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Jean Marc Sinan


16 Reviews

0.16 oz EDT Mini
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  • JIMMY04/15/2010

    Sinan is the Best I found some at "the fragrance factory" Thank you!

  • ED T03/04/2010

    I found this fragrance at NM in the early 80's and used it for years. Then there was no more. Very Sad. A little goes a long way

  • ANGEL08/29/2008

    Man,My buddy introduce me to this cologne back in the earlier 90's.I search for this fragrance for the past 18 yrs. either was to expensive or out of stock.I finally managed to get 2 big bottles and 4 mini of this cologne. The big bottles are in storage,and the mini are going to be used rare occasion. Just like a old roll royce, weekends going out with wife for dinner and anniversity,plus birthdays. This fragrance is just like Derby by Guerlain. I could find this product,but too expensive.

  • TIMOTHY HARLOW03/06/2005

    A most respected man's fragrance. From that era, I must find: Patou for men, Marbert Man from Dusseldorf, Germany, Wall Street by Victor(Italia), Or Black by Pascal Moribito and Charles Jourdan for men. Weil is in there somewear. Anyone that knows classic fragrances, knows that mainstream is worse than garbage. VO is impossible to find in Europe. We are lucky to have it in the US.

  • WESTCOAST-TAG03/06/2005

    This stuff is getting hard to find. It is worth a fortune. Don't be surprised to see it being auctioned off at Sotheby's when the supply finally runs out. Stash a few bottles in the cellar next to the priceless bordeaux's. A favorite of the nouveau riche and collectors of fine things, worldwide. What scent could ever claim these assets.

  • T.A. GRUNDSTROM03/06/2005

    VO is a collection fragrance. Meaning you collect it like fine art. Like classic cars, wine and beautiful women. It is coveted and only shared while wearing it. There is nothing that it compare's too, nor resembles.The only men's fragrance that still creates a lot of racket since it's creation nearly twenty years ago.It's like finding a Piccaso in the attic. Grab it and run like hell.

  • KEN JAMES02/25/2005

    The best ever eau de parfum, I bought some about 14 years ago and was told shortly after that it was withdrawn from production and was unavailable, I still have the bottle (100ml) and the smell brings back so many memories-someone please tell me it is still available......

  • ROB H.06/01/2004

    I remember about 15 years ago or so when this first premiered on the market. Back at that time I would've only been in junior high and wore inexpensive stuff that my parents would've bought me. Now that I've matured since, I still don't think I'm quite old enough to wear this quite unique scent. "Version Originale" is definitely for a man of distinct taste, elegance and sophistication. I've worn this scent only once around some females my age and slightly younger and comments overall were average to slightly above average. I personally like this "different" scent that smells like my black leather coat when I first got it.

  • PETER02/22/2003

    You're so right! The most unique and best fragrance ever produced, and nothing, nothing can ever be compared to it. If you don't like this fragrance then it is probably that it just doesn't agree with your body chemistry. It sucks that you can hardly find it at all these days.

  • JOE02/15/2003

    If its out of production, whats the use in its ever being in top 10?

  • SCOTT01/18/2003

    I first found it at a Neiman-Marcus in 1988. Since then I hear it is out of production. Maybe the company went bankrupt. You might find leftovers at a store in Provincetown, MA called "Chic & Cheap"...

  • PSSSSSK12/28/2002


  • MAX12/06/2002

    I am looking for the eau de toilette called Sinan by Jean Marc Sinan. I use to be able to buy it in Chicago. Can anyone tell me if it is available anywhere????

  • DANIEL11/28/2002

    Smells synthetic

  • LONNIE BROWN11/12/2002

    Does anyone know where I can purchase this fraquence? All they are showing on this site is the Men's product.

  • FATIH GUS07/03/2002

    I have been looking for the perfume Jean Marc Sinan for men for a very long time. Finaly found it Iam mot able to buy because I live in the Netherlands. How Can I Buy it. Thank's for your help

  • HILDERAL03/07/2002

    Excuse my english but i'm french and when i was young i used V.O from Sinan Jean-marc and now i don't find this perfume.So is it possible to tell me if perhaps there are shops where i could find it in french

  • PELLINI03/04/2002

    Why can't I find V.O in France ? My husband and me love it

  • MR MANN12/28/2001

    Absolutely the most unique fragance I have ever smelled. I smell burbon and pepper with some moss. It is my flagship fragance and nothing compares to it nothing!

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