stuff

  • GLORY05/19/2011

    I've been wearing this for years and still get compliments to this day. Doesn't smell great at first but once it dries and mixes with my ph it smells great. Doesn't smell the same on everyone. It's my signature scent.

  • N02/22/2009

    I don't care what name is on the bottle. I'm still gonna purchase it... I was in Bloomingdales a few years ago (rushing). I walked swiftly passed a store model, smelled "a" fragance I had to stop. I turned around and asked her "what was that!" and I was hooked. Initially it's fruity, and over the course of the day or evening it changes with your ph levels and produces a different scent, which is a musk. That's the scent I smelled. She had it on for several hours. I get complements all the time. When I run out of L'eau cheap and Chic, I wear Versace and Sabi and I have not gotten any compliments on them yet.

  • VICKY05/26/2007

    I didnt like this perfume the first time I smelled I wrote in the post before...I decided to give it a second chanse...and I love it! Now I think that the tester in the store might be wrong the first time.... Its soft and soapy ideal for daytime wear...but also long lasting! I bought it last week!!! This perfume really changed my mind!

  • VICKY12/14/2006

    This perfume was a dissapointment for me. My problem is not the name or the bottle..its the scent...its not sweet but not fruity/floral..I dont know how to describe it...just ugly...the smell its strange not for young niether for old people...definetly Moschinos fragancis are not for me...I love love its the only one that smells nice but just nice

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    I totally agree. The name and the bottle put me right off. I don't care if the scent is great. I'll never buy it because of the name and bottle.

  • PIWILOVER!!!12/19/2004

    The smell is average, but that bottle!It's horrible, sooooooo ugly!Was the designer of the bottle drunk?Or just blind?

  • BEKKI11/28/2004

    ive bought it a couple of months ago and the smell is a little sharp and sweet at first but once it wears down it becomes light and powdery. personally i like it when spayed for the first few hours. it smells like im wearing powder when it wears down but its okay, its still sweet smelling. overall a good perfume.

  • K A M I N I07/14/2004

    it smells like a soap, nothing more... HORRIBLE

  • SHANNON07/02/2004

    Light and breezy - smells sweet and clean, sort of like lollies and flowers. Gets a lot of complements. Great for the office as its not too strong!

  • SUE C06/02/2004

    I tried this one the other day and loved it so much I bought some 2 days later. It is frothy, effervescent, fruity, flowery, delicious, girly and fun. Give it to your daughter by all means, but anyone young at heart can enjoy this perfume. If you work with kids or look after your own all day, they will love the smell on you. It's definitely a daytime only jeans-and-t-shirt fragrance that you can enjoy every day and makes a change if you have a lot of serious and aloof scents.

  • CARLY01/20/2004

    The Best I ever had!!!!! A real good smell!!!!

  • LAURA10/23/2003

    I love this scent mostly because of the orange smell it has. However, after a while, it fades to a softer smell, which is nice too. It's like the best of both worlds, soft and citrusy.

  • KAREN09/23/2003

    love the smell, very soft and feminine

  • TAMAR07/21/2003

    The difference between Cheap and L'eau Cheap is that the former is nasty and the later gorgeous. Sprayed this on at the shop yesterday and it is definitely the next perfume I will purchase. It has a light, fruity-sweet musk smell and is more of a day-time fragrance. Highly recommended! Don't let Cheap put you off from trying L'eau Cheap - the difference are like heaven and hell. PS: I'm in my late twenties and believe that it is suitable not just for teens - but for anyone who has the right body chemistry to go with it.

  • DOESN'T MATTER03/24/2003

    Better than the first Cheap&Chic, but too much sweet. Not bad for children (12-16 years old), but for me (21) too sweet. Great bottle. I can not say it's bad, but too much sweet vanilla .

  • TINA06/21/2002

    My friend smells very good with this and its not a scent that you get sick of very quickly, even if you spray a lot of it...its also quite very recognisable. I like it because it is refreshing but not so much that you can't smell it. However, I can smell my friend on the 1st floor when she is on the 2nd...I don't know she's spraying to much or if it just lingers on!

  • MARY06/11/2002

    I was given this fragrance as a gift and right at first I did not think it was that great..but then,as time went by,I realized how unique and how full of personality this perfume really is!!!I would recommend this perfume to all those who are not so sure about what fragrance to wear and also to those who have not yet found their signature perfume! :) Bye all!!!

  • LISA06/09/2002

    Is there any difference between the regular Cheap and Chic and the L'eau Cheap and Chic? Thanks to anyone who can explain this! LOL I'm very curious about this fragrance, lots of people are talking about it and seem to like it.

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