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Created in 1932, Tabu is an elegant, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of rich rose, orange blossom, jasmine, vetiver, oakmoss, amber and musk. Tabu is recommended for romantic use.

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Created in 1932, Tabu is an elegant, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of rich rose, orange blossom, jasmine, vetiver, oakmoss, amber and musk. Tabu is recommended for romantic use.


    I have used this cologne for years. It almost reminds me of the fragrance Opium. I just love the fagrance ... The scent does last all day.

  • ANITRA06/07/2013

    This is a beautiful fragrance that transcends time. I am constantly told - by others that I come in contact with - what a delightful scent it is...

  • ZEPHYR12/11/2012

    Delicious. Warm ,"low" ,soft, spicy, sweet. Kind of vanilla-ish; but just slightly. My husband complimented me for the first time in ages.

  • ANDRIA12/20/2011

    Love this perfume but cant always get it in stores Tabu by night and Tabu by day

  • BARBARA12/14/2011

    I have enjoyed wearing Tabu by Dana for more than 50 years. At first it was evenings out, but then became exclusive. It has become part of me. Both men and women comment, positively, on my perfume and ask the name of it. My male friends especially like it.

  • TERRY0400-4007/02/2011

    I as a man use Tabu sparingly because i love the fragrance on me and also when my girl has a spray or two applied it displays an aura of sofistication and is also most pleasant.

  • SANDE B.12/05/2010

    Love it since 1960.!!!

  • MEREDITH11/06/2010

    I've been wearing Tabu exclusively since college. I was in the class of '53. Each time I think I should change scents someone will comment on how good I smell. Love it.

  • ANNE11/04/2010

    I like Tabu even though it isn't my favorite perfume. I like that it's a really old one, and I find the legend about it to be intriguing. (I had always thought that there was a nasty edge to it.) I prefer to wear heavy fragrances, and this is certainly one of those. It is one of the heaviest ones around. Even though it is inexpensive, it doesn't smell like really cheap perfume. That is probably because when it first came out, it wasn't cheap perfume. There are a lot of people who dislike Tabu, so to each his own.

  • SANDRA10/22/2010

    ive been using tabu since a friend brought me it back from spain when i was now 52 and i cant find anything to beat it

  • LT12/31/2009

    My husband absolutely LOVES this scent. It is the only perfume I use that he likes... and he REALLY LIKES IT!! .. if you get my drift!

  • MRS ST11/30/2009

    I swear, New Dana ruins everything they touch. Tabu has always been a very sexy, dark scent...not like Ciara, which will kill your nose dead, but a deep soft sort of darkness, to me, with almost a hint of dark chocolate. This scent is the queen of dark deepness, with Youth Dew as a second runner up. The key to wearing Tabu (or any perfume) is fresh clean skin and a light application in the case of a heavy scent, like Tabu. Your best bet here is an older bottle, as it seems the new one has lost its original olfactory plain speak New Dana has tampered with something they should not have, that "something" being the formula! My rating of "excellent" applies to older bottles ONLY, not anything recent!

  • BELINDA11/29/2009

    I wear this, and Woman by Jovan, as my two favorite scents. Tabu is complex, deep, a dark fragrance, and I have the chemistry for it. It's definitely for a WOMAN and NOT A GIRL, though. And I'll tell you a secret - if it's 'right' on you - MEN LOVE IT and comment on it all the time!! Complete strangers (nearly all men) will walk up and ask you what's that wonderful scent you're wearing!?? It's a great way to meet men, and I'll never stop wearing it. Old formulation or new, they both have the same effect when worn by me. I guess I have the chemistry for stronger scents, I've always favored them over the frilly fruity stuff. Also love Aliage Sport Fragrance Spray by Estee Lauder, and Majie Noire by Lancome - both orientals or greens.

  • MECKY09/25/2009

    I been wearing Tabu for the last 46 years and still love it. I was told that Dana is not making it anymore. I am very sad over the fact that I can't buy it in our stores anymore. I like to buy the 8 oz. bottles.

  • NOT-TOO STRONG07/28/2009

    I think this is a fragrance that has been around a while and not marketed too much. However, when I wear this, I have had several people, including men, remark how nice it smells even later in the day.

  • DOC.T05/17/2009

    Ladies, I may be alone in my opinion here, but LEAVE this stuff alone. A former girlfriend wanted me to buy this and she never understood why I wouldn't go near her when she put this on. Self Explanatory.


    It gets such a bed rep, mostly due to people over-application. I will say that the newer version is not pleasant. If you are out of lighter fluid and have some "New Dana" Tabu on hand, you are all set! It also has this "vomit" undertow to it as well. The older version from the 60's and 70's is beautiful, with almost a cola syrup note in the beginning and dries down to a soft powdery spice. Definately worth seeking out!

  • ROSE02/08/2009

    It really amazes me the different reaction everyone has regarding Tabu. Personally, I find to have the best experience in wearing this fragrance is to buy the 8 oz. square bottle, which is considered a splash. I really laughed at some of the negative comments, and felt a bit concerned of offending anyone near me at the same time. All I have to say to Dana is that everyone who truly loves Tabu, should be able to buy this glorious scent in the big square bottle again at a reasonable price -- because, when something is perfect, you should not change it's original design.

  • NICOLI12/19/2008

    Just purchased this fragrance after seeing it on the market for years. I was tired of the fruity and flowery fragrances and wanted to try something different for the winter. I enjoy the way this smells and I am pleased with the dry-down. It is very light and powdery without being overwhelming. My 19 year old daughter likes the fragrance as well even though she wears a lot of the flowery lotions and perfumes. With this fragrance it all depends on your body chemistry. Just a little bit goes a long way.

  • SYLVIE12/04/2008

    I don't know if they watered it down or if they changed the formula to a cheap and ugly concoction. I HOPE NOT!!!!! If they really did that - this would be idiotic!!! The "original" TABU is a sumptuous and devine masterpiece!!! BOLD and magnificent. May I say a dark gothic scent??? I wear it on special events. I like black velvet outfits mixed with satin, silk or black leather. I like purple feather-boas and glamorous accessories. Because I'm a child of the 80's, I'm and "old lady" know as you can imagine. 50+++ :-). I love glam-rock, Steven Tyler, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Nirvana, the Rolling Stones and all the great new musicians of today. But I'm happy that Guns n' Roses are back with a brand-new CD :-). All these beloved wonderful musicians and brilliant artists rocked my world. - And because I love TABU so very, very much, I have some bottles in stock, so I can enjoy the "original TABU" until the end of my life. I wear it know since 20 years!! I'm a perfume-addict. TABU is my signature fragrance and all my friends, my family and my husband love it. Nice to know, that Luca Turin loves it too :-). TABU, Shalimar and OPIUM are the best oriental-fragrances of MY perfume-world!!! When I'm in the mood, I layer TABU with a wonderful and strong vanilla fragrance (or Shalimar) and that smells heavenly and ultra-feminine. If you are interested, try to get a vintage bottle!!!

  • CHEE-CHEE11/16/2008

    this perfume is so nasty and stank. i hate it.

  • FREDDIE09/23/2008


  • SHARON07/17/2008

    Both of these are awful and are in the same "fragrance" family. They remind me of a perfume an older heavy smoker would put on right before she heads to the Tavern for a nice cold Hamms beer...

  • JANICE07/12/2008

    Well I think that Tabu has changed , it hasn't got that nice musky smell it had up to about 6 yrs ago. I am only using a little bottle just to see if I like it. I don't like it so I will finish it yp and look for somethingelse

  • JENJENOFAZ03/29/2008

    Another favorite of my mom's along with these other stinkies:Emeraude and patchouli oil. Out of this collection of stink bombs, I guess the Tabu is the best, but I still hate it. So thick, rich, musky skunk smelling toxic waste! Bad stuff! Sorry mom.

  • JUDI W*09/03/2007

    I haven't smelled this scent in MANY years, but I remember it's richness. It's not just Dana that "reformulates", I say tweak, it's fragrances. Alot of expensive companies do the same damn thing. It is horrendous of them to do that, and sell it under the same name. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

  • TABU5808/23/2007

    I have to agree with the changing of the fragrance. It is terrible! Bring back the original tabu back. This stuff stinks! Quit messing up a good thing when there are some people that have a hard time finding a cologne that smells good on them. I have been wearing it for years untill recently the smell is awful on me now. So now I have to find something different. DANA, GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FRAGRANCE.

  • ANNIE06/27/2007

    I don't know what happened - my taste and/or chemistry have changed maybe - but I'm really loving Tabu at the moment. I bought a big bottle of edc spray. It is very sweet & orangey at first - that is what used to nauseate me I think, but later on a dry and earthy quality intensifies and brings it all together into balance. I guess I'm just in the mood for this spicy/sweet/earthy type of fragrance. For me, it has a 50's retro vibe which I'm enjoying. I think it's quite a glamorous and womanly fragrance. It makes me want to get dressed up in vintage Hollywood style - elegant, not street walker attire. This is not a girly pink fragrance. I want to revisit some other orientals, too, now that I seem better able to tolerate them. Karl Lagerfeld had a spicy/orangey scent, KL for women, that may still be around. I think it is somewhat similar to Tabu. I wonder if he was inspired by Tabu. I think quite a few oriental fragrances were. I have no idea whether or not the fragrance is true to the original. Based on my prior experience with Dana, I'd tend to doubt it.

  • LEA06/20/2007

    I've been wearing Tabu for 20+ years (I'm now in my 50s). I have a lot of allergies and am very restricted as to what I can wear. When I was young I wore Jean Nate or Jontue...I don't know what happened to Jontue but I recently tried Jean Nate again and had to return it to the store the next made me gag. I remember Charles of the Ritz making it and Revlon must have messed it up bad! Anyway, I had no idea Tabu had been changed as I have been getting it online for quite a while now since it's usually less expensive there. The reasons I like it are that I love the smell, it's not out of my price range, it's been around since the 1930's and not likely to disappear like "celebrity fragrances", and it's very long lasting...I put it on once in the morning and it lasts all day. I've had total strangers, both men and women, stop me and say how much they love it, that they remember it from back in the day or they're asking me what it is. I usually wear the cologne splash in the big square bottles and save the "real stuff" for special occassions. Does anybody know if the solid version is still made? It's become my signature scent & my husband loves it too. I do agree that it's a "grown woman's" perfume...not meant for little girls!!


    They ruined Heaven Sent, They Ruined Chantilly, now Tabu. This company is a bunch of Lame Brains. Why mess with perfection? To save a buck or two? They lose more customers than what they could possibly ever hope to sell on repeat customers. Dorkbillies!

  • BRAT04/07/2007

    Ok, so a lot of posters have noticed a change in the formula. No doubt Dana had to replace some chems. that back in 1930s were used in perfumery,are now known to be toxic.Tabu is still so very sexy, exotic & warm.The issue with those who think that this is for stinky old ladies ( or skanks ) please try to think outside of the box.Tabu is an entense sent, less is more & it lasts for 10 or more hrs, also if you wear this often you become so used to the sent, that you need to take care not to over spray or dab. Tabu can be found in edc, edt, edp, & parfume. The parfume is excelent, & only a few $, & stays a bit closer to the skin, & is a tad spicer.

  • MARA03/23/2007

    This "fragrance" is proof positive that people interpret scents differently. I find it terribly offensive. Different strokes for different folks.

  • BLONDIE03/18/2007

    I must admit this was never a favorite of mine though I did wear Youth Dew some. Still, I am sorry to hear that it has apparently been tampered with. The same has happened to several of my old faves and I just hate that. The new Arpege is completely different. Nowhere near the same. Too bad this has to happen. Hats off the Estee Lauder for consistency over the years. Lauder's scents are how we know that these others have changed and it is not our "smellers"! THEY have stayed exactly the same!


    I thought I was buying Tabu that great scent from the 1960's. Well, when I sprayed some it gave me a headache and I had to air out my house. What the H is wrong with The Dana Co. That's not how Tabu should smell. I used Youth Dew back then and still do. Does everyone who uses Youth Dew notice that the fragrance hasn't changed since the day it was formulated. That is because Estee Lauder was a woman of character and substance. (I read her book). She sold only the highest quality makeup and fragrances and no one in her company even now that she is deceased would even dare to mess with any of her formulas!! The company that is selling Tabu better wake up. We know what Tabu is supposed to smell like. They need to change it back like it was in the 60's. I am outraged they would try to pass off this horrible smelling stuff on the public. We are smarter than they think!!!!!!


    I recently purchased on-line what I thought was the exquisite fragrance known as Tabu. I sprayed some on my wrist; it didn't smell like the Tabu I remember from the 1960's. I tried the lotion, same thing. What is happening?! Is Dana passing this off as Tabu. The scent was sickening. I had to throw it out. I will be going to a major department store to find the REAL Tabu. I will rate the real Tabu as excellent. I don't know why I was mailed bug spray!!!

  • HELEN ALBANESE02/08/2007

    I wish i could get the old Tabu back, I no longer buy it. I found something else better. You messed it up. Give me back the old and I will buy; it again. Helen

  • MIK12/08/2006

    I've been wearing Tabu since 1980, I love it. My sister on the other hand can't stand it. I guess it's one of those things, you either love it or hate it.

  • GALA12/01/2006

    I used to like this scent but it has changed and not for the better. I wish they would quit tampering with classic perfumes.

  • DIANE11/23/2006

    This isn't a scent for a woss who goes for the baby powder florals sold today. Its intense, exotic and spicey to be used sparingly.

  • SEXY KITTEN09/29/2006

    the original formula for this was really something...not for everyone but the scent really had some dangerous, voluptuous curves ...almost a narcotic scent for an adventurous womanly woman...sadly, I have to agree with one of the previous posts that the "narcotic" that is now present in the formula makes you smell like a rubbie...sorry tabu lovers...i feel your pain.

  • GRETCHEN07/16/2006

    I'd like to think the original smelled good...I've only tried New Dana's version and it smelled so watered down- I couldn't even detect the individual notes in it. You'd probably have to douse yourself in the whole bottle to get any idea. I'm not willing to drown myself in the intial blast of alcohol that comes out of the bottle to test out my theory. Will pass permanently on this one.

  • ANGIE06/01/2006

    I haven't smelled Tabu or Chantilly lately, but I used to wear them about thirty years ago, and if they changed them, I wouldn't even bother to try them. WHY CHANGE SOMETHING FROM IT'S ORIGINAL FORMULA, AND THEN KEEP THE SAME NAME? That is so annoying, and stupid! Alot of perfume companies mess with original formulas, and try to "update" them...DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KATHY05/01/2006

    Don't know when this was changed, but it didn't smell too good back in the 70's either! LOL

  • ANNIE04/20/2006

    I don't usually like to post really negative reviews because...each to his own. Rarely do I find a perfume so repugnant that I can't imagine wearing it at some time, even if only once. There are so few I truly loathe (which is why I find it difficult to weed out my collection -- I have a place in my heart for just about everything!), but Tabu is one of them. People who rave are remembering/still using the vintage juice, I'm sure. My mother remembers Tabu as being gorgeous, and that lady has exquisite taste. I used to like Chantilly and Heaven Scent. They're both made by Dana now and utterly ruined. I don't know how Dana does it. The previous poster is right -- Dana should leave well enough alone. I apologize if I've offended anybody who loves Tabu. If I were a former Tabu lover I would be fuming at this desecration.

  • DEE SMELCER03/23/2006


  • M.J.03/22/2006


  • CATHERINE02/09/2006

    Mum found an old bottle of her TABU recently and when she sniffed it her eyes closed as all the memories of her younger days came flooding back to her. She doesnt think it's availabe anymore so she wont waste a drop. Luckily it's available over the internet so it will make the perfect surprise Birthday present for her. She'll be able to use it again. It's a beautiful fragrance and I can't wait until mum's birthday so i can sneak a spray!!!!

  • DENNIS 02/07/2006

    Back in the 60's, my high school music teacher wore this scent. I have only pleasant memories whenever I catch a whiff of Tabu somewhere, and, sadly, you don't smell it very often on the women of this generation of yung 'uns in Beverly Hills. Back in the 60's women wore perfumes of substance. Only a real woman need wear Tabu.

  • CHRISTA01/09/2006

    My mom and mother-in-law both wear Tabu and receive generous compliments from both men and women!! I love the way it smells on them but, on me its not as good. If it works for them..then I say stick with it!!!!!!

  • JAN01/06/2006

    It's okay, to speak up if you don't like a certain fragrance. My friend's husband bought Tabu for her ever Christmas for years, not knowing that she did not like it at all. She did not want to offend him, so she played the martyr. As for me, this is smelling. I prefer Fracas and Bandit.

  • JACQUI01/04/2006

    I live in West Yorkshire, UK & my local supplier has decided Tabu does not move fast enough & has stopped stocking it. Can anybody help me with a new supplier. Am happy to pay p & p. Thanks

  • JR12/27/2005

    Many dark-colored fragrances should be applied and allowed to dry before you dress, to avoid staining light-colored clothing. (Some Serge Lutens fragrances even carry this warning.) Hope this helps.

  • AMY11/27/2005

    i have to say none of the scents by Dana smell good!! They are all cheap smelling and smell like old ladies.

  • LORRAINE11/10/2005

    The only fragrance I will use! I have been using it since 1975 when I was 15 yrs. old. My husband loves it!

  • FREDA09/08/2005

    I first bought this perfume in 1969, and continue to use it. It is gorgeous.

  • JEAN09/04/2005

    The problem with fragrance today is that people bathe in it. You can walk into a nasty cloud of stench after they have been gone for hours. Properly worn, perfume would only be noticed by those that are quite near. It should be a "haunting memory" not a nightmare that sticks to everyone elses hair and clothes. A touch of fragrance will do the job nicely. Tabu is that touch. Very sensual.

  • LORI09/03/2005

    i wore this in high school, but didn't know any better. smells like ho perfume to me now, cheap and cheesy and VERY VERY strong! it's been around forever!

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    Its too bad this perfume turns out the way it does. It has real potential in the way it tries to smell, but some chemical compound in it fails to present itself. I wish it smelled better. Barfo.

  • SANDRA03/29/2005

    My biggest surprise is that they really still make it. I thought they were just selling the old bottles off. I only know 2 people that wear it and they shouldn't. It is the worst ever!

  • MARIA HONDA02/10/2005


  • JENNY01/02/2005

    Tabu is too strong for me to wear..but for anyone else that likes a very strong musk, try it out.

  • WHITNEY12/30/2004

    My great grandmother (yes great, that is how long it has been around) wears this and although I love her I hate the perfume. It is very "old womanish" and is very heady. It is so bad that I don't even want to hug her because then it will be on my clothes all day. I am sorry. For those of you who like it more power to you but in my opinion this reeks!!

  • MATTHEW12/21/2004

    This is some really great smelling perfume. My wife really loves this stuff too.

  • SYLVIE11/13/2004

    :-)))))))))) How nice sounds your message!!!!! Best legendary perfume of the world!!!! I'm not kidding. - I know sooo many fragrances - TABU is absolutely the QUEEN of all oriental, ultra-feminine perfumes. IMO!!!!

  • MICHAEL11/03/2004

    Used sparingly this perfume can bring me to my knees. It intoxicates me and I am powerless under it's spell.

  • DENISE10/27/2004

    I smelled this at the store yesterday,it is gross,it made me sick to my stomach

  • KIMBERLY10/20/2004

    I have nothing good to say about Tabu. If you are superstitious or not simply heed the warning of the name on the bottle! BEWARE! This heavy and nasty scent smells like stale and cheap alcohol and makes you reek something fierce. I get nauseated just catching a whiff on someone as they walk by and I know immediately what it is. This perfume should be retired, and never to be put on the shelf again. Please.......ladies don't wear it, it makes no positive statement and is truly repulsive! You won't catch anything but insults with this!

  • TONI08/22/2004

    To me, CANOE for men always smelled exactly the same as AMBUSH as women. In fact, I would swear it WAS the same stuff in different packaging. But anyhow, TABU for me is just too heavy, too suffocating, too "disinfectant"-y.

  • FEATHER08/21/2004

    I have been wearing tabu since i was 13....excelent!Always get compliments on the scent the only scent that stay with my chemesrty. all others i've try my cheme eats it up in 10minutues! Not Tabu!!! it!!

  • CONNECTIONS04/23/2004

    it will be out this XMAS - i know someone who works for Dana ;)

  • RENE03/30/2004

    My Mum wore tabu and loved it. I didn't. I wear Youth Dew and have done for thirty years. Tried the others but Youth Dew for me.

  • HELYN02/28/2004

    Tabu's unique scent, frequently over-applied so unfairly classed as heavy when it can be oh so subtle. The best thing about it is its distinctiveness from most other perfumes, it is distinctive & I shall never ever tire of it in my lifetime. I smell many lovely sweet perfumes but this I come back to.. its hidden depths to difficult to resist.

  • LORI02/02/2004

    My mom is desperately looking for Tabu foaming bath and shower gel. Does anyone have any leads? Also, who is the parent corporation, if she wanted to contact them directly? I've seen "DANA" but am unable to find anything. Thanks!

  • MGARIS12/14/2003

    My mother was a schoolteacher. One of her students bought her a bottle of this fragrance, forty years ago. In order not to hurt the child's feelings, she wore Tabu for about a week Every single outfit she wore durng that interim, had to be discarded. The cedar closet in our house, was no longer effective. This is the most ferocious, endless, saturating smell I have ever come across inside a perfume bottle. Scary stuff . . .

  • CATHY12/02/2003

    one of my best memories is the smell of my mother wearing tabu when i was a little girl. On vacation in Spain I found the perfume and bought a bucket of it. Used up, I've had a hard time finding it. The toilet water is everywhere, but it doesn't smell as good as the perfume. I'm going to try this one. I hope it's the real deal.

  • CHRISSY11/24/2003

    Np offense to anyone who loves this and it smells good on..but I find this so strong and bowl you over heavy. And of course its a bit dated. I don't think this fits women of 2003 anymore..we are alot different than the ladies that wore this many years ago. Thats not to say that some scents do not endure time..they my humble opinion this one has not.

  • LISA11/10/2003

    I wore this in my teens (ill-advisedly) and of course it did not smell good on me. Now I rediscovered it and bought a bath set. It's nice to layer- I would not wear this in hot weather at all. You could easily overdo this one if not careful. It's fantastic though. I love the leather note and it's very sexy smelling to me.

  • RAINFAERIE11/07/2003

    Miss Evangeline was a true blue Southern belle with that unmistakeable Southern charm and class. She must've embraced Tabu since its inception in the 30's. Everything from her 1967 Ford sedan to the fluttery tattered pages of her Bible exuded this distinctively warm, powdery oriental, with a base-note of vanilla pipe tobacco. I picked up a bottle of this at Big Lots yesterday, and was instantly transported back to Miss Evangeline's Sunday school classroom, circa 1972, where I felt safe, loved, and protected. One timeless fragrance; one classic Southern Belle.

  • BIBBY05/13/2003

    This fragrance is so complex and is not exactly the same on everyone. Actually, it can be quite awful on some people and totally sexy and ultra feminine on others. I did not care for this fragrance when I was a young woman (My signature scents were Chanel #5 & #19 and Yardley English Lavender). However, at a more mature age I have now rediscovered this utterly intoxicating scent which can also seem quite romantic and feminine at the same time. I absolutely love the body lotion, talc, and regular cologne. I suggest caution with the "cologne concentrate" - it is too over the top and I can only recommend it if you are truly nuts about Tabu. I recently found a "BIG" bottle of the splash cologne at a discount chain - the splash is slightly more subdued than the regular spray cologne (very nice). One little coment: I don't know why Dana keeps changing the design of their bottle. I've purchased five Tabu gifts sets this year and the bottles are different in each set.

  • LALA04/12/2003

    this fragrance is kinda strong i liked the lighter version it was dreams by tabu all the guys liked the smell!

  • SYLVIE MOTHES04/06/2003

    TABU is IMO the greatest perfume creation of the world! I tried every perfume, so I know what I am saying. I am a great fan of the old Guerlains. And I like "Obsession" very much. But TABU is the best of all! This wonderful smell touch me deeply. So don't judge a book by it's cover.

  • ALMA02/25/2003

    When I was 13 I stole a few drops of Tabu from a huge square bottle on my aunt's dressing table. It was intoxicating (though too sexy and grown up for a teen). When I was 20 I began to buy it for myself, but only used a couple of drops at a time. And that is all you need - one drop on each pulse point goes a long way. This is very difficult to accomplish with a spray bottle. It's a shame they no longer make the non-spray version. If you want to wear this in a very subtle way just use the body lotion and a dusting of powder and skip the cologne. I pray that Dana does not ruin this now classic (almost iconic) fragrance. They have already reformulated and ruined Ambush and Heaven Sent.

  • OLATZ01/31/2003

    I agree with many others that Tabu is a love it or hate it kind of fragrance. It can smell amazingly sexy and feminine on some women and yet truly reek on others. It smells marvelous on my aunts and cousins. Yet, I have a friend who wears it and loves it - (but in my opinion it smells like bug spray on her. Tabu is a very intoxicating, sexy, sensual scent and should be worn for evenings. Please ladies, don't wear it to the office.

  • GTHANG11/26/2002

    Now is a great time to get Tabu. There are so many Christmas sets available with the body powder and everyting. And of course, the price is right!

  • CAROL FRANKLIN10/23/2002

    I like it alot also...Alot of the resident's where I work at says it smells really good...I think so too! I have been wearing this cologne for quite a few years...since I was in my twenties...I am now in my fourties...That really counts for something to me.

  • QUEEN08/12/2002

    the stain I believe would be due to the perfume containing vetiver and being highly concentrated....Ciara by revlon does the same to not let these types of perfumes sit for a long time.

  • GILLEY08/07/2002

    i love tabu however the bottle i have now causes a dark stain on my clothing. do you know what the problem is ?

  • KAILEY08/02/2002

    My dad baught this for me a few Christmases ago and I think that it got one spray out of it before it was retired to under my bathroom sink so if anyone wants it email me and I will be happy to give it away

  • QUEEN08/01/2002

    This perfume called Tabu has been luring men for years since it was 1st introduced. When worn it tends to make you feel like you are a hindi goddess or something w/servants fanning you laying on a bed of lotuses!...Dana has too many Queens that still purchase Tabu to stop making it.

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    One of my best friends wears this. I think it is too old for her. It smells like something weird-sweet candy and cigarette smoke mixed together. I wish I could switch her to something younger. I don't think this is a perfume for young women.

  • TOURAY06/15/2002

    I like it alot. I don't own any, but have tried it, and can wear it. I don't catagorize by age - I think any age can wear any cologne when it goes with their chemistry. Sweet, powdery, oriental/amber.

  • BETHANY06/11/2002

    I only personally know of one person who can wear this fragrance well, and it isn't me. This stuff is STRONG. Make sure to try this on first, and then make sure to get a lot of fresh air....FAST.

  • CINDY06/11/2002

    I absolutely love Tabu. Yes, it can be a little heady upon first application but if you use just a small amount the dry down smells like you just used a wonder smelling soap in the shower. I was very excited to find a bottle of the body lotion today. They only had two bottles of it. I may have to go back and get the other one.

  • L. 05/29/2002

    "Vile" is indeed the best word for this... this *stuff.* I have smelled bug-spray that was more enticing than this. In fact, "bug-spray" is a pretty good description of how this stuff smells. It also has a definite "old lady" quality to it. Blech! Try it before you buy it, o ye uninitiated. You might be in for a shock.

  • YBW05/01/2002

    A lady was wearing this strong scent and I complimented her more to be nice than I actually liked it but she gave me a hankercheif that had the smell on it and after awhile it smelled beautiful the initial smell is somewhat nasty in my opinion ty

  • BORN4MD04/28/2002

    I only wear a few different scents. Obsession, and Musk every so often. But Tabu is my "signature" scent. My husband loves it's sexy and lasts all day and you only need a drop or two. I will never stop using it. Hope they never stop making it.

  • GTHANG04/18/2002

    Tabu is one of those fragrances that will never go out of fashion. It makes me think of crisp,cool fallnight and cozy sweaters. LONG LIVE TABU.......

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    My mother has had this. She uses too much of it. it is really spicy stuff. spicy and sweet. too overwhelming, but if you are careful and use just a bit...

  • ANN03/03/2002

    Have used Tabu for 40 years, it's as good today as before. Problem, it's becoming harder to find, but I'll keep searching and never stop using it. I too would like to know what happened to the tubes of body gel.

  • AYNIKAYE02/25/2002

    I love Tabu and I have recieved many compliments from friends and even strangers. It's a classic and it smells good on me.

  • CYNTHIA02/18/2002

    Dreadful! Heavy, oily, cloying, suffocating. Dana's female pairing to the equally offensive Canoe. The ad campaign was brilliant, but Tabu remains the mustiest and most rancid of the heavy-oil scents, a poor-woman's version of Youth Dew.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Didn't like it when I first smelled it as a teenager and still can't stand it. Smells like dime-store perfume to me. Sorry.

  • SUSAN01/01/2002

    This might be one of the original sexy fragrances... wore it many years ago as a teenager, but can appreciate so much more as an adult woman..hardly fit for a young girl, but we knew then it was sexy and of course we wantes to feel grown up...I'm sure my mother would not have approved, would sneak it on, I guess that's why it was called Tabu...Haven't seen it stores lately though...

  • JEZEERA12/27/2001

    reaching back into a time of cashmere sweaters and a sting of pearls... a few well placed drops of tabu from the big square bottle in ones newly discovered cleavage.. yes.. "the intoxication of it all".... please tell me.. outside of finding that big square bottle in sears a few years ago.. i cant find it anywhere.. is there someone who can direct me to gift sets... from bath to perfume... please... i await your response... .... as there are men who await "intoxication" hurry

  • AIMEE12/16/2001

    Hi Bonnie, I have seen Tabu perfume in the drugstores, for example, Longs Drugs.

  • EVELYN12/03/2001

    I have worn Tabu for many, many years. And I always liked the Tabu solid push-up stick. When I started wearing that, it came in a glass bottle with a black screw-on cap and the stick itself was wrapped in foil. Then Dana started putting it in a black plastic push-up container. I can't find the solid anymore, however. If anyone knows how to obtain, please post information. Thank you.

  • BONNIE11/30/2001

    I'm looking for real tabu perfume. All I have found is colone and eau de toilete. Please help

  • AIMEE11/25/2001

    Even though my description will sound tacky: deep, honey-vanilla-cream. (Also, my take on it seems different than other descriptions here.) It is one of my favorite scents. But I only wear it at home, because I know it's one of those love/hate scents!

  • JOLENE10/14/2001

    I agree with everyone else. What a legendary, long-lasting Oriental fragrance Tabu is! It's such great fragrance at a great price. My grandmother has been wearing Tabu since it first came out in 1932! She gave me some of her bottles of vintage Tabu a few years ago. One of them was Tabu Dry Perfume which is similar to a powder, but really concentrated and strong. (I wish they still made it because it smells so wonderful!) She also gave me several bottles of Tabu from the 40's and 50's, which was really neat. This fragrance is very special to me. I hope they never stop making it.

  • PHYLLIS10/11/2001

    I've tried many fragrances over the years, but I always keep Tabu on hand - it is a staple item on my dresser, like powder and lipstick.

  • NONI09/29/2001

    and don't wear it with outfits you wear to church either. as a women you will know when you are worthy and qualified to wear TABU.

  • MELISSA09/26/2001

    I am trying to find out if Dana is still selling Tabu Bath/Body Gel. My mother loves this scent and really enjoys the bath gel. She recieved it as a "package" gift a few years ago and I have been unable to locate it since. Does anyone have information on this? Or Dana so I may find distribution information? Thanks for the help!

  • TABU09/23/2001

    This is my favorite fragrance. I've been using it for about 15 years. I have a couple of friends who give it to me every year for birthday or christmas. A friend tells me that it's my "signature fragrance" and she tried it, but it didn't smell as good on her. It's one of those fragrances that blends with your special body chemistry and has a different smell on each person. Almost every time I wear it someone asks what that wonderful fragrance is. I love it! It's sexy, yet natural and exotic.

  • JUDY09/15/2001

    I love tabu for everyday wear. I wear Happy, White Diamonds and Tova for special occasions. (more expensive!) I get compliments on Tabu all the time, a co-worker said that it was what attracted him to his second wife-too bad his 1st wife was there!

  • DONITA09/07/2001

    This is the first perfume I ever "borrowed" from my mom, we both like it, but it smells different on it

  • KARINA08/26/2001

    Agree with the others posts. A gorgeous Oriental scent that is obviously high-quality, without a high price. I buy the dusting powder at the drugstore for $10, and it is the most luxurious product! A little of that after a bath, and you go to bed feeling like a princess!

  • MARISA07/22/2001

    I love Tabu. It's a heady, exotic fragrance that smells so wonderful and old-fashioned. You definitely can't beat this one for the price.

  • STEPHANIE07/02/2001

    For the price, there is nothing better than this. Tabu is a sultry, spicy scent that can rival many of the more expensive designer ones.

  • H.05/31/2001

    Starts out heavy, but dries down soft, powdery, and clean smelling!

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