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Hanae Mori Butterfly Hanae Mori Image

Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori Butterfly   

169 Reviews

Fashion designer Hanae Mori creates a signature fragrance to capture the elegance and femininity of every women. Designed in a sleek, frosted glass bottle, each one is adorned with a different color butterfly to indicate the concentrations of the fragrance. The scent opens with fresh fruity notes and then warms to a floral heart. Fragrance notes more

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray (New Packaging) + 1.7 oz Body Cream + 0.34 oz EDP Rollerball
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1.7 oz EDT Spray (New Packaging)
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Fashion designer Hanae Mori creates a signature fragrance to capture the elegance and femininity of every women. Designed in a sleek, frosted glass bottle, each one is adorned with a different color butterfly to indicate the concentrations of the fragrance. The scent opens with fresh fruity notes and then warms to a floral heart. Fragrance notes include: blackberry, strawberry, black currant, bilberry, rose, jasmine, sandalwood and rosewood. This is recommended as an evening fragrance.

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  • JUANITA02/15/2016

    This is one of my favorite scents. I sent it as a gift and she loved it. It is soft, feminine and clean.

  • JAIME05/03/2015

    This scent is beautiful. Really sweet and refreshing. I get comments every time I wear it.. My new favourite...

  • NEENA01/17/2014

    I've been wearing this for over 10 years as my signature scent and i never get tired of it. I save the parfum for special ocassions and use the Eau de Parfum for everyday. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • PEARL RAWLINSON11/16/2013

    ...a lovely flowery smell...

  • SHANNON12/21/2012

    Just bought this fragrance today and I absolutely love it! It is so beautiful, warm and sexy. My other favorite is Coco Mademoiselle. Two great, sexy scents.

  • LYNN 06/11/2012

    I have been buying this one fragrance from PE since I received it as a gift from my partner at the beginning 15 years ago when we were in NYC. It is the ONLY fragrance I wear and no matter where I go, someone always asks, What is that? I can only buy it locally at one large department store- and that is only in the last 8 years. Buy the Eau de Parfume- it lasts lots longer than the toilet water and is worth the few extra dollars. Men particularly like it as it is not too lemony, musky, or flowery- it is just lightly sensual! (The lotions do not really add to the fragrance- a nice light vanilla lotion makes a nice non-contradictory combination.)

  • NEENA01/03/2012

    Gorgeous, GORGEOUS Perfume!! PLEASE never discontinue it! I wear nothing else! And great price! Thanks!

  • LINDA EARNHART01/03/2012

    Experience was good!

  • TK <309/04/2010

    I love this sent soooooo much! I received it as a sample from Holt Renfrew and then I finaly bought it on my trip to Miami. I get so many compliments when I wear it, and it drives the guys wild!

  • NICOLE02/07/2010

    So i thought the same thing about this perfume not lasting all day. But i still continued to get compliments on it as the day wore on. Then one of my co-workers had told me that She had gone to a perfume store and the lady behind the counter commented that one way to know it's the right perfume for you... if after 15 minutes you can hardly smell it. If it's still strong then your body chemistry and the perfume dont compliment each other. Dont know if it's exactly true but since then i've become more aware....i love woodsy flowery sweet scent and this perfume is my fav have been wearing it for years.

  • MARA32212/21/2009

    I absolutely love it and had a tester that I gave to a girlfriend. She smelled it and immediately said it's nothing for her. After about an hour I asked her to let me smell her wrist--and it smelled like toilet cleaner! This perfume does not work for everyone. Lovely scent, if your body chemistry works with it.

  • GRACE04/29/2009

    its funny how I am reading these comments, the first time I smelled it was when I was searching for Pink Sugar at Saphora. That Night I was in Vegas, and Oh Boy when I placed the Hanae Mori Perfumed, I had all of these guys turning their heads. and saying How Sweet I smelled, the guy I was dancing all night long was hooked to on Me. This perfume works now on my Fiance just like I did Back on that Crazy Vegas Night.

  • TANYA10/29/2008

    On me, this smells soooooo good. The blend of musk and vanilla as well as the other components is lovely. Not over-the-top gourmand....

  • ~BOHEMIANGIRL~07/06/2008

    This scent is so delicately beautiful. Unlike some other reviewers who think it's too "strong" for warm weather, I think it's perfect. It brings me back to the summers of my youth, eating strawberry shortcake on the patio with the faint scent of flowers wafting in the breeze. Though it's sweet, it's not sickly sweet or juvenile at all; it has a sophisticated edge that sets it apart from from fragrances like Pink Sugar, etc. The drydown takes a sensual turn as the woods and musk emerge. I have the pure parfum, but the EDP is nice, too. Haven't tried the EDT. Just love it!

  • GINA D.06/24/2008

    I Love this perfume. I have smelled it off & on for a few years now in various stores. My husband brought me back a sample of the edt from Vegas. After wearing it a few times I was hooked! I had to get it. I purchased the EDT version (blue butterflies) & am so glad I did. I love the vanilla smell, although there really is no vanilla in it. It isn't that "cheap" vanilla smell that so many off brand perfumes have, but a deep woodsy smell compliments the strawberry-almond warmth. I feel exquisite when I wear Hanae Mori!

  • GINA D.06/19/2008

    I Love this! I purchased the EDP (blue butterflies on box) & it is scrumptious! I had a sample of the edt version & I can see that the edp is better & seems to last longer, same scent just a bit more intense & longer lasting. I now am looking to buy some lotion or body cream to completely indulge myself in! A few others I am wearing are CK Euphoria, Givenchy Hot Couture (altime fav) and Lolita Lempicka. Hanae Mori is a woody oriental & so are the others I listed as well so if you like this one, you may like the others I listed as well :)

  • ERIN06/04/2008

    It's an intoxicating, unique fragrance. Perfect for's warm, inviting, sexy but a bit heavy. Very vanilla or almond...get compliments...a classic!

  • MYSTI05/19/2008

    I like this sweet , soft fragrance. It does remind me a little of Casmir when it's first applied. I think this is nicer than Casmir, though. I will get the edp next time because it may last longer. This is a very feminine scent.

  • REDDHEAD03/21/2008

    My husband and son (18) chose HM for me after testing most everything at the counter and possibly making the sales person a little crazy!! I love it, they love it, and I'm always amazed at how many other men comment so favorably on itt. For me it's the best and fo easily 5 years now!

  • JESS03/20/2008

    I get lots of compliments!!! If you love this fragrance you might try also from emporio armani "sensei" or my other favorite Jean Paul Gaultier "classique" both of this fragrances are sweet but not fruity I would classified them as sweet & creamy,powdery vanilla scents. They are wonderful!!! try them..

  • SOLE03/01/2008

    Hanae Mori Butterfly is absolutely delicious. I first smelled it on my sister and even though we have a rule of not buying perfumes that the other has, I asked her if she would mind if I got it and she let me slide since it smelled so good on me as well. It works very well with my body chemistry. I am sniffing my wrists all day when I wear this and my sweaters smell so good afterwards I don't want to wash them. He he. It has a warm, sweet smell, but manages not to be overpoweringly sweet. I wear this in the winter but I look forward to the cold months so I can wear scents like this one or Ralph Lauren Hot. It is one of my favorite winter scents and when I run out I will definitely buy another.

  • HARLEY-MAMA12/13/2007

    I already own the EDP in this fantastic perfume and loved it. The silage was excellent! I finished it and decided to treat myself this Christmas with a bottle of the Parfum. WOW! Sooo, glad I did. Simply gorgeous. The lasting power on this is unbelievable. I always get compliments from the hubby when I wear this. I will always purchase this and will wear this year round(with a light hand of course ;)

  • MARA12/08/2007

    I watched a couple try this one on. She had tried so many fragrances that she had to spray her back so that her boyfriend could smell it. Well, the boyfriend LOVED it and they bought it on the spot. I have to admit that this inspired me to buy it. I liked it for a while, but now I find it offensive. This is one perfume that I really changed my idea about. Anyone else out there have a similar experience?

  • BB11/01/2007

    Sorry for the long delay sexxy redd. Haven't been to the site for a while. It's always amazing to me that perfume (or E.D.T.) can have such differing intensities & affects on people depending on their chemistry. I recall trying the EDT version of Hanae Mori and her body cream together, but, the combination just did not last on me. The parfum, on it's own, for me, smells divine and lasts all day. Last week I purchased Christian Dior's "Poison" (the EDT version, comes in a green box, at Wal Mart of all places). Now this one lasts on me ALL DAY, and it's an EDT spray not a parfum. My hubby loves it, the guys at work love it, but, I don't (figures!). It's a spicy oriental. Initially I liked it. However, on me, it has a "play doh" smelly dry down that I don't care for. Odd. Hanae Mori's parfum version is still my old stand by though :)

  • BARBARA W08/11/2007

    is Pleasures Delight. Very similar to Hanae Mori (strawberry in the topnotes), but Delight is more spicy. I really like it.

  • MANDY06/01/2007

    I don't usually like sweet perfumes but my chemistry has changed since being pregnant and this is the only perfume that I can wear. I love it! Although might be because I'm hungry a lot and it makes me smell like a creamy vanilla cupcake! Odd that I haven't read vanilla in the notes, it's the first thing I smell then it seems to dry down to raspberry.....If you don't dig sweet perfumes you will think Hana Mori is nasty..I however think it's truly a sexy perfume...yum yum

  • BARBARA W05/05/2007

    ...they are almost identical, but Cherie is lighter and less sweet.

  • BARBARA W04/15/2007

    Actually, this perfume isn't called "Butterfly" at all, it was dubbed that because of the butterfly shaped glass top. It's just called "Hanae Mori". You're right, the different color butterflies indicate the strength, not the name of the fragrance. Hanae Mori has 3 scents - this one, which is simply "Hanae Mori", "Haute Couture" (which uses the same bottle as the original, very confusing), and "Magical Moon", which is in the blue bottle. Hope this helps! :-)

  • AMY S03/20/2007

    i love it. doesnt last too long. only negative about it. still warrants a 5 rating

  • MUSE03/18/2007

    I do like this, but I have to use a very light hand to prevent becoming overwhelmingly cloying. It reminds me of a lesser expensive alternative to Flowerbomb. They are very similar to me.

  • KRISE03/14/2007

    this stuff stinks. it is just plain bad. it's too sweet, synthetic, and it makes me want to vomit. headache headache headache!!!!! i dont know why so many people like this nastiness!!!!

  • JUNGLELADY03/09/2007

    Can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 fragrances. I know Hanae Mori comes with different colored butterflies to indicate the strength. Is Hanae Mori Butterfly a separate fragrance, and what is the difference in the notes?

  • ~SEXXYREDD~02/10/2007

    OMG... I wish you would have got a sample to, i got a sample when i bought that hanae mori "Red Butterfly" the other day ... I thought the m. moon was oh until i got to work and my co-worker said "What is that that smell like bug spray" lol I think I'am going to stick with my Pink Butterfly that work best with me ....REDD

  • RHONDA02/08/2007

    Well I bought the edt in Magical moon. Wish I could have smelt it first. Not very impressive. On my skin(which is dry) I could not even distinguish any of the notes. Maybe in the edp its better. Wish I would have spent my money on something else!LOL

  • ~SEXXYREDD~02/07/2007


  • ~SEXXYREDD~02/03/2007

    I sampled it at a high end around christmas... From what I can recall it smelled really nice but i cant tell you about the drydown or the lasting power.. i also sampled the juicy perfume to so i had somewhat of a mix fragrance thing going on... It also smelt really nice by the way.. Post back and let us know how you like it...REDD

  • RHONDA02/02/2007

    anyone tried the new one Magical Moon???? I wish this site would get it!

  • NETTIE02/01/2007

    not fo me. I like it. I picture this one on a timid women. One who wears pastels and white. She's trendy, yet tender and soft spoken. This frag is sweet and gentle, not in your face. It seems to last.the sales clerk sprayed the bottle from the blue box. I couldn't tell you if that was edp or edt. This would make a nice fragrance for a blushing bride in my opinion. This one doesn't really match my 30 personalities, but I do recommend you take a whiff.

  • ~SEXXYREDD~01/30/2007

    I'am glad i read your post first ... i mostly buy the edp in any fragrance i buy because i want more lasting power, but i like the way hanae mori smell better in the edt so i bought that one with the lotion... Then i saw the parfum for $59.99 for a 1oz at the perfume outlet do you know anything about that site ??? i never had the pure parfum in any fragrance before... waiting for your reply...REDD

  • BB01/29/2007

    Tried this fragrance before, but, I made the mistake of not buying the Parfum. I had bought the Eau de Parfum which to me did not have the same intensity or lasting power. The Parfum version is perfect, no smelly alcohol drydown. Beautiful fragrance. Has almond notes, no vanilla in it. It's been my experience that it drives the men wild!!! They ALWAYS ask what fragrance I have on. It works well with my chemistry, not overly sweet. Purchased at Sephora for $85. You will not find it cheaper elsewhere, if you do, you will be buying the watered down "eau" versions.

  • ~SEXXYREDD~01/29/2007

    This is a perfume that anyone can's sweet but not as sweet as pink sugar which i think is more of a younger scent...hanae mori is sweet & warm with a classy edge... try it you'll love it :)

  • HODGIEBUG01/25/2007

    Is this fragrance appropriate for any age woman or more targeted toward the younger crowd?

  • SEXXYREDD01/06/2007


  • AMY.L10/12/2006

    I wish this one did for me what it does for so many others. I have tried to like this one and have sampled it many times. I like MANY sweet scents like Pink Sugar, Burberry Brit, Angel. This one, on me smelled like...Bananas or something. Like candied bananas. Not what I'm looking for when I want to indulge in sweets. It's not unpleasant or anything but not mysterious are complex enough on me.

  • MAHESH09/10/2006

    I just got it from a friend and i just fell in luv with it. Normally guys do not say anything about the perfumes girls wear, but hey, I got the most compliments today on this perfume and some said they will buy it for their girlfriends this Christmas....

  • PAT08/05/2006

    I am absolutly in love with this fragrance... This is one that I feel so good when I wear it. Love it!

  • BRANDY07/19/2006

    This designer makes such wonderful scents. Another classic addition to the family. Very sophisticated, sweet, and elegant.

  • SMITTEN07/07/2006

    The sales gal at the perfume counter slipped a sample of this in my bag the other day when I bought Incanto "charms" by Salvatorre Ferragamo. (Would have bought it from PE but you guys dont carry it yet!) Anyway.. I just spritzed a mini spray of this gorgeous scent on my fingertips and oh my is YUMMY!!!! This will be my next purchase from PE!! It is a delicious scent without being overly fruity or floraly.. very warm. So today I discovered why everyone is raving about Hanae Mori. Beautiful!

  • BARBARA W07/07/2006

    Pink Sugar is all sweetness, but Hanae Mori has lovely wood notes that balance the fragrance and make it more sexy and sophisticated.

  • MISSYK06/22/2006

    Just received and I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't know what to expect. I don't think it smells just like Pink Sugar. There is a sweet resemblance but definitely different. Very light and refreshing. I love it!

  • VIVIAN06/12/2006

    This scent is a light soft, sexy, sweet that was recommended to me by a sales person. How did she know that I would fall in love with scent!

  • FLUTTERBY06/07/2006

    this is the only one i wear. it's good for spring, summer, fall, winter - despite some saying it's a cold weather fragrance. i get compliments every day on this. nothing better.

  • AMY06/06/2006

    After reading so many good reviews I went out and tried this. I was hoping for much more and honestly felt there was nothing special or unique about this. I was sad b/c it sounded so good. It kind of reminded me of how I felt when I smelled Casmir for the first time. Again I had read reviews and thought it would be so "me" (since I love vanilla based scents), but I was dissapointed. Oh well, to each their own. If it works for you, enjoy!

  • PRINCESS KIM05/21/2006

    I love this fragrance; it's my all-time favorite. It's sophisticated without smelling like every other hoity-toity department store perfume. I love the way it smells sweet, with hints of vanilla, caramel, and just sweets in general. It's deliciously sexy.

  • KENNY05/02/2006

    I first spelled this on my girlfriend and I fell in love with it. It almost remind me of Vanilla Fields. I guess because it has that same vanilla smell. I like it because it's soft, but refreshing.

  • CHANTALL 04/25/2006

    I have to start right away with saying that HM butterfly has grandly disappointed me. I've sampled it before and for some reason thought it smelled a lot better, but on the weekend I picked up a bottle and upon coming home I tried it. The scent is not terrible but neither is it anything special. My DH loves it, which is actually funny and here I am having to force myself to spray it on once in a while. Just plain weird!

  • CHRISTA04/19/2006

    The more I wore this I kept thinking it smelled very familiar... now I know what it is...It smells ALOT like Wish by Chopard! I still like this though.

  • LAUREN04/18/2006

    This is my new favorite, its just what i've been looking for, I love it and so does my husband. I can't wait to get the body cream!!

  • TEE04/11/2006

    The Patchoulli is the deal breaker for me! Absolutely to strong for my chemistry. I couldn't wash it off fast enough, and it still would not go away. One of the worse fragrances I have tried in a long time. Very woodsy and strong.

  • CHRISTA04/10/2006

    Just received this today and absolutely LOVE IT! Kinda smells like Cotton Candy to me but, then again I smell creamy vanilla and berries. I don't think it smells like Pink Sugar..which is good because I have PS too and love it as well. Overall great scent and will have fun wearing it!

  • ANNE04/05/2006

    Bought this perfume last month. Really looking forward to it as I read all your comments. But I'm sorry to say - it's not for me. It's nice but just nice and I haven't been commented on it yet when I wear it.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL03/14/2006

    to whom this may interest , there are 3 colors of the butterfly , and they indicate the following: yellowish color is the " eau fraiche " not lasting at all ...almost an after shower , before going to bed fragrance ; the pink butterfly is the " eau de toilete " and the blue one is the " eau de parfum" ... both of them are pretty lasting on my skin ... i do prefer the eau de toilete , cause it smells softer and lingers on and on ... the eau de parfum smells a bit too much on me ...perhaps its due to my always sunny and humid rio de janeiro !

  • BILLYE T03/01/2006

    I purchased a bottle of Hanae Mori Blue but I had tested the pink (eau de toilette). The blue seems a little intense..on me.. and takes a while to dry down. The berries and vanilla are nice but my favorite is still a soft floral and vanilla. I think next time I will go with the pink because it seems softer..on me. I agree, Burberry Touch and Hanae Mori are close but to me they are far enough apart that I know I'm wearing something different. Hanae is one of those that the longer I wear it the better I like it. Like Dior Addict. And, I love this site!!! You all have helped educate me on notes, etc. so now when I shop I know what I'm looking for. Even though I'm an amateur I find I'm starting to know more than the ladies at the counter. There are some "expert noses" that post very valuable info. I'm not going to say I like every fragrance you do but that's what makes us all unique. How boring it would be if we all liked the same thing. I feel I won't be throwing away as many "expensive mistakes" as I have in the past thanks to this great site!

  • ANNETTE02/21/2006

    I just love the body cream. Men seem to fall over themselves trying to smell the fragrance. It layers well with Must de Cartier, Obsession and Amarige.

  • JACI01/30/2006

    This perfume is the best I've smelt. I am used to buying the Victoria's Secret "Vanilla Lace" but when I got a sample of the Hanae Mori I fell in love. The price is high for this college student, but absolutly worth the scent it leaves behind. It's my everyday scent just begining recently and I layer with the lotion. I smell it on my pillows at night and I can't get enough of it!

  • LIZ01/13/2006

    hanae mori is nothing like knowing aliage,or Paloma those are distinct chypre fragrances. Coco is in the Opium and Youth Dew family. And I don't know Burberry, but I have tried burberry Touch, and the butterfly approaches burberry Touch. they are both sweet and soft. Touch may be a little more floral and not as fruity as the butterfly. Hanae mori butterfly has some similarity to chopard's casmir. but of course the butterfly is richer and more subtle. Actually, casmir is a bit loud and flat next to the butterfly. Good luck!


    I like Hanae Mori Butterfly but to me this also smells a lot like Pink Sugar by Aquolina. No sense in owning both at the same time they really are very similar. The thing however where they differ is that this one is a lot warmer and yummier if you can believe it, as Pink Sugar is all sugar! Pink Sugar however is a little green so that is the reason why I love Butterfly better!

  • MAGNOLIA12/20/2005

    I am a perfume MANIAC!! but have had success with few perfumes though and would like to try something new, updated, different. My personal bests have been Aliage, Coco, Knowing, Paloma Picasso, Dolce & Gabanna, and Burberry. Dior Addict has been my recent pleasure, but lacks a sharp enough finish or staying power. I've heard so many things about this scent and am anxious to try it! I've also been considering 212 Carolina Herrera.

  • LAURIE12/07/2005

    This perfume smells so sweet and i feel so sexy wheneva i wear it. Plus i get compliments on it all the time from both sexes, i think its def. an aphrodisiac. This is def. the best scent ive ever smelled, after this i also choose Brit by burbery too.

  • AMY11/17/2005

    i just received this in the mail yesterday and all the comments were true! this one smells absolutely wonderful. i bought the pink butterfly and is long lasting. go and buy this one before it disappears.

  • BELLE11/10/2005

    I love this fragrance! I own a bottle & reach for it over my others almost always. I am wondering if "Max Mara" smells anything like this? I have thought about trying it, but have never smelled it before. Does anyone know?

  • CRYSTAL10/21/2005

    This fragrance is absolutely beautiful....from the first notes it is very lively, pleasant and you just want to either eat or lick it. Simply it....

  • ROBIN10/13/2005

    It's probably just that your nose gets used to it. I can't smell this delicious scent very well, a few hrs after I put it on, but I get compliments. And this morning I turned over in bed and got this gorgeous whiff of Hanae Mori from yesterday. It is there, just subtle. LOVE THIS! It has an addictive note in it. My fave.

  • MARY K. 10/07/2005

    Oh my....I just love this stuff!!! Now that I have found out about the diff butterfly colors and have actually tried all of them, I have to say RED (parfum) is absolutely the holy grail! Of course, trying to find it is like trying to find the holy grail...they must have discontinued the parfum (red butterfly), what a shame! They are all absolutely gorgeous though.....mmmm smells delish!

  • LEELEEYA09/27/2005

    Honest to goodness I could eat and drink this fragarance. I even spray it on my 3 year old boy, and it is the most beautiful angelic scent ever made.

  • ALLISON R.09/18/2005

    Dry woodsy oriental scents just don't do anything for me. The first spray smells very mellow, then it never changed. I have no idea why this would be a popular scent.

  • SUSANNA09/01/2005

    This is wonderful and comforting. After discussing with a saleswoman she said it isn't vanilla base.. it is almond. The almond mingles with the berries and gives warmth to the scent. Also.. I was told it has some patchoulli.. which I cannot detect. Anyone know for sure??

  • *BARBARA W*08/26/2005

    Butterfly is a *wonderful* fragrance! Soft and sweet, yet not "girly" - it's sophisticated. The drydown is lovely and it lasts a long time on the skin. I also spray some in my hair; lasts even longer there. Many people say it smells like vanilla, but there is no vanilla in it. I get many compliments from both men and women when I wear this. This probably isn't the fragrance for those who like "fresh" fragrances like Acqua di Gio, but if you enjoy Lolita Lempicka or Casmir, you will love this.

  • KRIS08/22/2005

    Just so pretty and girly. Not a vixen perfume but for times when you want to smell pretty.

  • VICTORIA08/12/2005

    I couldn't really smell fruit in this perfume, maybe just a little in the beginning. It mellows out in a sweet and musky scent which I really liked. I was surprised how long it lasted because perfume tends to wear off on my skin really fast. This one however lasted for hours and i couldn't stop smelling my wrist. I'm definately getting myself a bottle. I tried it at Nordstroms and their prices are outrageous. $80 for 3.4 oz eau de toilette! Thank god for perfume websites


    On me this smells like almods with the slightest hint of berries and fruit, and dries down to almonds. It's light, scent-wise but it's long-lasting too. Light, clean, and pretty--instead of annoyingly sweet!

  • DENISE07/17/2005

    I agree with a couple other posts,I too liked the smell of this, but when I put it on it became overwhelming,much to strong,and does stay just as strong all day as when you first put it on,you had better like this alot to wear it because it will be like your nose is right in the bottle all day.

  • SID07/08/2005

    Too sweet for my tastes. It does remind me of cotton candy. This fragrance would be great for teenagers.

  • MICHELL06/12/2005

    After all the raves about this, I thought I would like it more. It's okay. It smells like strawberries and vanilla. Nothing wrong with that, I just thought I'd like it more. Still nice though.

  • CHRYSTELLICA05/31/2005

    This is prolly my favorite perfume, I wear it every day!! It is very vanilla yet floral-oriental, somewhat fruity, not overpowering, very sweet and sexy!! Beautiful scent.

  • LIZZIE05/05/2005

    i'm confused about those who say that it is overpowering and lasts a long time...i personally ADORE this fragrance, and it isn't strong least, not on me. i just bought the blue butterfly...the strongest eau de parfum...and it faded away. i was chasing after the air with my nose. it smells SCRUMPTIOUS and is so fleeting.

  • SERENDIPITY03/20/2005

    beaaaauuuutiful scent... feminine, sexy, innocent, and sophisticated at the same time... body cream is absolutely fabulous as well...

  • ME03/15/2005

    Everyone keeps talking about vanilla and this fragrance does not even contain vanilla. That is what is so amazing about it. It is the combination of notes that give off the wonderful sweet scent.

  • STEPHANIE03/09/2005

    Any time I wear it I get compliments on it. MEN love it as well. My all time favorite.

  • BEBE03/04/2005

    butterflies are free spirits. delicae. crystal clear. wow. stands out in a big world of perfumes. very nice.

  • BEKAH02/26/2005

    Average perfume. I don't find anything extremely different about it. I have tons of perfumes-wouldn't classify this as my favorite nor would it be my least favorite. Average rating in the world of sweet perfumes. It does, however, last a long time.

  • KRISTIN M.02/11/2005

    Well I finally got to try this scent on after waiting so long. I was surprised that I don't like it more. It is OK but I just expected it to be GREAT after hearing tons of good things about it. I found it to be quite a flat scent nothing marvelous unfolds from this at all. Glad I waited for a sample before buying.

  • ANDREA02/03/2005

    This perfume smells great. It definitely has a vanilla base which I love and it lasts all day!

  • ANN02/02/2005

    Just tried Butterfly today and was suprised how much it reminded me of Casmir from Chopard. I used to like Casmir, but got sick of it. It is just very sweet for me. For that reason, Butterfly is not my choice, even though it has a nice composition. Am sure others who like sweetness will love it.

  • APRIL01/08/2005

    prettiest perfume...has strawberries,bulgarian rose,almonds...smells like strawberries and it!

  • SHARRIE12/20/2004

    the most beautiful butterfly of them all. awesome. spellbound. delivers a beautiful scent.

  • SHARRIE12/17/2004

    a very unusual and beautiful butterfly, delicate, a gift from the heavens sent

  • SHARRIE12/14/2004

    butterflies are freedom, lovely, lovely, lovely, a balance of notes for perfection, no mistake wonderful

  • JIM12/13/2004

    This is my favorite fragrance!! I am a man but I wear the women's fragrance and I love it!! Also, try 2 sprays of Hanae Mori Butterfly and 2 sprays of Angel Amen by Thierry Mugler, Together = WOW!

  • SJHARRIE12/06/2004

    out of the cocoon into a beautiful butterfly, very precious, as beautiful as the bottle, tres bein

  • ANNA11/14/2004

    Simply incredible, Sweet yet not too strong, nor too light. Very sexy and innocent ;-)

  • SHEILA HOFFMAN11/11/2004

    I love the vanilla scent but I can't figure out how to order it here. I would like some suggestions

  • TERI11/06/2004

    My husband will not allow me to use any other kind of perfume. Guess it's a good thing it's the most wonderful smelling perfume I've come across! Can't find the "Red Butterfly" anywhere anymore but I'm still looking for another bottle. Not much left in the one I have!

  • MARI9810/12/2004

    I tried it recently(it was EDT, I think..) and all I could smell was vanilla, vanilla, vanilla...I was a bit dissapointed, but on the other hand it really lasted quite a while.So, if you're a vanilla lover, go for it, I'd say.

  • BLUEHOUR10/08/2004

    Which smells more like cotton candy, the EDT or EDP? Thanks.

  • DEBBIE09/28/2004

    I liked this fragrance when I first put it on, and then I couldn't wash it off fast enough, smelled like old lady to me

  • PATTI09/25/2004

    I have really enjoyed this fregrance and the many compliments I've gotten with it. I give this high marks. I normally wear Chasmire by Chopard ,but this comes a close second and maybe a tie Ilove them both. Buy it you'll like it!

  • CINDIE09/17/2004

    Sexy, Sexy, Sexy - is the only way to describe it. So have fun ladies! :)

  • ZERLINA09/17/2004

    this scent is amazzzzinnnggg..i have tried and own several perfumes, but this one i will never over look or do with out,....i drive the UPS man willlldddddddd...i lovveee it!!!

  • MARTIE09/10/2004

    I just got this one today. I LOVE this perfume! It is just divine! It's got some really unique and wonderful notes in it. For all of you that like vanilla based fragrances, you will love this one. It is similar to Casmir but totally different (hard to describe). Whereas Casmir has a warm spicy effect, Hanae Mori has notes that give it a "cooler" and "fresher" sweet vanilla effect and it is more multi-dimensional. I believe it might be that Hanae Mori has certain florals blended with it. Although I'm not a big floral fan, whatever is in it, blends perfectly to smell just delicious! I'll definitely be getting the body cream as well now!!!

  • BARBARA09/10/2004

    On me, this is an incrediby beautiful scent...nothing offensive in it. It is definitely sweet, but soft and not overpowering. About as perfect a scent as I've ever tried.

  • MURKI08/31/2004

    It's funny..I thought it'd be too heavy, but when I got a sample at the store, and used it, I loved it. It actually does have some fresh notes in it, is still sweet, but not cloying. Very warm and cozy. Even ok for me in summer! I've been complimented on this by men.

  • KATHERINE DUCK08/16/2004

    To answer questions posted about what the different colored butterflies mean: red is parfum; blue is eau de parfum; pink is eau de toilette; yellow is eau fraiche. They vary in strength, beginning with red as most intense and yellow as lightest.

  • BELLE07/26/2004

    Hanae Mori fragrance for women has the different colored butterflies to distinguish the strength. All colors are the same scent, but the staying power is determined by which butterfly you choose. Parfum(RED--strongest), Eau de Parfum(BLUE--next strongest), Eau de Toilette(PINK), Cologne(YELLOW--weakest). These are the colors of the butterflies. Again, same smell from all of these, but decide which concentration of the fragrance you'll need for you. I use the Eau de Parfum (BLUE butterfly). I love it and it has great staying power. I have to use Eau de Parfum in any fragrance usually so it will last. If you normally buy Eau de Toilette, try the PINK butterfly. Like I said though, on me I almost always go with Eau de parfum. Fragrance has more staying power. Eau de Toilette's just don't usually last on me, but they are cheaper if they work for you. Excellent fragrance whatever strength you decide on.

  • DAWN07/15/2004

    I love the Hanae Mori with the vanilla scent,very soft nice scent. Which color butterfly is on the bottle so I know which one to order

  • BELLE07/08/2004

    This is a wonderful scent! On me it turns soft and warm (not fruity). Everyone's chemistry's different though. It dries down to the vanilla and almond notes on me. I like it a lot. It's comforting, not loud and spicy. I use the blue butterfly (EDP). The staying power of EDP in any fragrance lasts longer than EDT. This is a favorite!

  • MAXXX05/29/2004

    If you find this perfume to strong then just spritz a bit in the air and walk through. It is devine like this. I am so pleased i purchased this. Unique and beautiful. Sweet and comforting.

  • MICAELA03/16/2004

    and, at least on my skin, monotonous - i.e., a one-note wonder - no depth. however, if you love this scent, you will appreciate the staying power of the edt, and the high concentration of fragrance in the body cream.

  • JSTAGRL2U02/27/2004

    I love love love this perfume! I had to get it once I read all the reviews and wow am I glad I did :) this is so lucious with the vanilla, almond and fruity notes yet it's soft and husband loves it too!

  • RENE02/21/2004

    This is the bomb!

  • CHRIS02/08/2004

    This scent is not too light and not too heavy. The perfect balance. Layer it with the body lotion and you'll get compliments all night-delicious.

  • VIK (MALE)02/07/2004

    I love oriental & woodsy scents. To my nose HM Eau Fraiche has unisex qualities because of this wonderful woodsy-ambery drydown. It is very similar to some luxurios Serge Lutens fragrances ("Douce Amere" p. ex.), but HM is a bargain, when you compare the prices...

  • ANNA01/23/2004

    This is in fact Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori not Butterfly by Hanae Mori. Fashion designer Hanae Mori creates a signature fragrance to capture the elegance and feminity of every women. Designed in a sleek, frosted glass bottle, each one is adorned with a different color butterfly to indicate the concentrations of the fragrance. The scent opens with fresh fruity notes and then warms to a floral heart. Fragrance notes include: blackberry, strawberry, black currant, bilberry, rose, jasmine, sandalwood and rosewood.

  • REBECCA01/23/2004

    Why do u call it Butterfly? I can't see any butterfly word written on the box or bottle? Or maybe because of the butterfly wings that represent the cap? Anyway it's an amazing scent!!!!

  • ANA01/09/2004

    From highest concentration to least, the different forms of perfume are: Blue is Eau de parfum Pink is Eau de toilette Yellow is the Eau de cologne

  • SMURFETTE2612/22/2003

    This fragrance is absolutely perfect. I have had so many compliments when I where it! Another plus, my roommate is allergic to most fragrances but this one gives her no problems at all. Perfection in a bottle!

  • MISHEO12/18/2003

    I am currently in Australia and they don't carry Hanae Mori! I've tried it on in NY, it smells semi sweet, sort of vanilla like, a very soft scent. What is the specific color/ range/ bottle name I should look for? I'm confused by all the colors??? Thanks ;)

  • MARY K. 12/18/2003

    I love it! Nice, sophisticated scent. Not overbearing at all. There is something about it that reminds of Mira Bai. I am curious about what the different color butterflies mean, but I know I love the Pink!!

  • VPH12/05/2003

    I first tried this perfume about 3 years ago, and since then I haven't found another one that I like as much. Everytime I wear it, I get compliments!!!! I love the sweet smell of it (Cotton Candy?), and usually it lasts all day long.

  • VPH12/04/2003

    I first tried this perfume about 3 years ago, and since then I haven't found another one that I like as much. Everytime I wear it, I get compliments!!!! I love the sweet smell of it (Cotton Candy?), and usually it lasts all day long.

  • ME11/13/2003

    its not heavey too sweet and syrup.

  • ELLA11/06/2003

    I bought this fragrance "scent unsmelled" based on so many glowing reviews . When I first took a sniff I thought *hyi* there's something about this I don't like...but then I sprayed some on and although it was quite strong for the first few minutes, it dried down to something sweet and cheerfully spicy. Maybe a combination of the jasmine, almond and woods? The sweet overtone must be the berries, though on me it is hard to discern any single one. My nose, unlike so many others, detects no strawberry, no vanilla, no cotton candy. I was very worried that the initial musky note (hard to describe this, but it's something I just hate about some fragrances) would mean I couldn't wear it, but I have been pleasantly surprised by Hanae Mori. She's a keeper.

  • KATHY1111/06/2003

    I have this perfume along with the body lotion and on some days it's great and on others it's too strong and I can't wait to wash it off. I have no idea why! I'm still looking for a sexy, inviting perfume that I can always count on to make me feel confident when I wear it. If anyone has an "old faithful" type scent they could recommend I'd appreciate it! My favorite light, daytime scent is New West.

  • JEN JEN11/04/2003

    this smells like cotton candy on me too. I was given a dept store sample...and I know that I really like it...but smelling like cotton candy isn't very sophisticated, is it??

  • JAG10/20/2003

    I, too, look for hours trying to find an answer to the strengths. No site actually listed the colors to correspond with the strengths, but one site did have all 4 listed. I believe Red (parfum) is the strongest, followed by Blue (eau de parfum), pink (eau de toilette) and yellow (eau de fraiche). For people like me who rarely buy anything but eau de parfum, it would be very helpful to not be left hanging. I had to figure it out for myself. . . and I might not be right.

  • EC10/20/2003

    This is such a pretty romantic feminine scent. Strawberries, vanilla, and almond. Yum. I wish I could wear it, but unfortunately too much of it wood notes come up on me. Damn body chemistry.

  • EJ10/13/2003

    I love Hanae Mori for day wear. It smells like Cotton Candy on me!

  • RACHEL09/30/2003

    The colors have nothing to do with the strength of the perfume- the only variations in strength are eau de toilette (weaker) and eau de parfum (stronger). But my bottle doesn't have any butterflies on it! What's with that? Regardless, I am one of the pickiest people I know about perfume (I think nearly everything is too chemically), but I LOVE this fragrance!

  • KATHY G.09/23/2003

    Every time I wear my Butterfly eau de parfum I get complimented on it. It's a warm , sweet, feminine fragrance. It would make an excellent signature scent, but I like variety so I switch around. Some scents I don't buy again when the bottles are empty because I've already gotten bored with them, but I did repurchase Butterfly, and will probably continue to do so. I doubt that I'd ever want to give up this beautuful perfume.

  • ANDREA09/21/2003

    There is one note in the fragrance that smells like sandalwood or cedar that is a bit too prominent for my liking. I love the vanilla/almond notes, though. Overall, very nice AFTER dry down.

  • ANNIE09/21/2003

    Somebody, PLEASE explain the colors to me??? Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow....which is the strongest to the weakest. If you know, I'd appreciate the information. I've looked all over the web and can't find an answer. This is driving me CRAZY!!

  • JL08/11/2003

    I easily get bored with fragrances, but this one is here to stay. I wear Angel in the winter, but it's a bit heavy for the summer months. Butterfly has some of the same sweet notes as Angel, but it is a much softer floral. The almond makes it so warm and sexy! I was contemplating Quelques Fleurs, but it was too overpowering for me. The salesperson recommended Butterfly, and I'm forever grateful! Love it.

  • JACQUELINE08/02/2003

    I have been wearing it for about three years, and get compliments on this fragrance all the time. I love it!

  • MARVELUCY08/01/2003

    I never heard of Hanae Mori. But I was spritzed with this scent and I couldn't stop smelling myself! It puts me in the best mood!

  • MURKI07/14/2003

    I love the shower gel, it smells edible, but I don't think I could wear the perfume if it is that sweet.

  • NATALIE07/08/2003

    My favorite forever!

  • FRAGRANCELOVR07/06/2003

    I loved this at first b/c it smelled more of a floral/vanilla scent to me than a fruity/vanilla (which can sometimes be too much), but the dry down becomes too sweet. After wearing it a few times, my stomach turns just looking at the bottle. I'm hoping that I can still wear this occasionally with long breaks in between with not-so-sweet scents b/c I still have a whole bottle left.

  • JENNIFER06/25/2003

    i can see the appeal behind butterfly, but to me it was just sickeningly sweet.

  • VANILLALION06/06/2003

    I love this light, sweet scent which always remind me of a smell of honey simmering on the stove!

  • MARYMAGS06/02/2003

    When I am not so ill. I had a stomach virus the first time I wore this perfume and that has turned my nose against it. It was cloying, chemical-sweet, overpowering, just yucky. But I was sick, so I will give it another chance. I just couldnt get away from it! It was attack of the killer fragrance. It wouldnt wash off, it wouldnt dry down, it wouldnt wear off. I felt possessed by it.

  • SUSAN05/25/2003

    This smells like a powdery mild rose...almost reminesent of the old Omber Rose but richer and warm with notes of vanilla -sandalwood

  • PL05/02/2003

    I love orientals but I couldn't wear this one too heavy

  • LAKSHMI03/22/2003

    Well,definitly try before you buy.Too sweet,too much vanilla.I like vanilla in the kitchen,in cake not ,God,on my body.Smells not enough elegant.

  • JANNINE03/22/2003

    This perfume sticks pretty good and smells so amazing

  • PEB03/21/2003

    this scent is very long lasting ,and deep. if you are looking for a lighter perfume this isn't for you. it smells like vanilla and almonds to me

  • SUSAN03/17/2003

    I was wondering if this perfume is very light. Is it the kind of perfume that wears off easily? Someone please let me know. Thanks :)

  • AMY L03/14/2003

    This scent is wonderful!! Just a suggestion....if you want the scent to stay on longer, use the perfume along with the body lotion. It makes it that much more yummy! This stuff smells good enough to eat!! If you like sweet, attention getting perfumes, you have to try this. You will LOVE it! (and so will the man in your life!!)

  • MJC03/07/2003

    I keep reading about the different colors of the caps and was wondering if the fragrances were different also? I have a bottle , it came without a cap,and I don't know if I really like it,too fruity. But my boyfriend seems to get very amourous everytime I were it.

  • LINDY LOU03/03/2003

    Hanae has become my signature. It would have to be applied very heavily in order to become overwhelming. Everyone at work loves it! It's definitely a winner and a stand-out from all the other fragrances. If you're thinking of buying Cashmere, please try Hanae first. I think you'll like it more.

  • CHITOWNDIVAUS01/02/2003

    I tried a sample of this during the holidays and loved the scent but unfortunately, it didn't stay with me. I'd give it 5 stars for how it smells but again it didn't stay with me.

  • SUSAN12/31/2002

    This classy feminine scent is perfect! I've been wearing this for over a year now and won't wear anything else. The only drawback has been finding it to purchase it. Last year I bought it online. This year I finally found it locally. Yeah!

  • TATIANA12/28/2002

    I find Butterfly composition more complicated then, e.g., Lolita Lempicka. I fall in love with this perfume from the first smell and still it's one of my favorite. The only strange thing about it is that it dries down on me to... mushrooms :)

  • TATIANA12/27/2002

    I find Butterfly composition more complicated then, e.g., Lolita Lempicka. I fall in love with this perfume from the first smell and still it's one of my favorite. The only strange thing about it is that it dries down on me to... mushrooms :)

  • IRIS12/23/2002

    The very best...different...exciting !

  • BARBARA12/20/2002

    the best christmas gift i rec'd from my boss 2 yrs ago it is now my only scent

  • MABEL12/14/2002

    its so sweet i can eat it. very sexy too.

  • APHRAEL11/22/2002

    I love it.It's definitely not a "one scent for all " kind of fragrance, though,I have seen it turn positively evil on some! But,as usual,when the chemistry is right,it's beautiful.Yet I have to stay away from it,at least for now,because a friend of mine wears it as her signature,that's all she wears,always,it smells fantastic on her,and somehow ,for me to use it too would feel like intruding on her most private and intimate place,it just seems rude.Word of caution: If you overdo this one,you will cause someone to feel like they've been run over by a steam roller!

  • LUCIA11/21/2002

    I'd like to rate this parfum as being extremely sexy! One of a kind and very unique. There's something in it that reminds me of chocolate and that's comforting since I have a sweet tooth! This is a one of a kind fragrance for me, no one will have it in Canada because it just came out exclusively to one particular store. I think I found my "signature" scent finally!


    I usually don't like sweet fragrances but I love this one. I just purchased a bottle after wearing a sample for a couple of days. I love it! It is sweet and warm. It reminds me of baked cookies on a Thanksgiving morning. It is comforting, relaxing, and happy feeling. I am wearing it for day wear, I need a nice fragrance for stressful buisness days to help pick me up and keep me happy...this one is great for that.

  • TRACY11/07/2002

    This is the best warm-vanilla scent I've ever encountered. It's sensual enough for romantic evenings, but cozy enough for daytime use. Makes me feel happier while wearing it for some reason. It isn't overpowering, but I find that the staying power doesn't last on me. Perhaps others smell it while on me, but I cannot smell it myself-reapplication is not a problem. I would definitely buy this again. I have finding the right 'evening' perfume, and this just might be it.

  • AMY10/22/2002

    I FINALLY have a bottle of this perfume. I am SOOO glad that I have it now. This is one of the sweetest and yummiest scents that I own. An almost "cotton candy" smell - uplifts your senses and mood. This one if wonderful!!! I highly recommend everyone to try it!

  • STEF10/10/2002

    I just purchased the scent yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! My boyfriend doesn't like it though :( It's too sweet for him. So gals with men who like fresh/green/floral scents, stay away from this one. Only thing that keeps me from giving it the 5 stars is the dry down to a woodsy (is it sandalwood or cedarwood?) scent.

  • DAZHIDAYONG10/01/2002

    All I could think when I tested this one out was "Strong car freshener". I really wanted to like it, too. It was too much for me. I'll stick with something less loud and crass, like Lolita Lempicka.

  • EVONE08/22/2002

    I also liked this perfume, but never bought it until recently. I am very happy! I could wear it everyday, which is unusual for me because I love to smell different everyday. When I bought it, I was also considering Deep Red which reminds me of this one. Deep Red is sexy, but HM is classy. I feel like this scent will be around for a long time, while Deep Red will probably phase out quickly.

  • MADELINE08/16/2002

    I usually love vanilla based fragrances, but find this one to be too sweet. I tried HM out yesterday and found that I don't like the combination of berries mixed with vanilla...vanilla smells much better on it's own or mixed with florals.

  • GENNY07/26/2002

    I do not own a bottle of this just yet, but I will soon. I sniffed this scent about two years ago and thought it was very nice. I keep coming back to it to sniff for some reason. There is just something about this scent that I really love. I think it is the strawberry note and the Almond note. I again sniffed this scent a year ago while on a shopping trip in Neimans and well still felt the same, but the sales lady was telling me to go with Escada not Butterfly. Well I liked Butterfly better because it was a much lighter scent than Escada, but went with Escada for some dumb reason. Well I returned it the next day, because it was to heavy for me to wear. Well I have been saying I was going to buy a bottle of Butterfly since that day and I have never done it. Well last night I ordered a bottle online and I am so happy. I will own this perfume I have been lusting after for years. I have spent tons on very $$$$ perfumes and just would not spend the money on this one for some odd reason. Well now I have and I know I will love it. I sniffed it in NYC back in May and almost bought it. My husband loved it and I just did not buy it. I swear with me. Well now I will own it and I will enjoy every drop of this wonderful scent.

  • INNY07/18/2002

    I haven't try that yet, but from your descriptions it seams to me like something similar to Hugo Boss "Deep Red" /sweet, blackberries etc./. Am I right?

  • SIENNA06/25/2002

    This is my favorite scent! It is sweet, so stay away if you go for the fresh types of perfume. But Hanae Mori is like no other. I found it in a small boutique a few years ago in Paris, and just knew when I smelled it. . . I'm sorry, but I can't even describe it. I feel I'd be doing it an injustice.

  • COURIOUS GIRL06/25/2002

    Hey, Joe? What is so great for white girls?

  • JOE06/15/2002

    This fragrance is a classic. My girlfriend is from Ghana, and this fragrance dries down on her sultry brown frame like dewdrops from the Garden of Eden. Wow, is this stuff sexy. Stays with her body all day long, and lingers on everything she touches. Better than Angel, which is a GREAT GREAT fragrance, but is getting far too common. I have always particularly loved Angel, Hypnotic Poison and Samsara on dark-skinned chicks, but this fragrance takes the cake. I have purchased this fragrance for four different ebony beauties, and they all wear it like a second skin. Amazing on Asian chicks as well. A world class fragrance that deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the best stuff by Creed. All you Ebony & Ivory dudes take note, this stuff is Rocket Fuel for romance! And the Men's version is OUTSTANDING as well. Maybe a little too sweet for daily office wear, but definately a winner in the clinches. O-le, Hanae Mori!

  • BS06/01/2002

    Casmir changes badly on my skin, too! I don't want to try anything similar to Casmir... No, thanks! (I haven't try Butterfly, yet).

  • TAYLOR05/12/2002

    I know exactly what you mean. However, I'm just the opposite. I love HM and get so many compliments but the Casmir and I went a few rounds before I finally gave it up. It definitely changes into something bad on my skin.

  • RUTH05/09/2002

    I liked HM OK, but it didn't wear well on me. Initially, it reminded me of a lighter version of Casmir, but as the day went on, the smell started to morph into something I couldn't recognize. Because of this morphing, I'm inclined to go the way of Casmir. I know the way a perfume wears is very individual to a person's chemistry, so mine probably didn't work with HM. Can anyone relate?

  • LINDSEY04/23/2002

    I think the different colors of the box signify what type it is. I know the red/pink is the EDT, and the yellow is the ED Fraiche. So go with the pink.

  • LOLA04/14/2002

    a great summer scent.

  • MICHELLE04/12/2002

    I've never tried this one before -- I have a question, and it may be a stupid one -- Is there a difference between the Pink/Red/Blue/Yellow versions of Butterfly that I keep seeing everywhere? Thanks!

  • KERRI03/16/2002

    If you are looking for a fragrance that envellops you with a sense of being home baking on a rainy day, or snuggling with someone you love, then this is it. Hanae Mori is the fragrance I reach for time and time again. It is spicy, fruity and warm. Not too overpowering, but just a subtle presence of something comforting and wonderful. A reminder that love is something to give. A reminder that love always comes back to you, too.

  • ANN03/04/2002

    I absolutely love this perfume and I can't believe I found it here. Usually the only place I can get it is one specific department store and the price is much higher, too. Now that I found a better source I can start using the bottle I have at home more. The scent is very light, like vanilla, but not too sweet. The EDT tends to not last too long, but it's worth it anyway.

  • GILL03/02/2002

    I certainly wasn't trying to say anything derogatory about HM; I was merely trying to provide objective grounds for comparison regarding a specific note in the perfume that I wish I'd known about before buying. Chopard is nearly twice as expensive as HM, and Suzzane's comments about it seem rather subjective. The same note also appears in Coty Dark Vanilla - yes, a cheap drugstore scent, but it's the note I am criticizing, not the quality here. Not everyone hates the note, and I am trying to assist those who do hate it, so they know what the heck I'm talking about. HM is an excellent quality scent that I just can't abide. Btw- thanks for the warning, Giovanna! :)

  • GIOVANNA02/26/2002

    I'm sorry you didn't like it, hope you didn't spend a lot on it. Warning: stay away from a fragrance called Dalton, as it does have the "fruity muskiness" you don't like. It is actually a lot muskier than Butterfly and it stays with you all day long, too.

  • SUZZANNE02/22/2002

    Please don't put this in a class with Casmir. Butterfly is a very elegant but fun scent. Casmir just smells cheap and loud.

  • BECKY J.02/16/2002

    Wonderful full bodied scent. Love it.

  • GILL02/04/2002

    I love sweet scents, and I wanted to like this, after hearing so many raves about it. But there's a dark, musky fruityness that I can't stand in this, that also exists in Chopard Casmir. It's hard to explain the note that I find icky any other way. It stayed with me long after drydown. DO try before you buy.

  • LILA02/03/2002

    This one is just so yummy. I was addicted the first time I smelled it in Nordstrom 2 years ago and have worn it ever since. Men love it also.

  • NICE PERFUME12/22/2001

    this is a great scent. I love the way it is fresh, without knocking over hte people next to you... my boy loves it too! (a big plus)

  • GIOVANNA12/07/2001

    Interesting scent. Soft enough for a teenager, sophisticated enough for adults of all ages. Warm and perfect for romantic encounters. Isn't that something? It is also sweet and different, so if the sweet berry scents scare you at first, give it a second chance. Make sure you enjoy the dry down before making any judgements. It's wonderful! I experiment with fragrances a lot, but always end up coming back to this one.

  • JAN11/09/2001

    Smells wonderful. Not too strong. Soft and pretty. Love it.

  • FAY11/09/2001

    this is a really sweet scent. lasts long on the body

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