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Marilyn Miglin


47 Reviews

Destiny was created by Marilyn Miglin in 1990 and is recommended for office wear. Destiny is described to be a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh and light floral blend of orchids, calla lily, narcissus and other white flowers.

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Destiny was created by Marilyn Miglin in 1990 and is recommended for office wear. Destiny is described to be a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh and light floral blend of orchids, calla lily, narcissus and other white flowers.

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  • MARCIA WILSON11/18/2014

    I ordered and am wearing the Destiny fragrance for the first time in over twenty years. It still is one of the best fragrances around. I just love it and it smells so good!

  • SUZI01/12/2014

    I asked a co-worker back in 1993 what cologne she was wearing...loved her scent. Destiny...been wearing it ever since and am constantly getting compliments, even after a long day. Absolutely love it!

  • CLYDE40801/25/2013

    This has been my signature perfume since I first sampled it in 1991 and have been using it since. I'm always getting compliments on it when I wear it. It's truly the best!

  • JANIE12/28/2011

    I tried to believe the great comments. This perfume stinks like old lady perfume. I am an older woman but sure ain't into smelling like one. Yukkkkkkkk

  • BARBARA04/17/2011

    I feel naked when i go out without it. I have been stopped many times by strangers and ask me what do I have on you smell so good. People have gotten out a pad to write the fragrance down. At work people don't even have to see me .They just say " Oh Barbara must be here ". Yes it is light and you might think you can't smell it but others can. Try it you will love it.

  • CATHY VEAL01/07/2010

    I have had 3 friends have me order them a bottle of Destiny for themself and when they tried it on them they said it didn't smell as good as it did on they gave me the Perfume..i love it....

  • BETTY MCB05/29/2009

    I just adore the fragrance and have gotten so many compliments. I have searched high and low for the product because the stores who carried the product no longer carry it. I am so glad I decided to search the internet to locate the perfume. However, when notified of the discontinuation of the perfume, I bought all I could no matter whether it was lotion, creams or powders. Keep up the good work!!!


    I, too, love Destiny. The scent is fresh and clean without being over-bearing. I tend to get headaches from many fragrances; this one is a keeper!

  • MARILYN GAINES07/13/2008

    this the most clean, honest, perfume i've ever had the pleasure of wearing, i had to go on line to find it its not in our hick town. so i was estatic to find it on this site for perfumes. Marilyn, you have my first name so you keep the party going, you got alot fan for your perfume, let sneeze, call it old fashioned, thats just jealousy talking. you go girl

  • JUDI W*03/07/2008

    When this first came out, I remember, spraying it on me, and hardly could smell a thing. Went back & did it again months later, and same thing happened. It is very benign to me, & light, which isn't bad if your working in a hospital or close quarters with perfume sensitive people. Otherwise, I wouldn't be attracted to it, not enough going on for me. Like Marilyn Miglin, but her perfumes, to me, are not that good.

  • RUTHIE02/27/2008

    I am a new user! I have NEVER EVER had so many strangers asking me what kind of perfume I am wearing!!! In the last six weeks I have purchased 3 different sets! I can't get enough of her products!!!

  • TRINA09/13/2007

    I ordered this from a TV Shopping program and was hoping to like it. It smelled horendous just from the bottle top. When I sprayed it my neighbor thought I was spraying some kind of bug spray. It made the both of us sneeze and cough. I can't even give it away.

  • LORETTA H.06/22/2006

    I found Destiny online. without smelling it. I bought it and loved it. But my husband was another story, He doesn't always like the same fragances I do. SInce he is paying for it, he had to like it. and he does. Which is great for me , since I only wear certain fragrances, This b eing the Biggie for me, I have order many times, this fragrance.

  • JOANNIE02/24/2006

    My husband is a chef and while this is wonderful for me in many ways, his sensitive nose reacts to all my old favorites-Aromatics Elixir, Opium, Fendi, Private Collection, you get the idea. I thought I would try Destiny as it seemed to be the opposite of my old "friends", lighter, more floral, more of a natural scent. Unfortunately, Destiny for me is the epitome of what an old lady fragrance is, nauseating, suffocating and ever-lasting. As a social worker in a nursing home I experience this kind of fragrance on a daily basis. This just didn't work out for me. If anyone knows of a light, natural scent, please write back so my husband won't sneeze every time I get ready for work!

  • CARRIE ATKINSON10/05/2005

    OH MY!!!!!! I get so many hugs and smiles whenever or wherever I wear this or any of Miglin's scents and I must say I feel devilishly sexy when wearing them!!!!!!!!

  • CINDY06/16/2005

    I've read many of the messages that have been posted and just had to respond. I wore this perfume several years ago when I was in my early 20's (definitely not an old lady), working in a large corporation. There were guys that would call me over to their cubicles just to smell my perfume for the day. They weren't flirting, just loved the smell, young and old guys alike. They wanted to know where they could buy it for their wives. When I would walk by their desks, they wouldn't even be able to see me from behind their cubicles, but would say "there goes Cindy". They knew because they could smell Destiny when I walked by. At the time I was wearing this, I could only find it at J.C. Penny, and then they stopped selling it. I was devastated and in about 8 years, I have never found a perfume that I have enjoyed as much and received as many compliments on as I had with Destiny. If you are looking for a clean, soft scent, this is for you! Don't be fooled into thinking that this is only for the older ladies! Buy it and you'll have more compliments than you could ever imagine!

  • KARLA SUSSKIND11/14/2004

    My mother just raves about Destiny, my question is is Ms. Miglan the only one that has Destiny on the market and if so where can I buy this for her. We live in Idaho but I'll be visiting Las Vegas at Christmas time. If you can help me find this it would mean the world to my mom. Thank You, Karla

  • KJS11/11/2004

    I'm in my 30s and wear Destiny. It is a nice light fragrance that catches men's attention; I can't tell you how many compliments I receive both at work and while on a date. Men love it.

  • SOUTHERN08/25/2004

    After reading all the reviews just had to comment. This is not a "mature" fragrance as some suggested. It's a frangrance for all, very romantic and light. More of a powder smell I think. It's wonderful.

  • KATHLEEN05/31/2004

    This is a great fragrance to have on hand to soften a too strong fragrance...especially in the summer. If you have it, spray over a stronger fragrance and see how you like it. There are those out there who are mixers, whether you admit it or not. This is a pure white mix floral, so it is good for "mixing." Enjoy.

  • OLIVIA05/05/2004

    There seems to be a couple of people on this board spending a lot of time trying to degrade these lovely products by Marilyn Miglin. I have tried them all and have many many compliments. Do these people have a hidden agenda (work for another perfume house)? I bet they would not turn down free samples.

  • ANGELA05/02/2004

    you can get magic on the shopping chanel in canada..

  • JAYDEE04/18/2004

    Nice light scent. Very non-cloying and subtle.

  • GAIL OWENS03/06/2004

    destiny is the best perfume that I have ever worn, young Gals if you think that it's just forthe elderly,try it.Believe me young Guys,love it,I know from experience.It's GREAT

  • PIA02/05/2004

    Hi, Pia again, I tried to wear this fragrance again and again all fall and winter since wasting my money on it, but to no avail! I literally cannot stand it. Not only on me but I tried using as an air freshener in my home, yuck no offense to you ladies that enjoy it but I cannot get to like this at all. In fact all my friends and sister and sister-in-law would not even take it when offered to them , they did not like it. I do love Marilyn Miglin's Celebrate though, a lovely fragrance try it.

  • LORI11/13/2003

    yes send your set to me..i love it

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    A winner for me I get alot of compliments when I wear this I think its very light and not to overpowering this is a fragrance that you could apply again and it not be to strong.

  • KIMMIE09/28/2003

    I forgot to give you my e-mail

  • KIMMIE09/28/2003

    If you don't what the perfume gift set you have send it to me :0)

  • PIA 09/07/2003

    Here is a good description for this fragrance(if you can call it that) men's shave cream, the kind you can find in drugstores and grocery stores. What a shame I purchased the large gift set with parfum bath goods and dusting powder from a popular home shop channel even on sale it is not worth the money. In fact my husband thought i had used his shave cream for my legs(which I never use). Do not waste your money on this one , if you are curious at leasr sample it first, wish I had. if you want to smell like a man who just shaved wear this!

  • CAROLYN08/16/2003

    I have worn Destiny for several years and I love its subtle scent. There is something about it that is warm and inviting to others around me. People seem to respond in a nice way.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE07/04/2003

    I too am a "mature woman" and I also believe perfume is a personal thing, not an "age" thing. Just a reminder for you, young ladies: your turn will come too. And sooner than you think.

  • GOLDENLADY05/07/2003

    I am mature and don't care much for this fragrance, either. It's too powdery or dept. store like. The only fragrance I do like by MM is Four White Flowers, which smells a little more modern to my nose. The age discriminatory comments I see by young women reviewing fragrances and cosmetics only shows that you don't get around much and your experience with people, in general, is fairly limited. Not exactly something to brag about. Fragrance is a personal thing, it has nothing to do with age.

  • KATHY G.03/29/2003

    My experience with Destiny is complicated. I ordered it first about ten years ago from HSN without ever smelling it. When I got it and tried it, I wasn't impressed. I couldn't really smell it much, and I planned to return it. However, I decided to wear it out to dinner that night. My boyfriend said he couldn't smell it on me either, but the reactions I got all night from women were incredible. Just about every woman who got close enough to detect my perfume gave me a compliment, and these were all total strangers. I then changed my mind about sending it back and kept it. Since then, I have re-ordered this scent many times. I find that wearing the eau de parfum with either the perfume or the oil is the most effective combination for me. I still can't smell it on myself, nor can my boyfriend, but I get compliments galore from other women whenever I wear this. Sadly, no man has ever commented on this fragrance, so I save it for going out with women friends and family. I don't wear it as often as I used to, but I'll probably never totally abandon this unique scent. It seems to be one that women respond to very positively, so if you need to impress a woman ( like a job interviewer or your boyfriend's mother!), wear Destiny. I have been told that is scent is extemely feminine and beautiful on me. Since I cannot smell it on myself, I will have to take their word for it. The fact that this fragance cannot be smelled by either myself or my boyfriend keeps me from rating this as "excellent".

  • GEORGIA03/14/2003

    I met Marilyn Miglin once, and she said she'd developed Destiny specifically for professional women, whose intent is to wear fragrance without being overpowering. It's just that; a distinctive, entirely floral scent without any citrus, spicy, or musky undertones. Perhaps that's why critics think it's too sweet. It's certainly not as sweet as Joy, White Shoulders, Jessica McClintock, etc., and not overpowering like Giorgio. Destiny's floral note is not defined by any one recognizable flower, and is consistent from its application until late in the day. For those who cannot smell it on themselves, try dabbing a little perfume at the base of your nose. Personally, I think the best way to preserve any the consistency of any scent is to spray eau de toillette on your hair (no scented hairspray). That way, the heat from your head allows the scent to emmanate without degradation by your skin oil as the day progresses. Applied this way, and layered with perfume dabbed on the nape of the neck, Destiny really does outlast all other perfumes I've worn. I've gotten comments from friends, coworkers, strangers, and even my drycleaner! I've worn Destiny as a signature scent since its inception in 1990 (I've never felt the need to switch) and actually told MM that I hoped she'd never discontinue it. It's a classic, for women of any age (not just grannies), not girls.

  • JEANNE03/01/2003

    I lean toward fresh clean sweet scents and this is actually a deeper muskier scent but in a way I like it. The thing about this fragrance is that is has more oils in it and it definitely stays on you. No question about it. You will smell this all day long.

  • CAROLYN F WILLIAMS02/11/2003

    I love these parfumes but cannot seem to find it anywhere, not even in the computer. Please tell me where i can find them or if i can or- der on the computer!

  • CAROLYN F WILIAMS02/11/2003

    marilyn miglins parfumes are great! I recommend it for everyone.

  • CARLY02/04/2003

    As Marilyn describes Destiny, it has no top note. It is a light floral and I normally don't like florals. It has no citrus or fruity hints. It is a pure floral, made of all white flowers. Although Goddess is my favorite, Destiny is 2nd. It's good for the office as it is not overpowering.

  • BARBARA02/03/2003

    i love this perfume. it does not overpower but is lasting, and i've gotten more compliments on this fragrance than any other i've worn. it's based on white flowers, and is distinctive without being obstrusive. i'm neither elderly nor a grandmother, by the way.

  • YVONNE01/05/2003

    This scent is so nauseating and too sweet. It smells like synthetic flowers! All of Miglin's fragrances are geared for the elderly.

  • SID12/30/2002

    This fragrance only has one top note and it smells sort of like a synthetic lilly. It is geared in my opinion for the mature woman. My mother loves it and so does my grandmother.

  • CLOTEAL12/04/2002

    Destiny is the one perfect cologne for any dress..any occasion. Top of the line scent.

  • MARLENE08/08/2002

    I have had so many compliments on this perfume. Where can I buy it in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I would like to give it as a give and get more for myself.

  • THERESA08/05/2002

    I don't care for many fragrances, but Destiny is one I can always wear even when my allergies have flared up. MM is one classy lady!

  • MARILYN07/03/2002

    This scent is neither spicy nor is a light floral...and like the other users, I often receive compliments on it.

  • SOPHIE06/08/2002

    Every time I wear Destiny, I get compliments. It the gift my sister requests for her birthday every year. One of her former students came to visit and she said that her best memory of my sister was how good she smelled! This is a perfume that I buy again and again.

  • LILLIE05/04/2002

    I've read, "refreshing" through most of these comments, and I'm tempted to buy Destiny. I love light, soft, florals, but I don't like greeny, citrusy, or spicy scents. How would you describe, "refreshing"? Thanks.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    I don't stay with a fragrance too long, but have worn Destiny off and on for about 5 years now. It always makes me feel clean and happy!

  • VAL MORMAN01/30/2002

    Destiny is wonderful! I agree with everybody else, it's amazing how I can't seem to smell it after a while but everybody else does. And, yes, I get compliments all day long from everyone, including strangers.

  • DEB12/30/2001

    Even though I can't appreciate the longevity of the fragrance, I get compliments even at the end of a long and hectic work day. I'll never give it up!

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Light; men's shaving cream. Tried it twice: The smell was so light that it had vanished quickly.

  • JANE11/03/2001

    I received this fragrance as a gift, so I sprayed some on one morning but didn't like it much. I'm not usually attracted to really flowery scents. However, I didn't have time to wash it off and after a moment I couldn't detect its light essence anymore. That day, I was surprised to receive several compliments on it (including one very strong thumbs up from my boyfriend). That was several years ago, and I'm still getting the compliments when I wear it, sometimes from total strangers. Destiny has become a definite mainstay of my repertoire. I just wish I were experiencing it the same way everyone else seems to! :-)


    Destiny is such a wonderful fragrance. It is both light and refreshing. I have received numerous compliments when I wear it. It is neither strong or overpowering. This is definitely a winner in my book.

  • GINA10/14/2001

    The best fragrance ever. I am constantly getting compliments when I wear it!

  • NANCY09/02/2001

    I always get compliments when I wear Destiny. My sister and a friend wear it, too. When I'm around them I notice how good they smell. It's a light, clean fragrance -- very soft and feminine.

  • BARB07/02/2001

    Destiny is simply divine! It's light and refreshing - no harsh, strong or super sweet fragrance. You will love this as a 'signature' fragrance: It is the BEST ever!

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