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Eau Du Soir   

64 Reviews

Eau du Soir is full of rich contrasts, this essence develops subtly, enhancing femininity and charm by releasing the perfect balance of fresh citrus top notes and sensual floral chypre notes over a deep base of amber and musk.

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Eau du Soir is full of rich contrasts, this essence develops subtly, enhancing femininity and charm by releasing the perfect balance of fresh citrus top notes and sensual floral chypre notes over a deep base of amber and musk.

  • SANDRA MASON12/21/2015

    Beautiful perfume expensive but worth it - I would recommend it to all.

  • JEAN SARGENT06/19/2015

    Fabulous perfume. Long lasting and a 'classic'. Very pleased with the perfume...

  • L11/22/2013

    I love it! the scent is something stunning! aristocratic and very rich scent!

  • SANDRA03/09/2013

    beautiful scent! i love it!

  • MARA01/21/2013

    Hi, Helen, You asked me to tell you any other cyphres out there that I particularly like. One of my favorites, and my husband's absolute favorite, is Histore d'Amoour by Abususson. It is sweeter than Eau Du Soir, but is a wonderful cyphre. It is a very comforting fragrance. I highly recommend it and hardly anyone knows about it. Let me know if you decide to try it.

  • MARA01/17/2013

    Since I know you like chypres, I want to suggest that you try Mystere d'Amour. This is one of the best ones I have ever sampled. You can only use a little, however, as a little bit of this goes a long way. This is my husband's favorite fragrance. Try it and let me know how you like it. Good sniffing.

  • CHARLOTTE STREET08/25/2012

    This fragrance is absolutely amazing! This fragrance is worn by Women who know who they are. They are strong exceptional and Fabulous women. An Eau du soir Woman, is the Woman that everyone knows, and want to be. She is Fun Loving dedicated intelligent and a committed Female. If you have purchased this fragrance and doubt if it is for you. Then you clearly are not an Eau du soir Woman!

  • CINDI P07/10/2012

    Still love the fragrance & get compliments after all these years!

  • SIAN10/29/2011

    Just so class!

  • CONNY12/15/2010

    can anyone tell me what is the best eau du soir or soir de lune from sysley thank you

  • NANCY02/05/2010

    This is an amazing scent unlike any other. It is pricey but very worth it. I love this so much that I don't want to use it often for fear of it finishing up. My husband loves it and I adore it. It's a great scent during the cold fall and winter months. Try in the store first and see how it reacts with your body chemistry because it is costly.

  • KATHLEEN10/07/2009

    what is the average age of the womem buying this fragrance? I bought it on a wim and I have not decided to keep it or return it.

  • NANCY12/22/2008

    Discovered this in Paris, France and have loved and continued to purchase here. It's a classic masterpiece. I especially love it during the cold months of the year. If you like woodsy fragrances, spray some on in the store and let linger to see how it reacts with your body chemistry. I think it's a gem of a scent. It is pricey but a little goes a long way!

  • DARRSHAN10/06/2008

    paid well a heavy amt for a tester and just thought its not for everyone, a very sophisticated scent royal and rich

  • GUYWITHNONAME05/05/2008

    From the House of Sisley and Neiman Marcus. All we can tell if a fragrance is truly classic is it lasted over the years, not a once season and done, very forgettable type. It's expensive because it is worth it. Do you think people prefers a Ferrari over a Mustang for no particular reason? Of course there will be a few that still want a Mustang, but the majority would pick a Ferrari. The scent lingers throughout the day and I find myself getting crazy when I get near my wife. Come here to look for more to give to my wife because I can't get to a Neiman Marcus. Is it the real reason women wear perfume to attract compliments and to feel confident about themselves? Diamond does the same to a lady.

  • NELLY08/31/2007

    One day I was coming home after a crazy working day (I had to stop at five or six places in Manhattan and Queens) I was almost ready to get out the train, when young man, who was standing behind me, asked if I remember him. I was dead, of cause I did not. And he told me that he was standing next to me today at lunch time on Wall Street station and told himself:"Oh God, such beautiful woman and smells so good. And then you left the train and I was so sorry that I did not introduced myself. And now, when I see you in Brooklyn at 6:00 P.M. in the train again, I cannot lose the opportunity to talk to you". Such coincidence..... I was wearing Eau Du Soir that day..... It brought me happiness. :)

  • MARA03/27/2007

    Hi, Helen. I have written to you on the Paul Smith London site. The more I wear Missoni, the crazier I am getting about it. To me it it the most fabulous scent out there. If you should have any trouble finding it just write to me ([email protected]) and I will send you a sample through the mail. I don't think you would ever be sorry that you tried this fantastic scent. Good to hear from you, Mara

  • GREEKGIRL03/09/2007

    Hi Mara i apologise for not getting back sooner but we had a storm here and my modem was fried, so ive only come on this past week, the two frags you mention sound very nice but i dont think they are available here, ill have to try and locate them, in the meantime if you like florientals ive just bought the new one from D&G called "The One" and it is delicious, you have to try it, also ive just tried Poeme and it is georgeous cant believe i had never bothered to try it in the past, it is really nice, have you tried it? also you might like the new Jacomo frag called Jacomo for Her, it is a chypre with Lilly so if you like Lilly you will love it, let me know of any others, bye for now, Helen.

  • MARA02/09/2007

    Greekgirl, please email me @ [email protected]. By the way, Moffett is not my name, but Mara is. I have tried quite a few of the fragrances you mentioned. Right now, though, I am mesmerized by two new fragrances that I have found. One of these is Missoni. Please don't make an impression of this fantastic fragrance by the initial smell, as it is horrible, to my nose. Please give it time to dry down. It becomes a whole different fragrance. The other fragrance that I am absolutely in love with is Badgeley Mishka. Believe it or not, this is a floral, something I am not usually crazy about. This one is different and lucious. This fragrance is gorgeous from the very first sniff. I found Missoni (to test) at Saks, but Neiman's also has it. I tried the Bageley Mishka at Sephora. The only problem with Missoni is that it is terribly expensive, but worth every penny IMHO. LOL I did try Eau du Soir and think it is wonderful.

  • GREEKGIRL02/07/2007

    Hi Mara, i have left a post for you on Paul Smith, i am also a perfume fanatic, have too many to name but the chypres are also my favourites, Eau du Soir i think youll love, cant afford it yet but managed to get a couple of free sample bottles it is just divine! have you tried Paloma Picasso it is also very nice one of my favs, also have you tried Rumba by Balenciaga it is a chypre fruity one, Knowing by Estee Lauder is also another good one and so is Femme Rochas, have you tried any of these? let me know of any other nice chypres, bye for now, Helen.

  • ANNAB02/06/2007

    I have just ordered Soir de Lune, without testing first. I hope I will like it. Eau du Soir is my favourite, this is why I decided to order Soir de Lune, too. Eau du Soir gets 5 from me.

  • BEABEE01/25/2007

    sisley has a new wonderful scent 'soir de lune'. it chypre again and it simply amazing. im surprised there is nothing mentioned here? whoever likes eau de soir will love soir de lune. i feel like a real lady whenever i wear it. and by the way - i was never big fan of chypre till i smell soir de lune for the first time. and bottle...

  • MARA01/24/2007

    I just ordered this based on the messages on this board. I will let you know whether I like it in a few days. I usually love chypre fragrances, but I like so many other kinds too that it is hard to pick a favorite. Anyone else out there a perfume fanatic?

  • CLARISSA06/04/2006

    Marvelous, gorgeous, divine~I will say this is a heavenly scent with a noble and elegant character. I have always loved Chypre note but this one hits me like a rock~The lasting power is also awesome, a few drops go for a long way~However, though the strong Chypre note is very comforting and pleasant, it can be overpowering if you apply too much~So please just apply small amount gently then you will be comfortably embraced with this blissfully green aroma~ wonderful and unforgettable~I tested this a few years ago and the smell had never left my mind before I finally got it~Excellent

  • SOPHIA09/11/2005

    This is one of the most elegant perfumes I have ever worn. It is actually one of the perfumes that Silvia Sommerlath, the Queen of Sweden wears. I love it too. It makes me feel like a fantastic foxy girl but still a lady. And men loves it too. The good men, the men you want to marry... the men that want their ladies to look hot and desirable for the world and other men, but are good as gold just for them, for a lifetime.. That's the Sisley-effect!

  • LL08/01/2005

    Ladies, I tried Silver Rain fragance is beutiful, beutiful, beutiful........

  • LL07/14/2005

    Be notice that La Praire has a new fragance named Silver Rain(oriental-floral) please let me know about it.

  • BEBE01/30/2005

    one of my signature scents. amazing. powerful. beau. one of a kind. i feel the richness wearing it. awesome. true delight in the wind. wpnderful. to the max.

  • SHARRIE01/08/2005

    makes feel rich. classy.seductive. enchanting. elegant. the scent of a millionair. one of my fav scents. wonderful.awesome.

  • SHARRIE12/31/2004

    i had to get more. truly divine. classy. truly amazing. wow. my cup filleth over with golden essance. wonderful. my fav.

  • SHARRIE12/24/2004

    touched by and angels tear. awesome. divine. spirit reflection. worth a million. wonderful.

  • LIZ10/21/2004

    I agree that they are both chypres, but Eau de Soir is light and airy and intoxicating, you could even wear this in warm weather, whereas Paloma is much heavier and only for cool weather, although the parfum in Paloma might have a better dry down than the other concentrations. If you like Paloma, have you tried Tentations, the bottle is intriguing, but I havn't smelled it. Have you? What do you think?

  • BONNIE10/12/2004


  • GLORIA10/04/2004

    Of course you can use it!!! And DO! I don't usually like chypres but...someone sent me a sample and I'm in love. The lotion is the bomb!! Try it.

  • REALLINGER09/13/2004

    hi, i'm new here and i'm from china. My mom bought me a bottle of this sisley perfume. And frankly i know little about this except sisley is a well-known brand. So would anyone here like to introduce it to me? and because it was bought about one year ago, i'm wondering if i can use it ?what's the quality perioud of perfume ???Thanks a lot!!

  • LIZ09/02/2004

    forgive me VC, but you may have a damaged olfactory sense. Eau de Soir is one of the most exquisite fragrances of all time. If you're offended by the price, then OK, the price of this fragrance is over the top, only because the cap is advertised as 18K gold. A comparable and also exquisite scent is Gucci III from the 80s, and very reasonably priced nowadays.

  • VC08/21/2004

    my classmate use this perfume on her cat 'cause none of her family members could stand it. to me, it's absolutely a wise way to make use of it! or you may want to try it to kill insects?

  • EVELYN08/01/2004

    I purchased a gift set for myself today. Expensive but worth every dollar spent. The smell is clean and soft.

  • PEGGY07/08/2004

    I have a dresser full of perfume, including most of the big ones. I have worn Eau du Soir for a number years, and it is my absolute favorite. I discovered it because I actually stopped someone in a ladies room to ask what she was wearing (this was a first for me). Yes, perfume is subjective. Those who hate it probably wear those super sweet flowery scents that give me a headache and upset stomach whenever I'm near them. And no, the lovers of this perfume are not old, we just have good taste!

  • DIANA03/17/2004

    are the best fragrances always so expensive? Still, it's worth it!

  • MARY K.03/15/2004

    I'm sorry, I know a lot of people just adore this but I just think it is absolutely horrible!!! Sorry ladies, nothing's just not me! I agree with Lina wholeheartedly.

  • ANNA03/07/2004

    this is the best perfume in the world!!the fragrance is so good an stays on for quite a long time ;) u should all buy it and if u dont TOMA NO CU!!!!!uahuahuah

  • LIZZ02/26/2004

    Such a clean scent! I've worn it for 10 years. The best!

  • BARBARA02/11/2004

    I use about 10 years.They are very elegant...

  • LESYA01/30/2004

    I would say it's the best pefume I have ever weared. It is sensual and attractive, it wrap you in a cloud of charm and enigma. It's gorgeous if it's the way to describe a scent. TRY IT!

  • KERRIE01/11/2004

    I'm starting to see the beauty of chypre fragrances. Yes, it smells clean, fresh, elegant. Received com pliments on it. If you like Paloma Picasso this is your type.

  • GOSSIP12/30/2003

    A few weeks before Christmas (what a coincidence!!) it was known that the swedish Queen Silvia wears this perfume since many years. The fragrance was allmost sold out before Christmas. Funny how easy people follow the celebrities instead of making their own choice.

  • SUZAN12/26/2003

    Every time I wear it, I get compliments from both men and women. Especially guys, they love it!

  • CLIQUOT112/18/2003

    I always receive compliments on this. It now comes in a purse size.

  • NANCY12/14/2003

    It's true, this wonderful scent is not for everyone. Lucky for me I found it when visiting Paris six years ago and have worn it ever since. I've had many compliments from men and women. It's very soft and alluring, and I think very, very feminine. It's understated but let's those around you know that you are there. I'm looking forward to needing more so I have an excuse to travel to France to get another bottle!

  • BB 00112/01/2003

    I'd never purchase it and I don't like it at all, ok maybe it is just my chemistry. And I have to say - I don't like chypres and this one is VERY, VERY chypre. Too chypre, too green, too herbal, too harsh. has no "allure" for me. Sorry, I don't want too offend anyone of you who likes it, I just want to say to those who don't like this type of perfumes too pass on...

  • CAROLYN11/11/2003

    all i know is that when I wear this i feel so dresed up, so polished, but be warned: it is also out and out sexual. Not for the timid. A bit aggressive, but dressy and clean. Also, (and yes, let's face it, we use the following criterion for evaluating the success of a scent) men LOVE IT.

  • ANN K.09/10/2003

    Every time I wear this scent, people comment on how beautiful it is. I hope not many people find out about it. It's expensive but worth it.

  • SUZANNE05/23/2003

    I was in Las Vegas @ MGM Grand for a wedding. I kept smelling this really great perfume. I asked a woman what she was wearing-Eau De Soir-I immediately bought it. Expensive, but a very unique nice fragrance

  • STEPHANIE04/19/2003

    Eau du Soir is a good fragrance for those of us that get tired of the light, sweet, fruity florals that are out there. I own and wear many chypres, as it's my overall favorite type of fragrance, and this is a good one. I like a fragrance with a bit of backbone to it, and this one definitely has that. However, I'll admit I wasn't one that started out liking chypres. I enjoy most fragrances and at first I found chypres too overpowering for me. Now I've come to savor them for their uniqueness and intensity; it's been an acquired taste for me, to be sure. But I enjoy Eau du Soir, as with most chypres, it works well with my chemistry.

  • ALEXANDRA03/22/2003

    There's nothing feminine in it.

  • LINA03/15/2003

    I don't like Eau Du Soir. I find its chypre-tones too sharp and too strong. In that category (of typical chypre perfumes) I prefere Paloma Picasso or YSL's "Y", both have more timeless sophistication.

  • CLASSY09/23/2002

    I just purchased Eau du Soir in France and find it intoxicating. I hope that when I go to replace it in America, it smells as good!

  • HARPER08/23/2002

    ah, no, a perfuem isn't "bad" because someone doesn't like it, and it isn't "good" because it costs a lot of money. it's just a vehicle for evoking feelings...sort of like an olfactory rorschach fell what you like what you hate what you hate...and that's ok, but hey, don't prosyletize. harper harper


    All of the ladies who like this stuff must be very old and have no taste.

  • MARGO08/08/2002

    Perfume is subjective!! The previous post about "don't waste your money" is ridiculous because everyone has different taste in perfume, and everything else. Eau du Soir is one of my favorites.

  • DENISE07/18/2002

    This is the best perfume but only for the ones with the great taste!!! The price reflects it all! I am on my second bottle, but from France, I am not sure how they make it in US. Many fragrances are different from the original french.

  • GAIL06/06/2002

    In my first message I said my daughters thought it was gross! Yesterday my 15 year old daughter said she likes it and wants to start wearing it!!It really grows on you. I think the more I smell this perfume,the more I love it!! It's funny because I have soooooo many perfumes and this one on the top of my list!!The one thing I wish I could change about this perfume though is the price, but then again if were less expensive more people would be wearing it,which wouldn't be good!!

  • GAIL06/02/2002

    I've recently just come across this perfume,and I just have to say I love it! It is so elegant and different! This is not for younger girls though! My two daughters thought it was gross, but my husband likes it!Also the Eau de Campagne is good. Greener and more masculine. I think it is a unisex fragrance. Very fresh smelling!

  • ELISHA BACON09/02/2001

    This one smells similar to Paloma Picasso, but richer

  • KARINA08/27/2001

    Super-sexy, woody, musky chypre-I love this one! But by far the best thing about it is the gorgeous bottle-have you ever seen anything so pretty? The top looks like an Art Nouveau sculpture!

  • ELISHA07/16/2001

    Maybe this fragrance just didnt work with your chemistry. I hate when that happens.

  • MICHELLE07/11/2001

    This fragrance is not worth the price. It is not a beautiful fragrance at all. I am very disappointed!!!!!!

  • ELISHA04/14/2001

    I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE! I love it because it is a very different smell, not at all sweet but at the same time very feminine.It contains sandlewood and patchouli, roses and a bit of grapefriut, but how all of the ingredients blendt together meks one unique and beautiful scent. I always get compliments when I where it.

  • KRISTEN11/20/2000

    This is my #1 favourite frangrance! It's not sold in very many places, so few people wear it (in fact, I've never met anyone else who wore it), but people always tell me how great I smell. It's not sweet at all. It's an extremely rich-smelling scent. I would suggest trying it out at one of the high-end department stores before buying here, since it's so expensive.

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