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75 ml/2.5 oz Deodorant Stick
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  • MOTHMAN45401/26/2013

    Brut Cologne is a sweet, almost minty scent that smells great but needs more staying power. A permanent member of my scent collection.

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • LUIZ BRAZIL COTTA02/12/2011

    Since 1971 I use this fragrance. It's a very, very nice perfum. Lookingood!

  • COLOGNE DOC06/06/2010

    he must of put to much on and when you both came out of your trailer....yep that is the image i got. oh buy the way,was great, now it stinks. since they changed the formula

  • GABRIEL05/04/2010

    Come on guys, the reviews should quote the FRAGRANCE, not some guys you`ve met somewhere, sometime.

  • ROB H. 11/22/2009

    This is the Rob H. you all know! If your from the south, have bad breath, wear Wranglers and are a gay cowboy then this is the cologne for you. Should be called Brokeback Brut.


    Every man that wears this usually has bad breath, greasy hair, dirty finger nails and teeth and a bad lesisure suit on.

  • GABRIEL10/02/2009

    Sounds unhealthy but Brut smells great when you smoke a cigarette. The sweetness you smell after spraying becomes a rich elegant and misterious frangrance.

  • MARTY07/06/2009

    brut is the coolest

  • LESLEY11/19/2008

    I just love the scent of Brute on a man. I'd follow him anywhere!

  • DAVE08/08/2008

    Very pleasant dry down, lasts all day. In France, its country of origin it is respected and not sneered at. If something is still selling all over the world 40 years after its that not a success story? I think so.

  • CODY06/08/2008

    As a long time user of Brut Cologne and Deodorant Spray, I always get compliments on how good I smell. Not to mention a few fond references to dear old dad.

  • PARKER06/05/2008

    Brut is a classic fragrance well liked by the masses. Why they give a free bottle every month when you pick up your foodstamps. It is given free at Nascar Races, and of course every hobo in town owns a bottle. The sign its a good quality product is that it can be bought at gas stations and dollar stores. I know Donald Trump buys everything a Dollar Tree.

  • PRUDENCE05/24/2008

    If she's drunk and you're fit, good-looking and successful, then ... MAYBE... you can get laid wearing Brut. Otherwise, better stick to a nice, safe Guy Laroche or Aramis. BTW, I remember purchasing some miniature "car freshener" sprays back during the 80's when I was growing up. One of them was a "Brut" freshener. One afternoon, I sprayed it in the car while my mother was getting gasoline. She made us ride back home with the windows down, lol. The jingle for Brut back then was "Brut... the essence of man!" As my mother said, "If that's the essence of man, then man STINKS!"

  • ROBERT MERRIES05/23/2008

    I am an admirer of fine fragrance. Creed Royal Water Guerlain Jicky & Mouchoir de Monsieur and Chanel Pour homme But i believe the Brut fragrance to be an overlooked classic. one that i wear unashamedly and admire greatly. It may be the greatest bargain around. Recommended.

  • GUY04/13/2008

    How I loved this back then...haha! A true first cologne for a teeny-bopper! It's "OK" for a kid!

  • LIZ03/17/2008

    Smells inexpensive and is a little too strong...I know that everyone has different tastes, but I would suggest investing your money in a better cologne.

  • JEREMY11/29/2007

    I for one like Brut, and I just bought some. I am blind so I don't know nor care who wrinkles their noses from it. I do like brut, but you people's comments made me laugh to the point of tears I must confess.

  • OLD MAN WINTER11/15/2007

    Thats all you need is one wiff...this junk is STRONG! I wore it since Dec 25th last year "mom gave it to me for XMAS" I was not once complimented positively. I had a few smearks and gesters. Women held their noses....For me a 32 year old man this really helped lower my self esteem. If you want to give a bad gift get Bruit...Mine just went into the garbage can.

  • JIMMY MELVILLE09/18/2007

    I just love this stuff! And the plastic bottle is the ultimate indication of true class! I am the true stud of the trailer park when I wear this, and the visible cartoon-ish stink lines that emanate from me when I go out give me that needed edge to pick up the toothless ladies! It has many other uses as well, such as unclogging drains, flushing groundhogs out of their holes, road flares, gasoline substitute, windshield de-bugger, self-defense, antiseptic, weed killer, and varnish stripper. I also drink it.

  • GRACIE09/16/2007

    Would these lovely little gals be named Starr and Loretta Jean, Bobbie Jo, Arnell, and Skankarella? Did they have their spandex pants and tube tops on? Were they waited in line with you to get their foodstamps or Methadone or both? This welfare crap stink water sucks!

  • KEVIN O'LEARY05/05/2007

    This review is really for the newer Brut Revolution. I've scored at least once a week just from this cologne alone. I know it is hard to believe but you will believe if you try it! I can't give it enough stars! Thanks Brut!

  • BABYCAKES02/01/2007

    My hubby has worn Brut for over 30 years, and I still love it on him. Women pass by him and stop to inquire what cologne he has on. They do sell it in the glass bottle with the spray, but it is harder to find. The plastic bottled versions are not as good and the new 25 oz. bottles have a different aroma from the 3 oz. glass bottles. My kids by the designer scents and they are nothing but a big rip-off. Everyone's chemistry is different, therefore some people don't smell as well as others, and vice versa.

  • SEX BOMB01/07/2007

    OK I'm a handsom 37 year old Profesional male. I recieved this for Xmas..I had 6 women at the office say what are you wearing.I said brut..they said please bath it is disgusting! I just gave the rest of my bottle away to my 14 year old nephew...I think for a Jr high kid its OK.

  • LEAF12/17/2006

    Anyone who gave this 5 stars saying it is a chick magnet..must have a 65+ year old Grandma wearing Depends as their partner. I got this stuff for Xmas in 1998..I thought the smell was OK....until I went to pick up chicks as a 27 year old man....I got called Grandpa about 5 times that night. I gave the stuff to my brother.. Dudes invest a few more bucks and save the embaresment....If its only you nad the wife of 12 years..I understand but dont be no single under 40 year old man tring to pick up women with this crap!

  • CLASSIC12/17/2006

    OK maybe 30 years ago this was OK..But with the many other colonges out there....Guy whip out a few more bucks...This colonge smells cheap..And it has cheap written all over it..Unless your in JR High and 13 years old..Buy some other Cigar or Aqua Di

  • MAJ. GEN. J.G. TOMECKI11/07/2006

    All I know about this old school, extremely affordable and not bad-smelling cheapie is that it was the choice of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy wore Old Spice. Makes sense I guess since the bottle is green and the name sounds like brute as well as Old Spice having a boat on the bottle.

  • SEXY KITTEN10/07/2006

    I have to admit, Most men's colognes smell bad to me...way too heavy, sharp and generally unpleasant...but this smells clean! I've liked this fresh scent since I was very young and I think it's great for everyday...If you put it on with a light hand it smells like you just got out of the shower...I can't resist my husband when he's just out of the shower and sometimes,before you know it, he needs another...if you know what I mean!

  • NED NITRO08/11/2006

    Without a doubt this is a powerful scent - probably the strongest on the shelf. It was introduced in the mid-60's by Faberge during a time when men's colognes were broad shouldered and unmistakably masculine - unlike contemporary men's fragrances which are sickly sweet and effeminate. If you are a person who has a body chemistry that prevents you from wearing most other colognes, then you may want to try this. It is has the unique ability to cancel out your own body chemistry with its raw power - like a GTO running over a squirell. Three rules apply if you want to wear this successfully: 1) shower first 2) place less than one tiny drop on a pulse point like the back of your knee 3) wait several hours for the top notes to diffuse and the dry-down to begin before attempting to go out in public. Another option is to use the after-shave version, which is less potent.

  • MR. FANTASTIC08/10/2006

    This isn't the WORST I've ever encountered, but I can't help but conjure up an image when I smell this: A man in a stained undershirt with an enormous beer gut hanging from underneath the shirt. His kids, next to him, are also wearing stained shirts and have 2 day old kool ade mustaches. His wife has her hair in curlers and has a few missing front teeth. And ALL of them are sporting mullets! Faberge knew this was going to be the targeted consumer when they put this on the shelves and only charged $5 a bottle. And they had to make it so strong because it had to mask the body odor/beer/cigarette smell that emanated from them. Yes, Brut is a true classic and for that I had to give it 3 stars (even though I don't particularly care for it). It will also continue to serve well in the lower-middle class for ages to come.

  • MR. KNOW IT ALL06/11/2006

    Vicious and vile to start, gentle and powdery on the wear-off. I don't know exactly how to weigh the pros or the cons of this one. You smell awful after application, but an altogether different scent emerges later in the day. If only this wasn't a "splash on" bottle, you might be able to regulate somehow.

  • THE AWESOME DUDE06/03/2006

    You guys are really hard on this stuff. I mean, damn, people! It's not THAT bad! You people get carried away with the sarcastic remarks and snide comments. Yes it is a little punguent, but it dries down to a more powdery scent. Yes I know it's cheap, but the reason you pay over $50 a bottle of other stuff is because a rich, snobby designer is stuffing 90% of profits in his/her pocket. I know it's not top quality but I admire those who show initiative to at least put something on. The rest of you need sensitivity training or something.

  • DAVE LIVESEY05/15/2006

    Its me again, i was in hospital the other day having some routine tests when all the nurses commented on how good i smelled and how it was a nice change to have a patient who looked after their hygene, it was the great smell of Brut that i was wearing, i have had nothing but good comments on this cologne so that says a lot in my book.

  • NICOLE05/11/2006

    My dad wears this and I think it smells kind of good. Average but not cheap, like stated by many. It may come out of the bottle strong but dries to a softer, pleasant scent. People are entitled to their opinions but by claiming 'trailer trash' are the type to wear it is insulting to many. Grow up people.

  • STINKY05/03/2006

    I just love this stuff! And the plastic bottle is the ultimate indication of true class! I am the true stud of the trailer park when I wear this, and the visible cartoon-ish stink lines that emanate from me when I go out give me that needed edge to pick up the toothless ladies! It has many other uses as well, such as unclogging drains, flushing groundhogs out of their holes, road flares, gasoline substitute, windshield de-bugger, self-defense, antiseptic, weed killer, and varnish stripper. I also drink it. Sorry I have run out of sarcasm and wit for the moment. A true honest opinion- old, outdated, smelly, and cheap. It's over. No need to beat a dead horse.

  • MR. ALTITUDE01/12/2006

    Hahaha! I forgot Brut came in a plastic bottle. Does not help in arguments for pro-Brut folks. Whatever happened to the glass bottle w/ the sprayer? I know for a fact that they used to sell it in a glass bottle. Oh well, you guys get to work on making that Actif Blue cologne. Then I think I'll patronize Faberge.

  • RUDENESS01/08/2006

    I still respectfully disagree with all of the "bashers". But I also agree that it would be nice if Actif Blue were made into a cologne. By the way, the men I know who wear Brut happen to be college educated. If others want to be foolish and pay for other companies' overpriced marketing campaigns for second-rate scents- to each his own, I guess. Don't judge a scent by its (plastic) bottle!

  • MR. ALTITUDE01/05/2006

    It's a real shame that they didn't make the Brut Actif Blue scent into a cologne. The deodorant smells fantastic. As for the original scent, well, I'm sorry Gretchen but I have to agree with the other bashers. You claim that social status has nothing to do with the cologne you wear, but the rest do have a very valid point. The lower class are much more likely to grab a cologne off the shelf at the grocery store, and unfortunately Brut, Old Spice, or some outdated Jovan fragrance will be the only options. This is just way too musky for me and I would be afraid to wear it for fear of hearing objection. Whew! I used to work with a guy who wore this and I knew when he showed up without even seeing him.

  • GRETCHEN12/31/2005

    I can't believe how rude people are about Brut. What does where you live have to do with what scent you like? When people assume that those who live in trailers only like this scent- that just shows how little class they have and are ignorant to boot. Money and expensive cologne to do not equal good taste! Take your prejudices elsewhere- we're here to comment on fragrance- not social status. Happy New Year to all!

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD12/22/2005

    This would probably make a good incendiary weapon. Light the top and toss into a riot-BOOM! Flame and tear gas! Excellent crowd control- not sure about using as a cologne, though. This has got to be one of the oldest and most outdated and out of style cologne there is. There is only ONE way to make this bottled acid smell good- apply in the morning and let it wear off over the course of the day. Once you don't smell it anymore take a wet paper towel and rub it over where you applied it. It actually has a pleasant powdery smell! Doing this I actually recieved compliments! Still, I feel that is too much work to make a horrid cologne smell good. But for its ability to eventually smell good I give it 2 stars. I honestly have smelled worse- like Insense Ultramarine by Givenchy. Couldn't Faberge update their scents or have they discontinued and these Brut bottles are just years of leftovers? Beats me. Lets just give this stuff a rest!

  • COLOGNEMAN12/20/2005

    They forgot to include the "al" at the end of the name. I can't believe people still put this on and say, "Yeah! I smell good!" Smells like a skunk wearing kerosine. I see these bottles collecting dust on pharmacy shelves nest to the Old Spice. Time to stop smelling like old granddads, people! Probably prized by collectors of English Leather, Bay Rum, and the line of God-awful smelling Avon colognes. Thankfully this site does not sell Avon or I'd be up all night writing horrible things about them. Time to retire this should-be-forgotten bottled gasoline!

  • TROY12/18/2005

    Smells like cologne that is sold in hillbilly gas stations. Possibly mistaken for gas? It just has a bad, cheap and punguent stink about it


    This scent reminds me of a cool, piney, mountain breeze. It's unfair that Brut gets such negative comments because it's inexpensive or supposedly "common". What does that have to do with enjoying a scent? It's not the bottle that matters- it's what's in it! I am 29 and many men in their twenties seem to wear colognes that are overly sweet and overpowering (i.e. Curve, Candies). Clean, confident MEN can carry off Brut! Any good scent can be ruined by improper appplication (i.e. drowning yourself in it), it's common sense to apply anything with a light hand. I wouldn't hestitate to compliment any man who wears Brut. Kudos to the men who wear it and aren't afraid to admit it! Thanks!

  • SAM WALTON11/10/2005

    First introduced to Brut aftershave in the 70s when I wasn't even shaving, and coming across it again recently I have been taken back to my youth. School disco's (awful music) etc. What more can you ask for 5 or 6 quid (British Pounds.) It's clean smelling and refreshing.It may not be for the youth of today (christ I sound old) but give it a go. It's a lot better than some of these so called designer scents which are far too sweet and would be more suited to women. As the Blurb at the time said "Splash It On".

  • DAVE LIVESEY10/31/2005

    im 41 and whenever i wear Brut most people say i smell good and most women say i smell lovely its funny to see their reaction when i tell them its Brut, it surely is a retro classic and not many people would deny it.

  • MICKEY10/27/2005

    I'm looking to purchase Brut shampoo and shower gel. I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I might find it? Thanks.

  • SONYA10/02/2005

    It just kind of reminds me of something someone's grandpa would wear. Just kind of "soap-on-a-rope" smelling. Common, for sure.....But not offensive.

  • SYLVIE06/21/2005

    I never liked BRUT by Fabergé. It belongs to the same perfume category like AMBUSH and CANOE by Dana. Very special fragrances!! Bold - but not expensive. But in the eyes of perfumer all three scents are very interesting and unique fragrances.

  • BRAD04/18/2005

    smells worse than a rotting corpse on a hot sunny day. Spend a few more bucks and get something that'll bring in the ladies..

  • MAX03/23/2005

    This is the very first perfume I used and was gifted to me by Aunt when I was 10 years old. To be honest, this one is my favourite, but I never used it because it is too common and easily recognizable. I will give it 5 starts, but I can't use it! Everyone knows that you are wearing it and its cheap! Needs something unique.


    I started seeing a new guy and he hopped in my lil green camaro wearing this stuff I nearly gagged. Got quit picking up guys from prison release centers! LOL! Really I met this guy and my opinion totally changed after I smelled his brut. Went to his house I seen brut, avon car colonges, and old spice and aqua velva. I knew he had no taste. And yes he does live in a trailer!

  • DAVE01/12/2005

    A unique scent, to be sure - but illustrates all too well, that you get what you pay for. Be forewarned; this stuff is repellant to anyone under 50... and to those who like this stuff - I'm betting they own 2 or 3 "colognes" and have never spent over $30 for all of them. "Brut" is spot-on: BRUTAL.

  • JOE RICH12/15/2004

    I have had many girlfriends and they all want me to wear BRUT. And when I say girlfriends I'm talking 50 or more over a 15 year period.

  • DENNY12/15/2004

    Brut was one of The best men's fragrances in the 70's, which were awesome. It is a retro classic, so masculine.If you weren't around for the 70's you really missed out. Every time I smell this great scent I smile and remember all the fun of that time. Be a rebel and wear this one guys.

  • MARK12/03/2004

    Resco is right. The new bottles smell like crap. But if you ever find an old one, its good.

  • MR. EXCELLENT10/16/2004

    Yet another rank and umpleasant liquid that can be found on any night table in the local trailer park. Open the bottle, and take one whiff.......and be transported into a world of slim jims, schlitz beer, and rusted out 1974 Camaros on blocks in the back yard. Awful..........and it is strong too. Rather than pepper spray, police departments should carry this whenever they encounter a violent suspect. One spray will dissolve skin on contact on most, with two blasts leaving only bone.

  • IMRAN06/29/2004

    ok I do admit that I personally love the smell, but I still would not wear it because it is just way to common with the fine trailer gentlemen

  • ERIC = O)04/18/2004

    LOL Ok, this isn't the greatest scent. It's cheap and you can tell by the first whiff. The cool thing about it is the fact that it was endorsed by Joe Namath. I am sure many of our generation were conceived whilst our fathers wore this scent.

  • RESCO04/13/2004

    You are all too young to know how Brut once was. The mixture was changed somtimes in the 80ties. From then onwards it went down rapidly to where it is now (rockbottom). If you find an old one and it has been stored in a cool and dark place you might want to try it.

  • ELVIS GIRL04/08/2004

    If Elvis used it, there's got to be something great about it no matter how inexpensive. He could have had cases of any cologne he wanted but he was a Brut man! No one is going to like every scent though. I love this one on my man. I've smelled high dollar scents that are awful and cheap ones that were awful. Can't go wrong with Brut **Smile**

  • DANIEL02/04/2004

    The smell of Brut is somewhat of a classic smell. its kind of classy smell and its cheap!

  • JOHN12/12/2003

    I kid you not, every single time (and i'm not exagerating) someone compliments me on my Brut when I'm wearing it. It smells un-believable!

  • JESSICA TUCKER12/09/2003

    I love this cologne on my boyfriend. I've never smelled anything better than this brut cologne he's been wearing. Anybody know where I can get a gift set that has lotion, shaving cream, and the cologne in one box?

  • MOONRAT08/23/2003

    I find it hard to beat its woody sweet smell. Lasts a long while without overpowering evryone. Good for office and afternoon wear.

  • STARR07/01/2003

    My man smells damn sexy when he wears this.

  • TONY MANERO06/18/2003

    This stuff is a great man, when I splash it on before I put on my dancin shirt and after i comb my haair for 2 hours and get ready to boogie at 2001. Almost as good as Al Pacino, I spend along time on my haair and you gotta hit me in my haair.

  • TONY BOLOGNA03/22/2003

    smells like white trash and trailer parks

  • TWILA03/16/2003

    I was at work the other day and a man walked by wearing Brut. I haven't smelled it in at least 15 years, but the scent was instantly familiar---- my high school boyfriend always wore it. Yum! Great memories, a great scent.


    Time passes and I still use it, is really a classic!

  • THEO BANOS12/17/2002

    Brut is my favourite aftershave, i've never worn anything else or will ever. I was very sad to hear the creator of brut died recently. Ih well as long as they still keep churning out my favourite brut

  • GRACIE12/11/2002

    I agree with Bill and Michel Trailer Park Trash. I think that the guy who would wear Brut would be some guy with slicked down hair missing a couple of front teeth a couple of jail house tattoos and some cheap pinky ring driving around in his 1973 caddy. Attracting women named Starr who run around in spandex pants whining about there welfare check or lack of one. LOL

  • BILL12/01/2002

    ...boring...old fashioned...pedestrian...uninspired. Wear this and you'll be typecast as a cheapie who has no imagination. Trailer park time.

  • MICHEL10/12/2002

    If ever someone offers you that as a gift, remember 2 things: A)They really hate you;or: B) They are laughing at you, in fact saying that you are the tackiest person in town.

  • MICHEL10/12/2002

    Brutal indeed. The best way to keep people away. Better name for it could be "Eau de Pépé le Piew", or Skunk PiPi!

  • RICH10/10/2002

    For whatever reason I can wear this only in colder weather. It doesn't seem right in the heat. Lasts a while, refreshing and inexpensive. I keep it in my locker. In the summer I use the lighter splash.

  • GRACIE09/20/2002

    I hate this stuff on a man, when I smell it I think used car salesman, con artist or just a cheapskate! It really conjours up all kinda bad opinions. I figure if a guy thinks he is going too attract a women with Dime-Store aftershave, he must not have much too offer in the first place. It rates right up there with Old Spice and Hi-Karate. I'd rather they dab on a little gasoline instead! LOL

  • TINA06/06/2002

    This is a nice refreshing smell that has been around for a long time. It's refreshing, not too strong, and cheap.

  • ELENA05/29/2002

    nice smell,my husband favorite !

  • ZEUA05/24/2002

    I usually like a more refined cologne but you cannot deny that Brut is a keeper in the cologne collection. It has a very refreshing pick-me-up smell that is recognizable but not tiring to others. Used it at 10 yrs old and still gotta have it.

  • KATHLEEN ANN02/23/2002

    Nice Smell...Kinda out of Style though...but it doesn't stink or anything...

  • DOUG02/07/2002

    You cannot go wrong with Brut, it is the best cheap cologne out there. Canoe used to be the best but it is not so cheap anymore and is now very popular. Brut is a very refreshing scent and it still reminds me of the 70's and the disco man era.

  • VIKKI HARTFORD02/04/2002

    Brut rocks! I just love the smell of it on my hubby, but it smells real good on any guy.

  • VI12/12/2001

    My brother loves it and has been exclusive for almost 20 years. I personally don't like it, but that is probably because I am allergic to it and get really nasty headaches.

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