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Aromatic, Fougere, Fresh. Burberry created by Burberry of London was introduced in 1995. This fine fragrance contains bergamot, juniper, jasmine and is accented with patchouli, musk and cedar making Burberry perfect for casual use.

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Aromatic, Fougere, Fresh. Burberry created by Burberry of London was introduced in 1995. This fine fragrance contains bergamot, juniper, jasmine and is accented with patchouli, musk and cedar making Burberry perfect for casual use.

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • LISY05/20/2010

    My boyfriend drives me crazy when he wears this stuff. I love it!! yummy

  • DAVE12/30/2008

    Burrberrys is my absolute favorite. I love it! I have worn it since it came out. I get compliments on it all of the time. Great for any ocassion.

  • JUDI W*09/16/2008

    Any scent with cedar in it will remind some people of cedar shavings that end up in cages, but most likely, perfume companies know how to combine their notes, to not have that same effect. Women's Burberry does not smell like that either. I've never be one to let other people influence me as to what I like, or wear. Everyone smells different things in different scents, and that's okay, but what is not so good, is when someone insults other people's tastes out loud. To each their own, if you don't like it, don't wear it, simple...

  • LARWIZ04/05/2008

    I spent maybe an hour and change at Macy's, going though dozens of colognes in hopes of finding a new fragrance to add to my lineup. I own Versace Blue Jeans & The Dreamer, Dunhill Desire & X-Centric, Dolce & Gabbana, Avon Mesmerize (a little out of place among these fine fragrances perhaps), Mambo by Liz Claiborne, and Burberry Brit. Anyways, after trying a handful of colognes, I finally came down to three that I really liked: the burberrys, diesel's fuel for life (very close to this, btw), and Vera wang. Among the three though, the Burberrys was my favorite. It's one of the nicest colognes I've ever come across. Very spicey, sweet, and classy. I feel very refined when I'm wearing this one. This should be in everyone's lineup, but I'm hoping it isn't, cuz I want to stand apart, unlike all the Jean Paul Gautier guys...

  • JUDE C12/17/2007

    Great candy like smell. Very solid scent, but does not last on me. Not going to offend anyone in the least, smells very sexy and good, but no lasting power.

  • BARBARA W07/26/2007

    I cringed when I read the hamster cage posts, because when I wore the woman's version of Burberry, a couple of people said it smelled like a hamster cage, too!! Up to that point, I loved the scent, but after people made that comment all I could smell was...cedar shavings. It ruined the scent for me. I was so mad! Same thing happend with Hypnotic Poison. I read the reviews saying it smelled like root beer, and that was all I could smell when I tested it. I hate when that happens! :-( I hope I've never done that to someone unintentionally!

  • MATTHEW12/13/2006

    This is an excellent cologne. The smell is unique, as are most Burberry scents. Burberrys is not for the faint of heart and is only for those who have good taste. By the way, I think anybody who would ask you if you just stepped out of hamster cage I would begin to wonder....hmm??? Anyway stay out of the hamster cages and go soak your head in a bucket of Curve.

  • COLOGNE_CRAZY09/08/2006

    This one is horrible...something's rotten in really does smell like bug spray. It smells nice for only the first second..after which the nightmare begins.

  • STEPH08/15/2006

    Hey Rob my Ex-Beau used to have this one and I do love it however I know what you are talking about and it's the cedar in it, and people put cedar chips in their hamster cages.

  • ROB07/08/2006

    I love Burberry the first time I smelled it, however, as time went by, it smelled like a hampster cage! Anybody else know what I am talking about, or am I just plain crazy?

  • DOM05/29/2006

    I spent an hour in a perfume store today. I sniffed about thirty different colognes. Most were bad, some were awful (BLV Notte) and some were just OK. Burberry was the best of the OK's. I bought the smallest bottle and hope that it will grow on me. For the most part it smells a lot like Eternity though not as "clean." Please, someone: suggest a good oriental floral! I was really disappointed today...

  • STEVEN04/08/2006

    This cologne absolutely epitomizes the masculine fragrance. At first I thought it stunk since it's so strong, but after a few minutes it really blends in quite well. Anyone wearing this gives off an aura of strenth, confidence, class, and determination. Granted, I would not wear this everyday, but women like it and it's a keeper. Btw, any gurus out there I would like to hear some of your opinions regarding fragrances (I'm a newbie). Thanks - [email protected]

  • JEANNE04/06/2006

    i bought it for my husbnd-at first i loved it-the more he wore it, i hated it-just awful!!!

  • WES CLEMENS02/26/2006

    I agree with the last three reviews that this woody-floral fragrance is a great casual substitute and a definite change of pace from the overly worn Curve, know them all.

  • SPACE PILGRIM01/03/2006

    I've no complaints about this very nice all-around casual spicy-woodsy fragrance that's good substitute for the overly worn Eternity and Curve.

  • SYNERGY11/22/2005

    Refreshing casual fragrance is not too commonly worn and is a definite change of pace from the popular Curve, Cool Water, Eternity, Acqua know what I mean.

  • M.R.10/17/2005

    Great casual fresh scent that's a good alternative for the overly used casual colognes like Curve, Eternity, ADG, etc.

  • MAYA07/27/2005

    I suppose it's the lavender in these men's fragrances I love so much and find so inviting. Fragrances like this one, Rochas and Hei are really made for a man who is caring and passionate. Someone who is not afraid to show the world who he is and asks for what he wants. This too is a truly spellbinding fragrance that plays with magic of love and seduction! As a woman I love this one :)

  • LAWRENCE07/22/2005

    And one spray last all day. Very tasteful fragrance, although a little heavy for summer wear. Good choice for evening or winter. Nice to alternate with Burberry Brit.

  • LAWRENCE07/22/2005

    And one spray last all day. Very tasteful fragrance, although a little heavy for summer wear. Good choice for evening or winter. Nice to alternate with Burberry Brit.

  • NIKITA 07/19/2005

    D&G is not better than Burberry on my skin. D&G smells like nasty Perry Ellis Portfolio Green. I love all colognes by Burberry and Jil Sander

  • RN05/16/2005

    It is one of the best colognes I ever used. The only bad part is that it doesn't last that much and it is too popular.

  • JORDAN03/27/2005

    It is to musty for me. It smells very old and in the past when Ive worn it, after a few hours it almost made me sick. Just not a very fresh scent in my opinion.

  • RAY WELLINGTON02/01/2005

    unless you want girls stalking you at the mall!

  • TONY Y01/31/2005

    bought it a couple months ago and love it. i have 9 bottles of cologne and i agree D&G is better and does last longer but i like burberry also.

  • SILENCER01/11/2005

    Im sorry to stray from popular opinion but Burberry is ok at best. As a fragrance it is probably second only to Dolce and Gabbana but as a cologne this mess is not designed for the human body. One person put it very precisely: 'It smells like a hamster cage.' with coughdrops and lime in it. All this coming from a person who spent the $48 to buy the stuff. I made a poor investment in cologne on this one.

  • SOLYTAIRE01/11/2005

    I dont get it. I dont smell it. I dont understand what females love about this cologne. I bought it and it took me forever to use up. Simply because I hated wearing it. But girls seem to love it. I Dont get it.

  • TONI FINISH12/13/2004

    Very fruity, spiky, but then also very soft. Honey is there somewhere, but it never comes in bloom. Tobacco I smell also, but again; It comes so weak that it has to be those "ultrasuperhypermega" light tobaccos. It has good flavour indeed, but it is a bit too shy to shine after all.

  • ALVIN11/14/2004

    Personally I don't like this so much, but girls seems to love it. So I guess I will be using it more often.

  • R.J.11/10/2004


  • ROB H.10/17/2004

    Great casual woody scent is tops over Eternity, Uomo? and Diesel's first. Good for any occasion.

  • ED09/04/2004

    Anyone who tells you that this stuff smells bad obviously doesn't know what their talking about. This stuff smells exquisite. I have never in my life smelled something like this.

  • MIKE09/04/2004

    i just bought this cologne i had smelt it at the mall b4 and i really liked it one of the best ever cant go wrong with this . smells awesome and ppl around me seemed to really fall in love with it too :-D

  • BASHARATH08/12/2004

    Amazing scent, great for special occasions. Its not too strong and all my friends love the scent.

  • JEFF07/16/2004

    I've worn burberry's since I got it as a gift back in the 70's but the fragance today is different from now. The older burberrys wasnt so sweet smelling

  • K.B.07/07/2004

    Take it from a women, this is the best scent a man can wear. Sweet and spicy. I love it when my hubby wears this. My favorite.

  • W.B.06/21/2004


  • LORD SHIV06/13/2004

    One of The most Unique Fragrance inthe world. One you smell this everything else smells like a horse

  • BIGGEE05/25/2004

    fella's i wore this colonge called burberry and women just came up to me at the club by the 100'z asking what are you wearing? my wife got so jealous she's leaving me.

  • MIKEE04/14/2004

    I recieved this scent as a gift. i was told it reminded my friend of me and she had to get it. she said it was just like me in the aspect that it is "extremely sweet, but also very spicy" and i think that's a correct analyses of the scent.

  • JOHN L03/13/2004

    I love this scent, and my wife does too. One of the few repeat purchases I made. Give it a try.

  • PRICE02/05/2004

    I'm a bit shocked by some of the negative review on this wonderful fragrance. Perhaps this scent doesn't work well with everyone's chemistry. However, on me it smells like pears dipped in honey then sprinkled with cinnamon, with a hint of tobacco to keep it from getting cloying. Very sweet and spicy, yet classy. Great fragrance for the winter months.


    You really smell a heavy cedar and musk on this one. Making it for a nice manly cologne for usage almost anywhere. I suggest maybe a splash or two...after that use at your own risk. It stayed on a long while for me and I got inquiries quite often as to what I was wearing.

  • ERIN12/18/2003

    i bought burberrys in 1997 when i was in switzerland for myself soon after i found it in the states for my man, i wouldn't let him wear it unless i was with him, thats how seductive it smells

  • CHRIS COLOGNE11/19/2003

    Pretty good scent, could be better though. The pair is the first note I notice. Very very fruity. Im not sure why Beyonce Knowles goes so crazy over it but to each their own.

  • MICHAEL M09/02/2003

    When you get over the insect repellant smell, you notice that it smells a lot like Aramis from the 1980s -- a fragrance that is too strong for me now.

  • RAIN06/26/2003

    Apple, lime, mint, cedar... Great on their own... But when put together... Smells like cough drops meets bug spray.

  • JONATHAN JOHNSON06/16/2003

    This is a wonderful scent. I'm a cologne freak and love the finer frangrances. If you don't like the finer scents such as Chanel Allure, Acqua di Gio by Armoni etc... This isn't for you. It lasts about 3/4 of the day or 14 hours, has a nice, medium smell that's semi-sweet and luxurious.

  • BUKEM206/03/2003

    For some strange reason I had the urge to buy the 100ml. bottle of this stuff. I wore it a couple of times at work thinking I was smelling fine. Just then someone came up to me and asked if I had just stepped out of a hamster cage. Needless to say I haven't worn it since. This stuff will have you smelling like cedar chips. A big mistake for me.

  • TRACEY05/05/2003


  • FERNANDO04/14/2003

    Although this fragrance is not one of those over-the-top that everybody loves and thinks is awesome, I personally like it very much because it has a very classy and low profile character. It is the fragrance I use when I do not want to think about which one I will use that day. It gives me nice sense of peace. It is a bit like Armani, but lighter, not so strong. It is good for formal ocasions or just casual situations. I certainly think one should try this one!

  • ARNOLD R.03/11/2003

    Two stars is too much. Maybe One and a Half is more in the ball park. This fragrance is quite as boring and synthetic as Hugo (Hugo Boss 1995); it smells remarkably similar, only worse. They both have that exact same sour/bitter note that smells like dry-cleaning fluid or something, that distracts and irritates. What is that note? Don't know, but it doesn't belong in a men's fragrance. Pass this one up.

  • DREA02/03/2003


  • ANDREA02/03/2003


  • LL12/21/2002

    This is one of the best EDT for a man... ...other good ones are: "O Boticario" "Joop for men" "Fahrenheit" & "Roma Uomo"

  • ALY12/02/2002

    I recently bought this for my husband to try something new, and it smells great. He loved it too. Would definitely recommend it....

  • MAURICIO10/09/2002

    I am agree whit Aloui this is CHEAP

  • SEXY CHICK08/14/2002

    This is awesome stuff! Did you know it's also Beyonce Knowles faves cologne for a man??

  • ALIOU07/07/2002

    this stuff stinks big time man, stay away from it unless you wanna scare girls away.

  • HAZEL11/29/2001

    down boy!

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