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Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani Image

Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio   

318 Reviews

A resolutely masculine fragrance born from the sea, the sun, the earth, and the breeze of a Mediterranean island. Transparent, aromatic, and woody in nature Aqua Di Gio Pour Homme is a contemporary expression of masculinity, in an aura of marine notes, fruits, herbs, and woods. Notes include Marine Notes, Mandarin, Bergamot, Neroli, Persimmon, more

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A resolutely masculine fragrance born from the sea, the sun, the earth, and the breeze of a Mediterranean island. Transparent, aromatic, and woody in nature Aqua Di Gio Pour Homme is a contemporary expression of masculinity, in an aura of marine notes, fruits, herbs, and woods. Notes include Marine Notes, Mandarin, Bergamot, Neroli, Persimmon, Rosemary, Nasturtium, Jasmine, Amber, Patchouli, Cistus.

  • JUVY07/27/2019

    ...My boyfriend loved it.

  • DAVID KAHN01/17/2014

    Great stuff!

  • GLEN B01/22/2012

    Another sig scent of mine for a few years. Pretty decent but every time I smell it on someone else nowadays, it's...passe'.

  • HIEROGLYPH08/25/2011

    Is true! I have always been told "Mmmm - you smell nice!" Even by NON-Dates! I posted I loved Aramis 900 and Eau Savage too and I think they all have what I typically call a citrus tang with no musty-gingery-mess (YUK!). However one of my enduring memories of late teen years, is mixing with ex-hippies in my first job who were bathed in Patchouli and I loved it for its unabashed whack to your senses. Even more when mixed in a room with the smell of typical herbal resin!). Sadly can only ever find synthetic Patchouli, so was to my amazement that I see that it is a constituent of this Fragrance! - NO WONDER I LOVE IT THEN!! Is sooo good, I'd drink it if wasn't so expensive!

  • STEVE06/23/2011

    This is a great scent...I've worn it for several years...BUT I would swear that it used to be much stronger!! I believe that Armani has weakened the fragarance by usaing less oil. Years ago you could smell it on clothing for hours--now it seems to disappear after an hour or so. I am "extremely disappointed" with this development and have started searching for a new scent. ALSO: Be aware of knock-offs, like the bottles sold on Canal St. in New York City. The bottle and package looks exactly the same, but they weaken it and it lasts only about 1/4 as long as the real product.

  • DANIEL06/11/2011

    This is my absolute favorite cologne. The smell of it reminds me of summer, BBQ's, the beach, and going out at night. It's the freshest cologne in my collection and has a masculine, sexy scent that lasts a pretty long time. This cologne has gotten me a lot of compliments. It may be worn by everyone, but it has a tendency to smell slightly different on everyone. The smoked bottle looks very classy too. Every time I wear this cologne I feel a little more confident and more well dressed even in a t-shirt and jeans. BTW, there is an imitation body spray called "Masculino" that smells almost exactly like Acqua Di Gio for $4.

  • MARK05/22/2010

    Get a grip man. This is one of the best sellers I have in my store. but I am not Perfume Emporium. Too overpriced.....but fine fragrance.

  • MARK05/22/2010

    Your inventory is fair, but way overpriced for internet fragrance business. Stay in the stores. I am a retailer and jobber and buy wholesale, if you want a good client let me buy wholesale. I like your inventory.

  • WB1412/27/2009

    Salesgirls at the counter dont know jack. I asked for a subtle refined office type scent and the first they went to was the gio!! This does smell doubt. But one should know its place in society. This is a unique party scent ; for 20-25 yr olds looking to pick up, quite a strong and loud scent. Definately not subtle, refined, sophisticated, humble, not office wear...

  • AK :)11/01/2009

    SO AMAZING!! the only thing i will let my boyfriend wear! the best smell I've ever smelled in my whole life! :)

  • CHRIS B10/11/2009

    I have to admit - when I first smelled this cologne I thought it was really refreshing but I swear I thought the bottle I bought smelled like lemon pledge. I took it back. If you like smelling like dust spray, this stuff's for you!


    its a fresh scent very natural best used for the outdoors on a hot sunny bright day a very classy scent which is very very pop[ular for obvious reasons and the girls find this sexy too and the scent has good longevity

  • ZANGORA02/14/2009

    The first time I smelt it, I was disappointed; it was too light, too watermelonish, and too faint-hearted. I dare say that it also made me feel a tad bit oozy!.. It was too late to change my mind and ended up wearing it. For those who claim it does not last, you are wrong; it lasts as stated, 6 to 10 hours. It is subtle by design and stays close to your skin. Others smell it even if were are totally oblivious that you had it on. The dry down notes are its best of the best. It is not winter cologne, and therefore, you may wish to just forget it in the cold climate regions of the country. Comes summer, however, it is one of the better choices for the man who wears cologne to the office. Women pretend to get closer to you in a business-like manner just to inhale it, and then they stay close longer and longer. Be careful, though, you can still be accused of sexual harassment by alluring them with your Aqua! ... Then you wake up from your day-dreams!

  • ELIZABETH02/03/2009

    This colonge is the best smelling men's colonge that I have ever smelled. I love it when my husband wears it!!

  • JOEYBEAR01/24/2009

    I don't care if it's played out. It is still the best men's scent ever made. I have so many of the top colognes available and after all these years Acqua Di Gio still beats them all. If it's so overused and common how come I still get so many compliments on it?


    literally. I made the mistake recently of going to the mall on a Friday night after work to return some items. Stupid me forgot that Friday night is basically jr. /high school night with boys dousing themselves in large quantities of cologne in hopes of snagging some girl(s) to talk to. It was obvious that night that Acqua di Gio was the cologne of choice for the under 18 set- walking the mall it was like being walloped by a wall of this ozonic, watery, yet perfumey scent. It's not that it's particulalry horrible- just overused, way too safe and PC for my liking. Guys, please go for a more diverse, lesser known scent that will leave the girls wondering what you are wearing instead, please!


    Had to return items to the mall this past week, will never do THAT again on a Friday night after work. Every guy who looked liked high school age was giving off walloping doses of this stuff. Even if every other guy wasn't wearing this cologne, it's still a very boring, PC scent, no excitement, no statement, just conforming. Give me an "old-school" scent any day over this.

  • JUSTIN W.08/25/2008

    Just bought this today, haven't tried it out on the wife yet. First 10 minutes I was not impressed, after drydown....Wow, I can't stop smelling myself (ha ha). Kind of sweet smelling, but also a clean smell. 2 Thumbs up.

  • LARWIZ08/02/2008

    Unlike popular fragrances like Dolce & Gabanna, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc, this one definetely does NOT live up to the hype. My father purchased this blindly after seeing many rave reviews on it, and was very disappointed when he recieved it. There are much better fragrances out there. I have no clue why this one is so highly rated. There's absolutely nothing special about it, or atleast not on our skin. At the same time though-many people love it. In fact, a woman I am quite smitten with told me she LOVVVVED it on a guy she use to date. She thought it was the perfect scent. So the question is-are you wearing a fragrance for you or others. I wear fragrances that I like with the expectation that others will like them too. Not everyone will like what you like though, but that's just something you'll have to get use to. Bottom line though-I couldn't wear ADG, but if you wear it and get compliments, then more power to ya. I'll stick with my Dunhills, Versaces, and Burberrys.

  • TC05/29/2008

    I'm in my 30s and buy cologne often to try new things for my wife, etc. I got this as a girft once and while it is ok, it is really strong and almost too perfumy..almost poison like. Sorry, too popular and not the best. Armani Mania is the best

  • DFB05/23/2008

    Really nice fragrance but i know sooo many men who have this cologne. So chances are that your lady has probably been with a man who has used this cologne. very unoriginal cologne.

  • SAM05/03/2008

    So i've bought and used this product for about 2 weeks. Yes, the cologne is very nice smelling, and with the right body chem. it can be great. On the other hand I agree with Many many other reviews in that it is way too light and does not last. For what the cologne is sold for, it only gen. lasts tops of 3 hours. Even on fabric it fades Very quickly. Best for casual wear for close quarters. I can only rate avg. cause it's nothing special, and it does not last long at all, but is still good.

  • NASIR04/27/2008

    i love this has a very fresh top notes and very mild and sexy last notes.recommended for every handsome guys looking for some adventure.....u know what i mean.

  • JAMES 04/13/2008

    Do not like this one, It is a safe cologne for some but I do not care for the sweet smell too fem for me women might like it but they also like fem smells so the trick is to find one that is masculine that a women would like with out be overpowering. For this try the original.

  • GUY04/13/2008

    Too many men wear this! The hype is OVER!!! Same 'ole citrus/fresh scent. Way overrated! Get something different

  • SARA03/19/2008

    Men, if you want your woman to adore you, this is the scent for you. Whenever my man puts it on, it's hard for me to stay away...

  • ALIN02/07/2008

    Amazing smelling cologne. Well deserved popularity. I have yet to meet a woman that doesn't enjoy this stuff.

  • FIREPOWER01/23/2008

    I have scores of colognes and have sampled hundreds more. In all the years I have been studying, using and admiring great colognes I must say that Aqua Di Gio is one of the best that I have come across so far. It has an inexplicable enchanting fragrance that will keep you asking for more. I wear it to office, wear it after every shower, put it on before going to bed and an hour before making love before gym, before a jog and before stepping out in the weekends. My women want to tear me apart because they can't have enough of this unbelievably blissful scent. Just kidding ... but seriously ... this is a legend and shining star in the world of creative perfumery. In my humble opinion this is one of the best colognes for men ever made if not the best ever. Sheer brilliance – can’t praise this enough. Thanks for this marvel Mr. Armani My favorite three colognes (in that order) are 1) Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy 2) Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani 3) Burberry London by Burberrys

  • SHYK12/18/2007

    my husband puts it on in the morning and when he comes home its still with him. I recommend it a lot.

  • BURNRUB09/27/2007

    this has a very light scent, unless you use mutiple spritzes. it also has a lemony almost femine smell to it. ladies might like it...but i like to where stuff i enjoy. so, i gave my bottle to my 13 year-old brother - much more his style.

  • BRIAN 09/11/2007

    how ADG received such high ratings. I bought a 3.4oz bottle in 05 when I was first starting to buy cologne. I find it to be a little overpowering. Maybe it just doesn't work very well with my chemestry.

  • THEDIRECTOR09/05/2007

    Simply the best. Long lasting. Sexy. Alluring. The ladies love it. Not to mention that my body chemistry makes it smell very different than it does on everybody else and gets the ladies all over me. Great for an season, any time of day. Great if you liked to be scented from the distance or if you want a close to the neck scent, this pleases in every way. A true classic. PERFECT.

  • AMATEUR08/23/2007

    does the deodorant sticks smell similar to the cologne (i found a slight lil difference in smell b/t tommy cologne and its deodorant)...just wondering...thanks

  • SHAWN C08/17/2007

    I get so many compliments it's not even funny. So what if almost everyone wears it. Perhaps those who say that are too insecure about themselves. I don't feel the need to be different, as it gets me all the attention from the ladies. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  • BRADW07/23/2007

    This stuff smells great and will probably never go out of style. I always get good feedback from the ladies with this one. However, I love to mix it up. Keep the ladies guessing. I have many samples and bottles in my collection, but if you are on a budget, you can't go wrong with my top ten. Here goes: (no particular order) 1. aqua di gio 2. echo 3. Hugo 4. Terre D' Hermes 5. Givenchy blue label 6. Romance Silver 7. Miracle 8. M7 9. Chanel Allure Sport 10. Chrome Honorable Mention: Puma, Adidas Moves, Sentiment, Givenchy very irresistable, himalaya, Del Mar baldessarini.

  • DR06/27/2007

    Maybe it's because you are older now and your natural body oils are decreasing. For me Acqua Di Gio (pronounced Jo, not geo) still lasts all day long.

  • LESTER06/03/2007


  • DARRSHAN05/31/2007

    iam a die hard fan of armani and been using this from past 7 years, but lately i bought 2 bottles and found that it dosent last as it use to. whats wrong mr armani

  • MARK05/29/2007

    This cologne is with out doubt the best ever created. I love it and so do the woman!!!

  • JASON05/08/2007

    This is a truly remarkable scent. It smells great upon it's initial spray and continues to smell great through the drydown. With one spay it lasts all day on my skin. It is the best cologne ever made and as years go by continually beats every new cologne that is developed.

  • JAMES R.04/21/2007

    I love the people who call this cheap and trashy. Those are the people who wear cheap, heavy. synthestic, smelling crap. This fragrance isn't ment to be ritzy. It is ment to be crisp, light, fresh, everyday daytime fragrance. The people who knock this scent usually are the ones who wear evening fragrances as daytime ones. I don't blame them because they probably don't know the difference between a daytime, and evening fragrance. I also can't stand people who sya this doesn't have staying power. 1. you spray it on your SKIN not your SHIRT 2. Your not suppose to bathe yourself in it. and 3. People are suppose to smell it when you get close to them, not when you first enter the building.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD04/10/2007

    What up bro? Your concerns about longevity are the main reason Ive never purchashed the "best seller" for several years. Ive always belived "orientals" had the staying power. Skip to Dunhills Desire. There are maybe a handful of fragrances I like as much as Desire, but none have made such an impact initially as Desire. Smelling this at a friends home, I couldnt get enough. Not to mention, it is my favorite bottle, bar none. Its all one could want in a frarance; unusual, great smell longevity and a beautiful masculine bottle. I will soon be purchasing my second bottle. After visiting my mother for a spell, she pleaded with me for the bottle before I left. Being Mama, I couldnt denie her, besides, the bottle was near empty. That gives me the perfect excuse to buy another bottle. This will always be a part of my collection. 'Nuff said.

  • TVC1504/07/2007

    Well...I like this fragrance alot but too many other guys out there are wearing this, so it's goodbye. I'll be wearing Burberry's Weekend in the warmer months from now on.

  • MICKYRAY02/20/2007

    Love the scent, one of the best, but it doesnt last long on me either

  • BEAU02/06/2007

    This is a good cologne for the highschool days. Everybody and their cousin owns this cologne. This is not a classy fragrance.

  • ALEX GANDOLFINI01/27/2007

    to all the GIO haters. gotz to say that this cologne is the bomb. i have been using it for over 3 years. almost every day. girls get WET over this cologne. no joke. And it sure does last a long time. if u spray it on your body. not your shirt. I get lotz of complements from it, and this is the only colonge that can get you guys laid.

  • JOHNEL 01/25/2007

    this stuff smells like some bad lemons or somthing man to all my guys a lady does not want to smell this on a man more like a dog ha ha .ha but on the real i'm for real G

  • LEO01/13/2007

    Willing to sell my bottle [email protected]

  • BRUCE01/04/2007

    gio probably didnt last on you because the back of your hand was dry. plus thats not a place to apply if you want it to last. gio is a cologne that would last atleast 5 hours, depending on body activity. try applying unscented lotion to the wrists, then apply the cologne. also, make sure to let cologne settle on skin, dont blow on or rub on other wrist as this tends to break down scent. if you follow these instructions, gio will last MUCH longer. hope this helps.

  • DURRANI01/01/2007

    Ok whatz goin on here? this doesnt last long on me,like 1 hrs max..!! I havent bought it yet,cause of this issue alone... I went to 3 different shops in 3 days and got it sprayed on the backside of my hand.... It hardly lasted for 1 hrs :(....whtz goin on here,help plz.

  • PARFUMER12/15/2006

    I just bought this out of curiousity. I definitely recognize this scent on almost everyone. It is a very fresh and lovely fragrance. It can never hurt to smell good, so I am happy that it is in my collection.

  • SERIEL12/13/2006

    I don't understand all the hype. This just your average fragrance. Not a bad fragrance but your average drug store discount fragrance. It's like it has no backbone or boldness.

  • PHILIP M.10/13/2006

    One of my favorites. Day time use. Many compliments. Elegant notes to a sexy dry-down. Very short duration. Somewhat expensive and too popular and overused. :(

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC10/07/2006

    Truly one of the best aquas ever made; great for anytime/any occasion wear and regardless if it's overly worn and no longer a mystery, it's still a great smelling fragrance.


    This perfume has been the best selling perfume for quite some time now because of the sure compliment that the person who wears this will receive. Very fresh and distinct.

  • OSCAR09/03/2006

    Loved the smell of this one, but my allergies kicked me bad so I had to get a different one. Shame!

  • JOE08/06/2006

    wow what a smell at work the ladies keep asking me what fragrance do i have on they love it .i love it too.

  • FRANCIS07/25/2006

    Still the best cologne out there for whatever occasion, daytime or night time.

  • I.C.07/19/2006

    No matter what we say wheter positive or negative it's still the #1 selling Men's cologne out there.

  • FRAGRANCE GURU07/07/2006

    hmmm...this is a hard one to rate. While it certainly has an intoxictingly decadent and enticing scent, it is suitable only for partying and is too commonly worn by the young crowd. Not a cologne to be taken seriously, nor should be worn if you want to be taken seriously!

  • X.G.07/07/2006

    For little 5 year olds as well as unisex...........don't think so! I can say that 360 Red is a teenie bopper ripoff of this quite sexy and manly aquatic but not for the male gender.

  • ROB07/06/2006

    I couldn't have said it better myself. This cologne is great, long lasting, and never goes out of style. It seems that Armani has never had a bad cologne (however, I have not tried Mania yet, I have heard that its not so good). Anyway, hopefully we have more great Armani colognes to look forward too!

  • JULIA07/05/2006

    I feel like 5 again: This smell instantly reminds me of the little 4 to 6 year old little boys with their little feet in the public swimming pool in summer. This certain smell from early childhood: The "perfect blend" of chlorinated water, sun blocker, children's skin and green gras. To any man having enough of women and yearning to be left "u nbothered" by them: Give this juice a try: Unsexiness in a bottle.

  • GARY N.07/01/2006

    Overly worn like many have said and yes I know that for a fact 'cause I've smelled it myself wherever I've gone but not a problem. This fruity-citrusy/marine frag. is highly alluring and sophisticated and truly one of the best ever mens' colognes created for us.

  • ASD06/29/2006

    Agree,way too many people wear it but come on its a lot better than cool water... Smells good

  • MRLONGROVE06/20/2006

    Great fragrance. Like Cool Water it's best suited for warmer weather (like now!) but also like Cool Water, a lot of guys wear it. If you don't mind smelling like so many other men I'd recommend it.


    How could you possibly say that this cologne doesn't last? It is better to wash it out then wait as long as it takes to wear off. Possibly the longest lasting cologne I've ever worn! And it smells awesome by the way (we are here to actually REVIEW these products, right?)

  • CRIS KAANTO06/04/2006

    As probably nearly half the people that have posted ratings on this infamous fragrance have stated that's it's too commonly worn..............this citrusy/fruity-marine aroma is truly the best aquatic cologne and definitely one of the 10 best mens' colognes in history.

  • STEVE YOUNG04/25/2006

    ............but still a great scent of an aquatic and one of the best ever colognes created for a man. Sexy, modern, sophisticated and great longevity.

  • MARCO FROM CHILE04/21/2006

    Very fresh, citrus,and light. Aqua di Gio is the most popular fragance of Giorgio Armani. If you want to be fresh in a beach day,a cruise or wherever in summer, take it. But please , dont use it in cold weather or raining places. And i dont recomend it for nights, too light.

  • AARON04/19/2006

    I have heard about this fragrance for a while now and never can get a sample of it in the mall. I think I will have to go Marshall Fields and try it; they have to have a sample. But everyone I ask tells me the same thing. "AMAZING!" There is way too much hype on this cologne for it not to be good lol. I only hope it works well with my chemistry. My last colgone was Hanae Mori, which is one of the most unique scents out there, but it smelled bad on me. Well I will be back with an update if I get my bottle! :)

  • STU04/07/2006

    Nice fragrance, wouldn't wear it though since so many have gone before me although Curve seems to be worn out way more than this. Wouldn't touch Curve if it was .50 a bottle, but Acqua di Gio does smell nice on others I gotta admit although it doesn't do me justice. Overall I like it, just don't seem to be able to wear it well. For those it smells great on you're lucky.


    Extremely sexy and sophisticated fruity/citrusy/marine aroma is known to all but I don't mind if every other person I encounter tells me what I'm wearing.

  • AQUARIUS4.703/22/2006

    Very sexy and sophisticated citrusy marine/aquatic scent from famed Armani is truly his best and happens to be the most popular of all mens' fragrances out there.

  • RAVI03/21/2006

    smells very good...but dont last as i dont think its worth buyin it at retail price...if u can get it cheaper then its worth it

  • BRABUS03/12/2006

    Although one of the top five most commonly worn mens' fragrances out there; it's probably the most highly praised and most popular ever created. Eventually cloned by the likes of Bellagio, 360 Red and maybe even Allure Sport like Rob H. had recently mentioned but overall it's one of my personal favorites of alltime and there's nothing like an Armani.

  • COOLIO02/27/2006

    They are so many cologne that last longer than this cologne but none come close as smelling as nice as this cologne.If it lastest i would have given it 5 stars..any way what do u guys thing about dunhill desire

  • J. YORK02/18/2006

    Possibly THE BEST among any aquatic fragrance ever created for a man, but also the most commonly worn right after the below average priced and strictly casual Cool Water.

  • DUC02/04/2006

    Although this particular aquatic fragrance is worn the hell out by way too many gents out there, it's still an Armani hit. It's an all-around great cologne to wear for just about any occasion day or night. A great alternative particularly for evenings that will remain a mystery for awhile is Alessandro dell Acqua.

  • JESS 01/08/2006

    I love the smell of this cologne it's one of the best out there it smells sexy it's like being on a beach

  • BUCKWHEAT01/08/2006


  • ONG-BAK01/01/2006

    Great sophisticated aquatic from the designer, it's just too bad every other male body in this country has to be wearing it.

  • TONY T12/28/2005

    ADG please try geir by geir ness. it's an edp and that tells it all. (eau de parfum) THE LONGEST LASTING FRAGRANCE. their is a site to purchase a sample of it so please e-mail me if desired. i can't name the site because then pe would not post my review. antwian34@yahoo.


    this one's a classic! when i was still in highschool my girl friends love boys who had this that i can buy one for myself, i often get asked what perfume im doesnt fail to get noticed...

  • RX-812/27/2005

    Although this citrusy and aromatic aquatic from famed GQ designer Armani is way too commonly worn, it's still one of the greatest fragrances ever created for a man.

  • AL12/26/2005

    This is a great cologne. No reason that anyone sure diss this cologne as some of the jerks in here do. It has a sweet fruity smell on my skin...which is dry. My brother has oily skin and it smell more mango. So I recommend to test it out before you buy. But the truth is every woman I know loves this smell. They know it by heart. They buy it for their boyfriends. So this is a great cologne. Now what makes it bad. It's been out for a while, so it's been played out. All my guy friends are wearing it and they are selling it in marshal. Which means its an oldie goldy. Meaning it's time to move on to something not everyone is wearing. But if you never smelled it in your circle of friends or where you hangout, then get it. I promise women will come to you just to smell you. "Darn, you smell good baby."

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD12/23/2005

    I also rate this one accordingly, simply because I think it smells fantastic. However, when I go to the club I can always single this scent out. I think every damn guy in the club is wearing the same thing! Also a guy at work wears this- I asked him if it was Acqua Di Gio and he said yes. He sprays it on a dryer sheet and puts it in the dryer with his shirt- actually give that a try it surprisingly has a cool effect. Anyhow I am tired of guys wearing this and I think I'll switch to Emporio Armani. Acqua Di Gio is still a good cologne with a light and sporty scent but it's time to go with something slightly less mainstream.

  • JOHN12/21/2005

    If your looking to buy this do yourself a favor and get kenneth cole reaction,beyond paradise, or lacoste red because this nonsense smells like lemon glade

  • RMJ12/20/2005

    I say what a shame because this really is a great fresh smelling cologne, but the shame is that it is ruined by being overly worn. I bought ADG a awhile ago when it was first released, before it got so popular. Little did i know that it would soon become THE most worn cologne nowdays. Every guy, even prepubescent zit faced high school boys wear it now...I have a 3.4 oz bottle that is probably only 1/3 of the way gone and i don't foresee me using it much anymore due to it being so overused. To get an idea of how over used it is, here is a story. I was at a college frat party, and i was in the basement where it was super hot and there were 100 people and the girl i was dancing with was drunk... but she still managed to ask me "are you wearing acqua di gio?" At that point i decided that if the girls can tell me what i'm wearing, i should probably retire it. But alas, even though it's way overly worn, it's still a great cologne and i will rate it accordingly.

  • SPACE PILGRIM12/16/2005

    I wore this fragrance a couple of days a week for a little over two years from around '99-'01. Nowadays I'm smelling this on every other guy wherever I go. It could very well be 360 Red and/or Bellagio I'm smelling also but judging by the amount of reviews this has and not to mention we're talking about famed GQ designer Armani here..........I'd say it's AdG. I think maybe I'll stick with one of the two clones or Aquaman, Givenchy Blue Label or Baldessarini del Mar if I want to wear a not so common aquatic. Absolutely nothing wrong with this scent, just wanna be different.

  • ASHLEY12/15/2005

    I think that Acqua smeels the best. I bought it for my boyfriend and now thats all he wears.

  • ERIC12/14/2005

    Sunshine left out in "her opinion" this is the best cologne out there. It's certainly not mine. Just because you are woman and just because YOU think it's best doesn't mean ANYTHING to me. I've got my own nose. Don't need yours to tell me what's best thanks. But thanks for your opinion. We all have opinions.

  • SUNSHINE12/09/2005

    Acqua Di Gio is the best cologne out there. I buy it for my boyfriend, my brother... all the men I know love it and their significant other's like it even more. Take it from a woman, this stuff is the BEST!

  • DALLAS12/05/2005

    I have has this product and is very good ,but i do have a question ..if anybody might know,noticed that there is different ingredints,such as citrus notes, rosemary spiciness, jasmine, hint of wood and ocean breezes in one bottle. an aromatic blend of marine notes, fruits, herbs and woods. on another there a difference.

  • FARELL11/28/2005

    smells great when sprayed on, but after a while, it starts to smell like BO. i dont like it anymore, switched to obsession

  • M.R.11/23/2005

    Haven't worn in around 3-4 years but always received great compiments from all around until it became known to just about everyone I encountered. Overall still one of the greatest fragrances ever created for a man.

  • WES CLEMENS11/17/2005

    Yes, every other person in the world knows this is one of THE MOST commonly worn mens' colognes out there. But overall, probably the most popular and more respected colognes and the women will tell you that.

  • KEVIN WAGNER11/15/2005

    doesnt last for long..but i cant find anything i like better....i buy this stuff every 2 mo.

  • FLEA11/06/2005

    If you want to smell this crap,you'd better sniff quick! Lasts about 30 minutes.Try MAN,by Versace-it's the baddest there is.Kenneth Cole Black,is another winner,but Aqua Di Gio sucks,big-time.

  • TV11/06/2005

    I bought it on Sunday, used it on Monday morning, returned it at Monday night. I've seen that it lasted on stores for a long time so I was wondering, then it's a good colgne then. So i bought it. The good, it really lasts for a long time. It lasted the whole day. The bad? It smell sooooo bad. I just found out from the smell that it's everybody's wearing when I go to clubs! Ok, the real downside, I was dizzy that afternoon because of the smell. Ok, it's a secret, I spray colognes 2 times on my tummy part. Not on chest or neck. As much as possible, I don't like to smell the cologne. I only like people to smell it. Weird? But even I did that, while sitting, my goodness, it gave me headache. I have tried curve, and really, it's cheap (price) but it smells good. Not too strong. But I like to buy chrome as my next cologne. Not sure if I will like it though...

  • SYNERGY 10/31/2005

    An instant aquatic classic from the day it was released on the market even though it's a crowd-pleaser that's worn out its welcome long ago.

  • COOLIO10/27/2005

    i read so many review and i cant figure out if this cologne last or not?i do go to college and and spent half my day there so i need something that last..will this do

  • SHERIDAN10/26/2005

    Though this scent is becoming more common amongst men, I honestly don't care. This is THE sexiest scent I have ever smelled on a man. Nothing catches my attention quicker than a guy that smells really good.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE10/19/2005

    Although overly worn like more than a couple of dozen reviews have stated, there's nothing like good ol' Armani.

  • MAURICIO10/13/2005

    Good smell nice overall still its like the others in usa. In italy no one likes it anyway prefer beter egoiste or some oil sences parfumes natural things or some different shit couse vereywher its the same old crap.

  • IN LOVE09/29/2005

    This smell is not fruity, it will make any girl drool over you. I am a female and I wear this mens smell good stuff and even other women are confused by my smell. They love it!

  • ALV09/17/2005

    I love this fragrance every much It's smell almost similar to Essenza di Zegna. The scent is natural.

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD09/13/2005

    So it's too commonly worn and not necessarily THE most masculine of Armani's fragrances........who cares. I love it, the women love it on me, it has good longevity and that's all that really matters.

  • MATTHEW08/28/2005

    OK for all of you guys that "don't like this cologne", look at the entire message board. Notice anything? you should, the only ppl that gave it below 4 stars were men...all but one woman that rated this cologne absolutely loved the stuff. And isn't that the real reason men wear cologne? So we'll smell good to women? My point is now proven. True several folks where this frangance, but WAY more people wear that stinkin Abercrombie crap...many more wear Curve...

  • TONY T08/18/2005

    fragrance. 214 posts. overall rating 4.5 stars. melony and aquatic. everyone wears it is the only downside. of you like fruity smelling fragrances try this 212 and desire. top shelf stuff, regardless of the negative posts. if you like smelling great and don't just wear colognes that you think ladies like but wear it particularly for yourself then look no further... p.s. the ladies love it

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD08/07/2005

    Anyway, Ive smelled this on several occasions.From a distance, it has a "wet" smell.Upon spraying it on myself, I do detect a "melon" note which earlier posters have noted. I believe this is the Permisson fruit , which is only a guess, because I dont know what a Permisson fruit is.The scent is definately fruity.I like this one at a distance better. Close up, I dont like the melon as much.The melon is not sour to me.I can understand why women like this. It has melons in which is used in many womens feminine products.(a familiar scent)I consider myself a bit of a metrosexual so its not the assoociation of feminity that deters me.I just dont like melons.Its not bad, but I prefer to wear my CK One which I have also rated 4 stars. I still may buy Gio for the ladies.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD08/07/2005

    entitled to change your mind.Ive changed my mind several times.\, and several times again.The most memorable is my first post of D&G Masculine.Check out my posts.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU08/01/2005

    Although in the last year or so I've heard so many people talk about how much this cologne is overly worn, I still think the scent overall is still great.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI07/28/2005

    I was being too nice. Ah! My compassionate heart . . . (btw in my previous post I meant that Ultravilet by Paco is a purple joke. ' Insense' Ultramarine is an abomination by, of all people, Givenchy, who know better) So what can I say about Acqua di Watermelon by G. Armani? Well, 2 stars at most, not 5--and if you're really into melony notes, get Le Roy Soleil by S. Dali, fresh and cool. But what to do if you like Aquas? I still believe one should stay away from the " tea wars " i.e; Yang by J. Fath Bvlgari Acqua ( which the nice lady behind the counter proudly told me was made with seaweed--yeah, babe, and sushi smells better ) Issey Miyake (so hip) Kenzo ( NO! I'm hipper!) and the rest of the tres chic pseudo oriental acquatic weirdness awards. But what is there instead? I stand by Himalaya and MI by Creed. I like the placid Laguna by S. Dali, dislike the sea of sugar by Nikos (aka Sculpture) and will refrain from commenting on Green Water by J.Fath and Ocean Pacific products, for the good reason that I haven't smelled them---have you? Look, folks--I'm talking about MARINE NOTES. which some purists would argue that Himalaya doesn't have, though Millesime Imperiale certainly does. Is MI the only answer other than eating fish and chips? Help.

  • LAURINHA07/26/2005

    This is the best perfume for man I've ever smelled! My father, my brothers and my boyfriend bought - because of me, of course! - and love it too! I tried to use once, but it's too masculine, it's good on men's skin. But I use L'Eau D'Issey and L'Eau par Kenzo, feminine fragrances that are similar to this, and much better than Acqua Di Gió for woman...

  • DREAM07/24/2005

    no, no, no... this fragances is just the name because the smell is just ok, nothing great but its not bad.. Armani has many problems with the longevity of his fragances !!! what a waste of money...

  • ME07/19/2005

    You make an excellent point, I definately wouldn't want to smell like a girl's last three boyfriends. There are many more original fragrances that can make you stand out from the rest, and smell even better than this. I recommend trying Millesime Imperial by Creed. Sure, it's pricey, but it will definately make you stand out.


    Love the scent.......BUT doesn't last long enough to leave the house... so it is a WASTE of money!

  • SARINAE07/05/2005

    ...Have some originality!! I worked at the Nordstrom mens fragrance counter and I could tell which customers were going to ask for ADG before they even said a word! It's a very common, bland scent that everyone on the planet wears! Stop being a robot! There are hundreds of other great scents on the market that are not so played out! This reminds me of how EVERYONE wore Polo back in the 80's!

  • LAWRENCE06/30/2005

    Crisp and clean scent. Smells like sucess. Only complaint is it doesn't last long enough.

  • MARCOS06/29/2005

    check this out i only do great products and come on this has to on my list i rate good things. you can find my ratings on polo sport,burberry weekend, lanvin original, dkny be delicious, perry ellis 360 women and 360 men blue,

  • CARISSA06/29/2005

    I normally don't like his scents--but this one is so hot. I can't say enough good things about it--makes average guys seem hot ;)

  • UNCLE TIM06/13/2005

    The scent in the magazine is outstanding and the ratings are very favorable. So I buy the 1.5 ml sample. The smell is nice but like most aqua smells is weak and does not last.

  • CLEATUS05/30/2005

    My first encounter with it was with my buddy. He had just gotten a bottle and I liked how it smelled. When I got a bottle, I found out that everyone likes how it smells. It instantly starts conversations.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI05/22/2005

    Agree with Justin, and others--it's just way too popular. a good acqua. Hell it's THE Aqua and there's the rub. Everybody and his cousin is using it. Any suggestions for an alternative? Bvlgari came out a couple of months ago with an Aqva (ah the Bvlgari spelling) that's ok, but no great shakes. a bit like Kenzo and Issey--tres hip and chic but a big so what. Rochas Aquaman is different but still average, Ultramarine is a purple joke. Er. . . Hermes Verte anyone? Nah, not even Marine. Blast it! Must we get Quasar and smell of bananas for the first hour? For my money, save your pennies and get Creed Himalaya.

  • OUTLAW05/19/2005

    I dont know what these guys are smelling ,but the acqua di gio that i have is a great perfume ,smells great even on an ugly person .i always get comments when i wear it ,want something different then get a bottle of this

  • SAMI05/10/2005

    i read so many compliments on di gio that i felt like "i MUST" at least try it, such a big dissapointment. all it has is an average scent, which does not last long, and made me think that, only teenagers should use it. if you want really good stuff, try "lui" by rochas or "dolce & gabbana"

  • JUSTIN05/07/2005

    Honestly this cologne isnt bad at all, women really seem to love it. However, it is not without a big problem. You can get Acqua Di Gio about anywhere (even walmart has it). That makes it easier to get than Abercrombie and Fitch which I can vouch for as being very overused. The halls of my high school smell of Abercombie and Acqua Di Gio. If you just want something nice and dont care that every 3rd person has this stuff, then go fo Acqua Di Gio. Otherwise, just keep looking...

  • FRANCISETHAN04/28/2005

    This cologne is certainly like ck One. Which is made for junior high and high school kids so they can feel grown up. Sure it smells pretty but if you want class and sass...simply stick with bvlgari.

  • RAW04/27/2005

    Great smell which girls seem to dig. However, the scent seems to wear off quickly. Maybe overspray would help but most guys fear the overspray.

  • BECCA04/25/2005

    Sure, everybody wants a "signature" scent - but that no one thing defines your personality or style - it's clothes, cologne, shoes, hair, and most of all, attitude. This is the first cologne since original Polo that literally makes me talk to a guy I don't know just because he's wearing it. I never tire of it, and it turns me on without fail. If I could find it as a home fragrance, I'd have the whole bedroom doused in it. Don't be silly - women (of all ages) love this as a light, daytime or summer scent.

  • STACI04/06/2005

    it should come with a stick to beat people off with. it is the best guy cologne that i have ever smelled!!! it is the best smell in the world!!!

  • KATHY03/17/2005

    I absolutely love this scent on men. It drives me crazy! So much so that I had to buy myself a bottle and spray it on my pajamas. I would reccomend it to any man that wants to catch a woman's attention!! I know it would catch mine.

  • JERRY O03/15/2005

    The first time i test this cologne i thought the scent was unique and it has that wow factor. However, it seem like everybody wear this one..very common. Hmm...I guess its because this cologne is almost for everybody...still one of my favourite though.


    This scent is really awesome but there are one too many guys wearing it which just ruins it. The smell is fresh, light, and vibrant as it should be, but it can be a little disheartening when you know that everyone else has it on and it can't be a signature smell. 5 stars if it weren't for this.

  • TROY02/20/2005

    It's a nice smelling cologne. I receive good compliments on it, when I actually receive compliments. It's extremely light and in order for you to smell good throughout the day and to receive the compliments from the ladies, I recommend you stash a small bottle in your pocket or buy a small atomizer that you can carry with you, because you'll need to reapply it at least 3 - 4 times throughout the day and into the evening.

  • RMJ01/11/2005

    I bought this cologne after many girls recommended it to me and after smelling the sample and smelling how it reacted with my skin. I really like this fragrance. It is a nice light sweet daytime fragrance, yet it still does have masculine undertones with some warmth. The young girls seem to love it, which is what we all (or most of us) want from a fragrance. In my collection it is my undisputed light daytime fragrance champion.

  • CRISTINA01/02/2005

    di Gio is a masterpiece but unfortunaly too popularized.My opinion:sexy,soft,unisex scent

  • TIM12/30/2004

    this is the most overrated cologne ever and i can't see why it is because it leaves an awful sour melon smell on your skin i think its the jasmine that does that without the jasmine it would probably be decent if you want a nice version of this go with swiss army or eternity

  • PEPE LE PEW12/27/2004

    What is all the fuss about this scent? I bought it in Macy's years back when it first came out and after a week I hated it. There are alot of better fresh water scents out there if this is what you are looking for. Designers and colognes for some reason do not go well together. I wouldn't recommend

  • OSAGUY12/09/2004

    This is simply one of the best you can find. Not too strong, yet noticeable. Many may have this, but then again there's a reason it's so popular. Try it out if you can first.

  • OSAGUY12/09/2004

    This is simply one of the best you can find. Not too strong, yet noticeable. Many may have this, but then again there's a reason it's so popular. Try it out if you can first.

  • JUSTIN12/08/2004

    This is the best cologne I've tried on so far. For people with dry skin, this cologne will not be effective. Moreover, it will smell different on each individual so technically no one can smell the same wearing this. =)

  • MATT11/29/2004

    where can you go wrong with wearing this colonge. Women love it and it lasts forever.

  • FOXYROXY11/28/2004

    One night we went out for dinner, and when we were being seated a women we walked past said to her friend (female) oh my god did you smell him. Well when they we getting ready to leave she had to do a drive bye (walk bye) on my husband just to smell him again. Conclusion I love the way he smells.

  • SMYRNIAN11/22/2004

    Not only the cologne itself but the aquatic theme is so common it has a cheap impression. Not Armani's fault maybe but so many colognes, aftershaves, soaps etc smell so similar..

  • ANGELICA11/21/2004


  • SV11/04/2004

    this is way too sweet for a mature man.. maybe for cute guys in their teens.. ;-) the one time i wore it... i found more guys checking me out than woman. that was not my intention ;-)

  • R.J.11/03/2004


  • WILFRED10/31/2004

    This fragnance i have been using for many years and still do. I have the whole range of acqua di gio. The dry down of the fragnance is really woody and manly, it remember me of walks in the woods.

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/14/2004

    I really like this. My ex boyfriend wore this and many of my male friends do. I think it's really sexy.

  • KC10/03/2004



    This cologne is awesome. I love the smell! I followed one of my friends around for like 2 hours because he was wearing it.

  • LAURA 09/17/2004

    my god! this is the absolute perfect cologne. when i smell it on a guy i go crazy. it is incredibly sexy and a definite woman magnet. TRUST ME!

  • LAWRENCE09/16/2004

    I used to use several spritzes a day and after finishing an entire bottle, i mentioned it to a female friend who remarked that she had never noticed i was wearing any cologne. She wears the female version herself.

  • ROBERTO09/14/2004

    the scent is way too common to even suggest it. If you want a cologne that smells like this get "360 degree red by perry ellis", It's cheaper and smells very simular.

  • RAHUL08/30/2004

    im jus addicted to it n so is my gal. its magnetic guys believe me !!

  • I'M HUNG08/28/2004

    Seriously, everyone of my guy friends know of this cologne, and all the ones that use cologne, have this in their repertoire. Although I have it too, I rarely use it fearing that I'll smell like the average joe out there. It definitely smells nice and I've never heard any complaints from female friends about this fresh melony scent, but I'm not kidding when I say every other guy wears this.

  • LESTAT08/25/2004

    No doubt it smells great.... but every other guy wears this.( I wear it too every now and then... like twice a month) .It is too over rated.

  • A REAL WOMAN08/08/2004

    Come on people....wake up! This is worn by so many people that it should be banned in public places like smoking. I must say the scent is nice, hence the overwhelming popularity. But please, there are so many original scents out there that smell as good or better than this, and they also distinguish your individuality. I dont know about you, but I never want to remind a woman of her last three boyfriends. Do some sampling before you buy this, and discover scents like Bvlgari, Eau de Cartier Concentree, and Creed's Millesime Imperial (especially)...these will make you the top dog. You'll thank yourself later. Peace and love

  • ERIC07/20/2004

    Other than Curve the most overworn fragrance in the world. Wouldn't touch it with someone else's pole.

  • SURE07/19/2004

    The only scent that should be around that long is Chanel no5. I enjoy getting compliments on my loos and dress, than my smell. It will wear off by morning then what will you have? A scared woman.

  • MUNKYBIZ07/16/2004

    I had it some 5 years back, absolutely loved it, one of my all-time favourites.. would NEVER buy it again though.. TOO POPULAR!

  • MARTIN07/12/2004

    Biggest disappointment so far...must have been on drugs when i bought this. I ws looking for a nice fresh cologne. It starts with the usual soapy notes that were so popular in the 90s..but the dry down is really horrible and stinky.

  • BRADLEY07/01/2004

    Gio has to be the best smelling cologne there is today. Even though thouands of people wear the stuff it still remains to have a new fresh scent. I also love truth by calvin klein those two are the best smelling colognes they make.

  • TINA07/01/2004

    The best smelling cologne ever!!!!! I can't resist the smell on my man. :) A favorite!!!!

  • P06/23/2004

    This cologne stands on the platform as one of the best cologne's i've ever smelt... It's clean and fresh and keeps you smelling lively. You really can't go wrong with this one. Perfect for day time use..

  • ROB H.06/14/2004

    This stuff goes down as probably one of my top ten greatest scents I've ever worn. Judging by the number of awesome ratings it's received, it's practically THE living legend in the fragrance industry. This stuff is great as well as Emporio He but now I must go on and try Mania as well as Emporio Night.

  • JENN06/12/2004

    Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas; he had been eyeing it for awhile. What a lovely and sexy scent. The appeal being that just makes you want to get closer because it is so warm and clean.

  • LEON06/11/2004

    This is not my favorite scent, but girls love this s#!t when i wear it. I speak from experience, this is a safe buy that gets results. Quickly!!!

  • C.R.05/29/2004

    Yeah I got it when I was 18 and were it 2 school...Anything by Armani is my favorite scents (I also highly recommend Emporio Armani and Armani Mania)

  • BRAD05/27/2004

    This is some quality stuff. I use it for casual wear.

  • ROGER05/21/2004

    Ever since I was in high school, when some bullies gave me a bionic wedgie, I always had problems keeping my anus deodorized nicely. I tried everything....from baking soda to buttplugs. Nothing worked. Enter Acqua. I just spray a few squirts to my overworked anus...and VOILA!!! Sweet smelling butthole at least until lunch....thanks Armani.

  • DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU...05/05/2004

    Smells nice but because it's played out, I don't wear it often. EVERYBODY has it.

  • TERRANCE B05/02/2004

    This fragrance is very versitale, you can get away wearing it in the office with it's light smell, while it's just strong enough to wear during a night out! You should build your fragance collection around Aqua Di Gio!!!!

  • PRUDENCE04/27/2004

    this is a good fragrance, not among the great ones. one big problem: longevity. i beg to differ with the post below me. 5+ hours after, there'd be nothing to smell. let alone a half hour after. try emporio for longevity!! smells better too. ask the girls!

  • JUSTIN04/21/2004

    Different people will smell this fragrance differently (ex. I cannot stand the smell of Dolce & Gabbana on me but it smells great on others). Nevertheless, I love this cologne, especially after it has been sprayed on for 5+ hrs. It smells so good that even my 85 years old grandma wanted her own bottle too. Probably my favorite fragrance thus far.

  • PFDEN04/17/2004

    Let's talk about Acqua Di Gio. There is a note in the sauce that does not quit. It is something like a melon smell or something, but not quite a melon. The finders of this smell said, "Hey look we found this smell." Everyone rewarded this smell because it's good. The smell however is not blending with the other ingredients and overpowers any natural odor the wearer has. Of course if a person smelled very badly the strength of that certain ingredient in Acqua would be warranted. I think a perfumer could make a mint, if they took the basic outline of Acqua Di Gio but cut that strong note in 1/3. To that add cinnamon and leather. I'm seriously considering creating my own scent. It can't be that hard and almost every scent I smell can be improved upon. If you read the ingredients many have the same ones. This cologne may fool me and still be a high flyer in 10 years, but I think a more blended concoction would turn the industry on it's head. A good scent should not simply sit on the skin but should move.

  • TOMMY. A.04/11/2004

    A good scent - not my favourite, but i wear it from time to time. People like it on me.

  • LEON04/09/2004

    Yohnny, I think Bvlgari blv smells like ingver sauce in cheap china restaurant. It has nice bottle, but attratcs old womens only.

  • JONNY04/07/2004

    this is wayyyy overrated. bvlgari homme and dolce & gabanna exude more class..not to mention get more gals

  • LEON04/06/2004

    it smels like heaven!

  • YINGER03/31/2004

    it goes perfectly with my own body scent and I have been wearing it for 5 years by now. Great experience, no matter it is in a summer afternoon in Zurich or a autumn morning in Peking. Just like it.

  • BJS03/25/2004

    Acqua di gio is one of best cologne i have ever smelled, its great! :-D

  • CARLOS D03/24/2004

    Oh No! I smell strongly like soap! That was my first reaction. Good thing it wore off after just two, three hours. This one is still popular, my guess is that the name "Armani" is to blame for that. It's one of those few Armani products that young guys can afford to buy. This is not however for everybody or every body for that matter. It might smell good on paper and some girls might like it but you could just get away cheaper with ordinary soap. If it works OK on you and you don't want to be different in any way, than maybe.

  • TONES03/22/2004

    The fact is that a cologne must blend well with a man's already natural body scent. I have friends who have bought this cologne and girlfriends who have bought this for their boyfriends, yet it consistantly retains it's uniqueness in it's suttle scent. If 3 men happen to be wearin' it at the same time and place, chances are, one of the three will smell better, and one will smell poorly. It all depends on body chemistry, trust, my friends don't smell like me, and will never. Your body chemistry along with your cologne choice is your personal signature, and can never be duplicated by another.

  • CHEMISTRY03/14/2004

    Now, the cologne guru's are giving this high marks. Now when it comes to chemistry how much does this actually come into play? If "every other guy," is wearing it, does this smell different on "every other guy?" Is the chemistry (angle) just a hoax developed by the fragrance industry to sell more cologne? If for example 3 men are wearing this in a board meeting does the entire room smell like Acqua Di Gio or like 3 different scents? It is an important question because it is nice to wear something a little different. I'll rate it as good, but have not received any (hits) yet on the "babe meter." Again, is this because it's like, "been there done that?" This is the ultimate question when it comes to fragrances so I hope some of you pick up on this topic.

  • SKIPPY03/13/2004

    I don't get lemon when I smell this, but the melon smell is strong...Givenchy Pour Homme also goes this direction. Acqua also has a hint of daisy in the top note like Issey myake does.

  • JAE02/26/2004

    Hmm... After comparing it with Mania, I found that I still prefer Acqua! The smell is refreshing n not over-whelming. Elegant but not aggressive! Excellent~ Good of daytime use!!!

  • LAURA02/19/2004

    every time i smell this scent i go weak at the knees, a must for any male!

  • ALJENKA02/17/2004

    The best sexual experience!!! The best way to get me in bed!!!! So use it!!!!

  • ANTHONY M02/17/2004

    Been loyal for 4 years straight...hav'nt changed yet and dont plan on it anytime soon. My opinion, its the best you can wear, especially if you're looking for something that turns the ladies heads

  • LANCE02/12/2004

    Just the scent alone would really evoke your inner senses. Armani made the best there is in acqua. Just bought the 6.7 oz eau de toilette, and I use it all the time. Outstanding.

  • IN FAVOR02/11/2004

    It might be overdone, but I can't help but love this scent. I really like unique fragrances, but I can't deny that this is one that just gets me going. Do you want to be unique and unapproachable, or do you want to make the ladies swoon?

  • TONES02/09/2004

    hello hello everyone! i've been loyal to Acqua di Gio for about 5 years now, and it came time to purchase some new colognes. I bought a 3.4fl oz bottle of Acqua di gio, but i don't know how to distinguish between a copy or an authentic armani perfum. is there anyway to tell if it's a real acuqa di gio?

  • M02/06/2004

    This is a great cologne. Unfortunately, I bought it from this site. I received OLD product that was flat and had no appeal.


    Really can't go wrong with this one. A perfect blend of long lasting cologne with a smell most people ask about. A must for any who love wearing cologne

  • JILL01/12/2004

    I love it when the guy I'm seeing puts it on. He just knows the scent drives me crazy...even a little wild at times.

  • E MAN01/11/2004

    Sure it smells pretty good but remember: There is absolutely nothing classy or stylish about being like everybody else. There are many other scents out there that smell just as wonderful, even more so. Do yourself a favor and pick-up some Bvlgari Extreme or something else.

  • SONYA01/10/2004

    Boyfriend wears make me weak.

  • BUBBLES01/06/2004

    My boyfriend wheres it and it drives me wild. All I feel like doing is riping his clothes off when he puts it on. :P

  • SASSY01/04/2004


  • W.B.12/31/2003


  • A FAN12/24/2003

    A Wonderful Cologne.Its sexy, attractive, mind blowing, fresh and lively.I think its the best Fragrance for a man in every sense.

  • MARTIN12/23/2003

    as soon as i got it armianis's aqua di dio became my nubmer one! outstanding smell!!

  • SCOTT12/14/2003

    I bought this cologne three days ago, and i have gotten so many compliments already. This stuff really does the trick. Simply amazing.

  • MIKE12/10/2003

    im 16 and i wear it to school almost every day and i get complements all the time...its amazing

  • CHRIS COLOGNE12/08/2003

    I can't say anything negative about Acqua. It may be used by every other guy but its still terrific. It will go down in the Cologne Hall of Fame with Vetiver, Eau Savage, Polo, and Eternity.

  • MATHEW12/06/2003

    hey man go for it .This is the cologne that is made for young dont hesitate and buy this .You will love this .no better cologne then this i think which is full of freshness and sensuality .Go and get it.The name is the guarentee.

  • BILL12/05/2003

    aqua di gio is a very clean smelling cologne it smells great

  • MAJJOR12/05/2003

    it is full of freshness and the perfume u will fall in love with. so what r u waiting for go get it.

  • LOU12/04/2003

    A clean and fresh fragrance that lasts long and smells great.

  • DAVID12/04/2003

    This is the best smelling clogne that any man could wear. It drives women crazy!!!

  • SIMON12/02/2003

    Hay guys. I just turned 18 and wanted to wear this cologn(to school), would u guys recommend?

  • MICHAEL12/02/2003

    I am trying to decide which is better for me to buy, between the two.

  • STEVE-O11/30/2003

    Wore this to work. My boss said, "I smell nail polish remover". Next day, gave the bottle away. I don't think younger people have a refined sense of smell (I've noticed this in their choice of foods too). A younger, under 30 scent that's very safe and plain.

  • JASON11/28/2003

    my message is to all my fellow men .if you want to attract a woman through fragrance this is the one . so much attractive and sexy perfume this is. believe me .surely it creates a sex men's fragrance in the market .

  • ROB11/27/2003

    The best.

  • TOMMY11/23/2003

    This is the best cologne in the world. Nothing has and nothing will ever match this cologne. Aqua is my life long fragrance

  • LTS3311/19/2003

    an 'ok' cologne--absolutely not the smell of a true man, (it lacks the boldness /depth of being called 'cologne') -- its too breezy and henceforth its a lil feminine...the smell of it smells like a $10 cologne too. just too 'plain'--no excitement!

  • DAVIE11/18/2003

    I know a lot of people like this cologne very much, but for some reason I dont find it all that. Sure it's refreshing and gives you that clean smell, but there's a sour note somewhere in the middle that i cant stand. But overall, I still think this one is just alright.

  • ALEONA11/11/2003

    today i was on a date with a guy who was wearing this smell... it was irresistable!!!

  • MANDEE11/06/2003

    Aqua Di Gio smells amazing I think all guys should buy it.

  • LUPE10/30/2003

    This brand is by far the best cologne fragrance I've tried. I've tried alot, believe me and the ladies notice it and notice you too. Guys if you want the ladies attetion buy this bottle of Acqua Di Gio. Believe Me!

  • GLEN10/28/2003

    Great, refined scent. Slightly downplayed - not overblown. Highly recommended. I loved it.

  • SANA IZZA10/28/2003

    This perfume defines man in every way.

  • NICHOLE10/26/2003

    if there is one cologne that will turn my head this is definitely smells great.

  • BILLY10/24/2003

    Tried this for the first time today and I can say this stuff is excellent! The smell stays with you all day just one spray on my neck and I get a continued wiff of Acqua Di Gio.

  • MIKE LEE10/23/2003

    This is one of my favorite scents to wear and I've recieved many compliments for it. More of a casual cologne to wear, not to wear when hot or before/after playing sports.

  • MAURICIO10/14/2003

    Hi, some of my favoryte summer colognes are: Aqua de Gio. Bazzar, 212 on Ice, Aquaman, Boss Elements Aqua, Quasar and Pleasures. Bazzar is very similar to Aqua de Gio but as all summer colognes it does nos last long, but it depends of your chemistry. Bye

  • IGOR10/14/2003

    aqua di gio is a very good cologne,but i'd say that issey is a little bit more sensational,fresher and a long-lasting cologne...maybe pricey but it's worth of every penny,trust me, outstanding scent

  • GEORGE C.10/14/2003

    It was love at first smell literally. Few can compete with it. Of course one might say that too many guys use it. But again, this only proves it's great.

  • EDWARD10/06/2003

    Unbound by Halston might be considered very similar.

  • GURPREET SINGH09/30/2003

    i have tried almost every designer fragrance... this one has class... but it doesnt last long, maybe because i live in tropical its humid and hot. but is is refreshing and works. and i would appreciate if someone could tell me about the substitutes for acqua di gio...

  • MAURICIO09/21/2003

    I think Aqua de Gio is fantastic too, but, as you I always want something new. If you preffer summer colognes let me sugest 212 On Ice, this is one of my favorites summer colognes , is fresh, light and original. Miracle is a good option too. Enjoy

  • FERNANDO09/09/2003

    This cologne is awesome! Very fresh and has a delicious mellon and watermellon scent. As I live in a beach town with very warm weather, another great point to aqua di gio is that it smells good and fresh under this kind of weather. While some other colognes just smell terrible in warm weather. I don't have Gio anymore cause I used a full 3.4 oz bottle and it's good to change the scents sometimes. I've been using Swiss Army when I used to wear Gio, but Swiss has more of a lavender scent and is stronger, while Gio has that magical mellon scent and is more fresh. Both are great, but if you've never used Aqua di Gio, you can buy almost with your eyes closed. Another cologne I would suggest in the same style is Issey Miake. It's as awesome as Gio. Any of them should find a place in anybody's collection.

  • PRICE08/31/2003

    This is certainly a quality scent, but one for which I have mixed emotions. I don't particularly care for the "lemon fresh Pledge" top notes, but the amber and woody base notes smell great. While it seems that every guy and his uncle wear this, it's undeniable that the scent is perfect for the summer and perfect for the office. While a lot of guys say that girls love this, my brother's wife told him that Acqua smelled like a woman's perfume because it was so fruity. I'll give it 4 stars, but guys who think that this is the best cologne of all time really need to try something else instead of wearing bottle after bottle of Acqua.

  • DAVE08/24/2003

    I liked this when I smelled it in the store, then I made the mistake of buying the 3.4 oz. The more I wore it the more I thought it was overbearing with tangerine smell. Way too much citrus smell .... I think they went overboard with the citrus notes. Stick with Mania or Emporio if you like Armani ....

  • RYAN07/29/2003

    This is one of my favorite colognes. It is great for every day use. It suits either a business or casual environment. While I shudder at the thought of buying into marketing propaganda, this scent does have a very earthy smell that is reminscent of a cool breeze. It brings to mind visions of standing on the beach just after sunset. It is clean, with a decided masculinity about it. Just a hint of spice and citrus give it an appropriately robust aroma. And I've never met a girl who wasn't awed by it. I've known several who tear out the sample strips from magazines and sleep with them under their pillow. Won't dissapoint.

  • CHRISTINA07/22/2003

    This smell makes me turm my head to see who's wearing it

  • FRANK RIZZO07/17/2003

    This cologne is smells really good and if you run out, you better go out and buy some more. This has to be in a collection of colognes. TOP 10

  • SARA07/15/2003

    Every time I smell this I want to take all my clothes off and jump the guy that is wearing it! I highly recommend this cologne!

  • LAURI FROM ESTONIA06/11/2003

    This stuff is soooooo good I could sniff it forever!

  • JOE06/10/2003

    You said it man,"then stay away from her" If your girl doesent like it just do what you said. As for girls I know they love this stuff so even though its way to popular. To the point that women will say they had an ex who wore it. It is still a great fragrance.

  • (ANOTHER) DAVE06/07/2003

    While I may not like this one *quite* as much as most of the reviewers here, I still am quite impressed. I love aquatic scents, and next to Desire Blue, I don't think you can do better in the catagory than Acqua Di Gio.

  • MICHAEL TRAN06/06/2003

    My girl friend hates it, and saids that if I wear it again, then stay away from her.

  • RICHARD MICHAEL05/26/2003

    Cool, funtastic, owesome!!!! I really love this perfume, with its angelic smell that every woman even a gay knocks its eyes!!!! :-b

  • THOR05/26/2003

    The only Edt. that I have never grown tired of. It's never too much. Never gives you a headache! Just perfect.

  • STU05/14/2003

    There are many frangrances, too many to name that smell as good as this - but this is nice in its own way.

  • ARIEL05/12/2003

    great smeel, but the citrus made my sping allergies go wack!

  • MARCIAL05/12/2003

    Fresh fragance for young ppl

  • BAO NGUYEN05/03/2003

    perfume is not in SPRAY bottle! ADG is great though ;) anyone know any pleasant smell as ADG? i like to try ...not too strong like GUCCI...just pleasant like ADG :)

  • JOSH NATHAN04/25/2003

    Great & fresh its the best.

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/15/2003

    You can tell by my name that I'm Italian and therefore appreciate the finer things in life, especially when they are Italian, like me. Armani's Acqua DiGio is a triumph in men's fragrances. True, it seems like it's worn by just about every friggin' kid and his uncle, but it remains one of the defining scents for men in today's world. Acqua DiGio is also, by far, one of the most versatile men's frangrances out there. It can be worn in just about any situation, be it formal, casual, romantic, office, or whatever.

  • JOE04/15/2003

    Who cares if its played out. I still find women who are new to it and I get compliments ALL the time.

  • MACK04/14/2003

    This scent is in the air of every club and bar you walk into. It was a nice scent 5 years ago, before every hump in the world started wearing it. It quickly became the Drakkar of the new millenium.

  • I'M A GIRL04/14/2003

    Thanks everyone!!Now I can use GIO!!!TOMauricio, Ihave eau de cartier and cool water for women but I don't have Sonia's perfume.I'll try it!!Thanks very much.

  • RAY04/13/2003

    You can not miss on this one. GO for it.

  • KAMRAN MUZAFFAR04/10/2003

    This perfume is the best ever.You can,t simply compare it with any perfume.Now i can say man has touched prefection.

  • MAURICIO04/09/2003

    Hello; some girls use men perfumes,and I thik its OK. I'm not an expert in women perfumes but i thik that Cool Watter, Contradiction and Sonia Rikel are good for summer. If you are interested in unisex fragances you should try Eau De Cartier, This is an amazing, clean and fresh fragance and is not as common as Gio is. Bye

  • JOE04/06/2003

    Di Gio is a great cologne but. Cologne is for men and purfume is for women. My advice is keep looking for a good summer perfume. Good luck to Im a girl

  • JOHN04/06/2003

    Oh, don't worry. I think it as 'unisex' fragrance, and there are lots of girls who wear 'mens' fragrance and smell ok.

  • I'M A GIRL04/04/2003

    I've been using allure for a long time but every summer, I'm in trouble 'cause allure doesn't smell so good in summer. I found Gio very nice in spring and summer but I'm a girl and I don't like Gio for women, do you think it's ok for women to wear this??

  • CHRIS03/31/2003

    Aqua Di Gio is well liked and i always get compliments when i wear it, It may be getting to common tho so i dont tell anyone what it is anymore. dont wanna smell like a commoner now :)

  • RAFF03/29/2003

    Just a suggestion, use the aftershave with the EDT for added potency.

  • JOE03/27/2003

    Sorry bro cant stop anyone from using this one. A great product but everyone uses it

  • MARK03/26/2003

    Man guys u should all be waering this .. wait no dont i want all teh women smelling me

  • ISABELLA03/17/2003

    This scent is sooo sexy, it´s actually the only mens-perfume that really turn me on! I highly recommend this perfume to all you guys! If you want the ladies attention-this perfume is perfect, I can assure you...

  • JOE MILLIONAIRE03/12/2003

    This scent WAS a benchmark 5 years ago. It's a very nice smell. However, it has now been reserved for every baggy jean wearing, chemistry studying, porno watching, too much Busch Light drinking Frat Boy in the world. Yes women like it, but there are many, many others out there that women also love, and will NOT remind you of one or two of her ex-boyfriends. Again, It's nice, but don't get in the back of the line of followers. The boat has left on this one. Time to grab something original like Body Kouros, Bvlgari Extreme, 212, or Yohji

  • JERRY03/10/2003

    Dreamer will attract women as will this, depending on if you wear it well. I've found more women liked smelling Dreamer on me, but that might not be the case with everyone.

  • YARNO03/09/2003

    Bought it when it was released but didn´t like it then, I thought it was too feminine. But later I figured it´s really great. The ladies love it, this is THE fragrance for getting it on!

  • IN THE LAB03/05/2003

    to Dreamer by Versace? Brought both of these and was wondering which one do the ladies like best? Don't know which one to try first. Thanxs.

  • JB03/03/2003

    This product works! I never collected so many complements before. For the last 2 years I was purchasing this product exclusively to impress girls.

  • ROB02/26/2003

    This is one of those colognes you should wear when going out cause this stuff will get you the ladies in a hurry. So I highly recommend.

  • STU02/25/2003

    You are boring and cheap I'm sure not this fragrance. Down there with cool water? Cool water smells great on some. What does smell good? Please let us uniformed in on it. Make us aware.

  • PERFUME FAN02/24/2003

    Simply the best

  • PIERRE02/21/2003


  • SBACAS02/21/2003

    This stuff is fun to wear.

  • ALLEN02/20/2003

    The sent leaves one wanting more. In relation to women this is important because it entices them to enquire further. The sent is also unique which creates a distinction that separates oneself from those of society. Overall, a well done piece.

  • DAWN02/18/2003

    This smells alright. I tried to figure out what Dominicano??? was saying a few posts back. Was that English? Maybe it was proper English like they speak it in the United Kingdom. Anyway, this smells okay on the right man.

  • KIM02/18/2003

    I love this scent. A guy I know wears it, and he just smells so great! I would recommend it to any guy!

  • JEFF02/15/2003

    this cologne has a great smell. it's unique yet simple and classy.. I highly recommend it.

  • DOMINICANO02/14/2003

    this s**t is hot, it aint that strong but it holds up. is a lil' sensitive but thats ight, u cant be dissapointed cuz the girlis luv it.

  • TACHYON STALLION01/26/2003

    Pretty good, but not as good as Pi and Dreamer as others have posted.

  • RON01/22/2003

    Is okay. I think Pi is better though and also Dreamer. Cacharel for men is also nicer in my opinion and more unique smelling. There really is lots of stuff out there worth trying if you look.

  • RICK01/19/2003

    I got this today at the mall. After sniffing like 50 colonges it seemed this one stood out of them all. The scent is addicting and very sexy and elegant.

  • XLENDON01/17/2003

    Mania is better than Aqua di Gio for example. Bazar by Christian Lacroix or Pleasures by Estée Lauder.

  • JOE01/17/2003

    Which ones are better Benny?

  • ALIZA01/16/2003

    It smells like a room spray rather than a men's cologne.

  • BENNY01/14/2003

    It's nice but definitely not the best scent of the 21st century or whatever. Many knock this out.

  • RON C.01/13/2003

    It's the most refreshing cologne on the market and is sharp and sexy. You can wear this for anything. The office, day out, at night, clubbing and intamate love. Who gives a damn if everyone wears it or it is trendy. Since when did that not become cool? It's the best colonge of the 21st century. Sells out quick that's for sure

  • MIKANU01/05/2003

    I've been wanting this for a long time and now I finally got it. I can't tell you nothig bot it now but I'll be back to share my "after" opinion!!!

  • ANOUK01/02/2003

    I saw one of my exs on a new year eve.waaauw I missed the way he smells...

  • COSMO KRAMER12/30/2002

    This stuff is great! zthe ladies love it Giddy Up

  • XLENDON12/29/2002

    Mediocre, not too complex scent. For business wearing only.

  • RALEIGH12/25/2002

    Everytime I wear this cologne to work, all the women in the office going crazy. AWESOME fragrance!

  • JAMES12/20/2002


  • JAMIE12/09/2002

    This is absolutely fab cologne for guys, it's nothing short of a turn on for the femmes. The female version is hot, too.

  • COUNT CHOCULA12/03/2002

    definitely smells good, but too common and a bit too girly for me. not really my thing, but hey to each their own

  • KATARINA11/30/2002

    I'm usually not atracted to guys that use a lot of cologne, or spend hours in front of the mirror before going out, just find it girlish; I like to be the one that smells of perfume. For boys, I like them just showered and natural, aftershave tops, but Acqua di Gio is an exception. Mike is right, it is too common, but there is just something about it...I love it, and I bought one for my boyfriend too; he loves it.

  • DAVE11/19/2002

    People are saying that this is the best cologne on earth. I really think it's just ok. For some reason, i dont like this one too much, it smells unusual but pleasant.

  • BEN11/13/2002

    Smells okay. So much better out there now of days. Seek and ye shall find - give it time - you'll learn.

  • CHEZTER11/12/2002

    Honestly, you can wear the perfume whenever, wherever or whatever occasion. It's just good. A must have perfume for a hunk stud like me....RESPECT!

  • BLESSED11/12/2002

    This is probably the best cologne ever but is so overrated that is not even funny.

  • TIM11/01/2002

    This is it! The best cologne ever. Finnaly found my perfect cologne. Smells so damn good and clean.

  • CAL10/30/2002

    I got a bottle of this. I've heard so many good things about it. It is beyond refreshing and energetic. Very strong and perfect for daytime or going on dates. IT's just perfection.

  • OBIWARREN10/22/2002

    Acqua di Gio is the best citrus fragrance there is. There is a reason everybody buys this - IT SMELLS FANTASTIC! It even lasts a long time, that's saying something about a citrus scent. Buy this, you won't be sorry.

  • CHARLES10/19/2002

    There's no reason for anyone else to try it since your boyfriend and ever other guy wears it.

  • STEVE77210/19/2002

    This is way over rated...not to mention everyone in the free world feels the need to wear it. Mania is much better.

  • SUZI10/07/2002

    i dnt know what is it..about this perfume, but, it totally takes you to another world,personally...when my bf wear it..i lose words.....i just want to smell him more and should try it

  • JEFF10/03/2002

    Smells nice. Someone said Jovan sex appeal gets the ladies? Maybe ho's like that tacky stuff, but definitely not ladies.

  • MARCO09/22/2002

    fresh, clean, and...yes, the ladies do like it.... but it seems like like fades away 2 quickly...

  • MJ09/17/2002

    Among the most overrated scents ever. Watery and even feminine. Yes it will make you smell clean and fresh, but how manly is that? Conservative "nice" colognes like this one are BORING!!!!! To get the real babes get some Jovan Sex appeal for men, or Drakkar.

  • MARI09/16/2002

    this cologne drives me crazy everytime i smell it on a guy. guys this is the one that gets girls noticing. you've got to get it.

  • MAURICIO08/27/2002

    Women just love this one.My girlfriend just goes crazy whem i wear it

  • RON08/21/2002

    great smell for casual wear

  • DARRYL F.08/19/2002

    I've tried so many cologne but so far it's the only one that makes women really ask me what I'm wearing. They like it!!!

  • TOM08/13/2002

    Too bad too many wear it. You feel like an Aqua Clone. Other than that it's okay.

  • RON08/06/2002

    can some one post up what colgnes r good for a 14 year old her

  • MXZLPLK07/06/2002

    Too strong and very common!

  • KYLE07/01/2002

    by far the best fragrance out there. I have been getting many positive remarks from wearing this cologne. Great job Mr. Armani. I can't wait till Armani mania comes out!

  • ZINWIN06/28/2002

    I have to say this one is toooooo common but hey I still love it. From the first time I smell it I know everywomen will be chasing this one. must have.

  • BRIAN06/17/2002

    Though there is only a few "aquatic" colognes out there (This one, Issey Misake , Kenso, Live Jazz) they always seem to be the best. Gio is very close smelling to me like Issey. It is a very classy cologne that makes you feel terrific

  • ANDREW06/07/2002

    I've tried a lot of other fragrances... ranging from Escape, Cool Water, Safari, Armani, Burberry, Hugo Boss, etc. but I think the ones from Armani are better than the others. I'd worn Armani for around 3 years and switched to Aqua di Gio 2 years ago, and I always get a lot of compliment on how I smell (specially women). If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend you do. If you are unsure about it, try the small bottle first. You won't regret it.

  • EMILY05/17/2002

    This is the greatest cologne. I will track a guy down who is wearing it just to complement him on how great he smells...guys, stock up on this stuf.

  • ACQUA05/16/2002

    Men love it, so ladies, stock up!!!

  • VERITAS05/09/2002

    Always I admire producers with unique sence for parfume.

  • FAZAL05/07/2002

    it just makes me wish to be lying on the white sand of the refreshing like the freshness of the sparkling beach water....what a great reflection of your island Mr. Armani

  • NICK04/12/2002

    you guys want something different then create your own perfume rather customize your perfume. You select the ingredients. You will smell fabulous and different. You will be unique and exclusive.

  • DUTCH04/12/2002

    I agree this one smells really great but its way too common. Every other guy in this world wears this. You wanna be unique, don't you??

  • YAGMUR04/11/2002

    Come on, enough of Gio. Every second man wears it! Be original, choose something different, no matter how good Gio is.

  • MEMBOI2404/09/2002

    One of the notch fragrance. Very clean and fresh!


    I have never had a woman walk upto me from about 10 feet far come and ask me what I am wearing (and this happened more than just once). And that was only the beginning, if you know what I mean.

  • TRAV03/29/2002

    Hi Adrian, if you're looking for something similar to Acqua, my first pick would be Quasar Adventure by J. Del Pozo. This cologne is just phenomenal, in fact I actually like it better than Acqua. The original Quasar is good too, but not as good as Adventure. Another you may want to consider is 360 by Perry Ellis. I don't like it as well as the others but it's a lot easier to find. Adventure can be very difficult to get but you can get it on this site and also at Perfumania & possibly Sephora's. Good luck.

  • ALEX03/27/2002

    I bought this perfume a couple of weeks ago and even if almost every perfume seems to have good comments around here like "ladies will love it etc." I'm telling you, this perfume is a lady magnet and i'm not kidding :) I hope you loved or that you will love this perfume because I do :)

  • TUM03/23/2002

    It's common because it is the most classic fragrance

  • MIKE03/20/2002

    too many guys wear this,its a very common cologne. My apartment janitor wears this cologne.

  • VICKY03/13/2002

    All want to know what i'm wearing, wether it's a party or a casual get's simply awsome. gals want to get hold of u and smell it.

  • ANNETTE02/04/2002

    Drives me crazy

  • LISA01/30/2002

    My boyfriend uses this cologne and its my favorite! I love the smell of it!

  • ADRIAN01/30/2002

    I really like this cologne a lot. Its smells so refreshing and has such a sweet smell. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some perfumes that are similar to Gio. Go out and get this if you don't have it already.

  • GERRY01/05/2002

    This is a very refreshing scent it smells like rain water mixed with banana and very good smelling flowers and it's not to strong

  • GOOD STUFF01/02/2002

    Its the bomb.....But too many people wear it. I live in Las vegas and tourists like to go swimming in it.

  • L.K.12/19/2001 boyfrends perfume...very nice one,I can say for sensitive,inteligent man of this century...

  • MILES11/27/2001

    Great fragrance-light, refreshing, a cologne for any occasion. Also very soft and sensuous when it dries down and women want to hug me when I wear it. Armani's best.

  • MIKE HUNT11/12/2001

    its the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeest!

  • JOE10/04/2001

    The scent is clean and fresh. Very classy. Women absolutely love it!

  • BRAD09/29/2001

    ACQUA DI GIO is sexy, yet sophisticated. It smells great!

  • SHAN09/19/2001

    Every guy and his brother wears this scent. I agree that it smells great, but sometimes I wish people would try to be more unique...

  • CATARINA09/17/2001

    My boyfriend bought this fragrance for his dad for Christmas and he hated it. He said it smells like eggs (?). I thought it was too sweet and complex for a man. Guys smell great naturally. There's nothing more appealing than a guy who's just gotten out of the shower, wearing clean clothes and smelling like fresh soap and shampoo. I like guy's fragrances that mimic that.

  • PARAG08/25/2001

    Great smell,fresh and have to have it in your collection

  • DUAYNE05/31/2001

    My wife bought me this once and I always ask for more. It has a sublime balance of a strong, masculine scent, yet is not overpowering or heavy.

  • PHIL04/28/2001

    simply the best. I have not met anyone yet who doesn't love it. It really turns on the women!

  • KIM02/19/2001

    My husband wears this. It is my favorite!

  • JOE02/11/2001

    my girlfriend loves this scent on me

  • MARCOS BONFANTE02/01/2001

    Every man should have this cologne because it drives women nuts!!

  • XOXO09/15/2000

    This scent has such a fresh scent. It smells good without being overly flowery or fruity. Men love it, so ladies, stock up!!!

  • CRAIG08/22/2000

    this fragrance has such a refreshing and powerful smell to it. I love it.

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