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Created in 1984, Lutece is defined as a luxurious, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a sparkling and seductive blend of mandarins, peonies and rose. Lutece is recommended as an evening fragrance.

3.4 oz EDP Spray (By Dana)
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Created in 1984, Lutece is defined as a luxurious, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a sparkling and seductive blend of mandarins, peonies and rose. Lutece is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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  • VAL07/12/2013

    I have been using Lutece since 1984 - I love it and receive so many compliments from both men & women how lovely it is and ask the name of my perfume.

  • MAGDA10/12/2010

    It is like this perfume was made for me! I used it for years, but it was discontinued in South Africa. Any ideas where I can find this fragrance in South Africa?

  • JUDY JOSEPH09/08/2010

    I discovered Lutece many years ago and this I have to say is the most beautiful and feminine fragrance that I have worn, nothing else compares. Judy Joseph Toronto, Canada

  • JOANNEMASS07/15/2010

    I also cannot find the powder in the navy blue round box...any ideas?

  • LAURA06/30/2010

    Gorgeous scent which lasts and stays fresh. My favourite ever perfume.

  • BILL05/06/2008

    can anybody tell me where to get this perfume in a store. i do not want to buy online. my wife loves this perfume and i cannot find a store in mid michigan

  • MANDY01/17/2008

    My grandmother loves this perfume!!! She could only find it at the Osco Drug stores in Munice, IN. Then, they stopped selling it! Well, I live about 3hours north of her now. There is an outlet store called Perfumemaina that sells it...for way cheaper than I have ever gotten it for her....what use to cost her 26-32 only 12.99 now! The most i pd at this store was 14.99. The outlet is located in Michigan City, IN in the Lighthouse premium outlets

  • SERAFEENA04/27/2007

    If they made pancake syrup into a perfume, I think it would smell like Lutece. The one I have is by Dana. Pancake syrup smells nice, but man; this is a sweet, sweet scent.

  • ANGIE01/29/2007

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy lutece beside sister used to buy it at sav-on drug store. Also can anyone confirm for me that Curves splash smell somewhat like lutece. I haven't smelled it since the 80's.

  • NILLA12/25/2006

    my mother wore lutece in the 80's. as a child, i mockingly called it "lettuce" because i couldn't stand the smell. it's very, very powdery and strong. i suspect the peony note is the culprit, because i enjoy the rose and mandarin notes in perfumes that i currently own. i would not even recommend this perfume to my worst enemy, for fear i might run into them wearing this horrid scent.

  • BIANCA06/26/2006

    I love the mandarin note. So fresh, yet romantic and luxurious at the same time.

  • SYLVIE06/25/2004

    *P*L*E*A*S*E* don't stop wearing this wonderful, bewitching and ultra-feminine LUTECE!!!! I wish I could buy it in Germany. A good scent is a good scent, ladies!!! Trust your old mom's excellent taste and your own nose. - I love nostalgic, old-fashioned fragrances from the deep of my heart. LUTECE smells (only!) similar to the wonderful OMBRE ROSE by Jean-Charles Brosseau, Paris. Pure femininity!!!!! Five stars - excellent !!!!

  • DANIELLA06/10/2004

    I used this fragrance about 20 years ago (not sure if formula has changed since then). Back then I thought it was a little powdery and old-ladyish. My boyfriend liked it, though. When my mom started wearing it, I stopped. ;-)

  • KATE11/28/2003

    I discovered Lutece in 1986 -- men used to stop me and ask what I was wearing for perfume! I can't, however find the splash, which I thought has a softer scent than the perfume and cologne. Any ideas?

  • LISA11/18/2003

    I do detect a slight change in formula, it's either that or that when I first had Lutece by Hougibant, I had the real parfum and now I have an EDT spray made by Dana. The EDT spray actually seems stronger than the parfum. It's still a beautiful smell.

  • NATALIE05/17/2003

    I trust lola's judgment on perfumes. Lutece here is made by houbigant but i bought Lutect that was made by Dana. Apparently anything Dana puts her hand to turns to yuck!! It reeks. It is Horrid!! If anyone can give me some insight into the difference between the two and why the hell Dana has spoilt the scent i will be greatful. Let's hope she DOES NOT touch Quelques Fleur!


    this beautiful perfume is unavailable in the UK, can anyone help me to obtain a batch arder of 10 bottles?

  • DAWN10/08/2002

    I was given this fragrance as a gift and I really liked it. Bought several bottles afterwards which obviously means it was a good fragrance. It's soft and powdery, a very feminine scent. If you like Lutece, you'll also like Ombre Rose which smells very similar to it.

  • BARBARA10/04/2002

    favorite cologne been searching for years cannot find it. Could anyone help?

  • CLAIRE08/29/2002

    Usually I tire of scents quickly, but I've been buying Lutece since 1986. How to describe its unique fragrance? I'll try: mildly woodsy, a hint of musk, marigolds, with a whisper of ... snocones!

  • DONNA07/15/2002

    FYI: now made by Dana Company of Mountaintop, Pa. 1-800-822-8547.

  • LAURA03/07/2002

    I almost bought a bottle the other day at the store--not my style, but it's a fragrance my mother has owned for years. I don't know how often she wears it (if ever), but it's in her medicine cabinet and her bathroom always smells like Lutece. I don't even know how to rate it, because most of it's appeal to me is pure nostalgia.

  • NIKKI01/08/2002

    I wore this in high school in 1985. If you like it, try the new Kenzo Flower. It smells similar but Lutece is a less expensive.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    It smells like an inexpensive and low-grade scent to me. Oh well!

  • TM3069@AOL.COM11/14/2001

    This was also a powder. Can anyone tell me where I can find this? Lotion too?


    They did sell a body shampoo, but can't find it any where, can any one help me.

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