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Mariel Hemingway


14 Reviews

2.0 oz EDP Spray
SKU 4518
$65.00 $51.99
4.0 oz EDP Spray
SKU 4519
$75.00 $59.99

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  • LONDON06/14/2008

    I like this perfume, although I once had a guy tell me it smells like cat piss. Maybe he didn't like me or something. Aw well, Great perfume though. Very subtle, not old lady-ish at all.

  • JENNA02/02/2008

    i love this perfume so much ; so fresh and feminine, its very hard to find however. I wish it was more available

  • DIANE CORDELL03/26/2007

    I just loved the "Flu-id"Perfume that you came out with and have now discontinued. Will you be bringing it back?

  • DAN05/10/2005

    I love this one !! Soft fresh and in this guys opinion very sexy ! The only retailer that has it is the H2O + store you can check to see if theres one near you but its cheaper to buy on here.

  • JT02/24/2005

    I used to wear it years ago. It was never my favorite, but I liked it back then. The smell reminded me of apple pie for some reason. Not bad, but nothing to rush out and buy. Hard to get too... not everyone lives near an H2O store!

  • BBWROANOKE11/12/2004

    I LOVE THIS PERFUME! If you want a sublte yet sexy fragrance, then this is the one to use.

  • KATHLEEN04/04/2004

    This one smells fresh and marine. Great staying power. Buy it, you will like it!

  • BEA10/19/2003

    I've worn this product for at least five years now. It's fabulous, and like another commenter here, I also get many compliments whenever I wear it. Unlike another commenter here, I find this scent to very unique and "refreshing". In answer to yet another commentor here...It is sold in some stores, I know it's sold at Bloomingdale in Chicago.

  • GINA10/13/2003

    i've worn this perfume since 1995 and love it. I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it. I wish it did last longer during the day. Anyone have suggestions on anything they like more?

  • GAIL06/01/2003

    Toni, You can get it at H2O stores! As far as the fragrance goes, I have worn this since 1995 and I always get tons of compliments on it! I don't think it smells like Escape, but more like Calyx by Prescriptives!! I really like this one alot, especially for summer months.

  • TONI04/21/2003

    Does anyone know why this product is not sold in stores??

  • SID02/04/2003

    It rerminds me of "Esacpe" by Calvin Klein. Escape is described to be an oceanic fresh fragrance, but it smells so strong and of melons, not of the sea! I received this H2o fragrance as a abirthday gift from a friend and I do occasionaly wear it in the day time, but I don't love it since it reminds me of the C.K. Escape and it also smells a bit cheap and not fresh at all.

  • CAROLINE08/25/2002

    I've been using this fragrance since 1996.It has mandarin, grapefruit, mango and waterlily. This perfume is absolutelly delicious, i'm sure you are gonna love it as I do. Try it!!

  • LEAH08/14/2002

    Does anyone know what this smells like? I'm curious. I never saw this in a store? Is it any good?

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