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Ralph Lauren


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Introducing Ralph by Ralph Lauren, a fresh, colorful floral fragrance reflecting the energy, spirit, and personality of an empowered, confident young woman. A blend of sparkling green apple leaves, zesty orange mandarin, charismatic pink magnolia, inspiring purple freesia and soft blue musk compose the vibrant essence of Ralph.

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Introducing Ralph by Ralph Lauren, a fresh, colorful floral fragrance reflecting the energy, spirit, and personality of an empowered, confident young woman. A blend of sparkling green apple leaves, zesty orange mandarin, charismatic pink magnolia, inspiring purple freesia and soft blue musk compose the vibrant essence of Ralph.

  • LAURA ARMSTRONG01/06/2014

    This perfume is light,not overwhelming. I get a lot of compliments. You can't go wrong with this product.

  • SHAYE07/04/2012

    I love this perfume thanks,great deals

  • DENETTE01/17/2012

    Ralph is a classic summer scent for me. It is light, fresh and citrusy scent that smells great on everyone. It is not an offensive or loud scent; it is soft, but bright and cheery! I have received more compliments on this scent that on any other perfume in my collection! Don’t be deceived by the fact it is a citrus, it does last all day on me…even in the summer! I am on my third big bottle and I will continue to purchase this! I hope it never gets discontinued (unlike the flankers of this scent that have all been discontinued).

  • CANDICE12/11/2010


  • FLCHIC02/19/2009

    I love this perfume. It lasts a very long time. I spray it on my clothes and I can still smell it days later when I go to put it in the laundry. I get lots of compliments from men and women. You can't go wrong with Ralph.

  • MUSHROOMY02/15/2009

    I have been using Ralph for almost 7 years. I have been loyal to this perfume because it lasts really long and smells great! I have received complements from my friends and officemates. It is very versatile because you can use it during the day or at night. Highly recommended.

  • TANKTOP01/06/2009

    This has such a nice sparkle to it. It's juicy and sweet like an orange and has a lovely floral background. I love how it smells the same from 1st spray to last sniff. It's sort of sporty feeling, very fruity and I just love it. Try it if you like soft tender florals.

  • DMARIE09/13/2008

    I like it it smells just like Paris Hilton but the bottle looks manly this one should have been pink instead of ralph cool!

  • SASHA04/25/2007

    I like this fragrance it is smells good however it does not last long at all.This is a very popular fragrance almost everyone I know has this fragrance.

  • VICKY03/10/2007

    I bought this perfume when it was new in the it very much for daytime. But I ended up hatteing it because there are many replicas out there quite similar...includding Paris Hiltons perfume...Yerterday I went to buy a dog-cologne for my puppy and there was one similra to CK One for male dogs and Ralph for female dogs...even dogs products copy it...oh my god!

  • LAURA12/27/2006

    When I was in college, my entire dorm floor smelled like this stuff! Literally half the girls wore this! I like that it smells like you just got out of the shower. It smells a bit young to me, like nobody over 22 should wear this, except maybe in very casual situations when it's 100 degrees and humid out. It is a pretty clean and fresh smell, but it just reminds me of dorm life and all the drama that came along with it!

  • AMY09/10/2006

    It is one of mine and my mother's favorite perfume. We also buy tommy girl. They aren't over powering and smell alittle fruity just don't go over board with it. Try it out most people will like it.

  • LILABEAR08/14/2006

    got one comment on this: "somebody went crazy with the hairspray! ugh!" I was the only person nearby and wasn't wearing any hairspray!

  • NASTASSIA07/12/2006

    Other than Cool Water and Curve, I smelled a lot of this in high school/college. I adore this fragrance, though I've never worn it. A lot of people that I know love and wear this fragrance, so what's the point in buying it? I heard the shampoo's just as aromatic!

  • DEBBIE03/21/2006

    I really love this scent. It doesn't seem to last on me long though. For the money I'd like to know that you can at least smell it 3 hrs after putting it on. I also feel like I have to spray an awful lot on for the money.

  • VANESSA03/02/2006

    I own both Paris Hilton and Ralph perfumes, and to me they both smell diferent, like they sorta smell simaler but I can TOTALLY tell them a part. They both smell really good though and if any thing i think I love Ralph more.

  • AYANA02/26/2006

    i agree it does smell like apples. it smells my opinion the best yet.this is my new signature scent.

  • LOVELY02/22/2006

    i get soo many compliments on this. i love it. its soo fruity and it actually last a long time too.It is my favorite. i've finally found the perfect scent for me.

  • KAILA02/08/2006

    I Looooove Ralph. It smells so deliciouse and juicy omg Its one of my very favorite perfumes. I also have Paris Hilton perfume and yes they have some of the same notes but they don't smell the same at all to me. Ralph smells more fruity and Paris smells I can't exactly say but it has a different smell to it than Ralph.

  • LOVELY02/07/2006

    i love it, i smelled in the store and i had to get it. it has a nice fruity scent that lasts.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC01/24/2006

    Two different perfume names, but almost identical in scent! I do find however that Paris Hilton has more staying power. But both are nice frangrances, and not only for the younger crowd. I personally dont believe in age discrimination when it comes to fragrance. Whatever you like, enjoy!

  • AUDREY01/12/2006

    This is in my opinion the greatest perfume out there. My teenage daughter has been wearing it for a while and I used hers so much that she bought me some of my own for christmas. It's def. a favorite.

  • LISANDRA01/04/2006

    I just love it! I feel so good and confidence every time I wear Ralph! I'm in love with it!

  • VICTORIA12/04/2005

    this perfume is beautiful it smells so clean my freind had it on and i just had to ask her which one she used it smell so good. i went out and bought the hole collection of ralph lauren i am so happy.

  • MAYA12/01/2005

    Hi Jolie, if you are still looking for something similar to this one, you will probably like Paris Hilton. They are very similar in my opinion.

  • HILLARY11/27/2005

    How can anyone not love this perfume? i love it to death, it smells fruity but not at all like a bath and body works spray! does that stuff cost like eighty bucks no i don't think so!lol. mabey if your like a middle aged woman or somthing you might hate it but personaly i think its the best

  • LYNN11/03/2005

    Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue maybe one you want to try....I've got tons of compliments while wearing D&G.

  • ANNAMARIE10/22/2005

    3 sprays Ralph to 2 sprays Mitsouko will give a smell of a Rose. Good way to use up two scents that are just off somehow when used alone.

  • EMMA B.10/22/2005

    I wore this stuff in high school until I noticed that a lot of girls wore it. I would occasionally wear it when I was in a fun, joyful mood. It smells different on different people. Some girls it smells too sweet or citrusy or cheap. On me it smelled more warm and less "teeny bopper". I could even wear it in the winter. Im 21 yr old college student. Every man Ive been with has adored it above all my other perfumes. The more serious the relationship got the more I would find myself wearing it, to the guys request. Im enganged now and when my sheets are done in the dryer I spray one mist and turn the dryer back on for a few minutes. It wears down the fragrance and makes our bed our Temple. My fiance Loves it. He says its playful, light sexy. I still dont wear it to class or work though.

  • JOLIE10/20/2005


  • RACHAE09/24/2005

    I am into the younger, fruity scents and this one got my attention. I always try samples for awhile before buying and I like this one a lot. I am getting some for Christmas and can't wait!.

  • RACHAE09/17/2005

    I do agree, this a scent for younger people in thier 20's and below. For me, I love this stuff. I am still into the fruity smelling perfumes and this one caught my attention. I had my sister buy this for me for Christmas and I can't wait until then, for now I got my sample to use.

  • PERFUME FANATIC08/13/2005

    It is a very clean, fresh scent! It won't make you sneeze and it won't give you a headache. I get compliments every time I wear it from both men and women! A great pick that you won't regret buying!

  • SMILEY07/12/2005

    HI! I'm truly amazed how many peolple love this perfume because I tested it on my skin and I wasn't impressed. The drydown is SICKENINGLY sweet and way too fruity. It's funny cos normally I'm a fan of fruity and sweet and youthful scents but it's too much even for me!!! IMHO this fragrace totally lacks personality and denfinitely not sexy. It strongly reminds me of Cool Water which is a similar artificially fruity scent that I just can't stand. If you are 14+ I don't recommend using this stuff cos you won't be taken seriously...

  • QUEEND06/28/2005

    my teenage daughter used to wear it. it made the entire room smell sickly sweet like rotten fruit mixed with floral. i had to stay away! she's changed to fracas & now she smells like like rotten gardenias. sometimes she wears la maison divine des tropiques & i like that one, i think it's vanilla & gardenia with a powdery dry down.

  • BEV06/05/2005

    My 16 yr old has been wearing this for 3 yrs. It does smell good and lasts but I can't help but associate it with her and her friends who use it. Mostly I can't believe that today's teens spend $55 on perfume!

  • CHRISTINA C05/19/2005

    This perfume is nose candy. Everytime i wear it, i'm always getting compliments of how good I smell. If you're looking for more of that fruity scent like RALPH I also recommend DKNY's Be Delicious. It's an apple-floral scent. Very Good.

  • JILLIAN 04/23/2005

    it already feels too young for me. I do love watery, fresh scents, especially those that come in clear blue bottles, but Ralph seems to have such a "teeny bopper" image that turns me, a 23 year old college student, off. Maybe its also the fact that this girl I work with loves it, and she kind of gets on my nerves. ;P

  • NICKY03/06/2005

    I recently bought it after a year or two of contemplating it. I am pleased with my purchase because it smells fun and happy, and I think it fits my personality. I do think it smells weird when you put it on after a shower though. Still, a great one worth your money.

  • DOLLY03/04/2005


  • SEYCHELLE02/16/2005

    smells a bit immature and over-done. ralph is saturated with fruity smells, which is a bit overwhelming at times. the scent isn't that bad when you wear it on lightly or use it with another scent, but alone it's much too sweet for my tastes. smells very generic as well. i'd rather wear ralph - cool than blue.

  • JACKIE02/02/2005

    Ralph is awesome, it smells so fruity, like fruit juice, it's almost edible......

  • FAME01/07/2005

    Soulless, very offensively pop culture. Over used by many. Very artificial.

  • DAWN01/07/2005

    This fragrance smells just like a jar of pickles, I swear. I work at a frg. counter & my mouth waters when i smell it. i know tha's gross. Also I don't like it a girl I can't stand wears it. Oh, memories.....

  • MELISSA12/21/2004

    I think that Ralph has such a fresh fragrance.... I would recommend this to anyone. I'm usually very sensitive to all scents and get really bad headaches.... but not with Ralph.

  • SUSIE Q12/21/2004

    Does the smell last all day? or does it die out before the day even ends? does it last long?

  • JT11/11/2004

    Although I said that it was good for all ages, I should clarify that it has it's time and place. I'm a young 38, and I would wear it to the gym (lightly), in the daytime for casual wear, and to work sometimes. It is very light and non-offensive. I wouldn't wear it for evenings out though. I have to admit though, that the lotion IS for teenagers cause it has big obnoxious pieces of glitter in it!

  • KELLEY11/09/2004

    I smelled this scent once and I went crazy looking for it, I absolutely loved it. I became dedicated to it though, and it eventually just started making me sick. Too long I guess?

  • CHILI-O10/13/2004

    For the past few days I have been searching and searching for a nice, clean, fresh fragrance to make an 'educated' choice. Lucky for me my inlaws have a huge collection of perfumes and minis so there's plenty to smell. This is the first one that I have absolutely loved. It's so fresh, feel like I just stepped out of the about aromatherapy!

  • JT10/07/2004

    I don't agree with the previous posting saying it's only good for "younger girls." If you love fruity scents (to me smells like apple and grapefruit), you should love it and wear it regardless of your age. There is nothing else that smells like it out there, and in my opinion it is one of Lauren's best.

  • ERICA S09/10/2004

    this smells alright but i definitely think it's for the younger girls. i'm not into fragrances like this at all. plus if you want to smell fruity, just go buy some body splash from bath & body works.

  • SUSIE09/01/2004

    For those of you that want to know, I baught the Ralph goodbye dry body lotion with shimmer. I love the smell of it, very simmiler to the Ralph perfume. Makes my skin feel moisterized and best of all it has shimmering sparkles in it that makes your skin sparkle and feel sexy.

  • ABSTRAQTS08/30/2004

    My girlfriend wears this perfume and she smells like a lovely citrus fruit. You know who you are, love. If you are reading this, I loooooooooooooove you.

  • LALA08/25/2004

    i have the body lotion and the perfume of this. i absolutely love this scent but at some point it irriates my nose...i'd sneeze but i'll cope. becuz it's just great.

  • JAMAL08/04/2004

    I love this smell it makes me want to be closer with my girlfriend. To smell this delicious fragence.

  • JENNY07/29/2004

    One of my least favorites ever. Unfortunately, my 15 year old daughter loves it. Something in it is very irritating to my nose.

  • CHRISTINA07/12/2004

    For some reason, when women in this country age they start to think they should only wear dark, heavy perfumes. That's what's nauseating to everyone around you... There ok sometimes in the winter,but not in summer! People can smell you coming,LoL. I'm 22, and this smells good on every age woman. It's clean and crisp. Very fresh, and lasts through the day. I think it keeps you cooler smelling too, and not so hot and stuffy with the weather! Those richly deep oriental perfumes are great, but they can feel like a steam room version in the summer...

  • ROBERTO06/14/2004

    This is one of the best scents that i've smelt on a girl it is light and refreshing, i love these types of perfume and i also recommend Romance my ralph lauren also.

  • DANIELLE04/25/2004

    has a somewhat nice sent, but WAY too strong, my friend wears it and it makes me gag. the intensity ruins it.

  • MIC04/13/2004

    Ralph is too light for me. It always seems to wear off so quickly. It's a bit too citrusy as well, but, overall, it's a great fragrance for young (and old) alike!

  • BELLA 03/26/2004

    i like the scent no too strong...but its long lasting.....its clean and refreshing if you do not like a spring time smell dont buy it as for me I like it...

  • PATTYCAKES03/17/2004

    smells nice, but after an hour, made me feel nauseated. :P

  • DAYNA03/09/2004

    I feel so sexy when I wear this! I can sense people around me smells increadible!

  • LEAHA02/11/2004

    A smell for teens i think. Love it though!

  • KENICHISAGARA02/04/2004

    My g/f wears it and it makes me want to die it's soo good... plus it matches oh too well with ck one which is what i wear... the tip about not spraying it in one spot is true too... but... overall I'd have to say it's one of the best scents around... *never gets old* .. also if worn too heavy it may cause a headache... but worn properly it reminds me of pure energy... getting all hyped up... that's why it's just young and fun... perfect for a younger person <23 although not a professionals' best choice.

  • JESSICA01/30/2004

    the fragrance is so fruity and delicious!! it's definitely recommended

  • RAINFAERIE01/28/2004

    Hey, do you guys like the body lotion? Does it smell as good as the actual fragrance? Wanna buy; not sure... Thanks.

  • VONNIE01/26/2004

    I just happened to be walking by a perfume counter and I saw Ralph, picked it up, took a sniff and I was hooked.

  • JSTAGRL01/08/2004

    this is the perfect summer fragrance - very fruity and clean smelling!

  • SANA01/02/2004

    alot of these comments say that they got sick of it...but i just got this and smells sooooooo smells cool and makes me hyper..but it's true it should only be for teens like age 14!!

  • CARLA12/30/2003

    this is one fragrance i wont recommend you buying, heck everytime i wore it i felt ashamed.

  • LYN12/27/2003

    attracted by the scent of Ralph from its magazine ad, of course i had to buy it! wore it less than thrice, never again coz it started to smell weird.. think it's more for the fun and playful personality.

  • LENA12/23/2003

    all the little girls at my school have this.. it gives u a headache, and is soo strong that its intoxicating! horrible.. buy romance instead. its much more classy

  • LOVE YOU LONG TIME12/06/2003

    this stuff is the best you should get it for the holidays! smells kinda like holister but a little calmer ..

  • HUNNI12/06/2003

    very nice sent it smells kinda like holister but a little more calmer .. its good stuff man!!

  • LOVE YOU LONG TIME12/06/2003

    this stuff is the best you should get it for the holidays! smells kinda like holister but a little calmer ..

  • HIR12/06/2003

    This one is one of my fav. It smells sooo yummy it makes me go hypo!! Very very nice.

  • JILLIAN11/17/2003

    I'm getting this for my best friend for Christmas! I think it's perfect for teens. It also smells a lot like Escada Ibiza Hippie. I highly reccomend both of them.

  • G11/13/2003

    this is one of the best perfumes i ever had. it smells so good and it's really different. i just love it. buy it:)

  • MZ JAZZ11/02/2003

    After drying, it made me sick. It's awful! DO NOT waste your money! I already did for you and I'm a very good judge of scent! :)

  • MARIE10/05/2003

    This fragrance has to be one of the only perfumes that hasn't given me a headache or made my eyes water after wearing it all day. It smells light and refreshing as though you've just had a shower when you could be the dirtiest person alive! It bloody unbelievable!!!

  • C09/24/2003

    um... this smells really really nice 4 like 3 months or something but then u get sick of it .. and it doesnt smell as nice as it used 2....

  • BRANDI09/22/2003

    I Love the smell, however it doesn't stay with you all day :(.

  • LISA09/20/2003

    I tried this one at the Ralph Lauren store...and I loved it all day long. I couldn't wait to buy some. It smells delicious, fruity and yet fresh. Not cloying or old smelling.

  • CARMEN09/18/2003

    As I wrote on the Clinique Happy Message Board you can't go down the hall at a High School or Middle School/Jr. High without smelling Clinique Happy or Ralph I own products from each fragrance and love them ***But most older women stink in Ralph*** unlike Happy but it is really a lovely scent. Recomended for 12-24 unless your young at heart and in the way you dress but if you like a fragrance you should wear it it does't have to be perfect!

  • BLOSSOM*08/20/2003

    a very pretty scent, it's sweet and flowery, definitely original.

  • SARA08/08/2003

    i bought this a few years ago and loved it at first. i wore it for a few months and then got so sick of it i haven't touched it since. it just got too strong for me.

  • KRISA07/16/2003

    this is something for the 12-16 set. anyone older than that should definitely know better...

  • CMW.07/12/2003

    For me Ralph just smells delicious... I can't describe what the notes are or what they remind me of specifically..... but from the very first moment I smelled it on my wrist I just melted... it was so yummy I could just eat it if it were something edible!!! I always reach for this one... it's so incredibly young, happy, and carefree.....

  • LINDSEY :)06/14/2003

    I love Ralph! It's a distinct scent, and I get compliments whenever I wear it.

  • JOLIE06/06/2003

    it's the best fragrance ever .. i really like it.. original fragrance .. every girl should own one !!

  • SHAHEEN05/11/2003

    this perfume is s o clean powerful and fresh yet feminine and mystic..........just love this stuff

  • HABIBI04/15/2003

    this is the best perfume ever ....its absolutly my best and fav scent!!!!!!!

  • KELL04/13/2003

    I put this on when I was in Kauffman's to try. When I first put it on I thought it was okay, then it started to get really strong. To strong for my liking. I will not be buying this one!

  • MILAGRO04/10/2003

    One of the most high quality scents. One of the few objects that has the power to cheer my day!

  • TINA04/04/2003

    It makes you feel a happy teenager, full of energy. It's nice if you are tired or depressed.

  • JENNIFER02/10/2003

    My husband loves it. So I do too! ;-)

  • RENEE02/09/2003

    this stuff smells so fake and all the girls at my school wear it!

  • JESS01/24/2003

    This perfume is great any time of the day. It fruity, light, and lasts a long time. The only thing that sucks is that everyone wears it too.

  • LAURA01/20/2003

    I really love the smell of this fragrance. You can smell the apples and flowers, and it is light and fresh. However, I have to agree that the lotion is not that hot. I had to use another moisterizer afterwards, and the sparkle are a bit annoying.

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    Very beautiful but DO NOT wear to much it will make people cough and clog throats!


    im addicted to this, i smelt a sample in a magazine add and loved it ever since, buy me loads! btw this fragrance is excellent and is not 'cheap' or sickening. i'd choose this any day

  • SHERYL12/18/2002

    When Ralph first came out, I loved it, but since then it has given me incredible headaches. Second, the body lotion is horrible with the stupid shimmer that gets all over my clothes. Try Estee Lauder Pleasures instead for a nicer floral.

  • S12/17/2002

    I really don't know what the hipe on this perfume is all about. I agree with everyone that says that this is one of those that gives you a headache, in my case a gag effect. And the funny part is that if you go to Bath and Body works and try the "Freesia" body splash, you'll find it's the exact same scent!!!!!!!!! And you'd get it only for $10! Not to say that even that one is worth it cause that smell is just awful!!

  • ALICIA COTTEN12/05/2002

    Ralph and Lauren are by far some Womens Classics. Truely unique!

  • KATHY11/26/2002

    I bought this on a whim, an it is the best Perfume I have ever had!

  • Z11/07/2002

    this perfume smells like the kind u would find in a dollar gave me such migraines that i had to return it

  • REBECCA IRVING11/02/2002

    When I first bought Ralph I loved it... sometimes though, depending on when I spray it, it smells different and gives me a headache. I'm getting sick of it now, and have moved on, but every so often I'll put it on when I'm going out to bars because guys seem to love it more than girls, and I always get complimented on it. Don't spray it on when you've just gotten out of the shower... for some reason it smells different and stays that way. Or too near your hair, cause that makes it smell gross too... Spraying and stepping into it seems to work best, cause when it's all in one spot, it doesn't smell the same, I don't know why, and it's gross.

  • PHIL10/30/2002

    I drool when my woman wears this

  • JAMES10/23/2002

    I bought this for my girlfriend as she liked it so much. She was wearing it everytime we went out together and I find the smell really cheap. It's like perfume for young bubbly girls who giggles and blow bubble gum. My girlfriend is 27 by the way. I ended up buying her Kenzo Flower which was more sensual.

  • JENNY10/18/2002

    This is one of the worst fragrances I've ever smelled. My daughter recently received this as a gift and I can't imagine purchasing this cheap smelling fragrance. Yuk!

  • MICHELLE10/17/2002

    This completely turns my hubby on. I love it!!!!!!!

  • CHRISSY10/15/2002

    Cheap, trashy and sickening. If you want something will give you an instant headache this fragrance is for you!!!

  • KIARA09/21/2002

    This fragrance is so lovely. I think it is best to use during the day, it gives you this fresh scent that will last.

  • ELLEN09/18/2002

    I absolutely love the scent. It lasts a long time. Makes me feel sexy.

  • RALPH LADY09/17/2002

    It's a birthday gift from boyfriend (I actually made him buy it hehe). It certainly makes you stand out from a crowd, but not in a fussy way. The scent sweetens and energizes me up the whole day. I adore it!

  • JENNY09/16/2002

    This is the only perfume I like by Ralph Lauren. I think it smells good on SOME people (doesn't smell good on my sister) do a test before you buy some. I have had a lot of people say they love the smell on me (won't tell anyone what it is...they'll run out & get it). Only down side, the smell doesn't last long enough.

  • LOUISE09/15/2002

    This smells sooooo good :) I used to wear Miracle by Lancome but Ralph is my new favourite!

  • EMILY09/11/2002

    This is a delicious fragrance, but you can get sick of it. I used to wear it all the time, but now I'm down to maybe once every couple of weeks . . . there are other ones I prefer. It's very easy to wear and great for young women; but I'd warn people who don't like fruity perfumes to stay away.

  • AMY08/23/2002

    This is definately one of my favorites. I wear it at lease three times a week (it comes in second only to Marc Jacobs). This is very refreshing and stays with you all day. It is worth trying!!

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    What a good smell. Smells like fresh fruit. Sweet and pretty.

  • LINDY07/09/2002

    Get this perfume...makes you feel good about yourself. I turn my self on when i wear it.It is fresh,clean and sexy. Two thumbs up for Ralph

  • STEPHANIE07/04/2002

    This perfume is so gorgeous smelling and refreshing. It is one of my favorites. I love it. I need to get the body lotion or creme soon..

  • COLOGNEGUY106/30/2002

    You must wear this. Whenever I smell a girl wearing this, I notice her right away. This is absolutely the best perfume for females - by far. You will have any guy under your spell with this. Trust me.

  • ALAITZ06/14/2002

    It's sooo refreshing!

  • ERIKA06/12/2002

    Clean smell. Good to use for every days. I've found out that a co-worker of mine wears Ralph too, but she smells totally a good way. She manages to wear off the all sweetness and deepen the scent. She must have terrific body chemical. Anyway, this is good.

  • MARJA05/17/2002

    it's one of my favorite perfumes. it's one of those perfumes you never get tired of. love it

  • KRISTAN05/14/2002

    Ralph is awesome all my friends just love it even my mom who hates Tommy Girl she says it gives her a headache but even my mother uses ralph now she buys it on her own time cuz i wouldnt let her use mine anymore thanks ralph ur the best

  • JESSICA05/14/2002

    I went to a party at my friend's college dorm and she had this in her bathroom. I tried some on and fell in LOVE! I just bought some today. Give it a try if you like to smell clean, fresh, and girlish!

  • LISA05/02/2002

    this smell of the perfume is so terrible. the fragrance stays there for a while but, then after it leaves in seconds. It's terrible!

  • BONI04/28/2002

    New and overrated. Expensive and nothing special. It's a light, fruity, non-lasting fragrance. It's a waste of $85.

  • LAETITIA04/22/2002

    Personally I find it too fruity and sweet. Quite overwhelming actually. Notes: loquat, green apple, freesia, berries

  • KRIS03/01/2002

    I love this scent. It is soooooo clean and fresh. Ralph Lauren did such a good job with this one!

  • ASHLEE ROY02/26/2002

    Wus up Ralph? I'd just like to complement you on the ralph perfume. It's the best! You should have got 5 stars instead of 4. CHOW!!!!

  • SANN02/23/2002

    Recieved this for Christmas gift,at first a tad too strong but throughout the day very light I got many complements.

  • QUEENE02/14/2002

    Please! somebody buy me that for my birthday please! please!

  • J.B.01/25/2002

    best price I found on Ralph by Ralph Loren is in the outlet.

  • SUZANNE01/14/2002

    This is as cheap and boring as all of Ralph's other stuff.

  • SUSAN01/04/2002

    Yuck, it smells like your wearing a Lipton teabag around your neck..I just don't get the fuss.....

  • LAUREN RYAN-FRASCA01/04/2002

    I received this as a gift for x-mas...ans needless to say...I smell great... compliment after compliment... What a teriffic gift...Thanks!! XOXO

  • DOLLY12/25/2001

    Ralph makes me gag every time I smell it. Perhaps because it is over-used by the girls I smell it on.

  • NOEMI12/21/2001

    I just love the perfume Ralph, I wear it everyday that people know me by this smell! It's defenetly a must have an it goes gret with th glitter-lotion, and the body wash. THat is why I recomend it!!!

  • SHEILA12/02/2001

    to the person who's who's saying the perfume ralph costs $38.99, that's nothing compared to the canadian price of $58.99. i wish it costed $38.99 here

  • JUSTIN11/29/2001

    my girl wears this and it smells great on her!

  • RUSS11/25/2001

    it turns me this stuff is great. any girl whod oesn't like this is just trippin

  • AMY11/21/2001

    This pefume kind of smells like Romance

  • DINA11/17/2001

    Girls, what do you think about GLAMOROUS?

  • SOPHIE11/12/2001

    I love this scent. It's light and fresh. Not too strong or musky like others. My guy loves it, too!

  • CAROLYN11/08/2001

    very subtle... very pleasant light citrus like scent...

  • SKINNI_3310/26/2001

    Ever since my boyfriend got me this last Christmas, i have been hooked.

  • ME10/15/2001


  • MR. FRAGRANCE10/14/2001

    ladies, do yourn a favor and get this! men love always gives me a woody

  • GAIL10/10/2001

    Oh My God!!!!This smells sooooooo cheap. Save your$ on this one.It smells like it's for 10 year olds.

  • ASHLEY09/27/2001

    I couldn't decide what fragrance to get..but when I smelled Ralph's airy and unique sent i gust knew!

  • TENA 09/17/2001

    I Love this scent. It's fresh and airy. It's long lasting, and it also turns my hubbys head to notice it... This is a keeper..

  • ELISHA 09/09/2001

    This perfume to me is just another citrus floral based scent that is not at all unique. I do like some lauren scents though like Lauren and a new one called glamorous.

  • ELISHA 09/09/2001

    This perfume to me is just another citrus floral based scent that is not at all unique. I do like some lauren scents though like Lauren and a new one called glamorous.

  • ANDREA09/04/2001

    I have to agree with the previous post that everytime I wear it strangers are constantly asking me what I have on! It's a must have to add to anyone's perfume collection... Great for everyday wear, or a night out!!!! ONE LOVE TO RALPH LAUREN <3

  • SCORPIO08/22/2001

    I like to switch perfumes on and off when i were ralph all the guys at my college ask what smells so good. i love you ralph lauren!

  • HAYLEY07/29/2001

    I walked into Myers, was handed a spraycard of Ralph, fell in love with it & bought it straight away! This fragrance matches any mood or event, wether as simple as a girl's night out, or even a special function! Ralph has become my No.1! thanks Ralph Lauren!

  • JESSICA07/25/2001

    Since I first purchased Ralph, strangers have literally stopped me on the street in order to ask what perfume I am wearing! I love it!

  • DANI06/10/2001

    Whenever I wear Ralph, I get stopped on the street and asked what perfume I am wearing! All my customers at work compliment it. Thanks Ralph Lauren!

  • GABRIELLE06/01/2001

    This is by far the best perfume Ralph, or any other designer has come up with! I love it! It is a light, floral & fruity scent and it makes u feel very special!!

  • ANNA05/31/2001

    If you are thinking about buying this perfume, go ahead!! It is the most beautiful scent I have ever smelled & is the first perfume I have bought in a long time! A great one by Ralph Lauren.

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