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32 Reviews

The world-class fragrance adventure for men who make things happen.

0.50 oz Aftershave Splash
SKU 14404
$15.00 $8.99
1.0 oz Aftershave Splash (Unboxed)
SKU 10416
$15.00 $9.99
1.7 oz COL Spray (Tester)
SKU 13240
$22.00 $13.99
1.7 oz COL Spray
SKU 4365
$25.00 $18.99
2.5 oz EDT Spray (Unboxed)
SKU 10415
$30.00 $18.99

The world-class fragrance adventure for men who make things happen.

  • SAVANNAH 10/30/2012

    My husband has wore this since the day we met and i cant get enough of it! I love it 100%!! happy wife :)

  • DEON12/30/2010

    I need Avatar cologen. It's the best cologen I had.

  • SONU SINGH11/04/2010

    i love this cologne and u will fing this cologne at walgreen by chrismass times and very cheap.

  • OH YEA !!!10/12/2010

    I purchased this for my husband for christmas and we both loved it..

  • MARK04/24/2010

    I love AVATAR, I use to buy it in stores but i can't seem to find it anywhere...

  • PAUL12/26/2008

    My wife gave this to me many years ago as a xmass present. Since then it has been my signature sent. I have had ladies at my church (friends who know me)come to me and smell my neck. I 've also had ladies who are friends you see every so often giv eme a hug and make very possitive comments. How come I can't find it now?

  • HERB11/19/2008

    I have gotten more good comments about avatar than any other cologne that i have worn. even from married women wanting to know so they could get if for their husbands, even girls with their dates wanting to know what type of cologne that i had on

  • A GUY07/06/2008

    my girlfriend really likes the smell of it, i got it as a gift and will be buying more. strange thing i have never heard of this cologne before but its cheap and smells great

  • DEEZNUTZ06/11/2008

    I am glad to see that Avatar has received such overwhelmingly favorable reviews on this site. Too many are willing to dismiss it as just a "cheap cologne" when in fact, the only thing cheap about it is the price. The scent is one of the most compelling that I have smelled (trust me, the women DO compliment,) and it smells good enough to wear every day without having to worry that you're breaking the bank on a more expensive bottle of juice. Avatar does go on quite lightly, so a couple of squirts may be necessary, but I have never been disappointed by the way this one has served me over the years. Going on my third bottle now, and regardless of the fact I like changing up colognes often, this is one that's found a home in my permanent collection.

  • THAT_ONE_GIRL02/04/2008

    i love it , my ex boyfriend wears it , and everytime he hugs me i melt . Im going to buy it for the next guy i date . i love it !

  • SHAUNNA12/10/2007

    i disagree with the person who commented onit being a drug store brand.... yes it is but my husband and many other men never have gotten so many comments on any other cologne he ever wore. And personally i absolutely LOVE this smell it is like an (afrodesiac ???) is that spellde right. lol

  • JOAN06/29/2007

    I was at work, man walks by, and I was like, WOW! Needless to say had to ask what he was wearing. Came home got online and purchased for my husband. Rating would be excellent+10

  • JAKE05/14/2007

    I def think this stuff is worth the price of all the colognes i have used it really has got me the most comments and girls always seem to love it the people who did not like it body chemistry probably doesn't mix well and i own some very expensive and mainstream such as polo D&G clinique happy etc and would recommend this just as much if not more

  • JOSIAH11/29/2006

    I Have worn many different brands of cologne, but of all the ones I've worn, the ladies love this one the Most!! Gentleman and Ladies, buy it, it drives ALL women nuts!

  • JIMMY12/19/2005

    To be honest, I don't like the stuff.... But my GF and other women seem to really like it! I can't figure it out.

  • LIZ10/11/2005

    I LOVE THIS SMELL! It is like Cat-nip when my fiance wears it. Yummy!

  • MEDIC10/09/2005

    In my thirty years of sporting cologne, I have found that not every scent fits every man due to body chemistry. I must admit that Avatar fits me to a 'T'! My wife LOVES it and I also get comments from various women on it's clean, refreshing smell. I would suggest you give it a try. It's not expensive and if it happens to work for you, so much the better!

  • SKIP09/06/2005

    This colgne is by far the best I've seen. All the ladies I know are very attracted to this colgne and love it.

  • BELLE09/01/2005

    omg i die when i smell this on my guy!! its so fresh and clean! its strong but not overpowering like most colognes- its def the closest any has ever gotten to the clean soap smell!!!!

  • TREV06/18/2005

    Ive been wearing this cologne for some time and yes if over done it is overwhelming but an excellent smell if used light and apprpriate

  • WARD11/17/2004

    Not the best smelling stuff, made the ladies at work cry just a little, but it sure is better than Jovan Sex Appeal.

  • JOHN09/12/2004

    Decent cologne. My friend wore it 8 years ago when he bought it from Walgreens and at the time, it was a fairly decent scent. Recently I've outgrown it and rarely wear it. Its a strong scent that I don't enjoy smelling on myself and I'm sure others don't either. You may get attention from this, but it also may not be good attention. Recommended if it's you last resort and you didn't pay anything for it (like me - wee!)

  • TRACY12/15/2003

    This is definately one of the best cologne's around. Something almost all women will love.

  • SMELLY FREAK09/26/2003

    I get this stuff every christmas and on my birthday, my wife loves it, I quite frankly, am a little sick of it, but I guess it is worth the money.

  • MOONRAT08/23/2003

    On me it doesn't seem to last all that long. Has a fresh scent - reminds me of the smell of Aspen Discovery a little.

  • TRUDY07/05/2003

    I'm with Tina, Airianna and Shannon. I love the small of this cologne on my husband. By the way, Alex, Coty has been around for many years and produces excellent perfumes and colognes.

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    This is one of the better drug store men colonge. Smells sporty kindof like ralph lauren polo sport. Nothing distinctive about it. OK to wear if you want to smell average and clean. Not if you want someone to stop and ask what you are wearing though.

  • ALEX06/19/2002

    Avatar by Coty is seriously not worth 20 dollars American. I'm Canadian and i bought this stuff for 10 dollars Canadian on a special sale. The stuff is cheap and if you wear it people know your wearing cheap cologne. It smells decent so you can wear it if you just want to smell okay. My advice for cologne is your should try anything by Yves Rocher. They don't have him on this site, but you can go type in Yves Rocher on google. They make his stuff in france but they have stores in majoy cities. His stuff isn't that expensive and its amazing, better than Polo Sport or Cool Water

  • AIRIANNA06/15/2002

    I love the smell of this cologne, I would strongly recommend this to any guy. It has a great scent that many women like.

  • TINA06/06/2002

    My fiance owns a bottle of this, it is a great scent, a fresh and clean smell, and not over powering.Alot of women like it!!

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    I would give this a 3 star rating. It is not bad smelling at all. I would call is a "lavender" scent. Not very strong so you might as well put alot of this on. Not very original and won't make you feel great. This is though just a typical cologne but really smells more like typical aftershave.

  • SHANNON GARDNER04/25/2002

    I love the smell of this colonge, and the women do too!

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