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From Escada, Sentiment expresses hearts and love into a scent. Its beautiful, modern floral oriental fragrance reflects the Escada concept of simplicity, elegance and joie de vivre. Presented in a pure, simple modern elongated heart-shaped bottle with a pink metallic cap enclosed in a transparent heart.

2.5 oz EDT Spray
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From Escada, Sentiment expresses hearts and love into a scent. Its beautiful, modern floral oriental fragrance reflects the Escada concept of simplicity, elegance and joie de vivre. Presented in a pure, simple modern elongated heart-shaped bottle with a pink metallic cap enclosed in a transparent heart.

  • DMARIE09/10/2008

    I returned this because it has a top note that is nasty smelling sort of like the regular escada and if a perfume doesn't smell good from start to dry down I don't like it what is the point of waiting for it to smell good? also the bottle was extra cheap looking almost generic and Escada is way over priced in my opinion.

  • LEA04/15/2008

    This absolutely has to be the worst perfume I've tried in years. I can't find anything good to say about it. It made my nose burn.

  • MONA, NORWAY09/05/2007

    This one is my favourite at the time, also its aviable in Norway, I think I have worn out 5 bottles

  • REBECCA03/13/2007


  • CARMEN12/04/2006

    Id been searching for a perfume that wasnt too sweet and to flowery at the same time. This one combines both and make the perfect scent. I love this fragrance. It doesnt irritate my sinuses at all like other ones. This is the best perfume next to Lacoste Touch of Pink.

  • CARLA02/10/2006

    Absolutely my favorite fragrance and everyone that smells it loves it especially my boyfriend!!

  • RACHEL02/09/2006

    Not thrilled with this. It has some nice aspects, but is not exactly my thing. Others may resonate with it better. My style is different.

  • ROBIN 01/31/2006

    I'm not a real girly-type girl who's into pink hearts and rosebuds and bubblegum, and so I thought I'd be the LAST one to give Sentiment four stars! Even the saleswoman, who looked me up and down and saw a forty-something businesswoman in a no-nonsense, dark charcoal grey reefer and black-rimmed glasses, tried to dissuade me from spritzing some on my wrist! And at first, i walked away, sniffing myself, thinking she was right; it was floral, sweet, simplistic, nothing special. And then, magically, something shifted, and within the hour I was hooked! It's not a fragrance I reach for every week, but when I crave that black currant smoothness and youthfulness and sweetness, it really is purrrrfect. But that's me, and if you know me you'll know by now that I personally don't subscribe to the single "signature" scent idea of fragrance. I have a recklessly, embarrassingly large wardrobe of bottles, and the bigger my collection gets, the further I go towards the edges of my stylistic limits. All of which is to say, my dears, that by all means read ALL our opinions here, because heaven knows we LOVE to give 'em, but when it comes to deciding for yourelf, follow your OWN nose! IT knows. . .

  • MAYA01/23/2006

    Oh I can't say that this is one of the BEST fragrances I've ever smelled, but it's not a scent that would bother me either. In fact the first time I did smell it I bought the big EDP 100ml bottle and I still have it (well about half of it) - but that was about 5 or so years ago and I wear fragrances every day... so that just goes to show how often I actually grab for that particular bottle! Escada makes good quality lasting scents, but I think I do prefer Magnetism to Sentiment, (the same goes for the male versions of the fragrances). In fact, this really is one of the very few florals that I do still like... Although, it can be a bit much (sweet/even cloying) if you don't pay attention to how much you put on... ;)

  • CANDIDA12/22/2005

    Escada Sentiment is an extremely sweet fragrance that reminds me of candy after I have been wearing it a while. It is described by Escada as a "floral oriental fragrance." It is quite powdery and flowery smelling, with a rose note. In my opinion, Sentiment has the sweet, sugary smell of honeysuckle in the summertime. It reminds me of bubblegum or cotton candy. There is a hint of fruit somewhere in the fragrance, along with a touch of vanilla. It is also slightly citrusy. The fruity smell can be attributed to notes of peach, red currant, and green mandarin.

  • JULIE09/04/2005

    Sentiment is fun, flirty, not too fruity, and just perfect for everyday wear.

  • MATIE08/09/2005

    Everytime I wear this I get compliments on how good I smell. I bought the body wash and lotion too.

  • ANITA07/27/2005

    I tried Sentiment sprayed on a card at a dept store. I thought I like it... it's kind of sweet smelling.. and Escada's Ibiza Hippie is one of my favourites.. so, I just went ahead and bought a big bottle of Sentiment. My mistake! Its smell is so overpowering, overwhelming... I normally like sweet scent as well as fresh and citrusy smell.. but I just can't stand Sentiment. Its smell is so artificially sweet.. as if I'm smelling plastic... the first note is overwhelming... then it dries down to a plastic, synthetic smell... I've to wash it off me.. and it lingered on for a long while... that plastic smell! I thought that I sprayed on too much so that it's overwhelming... then I tried again on another day.. with only very little on my wrist.. I tried very hard to like this perfume... but still its plastic smell reappeared... OMG! It's to the point of giving me a headache. It's a very feminine smell.. and sweet... but I just can't stand that plastic, synthetic drydown. I just have to give this away. :( I guess I have to go back to my citrusy, fresh scent. BTW, I love D&G's Light Blue.. after smelling Sentiment, I crave for Light Blue to clear my nose of that awful plastic smell. I guess I'm the sporty kind of girl.. I hate powdery smell or overly girly smell.. I'm no barbie doll...I guess.. :(

  • NANCY06/19/2005

    love this scent it apparently is similar to wings, which I also worn. Great for everyday where.

  • PAM03/09/2005

    Boring and cheap! This one is right up there with Babe cologne. It should be sold in drugstores instead of department stores.

  • PAM03/07/2005

    Boring and cheap come to mind. This perfume smells like it should be sold on a drugstore shelf next to chantility lace. Peg Bundy would have been all over this one!

  • SHARRIE02/26/2005

    a heart full of life. enchanting. memories of romance. rich. very sentimental. eyes of tears of joy. wonderful.

  • BEKAH02/20/2005

    In my opinion, Sentiment, is neither the best smelling nor the worst smelling perfume I have encountered; however, due to the common smelling scent that does not seem very unique I probably will never purchase this again. If I had to describe the scent, I would say that it reminds me of Tresor, just not as heavy.

  • TEENY BOP GIRL12/28/2004

    i luv this sweet fragrance.oh Diane it may scream floral and sweet but i'm affraid that's it miss teeny bopper bubble gummer. i'm only 11 with atittuid.

  • LEELEE12/26/2004

    great scent. smells very fresh, not heavy at all. u can wear this with a cute sweatsuit or a nice dress. its great either way. the only thing is this scent doesnt stay.

  • KATHY12/07/2004

    This is my favorite perfume. I get compliments on it constantly. Such a pretty scent.

  • CARMAN HENDERSON12/02/2004

    this fragrance is one that I can't live without. It is so beautiful. It smells so incredible. Even the bottle it's in is pretty.

  • ELLIE11/13/2004

    it smells pretty all over softly... very special scent. yes, i love the bottle and mmm... lovely floral. so good. i'm glad escada makes few good stuffs. i like magnatism too. no matter what others may think, if i feel good in it, now that's worth my money and breathing.

  • BLU11/11/2004

    I love this sent, it's understated. It smells like a grownup version of Love's Baby Soft. Men always ask me what perfume I'm wearing whenever I wear this scent.

  • POISON10/29/2004

    This smells so feminine at first, but it turns to a very inexpensive kind of perfume...doesnt last...very disappointed, it is now used as a room freshener, but my cats hates it!

  • DIANE10/28/2004

    ...and that's not a good thing. This scent is like a coconut tropical hawaiian liquor. It would SMELL lovely if it wasn't so powerful. A diluted version I would consider buying, but this is just a "TOO, TOO MUCH In Your Face" scent. It screams teeny-bopper, bubble-gummer.

  • DENISE10/13/2004

    I put this on this morning and I really liked it at first,but within 2 hours I can't smell a thing doesn't last at all

  • CHRISSY07/22/2004

    Sorry the bottle and the color are the only nice things about this one. I found it kind of sharp.

  • KATHY05/07/2004

    I think this is a beautiful fragrance that always makes me feel pretty when I wear it. It is not what I would wear for "sexy" perfume, though. That's why I have many different fragrances to choose from depending on how I feel or want to feel that day.

  • BIANCA04/28/2004

    When I smelled this perfume on the card at the dept. store, I bought a gift set in the fragrance. As soon as tried it on at home, I gave it to a friend as a gift. This scent is WAY too sweet, it is disgusting. It reminds me of Victoria's Secret #55, which I also gave away as a gift. I prefer sexier scents, and if you are like me in that sense, do yourself a favor and just by some Gucci Rush, which guys LOVE!!!

  • MARY K.04/12/2004

    I just really don't care for this perfume at all. It kind of smells like bug spray to me. Sorry, it's just my opinion and maybe just my body chemistry!

  • ROSIE04/01/2004

    I loved this scent at first on a girl I worked with, so I got my boyfriend to buy me the big bottle for my birthday!~ It smelt very different on me. Wears off to a nice mellow scent but too strong at first. Makes me feel a little carsick at times, but will perservere to use it up! I absolutely adore the new Escada fragrance, Magnetism.

  • ELLIE03/14/2004

    i like it so far. smells good to me. it fits to my sense of nostril right but i can always look for nicer ones and enjoy'm too. i like the size of a bottle on this one.

  • MAXX02/23/2004

    This is very sweet. I bought a small bottle but will be happy to finish it. A younger persons perfume i would say. However not horrible.

  • NEAKIE02/21/2004

    Just picked this one up and I love it. A light sweet scent.

  • SHIMONE02/18/2004

    Sentiment has to be one of my favorite fragances.My husband loves it alot!

  • YES01/05/2004

    I smelled this the first time on a co worker and I had to ask her all day to come near me so I could get a whiff I loved the smell so much. So much so that I had to have it. My B/F gave it to me for xmas and since I've worn it I've gotten numerous compliments. I love it.

  • JAZZ08/05/2003

    Though this one isn't for everybody, it certainly is for me! Works excellent with my chemistry, and have recieved many compliments wearing it!!! LOVE IT! It reminds me and my husband (and a few of his friends) of candy...the kind you want to eat up!

  • JENNA06/30/2003

    I picked this one up at the store because I thought that it had a nice bottle and the fragrance was pleasant. After I put it on I have recieved nothing but compliments. My boyfriend is just wild about it and I don't think that I will ever stop wearing this one.

  • PINKI05/24/2003

    i really enjoy this one. it smells like those little pretty bright pink roses which grow wild on bushes, and produce bright red berries in the fall, plus a bit rounder and sweeter. my man thinks it smells like red gummi bears, but in a good way. beautiful bottle, even more beautiful scent.

  • PL05/02/2003

    I just wore the lotion this morning and I swear this guy walked close to me to smell my perfume!!!

  • PL05/01/2003

    this scent is so nice!!! I returned Marc Jacobs for this one. It is a little strong when you first put it on (flowery) but it really dries down sweet and sexy!!! If you don't like sweet scents you might not like this one but it is not to flowery which I like.

  • LEYANA04/11/2003

    This scent is my ultimate favorite. It lasts long, smells feminine, and sexy. And the men love it!

  • ELLIZA04/01/2003

    at first it wasn't bad -- citrus, floral. but there is a cheap bad-men's-perfume-musk in it that takes over. the end smell is just bad men's aftershave. i've very wary of the escadas, because so far, with the exception of Lily Chic, they've all gone that direction. i feel like i'm trapped in a cheezy disco when i've tried them!

  • MELISSA03/12/2003

    This is a super good scent, high reccomendations from me.

  • FAY02/25/2003


  • AUNTGOOEY02/15/2003

    Smelled okay in the bottle, but once I sprayed it on it became cloyingly and overwhelmingly sweet. Smelled like I had fallen in a vat of cotton candy.

  • SARAH02/12/2003

    tried this twice and ready to buy! scent stays on (a little strong @ first) and the man I'm dating says it reminds him of heavenly flowers

  • CAROLINA01/19/2003

    I do enjoy sweet scents (CD Addict, escada margaretha, hipnotic poison, gabriela sabatini devotion) but believe me, scentiments is TOO sweet. MAjor headeache inducer and men hate it, at least on me :-( . Please give me an oxygen mask!!!

  • TAMAR12/22/2002

    I tried this on in the shop and it smelt cloying/flowery and didn't suit me. An hour or so later I smelt my arm again and couldn't remember what I had on because it smelt so different - light, fresh, fruity and strong in a good way. Recomended.

  • AYDREY11/14/2002

    Is this one too sweet like Light Blue?

  • MIA07/13/2002

    My husband bought it for me during his business trip to Europe just because of the nice bottle. the top note is just too sweet & strong for me, so it is just another display on my dresser now.

  • TANYA04/09/2002

    Incredible long-lasting blackberry notes! I wonder how they managed to capture it. The perfume reminds me Les Monde Est Beau by Kenzo but is much better, because doesn't turn bitter on the skin after a while.

  • SHANNON03/27/2002

    I love this is so sweet and feminine!! It's great for the office or a romantic evening.

  • STACEY 03/14/2002

    I absolutely love this perfume and get compliments a lot when I wear it. My sister liked it so much on me that she bought it too!

  • ELISABETH02/25/2002

    And the bottle is simply adorable. This is a fragrance that EVERYONE asks about when I wear it!

  • V.11/11/2001

    It is sickenly sweet, and left impression of a very cheap perfume.

  • MITZI H11/02/2001

    Very light, feminine and clean smelling. Not at all strong/loud and vulgar. lasts for hours. Ilove it.

  • HOLLY10/30/2001

    I absolutely love this fragrance. I get so many compliments - I wish they had more products - I'd buy them all.

  • ERIN S.10/29/2001

    I have been using this for almost a year. and I think it is great! it's one of my favorites.

  • MICHELLE08/23/2001

    This is one of those extremely sweet scents - a little too intoxicating. Too bad I purchased it without being able to try it first.

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