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Created in 1990 by Versace, Versace cologne for men is a citrusy, oriental, woody fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of pimento, lemon and fern. Blended with notes of cedar, patchouli and leather, Versace cologne is a casual and formal type of fragrance.

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Created in 1990 by Versace, Versace cologne for men is a citrusy, oriental, woody fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of pimento, lemon and fern. Blended with notes of cedar, patchouli and leather, Versace cologne is a casual and formal type of fragrance.

  • RENPERD10/29/2007

    Quite smooth, a bit weird, somewhat stale, but interesting if ever so slightly nauseating. Old fashioned and sentimental. Long lasting. I've often tested L'Homme, but have never been able to get myself to wear it on the torso or neck. Perhaps I'll revisit one day.

  • JUDE C08/23/2007

    This stuff smells just like one-man-show by jacque bogart. It is the exact same to me. I mean, I have never seen two scents this similar. Hard to believe.

  • DANIEL03/27/2007

    A classic that you can't go wrong with. Fresh and spicy. Very versatile. Excellent for a romantic dinner or a casual wear and for any season. Very long lasting and lots of compliments. Just a beautiful masculine sent.

  • SERGIO02/21/2007

    A harmonious blend of light citrus, woods and a little mystery. No single note dominates here. It is in the same family of fragrances as Gucci Nobile (another masterpiece). Versace is an original scent; not sweet, not sour; masculine yet sublime; a four season class act which lends that finishing polish to a suit and tie. Wear it wisely.

  • WIRANA, ALCHEMIST02/10/2006

    No, no. You won't attract any of the Spice Girls with this one because this fragrance is way too classy for them. This here is concocted right out of the alchemist's lab. But funny thing I can smell ginger in the top and middle notes - maybe it's the fern and leather reacting with my skin. No doubt the leather note is the mainstay and the flagship of this fragrance. Definitely not for office wear but for those special evening occasions.

  • RICHARD01/05/2006

    Mature and sophisticated like the great fashion house of its origin. This scent is bright, sunny and refreshing on colder winter days,as well as warm summer nights. For its time and mens scent trends of the day, this one is remains true to the line of classical mens fragrance. Drydown is where the magic starts. It lasts long and is very sensible. Call it grown up cologne, without being old and stuffy and musty. "Old Mens Cologne" is very insulting to this modern classic!

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI07/27/2005

    In 1997 Versace was gunned down outside his Miami mansion by what the police referred to as " A known male prostitute who services upscale clientele, well-educated, well-dressed and very articulate." An ironically sordid end for Versace, the master of elegance. May he rest in peace. Ironic too, that given his personal proclivities, he invented what is arguably the ultimate alpha-male cologne. It's 'old school' despite its relatively recent vintage, yet has none of the mustyness often associated with the great colognes of the 30's--it really is modern. Not for kids, unless you're a fighter, and not casual, unless you're lounging in your yatch. It may indeed evoke New England and autumn but mostly, for me, it evokes POWER. CEO's in oak paneled boardrooms, or impoverished heroic artists, unwilling to compromise. Ayn Rand would have loved it.

  • CHRIS.06/06/2005

    A very unique scent. Outstanding for its idea and quality. Does not follow any trend. Be patient whne using it, let it grow and show the dept that is so brilliant. I love the smell lingering in the summer. Grazie Gianni! R.I.P.

  • R.J.11/29/2004


  • W.B.11/19/2004


  • DTW09/09/2004

    this is what i wear to church...some good stuff!...can i get an amen?

  • SYSCO KID06/21/2004

    The Citrus and Cedar blend is unique and sophisticated. It is not overly fruity and mellows out has the day goes on. This is definatly for the more mature male who can appreciate quality. It drives my girlfriend nuts.

  • MAX ALLAN 05/11/2004

    the finest man's perfume

  • CHRISTOPHER05/10/2004

    This fragrance truly reflects the unique genius that Gianni Versace has been!

  • TERRY02/16/2004

    I'M a fragrance MAN!! dreamer has been my favorite please don't stop making it.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE11/19/2003

    One more thing i forgot to mention is I think the drydown on this is very similar to Gucci Envy minus the nutmeg, tobacco. I think if you like Envy, youll like this.

  • INES11/09/2003

    I agree with Alex: this is a nice fall/winter scent. It is warm but not too heavy or offensive. I prefer Dreamer, but Dreamer is different type of scent - lighter and for younger man, I think ( and more spring/summer type of scent). Versace L'Homme is probably better for winter, anyway.

  • KAZANOVA10/23/2003

    When I first sprayed Versace on me it smelled rancid and like something worn by an old man with a hair piece. When I came back and smelled my arm a second time 5 minutes later i was surprised - the disgusting notes had dissapeared and it smelled sweet and pleasant! So I bought it. I still prefer Dolche Cabana but it' s starting to grow on me. Wore it for one chick and she loved it.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE10/06/2003

    this is very nice, modern smelling, not dated. the guy who called it old mans juice must like kiddy crap like Curve. This is a distinguished mans cologne.

  • ALEX06/01/2003

    Never fails to get a woman's attention. Complex and long lasting without being offensive. A good fall/winter scent. Evokes New England, turning leaves, a warm fire.

  • PETER04/09/2003

    Passes the smoky bar test every time...."Waht are you wearing? That's lovely!"

  • WARNER03/19/2003

    This fragrance is elegant, strong, masculine... as opposed to the popular Dreamer which is a sweet beach type fragrance that "girls love". The key word is girls. Women will love this fragrance. The finest single thing ever released under the Versace name.

  • DOUG01/21/2003

    Seth says this is old smelling. It's just too unique and exciting for someone under 20.

  • SETH11/28/2002

    too strong and old smelling

  • G-MAN11/20/2002

    Dvid Smith, i know you love Versace but in case you did not know, HE IS DEAD and cannot hear you. Cologne is very good anyways.

  • DVID SMITH11/18/2002

    I am your biggest fan of all time and I love all your work and I've got each cologne apart from this 1 which is impossible to find around my area and besides it is hard to find that good of a cologne from a shanty town!.I LOVE YOU!

  • ZEUS10/17/2002

    Take yourpick, Versace or Givenchy Gentleman? They are very much alike but this one is a bit easier on the nose, but both are nice distinguished colognes.

  • DOUG08/16/2002

    Right out of the bottle this stuff smells like a rancid version of Bijan. But after a minute or so, it starts to get better and is very similar to Dreamer. It is Decent and seems good in any weather.

  • STU07/23/2002

    Unusual smell but pleasant enough. I don't forsee my buying another bottle but I will wear this occasionally. I definitely would say Dreamer smells far better.

  • ERIC B.01/02/2002

    What can I say? A scent for the man that dresses up. Can hold its own with the newer fragrances.

  • MILES11/27/2001

    Without a doubt the best fragrace Versace ever made. The girls at work love when I wear Versace.

  • ARMANDO C MARTINEZ10/29/2001

    a good, nice green floral men's cologne. i'm told it has a gardenia note in it. got lots of compliments and no other cologne smells close to it. a good buy if you want to smell different than the other guys out there.

  • BONNIE DAGGETT10/18/2001

    hi do you have blue jeans man?????if so price and size thanks

  • DANA04/01/2001

    This is my favorite male fragrance to date. I love the way it smells on a man. It lingers and awakens senses that make you turn your head to see who is wearing it every time you smell it. This was the first fragrance I could recognize my sent alone. Buy it for your won't regret it.

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