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Femme was created by Rochas in 1944 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses plum and peach, blended with light florals, jasmine, rose and soft warm undertones of patchouli and musk.

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Femme was created by Rochas in 1944 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses plum and peach, blended with light florals, jasmine, rose and soft warm undertones of patchouli and musk.

  • FERN 07/12/2013

    Beautiful feminine fragrance..... Timeless

  • ANNE-MAREE LEWIS09/27/2012

    It is just a sexy warm fragrance, that has been around since 1932, more people should try it as they will love it just as I do. When I wear this fragrance I always get asked what I am wearing.

  • LESLEY DELANEY02/21/2012

    Very happy Used to use femme around 50 years ago still as good Also extremely happy with the service from Galaxy

  • MAUREEN11/09/2011

    I prefer the OLD perfume, why can't I buy it? Why!don't they sell this again. Used it for over 30years. HELP???

  • SWEETTHING09/15/2011

    I have worn this for many, many years now and it still surprises me that people continue to spray perfume etc. onto their skin. I never have done as the aroma changes dramatically on different skin types. I always spray my clothes and not my skin, therefore when I try a perfume in a store, i.e. when they spray a piece of card, I know that this is the aroma that will smell the same on me. But if you like spraying perfume on your skin, the perfume will not smell the same on you as it does on me.

  • LYNDA11/21/2008

    I started wearing Femme in the 1960s because it was so distinctive. I still wear it as my favorite scent to this day. I feel special and sexy when I wear this fragrance although I prefer the older version.

  • LADONNA10/23/2008 very prominent in the EDT formula. Nice sillage and very feminine fragrance - if you can bear the cumin.

  • FEMININEFOX03/15/2008

    I love this scent..It reminds me a bit of the old world with a twist of high class modern society.

  • EVONET02/13/2008

    Just discovered this fragrance and WOW!! A little goes a long way, but if you put it on just right.... you feel sensual all day long.

  • JULIE08/27/2007

    I have worn and loved Femme since I was about 23 and have been wearing it for 27 yrs now... it was not always easy to come by since I lived in small towns in the midwest for much of the time. I find it VERY sexy- to be frank I consider it my F___ me fragrance!! Its very warm, full, anf fruity in a sophisticated way.Class and sex-appeal in a bottle if you ask me.

  • LULU08/22/2007

    Just luv it. Tried others but they just don't compare. Only one that makes me feel real feminine.

  • MARYJO06/18/2007

    I bought this on a whim,had no clue what it smelled like. I had seen it posted on this site,and there was a sale, buy one get another half price. I got Prada full price and the Femme half off. The first time I wore it, One lady said you smell so good, the bag-boy in the grocery said, said you smell really nice lady, and, my grown daughter said, I don't know what you have been wearing lately, but she wanted to try it, She has been wearing it every day for a week. She's very picky. It smells different on her than on me, but it smells wonderful on both of us.

  • MARY IN COLOMBIA02/06/2007

    I learned from femme fragance when I was 26. Now I am 66, I remember it as the best... so as to I have asked my sons for it as a gift. Should there be six stars qualification for Femme I would use it

  • SEXYLOU01/17/2007

    The first perfume I wore (almost 30 years ago, and the one I still love - divine!

  • KELLEY01/05/2007

    This is the best. I know this sounds odd, but my grandmother used to wear this - she was very trendy and sexy, died much too young. I was so thrilled when I found this on-line. Whenever I wear it I get great compliments from people and the scent makes me feel like grandma's with me. Thanks for making this great scent available!

  • SEXY KITTEN12/29/2006

    The first whiff of femme when I sprayed it on my wrist reminded me of those packages of taco seasoning mix...a cumin scent I guess....I waited awhile and sniffed again and it warmed up a little to a musky floral scent...spectacular it was not but it was husband smelled it as well and very politely said "no thank you, will you wash your wrist please?" Sorry, not a winner for me...Madame rochas is lovely however..

  • GIULIA12/08/2006

    Finally I have found femme rochas on e-bay... Now I am very happy, it's wonderfull!!! it's the perfume of my life.

  • ARABELLA11/25/2006

    After the first whiff of this stuff, I couldn't believe it. It smells like liquor, money, and sex. I can picture a sultry woman wearing this walking into a grand casino in Monaco to gamble the night away while sipping on an old fashioned martini. It's exquisite! And the bottle is so sensual, when you reach for it, it feels like your holding a juicy fruit in your hand.

  • GIULIA11/08/2006

    i love it but in Italy is difficult to find. help me thank you i 'm desperade...

  • MARGARET07/31/2006

    What a nice surprise to read from other fans of this beautiful fragrance. I don't know anyone else who wears it--but that is actually part of its appeal. I started wearing Femme in high school--in the mid 1960's--after reading an article that said it was Elizabeth Taylor's favorite! (This was before she got into the fragrance biz...and I was far more impressed with what movie stars did or did not do.) Well, Liz may have strayed, but I haven't. I adore it!

  • SCOTTISH 4907/30/2006

    I have worn this as my signature perfume for over 25 yrs. It has at least four different fruits in the base mixed with something else??It is womanly and warm and romantic.

  • JUDITH07/09/2006

    I have worn this perfume for over 40 years. It is a warm, sexual, secret signature fragrance for me. Best worn in EDP, PDT and Body Lotion. I cannot imagine life without this wonderful wamanly fragrance.

  • ANGELIQUE07/05/2006

    My sister had this on her dresser, and before testing it she warned me it was 'strong'. Initially I disagreed - I thought it smelt lovely. However, after around 5 minutes the 'lovely' smell reminded me of spices you'd put a curry. I asked my sister whether it smelt of curry on me and she said "I can see where you're coming from." This scent has a nice top note, but for me the middle and base notes are quite unpleasant.

  • MOONDEVA01/12/2006

    There is a pastry you can get in patisseries & coffee shops called an almond slice - it is light flaky pastry spread lightly with ground almond paste (not marzipan) and folded over on itself. It is then baked, sprinkled with golden toasted almond slices and dusted with icing sugar! Totally Yum and very moreish. They are very rich though, so it is very hard to eat more than two at any one time! :P Femme is the perfume equivalent of that gateaux confectionary. It is very french, elegant and refined but in the experience totally lush, mouthwatering, and full flavoured but never overblown or cloying. The peach, prune and cinnamon top notes immediately set your mouthwatering, the Grasse jasmine, Damascene Rose and Ylang-ylang of the mid notes are all at their most 'fondant' - dense, rich, creamy and the oakmoss, sandalwood, amber & musk basenotes are divine on the skin with the whole leaving you smelling almost edible! ;) Although classed as a fruity Chypre, Femme to me is also a gourmand delight which has much to teach the many brash vanilla / patchouli / caramel drowned gourmand fragrances of today.

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    A radiant perfume, sensual, cordial and disconcerting, always unequalled, built on an agreement of fruity and floral notes on a chypré bottom. A sensuality with flower of skin sublimated by Chantilly lace. Note head:plum, Rose of May Note heart: ylang-ylang, jasmine Basic note: foam of oak

  • SCOTTISH 4912/16/2005

    this perfume had mystery as no one can think what it smells of--I have been wearing it for 20yrs and have found nothing to match it as a favourite.

  • SABINA11/21/2005

    Transports me to an enchanted forest. Deep. Woodsy. Mystical. So glad I discovered Femme.

  • ANDREA08/26/2005

    simply extraordinary.this scent really grows on the beginning it's almost too alcholic, but after a while it starts sealing with your gets better and better, the only one becoming darker and fresher at the same time.i love the musky, woody and fruity notes it produces in time and the cumine aurea surrounding the all's the perfume of feminine skin, delicate but hot, sexy and "hormonal".can't stop smelling in italy i can't find the body lotion.the deodorant spray it's fantastic..not so for the shower gel.i noticed sellers here have samll amounts of the product, and often the boxes are old and ruined.not a top seller here.i love femme

  • MELANIE08/25/2005

    Warm,deep fruity,but not like so many scents . This is for a woman, not a girl. Well named, this is a perfect scent for a very special evening.

  • JASMINE08/24/2005

    I have given some thought to the comments here, about this fragrance. I used to wear it years ago, and recently ordered the EDP here. It arrived a few days ago. I think certain rich fragrances are not meant to be worn in cologne form. Cologne has a lot of "lift" -- one can smell it out to about 10 feet. That is not the best way to wear a rich fragrance. That is why I have always hated cologne, and preferred perfume, body powder or body lotion. They bloom close to the body -- it's more private, and therefore mysterious. I am currently wearing three drops of the EDP, on the skin under my clothes. Once it dries down a bit, it becomes my mysterious companion, and does not impose itself on others. That is perfume etiquette, one could say. Only those close to me, who love me most, get to enjoy it!

  • VIOLET05/16/2005

    This perfume surprised me. Nice, interesting scent that is quite unique, it grows on you. I am very hard to please yet this one is definitely a keeper.

  • H.01/07/2005

    LOVE IT .... what a shame if this doesn't agree with your body chemistry ... because if it does ... WOW ... A STUNNING SCENT ... THE EPITOMY OF ELEGANCE ... that's about it.

  • SHARRIE12/30/2004

    beautiful queen of the mysticl people. magickal dream. i miss my family and old boyfriends, i luve my man now he loves this smell on me. wonderful

  • SHANNON11/24/2004

    I was attracted to this scent by the lovely bottle. This is a very warm, elegant fragrance. There are some fruity notes in the composition, but to me they don't read "fruity" in the cloying manner of some contemporary perfumes. Instead they soften the edges of the spicy ingredients, resulting in a scent that is smooth and sensuous smelling. This is what I would consider a "classic" scent, but easier to wear than some other brands (such as Guerlain). No particular note dominates - nicely balanced. Suits a confident adult woman. Ideal for colder months as it is warm with a hint of spice. I'm eager to check out some of the other Rochas fragrances after sampling this one.

  • DAWN10/04/2004

    I bought a bottle of this when I was 21, in 1983, and loved it, but I tended not to use it much because the bottle was a splash and not a convenient spray. Though I loved the scent, I tended to grab for the 'Ralph Lauren' or the 'Opium' that could be applied much easier. In recent years I've become very picky about fragrances, disliking many of the new ones out today, and started wondering why there were no more great perfumes I could get excited about. Then, a few weeks ago, I was watching my DVD set of the 1970's British comedy 'Are You Being Served?' and I noticed a bottle of 'Femme' sitting on Mrs. Slocombe and Miss Brahms' counter! I recalled that, hey, THAT was a perfume I'd really liked and I wondered if it was still available and in a spray. It was, I got some, and I'm happy with it. So, if you're not impressed by the more contemporary fragrances out there, there's no law saying you can't 'rediscover' an old classic a-new! And your memories of them can be jogged in the strangest places!

  • SUZANNE07/06/2004

    I forgot to mention - the lovely botle is based on the shape of Mae West's voluptuous hips! Just a fun fact to know. Early Rochas perfumes were all marketed in this same bottle shape - just different color lace packaging.

  • SUZANNE07/05/2004

    I am only familiar with the new Femme, reformulated by Olivier Cresp in 1989. It was very important to the company (Rochas) that he keep the SPIRIT of the original fragrance, while making it more appealing to modern tastes. (The original Femme came out in 1944, right after the end of WWII. It was a "cult" fragrance, and was compared to "avant-gard music.") The new Femme, I believe, lives up to the spirit of the original. It starts off with an assertive chypre note and quickly dries down to a soft, powdery, fruity, woodsy, and musky-skin scent. The sensual spicy note of cumin, which was a brilliant idea, gives the perfume that shamefully erotic note that inspired me to call it "Sex in a Bottle" (and my husband, if he knew I was writing this, would agree.)

  • KRIS03/22/2004

    I've been wearing Femme since college in 1964 when my boyfriend gave it to me. My daughter came to visit the other day and hugged me and said, Umm. You smell like my mommy. My mother says the same thing, so it is my signature scent. I love it and have never found anything to replace it.

  • JEANNEMARIE01/25/2004

    Drop-dead gorgeous! Primal and feminine.

  • LINDA10/22/2003

    I first encountered Femme in a little store in Mexico in 1979. It took me a few years to track it down in my small home town in the States, but I've been wearing it ever since. It's a lovely warm scent with woody, amber notes that are lightened with a bit of fruity fragrance. It definitely is a "grown up" scent and I find I'm more drawn to wearing it in colder weather.

  • STEPHANIE09/20/2003

    This is a beautiful chypre fragrance that I love for fall and winter. It reminds me of sipping a glass of spiced cider in front of the fireplace on a windy Halloween night. It's like warmth, hugs, and big bulky sweaters all wrapped up in a fragrance.

  • MARY06/08/2003

    I have used Femme since college--37 years. My family loves it and so do I.

  • C05/26/2003

    musty, sickly sweet, pungeant

  • JULIA03/08/2003

    I love this fragance since l966.I advise you to buy it!

  • OLATZ01/31/2003

    Femme is the signature scent of a dear friend - it's clean and lovely on her. So, I bought some for myself. Unfortunately, it does not mix well with my body chemistry and on me it is overwelmingly sweet, hot, and fruity. Men at my office complained about it (and I only applied a bit). I gave the bottle to my friend!

  • TERRY01/16/2003

    Word of warning - paid a ton at Bergdorf's for this, after testing for an hour. I's beautiful and unique out of the bottle, but on me, after a few hours, I felt sick to my stomach. The only perfume that has actually made me feel ill - I returned it immediately.

  • DAGMAR01/12/2003

    This parfum have class. Is elegant, femenine and so chic. One of the best.

  • BOMBSHELL12/06/2002

    I just got this one after reading about it in an interesting little book, and I absolutely adore it! It smells quite warm and inviting and, dare I say it, CUDDLY. Cuddly like a little kitten or puppy or bunny. My husband likes it very much. Sexy and sweet, but definitely for WOMEN, not LITTLE GIRLS.

  • LOLA07/08/2002

    Thanks!It is a chypre,then.I can't wait to try it.Funny you should mention the animalic notes that you dislike,because I love them.To me they seem to add depth and staying power to a scent,as well as helping it blend with the wearer's chemistry.I've never smelled it in femme,though.But I will...

  • GAIL06/29/2002

    This kind of reminds me alittle of mitsouko,not as good though.It has something weird,animally or I don't know, maybe pheromones or something!Not sure if I like this one yet or not.Seems like I've smelled this on older women at very dressy events. It's familiar.

  • LOLA06/14/2002

    i hear a lot of opinions about Femme,i would love to try it,but what on earth does it smell like?can anyone out there describe it?

  • EL DOW03/12/2002

    When I first sniffed a bottle of this I thought YUCK!! Heavy, uninteresting old lady scent. Then I tried it. After a while I liked it! Some interesting bottom notes started coming out. Definitly more a cool weather scent. Makes me feel warm. Think this one is different with every body chemistry.

  • ASCHATAN03/08/2002

    Boring, a bit on the old-lady-side

  • KIMBERLY12/25/2001

    This is a wonderful fragrance. It is in a classy bottle and the fragrance is a class act. Woody mossy -- on the spicy side.

  • HISAKO11/28/2001

    This is an old scent which is rich and fruity. If used by moderation, it is a beautiful scent.

  • ROZELLA DAVIS03/27/2001

    Dear Readers; I love this fragrance, it is sexy and will entice the love of your life. Lasts a long time. Thanks

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