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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs   

122 Reviews

Destined to be a classic, Marc Jacobs is a luxurious and feminine floral blend of gardenia, cedar, ginger, muget and musk.

3.4 oz EDP Spray
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Destined to be a classic, Marc Jacobs is a luxurious and feminine floral blend of gardenia, cedar, ginger, muget and musk.

  • ALLISON04/30/2012

    Soft, fresh, and a little sweet. I can see it appealing to a lot of people of various age ranges. It's feminine without coming across too "young" smelling.

  • LIN06/07/2010

    WOW! I just ordered a sample spray vial of this stuff and it knocked my socks off (in a GOOD way)...I went ahead and ordered a 3.4 oz bottle of this...On me, it's green floral & aquatic...What I like the best is that it doesn't change after a few hours...It stays pretty true... :o)

  • S'ME11/20/2009

    This is so fresh and gorgeous, it's very elegant and if you like gardenias - this is worth a try

  • REBECCA11/03/2008

    I absolutely lovethis cologne. if they ever take it off the market i will be heart broken, this is all i wear. everyone comments on it. it is just enough not over powering.I searched for perfume for 20 yrs. & i finally found this......

  • BLONDIE04/15/2008

    For travel I would suggest the lotion, or get a good cosmetic case which has little straps around the edge to keep your perfume upright. Also there used to be a solid perfume in this I think. Don't know if it's still around or not.

  • REBECCA02/27/2008

    Someone asked if this was going to be d/c, and it's not. If you see it at a discount store, it's just overstock being resold. I have seen alot of fragrances at those stores that are very popular. This is MJ's signature perfume, and those are rarely d/c. This perfume is potent on my skin, a little goes for a long day. Very feminine, Marc brought alot of attention to the gardenia.

  • LUCKYCATS02/05/2008

    You are almost correct, but Marc has a surprise little green twist in his that lightens it up and makes it so much more modern and "cool". I was sad I'd already invested in Michael when Marc Jacobs came out right afterwards, I would have bought it instead. Until my Michael is gone, I "green it up" by spraying some Lucky for Men, or another equally "green" scent to walk through as my last step.

  • BLONDIE01/18/2008

    For all of the former Joy lovers out there like me, give this one a try. Since P&G ruined Joy perfume many have been searching I'm sure as I have for a replacement. This is not like Joy in the actual scent except that I think Marc does have some jasmine in it, but it has the same uplifiting effect to it. I have searched for years and this is the closest I've some to getting really happy with anything else. Give it a try.

  • M.A.01/06/2008

    This is hands down my favorite perfume! I travel alot and the box does not stand up to the travel. It has leaked out into my luggage, although my luggage smells great! Any tips???

  • KRIS09/20/2007

    I don't mean to sound snobby but I can't tolerate this fragrance in the EDP. I do however love the pure parfum. Though it is classic, it isn't too serious. It's fresh and so lovely and I can see myself being satisfied with this for many years. P.S. the pure parfum purse spray is a wonderful purchase. It makes it so that I can take my pure parfum with me.

  • CK04/09/2007

    Ifound the brumee' body spray at a discount store and was shocked to know it was only $19.99! It last on the skin as well as the edp. This is a creamy white lotion spray. Wonderful!

  • MARLYS03/13/2007

    I am finding this with increasing frequency at the discount stores. Today I got an entire package of EDP, lotion and bath gel that was deeply discounted. I hope that doesn't mean that this wonderful product will be discontinued. This is a beautiful floral that emphasizes gardenia and has amazing staying power. The bath products are of the highest quality and completely true to the fragrance.

  • HAPPILY HUNTING02/20/2007

    One of my faves. A little sharp at first, then turns into beautiful watery gardenia, with a slight creamy blonde? wood undertone. Love it for summer! *use with lotion/ oil on skin, or try new solid!

  • MARY ALICE02/09/2007

    I just noticed your question. In my previous post, I gave my opinion about some perfumes that M.J. resembles. I also like Prada, but it doesn't last on me. I've never tried any of the Kenzo products. To me, M.J. is very floral with just the barest hint of warm spice. I hope this helps.

  • MARY ALICE02/09/2007

    I just found the EDP in a mark-down bin in a pharmacy (!?). The price was so good, I would have gotten it no matter what it was. It reminds me somewhat of Casual, Blonde and Carolina Herrera. It lasts for hours on me. It is a clean pleasing floral that, on me, is subtle and soothing. It is warm enough for winter wear.

  • NESE02/08/2007

    I wonder Marcs Jacobs smells.I like PRADA,KENZO ORIENTAL..It is suit for me...Please someone help me...

  • TERRI12/21/2006

    This is a bouquet of freshly picked gardenias. A beautiful, top of the line scent. I usually don't like florals but I recv'd as a gift & because it's so pure it's wonderful & intoxicating. I can't get enough of it.

  • VANESSA08/15/2006

    A classic gardenia scent that has descent staying power. This is a staple for me when I go out, or in the winter. If you're a fan of white florals (tuberose, magnolia, gardenia...) you'll love this.

  • CHARLOTTE08/10/2006

    If you like this one buy a scent called "Tulle Skirt". It's one of those "Skirt" scents you see in boutiques. It's pretty much identical to Marc Jacobs even has the same listed ingredients. Costs $20.00. I have both and they are impossible to tell apart.

  • BRANDY07/19/2006

    If u like tuberose and gardenia you'll probably fall for this one. Kenneth Cole Black is a MJ knockoff.

  • ANDREA02/26/2006

    This is very nice, yes there is something of a *classic* cool floral i it. Very elegant fragrance, nice for summer I think... Refreshing and light.

  • TAM01/31/2006

    It smells wonderful. It reminds me of summertime and special memories. I always receive many compliments when I wear it. My children love it too.

  • DJ12/21/2005

    which does not mean bad just reminds me of bathroom spray, i tryed twice already, i really wanted to like it to wear on me, not for spray in bathroom, i felt that others might think the same way and the people at my work will say it does, i already had someone said that to me not sure if it was good or bad, but i will keep on trying:)

  • JAN11/22/2005

    Though I am not a fan of new fads, this is not a fad, it is here to stay. I love classics and this is bound to become one. Marc Jacobs, and Champs Elysees are my two favorite summer fragrances. I prefer Fracas and Bandit for winter. May try Coco's soon. Hear it is a great winter scent.

  • ROBIN 09/11/2005

    If you want another gardenia scent with a twist, give Versace Crystal Noir a try; it's got gardenia and amber, and you might just love it as much as I do. (Hint: having amber as a base, it's also quite reminiscent of Stella on the drydown, just to give everyone a bit of a steer in the right direction. Perfume's so wonderfully complex and individualistic, isn't it? That's why we all adore it so much, and are always on the lookout for another one to fall head over heels for... you can't have too many ....)

  • PATTY HARRIS09/04/2005

    Yes, I agree w/Reese, the Michael Kor and Marc Jacobs has been compared, but I feel Marc Jacobs is still sexy and beautiful, as Michael Kors is more heavier for fall/winter does linger longer the Marc Jacobs, also love this that we can compare scents. They both have their own positive images, although w/Marc Jacobs you must layer. Try body products and EDP if you can't afford the real Perfume. I give them both 2 heads up> I have both in my wardrobe.

  • JACOBITE09/02/2005

    I really love the scent--I'm a Southern girl and I adore the sweet, gardenia perfumes. But I have to reapply three times a day to keep the scent going. It disappears too fast!

  • VICTORIA08/14/2005

    Before I tried this perfume, I hated gardenia and tuberose fragrances with a passion. it always smelled too cloying to my nose. However, Marc Jacobs perfume is unlike any gardenia perfumes you've smelled before-its very fresh and lush scent. I fell in love with it and now I like most gardenia fragrances. Staying power will depend on what concentration you are using. I used perfume and about 4 hours later ran into woman i knew. First thing out of her mouth was "Oh, you smell wondeful". I suggest perfume, layered with body lotion. That combination works for me.

  • FLOWERBUG07/23/2005

    Does anybody else experience a realy foul aftertaste like aftersmell to this perfume? It starts out really nice, but then after a while it just smells horrible on my skin..

  • JAN06/27/2005

    So soft, so wonderful. Long lasting, not overwhelming. My husband is crazy about it. The softest of Gardenia's.

  • CHARLENE 06/14/2005

    This is the Gardenia scent for people who don't like Gardenias. Don't know how they did it but it is NOTHING like any other Gardendia perfume I have ever tried. Have hated them all except this one. My new signature scent. Love it!!

  • BLONDIE06/13/2005

    Can't believe that anyone could compare this to Sand & Sable. That stuff is stong enough to knock you over. This is much more subtle and well made. Gardenia is in there, yes, but it does not overwhelm. I ususally cannot wear Gardenia as it gives me a headache, but do not have that problem with this. On me it seems to smell more like freesia for some reason. Love it.

  • BLONDIE06/13/2005

    This scent just makes you feel good. Period. Delicious and lovely, a perfect signature scent for any age at any time of year. Ideal!


    I don't know why they (Marc Jacobs & Michael Kors) are often compared because they smell unlike to me. While Marc Jacobs is good, I find Michael Kors being Exceptionally Delicious. Marc Jacobs smells exactly like gardenia, there's no layering of anything else, exactly like smelling a fresh gardenia and the dry down is so soft that it's undetectable unless someone literally kiss you on the spot you spray it on.The dry down does sometimes remind people of "banana essence". Michael kors is more tuberose and Chinese Osmanthus, and no gardenia.

  • S05/04/2005

    This is very different from Michael Kors. Michael Kors' ingredients contain tuberose, freesia, and incense. Marc Jacobs' ingredients contain gardenia, ginger, and musk. Marc Jacobs is a clean, airy, and beautiful flowy fragrance. It is perfect for spring and summer, in my opinion. It seems to wear off a bit quickly, but it does linger on for others to get a slight whiff if they're close to you. The bottle is very pretty, but a bit problematic. I've seen many testers that have a faulty top lever, so it won't spray. Also, it won't travel too well since there is no cap. The 1.7 oz. is $65 and the 3.4 oz. is $85. Pricy, but worth it.

  • JILLIAN04/23/2005

    I'm pretty surprised that some here claim that this scent smells just like Michael Kors or like plain gardenias. I find Michael to be too heavy and "perfumy," and gardenias, for some reason, make my stomach acid rise into my throat (not very pleasant). But I have tried Marc Jacobs many times, and while its heavy at first, it dries to a light floral fragrance that gives a slight impression of gardenias. It made me think of playing around my church's fountain on an Easter Sunday when I was little. It has that slightly watery effect, which I love. Plus, when my sister hurt her foot in the mall, she sniffed my sample of Marc Jacobs and instantly felt better! I guess for some it has healing properties...

  • SWEETANGEL2002U04/20/2005

    This does not smell like Micheal Kors at all!!! Kors has no Gardenia in it. If you are not a gardenia fan, then this one is not for you. If you like gardenia, this will be one of your favorite scents. A little goes a long way though, so don't bathe in it.

  • SHARON WILLIAMS04/15/2005

    I order Marc Jacobs by mistake; however, I love the fragrance. I meant to order Blush. My boyfriend loves this fragrance.

  • PAM03/31/2005

    Almost as wonderful as Micheal. Definitely a classy scent. Really brightens the mood. beautiful.

  • BEBE BULLET03/24/2005

    the touch of romance marc jacob. magnificant. creative emotions. try its outstanding. very nice.

  • PERF03/06/2005

    Very much like tuberose...... this is a nice rendition of tuberose.... not too heavy or powdery.... tuberosey but still somewhat "somewhat" fresh.... not cloying...... nice...... if you love your tuberose in your garden you will loooove this!

  • CHRISTINE01/27/2005

    I LOVE this fragrance. I get told how nice I smell all the time. They always say how subtle it is. It lasts a long time for me, too. It has become my favorite.

  • SHARRIE01/07/2005

    i vote yes for mark jacobs. holidaze. legend to be. inspiraton of the senses of smell true talent of the stars.wonderful

  • DOT01/03/2005

    This fragrance is one of my three favorites. Itakes a long time for a scent to be introduced that I love and this is definitely one of them.

  • SHARRIE12/29/2004

    bold, the mystery is in the bottle. full of life. a wonderful way to start your day. awesome.

  • LOLA12/07/2004

    From far away, Marc Jacobs smells lovely, but once you spray it on, it stays on like a bad bug spray. Nasty. I love the scent of gardenias but after I tried it I smelled like a candle on legs.

  • DOLLY11/29/2004

    Hi, I think Marc Jacobs is better than Vera Wang I have both & I regret to buy the Vera Wang one... : ( honestly doesn't smells better than Marc J. Is just so femmenine, in the street everybody ask for my perfume

  • DENISE11/07/2004

    this fragrance is just ok in my opinion,if you like gardinia you will like this,it is nothing special,it is just gardinia,and does not really last long.

  • BRIDE10/05/2004

    I got married a few months ago and wanted a light, pretty, yet appealing scent to wear for the wedding. I had never tried Marc Jacobs, but I loved it. It was perfect and everyone loved it on me!!!! It's a staple for me now! Great pick for Brides to be.....forget Vera Wang....go for Marc Jacobs!!!

  • JODIE09/02/2004

    This smells exactly like Michael by Michael Kors. I wanna' be just like Mike!

  • CRISTABELLA08/30/2004

    I think the woman's husband in the last comment has more taste in perfume than her! Romance is a lovely perfume, but it's worn out by everyone! What's the point in wearing perfume is it bothers someone you love? This is the best perfume, it's sexy as hell and wearable for all occasions at the same time.

  • CHICNCHARGE08/28/2004

    The scent reminds me of Honeysuckle. I will wear it to keep from hurting my husband's feelings but I prefer to have a bottle of Ralph Lauren's Romance on hand for special occasions. Marc Jacobs goes to work with me, it has staying power even on those very hectic days.


    I have a sample of this fragrance and it's wonderful. It reminds you of Kors but not as intense nor does it have a strong floral content. You must know something about your fragrances to appreciate this one. I don't think it gets the credit it really deserves.........................

  • CHARLOTTE07/12/2004

    I work with a lady that wears this perfume. I always smelled it when she walked by but never asked until last week. It is a wonderful scent.

  • LIZ06/30/2004

    this fragrance is sublime, feminine, luxurious and elegant,and quite intense. But please only wear it for the dressiest occasions and cool weather. I smelled it once on a young woman a the takeout line at Chili's restaurant, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It smelled great but the intensity of the fragrance clashed with her casual clothing. Just an FYI

  • CRAZY4SMELL06/17/2004

    It is delicious! Yes, it does smell like Michael Kors however they are different. Both are great fragrances. A great uplifting fragrance for those who like clean and crisp notes in their perfumes.

  • XOXOXOXOXO06/01/2004

    This pefume is light and perfect smelling. I always get great compliments whenever I wear it. One co-worker loves its "buttery" smell (meaning that it is a warm fragrance). Another co-worker always exclaims that I smell so good each time I wear it. It's a very feminine, non-offensive, and light fragrance. Those who have complained about it on this board have their noses up their bums!

  • KRISTI05/26/2004

    I love this perfume,it's the option of not smelling like tons of flowers at one time. The gardenia is crisp and clean. The soft musk makes it sexy and warm. There is a difference between it and michael kors,because two perfumes use gardenia as a note doesn't make them the same. I do agree that sand and sable is the bargain if you want michael kors,but not the price.

  • NUNNERY05/23/2004

    Marc Jacobs himself was trying to create the scent of gardenias in a vase of water. Hence, this fragrance has an aquatic note. I think that was what ruined it for me. In the background, I smell the tiniest hint of gardenia SMOTHERED by this horrible cucumber melon type of scent. Yes, that same type that one can find at any candle or bath and body shop.

  • PULURETTA04/29/2004

    So-so, can also be found under the alias of Michael Kors.

  • LEUVENITE04/17/2004

    Smells an awful lot like . . . sunscreen? I think it's an overdose of both gardenia and vanilla.

  • PULURETTA04/16/2004

    This is a great scent. Sweet and floral, yet subtle. I find that a lot of florals can be overwhelming, however this is nice. It's a great spring/ summer fragrance!

  • JANE02/02/2004

    I am not sure if I smell gardenia, but surely jasmine, which I seem to like a lot. Everytime I wear this perfume, I feel like being surrounded by thousands of fresh-cut flowers. It's just lovely.

  • BELLE01/30/2004

    This fragrance is a pretty one. It's very feminine. Key factor:You must like gardenia to wear this. That note in it is the most prominent. This is definitely a floral. Recommend for spring & summer.

  • MICHELLE01/14/2004

    I always inhale deeply after spraying myself with this scent and let out an ahhhh! It just transports me to Maui or just anywhere warm and fun. I recommend this as a daytime fragrance. However I also wear this in winter just to give me a "lift".

  • DINI12/29/2003

    Subtle gardenia tempered with ginger. Not as pure-smelling as Chanel Gardenia but very nice and not cloying or heavy like Michael Kors or Kashuk gardenia scents. Goes very nicely with B&BW gardenia lily lotion too.

  • KATHY1112/26/2003

    I never tried this in the past because I assumed I wouldn't like a gardenia scent. I sprayed my arm with Marc Jacobs while out shopping today and couldn't stop smelling my arm all day! I would save this for the summer but will definitely buy it.

  • LUCINDA10/22/2003

    I received a sample of this and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I am a true gardenia fan but the smell is subtle and not strong and very clean and light smelling. I totally recommend this scent!!

  • NOEMI10/19/2003



    Bit too heavy on the gardenia and very strong. Not for me.

  • YRAM09/14/2003

    This fragrance smells like you are surrounded by a lovely garden. It is still easy to smell (without having to sniff the skin) after several hours. Usually the nose gets used to the fragrance and others can smell it but you can't. This one is different.

  • KATHLEEN07/28/2003

    Marc Jacobs reminds me of Michael Kors - too sweet. Too much gardenia.

  • KBN07/04/2003

    I have the body creme, lotion and powder in this fragrance and all three of them have poor packaging,use designing... The lotion pump is very low and gets on the bottle, you have to tip the powder upsidedown to get it to sift out and getting the lid off the body creme is sure to mess up your manicure... By the time I got done using them, I had to wipe everything off with my towel from product residue and was stressed out... Smelled good, but stressed out...

  • CHRISTINE06/23/2003

    my new spring/summer scent. Lovely gardenia fragrance, somewhat softer than Michael Kors

  • KBN06/20/2003

    I smelled this on my mom and the first thing I said to her is that it smelled like shampoo. It smells nice like you just came out of the shower and shampooed your hair. I know we have all smelled someones freshly shampooed hair and said to ourselves, if only that scent would stay with me all day. This does not smell like Michael; two entirely different scents, I was not that impressed with Michael.

  • JACKIE06/03/2003

    i don't have a good sense of how perfume smells on me but i do know when i smell it on someone else. my boyfriend picked out, according to him, the ultimate perfume - calvin klein's sheer obsession. however, i wanted something that smelled clean. i bought marc jacobs - based on someone else's opinion. my boyfriend told me that he didn't like it - i smelled like i just walked out of the shower! good enough for me...

  • MURKI05/21/2003

    Scent is in the nose of the...smeller? Anyway, there's one out there for everyone..bought my mom this lotion and she likes it but it's very intense. Don't think it smells like Sand & Sable, that's got a bit more vanilla or something creamy.

  • PEB05/06/2003

    tried it for a few days and it really was too strong for me.

  • DEENA04/17/2003

    i agree w/you that chanel gardenia is the best - subtle and classy. michael is too strong and makes me ill! i cant find chanel at stores any more but saw it online at

  • GLORIA04/16/2003

    When I went testing...I smelled Michael and Marc Jacobs. Hands down I wanted Michael. To me it was so much more sensual. I may take AuntGooey's advise and try some for the daytime. Who knows. Sorry, I still love Michael.

  • DEENA04/13/2003

    has anyone tried this or is spritzing the parfum thru the hair just as good? i tried this scent once at the mall and something about the ginger note just doesn't sit right w/me.

  • LOUISE04/11/2003

    i'm in love with marc jacobs. this parfum is the best.

  • BUBBLES03/29/2003

    I'm looking for a subtle gardenia scent to replace my limited edition hard to find Chanel Gardenia(the best!) Is this one subtle? I find Michael and Sonia Kashuk gardenia way too strong to the point of illness!

  • MICHELE03/27/2003

    did anybody notice the sweet taste in the back of the throat when you take a deep whiff of this fragrance-its really lovely!!

  • MICHELE03/27/2003

    I could bath in a dilution of this fragrance. Its magnetic,memorable engulf you and those around you, and has a very clean,sexy and sensual bottom note.

  • MICHELE03/26/2003

    reminds me of my all time favorite childhood bubblebath---now don't laugh--Mr. Bubble(the way they made it in the 60's)And, the bottom note is mmmmmm. Don't need much.

  • JANNINE03/26/2003

    I have trouble finding girly scents that don't strike me as pedestrian (I'm one of those strong perfume/spice/oriental/gourmand lovers). However, this perfume has so much depth and musk, and I do so love gardenia, that I had to have it. It smells silky and luxurious. Beautiful. Men adore it too- I call it the swoon perfume. I wear it on all first dates to ensure a second.

  • COLEY03/20/2003

    I really like it. It smells fabulous. On me, it is soft, springy, and smells lovely and feminine. A great fragrance.

  • SIDNEY03/12/2003

    Nice fragrance, but I went to Wallmart last weekend and smelled the Sand and Sable fragerance and it smelled exactly like Marc Jacob's perfume. I was stunned by the discovery. I hope it's not the same!

  • TAMMY03/09/2003

    my friend bought this fragrance for me for christmas. he kept going back to he picked it...Now he says i smell like a grandmother when i wear it...oh well..back to organza....he still loves that one!!

  • MS EXX03/06/2003

    gave me headache all day . Too strong and very offensive.

  • ELSA LIMA03/06/2003


  • SID02/12/2003

    No a man can never pull this off! This fragrance is much to feminine and way to sweet, it smells like a true gardenia flower. Try to smell the men's(Marc Jacobs) version, I have seen it at Sephora.

  • DEBRA B02/11/2003

    Any allergy sufferers out there have a problem with Marc Jacobs? i loved this scent in the bottle, on the sample card, and for about the first 10 minutes of wear. But then it seemed to attack my nose, and i couldn't scrub it off my wrist fast enough. too bad :<(

  • PIERRE02/09/2003

    DO u think a guy can pull this one off, i only say that because i love the Gardenia in this perfume.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE02/02/2003

    Pefrume is not only my hobby, but my passion as well. That's why I love Perfume Emporium. I can find the latest releases and read the description of the scent, too. It's a fun thing for me. However, I must say I'm rather taken aback, and not a little amused, by the viciousness of some comments. Some ladies seem to think that the manufacturers of a particular scent created said scent with the express intention of offending them. Others are downright offensive to those who wear a scent they (the commentators) don't like. I myself have been very candid about my feelings for what I call politically correct fragrances. I find them boring, to say the least. But that doesn't mean I rush to ascribe the same characteristic to those who wear them. C'mon, ladies. It's only perfume. One of the most personal things in the world. Lighten up and don't take other people's choices personally. :)

  • S.K.02/01/2003

    This scent smells exactly like Versace "Blonde"!

  • TAMAR01/30/2003

    To me Marc Jacobs smells VERY simular to Michael but much lighter. Bad, but not gross like Michael. I guess that both don't suit me.

  • ROZ01/10/2003

    I usually do not like gardenia smelling scents and would not generally wear Marc Jacobs alone, however, I found that using Body by VS lotion as well as the Marc Jacobs perfume (odd combo?) gives an incredible smell that is sure to last... and make heads turn.

  • JENNA12/30/2002

    I recieved the hair shine for Christmas and having originally asked for Michael Kors I wasn't exactly pleased until I smelt it. It is devine and it leaves your hair silky and nice smelling.

  • ZULEYHA12/20/2002

    i love strong floral femine scents and especially gardenia so this one is fantastic, and the hair shine is great too.

  • BETH12/20/2002

    This fragrance is just lovely. Very light, watery and floral. Maybe a little better for a summer fragrance, since it is so light. I think this will be one of my new favorites.

  • ERUANNE 11/30/2002

    This is one very pretty soft floral with some ambery woods in the base.... There is a watery note in it that makes it lush and fresh! A surprise for me that I loved it since I usually do not like aquatic or oceanic notes in perfumes...

  • GEN11/13/2002

    Marc Jacobs is watery, clean and just beautiful. It is one perfume that I put on and can not stop smelling myself. It really smells like Gardenias floating in a bowl of water, Lush and Fresh. This is my favorite perfume that has come out in a long time. You wear this and people will tell you all day long you smell wonderful. I wish I could buy the parfum though. That would be luxury.

  • AUNTGOOEY11/09/2002

    I've been a Michael Kors addict for awhile now (heavy, creamy tuberose with incense) but I had to face that it was too strong for daytime office wear. So I went searching and tried Marc Jacobs (gardenia and aqua mist notes). Jacobs said he wanted the "sensation of my head stuck in a bowl of fresh cut flowers, lush but watery." Now this is perfect for the office! Feminine and floral, but with a light kick of ginger, cedar and blonde woods in the base notes (drydown). I think this one is destined to be a classic. Now I wear Marc Jacobs during the day and Michael Kors when I go out at night.

  • STEF11/01/2002

    This is my NEW favorite scent. My sig scent for 8 yrs now is Bvlgari and now I'm torn between my sig scent and Marc Jacobs. I have to agree with Stephanie in her description of Marc Jacobs smelling like cashmere. Beware: the fragrance is very strong. A little goes a long way.

  • COLLEEN10/30/2002

    Smells like a bouquet of white flowers...pretty and delicate...

  • STEPHANIE10/30/2002

    I think I want some of this for Christmas. Not sure though, cause I love so many perfumes, but I really like this. Very deep smelling.. I think what draws me to it is the cedar in it. It just has the rich sorta "cashmere" kind of feeling to it, if I make sense. I know cashmere doesn't have a smell, but just sort of a rich, deep, sweet, floral smell.. intoxicating. I normally don't like gardenia all that much, but this is blended so well..

  • BETH10/15/2002

    Drives my husband wild

  • KATHLEEN09/30/2002

    Makes me feel like so pretty when I spray this on...

  • ELISABETH09/01/2002

    For some strange reason I LOVE Marc Jacobs! I find that 2 sprays is enough to last the entire day, any more and it is definitely "too much".

  • PAMPAM08/19/2002

    I have always enjoyed "true" floral scents that weren't stifling. I tried the tester of the Marc Jacobs body lotion because they didn't have a tester for the cologne. It smelled wonderful! The next week when I got paid I came back to purchase the gift set that included the cologne and lotion. It just so happened that they had a tester of the cologne available so I misted some on. I don't know if it was my body chemistry or the cologne itself, but it was NOT a good mix. I found it to be cloying, overpowering, and unfortunately (since I didn't like it) longlasting. Bottomline: Love the lotion (which is fresher and more lilting); hated the cologne (reminds me of Michael Kors and dead flowers).

  • MADELINE08/16/2002

    Not a signature scent, but a nice one. A delicate gardenia fragrance...not too thick or overwhelming.

  • AMY08/14/2002

    This has truly become one of my favorite scents. I have approximately 15 different bottles of perfume that I really like, but I find myself reaching for Marc Jacobs day after day after day. I love it!! If you like the smell of Gardenia, you will love this scent!!!

  • KAILEY08/06/2002

    I love the warmth and just the downright pleasantness of this fragrance. It is creamy and beautiful.

  • ADRIANA07/25/2002

    I bought MarcJacobs perfume in Harrods (London)

  • DANICA06/27/2002

    It does lose its body very quickly and then has a sharp quality, although the gardenia remains. It's ok.

  • KIM06/15/2002

    I love this perfume. From the first time I wore it - I was hooked. Has a wonderful light scent that is not too overpowering, but it also lasts.

  • LOLA06/11/2002

    while i cannot stomach michael kors for a split second,i also find Marc Jacobs to be a lot has a fresh,herbal lightness to it that is much gentler on the senses than the overwhelming pungent K.O in kors.

  • DM06/11/2002


  • TAM06/07/2002

    The only place you can buy Marc Jacobs in England is Harvey Nichols in London I'm afraid!

  • GAIL05/23/2002

    When I first smelled this last summer, I didn't really care for it because I'm not really into gardenia.The more I smell it though, the more I'm staring to like it. It has a creamy, soft smell to it after it drys down. I'll probably end up buying this one! By the way, has anyone smelled the new one by Kate Spade? It seems very similar to Marc Jacobs. What do you think?

  • 2010WOMAN05/19/2002

    I must admit the smell of gardenias is very pretty and sweet (actually too sweet). But I'm sorry I just don't think this is a very original fragrance. I expected more from Marc Jacobs. If I want a gardenia smell I can buy Crabtree and Evelyn's Gardenia or some other brand. It doesn't smell bad, I just wish he would have put more effort into selecting something more original than this.

  • MOLLY 05/16/2002

    Waaay too much gardenia! Something about the smell reminds me of a funeral home.

  • BERND HEROLD05/16/2002

    Can anybody tell me who the distributor in england is?

  • SHUGMAMI05/09/2002

    marc jacobs is very subtle fresh and light while michael is strong overwhelming creamy and heavy. Overall a great summer fragrance in fact it is my new signature

  • KAREN05/07/2002

    This perfume is so stunning. The scent is so special but natural. I wear it when I go to bed too.

  • TRACEY05/02/2002

    I love the fragrance of this perfume, although I find the scent does disappear rather quickly. Personally, I want to load up on body creme and spray on the EDT like crazy, but I'm afraid that I'll gag my coworkers. I just love the smell and wish it lasted longer -- even when layered with body creme.

  • SABRINA04/09/2002

    Michael Kors is a bit too strong for my tastes, but Marc Jacobs is perfect. Soft, warm floral without being too sweet or powdery smelling. By days end, it is light and barely detectable. Not for those that want a "Hey, can you still smell my perfume after the end of the day" fragrance. Many compliments.

  • ZEKIYE04/08/2002

    I will have to disagree with one of the previous comments stating it is not strong. I find this perfume too strong and too similar to Michael Kors.

  • DARCY03/26/2002

    This perfum is so wonderful. It doesn't give me a headache like other perfumes because it isn't too strong but it lasts for a long time. I love smelling it late in the day. It's just perfect, I would highly recommend it.

  • RENEE PRINCE03/21/2002

    It finally arrived!! I have loved this perfume since the first time I smelled a sample in the Instyle Magazine (Fall 2001) and I have been wearing it ever since its absolutely fantastic. If you choose to wear this fragrance you will constantly be asked "What's that beautiful scent you are wearing" I'm just glad it has finally arrived at Perfume Emporium...Horray!!!

  • KARINA03/19/2002

    This fragrance is rather nice out of the bottle, (I like the smell of gardenia) but it loses its "body" very, very quickly and starts to fade into a thin, sharp scent - reminded me of shampoo or liquid hand soap. Overall, I wasn't too impressed.

  • KW03/11/2002

    This perfume is an absolute must have there has never been a time that I have worn this perfume and two or three people stop me to ask me what I'm wearing. Well worth the purchase.

  • LESLIE03/09/2002

    Not for me, just doesn't smell right.

  • EVONE02/24/2002

    I love this scent also. It is very long lasting for a floral. I wear this everyday, it is appropriate for both evening and daytime. I think it is a great alternative if you think Micheal is too strong.

  • S02/23/2002

    A great perfume, elegant and long lasting. Looove the scent of gardenias

  • SHANNON KRALL02/20/2002

    This is an absoloutely lovely fragrace that conjurs up images of deserted tropical isles and lush green forests. The prominent and majestic scent of gardenias lasts well into the evening. Highly reccomended. SK

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