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Prince Matchabelli


36 Reviews

Cachet was created by Prince Matchabelli in 1970 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral opening notes of hyacinth and heliotrope blended with lower tones of cinnamon, orris and jasmine. Hint of musk and patchouli.

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Cachet was created by Prince Matchabelli in 1970 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral opening notes of hyacinth and heliotrope blended with lower tones of cinnamon, orris and jasmine. Hint of musk and patchouli.

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  • CAROLYNE HORNE10/28/2014

    Brilliant value for money and lovely scent.

  • LINDA ROSE01/15/2014

    It is beautiful scent that takes me back to my youth

  • DAWN12/28/2012

    Wonderful - this is extremely hard to get hold of so have to search hard to find it so I am very pleased your website carries it. Quick delivery and good prices too.

  • MRS M SCOTT12/01/2012

    agree with that it does not smell the same.Wrote to makers and it is different People

  • DIANE A04/04/2012

    i used to wear the cream cachet, so wonderfull, lasted a long i hate the smell of it, it is not from the 70s thats for sure...

  • SARAH09/25/2010

    Back in the 70's Cachet was all the rage...everyone in High School, including me, wore it and it smelled so wonderful! I wore it for quite a long time. Had not worn it for years. I tried Cachet a while back and it literally smells awful!! What has happened to the formula?? Does anyone know? It used to have a classy scent that was amazing; I just have no words for it; I just know how I felt wearing it. Now it really does smell cheap and ransid. I am SO disappointed as I used to LOVE Cachet. Someone please update me on what has happened. Thank you.

  • MRS ST07/29/2010

    Sometimes when perfumes are reformulated, it is often out of necessity, because the original raw materials become off limits, or even in some cases no longer available. Nowdays, there are so many environmental and ecological no-no's that I can very well see, and easily so, why some formulations have to change. Wish I had details for those of you asking on the particulars of this fragrances reformulation - sory, I do not. But now at least you have a little insight as to why fragrances change.

  • RICK06/11/2010

    i wish they would make the original scent..i bought some for my girlfriend but it is different..the new 1993 is nice but ladies!! the original cachet k15604nocks my socks off

  • ROSIE01/01/2010

    i been used Cachet since the early 80 and i love the smell.But now days is a little hard to find it.

  • TERRI07/09/2009

    I loved the old Cachet. It stayed with you all day long. I used it from the time it came out until the fragrance was changed. Please start making the original again and I will start buying it again. My rating choice refers to the new Cachet.

  • CINDY POOLE05/28/2009

    Why do they have to go change things? Although the scent hasn't been altered too much, there must be cheaper ingredients in it because it stays on my skin about twenty minutes and then it is gone. The old formula (back in the 70's) had excellent staying power. I think the same was done to Emereude by Coty - or whoever makes it now.

  • PAT R11/06/2008

    I've worn this cologne since it came out. My family always knows what to get me, but they're having a hard time finding it. Even Sears is out of stock!

  • DEBRA GARD01/15/2008

    All other products give me a headache. I have used Cachet for over 30 years. I want it to stay and need to find the powder PLEASE!

  • TALKGIRL01/10/2008

    My mother-in-law has been wearing Cachet since the 1970's. I love the fragrance on her! Although I think the original formula from the 70's better, I do like the new one. I wish they would bring back the original scent though.


    I have a vintage version of Cachet- it's a spicy, musky chypre- very intense and lovely. I recently tried out the Cachet that is made by Parfums de Coeur- nice, but different: more of a soapy green scent. I more of a vintage girl myself- so I'll stick with the older version!

  • JULIETTE11/27/2007

    Has a "unique" element in it, that like the ad of "old"(I think), makes it unique on every woman. Every woman wants to be unique doesn't she?

  • DOROTHY07/25/2007

    I love i t so does my daughter Have trouble finding it its the only scent I wear Hopefully Sears will keep on selling it!!!

  • KATHY06/15/2007

    After all of these years I tried this at W.M. last night and bought it. I can't believe it, but, this smelled really great. Guess my memory of this was in error or my tastes have changed. The price is right and I have spent a lot more and was disppointed.

  • ABBEY11/18/2006

    My mom has been wearing this perfume forever. This is her smell and everytime I smell it I think of her.

  • TERRI09/21/2006

    Chimere by Prince Matchabelli was my favourite perfume ever. I have not purchased perfume since I have not been able to buy it. Cachet was my next favourite. Has anyone seen Chimere available anywhere

  • EDY08/16/2006

    I have used Cachet since the day it came out in 1970 and 36 years later still getting numerous compliments on the scent from passers-by. Have tried others but always come back to Cachet!

  • JULIE03/31/2006

    I first smelled this on my grandmother about 35 years ago. It smelled nice on her, and because I loved her so much, I too bought a bottle. I haven't smelled it since I was a teen, so I can't say what I feel about it now. Has alot of good memories for me. Probably would smell a little cheap to me now, (like Chantilly)but who knows? I hate to admit it, but I am a perfume snob, love the smell of expensive perfume. (can smell a major difference)

  • KATHY12/09/2005

    I bought a bottle of this stuff way back in the 70's. I tried to like it but, there was just something in it that didn't smell right. Maybe, the patchouli and musk thing that was going on. It wasn't the worst that I have ever smelled though. Just not for me.

  • GRETCHEN12/02/2005

    I tried this one after one poster claimed that Cachet is good for those who like leather scents. I sampled this scent twice- once a one store where the clerk opened the bottle for me and took "one sniff and said this _________ stinks". I decided to try it for myself at another store (plus the clerk liked "sweet" scented perfumes while I do not- so her opinion was unreliable). I spray some on my wrist- it was strong- okay. I walked around the mall to let the scent settle. To my horror, the smell reminded me of White Diamonds perfume- ugh! No surprise there as they have some of the same notes. Im still trying to scrub the scent off hours later..... Wanted to like this one because it was inexpensive, but I guess you get what you pay for.


    I spritz this on and in the air everyday at 4:25! Its the tradition! Since Junior High.

  • PERFUMELOVER03/06/2005

    I didn't think I would like cachet at first glance but the fragrance surprised me...... hard to describe like many mixed fragrances (no one note popped! out at me) but nice......

  • DONNA09/05/2004

    I have used Cachet since forever.Most fragrances make me gag,but this one I would like to hug.

  • TAMMY07/25/2004

    When I was in 10th grade in the late 70s, I lost my purse. I was more upset at losing two things in the purse than the purse itself. One was a picture of my boyfriend and the other was a brand new bottle of Cachet that was in it. I'm rediscovering some of the old fragrances I wore years ago and Cachet is one of them. I agree that it is a timeless fragrance.

  • MGARIS07/12/2004

    Smells like bad breath. Bad news. Avoid this fragrance.

  • DEBBIE02/01/2004

    A very feminime scent that seems to adapt with individual body chemistry. Heavenly on everyone I've known who has tried it!

  • BONNIE11/28/2003

    great.hadn't used for a long time and found it on sale.

  • LALA04/12/2003

    cahet is okay kinda strong i prefered the fragrance unruly its sweet & uplifting. cahet is just alittle too strong

  • VICTORIA03/07/2003

    I have tryed alot of perfumes and frangrances and have beeen strickly using cachet for over 6 years now when some one notices i say thank you its by Prince Matchibelli its called cachet and its my favotrite of all

  • MARY ELLEN02/12/2003

    Have loved cachet all my adult life. have used it over 40 yrs

  • BARBARA02/03/2003

    i have worn this on and off since college. i'm not always in the mood for it, but when i am, nothing else will do. it's far from ho-hum, and an old bottle of cachet retains its fragrance and "life" like no other. i have gotten compliments from strangers when i wear this one.

  • NANCY LOUISE12/09/2002

    I only wear two fragrances-Salvador Dali and Cachet. Cachet is timeless. It will never go out of style. I just wish it weren't so hard to find in our area.

  • SONIA12/05/2002

    Does anyone know if PM is going to bring back any of these discontinued scents? It would make a grown man very happy

  • STEPHANIE11/24/2002

    My mother has been wearing this since before I was born and it smells beautiful on her. I don't think it is a boring fragrance at all.. maybe on some, but on her it smells like magic and it suits her. It's not one that I think would suit me, but I love the way it smells on her.

  • AUNTGOOEY08/23/2002

    I wear a lot of perfumes with leather notes, like Cabochard, Chanel No.19 and Cuir de Russie. It's not listed on this site's description but there's a lot of leather as a base note of this fragrance. If you're a leather lover try it, if you're a floral or sweet lover, stay away. Lasts along time and stands up well against my more expensive fragrances.

  • BETHANY07/09/2002

    Agree with everything Stephanie said. This was one of the first perfumes I ever tried, and I can't even get nostalgic about it. Nothing offensive about it,other than the fact that I think it is a waste of money. Very boring fragrance. Just my opinion-Save your money.

  • JEAN12/03/2001

    I like Cachet very much. The slogan "As individual as you are", certainly does fit. It is a contemporary scent that has remained very current since it's introduction thirty one years ago in 1970.

  • EVELYN09/25/2001

    RE: Your question about Windsong: Subject: Author: Mary Ann Date: 03/21/01 02:12 AM I'm guessing you've already found it here ... but just in case: Here's the product number for Windsong Cologne: 2834

  • STEPHANIE06/18/2001

    I think this is a very boring, ho-hum perfume with no character whatsoever that doesn't even come in a pretty bottle. In fact it's been sitting on my dresser gathering dust for the last ten years.

  • WEBFEATS@DIANE.COM04/10/2001

    I wonder if anyone knows whether PM plans to EVER re-issue their former summer line called Summer Shower. It was a clean, light fragrance that I aadored, but they discontinued it. Anyone know anything about it? Diane

  • MARY ANN03/21/2001

    Am looking for Windsong EDP or cologne by Prince Matchabelli, I believe.

  • D.A. JOHNSON01/06/2001

    Do you still sell it and where can I buy Cachet dusting powder? Thank you for your help.

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