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Liz Claiborne


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Mambo for women captures the rhythm and flirty spirit of the women who wear it. Its sensuality dances acros the skin with rich notes of succulent mango, vibrant mandarin and the intense floral essence of ylang. Hypnotic notes of orange blossom, pink ginger and the seductive aroma of red hibiscus. A touch of exotic woods is romanced by the warmth more

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray + 3.4 oz Body Lotion + 3.4 oz Shower Gel
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Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray + 2.5 oz Body Lotion + 2.5 oz Shower Gel + 2.5 oz Shampoo
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Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray + 6.7 oz Body Cream + 2.5 oz Shower Gel
SKU 5196
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Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray + 6.8 oz Body Cream + 2.5 oz Shower Gel
SKU 13586
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0.18 oz Parfum Mini
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1.7 oz EDP Spray
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3.4 oz EDP Spray
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Mambo for women captures the rhythm and flirty spirit of the women who wear it. Its sensuality dances acros the skin with rich notes of succulent mango, vibrant mandarin and the intense floral essence of ylang. Hypnotic notes of orange blossom, pink ginger and the seductive aroma of red hibiscus. A touch of exotic woods is romanced by the warmth of vanilla and musk.

  • RAYNNE01/14/2007

    I love this perfume and it is the ONLY perfume I wear.

  • BARBARA W05/08/2005

    This is a funny fragrance...sometimes I think it smells great, other times I can't stand it. Weird! But, I'm wearing it today and enjoying it. Maybe it just depends on my mood. :)

  • KELLY02/15/2005

    Smells like a delicous fruity cocktail on me but at the same time it also reminds me of toilet freshner. Hm...

  • CK06/24/2004

    I'm I crazy? No, I purchased this perfume as a set with large and small bottles of fragrance, lotion, talc. It smelled so wonderful! But sad to say for me, it did not stay with me like I wanted. So I gave it to a friend. Starts off on me nice and sharp then disappears.

  • LLL06/15/2004

    Reminds me quite a bit of the scent "Glamorous" by Ralph Lauren...I happen to like both of these scents. Mambo's a little less sharp than Glamorous, but both are nice, and work for me.

  • GRACE PFALTZGRAF05/24/2004

    You need a license from the EPA to wear this stuff its highly toxic. I just say don't wear it.

  • HERMIONE04/04/2004

    a kinder,gentler "Poison".

  • NEAKIE02/21/2004

    Great smelling fragrance. I don't wear it a lot since it seems to be quite popular lately by people I know and I like to be unique.

  • DEBBIE02/17/2004

    I love it!!!

  • TRISH01/16/2004

    Didn't think I would like this at first but I got some for Christmas and I love it. It must work well with my chemistry because it smells yummy and I get positive comments on it. I don't usually go for the Liz Claiborne scents.

  • CARLA12/30/2003

    Love the smell and would definitely recommend,if you dont like it perhaps it doesnt work with your body chemistry, get lots of compliments from both sexes when i wear this one

  • MARY12/22/2003

    The scent is not very appealing or sexy. After applying it, I tried to wash the scent off and I couldn't get rid of it! Stay away from it unless you want to smell cheap.

  • MS MIKA07/11/2003

    I simply love Liz Claiborne's Mambo, Body Mist! The Body Mist smells better (to me) than the perfarm and it last longer. I can't seem to purchase it alone; apparently it only comes with a gift set. Liz, you really should think about selling the body mist seperately also; and if you do, where can I buy it!! Email: [email protected] (there's two (2) underscores.)

  • NANCY06/11/2003


  • JOY06/01/2003

    I tried Mambo today at a department store. I walked around with it on a while. It's pleasant enought, but just okay. I like other scents better. It was gone in 2 or 3 hours.

  • LAUREN05/18/2003

    Mambo is a really good fragrance, I love it, it smells wonderful. It has a very light and elegant smell.

  • MSB05/08/2003

    Mambo is a very good scent for winter when you have on a lot of clothing...however it is too heavy for spring and summer

  • SIDNEY04/23/2003

    I sprayed this at wall mart and my sister asked me what was the nasty scent that I just sprayed on. I didn't think it was nasty, but average and a little to fruity for my taste. My sister said I smelled like melons and it reminded her of the cheap 80's fragrances.

  • JULIE RAMOS04/12/2003


  • TRACEY BLAKE04/08/2003

    When I first tried this perfume on I was unsure If I was going to like it. A couple of hours went by and I started smelling it I thought this is a nice perfume after you've had it on for a minute. Now I really like it.

  • DEB104/03/2003

    I had to have this for Xmas and have only worn it 3 or 4 times. I loved the smell in the store but there is just something about it that doesn't sit right. The dry down is a big let down.

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    This scent reminds me of very rowdy and loud bar women. Very cheap smelling. Starts to have a cigar-like odor after about the first 30 minutes. It is cheap though. With most perfumes, you get what you pay for. Cheapness here.

  • MARIA02/16/2003

    Its ok, its sexy but I dont like to smell it all the time, it gives me headache sometimes. A bit strong.

  • CINDY12/30/2002

    Very sexy!!!

  • MOLLY M HOWELL11/23/2002

    I Love the scent

  • HOOLAGIRL10/23/2002

    This is the worst scent I have ever smelled!!! It's way too spicy for my taste......almost manly!

  • SHON09/22/2002

    Has a great sensual smell that can actually be worn casually and formally. I LOVE this scent. It isn't overpowering, but I get asked what I am wearing wherever I go and then asked where I got it.

  • SONIA09/14/2002

    I just love this perfume. It smells delicious and it makes you feel sensual.

  • NISSA07/29/2002

    Mambo is a very nice smelling perfume. It is for a young female. The scent is very sweet. As if candy and flowers are mixed together.

  • SARAH06/07/2002

    I got this for my birthday, and I love it. I think you have to have a certain personality to wear it, and if you do, you love it. If you're not outgoing you probably won't like it.

  • ANDREA05/23/2002


  • MARTHA05/20/2002

    I love the scent of Mambo. Since I was unable to find another fragrance that I like by Liz this one replaced it nicely. Thanks Liz.

  • ASHLEY04/09/2002

    this ia a great scent!! **

  • LINDSEY03/12/2002

    I don't think I could buy something that's in such a cheap and trashy bottle. Plus the advertising...ick! It doesn't smell like anything great.

  • LISA SOX03/09/2002

    this scent is for young girls, not a sexy adult scent.if i had a teen age daughter this would be for her..

  • LAURA03/07/2002

    The saleslady in the store kept trying to push this one on me. It works well with my body chemistry, has personality, and it lasts and lasts. The problem? I just wasn't taken by the scent. Oh well. Maybe some of you out there will like it.

  • NONI03/03/2002

    when it comes to liz claiborne's fragrances.hate is to strong a word maybe, i know i don't like them very much. my mambo samples sat around for months until i gave them a try.don't make the same mistake.

  • KATHLEEN ANN02/23/2002

    Mambo...Fifth on my list of Favorite Perfumes...Very unique smell...Has a Very Nice Sweet Scent...

  • JANICE01/26/2002

    I love this perfume. I rec'd the gift set for Xmas. In fact I bought my mother some too. She likes it also. Even my co-workers. One asked for some for Xmas and she did get if as a Xmas gift!

  • SUSAN01/18/2002

    When I first I tried it I was with my husband in the department store and I thought, whoa, this is way too strong, my husband didn't like it at all. In fact we had to drive home with the windows open.

  • KRISTI12/11/2001

    i lovee this perfume. i told my boyfriend i wanted a bottle for x mas..and he ended up buying me the whole gift set which included a 3.4 oz, a smaller bottle, lotion and talc..i love it...i also got him the mambo colgne..that smells great also!

  • CJ12/10/2001

    I think this perfume smelled great on me. I tried it at the store as did my mother but she didn't like it as much on her. I liked the different hints of floral and thought I smelled gardenia. The scent stayed with me for a while.

  • TOURAY12/08/2001

    I think this is gross.That could just be because I don't care for fruity fragrances. But a fruity-floral-oriental. It's as if they were trying to compose a very 'sensual' fragrance and threw in every such note, resulting in chaos. Too much, in my opinion.

  • CATARINA10/01/2001

    The combination of notes in this fragrance smells like tuberoses. It could be Michael (by Michael Kors)'s little cousin. It's okay, but not for me.

  • ANNA09/25/2001

    Mambo is a really nice fragrance. My husband bought it for me for my birthday. It is a delightfully fresh, fruity, yet seductive and alluring scent. One to be a hit with many woman who can't quite find "their"...niche in perfumes.

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