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Ralph Lauren


66 Reviews

A man. A woman. The intimacy of romance. Ralph Lauren Romance For Men - feel the excitement with this masculine blend of crisp, cool freshness, exotic spices, sensual woods, and seductive musk. Romance cologne for men gives a fresh warm sensation. This masculine scent contains a blend of warm and sexy citrus, lavender and woods. Top notes play more

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A man. A woman. The intimacy of romance. Ralph Lauren Romance For Men - feel the excitement with this masculine blend of crisp, cool freshness, exotic spices, sensual woods, and seductive musk. Romance cologne for men gives a fresh warm sensation. This masculine scent contains a blend of warm and sexy citrus, lavender and woods. Top notes play with pistachio leaves, iced lavender, Chinese ginger, and mandarin peel. Following up are middle notes of celery greens, wild tiger lily, Indian basil, and Kashmir saffron. The finale comes clean with brisk bristlecone pine, patchouli, and clear musk notes. It's light, spice combines nicely for the active male. Recommened for daytime wear.

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  • IPFREELY02/03/2011

    Better than nothing, but never as good as a Creed cologne. Cheep stuff like this just causes people allergies.

  • MATTTHON03/07/2009

    sophisticated yet ,not overpowering.i have romance silver and thought romance can't touch that 'cause silver is a bit more young and sweet,but was i wrong!the original is just more mature but not old.somewhat of a fresh/woody mix.stay power is about 5-6 hours.

  • GEOGRAPHYHORSE08/24/2008

    I recieve the most compliments from this and Polo Black. The scent from this is so perfectly cirtrusy sweet and has a very relaxing appeal to it. Very complex and nice.

  • ALFIE05/12/2008

    This fragrance smells like other woody men fragrance. Nothing special about it but very classic. The scent is quite boring for me.

  • DARRSHAN06/10/2007

    this fragrance is really beautiful and moreover very different from routine scents.

  • ROB H.05/14/2006

    To tell you honestly, Romance is the more popular and more commonly used but to me is equally as good as Spark Seduction. SS is less worn making it more mysterious to women and may be more suitable for your age bracket but overall I think both are good for a wide age range including yours. Take care.

  • STEVEN04/14/2006

    Can someone tell me which is better, RL Romance or Liz Claiborne Spark Seduction? FYI I'm 19

  • ROB H.04/10/2006

    For some suggestions on spicy-woody fragrances, refer to the message I sent to M.N. on the Polo Black message board.

  • MIKAIL03/19/2006

    what are some of the good recommendations for woody and spicy frangnance out there that are not too strong, can u guys please give some suggestions

  • M.R.03/03/2006

    Haven't worn in couple of years but this sensual spicy-woody-floral hit from RL lives up to its name and is excellent for the evenings.

  • SYLVIA J11/07/2005

    I remember the very first time my man bought this and wore it. The second I smelled it on him, I immediately ripped his clothes off and took him! This scent is THAT sexy!

  • RACHAE09/30/2005

    I love, love, love this calogne, it's so masculine and sooo sexy. I bought some for my husband for Christmas who also likes this, can't wait until he opens his gift!

  • ROB H.08/25/2005

    I guess at the time when this fragrance first came out, I just wasn't for spicy scents and gave up my bottle which I got maybe ten sprays out of, to my bro-in-law. Just recently I was browsing through a nearby mall and stopped at a fragrance store where I had mentioned that I wanted to try some RL fragrances other than any of the Polo ones. Now that I think about it, both this one and Silver are instant 5* winners.

  • MANNY07/03/2005

    Romance by Ralph Lauren has a very nice and clean smelling scent, but it doesn't last long after one sprays it on. I feel like I wasted my money on this pricey cologne.

  • F.MICHAEL05/30/2005

    I had received this cologne from an old girlfriend some time ago...I myself was "ok" with this scent, but apparently this particular cologne suited my chemistry as I was given quite a few compliments to my surprise.

  • RN05/22/2005

    Too overpriced for its quality. It smells like celery and it is disgusting. If you want something that has a scent of celery, try 360 Blue, which is at least a more decent cologne than this.

  • ROB02/08/2005

    Romance for men, is by far, my favorite cologne. It smells great. The only thing about it that sometimes annoys me, is it doesn't always last a long time. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, it's still my favorite.

  • MERMISS02/06/2005

    I met a gentleman from Scotland who wears this, and it seemed an almost instant classic to me. Very woodsy, lingering. I don't like alot of colognes, to be honest, but Romance is nice and is true to its name in the chivalrous sense.

  • LAURA02/02/2005

    I absolutely love this cologne. I think that Ralph named it appropriately, since it sure does make me purr....


    I agree that Silver is absolutely stunning. The note that gets a lot of attention from women is the tabacco flower, it smells really sexy. Hands down one of the best dry-downs ever.

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/14/2004

    This is a wonderful, romantic and traditional smell. It lacks orginality but that's the good think about it. It doesn't try to hard!

  • ALEX THE MAN09/12/2004

    I must admit, women seems to like this cologne. This is a must have in any guys collection. Nice sensual, romantic aroma. Classy. If its to attract ladies, this cologne works. Just try not to wear it more than a week consecutive, rotate cologne. Make it interesting for the ladies so that u will smell different eack week. Otherwise you will end up killing the sex appeal of this cologne.

  • ROB H.08/20/2004

    Tender notes edition is actually for women, my mistake. Anyways, Romance is a "good" scent for romantic and evening wear. A bit spicy for me, though.

  • LEO07/20/2004

    One of my exes got this for me a couple years back and I must say this is an amazing cologne. I fell in love with it immediately. And even today, it is will my first choice of fragrance for romantic evenings with that special someone (though of course I don't tell them this is my ex's prefered scent on me). It is warm, floral (but still masculine), and very sensual. It scores very well with the ladies, but I recommend not to use it for everyday wear, just for those special occassions.

  • ROB H.07/02/2004

    Not quite what I expected when I first bought it around 3-4 years earlier right when it came out. I've been hearing that Silver is better but I think I'll skip that one and go with the brand new one- Tender Notes. I heard it through the grapevine that this latest one is supposedly "THE BOMB". I'll post a rating when I get a whiff of this one as well as the ladies.

  • R.J.06/24/2004


  • W.B.06/24/2004


  • JAVIER06/02/2004

    romance SILVER and gucci envy are the only colognes a guy will EVER need!!! everything from the top notes to the incredible drydown on these colognes is pure heaven!!

  • SKIPPY05/04/2004

    Smells great. Chicks could get away with this one...but why would they bother with a scent made for a man?

  • NICK04/04/2004

    I have to agree 100% with George... Romance "Silver" Is Awesome!!! The dry down on silver is got to be one of the most sensual and seductive scents I have ever experienced!!!...Not sure what the lingering note is but is unbelieveably sexxy!!. Guaranteed to attract women.

  • FRANCIS02/06/2004

    I love Romance by Ralph Lauren. I feel great wearing it, immediately noticeable by others. I ve been wearing for years now.

  • BIGB01/19/2004

    reeks of alcohol, there are much better out there.

  • ~TIGER01/11/2004

    My DH of 23 years discovered this scent about 2 years ago and absolutely loves it. Everytine he wears it, I feel as if my sinuses are on fire. I sneeze and sneeze and my eyes water like crazy. When i exress to him that this scent tortures him, he just responds how much he likes it and well, it does not really matter how I feel about it. I cannot even handle sleeping in the same bed with him when he has this one - and forget any more "tender" types of moments when he is wearing it. Bear in mind that I do NOT think this is a stinky scent - it actually smells sort of nice, but I think I am allergic to the stuff. Why in the owrld is he so attached to this scent even when he knows that after he slaps it on, for the next 4 hours I am standing upwind of him!

  • GEORGE12/31/2003

    Ralph Lauren Romance SILVER has to be hands down one of the best casual wear colognes ever made. I cannot believe how many comments I have received (especially from the ladies) and it has only been available (in my market) for about 3 weeks. I have not received any bad comments about it, either at the office or while being out on the town. Good job on this one!

  • TREVOR12/05/2003

    Very good evening cologne. Will even get you by for casual occasions. I've used this cologne for years and after all this time it still entices the ladies. This cologne is a great investment.

  • JUSTIN11/04/2003

    How much do you guys spray in order to keep the scent on your bodies for 4-5 hours?

  • RICH 10/27/2003

    With a name like Romance you would hope that it would last so you could have some!

  • DENNIS09/07/2003

    God!!! Somebody better sit this Ralph Lauren at a table and once and for all teach him how to produce a fragrance. He has been at it for years, and every product that comes out is worse than its predecessor! Unbelievable... Don't go wasting your money on this. There are some real romantic scents on the market. Just do your experimenting.

  • CHARLIE07/17/2003

    I've had many compliments on my Romance.


    ...but it´s good. I own a bottle. I think it´s good for the winter, not for summer days.

  • ANAIS ANAIS05/17/2003

    REALLY,REALLY Romantic! Great!

  • GOTHAM CITY05/06/2003

    This is a good cologne. I have an extra bottle slightly used. Contact me at if yu want it.

  • AGREE05/02/2003

    Agree with AMIN - "it is rich, it is a very good frangrance but try a sample first to make sure it's right 4 U! " ... For the money you'd be a wise soul to take home a mini or sample it first. There is better out there even if u do want it because the girls like it.

  • CHARMED05/02/2003

    Must admit i bought this based on the hype. If only i liked it as much as the girls have. It seems to draw hugs :) It's ok, but i still think there's better out there. Seems to get really sweet after an hour or so, kind of a sickly sweet.

  • GOTHAM05/01/2003

    I got this after I read the comments here, but was dissapointed. It's too subtle and doesn't last long on me..maybe just doesnt mix well with my body chemistry. I have a 3.4 oz bottle used 95%.If anyone is willing to swap or buy please e-mail me:

  • BRIAN04/21/2003

    I have owned both and Reserve smells stale. It's ok but Romance is much sweeter and has more distinct notes in it.

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/12/2003

    Romance is nice, clean, and romantic. For some reason, however, it reminds me of Perry Ellis Reserve in its lavender sweetness. It's also very similar to other Ralph Lauren colognes in that it's refined, pleasant, and expensive.

  • PS03/31/2003

    romance is nice, not very original or complex, just an ordinary cologne that does not stand out very much from the rest

  • EMIN03/13/2003

    It will get the girls all right but if you don't wan't a girl this is fragrance that will give you attention it sounds rich and it is rich it is a very good frangrance but try a sample first to make sure it's right 4 U!

  • CHRIS G03/04/2003

    It smells pretty nice on me...nice fresh scent but definetly not the best out there(not even close)

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    This one smells like Chewing Tobacco to me. The Wintergreen Skoal can if you know what I mean. Ralph really dissappointed me with this one. And what a misnomer for a name. If a guy wears this to try to get "romance" from me I'm gonna tell him to go back to the baseball league and chew his tobacco. Too expensive also.

  • DMITRIY02/20/2003

    Hey, this is an incredible cologne. I came to work once wearing it and the girls really loved it. :)

  • KUNAL02/02/2003

    This is one of the best colognes i have tried,i would definately buy another bottle.It is the cologne to use when you're going out with women!

  • CHRISTINA01/13/2003

    I've never liked men's cologne and usually prefer that it's not worn, but I can't describe what an effect this one had on me. It's a mild, barley there hint of something that drives me wild. I definitely recommend it; this fragrance has changed what I thought about cologne.

  • LIAM11/28/2002

    So beautiful. This smells great. Definitely one for the collection. Don't miss out.

  • DAVE11/19/2002 cologne to impress your girl! Very Magical!

  • DAVE11/19/2002


  • MAURICIO10/31/2002

    This is a soft version of others R Lauren perfumes. If you want a Lauren perfume, this is the right choice

  • SYED08/04/2002

    Simply the best perfume ever...!

  • BRENDAN07/30/2002

    One of the best!!!!

  • RAY07/05/2002

    Got this one as a gift, smells ok right out of the bottle but turns into wet weed on my skin. My advice? Try it on before you buy it.

  • SONJA05/08/2002

    smells great and lasts long too. I think any man would wear this!

  • PAULA04/29/2002

    I just loved it. The guy I was going out with used it and he smelled so good. :O)

  • ADY04/25/2002

    It's so good to used when date with someone you love it coz my girlfriend loved and ask me what perfume I used?

  • ROMANCE MAN04/20/2002

    I have been wearing romance for almost a year and I have had only good compliments. Every girl that smells it loves it.

  • RODMAN9104/11/2002

    this one is very seductive, but Bvlgari Extreme is better than this.

  • RICK04/04/2002

    not that great. wish I saved my money. It is a boring smell and no girls I knwo like it they say "its ok you should get Allure or 212 though."

  • HELEN03/26/2002

    Absolutely romantic

  • GAVINA03/25/2002

    I always want my man to wear Romance, it smells sooo good that I when I smell him I want to make love to him on the spot.

  • MO03/25/2002

    All of Ralph's colone is too strong. This one is ok.

  • TUM03/24/2002

    Fresh and seductive.It makes my girl wanna make love with me when I wear it.

  • JAY03/18/2002

    good fragrance but don't put too much.

  • MARCEAU BRUNEAU02/19/2002

    This is the best I've ever found,Makes the ladies go wild,and makes me smell n feel good ,Oui ces tres bons,Merci Ralph Lauren

  • MARY12/25/2001

    WOW...this scent always catches me when I smell a guy wearing it at the malls. I work with this one guy at the hotel & I really didn't pay attention to him much till the day he started wearing Romance. I told him that I loved him & now he wears it almost everyday:)

  • LIZABETH12/20/2001

    Very nice! nice and not overpowering at all, a must have!

  • MR COLOGNE12/14/2001

    this should be on everyguys top ten. Makes my girlfriend go crazy.

  • MARY SILVERS06/26/2001

    Do yoou sell lotioon for men in the fragrance of Romance by Ralph Lauren?

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