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  • JOSEPH ALLAIN06/20/2007

    If an ne knows where I can get a bottle, lease let me know. My email i

  • MILES11/24/2006

    This fragrance is pleasant, but pales in comparison to the original Bernini that was made in the 80's. It was warm, rich and woodsy, with a hint of sensous spice and totally captivating. One woman actually said it smelled delicious - need i say more? Too bad, though, it's almost impossible to find now.

  • A. BOREALIS02/16/2006

    A great find if you can get it. This highly elegant and sophisticated fragrance is spicy and marine fresh with a very pleasing woody drydown. Truly one of the best sleepers out there and I would rather wear this simply because it's not a Chanel, or an Armani, or a Creed, or a know what I mean.

  • RX-801/24/2006

    Very exceptional and luxurious fragrance is unlike anything I've ever smelled and there's nothing out there that smells like this spicy and marinish wonder. Eat your heart out, Armani and Chanel!!

  • BRUCE12/30/2005

    I am trying to find a bottle of Bernini if Beverly hills and cant find it , if any knows how to get it please email me and i will buy it,thankyou . My Email address is

  • ROB H.12/23/2005

    Sensuously spicy with rich woods and a marine linger to go with it. Perfect for the GQ smooth and sophisticated man who doesn't want to smell like every other gent out there.

  • D.L.09/07/2005

    This cologne smells heavenly. Not too musky, nor too "clean" (you know how some colognes smell like a bar of soap?). I absolutely love this scent. It's a liquid panty remover!

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