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O De Lancome   

32 Reviews

Citrus, Floral, Green. Discovered by Lancome in 1969, O de Lancome is a timeless classic - a sparkling fragrance that's invigoratingly fresh and natural. Its scent is a cascade of refreshing, vivifying notes that call to mind showers of bright, lush surroundings. A cascade of refreshing notes: bergamot, lemon, tangerine, honeysuckle. Prolonged by more

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Citrus, Floral, Green. Discovered by Lancome in 1969, O de Lancome is a timeless classic - a sparkling fragrance that's invigoratingly fresh and natural. Its scent is a cascade of refreshing, vivifying notes that call to mind showers of bright, lush surroundings. A cascade of refreshing notes: bergamot, lemon, tangerine, honeysuckle. Prolonged by mingling aromas: basil, rosemary, coriander. Supported by deep chords: oakmoss, sandalwood, vetiver.

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  • ANNETTE 04/21/2015

    ...Lively scent, not overpowering.

  • JOHN01/25/2009

    This has been my wife's signature summer scent since we were newlyweds. There is something about this fragrance I can't describe but I really love it on her. It's never annoying or "perfumey".....just clean and pleasant. It is also very European smelling. It always reminds me of my wife and I love her with all my heart !!

  • VALERIE08/23/2008

    I have worn this fragrance for over 35 years whenever I could find it. It is a classy, refreshing and beautiful elixir for summer!

  • BARBARA W03/06/2008

    Zippy and fresh, great scent when you're in the mood for something invigorating. Could be unisex.

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    I love the green bottle, don't care for the scent in the bottle but it's good on my skin. Ended up not buying it anyway though. Bought CK Eternity Summer and EA Green Tea Tropical instead because I was more in a mood for something fruitsy and citrusy on that rainy May day I went summer scent shopping. Lancome has never done any wrong in my book though.

  • PERFUME PERSON03/23/2007

    This is great for weather temps over 80. Great citrus start that lasts maybe 5 mins., then off to a very herbal, woody smell. Very good - not a prissy feminine smell, but a warm weather woody fragrance.

  • AGATHA02/17/2007

    It reminds me of a scent I was given as a kid for Christmas that specifically designed for Christmas - the oakmoss, rosemary and cirtus. It smells like its meant for men in a retirement village. I tried 3 times to wear it, to give it a descent go; but no. This is the most disappointing Lancome fragrance.

  • GREEKGIRL01/24/2007

    Hello again, sorry i didnt get back sooner, i have just come back from holidays, well i have a few of the frags you mentioned, Oscar is just lovely, Eau de Rochas, i have been looking for but cant find, Chanel 19 i have and love, Premier Jour ill have to try and get back to you, thanks and bye for now, Helen.

  • RAJUL12/28/2006

    hi ! if you liked o de lancome for summer i think you may like these too...... eau de rochas which is also very refreshing... premier jour which i like for summer but disappears on me during winter ! ofcoarse chanel 19 ! truth by ck.... miss dior (but u know that !!) cologne by thierry mugler is another lovely one ! oscar by oscar de la renta. you see i live in india where the weather varies from warm to hot and we have hardly any really cold winter to speak of (the northern regions are diff and enjoy more variations in weather). so, even though i adore perfume i have to be so careful in the seasonal choices. at the moment the evenings are pleasant, so, i grab the opportunity to wear my sexier orientals and chypres in the a little over a month it'll be back to the very ones im suggesting to you :) yet...... what would life be without fragrances and perfumes........? i think its one of the joys of being a woman !

  • GREEKGIRL12/14/2006

    I just bought this one for summer, i have to agree with Rajul, this is very refreshing on a hot aussie day, this and 4711 are my summer frags, wish i was able to get the shower gel over here.

  • MARIE07/05/2006

    like most perfumes everywhere, the company has changed the formula again. However I must admit this that this time, the formula was not changed for the worse.

  • ALICIA02/20/2006

    Great summer fragrance, as is 4711. If you do not like unisex scents, this might not be for you.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    i used this in eau de toilette about 20 years ago ! it was soooooo refreshing and particularly in summer during the sweltering heat n humidity. a cooool shower followed by a lavish spray of o de lancome and ur all set to face the day !!!!! yet if ur looking for a perfume with personality that lingers long after u have gone in the mind of the one you were with......the kind that evokes images of you just by a whiff then this is not the one. that would have to be a sexy one like coco chanel or a classy one like oscar de la renta or maybe paloma picasso ??!!

  • ANNE01/10/2006

    Hi! I'm always on the look-out for new fragrances and happened upon this. I am a HUGE fan of Prescriptives Calyx ... is this anything like it? I noticed they share a lot of the same notes. Is it considered day or evening? Sounds fresh and daytime but needed your expert opinions! Thanks!

  • ZIPPY10/18/2005

    I love O, which I received it as a gift, but agree that it's summery. So what scent do my fellow O wearers use when it's chilly?

  • ALLISON R.10/12/2005

    I own this scent, and loved it years ago. It is a bit sharp I agree, and have found a replacement for it. It is called Herba Fresca by Guerlain. I appreciate them both in the same way, and get compliments when I wear Herba Fresca. Try it and see.

  • MEOW-MEOW08/09/2005

    Yap, actually i have tried most of the fragrances you recommand. The pity is they don't have 'the edge' that O de Lancome gives me. Recently i tried D'orange the Vert by Hermes and pleasantly it smells kind of similar to O de Lancome but softer in the opening. I guess i've found my perfume. :-) But thank you very much for your kindness!

  • NEL07/27/2005

    Hi, if O de Lancome, is a bit sharp for your sensitive nose. Try (Happy to be) EDP. by Clinique. Another great soft sent is the original (Happy) edp. also by Clinique Also (Chanel # 19 and (Cristalle by Chanel ) Cristalle a soft great summer fragrance, not sharp. I don't no if you tried (OUI) edt. by Lancome, it's soft not sharp, but has no staying power, another nice summer fragrance.

  • MEOW-MEOW06/30/2005

    I tried this one before and i really like it. However i find it a bit 'sharp' for my sensitive nose. I would like to know if there is any other fragrance that is similar to this but on a softer side? Thanks in advance. :-)

  • JANE04/28/2005

    I would like this on my husband. Not a feminine scent at all. Oui, on the other hand is lovely. Fresh, light and feminine.

  • DEBORAH04/28/2005

    I would like this on my husband. Not a feminine scent at all. Oui, on the other hand is lovely. Fresh, light and feminine.

  • TRIXII03/03/2005

    My absolute most favorite scent! I've been wearing it for years. And it smells the same now as it did when I first started wearing it. I grew up in Europe, and the scent reminds me of the open-air markets; citrus, floral, spring.

  • MARIA UESKPSA02/28/2004

    I have sampeled it in a store but it seems to have no staying power on this a lasting fragrance? also,i can't find an eau de parfum,all i get here is eau de toilette

  • MARIE02/06/2004

    Always running out if it!!!!

  • ABIGAIL10/11/2003

    I was surprised to read it's been around since 1969 because as far as I know it's never been a "fad" fragrance nor have I ever been offended by someone using it to excess. It's refreshing yet complex, a real mood lifter for me. I wear it even in the winter months.

  • ELINOR07/24/2003

    It's the best summer fragrance..wish you had the body cream

  • CMW.05/25/2003

    this scent is amazing especially in the summer months... it instantly puts me in a different place... calms on a hot day like nothing else.... when I travel to the tropics I'm never without it!!! mmmmmmm!!!

  • CAROLINA01/17/2003

    It´s a summer clasic. I enjoy trendy fragances but O de Lancome is the most fresh scent I´ve ever tryed. Green and citrus you can´t go wrong with it in a hot humid summer day. Please try it.

  • JEZ12/02/2002

    I bought some for my girlfriend after she commented on my Armani, sayinf it was v. similar. If you want something citrusy, fresh & evocative, this is it!

  • TRISH10/20/2002

    I have been wearing this scent for over twenty years now. For a long spell during the 80's, it was unavailable in the US so I had to go to Canada or Europe to get it. All I can say is that everywhere I go, people ask me what fragrance I have on. I am convinced it is a chemistry just so happens to smell great on ME. So, if you like citrusy/sporty scents, at least try this. If it works, you'll know because people will notice. I'll only stop using it when I just can't buy it anymore!

  • JENNA07/29/2002

    My mom wears this and I think that it is ok for summer but it smells like a whole lot of greenery which isn't that great for me but on some people it works.

  • RITA C07/12/2002

    It is such a feel good fragrance for the summer. Great for those hot and steamy days. Like cool lemonade.

  • MARIE07/08/2002

    This is a fragrance that is not especially beautiful when yuo try it on firtst time, but then, lovely to spray all over you in warm weather. Most fragrances I buy get boring after a while, this one I love more and more and get compliments on.

  • DENISE05/13/2002

    This is the scent of summer, day and night

  • BETTY04/30/2002

    I have worn this for years. As soon as it is warm enough for a summer dress, on goes the O. I think it is fresh, soft and cool and feminine. It goes with sunshine and Sauvignon Blanc.

  • ASCHATAN04/17/2002

    It's much gentler, not so harsh, I agree with Aida. And warm, more orange- than lime-citrussy.


    You either like this scent or you don't. It's got notes of Jasmine and Honeysuckle. It's recommended for spring/summer wear. I highly recommend the shower gel!

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    I don't agree.This is beautiful if it suits you. Very clean fresh citrus scent, beautiful on blondes. It is not for me, but I think if you like citrus scents look no further

  • AIDA03/18/2002

    If you want to try a really good citrusy scent, buy Biotherm's "Eau Vitaminee". This one is nice, fresh, great for warmer weather (citrus, grapefruit, combined with jasmine, freesia, white lily and white musk). O de Lancome is horrible.

  • KC PHOENIX03/13/2002

    This is an au naturel fregrance. It changes after you put it on--in about 30 minutes, it becomes your own fragrance. I have gotten nothing but compliments on my scent. I have never been told I smell like a man. If there is a man's fragrance like this one, I want to get it for my man--NOW!!!

  • ASCHATAN03/10/2002

    I read someone's raving on about how wonderful this fragrance was, so I tried it - smells like toilet cleaner to me. Horrible.

  • ANDREA G.11/29/2001

    O de Lancome is very citrusy and sharp, as one post said - like man's aftershave. I've never liked it at all, and today there are so many nice fresh fragrances on the market you can buy instead of this terrible O.

  • KATHY BRUNO08/29/2001

    Perfect summertime fragrance... light and romantic-a treat...

  • SUSAN08/28/2001

    I agree with Ruby, it smells great when you first put it on, but ended up smelling like a man's aftershave. It was cooling though.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    smells like guerlain vetiver, which is a men's fragrance

  • LUCIENNE04/25/2001

    A very fresh smell, very summery

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