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Bal A Versailles Jean Desprez Image

Jean Desprez

Bal A Versailles   

63 Reviews

Bal A Versailles was created by Jean Desprez in 1962 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of soft sweet spices, and orange flowers.

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Bal A Versailles was created by Jean Desprez in 1962 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of soft sweet spices, and orange flowers.

  • RIA PLOSS12/03/2017

    I have bought this Perfume for years and love it, but I find this time the perfume lighter and not lasting.

  • CAROL02/13/2017

    I love Bal a Versailles. I found it by accident and have used it ever since...

  • JAN FIELD02/01/2017

    Bal a Versailles is a favourite of many years - afantastic perfume at a great price.

  • MARTA06/05/2014

    I've used it for 40 years, for me it's a fragrance for a few sofisticated noses...

  • FAYE SINATKAS06/25/2012

    Been searching for this perfume about 14 years finally found it on your site, just love it.


    I was delighted with the pefume which actually arrived on my 80th birthday as a gift from my husband. Having had it many years ago, I knew it was one of the best.

  • JOHN RAMAGE01/17/2012

    This is my wife's favourite and difficult to find. I was delighted with your service as was my wife

  • ALISON YOUNG12/21/2011

    Exotic, sophisticated, and very feminine scent!

  • GERI12/01/2011

    this was a gift from my best friend of 50 years. everytime I wear (most of the time) I think of her and the good times and the love that we have shared since high school

  • PATRICIA NOLAN08/06/2010

    If you are not buying it from the company, chances are it is not the real thing. I did it and learned the hard way.

  • NANCY06/13/2010

    i have been wearing this for over 40 years. thought it was discontinued. thrilled that i can still find it as every other perfume doesn't measure up. simply the best...

  • JO07/17/2009

    Thirty years on I still love it as a winter fragrance, it's like lust, jelly beans and new babies all in one

  • MARSHA04/04/2009

    My all time favorite. Felt thrilled when I was able to purchase..once again. But it has changed or is it me?

  • SCHATTIG08/15/2008

    I really get a lot of Nag Champa in this juice. So if you're in a hippie mood, go for it. I just wish I could get more compliments when wearing this. I'm really hungry for compliments.

  • MARYL01/20/2008

    I used to love this scent, and wore it on and off for years, but it doesn't smell the same on me as it did in the past. Unfortunately, it is no longer one of my favorites. It used to have a herbal/minty note to it - on my skin at least - that is now gone. Has it been reformulated?

  • CATHY09/18/2007

    I've worn this scent for 34 years and have never tired of it. I get compliments more often than not when I have it on. These people who talk about how bad it smells must have very strange body chemistry! It is very feminine, soft and has a faint lingering scent that people always notice favorably. Nothing smells as good as BaV!! After it was sold to Alex de Markof and now to whatever company owns it, it did change ever so slightly, but it's still my favorite.

  • LISA09/07/2007

    Well after having it 9 months i've decided i like it, but can't wear it often. It's too heavy for public and i've never received any compliments even from my honey. Personally however on a cool day at home i like to lightly spritz it on a soft blanket and curl up in front of the TV or fire. It fades to become hauntingly sweet and snuggly. I'm glad i bought it as a mood indulgence but will stick with my bvlgari pour femme for compliments.

  • DEBORAH08/17/2007

    Thank goodness I just bought a mini bottle of this. It smells very masculine to me. Almost like an aftershave. Maybe it just doesn't mix with my chemistry. I like sweeter perfumes.


    I have been using the BATH OIL for about five or six years. I prefer it to the other products in the range. I use it like a perfume. the scent is deeper than the parfum or eau de toilette. I have been looking for more bath oil for some time but cannot find it anywhere, can anyone help me to find it or give me contact details for the manufacturers?

  • TUTUENVOGUE12/29/2006

    I was first introduced to this fragrance when I was 23 and I absolutely fell in love with it and wore it for some time. 20 years later I decided to try it again and purchased a large bottle. To my surprise, it just didn't smell the same; smelled like incence (Nag Champa). Don't know if it's changed but I was so disappointed!

  • LISA12/23/2006

    i'm not sure if i like this or not. it's completely different from the descriptions. In fact it smells extremely like Paloma Picasso... did i get cheated or are they similar? help. i'm giving it an average rating cause i'm not sure i have the right perfume yet

  • KATE10/03/2006

    I promise you this is true..It is an amazing fragrance and one I cannot afford NOT to get

  • FAIRLIND04/09/2006

    Soft like a cashmere sweater. Warm, and a little sweet, but in a nice way. My real favorites are more offbeat, but I wouldn't hesitate to put on this one on my way to a Versailles ball. For evenings any time of the year, and daytime in the winter.

  • KAREN02/04/2006

    I was introduced to Bal A Versailles from a very dear friend...She bought it for me for my Birthday and I have always liked to wear it. It brings back alot of memories ...very special to me.

  • CHRIS10/27/2005

    After reading the description and comments, I really, really wanted to like this scent and looked forward to its arrival... Perhaps it's my body chemistry, because the perfume seemed to smell nice in the bottle, but when I applied it, I could immediately tell there was something "off" in background notes, and it quickly got worse. Surprisingly, it didn't give me a headache, but it did become quite unbearable and I felt compelled to scrub it off. Luckily, I only lost the price of a "mini." Be careful...

  • SHARRIE12/21/2004

    truly beautiful perfume and bottle, awesome. magickal. a divinity from thhe heavens. wonderful.

  • SHARRIE12/14/2004

    beauty on the outside beauty on theinside, heavenly, true masterpiece

  • CAROLINA LEJEUNE10/23/2004

    I enjoy this perfume ever after many years of wearing it off and on. More importantly, my husband loves it!!

  • GARY10/17/2004

    Can anyone help me locate the Versailles? This is the counterpart to Bal a Versailles and is probably one of the most handsome and interesting men's colognes made during the last 20 years. Honestly. If anyone has an idea where I can find it, please email me. If it is relaunched, I would highly suggest that all the women who enjoy Bal a Versailles buy it for that special man in your life. Thanks

  • KAREN09/27/2004

    I was introduced to this scent in the late 70's and I still love it. It is uniqe and mysterious. It is rare in UK so wearing it makes you very distinct.

  • SUZANNE06/25/2004

    Regarding the Bal a Versailles EDT - interestingly, I found out later that the first time I tried it I was coming down with a virus, as I got sick later that day. I really think being ill or even menstruating can change either the way a perfume smells on a woman or even the way we perceive it. When I tried it B a V again, I got all the mysterious spicy notes. As someone else noted, though not as favorably, this perfume definitely smells like Nag Champa incense. I used to burn it all the time and everyone always told me how wonderful my apartment smelled. I think I have wonderful memories of being young, beatiful, single and living in San Fransciso when I smell this fragrance. (Not that I would EVER exchange those fun times for my beloved daughter and husband that I have now!!!) The Bal a Versailed is lovely - mysterious, smoky, spicy-floral-musky and VERY sexy! And yes, somewhat powdery, but I like that too.

  • JANIE06/16/2004

    I love it...can't buy it in Australia anymore...I have bought it recently from America and Hong Kong..I didn't realize how much I missed it until I purchased it again...makes me feel fantastic....

  • SUZANNE06/07/2004

    I was obsessed with this perfume after just getting a sample sprayed on a piece of paper. I kept that piece of paper by my bedside for two weeks until the aroma was completely gone from it. To me it smelled faintly spicy and mysterious, like I was smelling a memory from a previous life. Well, I finally got a bottle (EDT, about all that is available these days) and tried it the other day........hmmmm, well - I hate it as much as the rest of perfume lovers when 20-something kids say that a certain perfumes "smells like an old lady," but really it was all I could think of! Very very sweet and powdery at first. I waited for the spicy mysterious dry-down and it just disappeared after awhile without ever changing. But I haven't yet given up. I may wait for the seasons to change and try it again!

  • SHEILA G.03/10/2004

    ineffably elegant

  • MARY L.02/03/2004

    Did/does Jean Desprez make any other fragrances? I seem to remember using one in the seventies that had a wonderful scent reminiscent of tonic water.

  • LISA11/18/2003

    I think I was wearing this in the wrong weather (warm/summer). Now that it's colder I really like this one! It's soft, powdery but not too sweet...spicy...mysterious. Classic smelling.

  • ALEX11/11/2003

    A bit of perfume trivia is that this perfume is based largely on the flowers of a rare Southern flower called trailing arbutus -- a haunting (in a good way) scent for the shy elusive woman.

  • LISA09/20/2003

    I got a small bottle after hearing a man speak highly of it, but to me it smells powdery and a little too old.

  • M.08/02/2003

    You can get it in a mini gift set in the Bahamas. It also contains 273 & Hollywood by Fred Hayman, 360 degrees by Perry Ellis,Sunwater by Lancaster & Animale by Animale perfumes.

  • MARY07/01/2003

    I noticed there are two different lids. One is a round gold knob the other is a glass lid. How do I determine which lid the box has if I can't open the box at a perfumerie? And the salesperson doesn't know? Is there any way to tell? Thanks.

  • MARY07/01/2003

    I've discovered you can find this perfume at almost all independent perfumeries. Have a ton of them in my town and I've discovered all most all of them carry Bal A Versailles. Try your towns independent perfume stores

  • WRONG1X06/26/2003

    I've loved this perfume for years!! I love the way it smells on me and the compliments I get make my day.

  • GUERLAINIA03/22/2003

    Like Youth Dew, Opium and other orientals, this one MUST be applied in minute amounts to a freshly showered body. Any thing else unbearable.

  • DEBRA B02/19/2003

    never fear, bal a versailles will be here! the parent company, Parlux, went bankrupt in 2001. however, jean desprez is still making it, and it should be available in the U.S. again soon.

  • SUZANNE02/04/2003

    I've used Bal a Versailles as my fragrance for over 25 years now. Not only is it a fragrance that is memorable, it is the ONLY perfume that I can wear due to allergies and asthma. I can only hope that they never change the ingredients.

  • OLATZ02/03/2003

    This is so sad. Bal A Versailles is one of my all time grown up real woman scents. My favorite aunt wore it for over 20 yrs. Marshall's and T.J. Max used to have it all the time. Does anyone know if it is discontinued only in the U.S. or everywhere?

  • ROSEMARY01/21/2003

    The only perfume I can wear - no asthma triggers in it for me. Makes me feel so very sensual.

  • SUSAN12/22/2002

    I've tried so many of the new "hot" scents, which either made me physically ill or smelled terrible. You just can't beat the old, time-tested fragrances. If you love Bala A Versailles, you'll also love Joy.

  • MARIE11/20/2002

    I saw that Bal A Versailles was available as a mini and remembered it in name only. My mom received it as a gift from one of us "kids" one Christmas at least 20 years or so . ago. When I tried to re-purchase it for her it was nowhere to be found. So when I recently discovered in on line I was only to happy to order. But sadly not only did I not like the heavy sweet musky scent, it brought back no memory at all. Not sure now if I'm going to toss it or send it along to Mom as an extra Christmas surprise. Got to wonder if she will remember or like it?

  • CAROL10/20/2002

    Since it was discontinued a few years ago, the only bottles I've found were cheap imitations wearing a bad replica of the label.

  • LISA09/19/2002

    I went to Saks Fifth Avenue in NY (perfume mecca) and the salesman said that it was no longer distributed in the United States? Has anyone else had trouble finding it in places other than the internet? This would be such a shame...

  • ROSALIND09/10/2002

    First found this in 1970s in St. Thomas. Classically elegant in all seasons. An everlasting Winner.... A scent to 'go back to', after all the other fragrances. Never duplicated. Will always love it. Beautiful.

  • WILMA 07/22/2002

    Absolutely elegant, spicy and sweet. Forget the commonplace -- get Bal a Versailles.

  • REBECCA VEUILLET06/29/2002

    Simply my most favourite perfume ever along with L'Heure Bleue! Magnificent, elegant, enigmatic, bewitching, I adore it for evening engagements. I radiant in it, I keep my other favourite for daytime, both are complementary.

  • A.06/03/2002

    Gosh, did I want to love this scent. The product description was dazzling--it seemed like the one scent made for me. I bought a miniature bottle. And, sadly, it smelled like cheap incense...partly like stale Nag Champa...and the dry-down wasn't much better, the heaviness of the scent giving way to something that smelled cloying, sweet, and just faintly...unsanitary. I know it must be my body chemistry because so many other people are in love with this scent. At least I didn't make the mistake of buying a larger bottle.

  • MICHELLE D. CLEMENTS05/30/2002

    It was a pleasure to see that others feel the same way that I do about Bal A Versailles. This timeless scent is subtle and light and will not overpower the wearer. I have been wearing this for 21 years and refuse to wear any other fragrance. I understand that it was discontinued several years ago and it has become increasingly hard to find but I will continue searching for it. It is definately worth it.

  • LAKME@CAPITAL.NET05/29/2002

    The Bal a Versailles is a truly spectacular scent!! My mother is nuts for it and my aunt was, as well.I've just inherited a bunch of scents and that is one of them. write. Charlie

  • CHRIS04/19/2002

    I originally got this in a sample pack. My husband loves it and i have had so many compliments! thank you

  • TERESITA03/23/2002

    This fragrance was the first real lady's perfume my father bought me when I was a teenager. I loved it then as I love it now!

  • DRIVES ME NUTS03/07/2002

    this is the only perfume that my wife wears because all others make me sick not flowery and drives me nuts

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Light incense and sweet musk.

  • JAKE12/08/2001

    if you find it, you can reach me at -- thank you

  • JAKE 12/08/2001

    If anyone can help me find this for my lady, i will be forever grateful. It is her favorite and one of mine too.

  • CARRIE10/12/2001

    I would really like to buy it in larger quanities. I got my first bottle of Bal A Versailles in 1976 at a little shop on St. Croix, Virgin Islands. This is the only one that I can were and not get a headache. It makes me feel very special. Over the years I have had a problem finding the perfume. I will wear the other products but I really perfer the perfume. If anyone knows where I can get the larger bottles please e-mail me at

  • NONI10/08/2001

    and underneath your clothes

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    I'm proud to own a bottle of this beautiful, elegant fragrance. It is old-fashioned grace in a bottle. I hope this one is never discontinued. They just don't make perfumes like this anymore!

  • EO08/09/2001

    Found this fragrance in a out-of-the-way store. This is a scent that is from a by-gone era very sensual, from the past. Reminds me of times long ago!

  • KARINA07/19/2001

    What a beautiful, classic, ultra-feminine fragrance! Like wearing a bouquet of flowers from France! The comments on this board are true-it's not at all a "modern" scent, but that's it's beauty. It's reminiscent of a time gone by-a classic!

  • STEPHANIE07/13/2001

    I own this and really like it. When I imagine a classic French perfume, this is the smell I imagine.

  • MISSY05/22/2001

    This perfume always makes me think of childhood, it was the only thing my mom wore while I was growing up.

  • A TUGGLE05/11/2001

    How can I find it? I can't keep asking people going abroad to bring it back? Any sources in USA?

  • KIM04/29/2001

    A classic Oriental fragrance! Personally, I love the stuff. It has a really heavy, sweet aroma reminiscent of a time gone by. The only thing is, my boyfriend hates it! He said I smell like a grandma whenever I wear it. It's definitely not a trendy perfume and it's not for everyone. But I still love it!

  • DANA03/30/2001

    Truely a magnificent fragrance, feminine, poweful, and for winterwear.

  • CRYSTAL MANFRE03/19/2001

    I am almost running out of my favorite perfume, Bal a Versailles. Please notify me when you can get some. I do not want toilette or cologne. I only want perfume. Thanks,

  • CLARA R. RHEA11/26/2000

    Can't find the Bal a versailles in the Parfum De Toilette anymore in the splash!????

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