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Diane Von Furstenberg


32 Reviews

Fresh, Warm. Created by Diane Von Furstenberg in 1975, Tatiana is an elegant, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of black currant, bergamot and basil. Blended with notes of lily of the valley, musk and sandalwood, Tatiana is a daytime type of fragrance.

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Fresh, Warm. Created by Diane Von Furstenberg in 1975, Tatiana is an elegant, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of black currant, bergamot and basil. Blended with notes of lily of the valley, musk and sandalwood, Tatiana is a daytime type of fragrance.

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  • PARIS06/27/2012

    I bought it here because of so many great reviews, but it stung my nose. Way too sharp for me.

  • PEGGY SCHMICK07/01/2011

    I absolutely love this fragrance - it rivals Sung as one of my favorites and in fact I believe it wins! I could spray on my pillow just to smell it all night!

  • BENJIE A.12/04/2010

    Tatiana was very popular in the Philippines in the 70's and 80's but just became scarce in the market. This perfume was very flexible -- one that can be worn during daytime and at night. It exudes a scent of sophistication and elegance. Recently, I bought several bottles in Hong Kong.

  • PAT11/28/2009

    i have been looking for the perfume (not eau de parfum) for years. can't find it anywhere. the spray is nice but the perfume is perfect

  • CA12091002/04/2008

    I prefer the splash on instead of the spray. I wore this fragrance twenty years ago, and then one day I couldn't find it at all. I'm happy to know that I purchase it again. If I could get the splash on I will purchase it right away. Thanks

  • KATERI12/25/2007

    I love this perfume. I first received some in the 90's from my mom. She would get some whenever she went overseas. I have a small bottle and on one hand I need to use it before it goes bad but on the other I don't want to use it all. It was the last bottle my Mom bought me before she passed away. This was also one of her favorite perfumes.

  • CAROL HAMPTON05/22/2007

    I first started wearing it in 1977. I was looking for a new fragrance to wear for my wedding. I just loved it and my husband of 30 years still loves it. It will always be a wonderful way to remember such a special day. I just hope I can always find it. Unfortunately it is very hard to find now. You almost always have to order it online. Can't find in department stores now days.

  • SHAREON LYNN04/14/2007

    Hello I have used this for years, and I'm glad it still around. For those who like a light fragrance. It's a great smell and won't give you a headache.

  • TRISHA02/17/2007

    does anyone remember this by DVF in the 80's? So Sexy, smoldering with a hint of violet. know where I can score some. Thanks

  • MARIE DINGLER07/28/2006

    Ive Used this since about 1984 thats when my Husband first discovered it. and I Love It!!! Its the only kind ive gotten he has ever really loved for me to wear.


    I have worn this fragrance since it came to me as a sample in the early '70's and men flock to it like moths to a flame. Women also tell me how wonderful I smell so I would say this is a fragrance for all times. I have worn it layered and just as a faint spritz, IT'S ALL GOOD!!!

  • MAYA11/01/2005

    I tried Tatiana at a local store which usually carries fragrances that have either been discontinued or are just impossible to find... Usually I like what I find there... Van Cleef, Casmir, Madness, Mira Bai, but this time it was a let down. The comments about it here too make Tatiana out to be a really wonderful fragrance, but instead I was met with something that was somehow unfinished and very lacking. I did not enjoy it at all. Sorry ladies no offence to those of you who liked it.

  • CARMEN09/12/2005

    I really love tatiana perfume its very goog smell,and I always looking in every shop but I could not I try to look in website and finally I found it.But the problem where can I buy? please esnd me through e-mail. thanks

  • MICHELE06/15/2005

    I wore Tatiana back in the early 80's. While I was at the perfume counter asking for Tatiana, someone suggested Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder. It smells exactly like it - maybe better.

  • PIA05/07/2005

    I dont know what I was thinking when I decided to get this after 20 plus years of not wearing it. It smells like it is unfinished, not all the ingredients are in it. I used to love it in the early 80's though. Now I cant even sniff from the bottle it makes me nauseus. Pity, I was so nostalgic for it.

  • OLIVIA02/20/2005

    It's a nice, light floral scent, but the lasting power is rather poor, though the bottle is nice and the price affordable.

  • TINA08/10/2003

    i dont like many perfume fragrances but, the night before i went on a cruise to mexico in 1980, i shopped to see if i could find a fragrance i liked and there it was..... tatiana..... i loved it the moment i put it on and bought it immediately. i have loved it ever since then and it gives me some of my most precious memories. when i put it on, i go right back to getting ready for an evening on that most memorable cruise and the fun i had. i have loved tatiana ever since then and i am very very sad it has been discontinued.

  • DIANE07/18/2003

    I wore it in high school & college (late 70's) and have been looking for it for the last 15 years. Only thing I've found that I like as well is Dete' by Kenzo and now it's been discontinued. Tatiana brings back lots of memories!

  • JOY06/10/2003

    Not my favorite floral, but not bad.

  • BOBBI05/16/2003

    When Diane V. created this fragrance named for her daughter ... I fell in love with it's clean, fresh scent and made it my signature fragrance ... wearing no other scent but Tatiana and it's sumptuous feast for the mind, body and spirit! My only negative comment about the product is that it has grown increasingly difficult to find... Tatiana is a fragrance that makes you feel as cozy as when you are relaxing with your favorite nite-clothes and a cup of cocoa ... even when you are out on the town with that special someone. I rarely use anything else!

  • LLOZ04/10/2003

    AS SWEET AS IT GETS! early 70's. Smells like glade airwick. Please choose a more up to date scent.....

  • SHERRI02/20/2003

    Is there a difference between the one that says designed in 1994 or designed by the clearing house in 1975. I have a small perfume from the 1975 and have started wearing it again-but I don't know if there will be a difference in the 2.

  • JUDY02/14/2003

    I have used Tatiana for years. I have been asked numerous times "What perfume are you wearing, it smells really good"? I even use the body shampoo, and body lotion when it is available.

  • OLATZ02/03/2003

    This is Diane Von Furstenberg's first fragrance, and named after her daughter. After its huge popularity she did another which, if I remember correctly was called Volcano (not sure). But unfortunately, it bombed! I'm so glad that Tatiana is still around, though, it's hard to find. Other than the internet or Home Shopping Network, I haven't seen it in stores since the 1980s.

  • SUSAN01/27/2003

    I have been wearing Tatiana for years. I absolutely love it!! It is such a unique fragrance. I am especially fond of the actual perfume which I haven't been able to find in ages. If anyone has any info, please contact me. Thanks

  • CHRIS01/02/2003

    I have worn Tatiana for many years. I have trouble finding it, since I heard it has been discontinued. I am glad that I have found an outlet online now from which I can buy it. I always get compliments on this fragrance.

  • GAIL JORDAN10/04/2002

    Have worn it since 1976 - nothing compares to the compliments and the ultra feminine feeling wearing it elicits.

  • LISA05/12/2002

    I'm SOOOO sad it was discontinued, that's what I heard, at least... My mom wears Tatiana, I remember it from my childhood--it's one of the most pretty fragrances ever! Very comforting to me and brings back tons of memories. This one is a winner!

  • TRACY04/19/2002

    For some reason, this one makes me think a little bit of White Shoulders as well as Sand and Sable. I used to wear it years ago but lost track of it. It makes me think of warm summer nights, walking along the beach with a boyfriend.

  • MARY03/13/2002

    I have worn NOTHING but Tatiana for over 20 years. I used to live in NJ and before I moved I found it in a "close-out" store for $3.95 a bottle. I bought a bunch, but now I can't find it anywhere, and I am all out! It's available at all the big fragrance sites, but for $20-$40 for the same bottle.

  • LAURA02/09/2002

    I have been looking and looking for the actual perfume. It wears different from the eau de parfum spray. I love it! There is nothing else like it! If anyone finds the actual perfume send me the info --

  • PAT10/26/2001

  • PAT10/26/2001

    Does anyone know where to get the actual perfume? Can't find it anywhere.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    I love Tatiana! It smells very light and pretty. I think it has lily of the valley, as well as musk and sandalwood in it. Very nice daytime fragrance.

  • KARINA07/22/2001

    At the risk of sounding really cheesy, this scent is "springtime in a bottle"! It is so light, airy and flowery-just beautiful! Never overpowering, and agreeable to everyone, it seems.

  • TEE07/17/2001

    I just love it! I have been using Tatiana for a number of years and have recieved more compliments on how lovely I smelled.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    i really like this. it's one of the few florals i like

  • KIM SPURLOCK06/28/2001

    I too live in WV. I drive to NC to get my supply. My grandmother was the one who first gave me a bottle of Tatiana. Keep up the good work. Please bring it back to WV. I love this stuff.

  • STEPHANIE06/17/2001

    This has been my absolute favorite fragrance for over ten years. It is so unique, I have never found another scent like it. I'd highly recommend it!

  • FRAN DAVIS05/11/2001

    I, too, have worn Tatiana for over 20 years. I would like to be able to find it in SW Illinois. Now I drive to Branson, MO., to get my supply and only found one store there. I have had many comments on Tatiana's pleasant fragrance and for me that is wonderful because I am allergic to many other perfumes.


    I live in West Virginia. I wore Tatiana Perfume for years. Suddenly, it has become unavailable in this area. I was under the impression this wonderful fragrance had been discontinued (Heaven Forbid!) Please, Please bring Tatiana back to West Virginia.

  • LUCY PILARSKI04/04/2001

    20 years of wearing it and counting! Fresh, sexy smell!

  • MARY LOU DIETZ03/15/2001

    Tatiana has been my number one preference since I discovered it many years ago. It has the mild fragrance aroma of a gardenias. I have had many prefer it after becoming acquainted with it.

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