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Monsieur Musk   

34 Reviews

This was launched by the design house of Dana in the year 1973. The nose behind this fragrance is Dana. Top notes are Spices; middle notes are Musk. Base notes are Tobacco. This fragrance is classified as Musky.

Gift Set - 2.0 oz COL Spray (By Dana) + 4.0 oz Aftershave Splash
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0.50 oz COL Mini (Unboxed)
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1.0 oz Aftershave Splash Unboxed (By Dana)
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4.0 oz Aftershave Splash (By Dana)
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This was launched by the design house of Dana in the year 1973. The nose behind this fragrance is Dana. Top notes are Spices; middle notes are Musk. Base notes are Tobacco. This fragrance is classified as Musky.

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  • JAYSON ROBERTS04/30/2013

    This is an excellent scent for day and night. I have been wearing it for over 30 years.

  • DARY03/20/2013

    It has a distinct smell that women just swoon over

  • JOHN, WALES UK02/20/2013

    After reading some of the reviews I hope I have not purchased some rubbish, it used to have a clean type of smell like lifebouy soap, Here's hoping

  • ROBERT 10/18/2012

    I have used this product for a very long time its exellent, withdrawn from the UK so imagine my joy when I discovered your site. many thanks also for the fast service. Rob.

  • JOEL07/30/2012

    I used Mr. Houbigant Musk cologne for over thirty years. The last order, made by Dana, is not the same product. it has a vegetal scent, unpleasant after a time rather than the cleans just showered scent of the original What have you done to this product??!!!!

  • ERIC BRINER03/15/2012

    I really like this Musk. This is hard to find in the stores. Thank you for providing this product to me!

  • ROY07/27/2011

    I have used Monsieur Hubigant since the early 70s. up until the big switch! Now, no longer is it worth buying! The formula has been ruined! No longer a good clean smell, just an alchol with a very light smell that is not the original. COME ON DANA, GET THE FORMULA BACK OR QUIT SHAFTING US WITH AN INFERIOR PRODUCT!!!

  • LIBBA GODDARD06/23/2010

    In answer to Dixie's question ,I think the ladies musk that you refer to is " Ambergris" It really was a beautiful fragrance. I have asked the question before, so maybe the powers that be might reconsider and relaunch this wonderful product.

  • B. MILT KEENE 06/09/2010

    Funny story! I too, first discovered my Musk (black box only) in the late 70's, my old army days. The women went nuts for it because it's so fresh, not over-powering, and a little goes a long way. Recently, I traveled from B-more, Md. to Wilkes-Barre PA., to find it. I then got so upset becuase I dropped it in the hotel sink and broke the bottle. I couldn't wear any, but everyone who visited my room, wondered what that beautiful frangrance was. Next time, I'm stocking up for sure!

  • WAYNE W RUTLEDGE08/15/2009

    I have been using this cologne for has alway's gotten the women to say how nice it smells, & wanting to know what it was so they could get it for their husbands.

  • ROY HOLLAND12/02/2008

    I have used Monsieru Hubigant Musk shaving lotion and cologne since the 70s. Haven't been able to find the good kind for several years. Dana has ruined the good smell. I agree with Gretchen!

  • AUSTIN10/10/2007

    I have never had so many compliments before. The ladies really love this stuff.

  • GRETCHEN09/23/2007

    I have a bottle of the "New Dana" version and it smells like vegetables that have been sitting in the fridge's crisper past its prime- a rotting vegetation smell. No musk here- I have a sneaking suspicion that "New Dana" wrecked this one- I own Houbigant scents and they are of excellent quality. That's a shame.

  • JAN PIND11/28/2006

    I love this cologne on my husband but I have a very hard time finding it. I see now that it can be ordered on line but what stores can you purchase it at?

  • LEN10/12/2006

    Does anyone know where I can buy the deodorant? I have never had so many compliments on how good I smell when I use it but can't find it.

  • ART MOORE07/07/2006

    I have been using this cologne for about 20 years. I have had a ton (and I mean a ton) of comments on how nice and fresh the scent is. It is the strongest smelling cologne I have ever used.

  • FRAN CUMMINGS03/01/2006

    Houbigant Musk is the very last word in fine men's cologne. This is it! There are no more worlds to conquer!

  • POOTCH10/01/2005

    This is fresh, clean and soapy musk which lasts forever on your skin. And look at that price! If you enjoy wearing musk this really can't be beat.

  • NIKITA 06/04/2005

    I am 22 years old and remember when I used to sneak this out of my Dad's drawer back in th 80's it smelled so good and didn't seem to spoil or expire years later. I think that they should revive this cologne right along with REVLON FIRE & ICE REVLON THAT MAN and JIL SANDER. People are buying expensive designer colognes just because of a name. But all three are classics and this is coming from a young mans point of view.

  • BILLY RITCHIE05/27/2005

    This is a fantastic product. I was lucky to be the first of my group of friends to purchase it back in 77'. The ladies love it. No other Musk comes close.

  • DIXIE11/11/2004

    Houbigant made Musk oil in a small flat black container. Was the most sensual ever in 1970's & 80's.PLEASE bring it back or tell me where to find it.

  • JEAN-PAUL REID09/15/2004

    Salutation, I used your product for over 20 years, on the new bottles of 4 oz. after shave , the hole is larger than before. It a realy bad idea... Try it you will know what is the problem. Jean-Paul

  • GIBBY04/25/2004

    I read thru the write ups and I too have been using this since the 70's. It always gets positve comments. For thirty plus years yet! Availability is the only prob. Until the internet. Try it!

  • CHIP12/02/2003

    I found this stuff by asking a guy what he was wearing. he brought me in a empty bottle to our deli shop and i found it on the web. I love this stuff and have been complemented a dozen times at least. The ladies seem to love it and always want to get it for "their man" cant live without it.

  • JUDE C10/17/2003

    this stuff is good - not great. it smells good enough but for an old school cologne it does not last as long as one might think. not that powerful. nice scent but slightly weak - most old school colognes are as powerful as heck - ie. kouros, paco robanne, santos de cartier, chanel - antaeus, etc. However, this stuff is extremely cheap - cost wise - so what can one expect. overal probably worth the money, but not as good as some of the ratings here make it out to be.

  • GREG10/12/2003

    I have had this particular bottle of cologne since 1992. It still has the same great fragrance that it had years ago. Women just love this fragrance and I recommend to all you players out there.

  • KEVIN06/12/2003

    I was just browsing the emporium's top ten and i noticed this perfume. My dad gave me some of this stuff when I was too young to appriciate cologne, so I must dig it out of the bathroom and try it now. I wonder if it ages well, as I believe the stuff I have is quite old, possibly 20 years even... I'll get some fresh stuff and see if it smells the same... I'll update you guys when I try it.

  • SAM05/31/2003

    can you say sexxxxxy????

  • LOU05/30/2003

    Pleasant and cheeeep! Perfect combo :).

  • KARI05/26/2003

    Addictive scent. A must have.

  • LARRY 01/11/2003

    this guy must be from the back woods of where ever

  • DR. J. WINSTON BLACK, JR.12/17/2002

    It may be my chemistry, but this stuff smells so fantastic on me. I always get lots of comments about how this product smells on me.

  • AARON12/03/2002

    Boom! When I smelt this thing the world became a stinky place. I hate this stuff. By something by Armani, Polo or Lacoste but not this garbage!

  • BILLY12/01/2002

    They used to make a womans houbigants musk. I've been looking for it for years.Why don't they make it anymore?It was the best ever.

  • JAMES RICHESON08/29/2002

    I was searching for the Musk Natural Protein Shampoo by Monsieur Houbigant. My 12oz bottle is empty.

  • MOSS PARKER06/06/2002

    I found this scent in 1974 and have been using it, almost exclusively, since then. It is as good, and as unique, today as it was 28 years ago. I often get complimented by women around the office. Also, I have extremely sensitive skin and this is the only cologne that doesn't cause me to break out in a rash.

  • BARB04/07/2002

    My friends and I have been purchasing this scent for years. The men smell just tantallizing and wonderful - why is such a wonderful Musk so hard to find. Love it.......

  • LATONJA D. AUSTIN02/21/2002

    Monsieur Musk is a tantalizing fragrance it is by far my very favorite. I love to purchase it for my Husband and Uncle it has become both of their favorites as well. They love the response they get whenever they wear it. Unfortunately Monsieur Musk is no longer sold in the Washington DC, Metropolitan area. I have spent a lot of time trying to locate a store that sells it. I am extremely excited to have found this web site as long as you sell Monsieur Musk you will have a life time customer in me.

  • MIKE CARO10/19/2001

    I have found no cologne that can compare to the quality and longlasting fragrance of Monsieur Musk. I wear it everyday, be it at work or play, and I never fail to receive a favorable comment from a female on a day to day basis. i.e. You smell so clean. Your smell livens up my senses. UMMMMMM. etc. Monsieur Musk is my favorite secret.

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