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Sexy Graffiti Escada Image


Sexy Graffiti   

38 Reviews

This scent begins on a top note of sweet strawberries, raspberries and black currants blended with pink grapefruit. The middle note of red peonies, violet and lily of the valley dries down to a base of Kashmir wood, musk and vanilla.

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This scent begins on a top note of sweet strawberries, raspberries and black currants blended with pink grapefruit. The middle note of red peonies, violet and lily of the valley dries down to a base of Kashmir wood, musk and vanilla.

  • LIZZIE02/05/2006

    maya, if you are in love with the escada limited edition bottles, like robin and i both are, you might want to try ibiza hippie. it's also difficult to find, but totally worth tracking down, if you can! unlike this one, it develops into a beautifully complex, multi-dimensional fruit/floral cocktail that is sophisticated and still verrrrrry tropical-beautiful. after the first blast of cranberry/appley/berry sweetness, your nose will be happily rewarded with a deeper, richer beauty of a fragrance! i also trust YOUR nose a great deal... thank you!!! you've turned me on to SOOOOO many wonderful fragrances (like Love Hangover, Wish, Paul Smith London, etc. etc.). THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! :-D

  • MAYA01/24/2006

    Hi Lizzie, I was so curious to try Sexy Graffiti, but alas it's no where to be found... So, now that I see that you are not a huge fan of it or rather not too impressed by it, well it makes it easy to give up the search... I totally trust your opinion, and if a scent is not all that complex we both know that neither one of us would be interested. Thank you! Maya

  • LIZZIE01/11/2006

    of the escada limited edition line, sexy graffiti is probably my least favorite. it smells good, but very similar to bath and body works sun-ripened raspberry. a bit more complex, but the scent doesn't change much. pretty, but somewhat boring. sorry... LOVE the name, though. :-D

  • OMAR01/03/2006

    u will never smell scent like it, it smells as beauty as pretty, i just cant describe it exactly like it smells so i recommend every one to never loose the chance to smell beauty as r capable to ;-)

  • GARDENIANGEL07/28/2005

    Smells like a fruity drink. Smells good, but I wouldn't pay much for it. Its like a body splash, just doesn't last that long. Not one of my faves

  • CHRYSTELICA05/31/2005

    smells like a sorority girl!! My friend gave me her bottle.. its flirty i guess but doesn't get anywhere!

  • SUHANA04/13/2005

    I've always love this perfume. Unfortunately, it's not selling anymore in my country. =( Its sweet, fruity & mind-blowing. Great for any occasion.

  • JT11/04/2004

    Wow... I just have to say that it is such a delicious scent that I would not say it should be only limited to the very young! You say you are over 25, well, I am a very young at heart, young looking 38, and I am on a quest to get my hands on some of the last remaining bottles! I don't care how old I get, I will always LOVE Sexy Graffiti!!!

  • LYNNBEE10/15/2004

    This is such a nice fragrance, but if you're over 25 (like me) leave it alone!! If you're under 25, wear it watch the men fall at your feet! I wore it and felt like I was trying to be younger so now it's a dreser decoration. I loved it though!

  • JT10/07/2004

    I am a fan of all the limited edition Escada "fruity" scents (Fruit Punch, Sexy Graffiti, Ibiza Hippie, Island Kiss). I just hate when they discontinue them! I guess we can still get them years later from websites like this one or perfume stores though. I still plan to buy all the old ones that I don't have! They all smell SO GREAT that I wish I could drink them (don't worry, I won't)!

  • KIM04/10/2003

    I love this scent! I bought it around when it first came out, used it all up - but kept the bottle! It's SO cute! The scent is AMAZING and I have gotten so many compliments on it. THANK YOU ESCADA! I will be running out to Nordstrom any day now to pick up a new bottle!

  • BRITISH12/13/2002

    Smells yummy! A must have for the sexy ladies..

  • GINNY PLAYFORD12/11/2002

    Sexy Graffiti is the sexiest scent to ever hit the market. It smells so sweet you could just eat it. I love my bottle and I wish that it was made year round!!!

  • JESSIA11/29/2002

    i LOVE THIS PERFUME!!! I was just browsing through the fragrance department and came across this gorgeous scent and bottle. Smells like strawberry and fruit punch.Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm excellent xmas present.Just hope i ordered the largest bottle...

  • ANNE11/27/2002

    I'd rather bring some pineapples and peaches with me than to wear this perfume , it's just a fruit, nothing mysterious .But if the people wear it, I simply like it, but don't put too much in winter 'cause it's strange we imagine tropical land

  • DEE JOH11/12/2002

    This stuff is AWESOME. Its definitely luv potion. Great stuff, ladies..great stuff!

  • JOHNKARSEN11/06/2002

    I love this scent on women. I wish more girls knew about this scent.

  • STEF11/01/2002

    Try this one out first ladies. This one and Tropical punch have the tendency to turn sour on some people, including me. I loved it on the scent card, but it smelled really sour on me. Wrong body chemistry I guess.

  • JENNA10/27/2002

    This is my favorite perfume! My fiance who is in the Navy got lots of comments when I sprayed it on all my letters to him in boot camp! :)

  • MICHALA10/24/2002

    This perfume makes my boyfriend crazy! One whiff and....

  • ANONYMT10/22/2002

    mmm i love it!

  • HEIDIMILLER10/14/2002

    I get so many compliments on this. it just smells so sweet!

  • KELLY09/25/2002

    This sent transports me to some far away tropical island!! Its not over powering but enough for anyone to say...where did you get that. Another hit for Escada Caveat: If you are not into fruity sents this perfume is not for you

  • CHRISTINA09/22/2002

    OMG..!!!!! I first smelt this escada fragrance from my friend.. I totally went crazy for it!!! I was looking for this fragrance for ages!!! it just smells so mmM! all of her friends were asking her what was the name of the perfume!!

  • AMY09/02/2002

    This is definately a scent that I will have to purchase. I first smelled it at the mall a couple of weeks ago and I think it smells so delicious. Probably best for the Spring and Summer months because of the fruity notes.

  • MIKI08/26/2002

    when my girlfriend wears this fragance,she drives me crazy,very sweet like a sweet:),is sooo... sexy sexy sexy

  • MADELINE08/21/2002

    ...Bath & Bodyworks Raspberry products. It doesn't smell very much like a perfume, rather what I would expect a fruity body lotion to smell like. Not a sensual fragrance at all. Nice, but no thanks.

  • ANNA08/20/2002

    This scent is amazing. I could wear it everyday without tiring of it. It's sweet and fruity but not overwhelming. I love the citrusy grapefruit notes. I don't think escada has a scent that I don't like. Try them all. :)

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    Smell great. I love it. One of my new faves. Sooo Sexy.

  • SEZY07/24/2002

    it has a typical scent by itself which makes it diff. from the rests of the perfume.. love this product..

  • EBONY07/23/2002

    The appeal of this fragrance is it's light and sweet air. I find that it lasts all day without being over powering. Perfect if you have perfume allergies.

  • MAI07/11/2002

    This is just plain sickly sweet and please never spray perfume on your clothes.

  • TORI06/20/2002

    Yum, yum, yum this perfume is one of my favorites! The fruitiness intense, but still light enough so it isn't overpowering. In order to make the perfume more long lasting, I apply the Sexy Grafiti lotion on my wrists and neck before spraying the perfume. In addition, the perfume also stays longer if you spray it onto your clothes and hair. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

  • ALICIA06/17/2002

    sexy graffiti is a LOT like tropical punch! the sexy graffiti bottle is horrible compared to the tropical punch's, but the two of them are excellent. If I had to choose between to two, it would definetly be tropical punch because it is more long-lasting.

  • DANA06/15/2002

    Wow!! I have tropical fruit and Sexy Grafiti blows this one out of the water! I actually had 2 women stop me in the mall to ask me what I was wearing. But that's the problem, only women seem to like it - apparently the men aren't into the fruiter fragrances like this one but for a day out with the girls this would be the one for you!

  • MIRANDA05/21/2002

    smelled great but only lasted a short time. you really need a perfume in it.

  • SHUGMAMI05/09/2002

    very nice for young girls or those who enjoy Ralph by ralph lauren

  • GAIL04/10/2002

    This smells very similar to Tropical Punch, but I think more flowery, and more like grapefruit and strawberries. The problem with this one is that it does not have any staying power. It fades away very quickly.It's perfect for a day at the beach because is so light!

  • EVONE04/08/2002

    I really like this perfume but it is not long lasting. Great for Spring!

  • MELITTA JANAK04/07/2002

    You are beautiful, sweet and sexy!

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